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PABULAR or FABULOUS, a. Alibilis, Varr.' 

PACE. s. I. Step, gait: passus, us, Virg. : gradus, us 
gressus, us : Cic. II. Degree of celerity. To mend 
one's pace : gradum approperare, Plaut., addere: iter 
accelerare, Liv. : gradum promtjvere, Stat. III. A 
measure of five feet : passus, us. 

To PACE. v. a. Compositis gradibus ire, Virg. : com- 
posite ambulare, Col. : lento gradu incedere. 

PACIFIC, a. Pacificus : placidus : studiosus et amang 
pacis : Cic. 

PACIFICATION, s. Pacificatio, Cic. 

PACIFICATOR or PACIFIER, s. Pacificator, Cic. 

To PACIFY, v.a. Pacare: pacem conciliare, or confi- 
cere: Cic. 

PACK. *. Colligata mercium sarcina __ A pack of 
hounds : canum venaticorumturba.Phaedr. : canumgrex. 

To PACK. v. a. Consarcinare, Cell. : merces in fasci- 
culum colligare, or componere. 

To PACK. v. n. I. To concert bad measures : con- 
spirare : nefarias pactiones societatesque conflare : Cic. 
II. To pack off, i. e. to go off in a hurry : fugam 
e, capessere, Liv*. 
ACKCLOTH. s. Segestre, Varr. : segestria, Plin. 

PACKER, s. Consarcinator, Cell. : qui merces in fas- 
ciculum colligat, Plin., or componit. 

PACKET, s. A small pack: fascis, Caes.: fasciculus, 

To PACKET, v. a. Res in fasciculum colligere, Plin., 
componere, cogere, compingere. 

PACKET-BOAT, s. Navis tabellaria, Sen. : navis actu- 
aria : or simply, actuana. 

PACKHORSE. s. Jumentum clitellarium, Cic. 

PACKNEEDLE. s. Acus sarcinalis. 

PACKSADDLE. s. Clitellae, Phaedr. Packsaddle- 
maker : clitellarum opifex. 

PACKVHREAD. s. Funiculus, Cic. : resticula, Varr. 

PACT or FACTION, s. Pactio.": pactum : Cic. : conven- 
tum, U. Jet __ To make a pact: pactionem cum aliquo 
facere, Cic. : pacto convemre : cum aliquo padsci : ad 
pactionem venire, 

PAD. s. I. A road, a footpath: semita, Plaut. : cal- 
lis : trames: Cic.: diverticulum, Plin. II. An easy- 
paced horse: equus tolutarius, or vectarius. III. A 
low, soft saddle : circulus tomento fartus. IV. A small 
cushion : pannus suffarcinatus : culcita. 

To PAD. v. a. Culcitis instruere. 

To PADDLE, v. n. Remigare : in luto volutari vcsti- 
giis : Cic. : tripudiare : lutum subigere : Col. 

PADDLE, s. Remus curtus, or brevior. 

PADDLER. s. Remex, Cic. 

PADLOCK, s. ISA toad: bufo, Virg. II. A small 
enclosure: septum. 

PADLOCK, s. Sera catenaria, catenata, or pensilis. 

To PADLOCK, v. a. Catenata sera, or sera pensili. 

PAGAN. *. Fictorum, or falsorum, deorum cultor, or 



cultrix : falsorum numinum cultui addictus : (paganus : 
ethnicus : only in ecclesiastical writers). 

PAGAN, a. Idolorum cultor : fern, cultrix. 

PAGANISM. *. (Gentilitas, Lact.) : fictorum, or fal- 
sorum, numinum, or inanium deorum, cultus, us. 

PAGE. "s. I. Part of a book: 'pagina, Cic At the 
bottom of the page : in extrema pagina. II. An at- 
tendant on a prince : puer honorarius : puer aulicus. 
III. A lacquey : assecla: pedissequus. 

To PAGE. v. a. Paginas notare. 

PAGEANT. s. Spectaculum, Cic. : pompa. 

PAGEANT, a. Splendidus : magnificus : Cic. 

PAGEANTRY, s. Pompa, Cic. : fastus, us, Plin. 

PAGODA, s. An Indian temple : Indicum templum. 

PAIL. s. Situla, Cic.: situlus, Vitr A milk-pail: 


PAIN. s. I. Bodily anguish: dolor, Cic. A vio- 
lent pain: crUciatus, us, Cic To give pain : alicui 
molestiam afferre, or exhibere, Cic. II. Penalty: 
pcena : supplicium : Cic. Upon pain of death : pro- 
posita, or interposita, pcena capitis, Caes. : Liv. : sub 
mortis, or capitis, pcena, Suet. III. Anxiety : curaj 
sollicitudo : labor : topera : Cic. 

To PAIN. v. a. Aliquem contristare : molestia, mae- 
rore, afficere, or affligere : alicui dolorem facere : mae- 
rorem dare } tristitiam inferre : Cic. 

PAINFUL, a. Acerbus : dolorem afferrens : gravis : 
operosus : laboriosus : difficilis : Cic. 

PAINFULLY, ad. Laboriose : operose : multo labore 
et sudore : Cic. 

PAINFULNESS. s. Maestitia : maeror : animi dolor : or, 
angor : or, cruciatus, us : aerumnae, pi. 

PAINSTAKER. s. Vir labori deditus : vir facile labo- 
rans : Cic. 

PAINSTAKING, a. Laboriosus : amans laboris : Cic. 

To PAINT, v. a. I. To describe by lines and co- 
lours : pingere : depingere : Cic. II. To describe by 
words : oratione pingere, exprimere, Cic. 

To PAINT, v. n. Os fucare, or fuco illinere, Cic. 

PAINT, s. Pigmentum, Cic. (On the face): fucus, 
Cic. : pigmentum, Plin. 

PAINTER, s. Pictor, Cic. 

PAINTING, s. I. The art: pictura, Hor. : picturae 
ars, Cic. : diagraphice, Plin. II. A picture : tabella: 
pictura: Cic. 

PAIR. s. Par, Vlrg. 

To PAIR. v. a. Pares cum paribus jungere, Hor. : 
copulare : conjungere : sociare. 

To PAIR. v. n. Inter se jungi copularique, Cic (Of 
animals) : coire. 

PALACE, s. Palatium, Suet. 

PALANQUIN. *. Sella Indica gestatoria. 

PALATE, s. Palatum, Cels A dainty palate: pala- 
tum subtile, eruditum, Hor. : Col. 

PALE. a. Pallidus, Cic To grow pale : pallescere, 

Ov. : expallescere : Catull To grow pale with fear: 
exalbescere rnetu, Cic. 

PALE. s. Palus : vallus. 

PALES. *. pi. Vallum : vallorum humi defixorum 
ordo : vallus, Caes. 

To PALE. v. a. Vallare : vallo munire : palis praefixis 
locum munire, or instruere. 

PALENESS, s. Pallor, Cic. : color exsanguis. The 
paleness of death : mortis nigror, Lucr. 

PALETTE. *. A painters palette: asserculus pigmen- 

PALFREY, s. Equtis phaleratus. 


PALINODE or PALINODY. s. Palinodia, Cic. 


PALISH, a. Subpallidus, Cels.: pallidulus, Catull. 

PALL.*. I. A mantle of state : palla. II. (Of an 
archbishop) : pallium. III. The covering thrown over 
a bier : palla sepulchralis. 

To PALL. v. a. Rem debilitare : frangere i infxingej-e 
et debilitare : enervare. 

To PALL. v. n. Mucescere. 

PALLET, s. Grabatus, Cic. 

To PALLIATE, v . a. Rei causam praetendere, Cic. : 
colorare, Val. Max. To palliate one's faults : vitia 
occultare fuco, Plaut., obvolvere, Hor. 

PALLIATION, s. Praetextus, us : color, Quint. 

PALLIATIVE, a. Quod dolores tantum leva! : quo do- 
loribus ad tempus medetur. 

PALLIATIVE, s. Causa : excusatio. 

PALLID, a. See PALE. a. 

PALM. s. I. A kind of tree : palma, Cic. : Liv. 
II. Triumph: palma: victoria: Cic. III. The hand 
spread out : vola, Plin. IV. A measure of length : 
palmus, Vitr. 

To PALM. v. a. I. To conceal in the palm of the 
hand, (as jugglers) : rem manu expedita versare : subti- 
liter et expedite versare. II. To handle : tractare : 
attrectare : Cic. : manu tractare, Virg. : contrectare, Col. 

PALMER, s. I. A pilgrim: religionis causa pere- 
grinans : qui, quse, sacram peregrinationem obit. II. 
A ] ferula: ferula, Juv. 


PALMER-WOHM. s. Gryllo-talpa. 

PALMISTER. *. One who deals in palmistry : chiro- 

PALMISTRY, s. Chiromantia: ars divinandi ex in- 
spectione manus. 

PALMY, a. Florens. 

PALPABLE, a. \. That may be handled: tractabilir : 
sub tactum cadens. II. Evident: manifestus : perspi- 
cuus : certus et exploratus : Cic. 

PALPABLY, ad. Liquido : perspicue: Liv.: Cic.j 
evidenter, Liv. : manifeste, Apul. : manifesto, Cic. 

PALPATION. *. Tactus, us, Cic. : contactus, (is, Virg. i 
attactus, us, Col. 

PALPITATION, s. Palpitatio, Plin. 

To PALPITATE, v. n. Palpitare, Cic. : micare, Ov. : 
salire, Plaut. 

PALSICAL or PALSIED, a. Paralyticus, Plin. : meml 
iners : membris captus : Cic. 

PALSY, s. Paralysis, Plin. : nervorum resolutio, Cti, 

To PALTER, v. n. Rebus diverticula quarere, Plaut. : 

PALTRY, a. Contemnendus : spernendus : aspernan- 
dus : despiciendus : contemptu dignus : Cic. 

PALUMBUS. s. Palumbus, Col. 

To PAMPER, v. a. Saginare : opimare : Col. 

PAMPHLET. *. Leviusculus libellus. 

PAMPHLETEER, s. Qui leviusculos libellos conscribit. 

PAN. s. Vas : perhaps, trulla : sartago, Plin A 
saucepan : aenca paropsis. A dripping-pan : vas 
adipis exceptorium. A warming-pan: batillum : or, 
batillus, Hor. : Plin. : ignitabulum, Solin. A baking, 
pan : vas aptum coquendis cibis. The pan of a gun : 
alveolus (In anatomy): acetabulum, Plin. 

PANACEA. *. Panaces, Plin. : panacea, Virg. 

PANADO. s. Panis juri infriatus : e friato pane puls. 

PANCAKE, s. Scriblita, Mart. 

FANCY or PANSY. *. A flower : viola tricolor : viola 

PANDECT, s. The digest of the civil law: pandects. . 
pi., Cell. 

PANE, s A pane of glass : vitreum quadratum. 

PANEGYRIC. *. Panegyricus, Cic. : panegyrica oratio. 

PANEGYRICAL, a. Panegyricus : commendaticius. 

PANEGYRIST, s. Laudator, Hor. : commendator, 
Plin. J. : celebrator, Mart : (panegyrista, Sidon.). 

PANEL. *. Abacus, Vitr. 

PANG. . Animi angor : angustiae, pi. : aegritudo pre- 
mens : Cic To give a pang : angere : dolorem inferre, 
or incutere. 

PANIC or PANICAL. a. Lymphaticus A panicai 
fear : lymphaticus pavor, Liv. 

PANIC. *. Subitus et inanismetus, us : pavor : terror 

A panic seized the army : incidit terror exercitui, Cas. 

PANNEL. $. For a horse : dorsale : clitellae, pi. 

PANNIER, s. Qualus, Virg. : qualum, Varj-. : canis. 
trum : calathus : corbis : fiscina : Cic. : cista, Col. :. 
sporta, Sail. 

PANT. s. Palpitatio, Plin. 

To PANT. v. a. Crebro spiritum ducere : cupide ap- 
petere : expetere : rei cupiditate flagrare, or ardere. 
To pant for honours : honores sitire, Cic. 

PANTALOON, s. Femoralia, pi. 

PANTHEON, s. A temple of all gods : pantheon, Plin. 

PANTHER."*. Panthera, Cic. 

PANTILE, s. Canaliculatus later : imbrex. 

PANTLER. s. Panarii, or panis, curator. 

PANTOMIME, s. I. A buffoon: pantomimus, Plin. J. 
II. A farce in dumb show : fabula gestibus express*. 

PANTRY, s. Panarium : cella vasaria. 

PAP. s. I. A teat : mamma, Cic. : mamella, JUT. : 
uber, Ov. II. A pulp : pulpa: pulpamentum. 

PAPACY, s. Pontificalis, or pontificia, dignitas : sum- 
mus, or maximus, pontificatus, us. 

PAPAL, a. Pontificus : pontificalis. 

PAPAVEROUS, a. Papavereus, Ov. 

PAPER. *. Charta : papyrus: papyrum: Plin 

White paper : charta pura, U. Jet Post paper : charta 
epistolaris, Mart. Packing paper : charta emporetica, 
Blotting paper : charta bibula, Plin. J. Of or be- 
longing to paper: chartarius, Plin. Made of paper : 
charteus : chartaceus, U. Jet. Papers, pi. : tabulae : 
instrumenta A sheet of paper : cnartula: scida, or 
scheda To put on paper : consignare : perscribere. 

PAPER, a. Exilis: tenuis : Cic. 

To PAPER, v. a. In acta, in tabulas, in commentaries, 

referre, or perscribere, Cic To paper a room : pariete* 

chartis vestire. 

PAPER-MAKER, s. Chartae opifex. 

PAPER-MONEY, s. Nummaria charta. 

PAPIST, s. Pontificius. 

PAPPY, a. Mollis, Cic. : succi plenus. 

PAPYRUS, s. Papyrus : papyrum : Plin. 

PAR. *. Par et similis ratio, Cic. 

PARABLE, s. Parabola, Quint. : similitude : compara- 
tio : collatio : Cic. 

PARABOLA, s. (In geometry) : parabola. 

PARADE, s. I. Show, ostentation: apparatus, us: 



pompa: ostentatio: Cic. II. Posture of defence : pe- 
titionis declinatio, or vitatio. 

PARADISE, s. Ccelum : coelitum domicilium : beato- 
rum sedes. The happiness of paradise : aeterna felicitas. 

A terrestrial paradise : terrestris paradisus. 
PARADOX, s. Paradoxum, Sen. 

PARADOXICAL, a. Quod a communi hominum opini- 
one recedit : quod paradoxum sapit. 

PARAGON, s. Exemplum : exemplar. 

To PARAGON, v . a. Unum cum alio componere : unum 
alteri, or cum altero, comparare, conferre : Cic. 

PARAGRAPH, s. Paragraphus. 

PARALLAX, s. (In astronomy) : parallaxis : parallage. 

PARALLEL, a. Parallelus, Plin. : similis : aequus A 
parallel line : parallelos linea, Vitr. 

PARALLEL, s. I. A parallel line : parallelos linea, 
Vitr. II. A comparison : comparatio : collatio. 

To PARALLEL, v. a. Square: aeqaiparare. To pa- 
rallel the ancients and the moderns : veteres cum recen- 
tioribus conferre : comparationem veterum cum recen- 
tioribus instituere. 

PARALLELISM, s. Parallelismus. 

PARALLELOGRAM. *. (In geometry): parallelogram- 

PARALOGISM, s. A false argument: paralogismus : vi- 
tiosa ratiocinatio. 


PARALYTIC, s. Paralyticus : membris iners : Plin. : 
membris captus, Cic. 

PARAMOUNT, a. Superior : summus : supremus. 

PARAMOUNT, s. The chief: supremus princeps : sum- 
mus dominus : rex : dominator. 

PARAMOUR.*. Amans, Ter. : amator : Cic.: fern, 
amatrix, Plaut. : amasius : fern, amasia : Fest. 

PARAPET. Lorica, Vitr. : corona : crepido. 

PARAPHERNALIA, s. pi. Phalerse, pi. ( In law) : pa- 
rapherna bona, U. Jet. 

PARAPHRASE, s. Paraphrasis, Quint. 

To PARAPHRASE, v. a. Paraphrasi, or liberius, aucto- 
rem explanare : illustrare. 

PARAPHRAST. s. A free interpreter : paraphrastes. 

PARASITE, s. Parasitus, Cic. : fern, parasita : mensa- 
rum assecla, Hor. 

PARASITIC or PARASITICAL, a. Parasiticus, Plaut. 

PARASOL. Umbella, Juv. : umbriferum tegmen. 

PARBOILED, part. a. Semicoctus. 

PARCEL. *. Fasciculus, Cic A parcel of letters : fas- 
ciculus epistolarum, Cic. (In contempt): A parcel of 
rogues : sceleratorum colluvies, Cic. 

To PARCEL, v. a. Partiri : dispertire : dividere : dis- 
tribuere: Cic. 

To PARCH, v. a. and n. Siccare : desiccare : exsiccare : 
Plin. : rei siccitatem inferre. To par chin the sun: sic- 
care in sole. 

PARCHMENT, s. Membrana, Cic. : charta Pergamena. 

PARCHMENT-MAKER, s. Membranarum concinnator. 

PAKD or PARDALE. s. Pardus, Plin. 

To PARDON, v. a. Alicui ignoscere : parcere : veniam 

dare, or tribuere : Cic To par don a fault : culpam ali- 

cui ignoscere, Cic. 

PARD.JN. s. Venia : remissio : Cic To beg pardon : 
veniam ab aliquo petere, Cic., orare, or precari, Virg., 
rogare, Ov., aliquera poscere, Virg. 

PARDONABLE, a. Venia dignus : condonandus : Cic. : 
ignoscendus, Virg. Not pardonable : venia indignus : 
cui nullus venia: est locus. 

To PARE. v. a. Recidere, Cic. To pare one's nails : 
tingues ponere, Hor., subsecare, Tibull., resecare, Plin. 
To pare fruits : pomis cutem, or corium, detrahere, de- 
mere, or eximere : pomum cute exuere. 

PAHETNT. s. I. A father or mother: parens. II. A 
father: pater: genitor : Cic. ,111. A mother : mater, 
Cic. : genitrix, Virg. 

PARENTAGE, s. Propinquitas : cognatio : Cic. : con- 
sanguinitas, Liv. 

PARENTAL, a. Paternus: patrius : Cic. : maternus, 

PARENTHESIS, s. Parenthesis: interclusio: interjec- 
tio : interpositio : Quint. 

PARGET, s. Arenatum : parietis crusta : Plin. 

To PARGET, v. a. Arenato, or gypso, parietem indu- 
cere : parietem trullissare : Vitr. 

PARHELION, s. A mock sun : parhelion, Sen. 

PARIETARY. s. A plant : helxine : perdicium : Cels. : 
urceolaris herba, Plin. 

PARING, s. Porno detracta, direpta, or dempta, cutis. 

Paring of cheese : casei crusta. 

PARING-KNIFE, s. (With shoemakers) : scalprum su- 
torium : crepidarius cultellus : Cell. 

PARISH, s. Parcecia: curia: parochia. 

PARISH, a. Curialis, Cic. 

PARISH CHURCH, s. Ecclesia curialis. or parochialis. 

PARISHIONER, s. Curialis, Cic. 

PARITY, s. Par et similis ratio. Cic Parity of rea- 
son : parilitas rationuvn inter se consimilium, Cell. 

PARK. . Septum, Cic. Park of deer : vivarium, 


To PARK. v. a. Oves textis cratibus claudere, Hor. : 
intra septa continere. 

PARKER or PARK-KEEPER, s. Vivarii custos. 

PARLEY, s. Colloquium: collocutio: congressus, us : 

Cic To have a parley : cum aliquo venire in collocu- 

tionem, Cic. 

To PARLEY, v. n. De compositione agere, Caes. : in 
colloquium venire, Cic. 

PARLIAMENT, s. Supremus senatus, us : suprema cu- 

PARLIAMENT-MAN, s. Senator : senatorius : homo se- 
natorius, Sail, 

PARLIAMENTARY, a. Adsenatumpertinens. 

PARLOUR, s. I. (In a monastery) : locus ad collo- 
quendum cum exteris. II. (In a house: : cecus, Vitr. 

PAROCHIAL, a. Curialis, Cic. 

PARODY, s. Parodia, Asc. Fed. 

To PARODY, v. a. Sensum in pejus, or in ridiculum, 

PAROLE, s. Promissum : fides : Cic. 

PARONOMASIA, s. (In rhetoric): agnominatio, Auct. 
ad Her. 

PARROQUET. s. A bird: psittacus, Plin. 

PAROTIS. s. (In anatomy) : parotis, Plin. 

PAROXYSM, s. A Jit: paroxysmus. 

PARRICIDE, s. I. One who destroys his father : 
parricida. II. The murder of a father : parricidium, 
Cic. To commit parricide : parricidio se obstringere, 
or inquinare, Cic. 

PARRICIDAL or PARRICIDIOUS. a. Parricidialis, Quint. 

PARROT, s. A bird : psittacus, Plin. 

To PARRY, v . a. Petitiones effugere, Cic. : ictus aver- 
tere, or declinare, Liv. : vulnus eludere, Ov. 

To PARSE. . a. Examinare. 

PARSIMONIOUS, a. Rei temperans : parcus : frugalis. 

PARSIMONIOUSLY, ad. Sobrie et frugaliter, Plaut. : 
sobrie, Cic. : parce et frugaliter, Hor. 

victu temperantia : Cic. 

PARSLEY, s. Apium sativum, or hortense, Plin. 

PARSNEP. s. Pastinaca, Plin. : pastinago, Col. 

PARSON, s. Curio. 

PARSONAGE or PARSONAGE-HOUSE, s. Curionatus, us : 
curionis domus, us. 

PART. s. I. Portion: pars, Cic. Part of a house: 
domus pars: aedificii membrum. To divide into two 
parts : rem bipartiri : bipartite distribuere : in duas 
partes aequaliter dividere : Cic. (Into three parts) : tri- 
partito, Cic. II. Party : partes, pi. : factio : Cic. To 
take part with some one : alicujus partes suscipere, or am- 
plecti : ad causam, ad rationes se adjungere : Cic. III. 
(In the pi.), Qualities: dotes: naturas adjumenta. 
IV. Character in a play: partes: persona. V. 

Region: regio : terra: tractus, us: Cic. VI. Duty: 
officium: munus. 

To PART. v. a. I. To share : partiri : dispertire , 
distribuere: Cic. II. To disunite : separare : dividere: 
partiri : disjungere : Caes. 

To PART. v. n. Ab aliquo sejungere se, secedere Cic. 

abrumpere, Cic. 
PAR'TAGE.S. Partitio: distributio : divisio : Cic. 

To part suddenly : se 

PARTAGE. s. Partitio, motnum.^ , uivioiw^ v.n. 

To PARTAKE, v. n. Rei esse participem, Cic. , parti- 
cipare : rei vim, or naturam, habere. 

PARTAKER, s. Rei particeps : censors : Cic To make 
one partaker of his happiness: alterum suae felicitatis 
participem facere, Liv. 

PARTERRE, s. (In a garden) : floralia, Varr. 

PARTIAL, a. I. Inclined to one party : partium stu- 
diosus, or cupidus: fautor: fern, fautrix. A partial 
mind: animus partibus infectus, Cic To be partial : 
partibus studere : favere. II. Not universal : quod ad 
totius partem pertinet : non universus. 

PARTIALITY, s. Partium studium. 

PARTIALLY, ad. I. With unjust favour : studio par- 
tium. II. In part: partito, U. Jet. 

PARTIBLE, a. Dividuus, Cic. 

PARTICIPANT, a. Rei particeps, or censors, Cic. 

To PARTICIPATE, v. a. and n. See To PARTAKE. 

PARTICIPATION, s. Communicatio : communio : Cic. 
Without my participation : me inscieute, Cic. : me inscio 
atque inconsulto, Varr. 

PARTICIPLE, s. (In grammar) : participium, Quint. 

PARTICLE, s. Particula, Cic. Small portion: parti- 
cula, Cic. 

PARTICULAR, a. I. Relating to single persons : pro- 
prius. II. Individual: indiriduus. III. Odd, pre- 
cise, peculiar: singularis. He is very particular in 
his habits: totus est abhorrens a communi hominum 

PARTICULAR, s. I. A single circumstance : rei ad- 
junctum : quod in re singulare est : Cic. II. A private 
person : homo privatus, Sail. 

IN PARTICULAR, ad. Seorsum : separatim : Cic. 

To PARTICULARISE, v. a. Rei adjtmcta distincte et 
enucleate persequi. 

PARTICULARITY, s. Rei adjunctum : quod in re singu- 
lare est : Cic. 


PARTICULARLY, ad. Singulariter : praecipue : praeser 
tim : maxime : Cic. / am particularly fond of him 
ilium ego singulariter, or mirum in modum, diligo 

PARTISAN. *. I. An adherent: alicujus studiosus 
Cic.: fautor, Hor. II. A kind of weapon: spicu" 
longioris et latioris hasta. 

PARTITION. *. Partitio : divisio : Cic. A partition 
wall : paries communis, Cic., intergerinus, Plin. 

To PARTITION, v. a. Distribuere multifariam, Cic. 

PARTLET. *. A hen : gallina, Cic. 

PARTLY, ad. Partim. 

PARTNER. *. Consociatus : socius : societate con 
junctus Partner in trade : socius cpnsorsque laboris 
Cic. (At cards) : aleae socius et particeps. 

PARTNERSHIP, s. Societas : consociatio : Cic. : con 
sortio, Liv To dissolve a partnership : consociationem 
dissolvere, Cic. 

PARTRIDGE. *. Perdix, Plin. 

PARTY, s. I. A faction: partes, pi. : factioj Cic 
The leader of a party : factipnis princeps, Caes. II. One 
of two litigants: adversarius : fern, adversaria, Hor. 
Quint.: adversapars. III. A select assembly : socie- 
tas, Cic. I V. A detachment of soldiers : militum ex- 
pedita manus, us : factio, Suet. A party of horsemen } 
equestris turma. 

PARTY-COLOURED, a. Varius : variatus : versicolor 
discolor : Cic. 

PARTY-MAN, s. Factiosus : seditiosus : Cic. : qui 
rebus novis studet : rerum novarum molitor, Suet. 

PARTY-WALL, s. Paries communis, Cic., intergerinus 

PASCHAL, a. Paschalis. 

PASQUIL or PASQUINADE. *. Dicterium, Phaedr. : car- 
men mordax. 

To PASS. v. n. Aliqua, or per locum, iter facere, Cic 

To pass before some one : aliquem praegredi, or ante- 
gredi : alicui prasire, or anteire, Cic., or praegredi, Varr. 

To pass away: praeterire, Ter.: effluere, Cic.: 
transire, Plin Time passes away : tempus elabitur 
effluit, abit, Cic., volat, or fugit, Virg. 

To PASS. v. a. I. To go beyond or to : transire : e 
loco in locum demigrare : Cic. II. To spend: to live 
through: agere: degere. III. To pass by, i.e. 1 
To spare, excuse : parcere. 2. To neglect : praeterire 
negligere To pass over : rem missam facere, Cic.. 

PASS. s. I. A passage: locus, Cic. : via A bad 
pass : locus periculosus, iniquus et salebrosus. II. ( In 
fencing) : petitio, Cic. Ill, Permission to pass: com- 
meatus, us, Plin. 

PASSABLE, a. Tolerabilis : non contemnendus : Cic 

PASSADO. *. A thrust: petitio, Cic. 

PASSAGE, s. I. Way by which to pass : locus: via: 
Cic.: Iransitus, us: iter: Liv. II. Part of a book: 
locus To quote a passage: auctoris verba afferre, 
proferre, or laudare, Cic., citare, Liv. 

PASSNGER. s. Viator : peregrinus : Cic. : fern, pere- 


PASSIBILITY or PASSIBLENESS. s. Obnoxia dolori na- 

PASSIBLE, a. Doloris capax : dolori obnoxius : in 
quern, quam, or quod, dolor cadit. 

PASSING, a. Excellens : przestans : egregius : eximius : 

PASSING, ad. Maxime : perquam : apprime : admodum. 

PASSING-BELL, s. JEris campani funebris spnitus, us. 

PASSION. *. I. Emotion of the mind: animi motus, 
affectus, impetus, us, motio, commotio, affectio, Cic. 
II. Anger: iracundia, Cic. III. Eager desire: stu- 
dium : ardor : cupiditas : Cic. IV. Steering : (passio, 
Apul.) Our Saviour' s passion : Christi cruciatus acer- 

PASSION WEEK. s. Hebdomada sacra. 

PASSIONATE, a. Impotens : animi impotens : impotent! 
animo vir : Cic. That has a passionate desire of glory : 
glorije avidus : ad gloriam inflammatus : Cic. : cupidme 
laudis accensus, Stat. 

PASSIONATELY, ad. Ardenti, or magno, studio : stu- 
diosissime : ardenter : vehementer : Cic To love pas- 
sionately : aliquem insane amare, Plaut., or perdite, 
misere, Ter., deperire, Plaut. : deperire aliquem amore 
impotenti, Catull. : deperire alicujus amore, Liv. 
PASSIVE, a. Patiens : perpetiens : (passivus, Apul.). 

To remain passive : quiescere. 

PASSIVENESS or PASSIVITY, s. Obnoxia dolori natura. 

PASSOVER, s. Pascha, ae : pascha, atis. 

PASSPORT. *. Commeatus, us, Plin. 

PAST, part., a. Missus : actus : relictus : praeteritus. 

The great cold past : remissiore jam frigore, Caes. : 
jam mitigata hieme, Curt. 

PAST. s. Praeteritum tempus To judge of the future 
from the past: futura prseteritis augurari, Plin. 

PASTE, s. I. Dough : faring ex aqua subacta. II. 
A kind of cement : gluten : glutinum. 

To PASTE, v. a. Glutinare, Plin. : agglutinare : con- 
glutinare: Cic. 


PASTEBOARD.*. Charta spissior. 

PASTEL. *. An herb: glastum, Plin. : vitrum, C. s 
hiatis, Plin. 

PASTERN. *. (Of a horse) : suffrage, Plin. 

PASTIL. *. (With painters) : color trituset in pastillum 

PASTIME. *. Oblectatio : oblectamentum. 

PASTOR. *. Pastor : pecuarius : gregis, or pecoris, 
custos : Virg. : pecoris magister, Col. 

PASTORAL, a. Pastoralis : pastorius : Varr. : pastori- 
tius, Cic. 

PASTORAL, s. Bucolica fabula. 

PASTRY. *. Pistorium opus, Cels. 

PASTRYCOOK, s. Cupedinarius, Ter. : pistor dulcia- 
rius, Mart. 

PASTURAGE, s. Pascuus ager, Plaut. : pascua, orum. 
pi., Col. 

PASTURE. *. Pascuus ager, Plaut. : pascua, orum, 
pi., Col. : pastus, us, Virg. : pabulum, Cass. 

To PASTURE, v. n. and a. Pasci, Virg. : depascere, 
Cic. : ad pastum ducere. 

PASTY, s. Carp siliginea crusta inclusa et coacta. 

PAT. a. Proprius : idoneus : Cic. 

PAT. s. A tap : inflicta plana manu plaga. 

PATACHE. s. A small ship: actuarium navigium, Caes. 

To PATCH, v. a To patch a coal : panniculum vesti 
assuere, Hor. 

PATCH, s. I. A piece sewed on to cover a hole : pan- 
nus. II. A small spot of black silk put on the face : 
musca, or macula, serica. Ill, A small parcel of land f 

PATCHER. s. Interpolator, Plaut. : fern., sarcinatrix, 
U. Jet. : interpolatrix, Pomp. Jet. 

PATE. *. Caput. 

PATENT, s. Rescriptum, Tac. : rescript! libellus, 
Plin. J. 

PATENT, a. Notus : cognitus : pervulgatus : Cic. 

PATERNAL, a. Paternus : patrius : Cic. 

PATERNALLY, ad. Patrie, Quint. : paterno animo. 

PATERNITY.*. Paternitas. 

PATER-NOSTF.R. s. Oratio dominica. 

PATH. s. Semita, Plaut. : callis : trames : Cic. : di- 
verticulum, Plin A very narrow path : angustissima 

PATHETIC or PATHETICAL. a. Commovendis animis 

PATHETICALLY, ad. Apposite ad commovendos animos. 

PATHLESS, a. .Sine semita. o-^t 


PATIBLE. a. Tolerabilis : patibilis : tolerandus : fe- 
rendus : Cic. 

PATIBULARY. a. Cruciarius, Petron. 

PATIENCE, s. Patientia, Cic To have patience : rem 

aequo animo pati : patienti animo ferre : Cic. 

PATIENT, a. Patiens, Cic. : patiens JDJuriae, Phaedr. 

PATIENT, s. JEger : aegrotus : Cic. 

PATIENTLY, ad. Patienter : toleranter : aequo animo : 

Cic To suffer patiently : dolorem toleranter pati : pla- 

cide sedateque ferre : Cic. 

PATINE. s. The cover of a chalice: patena : patina: 

FATLY, ad. Commode : commodum : tempestive : op- 
mrtune: Cic. 

PATRIARCH, s. Patriarcha. 
PATRIARCHAL, a. Patriarchalis. 


PATRICIAN, a. and s. Patricius, Cic. 

PATRIMONIAL. . Paternus : patrius : Cic. 

PATRIMONY. *. Patrimonium : patria bona, pL j Cic. 

PATRIOT. s, Patrias studiosus, Cic. 

PATRIOTIC, a. Bene affectus in patriam. 

PATRIOTISM, s. Patriae studium : amor patriae. 

PATROL, s. Excubiaa, Cic. 

To PATROL, v. n. Per urbem excubias agere, Ov.' 

PATRON, s. Patronus, Cic. 

PATRONAGE, 's. Fides : praesidium : Cic. : tutela, Lir. 

PATRONAL. a. Patronalis, Marcell. 

PATRONESS, s. Patrona, Cic. 

To PATRONISE, v. a. Alicui favere : studere : suffra- 
jari: Cic. 

PATRONYMIC. 5. Patronymicus. 

PATTEN, s. Sculponea, Plaut. 

To PATTER, v. n. Crebro pedem supplodere, Cic." 

PATTERN, s. Exemplum : exemplar. To take 
ern : imitari. To set a pattern : exemplum praebere. 

PAUCITY, s. Paucitas: pauci, pi., Cic. 

PAUNCH.*. Abdomen, Hor. : alvus, Cic. : panti 

To PAUNCH, v . a. (Applied to hares and rabbits) 
viscerare, Virg. : exenterare, Just. : intestina eximere, 


PAUPER, s. Egenus : inops. 

PAUSE, s. Pausa, Plin. : interposita mora. 

To PAUSE, v. n. (In reading) : inter legendum spiri- 
um suspendere, Quint. : immorari, Plin. 

To PAVE. v. a. Pavimentare, Plin. : pavimentum 






struere, or facere, Vitr To pave the streets : vias saxis 
sternere, Liv. : consternere, Cic. 
PAVEMENT, s. Pavimentum. 
PAVER or PAVIER. s. Pavimentprum structor. 
PAVILION, s. Tabernaculum, Cic. : tentoriura, Ov. 
PAW. s. Pes : ungula. 
To PAW. v. a. Unguibus tractare. 
PAWN. 5. I. Something given to pledge as a secu- 
rity : pignus. II. A common man at chess : pedes. 
To PAWN. v. n. Oppignerare. 
PAWNBROKER, s. Pignerator. 

PAY. s. Stipendium A soldier deprived oj his pay : 
aere dirutus miles, Cic. 

To PAY. v. a. Solvere : dissolvere : exsolvere : Cic. 
To pay one's debts , ass alienum, nomina, dissolvere : 
se aere alieno liberare, or levare : Cic To pay down: 
alicui pecuniam numerare: praesentem pecuniam solvere: 

PAYABLE, a. Numerandus : pendendus : solvendus. 
PAY-DAY, s. Pecuniae dies, Cic. 

PAYER, s. Qui, qua?, debita solvit Good payer : bo- 
num nomen, Cic Bad payer : malum nomen, Cic. 
PAYMASTER, s. Diribitor : civilis quaestor : Cic. 
PAYMENT, s. Pensio. 

PEA. s. A sort of pulse : pisum, Col. Green peas : 
pisa novella, or primula. 

PEACE, s. Pax: concordia: tranquillitas To ask 
jr peace : pacem orare, Ov. To be at peace with 
one : pacem habere cum aliquo, Cic To make peace 
with one : cum alterp pacificari, Cic. 

PEACE, inter j. Sileatur : pax sit : Ter. : sile : tace : 
pi., silete: date silentium : tacete. 

PEACEABLE, a. Pacificus : placidus : studiosus et 
amans pacis : Cic. 

PEACEABLY, ad. Pacate : sedate : tranquille : quiete : 

PEACEFUL, s. Pacis amans : pacificus : Cic. 
PEACEMAKER, s. Pacificator, Cic. 
PEACH. *. A fruit : persicum, Plin. : malum persi- 
cum, Col. A peach-tree : persica, Plin. : persicus, Col. 
PEACHICK. s. Pavonius pullus. 
PEACOCK, s. Pavo, Cic. 
PEAHEN, s. Pavo femina, Col. : pava, Auson. 
PEAK. s. Mons editior, abruptus. 
PEAL. s. A succession of loud sounds : tumultus, us : 
strepitus, us : Liv. A peal of thunder : ingens tonitru. 

Peals of laughter : cachinnus : risus (us) solutus, im- 

modicus, inconditus. 

PEAR. s. A fruit : pirum, Hor. A pear-tree: 
pirus, i, f., Virg. 

PEARL. s. I. A gem : margarita : margaritum : 

Varr. : bacca, Hor. : unio, Plin. II. A white speck 
growing on the eye: albugo: glaucoma, atis, Plaut. : 
oculi nubecula : Plin. 
PEARLED, a. Baccatus, Plin. 

PEASANT, s. Rusticus : agrestis : rusticanus homo : 
Cic. : lem., rustica: or, rusticana mulier. 
PEASANTRY, s. Rustici, pi. 
PEASHELL. s. Pisi siliqua, Plin. 
PEAS-PORRIDGE or PEAS-SOUP, s. Puls e pisis, per 
colum expressa. 
PEAT. s. Fossilis carbo. 
PEBBLE or PEBBLE-STONE, s. Calculus, Cic. : lapillus, 

PEBBLED or PEBBLY, a. Calculosus. 
PECCABLE, a. Culpae, or delictis, obnoxius. 
PECCADILLO, s. Levior noxa : leve delictum. 
PECCANT, a. Nocens : sons: Cic. The peccant hu- 
mour : humor vitiosus. 

PECK. s. The fourth part of a bushel: modii qua- 
drans : regarding modius as denoting a bushel : but mo- 
dius itself seems to have been nearly equivalent to an 
English peck. 

To PECK. v. a. Rostro appetere, impetcre, lacessere, 
pungere, or pinsere, Pers. : rostro tundere. 
PECKER, s. A bird: picus, Plin. 
PECKED, ad. Varius : maculis distinctus : Plin. 
PECTORAL, s. A breast plate : pectorale. 
PECTORAL, a. Pectori utilis, Cic. : ad pectus salubris 

PECULATE or PECULATION, s. Peculatus, us, Cic. 
PECULATOR, s. Peculator, Cic. : qui peculatum facit 

PECULIAR, s. Proprius. This is peculiar to me : hoc 
mihi peculiare, or in me singulare, est, Cic. 

PECULIARITY, s. Quiddam singulare, Cic. : singularis 


PECULIARLY, ad. Singularjter: Cic.: peculiaritcr 
Plin. : specialiter, Col. 

PECUNIARY, a. Pecuniarius, Cic. : argentarius, Plaut 
A pecuniary fine : multaticia pecunia: multaticiurn 

argentum : Liv. 
P E r 

EDAGOGUE. s. Paedagogus, Cic. 
PEDAGOGY, s. Paedagogium, Plin. J. 
PEDALS, s nl. Pinna musici organi pedibus movenda 
PEDANT. - c . Insulsus literator. 

PEDANTIC or PEDANTICAL. a. Quod insulsum luerato- 
ern sapit. 

PEDANTRY. s< Putida eruditionis ostentatio : insulsi 
teratoris indoles. 

To PEDDLE, v. n. Ineptire, Ter. : nugari : ineptias 
icere, or facere. 

PEDESTAL, s. Stylobata: stylobates : Vitr. 
PEDESTRIAN, a. Pedester A pedestrian statue : statua 
edestris, Plin. 

PEDESTRIAN, s. Pedcs, itis, Curt. 

PEDICLE, s. (In botany) : pediculus. 
PEDICULAR or PEDICULOUS, a. Lousy : pediculosus, 
tfart A pedicular disease : morbus pcdicularis : phthi- 
iasis : Plin. 

PEDIGREE, s. Stirpium series : generis descriptio. 

PEDIMENT, s. (In architecture) : fastigium, Vitr. 

PEDLAR or PEDLER. s. Circumforaneus propola. 

To PEEL. v. a. I. To decorticate : pomis cutem, or 

orium, detrahere, demere, or eximere : pomum cute ex- 

ere. To peel an onion : caepe cortice numeroso nudare. 

II. To plunder i praedari : rapere : diripere : expilare : 


To PEEL OFF. v. n. Squamatim excidere. 

PEEL. s. I. The skin or thin rind of any thing : porno 
etracta, direpta, or dempta, cutis. II. (With bakers) : 
A broad thin board with a long handle : pala, Cato : in- 
urnibulum, Plin. 

To PEEP. v. n. I. (Speaking of the day) : diluces- 
cere. The day begins to peep : dilucescit, Cic. 1 1. 
To bud: enasd, Virg. : herbescere, Cic. : ex terro exire, 
Plin. III. To look: intueri. 

PEEP. s. I. First appearance. At the peep of day : 
diluculo : diluculo primo : Cic. : cum prima luce, Ter. : 
rima luce : sub lucis ortum, Liv. II. A look : as- 
ectus, us : intuitus, us. 

PEER. s. Par, Cic. 

PEERLESS, a. Npn comparabilis, Cic. : incomparabilis, 
Plin. : eximius : singularis, Cic. : cui nullum invenias 
jarem, Hor. 

PEEVISH, a. Difficilis : morosus : Cic. : rixosus, Col. : 
urgiosus, Cell. 

PEEVISHLY, ad. Morose, Cic. 

PEEVISHNESS, s. Morositas, Cic. 

PEG. s. Clavus, Caes. : fibula, Plin. 

To PEG. v. a. Fibulis cotnpingere : clavis affigere, or 

PELICAN, s. A bird: pelicanus : plateaj Plin.: pla- 
:alea, Cic. 

PELLET, s. Pila, Cic. 

PELLICLE, s. Pellicula, Cic. : cuticula, Pers. 

PELLMELL. ad. Confuse : confuse et permiste : per- 
turbate : promiscue : Cic. 

PELLS, s. pi. Membrana, Cic.: Pergamena. 

PELLUCID, a. Perlucidus, Cic. : translucens : translu- 


PELT. s. Villosapellis. 

To PELT. v. a. Jacere: conjicere: Cic To pelt 
one with stones : aliquem lapidibus appetere, Cic., saxi 
'ncessere, Liv. 

PELTING, a. (Paltry, pittful : Shaks.) : miser: ab- 
ectus : Cic. : misellus, Plaut. . 

PELTMONGER. s. Pellio : alutarius : Plaut. 

PEN. s. I. An instrument for writing : calamus, 
Cic.: penna, Plin. To set pen to paper: calamum 
sumere, Cic. II. A small enclosure : septum. 

To PEN. v. a. Scribere, Cic. 

To PEN UP. v. a. (Oves) textis cratibus claudere, 
Hor. : intra septa continere. 

PENAL, a. Pcenalis, Plin. 

PENALTY, s. Pcena: supplicium: Cic. 

PENANCE, s. Pcenitentia. 

PEN-CASE, s. Theca calamaria, Suet. 

PENCIL, s. I. Of black lead: graphium, Ov. II. 
A small brush of hair : penicillus, Cic.: penicillum, 
Quint. : peniculus, Plin. 

To PENCIL, v. a. Graphic delineare. 

PENDANT, s. I. (In the ear) : inauris, Plaut. : pen- 
siles ex auribus margarita?, pi. II. (In a ship): minus 

PENDENCY, s. ( In law) : prorogatio : dilatio : ampli- 
atio : vadimonii prolatio. 

PENDENT, a. Pensilis : pendens. 

PENDING, a. (A law term.) A suit pending lis 
adhuc sub judice, Hor. : lis nondum dijudicata. Cell. 

PENDULOSITY or PENDULOUSNESS. *. Dubitatio : hae- 
sitatio : fluctuatio : Cic. 

PENDULOUS, a. Pendens, Cic.: pensilis, Vitr. : pen- 
dulus, Ov. 

PENDULUM, s. Pendulum , pondus quo vibrato mo. 
vetur horologium. 
PENETRABLE, a. Penetrabilis, Ov. 
PENETRABILITY, s. Penetrabilis rei natura. 
PENETRANT. a. Penetrans : pervadons : permeans. 
To PENETRA.TE. v. a: Peuetrare. Cic. : transire. PHn. 

PENETRATION, s. I. Power of penetrating : perme- 



and! vis. II. Acuteness oj mind : acrls Ingenii acies 
in^enii vis: sagacitas : perspicientia : mentis solertia 
Cic. With penetration : sagaciter : solerte To have 
penetration : acriter intelligere, Cic. 

PENETRATIVE, PENETRATING, a. Quod facillime per- 
meat, or illabitur : penetralis, Lucr. : penetrabilis, Nep. 
but the latter word is also used in a passive sense, Pene 

PENINSULA, s. Peninsula, Plin. 

PENITENCE, s. Animi dolor, Cic.: pcenitentia: rei 
gestae pcenitentia : Plin. 

PENITENT. . and s. Rei pcenitens. 

PENITENTIAL, a. Ad pconitentiam, or pcenitentem 

pertinens The penitential psalms : Davidis poenitentis 


PENITENTIARY, a. Hospitium pomitentium, or eorum 
qui ad meliorem vitara redeunt, or se recipiunt. 

PENITENTLY, ad. Pcenitenter, Mimic. Pel. 

PENKNIFE, s. Cultellus, Hor. : scalpellus : scalpel 

PENMAN, s. Scriptor : auctqr : Cic. 

PENMANSHIP, s. Calligraphia. 

PENNACHED. a. (In botany): variis coloribus dis- 

PENNANT or PENNON. *. i.e. A small flag: minus 

PENNY, s. Denarius. 

PENNYLESS. a. (Homo) inanissimus, Cic. : nudus num- 
mis, Hor. : inops, Suet. 

PENNYROYAL, s. A plant : pulegium : or, puleium : 

PENNYWEIGHT, s. Denarius francicus. 

PENSILE, a. Pensilis, Vitr. : pendulus, Ov. 

PENSION. *. Annua pensio, Cic. 

To PENSION, v. a. Annuam pecuniam alicui assig- 

PENSIONER, s. In beneficiis regits delatus, Cic. : regis 
beneficiarius, Plin. J. 

PENSIVE, a. In cogitatione defixus, Cic.: cogitanti 
similis: cogitabundus: Cell. 

PENSIVELY, ad. Maeste. 

PENSIVENESS. *. Tristitia : masstitia : Cic. 

PENT UP. part. a. Clausus: inclusus. 

PENTAGON, s. ( In geometry) : pentagonum. 

PENTAGONAL, a. Pentagonus, Hygin. 

PENTAMETER, s. Versus (us) pentameter. 

PENTANGULAR. M. (In geometry) : pentagonus. 

PENTATEUCH, s, Pentateuchon : Pentateuchus. 

PENTECOST, s. Pentecoste : festum pentecostes. 

PENTHOUSE, s. Appendix: tuguriolum parieti af- 

PENULTIMATE, a. A postremo proximus : penulti- 

PENURIOUS. a. Parcus : tenax : avarus : sordidus. 
PENURIOUSLY. ad. Perparce: parce: restricte : Cic. : 

PENURIOUSNESS. s. Parce ac sordide factum. 
PENURY, s. Penuria : egestas : paupertas : indigen- 

PEONY. s. A plant : pasonia, Plin. 

PEOPLE, s. Populus : multitude: Liv Persons of 
a particular class : homines They are foolish people : 
illi sunt absurd! ac inepti People say that : ferunt: 
fertur, Cic. : memorant, Liv. : fama est, Virg. 

To PESPLE. v. a. Aliquo incolas inferre : frequentare 
loci solitudinem : Cic To people a town : frequentare 
urbem civibus, Cic. 

PEPPER. *. Piper, Hor. Ground pepper: piper 
tritum. A grain of pepper : piperis bacca, Vitr. 

To PEPPER, v. a. Pipere condire. 

PEPPER-BOX. 5. Triti piperis vasculum. 

PEPPERCORN, s. Piperis bacca. Fig. : nugae: gerrae: 
tricae, pi. : Ter. : Mart. 

PEPPERMINT. 5. A plant : mentha piperitis. 

PEPPER-PLANT, s. Piper aromaticum, or nigrum, 

PBPPERWORT. s. ( In botany) : piperitis, Plin. 

PERADVENTURE. ad. Forte, fortuna : casu : fortuito : 
fortuitu : fortasse : Cic. : forsan : forsitan : Virg. 

To PERAGRATE. v. a. Errare: vagari: vagari passim 
in agris : Cic. 

PERAGRATION. s. Peregrinatio : iter. 

To PERAMBULATE, v.a. Peragrare : lustrare: obire: 
Gic. : percurrere, Cas. 

PERAMBULATION, s. Peregrinatio : iter. 

PERCEIVABLE or PERCEPTIBLE, a. Quod sub sensum 

PERCEIVABLY. ad. Palam : aperte ac palam : luce pa- 
lam : clare : evidenter : Cic. 

To PERCEIVE, v. a. Aspicere, Cic.: cernere. (From 
a distance) : prospicere, Ter. : aspectu sentire, or per- 
cipere, Cic. To understand: animadvertere, Ter.: 
cognoscere : intelligere : perspicere : Cic. 

PERCEPTION, s. Perceptio, Cic. 

PERCEPTIVE or PERCIPIENT, a. Intelligens : sagax : 
peritus : Cic. : perspicax, Ter. 

PERCH. *. AJisk: perca, Plin. 

To PERCH, v. n. or To PERCH ONE'S SELF. v. a To 

perch upon a tree : arbori insidere : in arbore sedere 

(Of several): considere. 

To PERCOLATE, v. a. Liquorem colare, or percolate, 
Col. : linteo saccare : per linteum exprimere : Plin. 

PERCOLATION, s. Purgatio, Plin. 
To PERCUSS, v. a. Percutere : caedere : verberare : 

PERCUSSION, s. Percussio, Cic. 

PERDITION. *. Perditio, Plin. : salutis asternae peri- 
culum The way to perdition : via qua? ad inferos 

To PEREGRINATE, v. n. Peragrare : perambulare : 
iter facere, Cic., or agere, Plin. 

PEREGRINATION, s. Peregrinatio : iter. 

PEREGRINE, a. Peregrin us : extraneus: Cic. 

PEREMPTORILY, ad. Elatius, Nep. : superbius, Cic. 

PEREMPTORY, a. Imperiosus : durus : dominus : (pe- 
remptorius, Deadly, Apul. : Decisive, Pand.). 

PERENNIAL, a. I. Lasting through the year: an- 
nuus : perennis. II. Perpetual: continuus : perpe- 
tuus : assiduus : Cic. 

PERENNITY. *. Perpetuitas. 

PERFECT, a. Perfectus : absolutus : omnibus suis 
numeris expletus : Cic. A perfect orator : orator in di- 
cendo perfectus, or plenuSi atque perfectus, Cic. This 
is perfect in its way : hoc est perfectum omni parte in 
genere suo, perfectum expletumque omnibus suis partibus 
et numeris. 

To PERFECT, v. a. Perficere : absolvere : omnibus nu- 
meris explere : Cic. 

PERFECTION, s. Absolutio : perfectio: operis con- 
summatio : Cic. 

PERFECTIVE, s. Quod absolvit, perficit, consummat. 

PERFECTLY, ad. Perfecte : absolute : plene : cumu- 
late : abunde : Cic. 

PERFECTNESS. *. Perfectio, Cic. 

PERFIDIOUS, a. Perfidus : perfidiosus: Cic. A per- 
fidious man : vir sine fide, Caes. 

PERFIDIOUSLY, ad. Perfidiose : infideliter : Cic. 

PERFIDIOUSNESS or PERFIDY, s. Perfidia: infidelitas: 

To PERFORATE, v. a. Perforare. 

PERFORATION, s. Perforatio, Vitr. 

PERFORCE, ad. Per vim, Cic. 

To PERFORM, v. a. Exsequi : perficere : conficere : 
praestare : Cic. To perform on a musical instrument : 
lidibus, tibia, &c., canere. To perform a part : perso- 
nam agere, Sen. : alicujus personam gerere, sustinere, 

PERFORMABLE. a. Quod effici potest. 

PERFORMANCE. . Exsecutio : perfectio : absolutio per- 

fectioque : Cic The performance of apian: suscepti 

negotii exsecutio, Ter. 

PERFORMER, s. Actor, Cic.: mima The chief per- 
former : primarum partium persona, Cic. 

PERFUME. *. Odor : odores, pi. : Cic. : odoramentum, 

To PERFUME, v. a. Hem inodorare, Col. : odoribus 

PERFUMER. *. Myropola, Plaut. : unguentarius-: fern, 

PERFUNCTORILY, ad. Levi brachio : negligenter : ne- 
gligentius: oscitanter: leviter et remisse: languidiore 
studio : Cic. : (perfunctorie, Augustin.). 

PEHFUNCTORINESS. s. Negligentia: incuria: Cic. 

PERFUNCTORY, a. Levis : negligens : sine cura. 

PERHAPS, ad. Forte : fortasse : Cic. : forsan : forsitan : 

PERIGEE or PERIGEUM. s. (In astronomy) : perigsciim. 

PERIL, s. Periculum : discrimen : Cic At the peril 
of one's life: capitis periculo, Plaut.: cum dimicatione, 

PERILOUS, a. Periculosus, Cic. : plenus aleae, Hor. 

PERILOUSLY, ad. Periculose, Cic. : cum periculo. 

PERIOD, s. I. A circuit: periodus. II. Time in 
which any thing is performed : periodus. III. Acom- 
plete sentence : periodus : verborum comprehensio : cir- 

PERIODIC or PERIODICAL, a. Periodicus, Plin Peri- 
odical fevers : statae febres : febres statis diebus et horis 
recurrentes : Plin. 

PERIODICALLY, ad. Statis temporibus. 
PERIOSTEUM, s. (In anatomy) : periosteum : periosta. 

PERIPHERY, s. ( In geometry) : circumductio : circui- 

JS, US. 

To PERIPHRASE. v. a. Circuitione uti, Ter. 

PEUIPHRASIS. s. Circuitio : verborum circuitus, us : 
Cic. : periphrasis : circumlocutio : Quint. 

PERIPNEUMONY. s. Peripneumonia, Galen. 

To PERISH, v. n. Perire : disperire: interire : Caes. : 
sccidere, Plaut To perish with hunger : perire fame, 
Plaut. : interire fame, Cic. 

PERISHABLE, a. Fragilis : caducus : fluxus : Cic. 

PERISTYLE. *. (In architecture) : peristylium, Cic. : 


PERITONEUM, s. ( In anatomy) : peritonaeum, Cael 

PERIWIG, s. Galericulus, Suet. : galericulum : coma 
"mpta : Mart. : coma ascita : sutile et textile capilla- 

PERIWINKLE, s. I. A shell-fish : pectunculus, Plin. 
II. A plants vinca: pervinca: Plin. 

To PERJURE ONE'S SELF, v . a. Pejerare, Cic. : pcrju- 
rare, Hor. : se perjurio obstringere, Liv. 

PERJURER, s. Perjurus. 

PERJURY, s. Perjurium, Cic. 

PERMANENCE or PERMANENCY, s. Permansio, Cic. 

PERMANENT, a. Constans : firmus : stabilis : Cic. : 
mansurus, Sen. 

PERMANENTLY, ad. Constanter : perpetuo. 

PERMEABLE, a. Permeabilis. 

To PERMEATE, v. a. Penetrare, Cic. : transire, Plin. 

PERMISSION, s. Permissio : potestas : facultas : li- 
centia : venia : Cic. 

PERMISSIVE, a. Permissus : concessus : Cic. 

To PERMIT, v. a. Alicui rem, or ut rem facial, per- 
aittere : rei facienda? facultatem, licentiam, potestatem, 
dare, concedere, or permittere : Cic. 

PERMIT, s. Liberi commeatus syngrapha. 

PERMUTATION, s. Permutatio: commutatio: Cic. 

To PERMUTE, v. a. Rem re permutare, or cum re 
commutare, Cic. 

PERNICIOUS, a. Pernitiosus: exitiosus: exitialis : 
exitiabilis : pestifer : Cic. : nocens, Hor. : pernicialis, 
.Liv.: Curt. 

PERNICIOUSLY, ad. Perniciose, Cic. 

PERORATION, s. Peroratio : orationis conclusio : clau- 
sula : epilogus : Cic. 

To PERPEND, v. a. Pendere: expendere: perpendere: 
ponderare: pensitare : Cic. 

PERPENDICLE. s. Perpendiculum, Cic. 

PERPENDICULAR, a. and s. Ad perpendiculum exactus, 

PERPENDICULARLY, ad. Ad perpendiculum : directo : 
deorsum : Cic. 

To PERPETRATE, v. a. Facere, Cic To perpetrate 
a crime : scelus committere : scelere se astringere : fa- 
cinus admittere, Cic., consciscere: patrare.: perpetrare : 

PERPETUAL, a. Perpetuus : perennis : Cic Per- 
petual motion: motus assiduus, Ov., irrequietus. 

PERPETUALLY, ad. Perpetuum, Ter. : in perpetuum : 
perpetuo, Cic. : indesinenter, Varr. : sine fine, Virg. : 
nullo fine, Plin. 

To PERPETUATE, v. a. Perpetuare: perpetuum effi- 
ccre : Cic. To perpetuate the glory of one's name: no- 
men suum immortalitati commcndare : nominis memo- 
rianTadaequare cum omni posteritate : Cic. 

PERPETUITY, s. Perpetuitas. 

To PERPLEX, v. a. Alicui dubitationem afferre, Cic.: 
alicui impedimento esse, officere. 

PERPLEXED, a. Implicatus : intricatus : Plaut. : per- 
jlexus, Liv. : anxius : dubitatione asstuans. 

PERPLEXEDLY, ad. Perplexe, Ter. : Liv. : perplexim, 

PERPLEXEDNESS or PERPLEXITY, s. Anxietas : asstu- 
ans dubitatione animus : (perplexitas, Ammian.). 

PERQUISITES, s. pi. Emolumentum, Cic. : fortuiti mu- 
neri fructus. 

PERQUISITION. 5. Inquisitio : quaestio : Cic. : conqui- 
sitio, Liv. 

PERRY, s. A drink made of pears : succus ex piris ex- 
)ressus : (piracium, Hieron.). 

To PERSECUTE, v. a. Persequi : vexare : exagitare : 
nsectari : Cic. 

PERSECUTION, s. Vexatio, Cic. : insectatio, Liv. 

PERSECUTOR, s. Vexator, Cic. : fern, quae vex:it. 

PERSEVERANCE, s. Perseverantia : perpetuaconstantia. 

PKHSEVERANT. a. Perseverans, Col. 

To PERSEVERE, v. n. Perseverare: perstare: pcrma- 
nere : in constantia perseverare : Cic. 

PERSEVERINGLY. ad. Constanter, Cic. : perseveranter, 
Liv. : obfirmate, Suet. 

To PERSIST, v. n. In re perstare : perseverare : ani- 
mum obfirmare : Cic. To persist in one's opinion f in 
sententia stare, perstare, perseverare, permanere : sen- 
tentiae perseverantiam retinere : Cic. 

PERSISTANCE or PERSISTENCY. *. Perseverantia : per- 
petua constantia. 

PERSON, s. Persona An illustrious person : per- 
sona splendida, Cic In per son : per se ipsum. 

PERSONABLE, a. Formosus. 

PERSONAGE, s. I. A considerable person: vir: vir 
spectatissimus. II. External appearance, mien: fades : 
species : forma : oris habitus, us. 

PERSONAL, a. Cujusque, or cuique, proprius, Cic. 

PERSONALITY, s. 1. Individuality of any one : per- 
sonalitas. II. Pointed remark : verborum aculei, pi., 

PERSONALLY, ad. Per se : per se ipsum. 

To PERSONATE, v.a. Vultus, or pcrsonain, fingere, 



PERSONIFICATION, s. Prosopopoeia, Quint. 
To PERSONIFY, v. a. Rei inanimatae humanos sensus, 
sermonem, ike., affingere. 

PERSPECTIVE, s. Optices pars ilia, qua proxima ab- 
cedere, remota vero videntur accedere. 

PERSPICACIOUS, a. Ad res perspicax, Cic. : rerum, or 
in rebus, intelhgens. 

perspicacia : perspicientia : Cic. 

PERSPICUOUS, a. Clarus : manifestus : or, perspicuus 
evidens: Cic. 

PERSPICUOUSLY, ad. Manifesto: perspicue : Cic. 

PERSPIRATION, s. Exspiratio, Cic.: exhalatio, Plin. 

To PERSPIRE, v. n. Humores exspirare, Plin., or ex- 
sudare, Col. 

To PERSUADE, v.a. Rem alicui suadere, or persua- 
dere : aliquem ad rem, or rem hi animum alicujus, indu- 

PERSUADER, s. Rei suasor, or persuasor, Cic. 

PERSUASIBLE oriPERSUADABLE. a. Persuasibilis, Quint. 

PERSUASION, s. Suasio : persuasio : Cic. 

PERSUASIVE, a. Ad persuadendum eflicax, or accom- 
modatus, Cic. : persuasorius, Suet. : suasorius, Quint. 

PERSUASIVELY, ad. Accommodate ad persuadendum, 

PERT. a. Acer : vividus : petular.s : protervus : Cic. 

To PERTAIN, v . n. Ad aliquem, ad rem, pertinere, or 
attinere : rem, ad rem, spectare : Cic. 

PERTINACIOUS, a. Pertinax : pervicax : Cic. : obstina- 
tus, Liv. 

PERTINACIOUSLY, ad. Obstinate : pertinaciter : Cic. : 
obstinato animo: contumaciter : Liv. : obfirmate, Suet. 

animi obstinatio : pervicacia: pertinacia: Cic. 

PERTINENCE or PERTINENCY, s. Convenientia. 

PERTINENT, a. Aptus : idoneus : conveniens : Cic. 

PERTINENTLY, ad. Apposite: aptej convenienter : 

PERTLY, ad. Acriter : strenue : proterve : Plaut. 

PERTNESS. s. Protervia: petulantia : protervitas : Cic. 

To PERTURBATE. v. a. Turbas concire, Plaut., or 
facere, Ter. : excitare, Quint. : turbare : perturbare. 

PERTURBATION, s. Perturbatio: vehementior animi 
commotio, or concitatio: turbidus animi motus, us: 
Cic. : mentis tumultus, us, Hor. 

PERTURBATOR. s. Turbator, Liv. : fern, turbatrix, Cic. 


PERUKE-MAKER, s. Galericulorum opifex : capilla- 
mentorum ascitorum textor: comarum exemptilium 

PERUSAL, s. Lectio, Cic. 

To PERUSE, v.a. I. To read: legere, Cic. II. 
To observe: observare: rei, or rem, attendere : Cic. 

PERUSER, s. I. A reader : lector, Cic. II. An 
xamincr : speculator : contemplator : Cic. 

PERUVIAN BARK. s. Kina: cortex Peruviana. 

To PERVADE, v. a. Penetrare, Cic. : transire, Plin. 

PERVERSE, a. Perversus : pravus : depravatus : im- 
probus : Cic. 

PERVERSELY, ad. Nequiter : improbe : sceleste. 

PERVERSENESS or PERVERSITY, s. Perversitas : pravi- 
tas : improbitas : Cic. 

PERVERSION, s. Perversio, Auct. ad Her. 

To PERVERT, v. a. Depravare : corrumpere : alicujus 
animum a virtute detorquere : aliquem ad nequitiam 
adducere : Cic. 

PERVERTER. s. Corruptor : fern, corruptrix, Cic. 

PERVIOUS, a. I. Admitting passage : penetrabilis, 
Ov. II. Pervading, permeating: penetrans : per- 
means: (also, penetrabilis, Nep.). 

PERVIOUSJESS. s. Penetrabilis rei natura. 

PESADE. s. (In horsemanship) : transitus, us. 

PEST. s. Pestis : pestilcntia : Cic. 

To PEST. v. a. Alicui gravem esse et molestum : mo- 
estiam exhibere, or afterre : Cic. : aliquem gravare, 

PESTERER. s. Gravis, importunus, molestus, vir, Cic. 

PESTEROUS. a. Incommodus : importunus : molestus 
gravis: Cic. 

PESTHOUSE. s. Valetudinarium, Sen. 

ens, Cic. : peste afflatus, Sail., coutactus : (pestilcntia- 
rius, Tert. : pestilentiosus, Pand.). 

PESTILENCE, s. Pestilentia: pestis. 

PESTLE, s. Pilum, Plin. : pistilum, Col. 

PET. s. I. A alight Jit of anger : stotnachus, Cic 
In a pet: prse stomacho, Cic. To be in a pet: stoma- 
chari, Cic. : acerbis animis sacvire, ^ 7 irg. II. A lamb 
'aken into the house and brought up by hand: agnaman- 

PETAR or PETARD, s. Insititium : tormentum : py, 
ocrastrum : Strad. 

PUTERWORT. s. (In botany) : primula veris. 

PETITION, s. Petitio : precatio: rogatio : Cic. 

To PETITION, v. a. Alicui supplicare, supplirem CSBC : 
aliquem orare supplicibus verbis, Cic., lupplidter, Liv. 

PETITIONARY, a. I. Supplicatory, coming with 
P 2 



petitions : petitor, Cic. II. Containing a petition or 
request: supplex : qui petit : (petitorius, Mamert.). 

PETITIONER, s. Supplex, Cic. : deprecabundus, Tac. : 
gimplicans, Ter. 

PETITOKY or PETITIONARY, a. (In law) : petitor, Cic. 


PETRIFIC or PETRIFICATIVE. a. Quod in lapidem con- 
vertendi vim habet. 

To PETRIFY, v. a. In lapidem convertere. 

To PETRIFY, v. n. Lapidescere : in saxa durari: 

PETTICOAT, s. Tunica : crocota : Cic. : tunicula, 
Plin. : crocotula, Plaut. 

PKTTIFOGGKR. *. Vafer ac fraudulentus litigator. 

PETTINESS, s. Parvitas: exiguitas : Cic.: tenuitas, 

PETTISH, a. Morosus, Cic. 

PKTTISHNESS. j,-. Morositas, Cic. 

PETTY, a. Parvus : exiguus : minutus : Cic. 

PETULANCE or PETULANCY. s. Petulantia : protervi- 
tas : Cic. 

PETULANT, a. Petulans: protervus : Cic. 

PETULANTLY, ad. Proterve, Ter. : petulanter, Cic. 

PEWET. s. A voter-fowl : upupa. 

PEWTER, s. Plumbum album, Caes., or candidum, 

PEWTERER. s. Vasorum e plumbo albo fictor. 

PHALANX, s. Phalanx, Liv. 

visum : Cic. : phantasma, Plin. J. : umbra j vana species. 

PHARISAICAL, a. Pharisaicus, Hieron. 

PHARISEE, s. Pharisaeus, Bibl. 


PHARMACOPOEIA, s. Pharmacopoeia commentatio. 

PHARMACOPOLIST. s. Medicamentarius, Plin. 

PHARMACY, s. Pharmacopolium . 

PHAROS, s. A lighthouse : turris cujus is est usus ut 
nocturne navium cursui ignes ostendat, Cic. : fax navibus 

PHASIS. s. (In the pi. PHASES.) Phasis. 

PHEASANT, s. Phasiana avis, Plin. : phasianus, Mart. 

A hen pheasant : phasiana gallina. A pheasant pout : 
phasiani pullus. 

PHENOMENON, s. Phenomenon : ostentum : Cic 

PHIAL, s. A small bottle : langula vitrea. 

PHILANTHROPIST, s. Qui nihil human! alienum a se 
putat : qui genus humanism pio amore complectitur : 
homo bcnoficus : humano generi amicus. 

PHILANTHROPY, s. Fusa latius humanitas : huinani 
generis amor. 

PHILIPPIC.*. Fhilippica oratio, Cic. : satyra. 


PHILOLOGICAL, a. Ad philologiam pertinens. 

PHILOLOGY, i. Philologia : humaniorum literarum 
studium . 

PHILOSOPHER. 4. Philosophus, Cic.: sapiens A 
great philosopher : sapientiae professione clarus, Plin 
A natural philosopher : physicus : naturae speculator 
venatorque : Cic. 

PHILOSOPHIC or PHILOSOPHICAL, a. Philosophicus, Cic. 

Philosophical treatises : philosophic* scriptiones, Cic. 
PHILOSOPHICALLY, ad. More philosophorum. 

To PHILOSOPHIZE, v. n. Philosophari, Cic. 

PHILOSOPHY. 5. Philosophia, Cic. Natural philoso- 
phy : physica, Cic." Mortti philosophy : philosophia 
moralis j pars philosophise de moribus : Cic. : ethica, 

PHILTER, s. Philtrum, Ov. : poculum amatorium, 
Plin. : amoris poculum, Hor. 

PHLEBOTOMIST. 5. Venae sector. 

To PHLEBOTOMIZE, v. a. Alicui venam incidere, or 
exsolvere, Tac. : sanguinem mittere, Cic.,emittere, Cels., 
or detrahere, Col. 

PHLEBOTOMY, s. Sanguinis detractio, or missio : venae 
sectio, or incisio : Cels. 

PHLEGM, s. Pituita, Cic. 

PHLEGMATIC. . Pituitosus, Cic. : pituita abundans: 
quern movere vix queas. 

PHCSNIX. s. A fabulous bird : phoenix, Plin. 

PHOSPHOR or PHOSPHORUS, s. Phosphorus. 

PHRASE, s. Phrasis, Quint. : locutio: elocutio : Cic. 

To PHRASE, v. a. Exprimere : proferre : enuntiare : 
sensa mentis declarare : Cic. 

PHRASEOLOGY'. *. Stylus : scribendi dicendique ratio, 
forma^ Cic. 

PHTHISIC or PHTHISIS, s. A consumption: lenta tabes, 
Cels. : phthisis, Juv. : tabitudo, Plin. 

PHTHISICAL, a. Phthisicus : pulmonarius : Col. : 
phthisi laborans. 

PHYSIC. .. Medicina, Cic. : ars medica, Tibull., me- 
dicinalis. Cels. : ars curandi tuendique corporis, Cic. : 
ars prases salutis humansa, Cels. : in the pi., physica, Cic. 

To PHYSIC, v. a. JSgro medicatas potiones dare : me- 
dicinam aegro adhibere : Cic. 

PHYSICAL, a. I. Natural j physicus : naturalis. 

II. Pertaining to the science of healing : medicus, Plin. : 
medicabilis, Col. : medicinalis : medicinus : Varr. 

PHYSICALLY, ad. Physice : naturaliter : Cic. 

PHYSICIAN. *. I. A naturalist : physicus, Cic. 
II. One who professes the art of healing : medicus, Cic. 

PHYSIOGNOMIST, s. Physic-gnomon, Cic. : metoposco- 
pus, Suet. : qui ex facie hominem addivinat, Plin. 

PHYSIOGNOMY, s. Fades, Plaut. 

PHYSIOLOGIST, s. Physicus. 

PHYSIOLOGY, s. Physiologia, Cic. 

PIACULAR or PIACULOUS. a. Piacularis. 

PIASTER, s. Nummus argenteus Hispanicus. 

PICCAROON. *. Latro : praado : praedator : grassator : 

To PICK. v. a. Legere : eligere : deligere : seligere : 
rei delectum habere: Cic To pick clean : purgare: 
mundare : Col. To pick a quarrel: jurgii causam in- 
ferre, Phaedr. : in rixam ruere, Quint.) To pick pockets : 
suppilare : surripere : Plaut. : Cic. : arte mala subdu- 
cere : emungere aliquem argento : Ter. 

To PICK UP. v. a. Colligere, Cic To pick up one's 
crumbs: revalescere, Ov. 

PICK. s. A sharp-pointed iron tool : unidens ligo. 

PICKAXE, s. Unidens ligo : ligo : Col. 

PICKED, a. i. e. Sharp, pointed : acutus : exacutus : 
cuspidatus : acuminatus : mucronatus : Plin. 

PICKEREL, s. A small pike : luciolus. 

PICKLE, s. Muria, Cic. : muries, Varr. Preserved in 
pickle : muria conditus. 

To PICKLE, v. a. Aromatibus marinum saporem In 
cibis perficere. 

PICKLOCK. 5. Uncus. 

PICKTHANK. s. Sycophanta. 

PICKTOOTH or TOOTH-PICKER, s. Dentiscalpium. 

PICTORIAL, a. Pictus : picturatus : picturis ornatus. 

PICTURE, s. Pktura, Hor. : tabella A picture of a 

person: alicujus picta imago, Cic., effigies, Hor A 

picture which is like : pictura exacta ad similitudinem : 
veritati proxima imago : Quint. 

To PICTURE, v. a. I. To paint: pingere : depin- 
gere. II. To represent : oratione pingere : exprimere: 
Cic. Picture to yourself : cogita. 

To PIDDLE, v. a. I. To trifle: nugari : ineptire. 
II. To make water : mingere : meiere : urinam red- 
dere, Plin., or facere, Col. 

PIE. s. I. A magpie. : pica, Ov. II. Any crust 
baked with some meat in it : caro siliginea crusta inclusa 
et coacta. 

PIEBALD, a. Pica: concolor : maculis albis et nigrig 
interstinctus A piebald horse : equus bicolor albis ma- 
culis, Virg. 

PIECE. s. Pars: particula : Cic A piece of cloth, 

linen, $c. : telas volumen A piece of money : nummus. 
A composition : opus, Cic. A piece of eloquence: 
oratio, Cic. Apiece: singuli. 

To PIECE, v. a. I. To enlarge by the addition of a 
piece: producere, Cic. To piece out: trahere : pro- 
ferre: prorogare: Cic. II. To patch : vesti panni- 
cuium assuere, Hor. III. To join: rem rei, or cum 
re, jungere : copulare : connectere : Cic. 

To PIECE, v. n. Inter se jungi copularique, Cic. 

PIECELESS. a. Integer : totus : Cic. 

PIECEMEAL, ad. Frustatim, Mart. 

PIECEMEAL, a. Divisus : distributus : partitus: Cic. 

PIED. a. Varius : variatus : versicolor : discolor : Cic. 

PIEDNESS. s. Colorum varietas. 

PIEK. s. I. The column on which the arch of a 
bridge is raised: orthostates, Vitr. II. A mole : ag- 
ger : moles : Cic. 

To PIERCE, v. a. and n. Forare: efforare : Col. 
To pierce a wall : parietem perfodere, Cic. To pierce 
the mind with anguish: pungere, or fodere, animum 
dolore, Plaut. 

PIERCER, s. Terebra, Col. 

PIERCING, a. Acer : acutus : Cic A piercing voice : 
acuta vox, Hor. Piercing eyes : visus (us) acerrimus, 
Plin. : videndi sensus acer, Cic. 

PIERCINGNESS. 5. Permeandi vis. 

PIETY. *. Pietas, Cic. With piety: pie, Col. : reli- 
giose, Cic. 

PIG. s. Porcus : porculus, Plaut. : porcellus, Varr. 
A sucking pig : porcellus lactens, Col. 

To PIG. v. n. To bring forth pigs : porcellos edere, or 

PIGEON, s, Columba, Cic. : columbus A young 
pigeon: columbinus pullus, Cic. : columbulus, Plin.: 
(pipio, Lampr.). 

PIGEON-HOLE, s. Cellula, Col. : columbarium, Varr. 

PIGEON-HOUSE, s. Columbarium, Col. 

PIGMENT, s. Paint, colour to be laid on any body: 

PIGMY, s. Pygmzeus, Plin. : homunculus : b-oroullus : 
homuncio, Cic. : pusio. 

PIGNUT, s. (In botany) : tuber. Plin. 

PIKE. s. 1. A Jish : lucius, Auson. II A wea- 
pon , hasta, Cic. 

PIKESIAN. *. Hastatus miles, Varr, 


PIKESTAFF. *. Hasta pura. 
PILASTER, s. (In architecture) : parastata, Vitr. 
PILCHARD, s. A small sea-fish : sardina, Col. : tri 
chias, Plin. 

PILCHER. s. Involucrum : integumentum : Liv. 
PILE. s. I. A stake rammed into the ground: pi. 
pali, Caes.: sublicae, Vitr. II. A heap : strues, Cic. :. 
congeries, Plin. : cumulus, Liv. III. An edifice : aedifi- 
cium. IV. Hairy surface : pilus, Cic. V.One 
of a coin: adversa nummi facies, Cic. VI. (In the 
plural), A disease : haemorrhoides, Plin. 

To PILE UP. v. a. Struere : in struera digerere : in 
metas exstruere. 

To PILFER, v. a. and n. Furari : clam eripire : subri- 
pere : or, surripere : Cic. : furto tollere, Virg. : suffurari, 
Plaut. To pilfer from any one: aliquem compilare: 
opibus spoliare, or re expoliare : Cic. 

PILFERER, s. Fur latrunculus : rapacides : Plaut. : de- 
peculator, Col. : furtificus, Plaut. 
PILFERINGLY. ad. Furaciter, Cic. 
PILFERY. s. Furtum : fraus. 
PILGRIM, s. Religionis causa peregrinans : qui sacram 
peregrinationem obit. 

PILGRIMAGE, s. Pia, or sacra, peregrinatio. 
PILL. s. Pilula, Plin. : catapotium : Cels. You must 
sivallow that pill : quod intritum tibi, hoc edendum est, 
Ter. : hoc devorandum, or concoquendum, est. 

To PILL or To PILLAGE, v. a. Praedari : rapere : di- 
ripere : expilare : Cic. 

PILLAGE, s. Direptio: populatio: depopulatio: vas- 
tatio : spoliatio : Cic. 

PILLAGER, s. Direptor : expilator : Cic. : praedator. 
PILLAR, s. Columna, Cic. : pila, Vitr. : (structilis 
columna, U. Jet.). 

PILLARED, a. Columnis instructus : columnatus, Varr. 
PILLORY, s. Infamus sontium cippus. 
To PILLORY, v. a. Aliquem ad paluna devincire : fer- 
reo torque ad palum alligare : Cic. 
To PILLOW, v.a. Pulvinis instruere. 
PILLOW, s. Pulvinus, Cic. : pulvinar, Juv. 
PILLOW-CASE, s. Linteum pulvinaris tegumen. 
PILOT, s. Navarchus, Cic. : nauclerus, Plaut. : navis 
rector, or gubernator, Cic. 
To PILOT, v. a. (Navem) gubernare. 
PILOTAGE, s. Navicularia, Cic. 
PIMPERNEL, s. A plant : pimpinella, Plin. 
PIMPING, a. Vilis : parvus : exiguus. 
PIMPLE, s. Papula, Plin. 
PIMPLED, a. Papulis rubens. 

PIN. s. I. An instrument for fastening : acicula: 
spina ferrea. II. A peg: clavus, Caes.: fibula, Plin. 

III. (At the game of ninepins) : metula. IV 

A linchpin : subscus : rotae retinaculum, or fibula. 
PINCERS, s. pi. Forficula, Plin. 

To PINCH, v.a. (The skin) : cutem extremis digitis 
stringere, vellicare, Propert Fig. : mordere : urere : 
laedere : affligere : carpere : Cic My shoe pinches me : 
mihi pedem Ijedit, or urit, calceus, Plaut. : Hor. 

PINCH, s. I. Strait, difficulty : miseria : aerumna : 
calamitas : penuria : Cic. II. As much as is contained 
between the finger and thumb, or between three fingers : 
trium digitorum captus, us : quantum apprehenderint tres 

digiti : Plin Apinchofsnujff': unatabaci sumptip.Cels. 

PINCHBECK, s. Metallica cupri et zinci concretio. 
PINCHFIST or PINCHPENNY. s. Prasparcus, Plin. : te- 
nax, irno pertinax: Ter. 
PINCUSHION, s. Puivillus acuarius. 
PINE. s. A tree: pinus, Vitr. 

To PINE. v. n. I. To languish: languere, Cic To 
pine away : in mortem vergere. II. To pine after, 
i. e. to desire : cupide appetere : expetere : rei cupiditate 
teneri : Cic. 

PINEAPPLE, s. A fruit : nux pinea Indica: bromelia: 
bromeliae fructus, us. (Of a common pine): pinea, 
Col. : nux pinea, Plin. 
PINEAL, a. The pineal gland : conarium. 
PINFOLD, s. Vivarium, Plin. 
PINION, s. Extrema ala. 

To PINION, v.a. Ligare : alligare: colligare: illi- 
gare: religare: constringere : vincire: vinculis astrin- 
gere : Cic. 

PINK. s. I. A plant or flower : ocellus, Rapin. : 
caryophyllus horteneis An Indian pink : ocellus In- 
dicus, Rapin. II. A sort of ship : Cybea, Cic. 

PINMAKER. s. Spinarum ferrearum, or acicularum, 

PINNACE, s. A sort of boat: caulus, Fest. 
PINNACLE, s. Fastigium : pinnaculum : Bibl. 
PINNOCK. s. A bird: aegithalus , apiastra : Serv. 
PINT. s. Sextarius. 

PINTADO, s. A bird: gallina guttata, Mart. : gallina 
varia, Varr. 

PIONEER, s. Castrensis fossor. 
Pious, a. Pius, Virg. : religiosus, Cic. 
PIOUSLY, ad. Pie, Col.: religiose, Cic. 
PIP. s. A disease in fowls : pituita vestiens extremam 
avium linguam alba pellicula, Pallad. 


To PIP. v. n. To chirp as a bird : pipilare, Catull. 

PIPE. .v. I. A hollow cylinder : canalis, Vitr. : mea 
tus, us, Plin. : tubus, Cic A water-pipe : ductus (us) 
aquarum, Cic. II. An instrument- to smoke with : tu- 
bulus hauriendo tabaci fumo aptus. III. An instru- 
ment of music : fistula : calamus : avena : Virg. IV. 
A liquid measure : vini dolium majus. 

To PIPE. v. n. Fistula, or calamo, ludere. 

PIPER, s. Aulcedus, Cic. 

PIQUE, s. Petty malevolence: simultas : odium : odium 

To PIQUE, v.a. I. To offend: pungere, Ter.: lae- 
dere, Cic. : in re offendere. II. To inspire with tri- 
fling ambition or vain glory : laudis amore percellere : 
animum gloriae stimulis concitare : Cic. : gloriae calcar 
alicui admovere To pique one's self on a thing : glo- 
riari rem, ob rem, de, or in, re : in re se efferre : Cic. 

PIRACY, s. Piratica, Cic. : maritima latrocinatio, Plin. 

PIRATE, s. Pirata : praedo maritimus : Cic A pirate 
captain : archipirata, Cic. 

To PIRATE, v. a. and n. Piraticam facere : mare in- 
festum habere : Cic. 

PIRATICAL, a. Piraticus, Cic. 

PISCATION. i-. Piscatus, us, Cic. : piscium captura, Plin. 

PISCATORY, a. Piscatorius, Caes. : Colum. 

PISCIVOROUS, a. Ichthyophagus. 

To Piss. v. n. Meiere, Pers. : urinam reddere, Plin., 
or facere, Col. : mingere. 

PISTACHIO, s. A fruit : pistachium, Plin. 

PISTACHIO-TREE, s. Pistacia : pistaca. 

PISTIL, s. (In botany) : plantas tenue filum et semen, 

PISTOL, s. Brevioris modi sclopetus. 

PISTON, s. Embolus : ambulabilis fundulus : Vitr. 

PIT. s. Fossa, Cic. : fovea, Plin. : cavum, Hor. : lacu- 
na, Virg. The pit in a playhouse : planum solum ex 

quo speetatores audiunt fabulas The bottomless pit: 

'flCeri, orum. 

PITAPAT, s. Palpitatio, Plin. 

PITCH, s. I. Resin of the pine: pix, Plin. II. 
Any degree of height : honoris, or dignitatis, gradus, us, 
Cic. The highest pitch of honour : summus honos, or 
honoris gradus, us. 

To PITCH, v. a. and. I. To fix: rem stabilire, Cic., 
fixam et stabilem reddere, or efficere : rei stabilitatem 
dare : Cic To pitch tents: tabernacula statuere, Ca?s., 
collocare, ponere, Cic To pitch a camp : castra ponere, 
Liv., locare, facere, Cic., constituere, Auct. B. Hisp. 
II. To smear with pitch : picare : impicare : Col. : pice 
nduere, Plaut. 

PITCHER, s. I. A waterpot : hydria : urna : Cic. 
1 1. An instrument to pierce the ground : ligo, Col. 

PITCHFORK, s. Furca, Plaut. 

PITCHINESS. 5. Obscuritas : tenebrae, pi. : caligo : Cic. 

PITCHY, a. Dark, dismal : obscurus, Virg. : tenebro- 
sus, Varr. 

PITCOAL. s. Carbo fossilis. 

PITEOUS, a.- I. Pitiful: miserandus : miserabilis : 
Cic.: misericordia dignus. II. Compassionate: mise- 
icors : ad misericordiam propensus. 

PITEOUSLY. ad. Miserandum in modum : miserabiliter : 

PITEOUSNESS. s. Miseratio : commiseratio : misericor- 
dia : Cic. 

PITFALL, s. Avicularum c-xcipulum, Plin. 

PITH. s. Succus subtilissimus, Plin. : medulla, Cic. 

PITHILY, ad. Acriter : strenue : vehementer : valide : 
ortiter : nervose : Cic. 

PITHINESS, s. Vis, Cic. 

PITHY, a. Magnam vim habens. 

PITIABLE, a. Misericordia dignus : miserandus : mi- 

PITIFUL, a. I. Compassionate: misericors : ad 
misericordiam propensus. II. Paltry: miser, Cic. : 

Prni'TLLY. ad. Misere : miserandum in modum: 
miserabiliter : Cic. 

PITIFULNESS. s. I. Compassion : miseratio : com- 
niseratio : misericordia: Cic. II. Despicableness : 
animi abjectio. 

PITILESS, a. Immisericors, Cic. : homo siliceus, Sen. : 
cui ferreum est pectus, Quint. : cui in corde est silex, 

PITTANCE, s. Diarium, Mart. 


PITUITOUS. a. Pituitosus, Cic. 

PITY. s. Miseratio: commiseratio: misericordia: Cic. 

To excite pity: misericordiam aliorum movere, aliis 
commovere, or concitare : alios miseratione permovere : 
Cic. To seek to excite pity : misericordiam captare, Cic. 

To have pity on one : alicujus misereri : alicujus mi- 
seriis commoveri : in aliquem misericordem esse, Cic. 
/ feel pity for you : miseret me tui, Cic. Without 
pity : irmnisericorditer, Ter. Worthy of pity , misera- 
bilis: miserandus Unworthy of pity : immiserabilis, 
Hor. Moved with pity : misericordia commotus, per- 
motus, Cic To be moved with pity : ad misericordiam 

P 3 



adduci, Cic. Two pity that: inique comparatum est 
quod, Cic. 

To PITY. v. a. Alicujus misereri : miserlcordia teneri : 

PIVOT. 5. Cardo versatilis. 

Pix. s. (With Roman Catholics) : sacra pyxis. 

PIZZLE. s. Nervus, Cic. 

PLACABLE, a. Placabilis, Cic. : Ov. 

PLACABILITY or PLACABLENESS. s. dementia: pla- 
cabilitas : Cic. 

PLACARD or PLACART. s. Affixus publice libellus. 

PLACE, j. I. Situations locus, Cic.: sedes. An 
empty place : locus inanis, or vacuus, Cic To put 
each thing in its place : suo quidquid loco collocare, 
Cic. II. An office: locus : dignitas : honoris gradus, 
us: Cic. III. A residence: sedes: domus, us: do- 
micilium: Cic. IV. Passage in writing : locus. 

To PLACE, v. a. Hem in loco ponere : locare : collo- 
care. To place in order : cpinponere, Plaut. : ordi- 
nare : ordinare et instituere : in ordinem redigere : ex 
ordine collocare : ordine dispensare et disponere : dige- 
rere : apte collocare : distincte et ordinate disponere : 
suo quoque loco disponere : Cic. 

PLACID, a. Pacificus, Cic. : pads amans. 

PLACIDLY, ad. Pacate : sedate : tranquille : quiete : 
Cic. To suffer an insult placidly : ferre placide inju- 
riam, Cic. 

PLACIT. s. Decretum, Cic. 

PLAGIARISM, s. Scriptorium furtum. 

PLAGIARY, s. Plagiarius, Mart. 

PLAGUE. *. Pestis : pestilentia : calamitas : miseria : 

To PLAGUE, v. a. I. To infect with pestilence: peste 
inficere : infestare : pestem inferre. II. To harass, 
tease : alicui gravem esse et molestum : molestiam ex- 
hibere. or afferre : Cic. : aliquem gravare, Hor. 

PLAGUING, a. Molestus : gravis. 

PLAICE.*. A fish: passer, Plin. 

PLAID, s. Sagum. 

PLAIN, a. I. Level: sequus : planus. II. Honest, 
open : candidus : apertus : sincerus : Cic A plain 
man: homo verus, Ter. III. Clear: manifestus : 
clarus : perspicuus : Cic. This is plain : .patent hasc 
omnibus, Cic. IV. Void of ornament, simple: sim- 
plex : nudus : inornatus. V. Mere, bare : nudus. 

PLAIN, s. Level ground : planities : planus et ffiquus 
agar : camporum patentium a2quora"7~Cic. : aequor, Col. 


To PLAIN, v. a. Complanare, Cic. : coajquare, Sail. : 
sequare, Virg. : exaequare, Hirt. : redigere ad sequali- 
tatem, Plin. 

PLAIN-DEALING, a. JEquus : integer : sincerus. 

PLAIN-DEALING, s. JEquitas : integritas : Cic. : recta 

PLAINLY, ad. I. Honestly : sine fuco : fide bona : 
candide : non dissimulanter : Cic. II. Clearly : ma- 
nifeste : perspicue : Cic. To speak plainly : verbis 
dilucidis uti : plane, aperte, loqui : palam et aperte 
dicere, Cic. 

PLAINNESS, s. I. JEqualitas, Cic. H. Simplicitas. 

PLAINT, s. Querela : querimonia : conquaastio : ex- 
postulatio: apudjudicem expostulatio : Cic. 

PLAINTFUL. a. Gemens : gemebundus : Ov. : queri- 
bundus, Cic. 

PLAINTIVE, a. Queribundus, Cic. : querulus, Ov. 

PLAINTIVELY, ad. Voce querula : sono queribunda. 

PLAIT. *. A fold : sinus, us, Virg. : ruga, Plin. 

PLAN. s. I. (Of a building): tedificii ichnographia, 
Vitr. : descripta lineis zediftcii figura, or forma : operis 
fundamentum, or informatio, Cic. II. Design: see 

To PLAN. v. a. See To DESIGN. To plan a town : 
ichnographiam urbis delineare, Vitr. : formam urbis 
lineis exprimere, Quint. To plan any thing in one's 
mind : rem animo agitare, or meditari, Cic To plan 
great things: magna moliri. 

PLANCHET. s. (In coining): monetalis plagula. 

PLANE, s. I. A level surface : plana superficies. 
II. A joiner' stool: runcina, Plin. 

To PLANE, v . a. Complanare, Cic. : cosequare, Sail. : 
aequare, Virg. : exsquare, Hirt. : redigere ad aequali- 
tatem, Plin. : dolare, Varr. : dedolare, Col. 

PLANE-TREE, s. Platanus, Cic. 

PLANET, s. Planeta, Cic. 

PLANETARY, a. Planeticus, Sidon. 

PLANET-STRUCK, a. Perustus. 

To PLANISH, v. a. Polire : expolire : Cic. : elimare, 
Ov. : nitidare, Col. 

PLANK, s. Axis, or assis, Vitr. : tabula, Cic. 

To PLANK, v. a. Contabulare, Suet. : assare : coas- 
sare: Vitr. 

PLANT, s. I. Any vegetable production : planta, 
Plin. II. The sole of the foot : planta: solum: Col. 

To PLANT, v. a. I. To put into the ground in order 
to grow, to set : (arborem) plantare, Plin., serere, or 
conserere, Col. II. To fix, place, settle: ligere : col- 


PLANTAIN. . (In botany): plantago, Plin. 

PLANTATION. *. I. The act or practice of planting j 
plantatio : consitio : Col. : Plin. II. A place planted : 
plantarium, Plin. : arbustum. 

PLANTER. *. Censitor, Ov. : sator, Col. (In the 
West India Colonies) : agri colonici dominus et cultor. 

PLASHY. s. Limosus : coenosus : Virg. : lutosus, Plin. 

PLASTER, s. I. (With bricklayers) : gypsum, Plin. 
Plaster of Paris: marmoratum, Plin.: albarium 
opus, Vitr. II. A glutinous salve : emplastrtun, Cels. 

To PLASTER, v. a. I. To overlay as with plaster : 
gypsare, Tibull. : gypso inducere, or incrustare. II. 
To cover with a medicated plaster : emplastrum vulneri 

PLASTERER, s. Gypsi opifex. 

PLASTIC, a. Plasticus, Vitr. 

PLASTICS, s. pi. Plastica : plastice : Plin. 

PLASTRON, s. (In fencing) : pectorale : thorax : Plin. 

To PLAT. v. a. Implicare To plat hair : in matta? 

modum crines implicare. 

PLATE. *. I. A platter : orbis, Mart. : orbis euca- 
rius, Plin. II. Wrought silver : vasa argentea, Hor. 
III. A broad piece of metal : lamina, Cic. : lamina : 
Vitr. IV. A copperplate : tabula asrea, or aenea. 

To PLATE, v. a. Rem laminis inducere, Cses. 

PLATFORM, s. (Terrenus) plana superficie agger. 

PLATINA. s. Platinum. 

PLATOON, s. (A military term.) Armatorum, or mi- 
litum, globus, Liv. : Sail. : manipulus. 

PLAUDIT or'PLAUDiTE. *. Plausus, us : applausus, us : 


PLAUSIBLE, a. Verisimilis. 

PLAUSIBLY, ad. Probabiliter, Cic. 

To PLAY. v. n. and a. Ludere, Cic. : ludo operam 
dare, Plaut To play upon a musical instrument : fidi- 

bus, tibia, &c., canere To play on the flute : carmina 

tibiis cantare, Nep. To play upon one: aliquem, or 
rem, ridere, deridere, irridere : aliquem ludere, delu- 
dere, ludificari : derisui, or ludibrio, habere : aliquem, 
or alicui, illudere : Cic. 

PLAY. s. I. Pastime, sport : ludus : lusus, us : lusio : 
Cic. : jocus : joci, pi. : or, joca, pi. : Cic. II. A game, 
show: ludus, Hor.: ludi spectacula : ludicrum : Cic.: 
fabula. HI. Any thing that can be done without pains : 

PLAYDAY. *. Vacatio : a scholis vacatio : schola- 
rum feriae. 

PLAYER, s. Lusor, Ov. : qui, qua?, ludit A stage- 
player : comcedus : mimus : Cic. : fern, mima : actor 
scenicus, Sen. 

PLAYFELLOW, s. Collusor, Sen. 

PLAYFUL or PLAYSOME. a. Lasciviens, Sen. : lascivus, 
Virg. : lascivibundus, Plaut. 

PLAYHOUSE. s. Theatrum, Cic. 

PLAYTHING, s. Crepundia, Plaut. 

PLEA. s. I. (In courts of law): forensis discepta- 
tio : defensio : purgatio : Cic. II. An excuse: causa: 

To PLEAD, v. n. and a. I. To argue : cum altero 
litigare, litem habere, lite agere, or jure contendere : 
causam agere, or dicere : Cic. II. To bring forward, 
allege : afferre : ponere : memorare : uti. 

PLEADER, s. Litigator : fern, litigatrix : Suet. 

PLEADING, s. Forensis opera, Nep. : forensis actus, 
(is, Quint. 

PLEASANT, a. I. Good-humoured, gay, cheerful: 
lepidus : festivus : facetus : jucundus. II. Delightful 
to the senses : amcenus : suavis. 

PLEASANTLY, ad. I. Gaily, merrily, in good 
humour: jucunde : perjucunde : suaviter : lepide: fes- 
tive: Cic. II. Agreeably to the senses: amcene: 

PLEASANTNESS or PLEASANTRY, s. Lepor : venustas , 
festivitas : Cic. : jocus : joca, pi. : facetiae, pi. : urbanitas : 

To PLEASE, v. a. and n. Alicui placere, Cic., delec- 
tationem afferre : aliquem delectare : voluptate afficere : 

Cic To be pleased : re delectari : oblectari : in re 

delectari : Cic. I will do what you please : faciam quas 
me voles facere. As you please : ut lubebit, Cic. 

PLEASING, a. I. That administers pleasure or satis- 
faction: placens, Hor. : jucundus, Cic. II. Agreeable 
to the senses : suavis. 

PLEASINGLY, ad. Jucunde: suaviter: perjucunde. 

PLEASURABLE, a. Jucundus j jucundissimus: quo 
nihil jucundius : placens. 

PLEASURE, s. Voluptas : gaudium : Cic. : delectatio : 
delectamentum : oblectamentum. The pleasures of 
life: vita? jucunditas, Cic.: vitae delinimenta, Tac. 
Such is my pleasure : sic volo : sic lubet : sic animo 
libitum est meo, Ter. 

To PLEASURE, v. a. Aliquem delectare : alicui delec- 
tationem afferre, laetitiam facere, Cic. : esse delectati. ni, 
or oblectamento, Suet. 

PLEBEIAN. s. Vir plebeius. 

PLEBEIAN, a. Plebeius, Cic. 




PLEDGE, s. Pignus, Cic. 

To PLEDGE, v. a. Oppignerare, Ter. : pigne 
Suet. : pignori dare, U. Jet. To pledge one's . 
iiilem astringere, Ter., dare, or obligare, Cic., interpo- 
nere, Caes. 

PLEDGET. *. (In surgery) : linamentum : penicillum 
Cels. : peniculum, Plin. : turunda, Cato. 

PLEIADS or PLEIADES, s. vl. (In astronomy) : Pleiades 
Hor. : Vergiliae, Vitr. : Hor. 

PLENARY, a. Plenus. Plenary indulgence : delicto- 
rum omnium venia. 

PLENIPOTENCE. s. Summa potestas, or auctoritas, Cic 
PLENIPOTENTIARY, s. Cum summa potestate legatus. 
PLENITUDE, s. Plenitudo : redundatio : Plin. 
PLENTEOUS or PLENTIFUL, a. Copiosus, Cic. 
PLENTEOUSLY or PLENTIFULLY, ad. Ubertim, Catull. : 
abunde : abundanter : affatim : copiose : large et copiose : 
cumulate : plene et cumulate : Cic. 


fluentia : copia : ubertas : Cic. To live in plentifulness : 

in omnium rerum abundantia vivere, Cic. 


PLEONASM, s. (In grammar): pleonasmus : verborum 

redundantia: Cic. 

PLEURISY, s. Pleuritis, Csel. Aur. : lateris dolor, Hor. 

PLEURITIC or PLEURITICAL. a. Pleureticus, Plin. : or. 


PLIABLE, a. Lentus, Virg. : flexibilis, Cic. : flexilis, 
Ov. : tractabilis. 

PLIABLENESS or PLIANCY, s. Flexibilitas : Solin. : mul- 
tiplex ingenium. 

PLIANT, a. Flexibilis, Ov. : f.exilis, Plin. : lentus : 
docilis : flexibilis : tractabilis. A pliant character : cerea 

PLIGHT. $. I. Condition, state: conditio : status, 
us : Cic. II." Pledge: pignus. 
To PLIGHT, v. a. See To PLEDGE. 
PLINTH, s. (In architecture) : piinthus,Vitr. 
To PLOD. v. n. Multum laboris et operae in re ponere, 
or in rem insumere, or conferre, Cic. To plod at one's 
books : libris impallescere, Pers. 

PLOT. s. I. A parcel of ground : ager, Cic. II. 
A scheme i conjuratio: conspiratio : scelerata consensio : 
Cic To lay a plot: see To PLOT. III. The scheme 
of a play : nodus, Hor. 

To PLOT. v. a. and n. I. To conspire : conjurare : 
conspirare : conjurationem facere : Cic. To plot one's 
death: ad aliquem interficiendum conspirare. II. To 
contrive : cum aliquo de negotio deliberare : de re con- 
sultare : consilia conferre : Cic. 

PLOTTER, s. I. A conspirator: conjuratus. 11. A 
contriver : artifex : machinator : architectus et machi- 
nator, Cic. 

PLOUGH, s. Aratrum. 

To PLOUGH, v . a. Arare, Cic. : exarare, Varr. : ter- 
ram, or agrum, colere, Cic., proscindere, subigcre, Col., 
^molirf, Virg. : aratro subvertere, Col. 

agrorum cultor : Cic. 
PLOUGH-HANDLE, s. Bura: stiva. 
PLOUGH-LAND, s. Arationes, pi., Cic. : agri arabiles, pi., 
Plin. : ager culturae idoneus, or habilis : patiens vomeris 
tellus : Virg. 

PLOUGHSHARE, s. Vomer, Virg. : vomis, Cels. 
PLOUGHSTAFF. s. Rulla : rallum. 
PLOUGHTAIL. s. Stiva: bura. 

To PLUCK, v. a. Avellere : evellere : revellere : Cic. : 
con vellere, Caes. : vellere, Plin. To pluck up by the rout : 
radicitus evellere, or extrahere, Cic. 

PLUCK, s. i. e. The heart, liver, and lights of an animal : 
exta. The pluck of a lamb : agninac lactes, Plaut. 

PLUG. s. Obturamentum, Plin. : clavus, Caes. : fibula, 
Plin. The plug of a pump : ambolus : ambulatilis fun- 
dulus : Vitr. 

PLUM. s. A fruit: prunum, Col. A plum-tree: 
prunus, Plin Dried plums, i.e. raisins: uvee passae, 
ur insolatae. 

PLUMAGE, s. Avis plumse, pi., Cic. 
PLUMB or PLUMB-LINE. . A plummet : perpendicu- 
lum, Cic. : linea normalis, Manil. 
PLUMB, ad. Directis ad perpendiculum lineis. 
To PLUMB, v. a. I. To sound: explorare maris al- 
titudinem perpendiculo nautico. II. To regulate by the I 
plummet : ad perpendiculum exigere, Cic. 

PLUMBER. 5. Plumbarius, Front.: plumbarius artifex, 

PLUMBERY, s. Plumbatio, P. Jet. : plumbarii ars. 
PLUME, s. I. (Of a bird) : pluma, Cic. II. Orna- 
ment: penna petasium adornans, Plin. 

To PLUME, v. a. \. To strip of feathers : avi plutnas 
detrahere, exirnere, Hor. : pennas eripere, Phcedr. : 
avem nudare plumis, Hor. II. To adorn with plumes : 
plumis ornare. 

PLUMMET, s. Perpendiculum, Cic.: linea normalis, 

PLUMP. . Corpulentior et habitior, Ter.: bene cu- 
rata cu*e nitidus, Hor. 

To PLUMP, v. a. and n. Saginare : opimare : Col. : 
tumcre : tumescere : Virg. : intumescere, Ov. : inflari, 

PLUMPNESS, s. Corpus solidum et succi plenum, Ter. : 
bona corporis habitudo: habitus (us) corporis optimus, 

PLUMY, a Pluma onauctus, Cic. 
PLUNDER, s. I. The act of plundering : direptio : 
populatio: depopulatio : vastatio : Cic. II. Sooty: 
praeda: captivae res, pi. Laden with plunder: praeda 
gravis. The hope of plunder: spes rapiendi et prae- 
dandi, Cic. 

To PLUNDER, v. a Praedari: rapere: diripere: expi- 
lare : Cic To plunder a town : totum oppidum com- 
pilare, Cic. 

To PLUNGE, v. a. 1. To put suddenly under water : 
in aqua, or in aquam, mergere : demergefe : immergere : 
Cic. II. To force in suddenly: defigere: demittere: 

To PLUNGE, v. n. Immergi : se immergere : Virg. : 
se mergere : urinari. 

PLUNGE, s. I. Act of putting or sinking under wa- 
ter : immersio. II. Difficulty, distress: angustia: 

PLUNGEON. s A sea-bird : mergus, Virg. 
PLUNGER, s. Urinator, Liv. : Cic. 
PLUNKET. s. Color caeruleus, cserulus, Cic. 
PLUNKET. a. Caeruleatus, Veil.: caerulo colore pictus. 

PLURAL, a. (In grammar): pluralis numerus In 

the plural : pluraliter, Quint. : plurali modo. 
PLURALITY, s. Major numerus, pars, Curt. 
PLUSH, s. Shaggy cloth : villosus pannus. 
PLUVIAL or PLUVIOUS, a. Pluvius : pluviosus : Plin. : 
pluvialis, Col. 

To PLY. v. a. Urgere To ply to business : operam 
navare : incumbere. 
To PLY. v. n. Flectere. 
PLY. s Sinus, us, Virg.: ruga, Plin. 
FLYERS, s. pi. Small pincers : forflcula, Plin. 
PNEUMATIC or PNEUMATICAL. a. Pneumaticus, Vitr. 
PNEUMATICS, s. pi. Pneumatica. 

To POACH, v. a. I. To boil slightly : subcoquere 

Poached: semicoctus. II. To plunder by stealth: fu- 
rari : clam eripere, subripere, or surripere, Cic. : furto 
tollere, Virg To poach game : illicita venatione uti. 
III. To stab, pierce : perforare. 

To POACH, v. n. To steal game : furtive venari : illi- 
cita venatione uti. 
POACHER, s. Furtivus venator. 
POCK. ?. Pustula: papula. 
POCKET, s. Ferula, Sen. : sacculus, Mart. 
To POCKET, v. a. In perulam, or crumenam, condere, 
or immittere. To pocket an affront : asrumnam devorare. 
POCKET-BOOK, s. Pugillares, m. (sc. libelli, or codi- 
cilli) : pugillaria, Catull.: Plin.: memorialis liber, Suet. 
POCKET-MONEY, s. Peculium. 
POCULENT. a. Poculentus, Cic. 

POD. s. Siliqua, Plin.: valvnlus, Col. (Of a silk- 
worm) : bombycis folliculus, Plin. 
PoDAGRicAL.'rt. Podagrosus, Plaut. : podager, Claud, j 
po.dagricus, Petron.). 
PODGE, s. Limosa lacuna. 

POEM. s. Poema, Cic. : carmen, Hor To write a 
poem: poema condere, facere, Cic., pangere, Hor. 

POESY or POETRY, s. Poetica : poetice : poesis : Cic. 
A piece of poetry : poema, Cic. : carmen, Hor. 
POET. s. Poeta, Cic. : vates, Col. 
POETASTER, s. Pota pessimus, Catull., ineptus, Cic. 
POETESS, s. Poctria : poetris : Cic. 
POETIC or POETICAL, a. Poeticus. 
POETICALLY, ad. Poetice, Cic. 
POETICS, s. pi. De poesi commentatio. 
To POETIZE, v. n. Versus fundere, or pangere, Cic. 
POIGNANCY, s. Ingenii acumen, apex : mentis acies : 

POIGNANT, a. Mordax, Cic. 

POINT, s. 1. The sharp end of any thing : aculeus : 
.cumen, Cic. The point of a sword, 'knife, fyc. : mucro, 
}ic. 1 1 . A promontory : promontorium, Cic. 111. An 
'indivisible part : punctum. I V. Degree : gradns, us. 
To the last point : ut nihil supra, Ter. V. Exact place: 
ioous. VI. A stop in writing : punctum. VII. ^ 
moment: temporis punctum, or momentum: or, rerum 
articulus, Cic. He is at the point of death : mors illi 
instat, imminet, impendet, Cic. : jam est moriturus. 
VIII. The sting of an epigram: aculeus. IX. The 
chief point : summa : caput : cardo. The chief point of 
a controversy : status, us : causa : jugulus causa . It 
is a point of wisdom : sapientiae est. The point of sight : 
prospectus, us. 

'To POINT, v. a. 1. To sharpen : spiculare : cuspi- 
dare : Plin. II. To direct (a weapon) : puuctim 

petere.Liv. : mucrone ferire. To point a cannon against 
a fort : tormenta dirigere in arcem. III. To direct 
the eye or notice : monst.rare : ostendere. To point out 
with one's fingers : digitum intendere in : digitis desig- 
nare, demonstrare. 

P 4 


To POINT, v. n. I. To distinguish by paints : inter- 
punctionibus, or interpunctis, orationem distinguere, 
Cic. II. To indicate as dogs do to sportsmen: mon- 

POINTED, a. I. Having a sharp edge or point : 
acutus : exacutus : cuspidatus : acuminatus : mucronatus, 
Plin. II. Epigrammatical : aculeatus. 

POINTEDLY, ad. Callide: solerter : Cic.: dextere, 

POINTEDNESS. s. Acumen : aculeus : Cic. 

POINTER, s. Canisauceps. 

POINTLESS, a, Obtusus, Virg. 

POISON. 5. Venenum, Cic. : toxicum, Plin.: virus. 
To take poison : venenum haurire, Cic., sumere, Nep. 

To POISON, v. a. Alicui venenum dare, parare, or 

praebere : aliquem veneno necare, or tollere : Cic 

To poison the mind, the morals : animum, mores, depra- 
vare, Cic., fcetore implere, Cic., tetro odore inficere. 

POISONER, s. Veneficus, Cic. : venenarius, Suet. : fern, 
venefica, Ov. 

POISONOUS, a. Venenatus, Cic. : virulentus, Cell. : 

POITREL. s. I. Armour for the breast of a horse : 
antilena. II. A graving tool : ccelum, Varr. 

POIZE, s. Pondus, Cic. 
: To POIZE, v. a. Rem paribus ponderibus librare. 

POKE. s. Sacculus, Cic. 

To POKE. v. a. Attrectare, Cic. To poke the fire : 
rutabulo agitare. 

POKER, s. Rutabulum, Col. 

POLAR, a. I. Near the pole: polo proximus, or vici- 
nus. II. Belonging to the pole: ad polum pertinens. 

POLE. s. 1. Pole of the earth : polus, Plin. : vertex : 
axis : Cic. : cardo, Vitr. II. A long staff: pertica : (for 
pushing) : contus : (for lifting) : vectis. The pole of a 
coach : temo, Phaedr. 

POLECAT.*. Vesip: putacius. 

POLEMIC, s. Qui de rebus ad fidem spectantibus 

POLEMIC or POLEMICAL, a. Ad controversiam perti- 

POLESTAR. s. Cynosura. 

POLICE, s. Civitatis temperatio, Cic. : urbis regimen : 
disciplina publica. 

POLICEMAN, *. Curator : custos : urbanus quaesi- 

POLICY.*. I. The art of government : scientia poli- 
tica. II. Stratagem, craft : calliditas. 

POLISH, s. I. Artificial gloss, smoothness : nitor, 
Cic. : laevor : politura : Plin To give a polish to mar- 
ble : marmori nitorem iuducere, Pliu. II. Elegance 
of manners : urbanitas. 

To POLISH, v. a. I. To smooth, gloss: polire: 
expolire: Cic. : elimare, Ov. : nitidare. Col. II. To 
make elegant of manners : alicujus aninmm excolere: 
ad humanitatem iaformare : ad omne officii munus in- 
struere: Cic. 

To POLISH, v. n. Prop. : nitescere, Cic. : enitescere, 
Quint Fig.: se lepidis moribus exornare, Plaut.: 
urbanis munditiis se exercere, Sail. : se expolire, Plin. 

POLISHER, s. Polio, Jul. Firm. : politor, Cato : fern, 
politrix, Jul. Firm. 

POLITE, a. Comis : urbanus : officii plenus : Cic. : 

POLITELY, ad. Polite : eleganter : urbane : Cic. 

POLITENESS, s. Urbanitas : comitas : Cic. : urbanae 
munditiae, pi., Sail. : morum elegantia. 

POLITIC, a. Rerum et tomporum callidus. 

POLITICAL, a. Politicus, Cic. : ad rempublicam, or 
gubernationem reipublicae, pertinens. 

POLITICALLY, ad. I. With relation to public admi- 
nistration : ex civilis prudentise legibus. 1 1. Artfully : 
astute : callide : Cic. 

POLITICIAN, s. One versed in politics : civili prudentia 
ornatus : in rebus gerendis sagacissimus. 

POLITICS. *. The science of government: scientia 
politica. v w " 

POLITURE. s. Politura, Plin. 

POLITY, s. Politia. 

POLL. s. The head: caput: vertex. Poll-money: 

To POLL. v. a. I. To lop the tops of trees : arbores 
decacuminare, Col. 11. To clip short the hair : ton- 

dere, Cic. : tonsitare, Plaut. III. To plunder : emun- 
gere, Ter. : eruncare, Sen. IV. To insert into a 
number as a voter : suffragium ferre, Cic. 

POLLARD, s. I. A tree lopped: arbor curta, or de- 
curtata. 11. Fine bran: crassior ex furfure molae 
iterum subjecto farina. III. The chub fish: capito, 

POLLER. s. i. e. A robber : direptor : expilator : Cic. : 


To POLLUTE, v . a. Polluere : inquinare : fcedare : 

spurcare : coiitaminare To pollute one's hands : manus 

inficere, Ov 

POLLUTER, s. Corruptor : fern, corruptrix : Cic. 


POLLUTION, s. Pollutio, Pallad. : corruptio : corrup- 
tela : inquinamentum : macula : sordes. 

POLTROON, s. Ignavus : timidus : Cic. : meticuloius. 

POLYANTH or POLYANTHIUM. *. (In botany) : poly- 
anthemum, Plin. 

POI.YGAMIST. *. Plurium uxorum vir. 

POLYGAMY, s. Uxorum multitude. 

POLYGON, s. Polygonius, Vitr. : polygonus, Hygin. : 
multangulus, Lucr. 

POLYGONAL, a. Polygonius, Vitr. : polygonus, Hygin. : 
multangulus, Lucr. 

POLYPUS, s. A fish, and a distemper : polypus, Hor. : 
ozcena, Mart. 

POMANDER. *. Pila odorata. 

POMATUM, s. Unguentum, or medicamentum, meli- 

To POME. v. n. Corrotundari, Sen. : globari in rotun- 
ditatem, Plin. 

POMEGRANATE, s. I. A tree: mains punica, or 
granata. II. (Its fruit) : granatum, Plin. : malum 
granatum, or punicum, Col., apyrinum, Mart. 

POMMEL. s. (Ofasword) :capulipila (Of a saddle) : 
ephippii pila. 

To POMMEL, v. a. Ictibus, or pugnis, contunderc, 

POMP. *. Pompa : magnificentia. 

POMPOUS, s. Splendidus : magnificus, Cic. Pompous 
style : grandis, or turgidus, stylus. 

POMPOUSLY, ad. Splendide : magnince : splendido, or 
magnifico, apparatu : Cic. : speciose, Hor. 

POMPOUSNESS. s. Magnificentia : pompa. 

POND. s. Stagnum, Cic. 

To PONDER, v. a. and n. Rem ponderare : expendere : 
perpendere : attente considerare : Cic. : pensitare : ex- 
aminare : Plin. 

PONDERABLE, a. Quod ponderari potest: (pondera- 
bilis, Claud. Mam.). 

PONDEROSITY.*. Pondus: gravitas : Cic ' 

PONDEROUS, a. Ponderosus, Varr. : gravis : magni 
moment! et ponderis : Cic. 

PoNDEROtjsLY. ad. Graviter. 

PONIARD, s. Pugio : sica : Cic. 

To PONIARD, v. a. Aliquem pugione percutere, Cic. 

PONTAGE, s. Naulum, Juv. 

PONTIFF, s. Pontifex, Cic. : summus pontifex. 

PONTIFICAL, a. Pontificius : pontificalis : Cic. 

PONTIFICALLY. ad. Pontificali habitu, or ornatu : so- 
lemni pontih'cum ritu. 

PONTIFICATE, s. Pontificatus, us : pontificalis, or pon- 
tificia, dignitas : Cic. 

PONTOON.*. A floating bridge : ponto, Caes. 

PONY. *. Mannus : mannulus : Plin. 

POOL. *. Stagnum, Cic. 

POOP. *. Puppis, Cic. 

POOR. a. Egens : pauper : inops : cui tenues opes 
sunt : miser: misellus : calamitosus: Cic. 

POORLY, ad. Misere : miserabiliter : miserandum in 
modum : Cic. 

POORNESS. *. Paupertas: inopia: Cic. 

POP. s. Scloppus : strepitus, us. 

To POP IN. v. n. Intervenire, Cic. : supervenire, Liv. : 
de improviso adesse. 

To POP INTO. v.n. Indere. To pop into a place: 
subito ingredi. 

To POP OUT. v. n. and a. Subito egredi To pop out a 
word : temere verbum effutire. 

* POPE. s. The bishop of Rome : papa : summus ponti- 

POPECOM. *. Pontificalis, or pontificia, dignitas : sum- 
mus, or maximus, pontificatus, us. 

POPGUN. *. Sambuceus tubulus. 

POPISH, a. Pontificius. 

POPLAR, s. Populus, i, f. Of 'poplar : populous, Virg. : 
populnus, Plaut. : populneus, Cato. 

POPPY, s. Papaver, Virg Of poppies : papavereus. 
Poppy flowers : coma: papavereae, Ov. Poppy heads : 
papaverum capita, Liv. 

POPULACE, s. Plebecula : infima plebs : populi faex : 

POPULAR, a. I. Beloved by the people : popularis, 
Cic. II. Studious of the favour of the people : populi 
studiosus, Cic. III. Suitable to the people : plebeius: 

POPULARITY. *. Popularis aura, Cic. 

POPULARLY, ad. Populariter : accommodate ad vulgi 
sensum : Cic. 

To POPULATE, v. n. Aliquo incolas inferre : frequen- 
tare loci sohtudinem : Cic. 

POPULATION. *. Populus : homines, pi. : regionis inco- 
larum numerus. 

POPULOUS, a. Frequens, Cic. : frequens populo, Lucr. 
Populous towns : referta hominum oppida. 

PORCELAIN. *. Vasa fictilia See CHINA. 

PORCH. *. Propylaeum, Plin.: vestibulum: pronaon: 

PORCUPINE, s. Histrix, Plin. 



PORE. s. Invislbilc foramen, Cels. 

To PORE OVER. v. w. ( Attente considerarc, Cic. : pen- 
sitare : examinare: Plin. 


PORK. s. Porcina, Varr. 

PORKER, s. Porcus : sus : Cic. 

PORKER or PORKUNG. s. Porculus. 

POROUS or PORY. a. Occultis foraminibus pervius. 

PORPHYRE or PORPHYRY, s. A sort of marble : por- 
phvrites, Plin.: porphyreticum marmor. 

PORPOISE or PORPUSI s. A sea-fish : tursio : marinus 
porculus: Plin. 

PORRIDGE, s. Jus, Cic. 

PORRIDGE-POT, s. Cacabus, Varr. : olla, Col. 

PORRINGER, s. Scutella, Cic. : scutula : gabatae, pi., 

PORRINGER-FULL, s. Plena pulmenti scutella. 

PORT. 5. I. A harbour : portus, us, Cic. Entrance 
*/ a port: portus os, ostium, aditus, us, Cic. II. 
A gate,- porta: ostium: janua. III. Aperture in a 
ship for a gun: fenestra. ( IV. Carriage, air : confor- 
matio et figura totius corporis, Cic. : gestus, us. 

PORTABLE, a. Gestatu facilis, Cic. : (portabilis, Au- 

PORTAGE or PORTERAGE, s. Vectio, Cic. : latio : ges- 
tatus, us : Plin. 

PORTAL, s. Porta maxima, or princeps. 

PORTCULLIS or PORTCLUSE. s. A falling gate : cata- 
racta, Liv. 

PORTE, s. The court of the Grand Signior : Turcica 

To PORTEND, v. a. Praenuntiare : praesignificare : por- 
tendere : Cic. To portend danger : periculum porten- 
dere, Cic. 

PORTENT, s. Portentum : prodigium : ostentum A 
dire portent : sinistrum, infaustum, or triste, omen, Ov. 

PORTENTOUS, a. Inauspicatus, Plin. : ominosus, 
Plin. J. : portentosus, Cic. : Sen. 

PORTER. *. ' I. One who carries burdens: bajulus, 
Plaut. : gerulus, Hor. II. The keeper of a gate : jani- 
tor, Cic. : ostiarius, Sen. 

PORTFOLIO. *. Capsa: scrinium: Hor. 

PORTHOLE, s. Fenestra. 

PORTICO, s. A covered walk, a piazza : porticus, us, 
Cic.: ambulacrum, Plaut. 

PORTION, s. Portio, Plin. : pars, Cic. A wife's por- 
tion : dos, Cic. 

To PORTION, v. a. I. To parcel: partiri : disper- 
tire : dividere: distribuere : Cic. II. To endow : do- 
tem filizc conficere, Cic.: dotarefiliam, Suet. 

PORTLINESS, s. Corporis habitus plenus dignitatis. 

PORTLY, ad. Magna dignitate prseditus, Cic. : augus- 
tus : majestatem habens : Cic. 

PORTMANTEAU, s. Hippopera, Sen. : pera, Mart. 

PORTRAIT or PORTRAITURE, s. Alicujus picta imago, 
Cic. : effigies, Hor. : descriptio. 

To PORTRAIT or PORTRAY, v. a. Alicujus imaginem 
coloribus exprimere : depingere : Cic. : describere, Plaut. 

PORTRESS, s. A female door-keeper : janitrix, Cic.: 
ostiaria, Plaut. 

To POSE. 11. a. Disputationum laqueis irretire, Cic. : 
ad incitas redigere, Plaut. 

POSITION, s. Locorum positio : situs, us : Cic. : positus, 
us, Tac. : rerum status, us A critical position of af- 
fairs : rerum articulus, Curt. 

POSITIVE, a. Verus: certus: Cic. This is positive : 
hoc constat : illud certum est : Cic. : res indubitata est. 

POSITIVELY, ad. Keapse: reipsa : revera. 

POSITIVENESS. s. Pertinacia: contumacia : pervicacia : 
Cic. : obstinatus animus. 

To POSSESS, v. a. Rem possidere: re frui, or perfrui, 
Cic. Passion possesses him : irae suae moderari nequit 
Cic. To possess one's self of any thing : rem possidere, 
Cic. : Ov. 

POSSESSION, s. I. The state of owning or having in 
one's own hands or power : possessio, Cic. II. The 
thing possessed : possessio, Cic.: Nep PI., Posses- 
sions: bona : prsedia: possessiones : fundi: Cic. 

POSSESSIVE, a. (In grammar): possessivus, Quint. 

POSSESSOR, s. Possessor, Cic A quiet possessor: 
possessor non interpellates. 

POSSIBILITY, s. (Possibilitas, Arnob.) Use the verb 
or adjective. 

POSSIBLE, a. Quod esse, or fieri, potest : (possibilis, 
Quint. : Pand.). Is it possible ? itane est ? itane ? itane 
vero ? 

POSSIBLY, ad. Forsan : fortasse : Cic.: forsitan, "Virg. 

POST. s. I. A public courier : publicus cursor : (ve- 

redarius, J. Firm.). To ride post : currere incitato 

equo. II. Situation : locus. To keep one's post : loco 

sesc tenere : stationem tueri : Liv. III. Military 

station: locus: loca, pi. : statio : Cic To abandon 

one's post : de statione decedere, Cic. IV. Employ- 
'iiicut : munus : officium. V. A piece of timber set 
cri-ct : palus, Cic. 

To POST. v. n. and a. I. To travel with speed: cur- 

rere incitato equo, veredis. II. To fix on posts: parieti. 
or ad parietem, tabulam figere : tabulam proscribere: 
Cic. : publicc proponere. III. To station : in stationa 
collocare: alicui stationem assignare. 

POSTAGE, s. Solvendum pro allatis literis pretium. 

POSTBOY, s. Veredarius, J. Firm. 

POSTER, s. Cursor: veredarius. 

POSTERIOR, a. Posterior, Cic. 

POSTERIORITY, s. Posterioritas. 

POSTERITY, s. I. Descendants, children : liberi : nati : 
Virgi II. Time to cowze ^posteritas, Cic. 

POSTERN, s. (In fortification) : pseudothyrum, Cic. 

POST-HASTE, s. Incitato equo. 

POST-HOUSE, s. Epistolarum diribitorium. 

POSTHUMOUS .a. Posthumus, or postumus, Cic. 

POSTIL. s. Nota : ascripta margin! annotatio : brevis 

To POSTIL. v. a. Ad marginem libri notas apponere, 
ascribere, appingere : librum annotationibus augere. 

POSTILION, s. Veredarius, J. Firm. 

POSTMASTER, s. Veredorum praefectus. 

To POSTPONE, v. n. Rem in aliud tempus differre, 
Cic., proferre, rejicere, or protudere. To postpone every 
day : in diem differre ac procrastinare, Cic. 

POSTSCRIPT, s. Postscriptum. 

To POSTULATE, v. a. Postulare : ambire. 

POSTULATION. s. Postulatio. 

POSTULATORY. a. Rogitans: supplex : (postulatorius, 
Caecil. ap. Sen.). 

POSTURE, s. Habitus, us, Curt. : corporis status, or 
habitus, us, Cic. 

POSY. s. Florum fasciculus See NOSEGAY. 

POT. s. Vas: pi. vasa : Cic. An earthen pot : vas 
fictile, Cic. 

To POT. v. a. Rem vasi credere. 

POTABLE, a. Poculentus, Cic. 

POTASH, s. Alkalia e plantarum cineribus expressa. 

POTATION, s. Potio: potus, us: Cic. 

POTATO, s. Convolvulus batatus. 

POT-COMPANION, s. Combibo : compotor : Cic. 

POTENCY, s. Potestas: potentia: efficacitas: effi- 
cientia : vis : Cic. 

POTENT, a. Efficax : qui, quae, quod, efficacitatem 
habet : potens : potestate pra^ditus : Cic. 

POTENTATE, s. Rex : princeps. 

POTENTIAL, a. Quod vim agendi intra se retinet. 

POTENTIALITY, s. Rei vim intra se retinentis natura. 

POTENTIALLY, ad. Actu intra se retento. 

POTENTLY, ad. Efficienter, Cic. : efficaciter, Plin. 

POTFUL. s. Vas plenum. 

POTHANGER. s. Lamina denticulata suspendendis le- 
betibus accommodata. 

POTHERB, s. Olus, eris : pi. olera. 

POTHOOK, s. Ansaolaris. 

POTHOUSE, s. Caupona : popina : taberna: Cic. 

POTION, s. Potio : potus, us. 

POTLID. 5. Operculum. 

POTTAGE, s. Jus, Cic. 

POTTER, s. Figulus, Col. : fictor, Cic Potter's ware: 
figlinum, Plin. : vasa fictilia, Cic. 

POTTERY, s. Figlina, Plin. : figlini operis officina. 

POTULENT. a. Poculentus, Cic. 

POUCH, s. Perrula, Sen. : sacculus, Mart. 

POULTERER, s. Chortalium avium venditor. 

POULTICE, s. Cataplasma, Plin. 

To POULTICE, v. a. Cataplasma adhibere. 

POULTRY, s. Volatile pecus: cohortales aves: Col.: 
bestias volatiles, Cic. Poultry-yard: aviarium, Cic.: 
chors, Mart. : cohors, Varr. : ornithon, Col. 

POUNCE, s. I. The claw or talon of a bird of prey : 
unguis, Cic. : falcula, Plin. : falcatus unguis. II. A 
sort of powder : sandaracha, Vitr. 

To POUNCE, v. a. I. To perforate: forare : efforare : 
Col. II. To sprinkle : spargere. 

POUNCE-BOX or POUNCET-BOX. s. Plena pulvisculae 

POUND, s. I. A weight : libra, Hor. A pound and 
a half: sesquilibra, Col Half a pound: selibra, Liv. 
II. A prison for beasts : locus quo capta pecora cus- 
todiae traduntur. 

To POUND, v. a. Terere, Plin. : conterere, Varr. 

POUNDER, s. I. One who pounds : tritor. II. A 
pestle : pilum, Plin. : pistillum: or, pistillus, Plaut. : Plin. 

To POUR or To POUR OUT. v. a. and n. Fundere, Cic. 
To pour water into a vessel: aquam in vas infundere, 
or defundere, Cic. : Col. To pour out of one vessel hiJo 
another : transfundere. 

POUT. s. I. A fish : rr.ustela, Auson. II. A bird : 
attagen, Plin. : attagena, Mart. III. A young turkey : 
gallus gallinaceus Indicus. 

To POUT. v. n. Tacitain iram concoquere, Cic. : mus- 
sare taciturn 

POUTING, s. Tacita ira : morositas : Cic. 
POVERTY, s. Paupertas : inopia: egestas: Cic. 
POWDER, s. Pulvis. Gunpowder: nitratus, or sul- 
phureus, pulvis. Sweet powder: pulvis odoratus. 
Hair-powder: pulvis Cypnus. 



To POWDER, v. a. I. To reduce to dust: In pul 
verem extenuare, Col., resolvere, Plin. II. To 
sprinkle : rem re spargere, inspergere To powder 
hair : crines Cyprio pulvere conspergere __ To powder 
meats : carnes sale contingere, inspergere, perfricare. 

POWDER-BOX, s. Plena pulvisculo pyxis. 

POWDERING-TUB. *. Salsamentarius cadus, Plin. : sal- 
samentarium vas, Col. 

POWDERY, a. I. Dusty: pulverulentus, Cic. : pul- 
vereus, Virg. II. Friable: friabilis, Plin.: putris, 

POWER, s. I. Influence, ability : potestas : potentia. 

To have in one's power: rem habere in potestate, Cic. 

To give one power to do something: alicui facultatem 
faciendi, or ad rem faciendam, dare : rei faciendae potes- 
tatem facere : Cic. To have power : auctoritate valere : 
potestatem habere : Cic -- In one's power : penes se. 

II. Facility: facial tas. III. Strength, force : vis: 
virrtis. IV. Authority: auctoritas. V. Many: 
copia. VI Powers of the mind : dotes animi. 

POWERFUL, a. Potens : potestate praeditus : Cic 
Very powerful : praepotens, Cic. : efficax : qui, qua?, 
quod, efficacitatem habet, Cic. A powerful remedy: 
praesentissimum remedium, Plin. 

POWERFULLY, ad. Cum magna potentia : vehemen- 
ter : Cic. : praevalide, Plin. : efficienter, Cic. : efficaci- 
ter, Plin. 

POWERFULNESS. s. Efficacitas : efficientia: vis: Cic. 

POWERLESS, a. Impotens. 

Pox. s. Lues The small-pox : variolas. 

POY. s. Libramentum, Col. 

PRACTIC or PRACTICAL, a. Quod est positum inagcn- 
do : quod in actu consistit : Quint. 

PRACTICABLE, a. Quod effici potest. A practicable 

way : pervium iter. 

Use the verb 

or adjective. 

PRACTICE, s. Usus, us : exercitatio : Cic. : usus et con- 
suetudo. In the practice : inter agendum : in agendo : 
in experiendo: Sail (In the pi.): Practices: machinae : 
artes : clandestina consilia : Cic. 

To PRACTISE, v. a. and n. Factitare, Cic To prac- 
tise physic : medicinam excolere, Cels., exercere, Cic., 
facere, Pha?dr. 

PRACTITIONER, s. I. One who practises law : prag- 
maticus, Cic. : formularius, Quint. II. One who 
practises physic : tnedicus : qui medicinam excolit, ex- 
ercet An inferior practitioner : pharmacopeia : em- 
piricus : Cic. 

PRJETOR. s. Praetor, Cic. The prtetor's house : prae- 
torium, Cic. 

PRAETORIAN, a. Praetorius, Cic. The praetorian 
guard : praetoriani : or, praetorian! milites : Plin. J. 

PR^ETORSHIP. s. Praetura, Cic. 

PRAGMATIC, s. An ordinance about ecclesiastical af- 
fairs, or about a sovereign's inheritance: pragmatica 

PRAGMATIC or PRAGMATICAL, a. Omciosior : qui 
rebus alienis se immiscet, or studet. A pragmatical 
person: ardelio. 

PRAISE, s. Laus : laudatio : praeconium : Cic. 

To PRAISE, v. a. Laudare : collaudare : dilaudare : 
laude afficere : laudibus ornare : illustrare : efferre : 
laudem alicui tribuere, or impertire : Cic __ To praise 
much, loudly, or very highly : laudibus cumulare : tol- 
lere : Hor. : magnifice laudare, Cic. : summam alicui 
laudem tribuere. 

PRAISER. s. Laudator : fern, laudatrix : Cic. 

PRAISEWORTHY, a. Laudabilis : laudandus : laude 
dignus : commendabilis, Liv. : laudatus, Cic. : Ov To 
be praiseworthy : laudem habere, Liv. A praisewor- 
thy action : laus, Cic. , To speak of a thing as praise- 
worthy : dicere alicui aliquid laudi, Cic. 

FRAME, s. A sort of boat: lem bus, Virg. : linter, Cic. 

To PRANCE, v. n. Arrectum se tollere } pectus arri- 
gere, Virg. 

To PRANK, v. a. Ornare: exornare: comere : Cic. 

PRANK, s. Dolus, Ter. : insulsitas : ineptias, pi. : Cic. 

To PRATE or PRATTLE, v.n. Argutari : loquitari : 
deblaterare : fab.ulari : Plaut. : garrire, Cic. 

PRATE or PRATTLE, s. Garrulitas : loquacitas : Cic. 

PRATER or PRATTLER, s. Garrulus, Ter. : Ov. : lo- 
quax, Cic. : largiloquus, Plaut. 

PRAVITY. s. Depravatio : corruptio : Cic. 

PRAWN, s. A small shell-fish : astacellus. 

To PRAY. v.n. Orare : preces fundere : precari 
To pray in vain: incassum mittere preces, Liv. 
To pray to God : Deum precari, orare : Deo preces ad- 
hibere : Cic. Pray render me this service: te hoc bene- 
ficium rogo, Cic. 

PRAYER. *. Precatio: preces, pi. : rogatio : obsecratio : 
obtestatio : Cic -- A form of prayer : precatio Ob- 
tained by prayer : precarius, Liv -- Common or public 
prayer: preces solennes. 

To PREACH, -v. n. Ad populum sacram concionem ha- 
bere: de rebus divinis vorba facere: or, concionari, when 
the context fixes the meaning. 

PREACHER. *. Sacer orator : divini verbi prapco : or 
concionator, when the context determines the meaning : 
(praedicator, Tertull.). 

PREACHING or PREACHMENT. *. Oratio : de rebus di- 
.vinis concio. 

PREAMBLE. *. Praefatio, Cic. : proloquium, Quint. : 
exordium, Cic. 

PREBEND, s. Canonici munus. 

PREBENDARY, s. Canonicus. 

PRECARIOUS, a. Precarius, Tac. : incertus : dubius. 

PRECARIOUSLY, ad. Precario, Cic. 

PRECARIOUSNESS. *. Fluctuatio, Cic. : incertum, Tac. 

PRECAUTION. . Cautio : provisio : Cic. With pre- 
caution : cautim, Ter.: caute : cautione adhibita: Cic. 
Without precaution : inconsulte, Cic. To use precau- 
tion : cautionem abhibere, Cic. 

To PRECAUTION, v. a. Certiorem facere, Cic. 

To PRECEDE, v. a. Praeire, Liv. : anteire : antece- 
dere : Cic. : praecedere, Virg. : j>raegredi, Varr. : prae- 
currere, Cic. : antecurrere, Vitr. 

PRECEDENCE or PRECEDENCY. . Jus sedendi ante ali- 
quem To give one (he precedence : alterum nuper se 
collocare, Suet. 

PRECEDENT, a. Praecedens : antecedens : Liv. : Hor. 

PRECEDENT, s. Exemplum : regula : norma : lex : Cic. 

PRECEDENTLY. ad. Ante : antea. 

PRECEDING, a. Antecedens, Cic. 

PRECENTOR, s. i. e. He who leads the choir : praecentor. 

PRECEPT, s. Praeceptio : praeceptum : document urn : 

PRECEPTIVE, a. Ad docendum aptus, or idoneus. 

PRECEPTOR. .s. Praeceptor : magister : Cic. : Quint. 

PRECINCT, s. Finis : terminus : terminatio : Cic. : 
limes, Virg. 

PRECIOUS, a. Pretiosus, Cic. : quod est magni pretii. 

PRECIOUSLY, ad. Pretiose. 


PRECIPICE, s. Locus praeceps, Cic. : praecipitium, 
Quint. : praces, (neut.), Liv. : Tac. : Virg. 

PRECIPITANCE or PRECIPITANCY, t. Nimia celeritas : 

PRECIPITANT, a. Praeceps actus, Cic. 

PRECIPITATE, a. I. Headlong, sleep : praeceps : 
praeruptus : abruptus. II. Hasty: sudden: przeceps, 

Cic.: praeproperus, Liv. : nimis properatus, Cic A 

precipitate departure : praeceps profectio, Cic. 

PRECIPITATELY, ad. Praepropere, Liv. j nimium festi- 
nanter, Cic. 

PRECIPITATION, s. Nimia celeritas : praepropera festi- 
natio: Cic. 


PRECISE, a. I. Exact: constitutus : praefinitus : 
concisus: Cic. II. Formal, finical : putidus. 

PRECISELY, ad. I. Exactly, accurately: accurate, 
Cic. Precisely at that moment : ea ipsa hora : in ipso 
temporis articulo : Cic. II. With rigid formality or 
affected nicety : putide. 

PRECISENESS or PRECISION, s. Accuratio, Cic. Brut. 
67 Use the adjectives accuratus, or putidus, according 
to the sense. 

PRECISIVE. a. Strictus : concisus : Cic. 

To PRECLUDE, v. a. Aliquem a re excludere, Cic. 

PRECOCIOUS, a. Praecox : praacoquus: Plin A pre- 
cocious mind : praecox ingenium, Curt. 

PRECOCITY. *. Praematuritas, Plaut. 

To PRECOGITATE. v. a. Meditari : praemeditari : ' 

PRECOGNITION. s. Praescientia. 

PRECONCEIT or PRECONCEPTION, s. Praejudicata, or 
pressa jam, animo, opinio, Cic. 

To PRECONCEIVE, v. a. Animo antecapere. A pre- 
conceived idea : antecepta animo rei informatio, Cic. 

To PRECONIZE. v. a. Laudibus in ccelumextollere, Cic.: 
pra2conium, or praeconia, facere. 

PRECURSOR, s. Praecursor. 

PREDAL or PREDATORY, a. Rapax : praedatorius. 

PREDECEASE, s. (In law) : anterior obitus, us. 

PREDECESSOR, s. Decessor : antecessor : U. Jet. 

To PREDESTINATE or PREUESTINE. v.a.and n. Prredes- 

PREDESTINATION, s. Prsedestinatio : Boeth. 

PREDETERMINATION, s. Praedeterminatio. 

PKEDICABLE. s. (In logic) : unum versus multa respi- 

PREDICAMENT, s. (In logic): praedicamentum, Mo- 

To PREDICATE, v. a. (In logic) : dicere : attribuere. 

PREDICATE.*. (In logic): attributum : res attributa : 
Cic.: Cell. 

PREDICATION, s. Afflrmatio : asseveralio : assertio : Cic. 

To PREDICT, v.a Vaticinari : futura praenuntiare. 

PREDICTION, s. Rerum futurarum praedictio. 

PREDICTIVE, a, Vaticinus, Liv. 

PREDILECTION, s. Praacipuus amor. 

To PREDISPOSE, v. a. Praaparare. 

PREDISPOSITION, s. Praeparatio, Cic. 




PREDOMINANT, a. Prsepotens, Liv. : praevalens, Plin. : 
praevalidus, Tac. 

To PREDOMINATE, v.n. Praevalere, Plin. 

PRE-EMINENCE, s. Praestantia, Cic. 

PRE-EMINENT, a. Caetcris omnibus prastans. 

To PRE-ESTABLISH, v.n. Rem prsstifuere. 

To PRE-EXIST, v. n. Praeexsistere. 

PRE-EXISTENCE. s. Praeexsistentia. 

PRE-EXISTENT. a. Praeexsistens. 

PREFACE, s. Praefatio, Cic. 

To PREFACE, v. a. To preface a book: prrefari, Cic. : 
pratfationem adhibere, Suet. 

PREFATORY, a. Antecedens. A prefatory discourse : 
prooemium, Cic. : praefatio. 

PREFECT, s. Praefectus, Cic. 

PREFECTURE s. Praetectura, Cir. 

To PREFER, v.a. AJjquemjiUeuT, or rem rei, antepo- 
nere, or praeponere, praelerreTor antcferre : pluris iacere 
aliquem, or rem, quam : Cic. 

PREFERABLE, a. Praaferendus : anteferendus : prae- 
ponendus : anteponendus : Cic. : potior. 

PREFERABLY, ad. . Prae omnibus : potissime : Plaut. : 
ante omnia, Virg. 

PREFERENCE, s. Priores partes, Cic To give some 
one the preference : primas alicui deferre, Cic. 

PREFERMENT, s. Promotio, Asc. Ped. 

To PREFIGURATE or To PREFIGURE, v. a. Prccmon- 
strare: prsenuntiare : Cic. : (prsefigurare, Lactant.). 

To PREFIX, v. a. Pragfigere : ante statuere. 

PREGNANCY, s. Graviditas, Cic. : prasgnatio, Plin. 

PREGNANT, a. I. With young: gravida, fern.: 

praegnans. II. Evident, clear: manifestus : clarus : 

Cic. III. Full of consequence : magni momenti 

Pregnant with : plenus. 

PREGNANTLY, ad. Omnino : plane : penitus : cumu- 
late : Cic. : manifeste : perspicue : Cic. 

PREGUSTATION. *. Praecepta suavitas, Cic. : praecep- 
tum gaudium, Ov. 

To PREJUDGE, v. a. De re prayudicare, Cic. 

PREJUDICATE. a. Praemeditatus : meditatus et cogi- 
tatus : Cic. 

PREJUDICE, s. I. Prepossession: praejudicata, or 
impressa animo, jam opinio: Cic. II. Detriment: 

damnum : 'detrimentum : incommodum : Cic. 

To PREJUDICE, v.a. I. To hurt: alicui damnum 
dare, Ter. : detrimentum inferre, aflerre, or importare : 
incommodum invehere: Cic. II. To fill with preju- 
dices : animum alicujus antecapere, or ante occupare. 

PREJUDICIAL, a. Perniciosus : noxius : Cic. 

PREJUDICIALLY, ad. Perniciose, Cic. 

PRELACY, s. Praesulis, or antistitis, dignitas. 

PRELATE, s. Antistes : praesul. 

PRELECTION, s. Lectio : praelectio, Quint. 

PKELEGACY. s. (In law) : praelegatum. 

PRELIMINARIES, s. pi. Prolusiones. 

PRELIMINARY, a. Antecedens. 

PRELUDE, s. Praeludium : proludium : Cell. 

To PRELUDE, v. a. Praaludere : or, proludere : Cic. : 
ehordas praetentare, Ov. 

PRELUDIOUS or PRELUSIVE, a. Antecedens. 

PREMATURE, a. Praematurus, Virg. : immaturus, Plin. 
A premature death : immatura, or praematura, mors, 
Cic. f Plin. 

PREMATURELY, ad. Premature : Plaut. : ante diem, Ov. 


To PREMEDITATE, v. a. and n. Meditari : praemedi- 
tari : Cic. 

PREMEDITATION, s. Meditatio : prsemeditatio : Cic. 

PUEMICES. s.pl. Primitiae, Plin. 

To PREMISE, v. a. Antetlicere. 

PREMISES, s. pi. I. ( In logic) : propositio et assump- 
tio. II. (In law): pradia. 

PREMISSES, s. (In logic): see PREMISES, I. 

PREMIUM, s. Donum. 

To PREMONISH. v. a. Certiorem facere, Cic. 

us: Ov. : (praemonitio, Tertull.). 

PREMONITORY, s. Qui praemonet : (praemonitorius, 

To PREMONSTRATE. v. a. Praemonstrare. 

PREMUNIRE. 5. I. (In law) : nsco bonorum addictio : 
bonorum proscriptio, or sectio : Cic. 11. Difficulty: 
angor : impedimentum : Cic. 

PRE-OCCUPATION. s. I. An occupying beforehand: 
praeoccupatio. II. A prejudice: insita, or impressa 
jam ante animo, opinio, Cic. 

To PRE OCCUPY, v. a. Praeoccupare To pre-occupy 
the mind : alterius animum praeoccupare, Cic. 

PRE-OPINION. s. Prayud'cium : pra-judicata, or im- 
pressa jam animo, opinio, Cic. 

PREPARATION, s. Praeparatio: apparatus, us: p.ppara- 
tio : Cic Preparations of war : apparatus belli, Cic. 
To make preparations for war : bellum apparare, Cic., 
comparare, Nep., adornare, Liv. With preparation: 
parate, Cic. : praeparato, Quint. : ex praeparato, Liv. 

PRFPARATIVE. s. Apparatus, Os : apparatio : Cic. 


PREPARATIVELY. ad. Ante : prius : ante omnia : Quint. 

PREPARATORY or PREPARATIVE, a. Qui parat, or pra:- 

To PREPARE, v. a. and ra. Parare : apparare : pnrpa- 
rare : comparare : Cic. : se ad rem comparare, Ter. : 
praeparationem in re adhibere, Cic. 

PREPENSE or PREPENSED. a. Praameditatus : medita- 
tus et cogitatus : Cic. 


To PREPONDERATE, v. a. and n. Praeponderare, Sen. : 
Stat. : Cell. : Quint. : Cic. 

PREPOSITION, s. (In grammar) : praepositio, Varr. 

PREPOSITOR. s. Praepositus. 

To PREPOSSESS, v. a. Alterius animum praeoccupare, 

PREPOSSESSION, s. Antecepta animo rei informatio, 
Cic. : insita jam menti opinio. 

PREPOSTEROUS, a. Absurdus : ineptus : insulsus : Cic. 
A preposterous saying : dictum absonum. 

PREPOSTEROUSLY, ad. Absurde : inepte : insulse : Cic. 

PREPOSTEROUSNESS. s. Insulsitas, Cic. 

PREROGATIVE, s. Praerogativa : jus praacipuum. 

PRESAGE, s. Praesagium : rei futurse signum : augu- 
rium : omen : Cic. 

To PRESAGE, v . a. Pracnuntiare : praesignificare : por- 
tendere : Cic. 

PRESBYTER, s. Presbyter. 

PRESBYTERY, s. Presbyteri, pi. 

PRESCIENCE, s. Praescientia. 

PRESCIENT, a. Praesciens : praesagus : vaticinus : Liv. 

To PRESCRIBE, v . a. and n. Rem alicui praescribere, 
Cic. : rem usucapere, usu suam facere. 

PRESCRIPT, s. Jussum : mandatum, Cic. 

PRESCRIPTION, s. I. Custom continued till it has the 
force of law : praescriptio : usucapio : Cic. II. Medi- 
cal recipe : medici praescriptum, or jussum, Ov. 

PRESENCE. 5. Praesentia, Cic Presence of mind : 

praasentia animi, Cic. 

PRESENT, a. Praesens, Cic To be present : adesse : 

adstare : praesto esse : Cic The present time : praasens 

PRESENT, s. Donum : munus : Cic. A trifling pre- 
sent : munusculum, Cic To make a present : munus 
alicui largiri: aliquem munerari : Cic.: donum dare, 
Ter. To make a present of any thing : donare aliquem 
re, Cic. 

AT PRESENT, ad. Jam : nunc : in praesenti : in pra:- 
sentia : Cic. : ad praesens, Plin. 

To PRESENT, v. a. Munus alicui largiri : aliquem mu- 
nerari : Cic. To present one with any thing : donare 
aliquem re, Cic. 

PRESENTABLE, a. Quod muneris instar offerri, or dari, 

PRESENTANEOUS. a. Praesens, Cic. : efficax. 

PRESENTATION, s. Oblatio. 

PRESENTLY, ad. Jam : nunc : in praesenti : in prae- 
sentia : Cic. : ad praesens, Plin. 

PRESERVATION, s. Conservatio : salus. To owe one's 
preservation to some one : ab aliquo incolumitatem ha- 
bere, Brut, ad Cic. ( 

PRESERVATIVE, s. Antidotum : antidotus : Cels. 

To PRESERVE, v.a. I. To defend, protect : aliquem 
a malo defendere, or tueri, or vindicare : a malo, or ma- 
lum ab aliquo, avertere: malum ab aliquo propulsare : 
Cic To season fruits : poma condire, Cic. 

PRESERVE, s. Poma saccharo aut melle condita. 

PRESERVER, s. Servator : conservator: Liv.: fern., 
conservatrix : sospita : Cic. (Of fruits) : qui, quae, rem 

PRESERVERS, s. pi. A sort of spectacles : conspicillum 
tuendaa oculorum aciei comparatum. 

To PRESIDE, v.n. Pra?sidere : praeesse: Cic. 

PRESIDENCY, s. Praasidendi jus. 

PRESIDENT, s. Praeses. 

PRESIDENTSHIP, s. Praesidis munus. 

To PRESS, v. a. and n. I. To squeeze, to crush : 
premere : or, pressare, Virg. : compnmere : Cic. To 
press out juice : succum exprimere, Plin. II. To con- 
strain: cogere aliquem rem facere, or ut facial. 111. 
N. B. The meaning of the English word generally may 
be expressed by prernere. 

PRESS, s. 1. An instrument: prelum, Plin. A 

inc-press : torculum, Cato : torcula, Varr. 
Crowd, throng: hominum frequentia, Cic. : turbaconfer- 
tissima, Liv. III. A kind of wooden case for clothes: 
armarium, Plaut. 

PRESSER. s. Torcularius, Col. 

PRESSING, a. Urgens. A pressing necessity: pre- 
mens, or imminens, necessitas, Cic. 


PRESSION. s. Compressio : compressus, us : Cic. 

PRESSMAN, s. i. e. One who works a press: torcula- 
rius, Col. 

PRESSURE, s. Compressio : vis : calamitas : Cic. 

PRESTIGES, s. pi. Pra?stigia2 : ialUci.-p : Cic. 

PRESTIGIOUS, a, Fallax : captiosus : Cic. 



PRESTO, ad. Propere, Ter. : celeriter : velociter : Cic. 

To PRESUME, v. a. Animo praesumere : conjicere : 
Cic. : conjectare, Tac To presume too much upon one's 
self: sibi nimium arrogare, sumere, or tribuere : sibi 
minis confidere : Cic. 

PRESUMER. *. Confidens : sibi praefidens : Cic. : ni- 
mios gerens spiritus. 

PRESUMPTION, s. I. A supposition : conjectura, Cic. 
II. Confidence : 'blind and adventurous confidence: 
confidentia, Cic.: nimia sui fiducia, Liy Full of pre- 
sumption : vana sui fiducia elatus, Curt/ 

PRESUMPTIVE, a. I. Confident, arrogant: confi- 
dens : audax : vana fiducia elatus. II. Supposed : e. g. 
The presumptive heir : hcres proximus, Phaedr. : futu- 
rus successor, Veil. 


PRESUMPTUOUSLY, ad. Confidenter, Cic. 

PRESUMPTUOUSNESS. s. Confidentia, Cic. : nimia sui 
fiducia, Liv. 

To PRESUPPOSE, v. a. Rera ante statuere. 

PRESUPPOSITION, s. Positura pro certo fundamentum, 

PRETENCE, s. I. Claim true or false : praeceptum 
animo jus in rem. II. A false argument : prretextus, 
tis : praetextum : Suet. 

To PRETEND, v. a. and n. I. To simulate: simu- 
lare : obtendere : prae se ferre.' To pretend ignorance : 
ignorantiam praetendere, Quint. : ignorantiae excusatione 
uti Pretended: simulatus. II. To affirm: affir- 
mare : pro certo dicere : Cic. III. To pretend to, i. e. 
to seek or aspire after : rem obire : ad rem conteudere : 

PRETENDED, part. a. Falso habitus, or creditus, Sen. : 
simulatus : fictus (Right): jus quodquis sibi arrogat. 

PRETENDER, s. Petitor, Cic. : candidatus. 

PRETENSION, s. Praeceptum animo jus in rem. 

PRETERITE, a. (In grammar) : praeteritus, Cic The 
preterite tense : praeteritum : or, prseteritum tempus. 

PRETERITION. s. Praetermissio, Cic. 

PRETERLAPSED. a. Prjcteritus, Cic. 

PRETERMISSION, s. Praetermissio, Cic. 

To PRETERMIT. . a. Omittere : praetermittere. 

PRETERNATURAL, a. Qui, quae, quod, est supra vim 
naturae, or natura: vires exsuperat. 

PRETERNATURALLY. ad. Divinitus : vi supera et coe- 
lesti : Cic. : supra quam natura potest. 

PRETERPERFECT (TENSE), s. ( In grammar) : praeteri- 
tum. Preterpluperfect : plusquam perfectum. 

PRETEXT, s. Praetextus, us : praetextum : Suet. 

PRETEXT, s. (In Roman antiquities) : praetexta, Cic. 

PRETTILY, ad. Belle : concinne : venuste : scite : le- 
pide: Cic. 

PRETTINESS. s. Pulchritudo : formositas : elegantia : 
lepos : Cic. : festivitas et venustas. 

PRETTY, a. Venustus : lepidus : pulchellus : Cic. : 
Tenustulus, Plaut. : bellus, Cic. : bellulus, Plaut. : ele- 
gans, Cic You are a pretty fellow truly! lepidus tu 
quidem ! lepide facis ! lepidum sane caput ! 

PRETTY, ad. Satis : tolerabiliter : Col . Pretty veil : 
baud pcssime Pretty civil: non inurbanus : satis ur- 
banus : Cic. 

To PREVAIL, v. n. Praevalere : plus valere -, Cic. : rem 
alicui suadere, or persuadere : allquem ad rem, or rem 
in animum alicujus, inducere. 

PREVAILING or PREVALENT, a. Efficax : potens : vic- 
tor : fern, victrix. 

PREVALENCE or PREVALKNCY. s. Auctoritas : pon- 
dus : momentum : Cic. 

PREVALENTLY, ad. Efficienter : efficaciter : vehemep- 
ter : Cic. : proavalide, Plin. 

To PREVARICATE, v.n. Praevaricari : praevaricari et 
colludere: Cic. 

PREVARICATION, s. Prasvaricatio, Cic. 

PREVARICATOR. 5. Praevaricator, Cic. : collusor, U. 

To PREVENE. v. a. Rem praevenire, anticipare, prse- 
ripere, Cic. 

PREVENIENT. a. Precedens : antecedens : Liv. : Hor. 

To PREVENT, v. a. I. Togo before as a guide : praa- 
venire. II. To anticipate: anticipare, Lucr. : Plin. : 
prEeripere, Cic. III. To hinder: impedire: esse im- 
pedimento : obstare. 

PREVENTION, s. Impedimentum, Cic. : obstaculum, 


PREVIOUS, a. Quod ante omnia dicendum, or agen- 
dum, est: antecedens Previous to : ante. 

PREVIOUSLY, ad. Ante : prius : ante omnia : Quint. 

PREVIOUSNESS. s. Antecessio, Cic. 

PREVISION, s. Praevisio : provisio : Cic. 

PREY. s. Prasda. A bird of prey : accipiter, Cic.: 
avis rapax, or praedatrix. 

To PREY. v. a. Praedari : praedam facere, Cic., agere, 
Nep To be preyed upon by a slow disease: luctu ta- 
bescere, Lucr., absumi, extenuari, Catull. 

PRICE, s. Pretium To set a price upon a man's 
head : alicujus sanguinem addicere : vitam adciicere et 

proponerepraeiniis: Cic.: percussorem in allquem emere, 
Curt A set price : certum, or constitutum, pretium. 

To PRICK, v. a. Pungere: forare : efforare : Col. 
To prick a cask of wine : dolum vino plenum pertundere, 
U. Jet. To prick a horse to the quick in shoeing it : equi 
pedem clavo laedere : equum ab solea clavo configere : 

PRICK, s. Punctio : punctus, us, Plin. 

PRICKER, s. I. A huntsman on horseback : (subses- 
sor, Petron.): canum agitator, Cic. II. A sharp-pointed 
instrument: subula, Mart. 

PRICKET, s. Subulo, Plin. 


PRICKLE. . Spina : acumen : Cic. : aculeus : mucro : 

PRICKLY, a. Spinosus : aculeatus. 

PRIDE, s. Superbia : vanitas : falsa et inanis gloria : 
honoris aura : Cic. To take pride in a thing . de re glo- 
riari, Cic. 

To PRIDE ONE'S SELF. v. a. Extollere se gloriando: 
gloriosa loqui : gloria se et praedicatione efferre : jactare 
se magnifice : Cic. 

PRIER. s. Explorator : speculator : Caes. : auceps, 

PRIEST, s. Sacerdos, m., Cic. : sacricola, Tac. : sacri- 
flculus, Liv In the Christian church : presbyter. 

PRIESTESS, s. Sacerdos, f., Cic. : sacerdotissa, Cell. 

PRIESTHOOD. . Sacerdotium, Liv. 

PRIESTLY, a. Sacerdotalis. 

PRIG. *. Fatuus : insulsus homo : Cic. 

PRIM. a. Nimis exquisitus : studiogrus acccrsitus : 
Cic. : in ostentationem compositus, Liv. 

To PRIM. v. a. and w. Ore putidius composite gra- 
tiam aucupari. 


PRIMARILY, ad. Primitus, Varr. 

PEIMAJUNESS. s. Primatus, us, Varr. : principatus, us, 

PRIMARY, a. Primigenius, Varr, 

PKIMATE. s. Primas : primarius. 

PRIME, s. I. The morning, the dawn : diluoulum, 
Cic. II. The beginning : principiura : initium : or- 
sus, us. III. The best part: flos. IV. Spring of 
life,- aetatis flos: florens aetas : Cic. V. The spring: 
ver : vernum tempus : Cic. VI. The height of perfec- 
tion : perfecta cumulataque virtus. VII. (With Roman 
Catholics) : prima hora : or, prima, only. 

PRIME, a. Primus. 

To PRIME, v. a. Instituere, Petron. To prime a 
gun : pulveris primitias infundere. 

PRIMELY, ad. I. Primarily : primitus : primo. 
II. Excellently: excellenter: egregie : praeclare : Cic. : 
eximie, Plin. 

PRIMENESS. s. Excellentia : praestantia : exsuperan- 
tia: Cic. 

PRIMER, s. I. A prayer-book, (with Roman Catho- 
lics) : sacrarum precum libellus. II. A horn-book in 
which children are taught to read: puerorum elementa, 

PRIMETAL or PRIMEVOUS. a. Primigenius, Varr The 
primeval, or primitive, church : primigenia, or primaeva, 
or prisca, ecclesia. 

PRIMITIVE, a. Primigenius, Varr. 

PRIMITIVENESS. s. Antiquitas : vetustas : prisca vetus- 
tas : Cic. 

PRIMNESS, s. Affectata omni diligentia membrorum 


PRIMOGENITURE. s. ^Etatis praerogativa. 

PRIMORDIAL, a. Primigenius, Varr. : primordius, Co- 
lum. : primus: (primordialis, Tertull.). 

PRIMROSE, s. (In botany) : primula veris. 

PRINCE, s. Princeps, Cic. 

PRINCEDOM, s. Principatus, us, Cass. 

PRINCELIKE or PRINCELY, a. Principalis, Suet. 

PRINCELY, ad. Basilice. 

PRINCESS. *. Princeps femina. 

PRINCIPAL, a. Praecipuus : principalis : Cic. : potissi- 
mus, Suet. 

PRINCIPAL, s. I. The head, chief: princeps : caput : 
prsepositus : praesul. The principal of a college or 
school : gymnasiarchus, Cic. II. A capital sum placed 
out at interest : sors : caput : Liv. 

PRINCIPALITY, s. Principatus,, us, Caes. 

PRINCIPALLY, ad. Maxime : praesertim : in primis : 

PRINCIPLE, s. I. Origin: principium: origo: Cic. 
II. Maxim laid down : effatum, Cic. III. Opi- 

nion : sententia : sensus : opinio. IV. Element ele- 

To PRINCIPLE, v.a. e.g. To principle children well : 
puerorum teneros animos boms opinionibus imbuere, 
Cic. : mentes informare optimis institutis, Quint. 

PRINCIPLED, part. a. Opinionibus imbutus. 

To PRINT, v.a. Rem in re imprimere : signare : Cic. 
To print a book : librum imprimere, prelo subjicerc, 
tjpis maiulare. 


PRINT. *. I. A mark impressed : nota: impressio 
signum. II. Picture made by impression : imago ex 
acre excusa scalpro, sculpta, aeri incisa. III. Arrange- 
ment of the types used in printing y impressio : impres- 
sum vestigium : impressa nota. 

PRINTER. *. Typographus : lihrarius. 

pographia : typographeum : typographium. 

PRIOR, a. Antiquior : prior : Cic. : (anterior, U. Jet.). 

PRIOR, s. Antistes. 

PRIORESS, s. Antistita. 

PRIORITY, s. Antecessio, Cic. 

PRIORY, s. Ccenobium. 

PRISM, s. Prisma, Marc. Cap. 

PRISMATIC, a. (Prismaticus). 

PRISON, s. Career : custodia : Cic. The keeper of a 
prison : carceris custos : janitor : Cic. : carceri praspo- 

PRISON-BARS or PRISON-BASE, s. Palaestrica decursio. 
To piny at prison-bars : cursu palaestrico se exercere : 
fig. : se invicem queritando defatigari. 

PRISONER, s. In carcere detentus : in vincula con- 
jectus : carcere inclusus : Cic. To be prisoner : attineri 
carcere, Ter. : esse in vinculis, Cic. 

PRISTINE, a. Pristinus : priscus : Cic. 

PRITHEE (for, I PRAY THEE), v. impers. Quaeso : die 

PRIVACY or PRIVATENESS. s. Solitudo, Cic. 

PRIVATE, a. I. Not open, secret : secretus : seduc- 
tus : arcanus : reconditus : Cic In private: clandestine, 
Plaut. : clam : secreto : occulte 3 arcane : remotis arbitris. 

II. Not public: privatus. 
PRIVATEER, s. Praedo maritimus. 

PRIVATELY or PRIVILY, ad. i. e. In private. See PRI- 

PRIVATION, s. Privatio, Cic A privation of liberty : 

adcmptio libertatis, Cic. 

PRIVATIVE, a. Privativus. ( In grammar) : A pri- 
vative particle : particula privativa, Cell. 

PRIVATIVELY. ad. Ca'teris exclusis. 

PRIVET or PRIMEPHINT. s. ( In botany) : ligustrum, Plin 

PRIVILEGE, s. Privilegium, Cic. : (praerpgativa, U. Jet.). 

To PRIVILEGE, v. a. Privilegium alicui dare, Sen. : 
privilegio aliqueni donare. 

PRIVITY, s. Communicatio : communip : Cic With- 
out my privity : me insciente, Cic. : me inscio atque in- 
consulto, Varr. 

PRIVY, a. I. Not public : privatus. II. Secret, 
private , secretus : seductus : arcanus : reconditus : Cic. 

III. Conscious, admitted to participation of know- 
ledge : baud ignarus : conscius. To be privy to a 
crime : facinoris cum aliquo societatem inire, Cic. 

PRIVY, s. Latrina, Varr. : foricaa, Juv. 

PRIVY COUNSELLOR, s. Principle consiliarius : e secre- 
tioribus principis consiliis. 

PRIZE, s. Praemium, Cic. : praeda. To carry 
the prize : ferre palmam, Cic., premium : Hor. 

To PRIZE, v. a. I. To rate, to value at a certain 
price: rei pretium statuere, Ter., constituere, Cic., im- 
ponere, Quint. : rem aestimare, Cic. II. To esteem 
highly : magni aestimare : pluris, or maximi, facere, Ter. : 
Cic. To prize a thing very little : rem minimi facere, 

PRIZE-FIGHTER, s. Gladiator, Cic. 

PRIZER. s. ./Estimator, Cic. 

PROBABILITY, s. Verisimilitude : probabilitas : Cic. 

PROBABLE, a. Verisimilis, Ter. : probabilis, Cic. 

PROBABLY, ad. (Probabiliter, Cic., in the sense of, 
Credibly, with proof) : fortasse : see PERHAPS. 

PROBATION, s. I. Trial, examination : inquisitio : 
investigatio : Cic. II. Proof: ratio : probatio : Quint. 

PROBATIONARY or PROBATORY. a. (Probatorius, Veget.): 
ad probandum accommodatus. 

PROBATIONER, s. In re rudis et tiro, Cic. 

PROBATIONERSHIP. s. Probationis, or tirocinii, tempus. 

PROBE, s. A surgeon's instrument,- specillum, Cic. 

To PROBE, v. a. Specillo vulnus explorare. 

PROBITY, s. Probitas : integritas : Cic. 

PROBLEM, s. Problema, Cic. 

PROBLEMATICAL, a. Anceps: opinabilis : de quo in 
utramque partem disputabitur : Sen. 

PROBLEMATICALLY, ad. Modo in utramque partem 
disputabili, Sen. 

PROBOSCIS, s. Manus, us : proboscis : Plin. 

PROCACIOUS. a. Insolens : arrogans : superbns : Cic. : 
ferox: praeferox: Liv.: protervus: prpcax : Cic. 

PROCACITY. s. Insolentia: arrogantia: ferocia: pro- 
cacitas : protervitas : Cic. 

PROCEDURE, s. Ratio, Cic. : agendi ratio, Ter. 

To PROCEED, v. n. I. To advance, go forward: 
procedere : progredi : provenire. II. To arise, spring : 
nasci : oriri : Cic. 111. To proceed against sortie one : 
in alterum inquirere, Cic. 

PROCEED.*. (A law term.) Reditus, us: fructus, Qs : 
vectigal, Cic. 

PROCEEDING, s. Ratio, Cic. : agendi ratio, Ter. Legal 
proceedings : lis : causa : Cic. 


PROCESS, s. I. Progress: progressio : progressus, 
us: processus, us : Cic. II. Course of law : litigium, 
Plaut. : lis : causa: Cic. III. Methodical management 
of any thing : agendi ratio, Ter. IV Process of time : 

temporis decursus, us: intervallum All things perish 

in process of time : depereunt aevo omnia, Ov. 

PROCESSION, s. I. A going for ward : processio : Cic. 
II. A train marching solemnly : pompa. 


To PROCLAIM, v. a. Promulgare : denuntiare : edi- 

PROCLAMATION, s. I. The act of proclaiming : pro- 
mulgatio : denuntiatio. II. That which is proclaimed : 
edictum, Cic. 

PROCLIVITY, s. I. Declivity : declivitas, Caes. : de- 
vexitas, Plin. II. Propensity: inclinatio voluntatis : 
animi propensio : proclivitas : Cic. : pronitas, Sen. 

PROCONSUL, s. Proconsul, Cic. 

PROCONSULAR, a. Proconsularis. 

PROCONSULSHIP. s. Proconsulatus, us, Plin. 

To PROCRASTINATE, v. a. and n. Rem in aliud tem- 
pus differre, Cic., proferre, rejicere, or protrudere To- 
procrastinate from day to day : in dies differre ac procras- 
tinare, Cic. 

PROCRASTINATION, s. Mora: cunctatio : dilatio : pro- 
crastinatio : Cic. 

To PROCREATE. t>. a. Procreare, Cic. 

PROCREATION, s. Procreatio, Cic. 

PROCREATOR. s. Pater : genitor : parens : Cic. 

PROCTOR, s. Curator, Sail. : procurator : alieni juri 
vicarius : Cic. 

PROCUMBENT, a. Devexus : inclinatus : Cic. : declivis, 
Goes. : declinatus, Vitr. 

PROCURACY. s. Rerum administrate, or gestio Cic. 

PROCURATION, s. Delegatio. 


To PROCURE, v . a. Praebere : operam dare : efficere. 

PROCURER, s. Sequester, Plaut. : (interposita persona, 
U. Jet.) : internuntius. 

PROCURESS, s. Libidinum internuntia,. institrix, 

PRODIGAL, a. and s. Prodigus, Cic. 

PRODIGALITY, s. Effusio, Cic. : prodigentia, Tac. : 
dissolutior liberalitas, Cic. 

PRODIGALLY, ad. Profuse, Liv. : effuse : prodige : 
Cic. To spend one's money prodigally : rem suam fun- 
ditare : argentum e domo egurgitare : Plaut. : pecunias 
profundere : rem familiarem prodigere, or dissipare : Cic. 

PRODIGIOUS, a. Monstrosus : portentosus : Cic. : pro- 
digiosus, Ov. 

PRODIGIOUSLY, ad. Monstrose : prodigialiter : Hor. : 
prodigiose, Plin. 

PRODIGY, s. Prodigiam, Cic. 

PRODITION. s. Proditio : perfidia : perfidiose factum : 

To PRODUCE, v. a. I. To bear, bring forth : pro- 
ducere : procreare : parere : edere. II. To cause, 
effect: facere: efficere. III. To bring forward, offer 
to view : afferre : in lucem proferre : exhibere : Cic. 

PRODUCE or PRODUCT. 5. Fructus, us : reditus, us : 
vectigal : Cic. 

PRODUCTION, s. Procreatio : Plin. Use the verbs, 
according to the sense. 

PRODUCTIVE, a. Fructuosus : quaestuosus : feracissi- 

PROEM, s. Praefatio, Cic. 

PROFANATION.*. Violatio (Of a temple): templi 
exauguratio, Cic. : templi viplatip, Plin. 

PROFANE, a. Profanus, Cic. : impius, Liv. 

To PROFANE, v. a. Prpfanare, Ov. : violare : polli- 
cere : profanum facere : Cic. 

TROFANELY. ad. Impie. 

PROFANENESS. s. Impietas. 

PROFANER. s. Sacrilegus : impius : Cic. 

To PROFESS, v. a. and n. Profited, Cic. To profess 
an art: artem profited : artem tractare : Ter., exercere, 

PROFESSEDLY, ad. Palam : publice : in ore atque 
oculis omnium : Cic. : ex professo, Sen. : Quint. 

"PROFESSION, s. Professio : ars : Cic. 

PROFESSOR, s. Doctor, Cic. : professor, Plin. 

PROFESSORSHIP, s. Professoris munus. 

To PROFFER, v. a. Rem alicui offerre, Cic. 

PROFFER, s. Conditio. 

PROFICIENCE or PROFICIENCY, s. Progressio : pro- 
gressus, us : processus, us : Cic. To make a proficiency : 
proticere : progressus facere, Cic. 

PROFICIENT, a. Progressus : progressus faciens. 

PROFILE, s. Obliqua imago, Plin. : figura? latus alter, 

To PROFILE, v. a. (In architecture! : obliquam ima- 
ginem facere, Plin. 

PROFIT, s. Lucrum : emolumentum : quaestus, us : 
utilitas: Cic. 

To PROFIT, v. a. and n. Quaestum acere : ex re utili 
tatem percipere : Cic. : in re proflcere, progredi : progres- 


sum. or profectum, facere. To profit by : ex re aliquid 
commodi capere, Catull. : commodum comparare : in re 
quaestum facere : Cic. : rein quaestui habere, Caes. 

PROFITABLE, a. Fructuosus : utilis : quaestuosus : Cic. 


PROFITABLY, ad. Utiliter : cum utilitate : Cic. 

PROFITLESS, a. Inutilis : ad nullam partem utilis : Cic. 

PROFLIGATE, a. Ad nequitiam abductus, Ter. : ad li- 
bidinem alienatus : ab officio avpcatus : scelestus : scele- 
ratus: facinorosus : nefarius, Cic. 

PROFLIGATE, s. Scelus, Ter. : homo nequam, or ne- 
farius, Cic.: vir perditus. A profligate woman : scor- 
tum : lupa : meretrix : meretricula : Cic. 

PROFLIGATELY, ad. Flagitiose, Cic. 

PROFLIGATENESS or PROFLIGACY, s. Insignis improbi- 
tas : nequitia : incredibilis perversitas : Cic. 

PROFOUND, a. Profundus : altus : depressus in altitu- 
dinem : Cic. 

PROFOUND, s. Altitudo, Cic. 

PROFOUNDLY, ad. Alte : altius : Cic. 


PROFUSE, a. Prodigus, Cic. : profusus. 

PROFUSELY, ad. Profuse, Liv. : effuse : prodige : Cic. 

PROFUSENESS or PROFUSION, s. Effusio, Cic. : prodi- 
gentia, Tac. : dissolutior liberalitas : profusi sumptus : 

PROGENITOR, s. Avus, Cic. Our progenitors : avi: 
majores : Cic. 

PROGENY, s. pi. Liberi : nati : nepotes : posteri : pos- 
teritas : Cic. 

PROGNOSTIC, s. (Prognosticum, Cic.): augurium, 
Plin. J. : prodigium : s ,portentum : Cic. 

To PROGNOSTICATE, v. a. I. To foreshow : porten- 
dere : significare : praesignificare : Cic. II. To judge 
by signs beforehand^ ex prognosticis pradivinare, or 

PROGNOSTICATION. '*. I. The act of foretelling : 
rerum futurarum prasdictio, Cic. II. A foretoken: 
(prognosticum, Cic.) : augurium, Plin. J. : prodigium: 
portentum : Cic. 

PROGNOSTICATOR. s. Propheta : . vates : fatidicus : 
Cic. : fatiloquus. 

PROGRAMME, s. Programma. 

PROGRESS. *. Progressio : progressus, us : processus, 
tis : Cic. To make great progress : magnos progressus 
efficere, Cic. 

PROGRESSION. s. Progressio. 

PROGRESSIVE, a. Progrediens. 

PROGRESSIVELY, ad. Progrediendo. 

To PROHIBIT, v. a. Prohibere : interdicere : vetare : 

PROHIBITED, a. part. Prohibitus, Sen. : interdictus : 
vetitus : Cic. Prohibited goods: interdictae, or vetitae, 

PROHIBITION, s. Interdictio : inhibitio : Cic. 

PROHIBITORY, a. (Prohibitorius, Plin.) : quo res pro- 

To PROJECT, v. a. Rem animo agitare, or meditari. 

To PROJECT, v. n. Eminere : Cic. : prominere, Plin. : 
exstare, Col. 

PROJECT, s. Consilium: cogitatum: Cic. 

PROJECTILE, s. (In natural philosophy): missile. 

PROJECTION, s. Projectus, us, Lucr. : delineata rei 
adumbratio : projectura : Vitr. : exstantia, Col. 

PROJECTORS, s. Projectura, Vitr. : exstantia, Col. 

PROLEGOMENA, s. Prolegomena. 

PROLEPTICAL. a. Antecedens. 

PROLETARIAN, a. Vulgaris: communis: Cic. : (pro- 
letarius, Pand.). 

PROLIFIC or PROLIFICAL. a. I. Generative: gene- 
randi vim habens. II. Fruitful : ferax : fertilis. 

PROLIX. . Longipr. To be prolix: sermonem lon- 
gius producere : orationis longitudine uti : Cic. 

PROLIXITY or PROLIXNESS. s. Orationis longitude, 
Cic., diffusio, Sen. 

PROLIXLY, ad. Verbosius : fuse lateque : Cic. 

PROLOCUTOR. *. Prolocutor, Quint. 

PROLOGUE. *. Prologus, Ter. : praeludium, Cell. 

To PROONG. v. a. Producere : protendere : pro- 

ferre : Cic To prolong the war until the winter : du 

cere bellum in hiemem, Caes. 

PROLONGATION, s. Temporis productio, Cic. Pro- 
longation of life : vitae propagatio, Cic. 

PROLUSION, s. Praeludium: proludium, Cell.: pro 
lusio, Cic. 

PROMiNENCB'or PROMINENCY, s. Prominentia, Vitr. : 
eminentia, Cic. 

PROMINENT, a. Prominens, LIT. 

PROMISCUOUS, a. Mistus : admistus : commistus : im- 
mistus : permistus. 

PROMISCUOUSLY, ad. Confuse : confuse et permiste : 
perturbate : Cic. : promiscue, Liv. 

PROMISE. *. Promissio : promissum : pollicitatio : 
Cic.: pollicitum, Col A promise of marriage : t con- 
nubi sponsio A written promise: syngrapha : chiro- 
graphi cautio : Cic. To keep or fulfil a promise : pro- 
missum facere, efficere, or complere : promissa patrare, 



solvere, persolvere, servare, or praestare : promisso suo 
satisfacere : promissis stare : fidem liberare : fidem, or 
>romissa, exsolvere, Cic To break a promise, to fail in 
one's promise : non praestare promiasum: fidem violare, 

or fallere : non stare promissis : Cic To be bound by 

one's promise : teneri promisso, Cic. 

To PROMISE, v. a. and w. Rem alicui promittere, or 
polliceri: Cic. A promising youth: eximia spe, or 
praaditus summa spe, adolescens, Cic To promise po- 
sitively: affirmate promittere, Cic. To promise one's 
" sperare. 
OMISER. s. Promissor, Hor. : qui promittit, or pol- 

icetur: (pollicitator, TertuU.) -A large promiser j 

argus promissis, Tac. : qui large promittit, Cic. 
PROMISSORY NOTE. *. Syngrapha: chirograph! cautio : 

PROMONTORY. *. Promontorium, Cic. : lingua, Ov. 

To PROMOTE, v. a. 1. To advance, forward : pro- 
movere : juvare : adjuvare : prodesse : maturare. II. 
To prefer, exalt to some new honour or rank : ad honores 
efferre, evehere, or provehere, Cic. : Liv. : promovere, 
Plin. J. 

PROMOTER* s. Promoter. 

PROMOTION, s. (Promotio, Asc. Fed.). Use the verbs. 

PROMPT, a. Celer : or, celerig : Hor. : promptus, Liv. : 
expeditus, Cic. 

To PROMPT, v. a. I. To help by secret instruction : 
dicenti verba insusurrare, Ter., subjicere, Cic. II. 
To incite, instigate : aliquem excitare, incitare, impellere : 
ad rem alicui stimulos admovere : Cic. 

PROMPTER, s. Monitor : admonitor : Plaut. 

PROMPTITUDE or PROMPTNESS, s. Celeritas, Cic. 

PROMPTLY, ad. Celeriter : velociter : expedite. 

PROMPTUARY. 5. Apotheca, Cic. 

To PROMULGATE or To PROMULGE. v.a. Vulgare: 
divulgare : evulgare : pervulgare : rem palara facere, 
in lucem proferre : Cic To promulgate a law : legem 
promulgare, Cic. 

PROMULGATION, s. Legis promulgatio, Cic. 

PROMULGATOR or PROMULGER. s. Vulgator, Ov. : qui 
rem pervulgat, &c. : (promulgator, Fronto). 

PRONE, a. I. Tending downward : devexus : incli- 
natus: Liv. II. Inclined, propense : propensus: or, 
proclivis : Cic. : pronus ad, Liv. 

PRONENESS. s. 1. Downward tendency : declivitas : 
rerum inclinatio. II. Inclination, propensity : volun- 
tatis inclinatio : animi propensio : Cic. : pronitas. 

PRONG, s. Furcae dens : cornu. 

PRONOMINAL, a. ( In grammar) j quod ad pronomen 

PRONOUN. *. (In grammar): pronomen," Varr. 

To PRONOUNCE, v. a. I. To utter, articulate: lite- 
ras, &c., pronuntiare, enuntiare, efferre, proferre: ex- 
primere: Cic.: Ov. II. To utter solemnly or confi- 
dently : rem, or de re, decidere, Cic. 

PRONUNCIATION, s. Literarum appellatio, Cic. : pro- 
nuntiatio, Quint Pronunciation of a name : nomini* 
prolatio, Liv. 

PROOF. $. Argumentum, Cic. : ratio : probatio : Quint. : 
specimen, Cic. : experimentum, Plin. J. 

PROOF, a. Impenetrabilis, Stat. : contra omnes ictus 
invictus, Plin. 

To PROP. v. a. Fulcire : suffulcire : Lucr. 

PROP. s. Fultura, Vitr. : (fulcimentum, U. Jet.). 

To PROPAGATE, v. a. and n. Propagare, Varr. : pro- 

PROPAGATION, s. Propagatio, Cic. 

PROPAGATOR, s. Propagator, Cic. : Sen. 

To PROPEL, v. a. Propellere, Lucr. : prptrudere, Cic. 

To PROPEND. v. n. Proclinare : ad aliquem, or ad 
rem, inclinare, or propendere, Cic. 

PROPENDENCY. s. Inclinatio. 

PROPENSE. a. Propensus, Cic. 

PROPENSION or PROPENSITY, s. Ad rem animi incli- 
natio, or propensio : proclivitas : Cic. 

PROPER, a. I. Peculiar, not common: proprius. 
II. Fit, suitable : accommodate: idonee: Cic. 

PROPERLY, ad. I. Strictly, peculiarly : proprie, Cic. 

II. Suitably, fitly : apte : accommode : idonee: Cic. 
PROPERTY, s. I. Peculiar quality : proprietas, Cic. 

The property of a tree : arboris virtus, Cic. II. 
Bight of possession: proprietas, Suet. : jus possidendi. 

III. A thing possessed : pi., possessiones : res : bona: 
(proprietas, Pand.). 

PROPHECY, s. Vaticinatio: vaticinium : futuri prae- 
dictio : prophetia : Bibl. 

To PROPHESY, v. a. and n. Vaticinari, Cic.: praenun- 
tiare : futura praadicere. 

PROPHET or PROPHESIER. s. Propheta : vates : fati- 
dicus : Cic.: fatiloquus A false prophet : pseudopro- 
pheta : pseudoprophetes, ae. 

PROPHETIC or PROPHETICAL, a. Vaticinus, Liv. 

PROPHETICALLY, ad. Vaticinando : vatum in morem. 

PROPINQUITY, s. I. We arness of place : vicinitas: 
propinquitas : Cic. II. Nearness of kin: propinqui- 
tas : sanguinis conjunctio, or cognatio: Cic.: consan- 
guinitas, Liv. 


To PROPITIATE, v. a. Propitiare: propitium red- 

dere To propitiate the Deity : Deum propitiare, 

Plaut. : divinum numen precibus placare, Cic. 

PROPITIATION, s. Litatio : propitiatio : Sen. 

PROPITIATOR, s. Intercessor. 

PROPITIATORY, a. Propitiatorius. 

PROPITIOUS, a. Propitius : secundus : prsesens. 

PROPITIOUSLY, ad, Auspicato : studiose : propensa : 

PROPITIOUSNESS. s. Bonitas : humanitas : comitas : Cic. 

PROPORTION, s. Proportio, Cic.: symmetria, Plin. 
Proportion of the body : apta membrorum compositio, 
Cic., congruentia, Plin In proportion to: peraequa 
proportione : pro rata parte : Cic. 

tionem servare, or adhibere, Varr. 

omnia inter se cohaerent, or apta et connexa sunt, Cic. 

PROPORTIONALLY, ad. Congrueriter : apte : Cic.: 
servata proportione. 

PROPORTIONAL, a. Proportionem servans, or adhi- 
bens : (proportionalis, Fronto). 

VROPOSAL. s. Conditio To make proposals of 
peace : pacis conditiones offerre, Liv. 

To PROPOSE, v. a. Rem proponere, or exponere : 
in medio, or in medium, afferre, ponere, or proferre: 
de re ad alios referre : Cic To propose to one's self: 
rem sibi, or animo, proponere, Cic. : animo destinare, 

PROPOSITION, s. Propositio : conditio. 


PROPRIETARY, a. Proprius alicui : (proprietarius, 
Paul. Sent.). 

PROPRIETOR, s. Rei dominus. 

PROPRIETY, s. I. Peculiarity of possession : domi- 
mum, Liv. II. Accuracy, justness : apta partium 
compositio et decentia, Cic Propriety of conduct or 
behaviour : pi., mores : boni mores. 

To PROPUGN. v. a. Aliquem defendere : propugnare : 
tueri : injuria, or ab injuria, prohibere. 

PROROGATION, s. Prorogatio, Cic.. 

To PROROGUE, v. a. Prorogare : diem proferre, Cic. 

PROSAIC, a. Prosaicus, Plin. 

To PROSCRIBE, v. a. Proscribere, Cic. 

PROSCRIBER. s. Proscriptor, Plin. 

PROSCRIPTION, s. Proscriptio, Cic. 

PROSE. 5. Prosa, Quint.: soluta, or prosa, oratio, 

To PROSECUTE, v. a. I. To sue at law : judicio 
porsequi, Cic. Person prosecuted: reus. II. To 

persevere in any thing : pergere, Cic To prosecute a 
design : in consilio pergere. 

PROSECUTION. s+ Actio: us: Cic. 

PROSECUTOR, s. Actor. 

PROSELYTE, s. Prop.: alia sacra amplexus: (pro- 
selytus, Tertull.). A proselyte from heathenism to 
Christianity: qui, quae, rejectis ethnicorum supersti- 
tionibus, Christo nomen dat. Fig. : novus opinionis 

PUOSELYTISM. s. Verse fidci cultores, or opinionis 
cujuslibet fautores, multiplicand! studium. 

PROSODICAL. a. Quod ad prosodiam pertinet. 

PROSODY, s. Prosodia : voculatio : Cell. : Syllabarum 
quantitas, Quint. 

PROSOPOPOEIA, s. (In rhetoric) : prosopopoeia, Quint. 

PROSPECT. *. Prospectus, us : aspectus, us: Cic. 

PROSPECTIVE, a. I. Looking forward : prospiciens. 
II. Future: futurus. 

To PROSPER, v. a. Rem alicui prosperare, or fortu- 
nare, Cic. : prosperos alicui successus dare, Liv. 

To PROSPER, v. n. Uti prospero fortunae flatu : suc- 
ceclere : bene, or prospere, succedere : successum, or 
prosperos successus, habere, Cic.: 

PROSPERITY, s. Prosperitas : secundas res. 

PROSPEROUS, a. Prosper, Sail. : Cic. : secundus. 

PROSPEROUSLY, ad. Prospere, Cic. 

PROSPICIENCE. s. Provisio : providentia : Cic. 

PROSTERNATION. s. Supplex humi corporis abjectio. 

To PROSTITUTE, v. a. Prostituere, Catull. 

PROSTITUTE, a. Impudicus : impurus : obscenus : 

PROSTITUTE, s. Meretrix : prostibulum : Plaut. : pro- 
stituta, Sen. 

PROSTITUTION. *. Vita meretricia, Cic. : projccta 
libido, Tac. 

PROSTRATE, a. Humi prostratus, Lucr. 

To PROSTRATE, v. a. Ad terram affligere, Plaut., de- 
jicere, Cic. : prosternere. To prostrate one's self: 
alterius ad pedes se prosternere. se projicere, or se pro- 
volvere, Cic. : pedibus provolvi, Liv. : alter! ad pedes 
se abjicere, Cic. 

PROSTRATION, s. Supplex humi corporis abjectio. 
Prostration oj -strength : virium defectus, us. 

To PROTECT, v . a Aliquem tegere : defendere ac 
protegere : tueri : or prscsidio tutari : Cic. : alicui patro- 
cinari, Plin. To protect innocence : inr.ocentiae esse 
praesidio : pro innocentibus propugnare : Cic. 


PROTECTION, s. Fides : prareidiuni : Cic. : tutela, 
Liv. To ask for protection : presidium ab aliquo 
petere, Cic. 

PROTECTIVE, a. Protegens. 

PROTECTOR, s. Defensor : propugnator : tutor : Cic. 

PROTECTRESS, s. Qua: defendit et protegit, Cic. : 

To PROTEND, v. n. Extendere : proferre : Cic. 

To PROTEST, v. a. and n. I. To enter a protest : 
contestando denuntiare : abjurare : Cic. : intercedere. 
II. To assert vehemently : testificari : profited : rem 
alicui profited atque polliceri : Cic. III. To protest a 
bill of exchange : chirographo insoluto, jus scripto legal! 

PROTEST, s. Testificatio, Cic. (Of a bill of ex- 
change) : chirographo insoluto, legale scriptum quo jus 
possessoris asseritur. 

PROTESTANT, a. Protestans. 

PROTESTATION, s. Testificatio, Cic. : pollicitatio. 
To make a thousand protestations of friendship : alicui 
studium in omni genere pfficii, or studium singulare, 
profited atque polliceri, Cic. 

PROTONOTARY. s. Pontificii concilii notarius. 

PROTOCOL, s. Formularum liber, Cic. : forensium 
formularum codex. 

PROTOTYPE, s. Archetypum, Plin. : exemplar, Cic. 

To PROTRACT, v. a. Producere : protendere : pro- 
ferre: (tempus) prorogare: Cic. 

PROTRACTION, s. (Temporis) productio, Cic. 

To PROTRUDE, v. a. and n. Protrudere, Cic. 

PROTUBERANCE, s. Tumor, Cic. : Inflatio, Col. 

PROTUBERANT, a. Inflatus : tumidus : turgidus : 
Cic. : turgens, Plin. 

To PROTUBERATE. v. n. Tumere : tumescere : Virg. : 
intumescere, Ov. : turgescere, Cels. : inflari, Cic. 

PROUD, a. Superbus : insolens : arrogans : elatus : 
Cic. : fastosus, Mart. 

PROUDLY . ad. Superbe : insolenter : arroganter : 

To PROVE, v. a. Probare : approbare : comprobare : 

To PROVE, v. n. Fieri: esse: se ostendere : ostendi. 

PROVEABLE. a. Probabilis : quod probari potest. 

PROVENDER, s. Pabulum, Cic. 

PROVERB, s. Proverbium : adagium, Cic. 

PROVERBIAL, a. Quod proverbium sapit : (proverblalis, 

PROVERBIALLY, ad. Ut est in proverbio, Cic. : (pro- 
verbialiter, Ammian.). 

To PROVIDE, v. a. and n. Rei, or de re, providere : 
rei consulere : Cic. To provide for the future : in poa- 
terum providere, or prospicere, Cic. : rem alicui suppe- 
ditare, subministrare, praebere, Ov. 

PROVIDED THAT. conj. Dum modo : dummodo : Cic. 

PROVIDENCE. *. I. Divine order and government: 
divina providentia, Cic.. II. Foresight: provisio: 
providentia: Cic. 

PROVIDENT, a. Providus : providens : Cic. 

PROVIDENTIAL, a. A Deo profectus. 

PROVIDENTIALLY, ad. Favente Deo. 

PROVIDENTLY, ad. Prudenter : considerate : Cic. 

PROVIDER, s. Annonae, or penus, curator, Cic. 

PROVINCE, s. Provincia. 

PROVINCIAL, a. Provincialis : municipalis : Cic. : 
provincia oriundus, U. Jet. 

PROVINCIAL, s. A spiritual governor : provincialis 
provinciae praepositus. 

PROVISION, s. Apparatus, us To make provision: 
prospicere: apparare. 

PROVISIONS, s. pi. Rerum ad vitam necessariarum 
comparatio, Cic. : annona cibaria : penus, us : Plaut. : 
penum, Ter. : penus, oris, Hor. Provisions for a jour- 
ney : viaticum Provisions for a day : diarium. 

PROVISIONAL, a. Pro tempore. 

PROVISO, s. Conditio. 

PROVISOR. s. Provisor, Hor. 

PROVOCATION, s. Provocatio, Liv. 

To PROVOKE, v. a. I. To rouse, to excite Iry some- 
thing offensive : lacessere : irritare : (ad ccrtamen, &c.) : 
Cic. II. To enr age, incense : stomachum movere: ir- 
ritare. III. To incite : stimulare : ciejre: movere: 

PROVOKINGLY. ad. Insolenter : superbe : arroganter : 

PROVOST. 5. Capitalis tribunus. 

PROVOSTSHIP. s. Tribuni capitalis munus, curia. 

PROW. s. The head of a ship : prora, Cic. 

PROWESS, s. Vires, pi. : fortitudo : virtus. 

To PROWL, v. a. and n. Cursitare, Ter. : circumcur- 
sare, Plaut. 

PROXIMATE or PROXIME. a. Proximus : vicinus : pro- 
pinquus : Cic. 

PROXIMATELY. ad. Proximo: nullo intcrcoaente. 

PROXIMITY, s Vicinia : vicinitas : propinquitas : Cic. 

PROXY, s. Procurator. 

PHUDE. s. Qui, qua?, aflectatam sapientiam prqese fert. 

PRUDENCE, s. Prudentia, Cic. 



PRUDENT, a. Prudens : consideratus : Cic. 

PRUDENTIAL, a. Ad prudentiam pertinens. 

PRUDENTLY, ad. Prudenter : considerate : Cic. 

PRUDERY, s. Ementita pudicitia : assimulata virtus. 

PRUDISH, a. Qui, quae, affectatam sapientiam praj se 

To PRUNE, v . a. Arborem interputare, Varr., inter- 
lucare, Plin. : arboris supervacuos ramos amputare, Col., 

compescere, Virg. 

j. s. Prun 


um, Col A dried prune : prunum 

PRUNELLO. s. A fruit: prunum sylvestre, Plin. 

PRUNKR. s. Arborarius putator, Varr. : frondator, 

PRUNING-HOOK or PRUNING-KNIFE. s. Falx, Cic. : falx 
putatoria, U. Jet. 

PRURIENCE or PRURIENCY, s. Pruritus, us. 

PRURIENT, a. Pruriens. 

To PRY. v. a. and n. Considerare, Cic. : observare : 
speculari : Cses. : rem, or in rem, inspicere, Ter. : Tac. 

PSALM, s. Psalmus. To sing psalms : psalmos ca- 
nere, or concinere. 

PSALMIST, s. Psalmorum scriptor : psaltes : (psal- 
mista, Hieron. : psalmicen : psalmographus : Sidon.). 

PSALMODY, s. Psalmorum cantus, us. 

PSALTER, s. Psalmorum liber : (psalterium, Hieron.). 

PSALTERY, s. A musical instruments psalterium, 
Varr.: Cic. 

PSEUDO. a. Vanus : falsus : Cic. 

PSEUDOLOGY. s. Falsum, Cic. 

PSEUDONYMOUS, ft. Going by a feigned name: qui 
nomen subdititium pras se fert, or gerit. 

PSHAW, interj. Apage ! nugas ! 

PTISAN, s. Ptisana, Plin. : ptisanarium, Hor. 

PUBERTY, s. Pubertas, Gels. 

PUBESCENT, a. Pubes : or, puber: Cic. 

PUBLIC, a. Publicus : notus : pervulgatus: Cic. 
The public weal : bonum publicum To make public : 
see To PUBLISH. 

PUBLIC, s. Populus : multitude : Cic. : vulgus, Liv. 

In public : see PUBLICLY. 
PUBLICAN, s. Publicanus, Cic. 
PUBLICATION. s. Promulgatio : denuntiatio : Cic. 
PUBLIC-HOUSE, s. Popina. 

PUBLICLY, ad. Palam : publice : in ore atque in. oculis 
omnium : coram omnibus : Cic. 

PUBLICITY, s. Publica notitia. 

To PUBLISH, v. a. Vulgare: divulgare : evulgare: 
pervulgare : rem palam facere, in lucem proferre : Cic. 

PUBLISHER, s. Libri editor. 

PUCELAGE. s. Virginitas, Cic. 
, .PUCK. . Larva, Plaut. : lemures, pi., Hor. 

To PUCKER, v. a. In rugas cogere. 

PUDDER. s. Fragor : strepitus, us : tumultus, us : Liv. 

To PUDDER. v. a, and n. Confundere : perturbare : 

PUDDING, s. Botulus : Tjotellus : Mart. 

PUDDLE, s. Aqua feculenta, Plin. : (fcetutina:, arum, 

PUDENCE or PUDICITY. s. Pudicitla : pudor : Cic. 

PUERILE, a. Puerilis. 

PUERILITY, s. Puerilitas, Sen. 

PUFF-HASTE. *. (In cookery): pistorium opus folia- 

To PUFF. v. a. and n. Tumidum facere. To pvff 
with pride: superbia tumere, turgescere. 

PUFFIN, s. A water-Jowl: mergus, Virg. 

PUFFINGLY. ad. Tumide, Sen. 

PUFFY, a. Tumens : turgidus: tumidus : inflatus : Cic. 

A swelling puffy style : oratio quae turget et inflata est, 
Auct. ad Her. 

PUG. s. I. A dog : caniculis. II. An ape: simia. 

PUGIL. s. Trium digitorum captus, us : quantum ap- 
prehenderint tres digiti : Plin. 

PUISNE, a. Natu minor, Cic. 

PUISSANCE, s. Potestas, Cic. : potentia, Plin. 

fiduciam habere, or ponere, Cic. 

paciscor : to make a bargain or agreement, covenant, deal.
paciscor : to make an agreement, covenant, pact.
pactum : agreement, contract, covenant, pact.
pactum : treaty, pact, contract.
pactus : agreed-upon, stipulated, betrothed.
paecipio : to warn, admonish /teach, instruct
paene, pene : nearly, almost.
paganus : countryman, peasant, pagan
pagatim : in vilages, in a village manner, in a rusticway
pala : spade, peel for putting bread in the oven
palam : openly, publicly, (+abl.) in the presence of
palea : chaff
palestra : gymnasium, wrestling school
paliurus : a plant, Christ's thorn
pallens : pale, wan, pale yellow, pale green /weak, drooping
palleo : be pale, be yellow
pallesco : (+ acc.) grow pale at
pallidus : pale, wan; causing paleness
pallium : coverlet, mantle, cloak.
pallor : paleness, fading
palma : palm
palmarium : excellent, splendid, outstanding
palmula : blade of an oar
palor :  (dep.) to wander, stray, err
palpito : throb, tremble, shake
palpo : carress, stroke /coax, cajole, flatter
paludosus : swampy, marshy, boggy
palus : pale, stake /swamp, bog, marsh
paluster : marshy, swampy, boggy
pando : to stretch out, spread out, extend
pandus : curved, crooked, arched, bowed
pango : to fix, hammer in, drive in, fasten
panis : (-is) bread
pannus : rag, patch, piece of cloth
panthera : leopard, panther
papas : tutor
papaver : poppy
papilla : teat, breast, nipple
pappo : -are; to eat
papula : a pimple
par : equal, like
paratus : preparation, fitting out, equipment.
paratus : prepared, ready, equipped; (of persons) skilled
parce : moderately, economically
parco : (+inf.: to forebear to), avoid, spare, keep oneself from.
parco : (with dative) to spare, refrain from injuring
parcus : sparing, thrifty, economical, moderate
pardus : panther, leopard
parens : parentis : parent.
pareo : (+ dat.) to be obedient to, obey.
paries parietis : wall (of a house)
parilis : similar, like, equal
pario,  to bear, bring forth, produce/ create, make, get.
pariter : equally, in like manner, as well.
pariter : alike, at the same time, together
paro : to prepare, get ready/ set, put/ furnish, supply/ buy.
pars partis : part, share /direction.
partim : partly /some.
parum  minus  minime : (adv.) little, too little, not enough.
parum : too little, too few, not enough
parumper : for a short time, for a little while, for a bit
parvulus : child, infant, young, little /very small, tiny
parvus  minor  minimus : small, little
pasco : to graze, forage, browse.
passer : sparrow.
passim : adv. far and wide, everywhere, scattered about /indiscriminately.
patefacio : to disclose, expose, open, make open
patella : dish, platter, plate
pateo : to be revealed, to stand open, to be clear, plain.
pateo : to be open, be exposed
pater  patris : father.
paterna : of a father, paternal, native
paternus : of a father, paternal, native
patesco : to be laid open, bare, exposed, to be revealed
patibilis : endurable, bearable, sufferable
patiens : patient /(+ gen.) capable of enduring.
patientia : patience, suffering, endurance
patina : a dish
patior : to suffer, endure, permit.
patria : fatherland, one's native country, homeland
patricius : a nobleman
patrocinor : to protect, defend, support, patronize.
patronus : patron, protector.
patruus : paternal uncle.
pauci : few, a few, some.
paulatim : gradually, litle by little.
paulisper : for a little while, for a short time.
paululum : very small, very little
pauper : beggar, person without means.
pauper : poor, with few means, poverty-stricken.
paupertas : beggardry, poverty, humble circumstances.
pax pacis : peace, truce, treaty
pax pacis : peace
peccamen : sin, fault, error
peccatus : sin.
pecco : to do wrong, err, sin, go astray.
pecto : to comb, card, thrash (to card wool).
pectus : pectoris : heart, breast
peculium : a bit of money, a small property
pecunia : money.
pecuniosus : rich, wealthy \profitable, lucrative
pecus : a single head of cattle, especially a sheep/ a herd
pedes : going on foot, walking /foot-soldier, infantryman
peior : worse (see malus).
pello  pepulli  pulsum : to hit, beat /exile, drive away, banish
peloris : a clam
pelvis : font
pendeo : to hang, depend, be suspended /be uncertain, undecided.
pendo : to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem
penetrabilis : capable of being penetrated / penetrating, piercing
penetralis : passing through, penetrating / internal, inner /
penetralis : (noun) interior, inner rooms
penetranter : deeply, penetratingly, searchingly
penetro : to put into, pass through, penetrate
penicullus : a painter's brush, pencil, stylus
peniculus : a sponge, brush
penis : tail
penitens : (penitentis) a penitent
penitentia : penance
penintentiarius : confessor, penintentiary
penitio : to do penance
penitus : (adverb) accurately, thoroughly, wholly, entirely
penitus : (adv.) inside, widely, through and through, completely
penitus : inward, inner, internal, interior
penna : feather, wing
pennatus : winged, with feathers
penniger : winged, with feathers
pennipes : wing-footed, swift, fleet
pennipotens : capable of flight
pennipotenti : birds
pensilis : hanging
pensio : a weighing out / paying, payment, rent / day of payment
pensito : to weigh carefully, weigh out / pay / ponder, consider, think over
penso : (-are) to weigh out / estimate, ponder, consider / pay, purchase
penuria : penurium :lack, want, penury
penuriosus : penurious, poor, poverty-stricken.
penus, us : provisions, supplies, victuals
peplum : robe of state
pepulo : ? Herimann, cap. 3.
per : (+ acc.) (means/instrument) through, with, by, by means of.
per : (+ acc.) (cause) because of, on account of.
per : (+ acc.) (of space) through, along, over / in the presence of.
per : (+ acc.) (of time) throughout, during, in the course of.
per : (prefix to an adjective) very, excessively, quite
pera : wallet, purse, bag
peractio : completion, finishing, end
peracto : to carry through, complete, accomplish
peraeque : quite equally
peragito : (-are) to harass, push around
perago : (-ere) to harass, disturb / mention / complete, accomplish
perago : (legal) to prosecute to the end
peragro : to wander through, travel through.
per antea : before, formerly.
percipio  percepi  perceptum : to gain, learn, perceive, understand.
percontor percunctor : inquire, interrogate, investigate.
perculsus : a shock.
percutio (percussum) : to strike hard, pierce, transfix /shock.
perdignus : very worthy.
perditio : loss, destruction
perdo : to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander.
perdo : to lose, destroy
perduco : to lead through, conduct, carry through.
perduco: perduxi : perductum : bring through, spread over
peregrinus : wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader.
pereo : to pass away, be destroyed, perish.
perfectus : complete, finished, done /perfect, without flaw.
perfero : to bear, suffer, endure.
perfero: pertulit : to endure, undergo
perficio : perfeci : perfectum: to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring about.
perfidia : treachery, faithlessness.
perfidiosus : treacherous, faithless
perfringo : to break through, penetrate /shatter.
perfruor : to execute completely, enjoy to the full.
perfusus : steeped, soaked, drenched.
pergo : to continue, proceed, go on with.
periclitatus : put in peril, endangered.
periclitor : to test make a trial, put in peril, endanger.
periculosus : hazardous, dangerous.
periculum : danger, risk.
perimo peremi peremptum : to destroy
peritus : skilled, expert.
periurium : perjury, oath-breaking, foreswearing an oath.
perlustro : to pass through, survey, look, examine.
permaximum : the very greatest.
permeo : to pass through.
permitto permissi permissum : to allow, permit, let.
permoveo : to excite, agitate, stir up, move.
perniciosus : pernicious, destructive.
perperam : wrongly, falsely.
perpetro : to complete, accomplish, perform.
perpetuus : perpetual, lasting, continuous, uninterrupted.
perscitus : very clever, exceedingly sharp.
per sic quod : on condition that, with the understanding that.
perscribo : to write out, write down, place on record.
perseco : to cut through, dissect, cut away.
persequor : to persecute, hunt down, track, trail.
persequor persequi persecutus : to follow, pursue, take revenge.
perseverantia : perseverence, persistence.
persevero : to persist, persevere, continue.
persisto : to persist, persevere.
persolvo : to unloose, explain, expound /pay off a debt, pay.
personam gero : to act a part.
persona : actor's mask, part, role /character, personality.
persona : [medieval] one holding an honor, official, magnate.
perspicuus : transparent, bright, clear, evident.
persto : to persist, remain firm.
persuadeo persuasi persuasum : (+ dat.) to persuade.
perterreo : to terrify.
pertimesco : to become very much afraid.
pertinacia : firmness, obstinacy, stubborness.
pertinaciter : stubbornly, obstinately.
pertinax : persistent, firm, mean, stubborn, obstinate
pertineo : to pertain to, relate to, concern.
pertingo : to stretch out, extend.
pertorqueo : to twist, distort.
pertraho : to drag, forcibly conduct, entice, allure.
perturbo : to disturb, trouble, perturb, disrupt.
perturpis : very disgraceful.
peruro perussi perustum : to burn up, consume /inflame, gall, chafe.
pervalidus : very strong.
pervenio : (+ acc.) to reach, attain, reach, be passed to.
perverto perverti perversum : to turn upside down, overturn, overthrow.
pervideo  pervidi pervisum : to look over, survey, inspect, discern.
pes pedis : foot.
pessimus : worst (see malus)
pessum : to the ground, to the bottom, downward.
pessum dare : to destroy, ruin, wreck
pessum ire : to sink, be ruined, destroyed, be put to an end.
pestifer : pestilential, injurious, damaging, plaguey,
pestifere : destructively, injurously.
pestilencia : pestilence, plague
pestis pestis : plague, epidemic, pestilence /destruction, curse.
petitus : inclining toward
peto : to ask for, beg, request, demand / to sue for.
peto : to make for, go to, seek, strive after.
Pevela : Pevele, near Cisoing.
pharetra : a quiver.
phasma  phasmatis : ghost, spirit, specter.
philologus : scholar, learned man / adj. learned, literary.
phitonicum : Herimann p. 275.
phthisis : consumption, tuberculosus.
physiologus : a natural science.
pia pium : honest, godly, holy, pious, dutiful, patriotic.
piaculum : a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment /a sin, crime.
pica : jay, magpie.
picea : the spruce tree
pictor : painter
picturatus : painted / of cloth, embroidered.
picus : woodpecker.
pie : adv, piously, religiously
pietas : dutifulness, dutiful comduct, piety, devotion, kindness.
piger pigra pigrum : lazy, slow, dull.
pignus : pawn, pledge, token, (in pl.) persons in pledges of
pilo : to shave, sut the hair.
pilosus : hairy, covered with hair
pilum : heavy javelin
pilus : a single hair /a trifle.
pinetum : pine wood.
pingo : pixi : pcitum : to paint, embroider, draw /stain, dye /decorate.
pinguesco : to grow fat, sleek.
pinguis : fat, oily, rich, sleek, /fertile.
pinguitudo : fatness, rotundity.
piper, piperis : pepper.
pipio : to chirp, tweet, pipe.
pirum : pear.
pirus : pear tree.
piscator : fisherman.
piscis piscis : fish.
pius: dutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate.
placeo : (+ dat.) to please, be agreeble to
placet : it is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good.
placide : quitely, gently.
placidus : quiet, still, gentle.
placitum : judgment, case/ plea, litigation / defense.
placitum : accord, agreement, pact /assembly for judgment.
placo : to placate, appease.
plaga : plague (Vulgate), affliction, scourge
plaga : a blow, stroke, wound, buffet,
plaga : district, zone, region
plagiarius : kidnapper, plagiarist
plane : plainly, clearly.
plango planxi planctum : to strike, beat /bewail, mourn.
platea : street, courtyard.
plaustrum : wagon, cart, Charles' Wain, the Big Dipper.
plebs plebis : the common people, the masses, the crowd.
plecto : to punish.
plector : to be punished.
plene : (adv.) completely, wholly, fully.
plenus : full, complete, full, satisfied, rich, mature, plump.
plerumque : for the  most part, generally, commonly, mostly.
plerusque : very many, a great number, a large part, the greater part.
plico : to fold.
plorabilis : deplorable.
ploratio : lamentation, mourning, weeping.
plorator : a lamenter.
ploratus : weeping, lamenting.
ploro : to lamen, weep, weep over.
pluit : pluvit : it is raining, a shower is falling.
pluma : feather /featherbed /pen.
plumbeus : leaden, made of lead /dull, stupid, heavy, opressive, bad.
plumbum album : tin.
plumbum : lead, a bullet, lead pipe.
pluo : to rain, shower, sprinkle.
plura : more numerous, several, many.
plures : more numerous, several, many.
pluries : often, frequently
plurimi : at the highest price, of the highest worth.
plurimus : most, very many.
pluris : (gen.) at a higher price, of a great value
plus : more.
plusculus : somewhat more, rather more.
pluvia : rain, shower.
pluvialis : pertaining to rain, of rain.
pocius potius : rather, preferrably.
pocius : = potius
poema poematis : poem, verse, rhyme.
poena : pain, punishment, penalty /poena dare : to pay the penalty.
poeta : (masc.) poet.
polenta : pearl barley, barley groats.
pollen : fine flour, fine meal. (also pollis )
polleo : to be strong, powerful, able.
pollex : thumb, big toe.
polliceor : to promise, offer.
pollicitus : promised, a promise.
pomum : fruit, apple.
pondera : balance, equilibrium.
pondero : to weigh, consider, reflect.
pondus : a pound's weight /weight, mass, load /heavy body.
pono posui positum : to lay, place, put, set /(milit.) post, station.
pons pontis : bridge.
poposco : see posco;  Herimann, cap. 28, 69.
populatio : devastation, wasting /population
populus : people, the people, nation, crowd, multitude, host.
porro : forward, further, next, in turn, (of time) long ago.
porta : gate, entrance.
posco : to call upon, ask ernestly, request.
positus : position, place, arrangment.
possessio : possession, property.
possum posse potum : to be able, avail, have influence.
post : (+ acc.) after, behind.
post modum : afterwards, presently, shortly
postea : afterwards.
posteri : posterity.
posterus, postremo : subsequent, following, next, future.
posthabeo : to put after, consider of less account, [posthabito].
postpono : to put after, consider secondary.
postquam : (conj.) after.
postulatio : a demand, request, desire /complaint.
postulator : plaintiff, complainant.
postulo : to ask, demand, require /summon, prosecute, impeach, try
postulo : to complain /contain, measure /need, require.
potens : able, mighty, powerful, strong.
potentia : f, might, power, authority
potestas : power, ability, authority /opportunity.
potior : (+ gen. or dat.) to possess, hold, get possession of.
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potissimum : (adv.) chiefly, most of all.
potissimus : best of all, chief, principal.
potius : comp. adj, in order that, rather
potius : rather, preferably
prae dulcis : pre dulcis : exceedingly sweet.
prae pre : (adv.) before, in front.
prae quam : pre quam : in comparison with.
prae : pre : (prep. with abl.) before, in front of.
prae se ferre / pre se ferre : to show, exhibit, on account of.
praebeo : prebeo : to offer, hold out, supply, provide, allow.
praebeo : prebeo : (+ refl.) to show oneself, present oneself.
praecedo : precedo : to precede, go before /surpass, excell.
praecedo : praecessi :praecessum : to go, result
praecelsus : precelsus : exceedingly high.
praecepio : precepio : precept, preconception.
praeceptum : preceptum : precept.
praecido : to cut short, lop, mutilate.
praeparo : preparo : to prepare, ready, make ready, arrange.
praecipio : precipio : to instruct, advise, warn, anticipate.
praecipue : adv, especially
praecipue : especially, chiefly
praeclarus : preclarus : excellent, famous, beautiful, striking.
praeconor : preconor : to be a public crier, to herald, proclaim.
praecox : precox : ripe beforehand, premature.
praeda : preda : plunder, booty, spoils of war, loot, gain, prey.
praedicare : to preach
praedicatio : preaching (s), foretelling (s), condemning
praedico : predico : to warn, admonish, instruct, foretell.
praeeo : preeo : to go before, precede /to say in advance /to order.
praefatus-i : m, before mentioned
praefero : prefero : anticipate, carry by, ride by.
praefero : prefero : to carry in front, display, prefer.
praeficio : preficio /prefeci prefectum : to put in charge of
praefinio : prefinio : to appoint ahead of time
praefoco : prefoco : to choke, suffocate.
praegravo : pregravo : to press heavily upon, weigh down, oppress.
praeire : to go before
praemitto : to send forward, dispatch, send in advance.
praemium : premium : reward, prize.
praemo : premo : to press down, strike down.
praenuntio : prenuntio : to foretell, announce before hand.
praenuntius : prenuncius : foretelling, harbinger, omen, token.
praepono : prepono : to set over, prefer.
praepositus prepositus : (monastic) prior.
praeproperus, preproperus: over-hasty, precipitate.
praesentia presentia : presence, presence of mind, effect, power.
praesidium presidium : guard, garrison, detachment /protection.
praesieo-sedi-ere : to sit before, preside, command
praestans prestans : excellent, distingished, imminent.
praestantia prestantia: superiority, excellence.
praesto presto : to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present.
praesto : to stand before, be outstanding, excell, surpass, show.
praesto presto : to answer for, be responsible for.
praestolatio prestolatio : the waiting for, expectation.
praesul presul : dancer /presider, protector, director.
praesum presum : to be at the head of, be in charge of.
praesum : v, to be before
praesumo presumo : to anticipate, take for granted.
praeter : adv, beyond, after
praeter : adj., except; prep. + acc., besides, beyond, more than.
praeterea : preterea : besides, further, hereafter.
praeterea : adv, besides, moreover, as indeed it is
praetereo : pretereo : to pass over, pass by, omit.
praeteritus : preteritus : past.
praetermissio : pretermissio : neglect, passing over, omission.
praetorgredior : pretergredior : to pass betond, go beyond.
praevenio : get the start of.
praevenio, prevenio : to come before, anticipate.
praevius : previous, former.
pravitas : crookedness, depravity, deformity, perversity.
pravus : depraved, wicked, evil, perverse
precipio : to anticipate, instruct, advise, warn.
precipue : chiefly, especially, particularly.
precipuus : excellent, distinguished, special, extraordinary.
precipue : especially, particularly, chiefly.
precor : to pray, beg, entreat, invoke.
prehendo : to seize, snatch, grasp, detain, arrest.
premo pressi pressum : to squeeze, press down, strike down.
premo : squeeze, press down, strike down.
prenda : booty, loot, stolen goods.
prepositus : reeve, steward, provost, prior, abbot
presertim praesertim : especially, chiefly
pretereo : to go by, pass by, escape.
pretium : price, vaue, reward.
prevenire : to come to, go before hand, attend.
prex precis : request, entreaty, prayer.
primitus : first, for the first time.
primo : first, at first, at the beginning, at the start.
primordia : atoms
primordium : first beginning, origin
primoris : first, foremost /most distinguished, first.
primoris : first, foremost, at the top, uppermost
primum : quam primum : as soon as possible.
primum : at first, for the first time, in the first place.
princeps : chief, prince.
principatus : rule, dominion, pre-eminence, first place.
principium : beginning.
prior : prius : former, prior.
priores : um : forefathers, ancestors.
priscus : ancient, antique, former, old days, venerable.
pristinus : former, venerable, ancient.
prius : before, formerely.
priusquam : (conj.) before.
privatus : private, unofficial, a private person.
privigna : step-daughter.
privo : to deprive
privus : (with gen.) deprived of.
pro : (+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as.
pro eo : because of the fact, because, for this reason..
pro : (+ abl.) in front of, before /on behalf of, for.
probatur : from probo-are, to judge, test, examine
probitas : probity, uprightness, honesty.
probo : to show, prove, demonstrate, approve, find good, judge.
procedo : to go out, come out /result, prosper /turn out well.
procedo : to go ahead, proceed, advance, continue.
procella : storm, tempest, gale; (milit) charge, onset, wave.
procer : chief noble, prince.
procinctu : prepared or ready for battle.
procul : far, at, to, from a distance.
procuratio : management, administration, diretion, supervision.
procurator : manager, bailiff, agent.
procuro : to take care of, manage
prodeo :    advance, go forward, appear, go forth, sally forth.
prodico : to put off, delay.
prodigentia : profusion, prodigiality.
prodigialiter : amazingly, wonderfully.
prodigiosus : unnatural, wonderful, miraculous, amazing.
prodigium : prodigy, portent / monster, unnatural thing.
prodigo : drive forth, waste, spend, expend.
prodigus : rich, extravagant, abound in, profuse.
proditio : treason, betrayal.
proditio : betrayal, treason
proditor : traitor, betrayer.
prodo : publish, bring forth, appoint /abandon, betray.
prodo : deliver, transmit, hand over.
prodoceo : teach, inculcate, indoctrinate.
prodromus : forerunner
producto produxi productum : produce, bring forward, bring out.
producto produxi productum : promote, divulge, bring to light.
proeliator : warrior.
proeliator preliator : fighter, warrior, combatant
proelium : battle.
profano : profane, desecrate.
profanus : not sacred, uninitiated, ordinary, common, impious.
profectio : departure, source, origin.
profecto : truly, really, indeed.
profero : to carry out, bring forth/ advance, impell/cite, mention.
profero : to enlarge, extend/ delay, postpone
professio : declaration, profession/ trade, art, craft, profession.
professor : authority, expert.
professorius : authoritative.
proficio : to make progress, advance.
proficio : advance, assist, help, aid, be of use.
proficiscor : to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise.
proficuus : proficiscor : to start forward, set out, depart, arise.
profiteor: to acknowledge, confess / offer, promise.
profiteor: to make a public statement / to declare oneself.
profor profari profatus : to speak out.
profugus : fleeing, fugitive, banished, migratory.
profundo frofui profusum : to pour forth, gush, stream.
profundum : a depth, abyss, chasm /the sea.
profundus : deep, profound, high, thick, dense, boundless.
progener : husband of a grand-daughter.
progenero : to produce, engender.
progenies : descent, lineage, progeny, offspring, descendants.
progenitor : founder of a family, ancestor.
progigno progenui progenitum : to engender, briing forth.
prognatus : born, sprung from /son.
progredior : to go forth, advance, proceed, go out.
progressio : advance, progress, increase.
progressus : advance, going forward, increase, a royal circuit.
prohibeo : to prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid.
prohibitio : prohibition, restrain, forbidding.
proicio : to throw forth, fling, abandon.
proinde ut:  proinde quam: just as.
proinde : consequently, therefore, as a result.
proinde quasi : proinde ac si : just as if.
prolabor : to slide forward, slip forward, fall forward, fall down.
prolapsio : a slipping or sliding.
prolatio : a bringing forward, mentioning /extension /deferring.
prolato : to enlarge, lengthen, extend /put off, defer.
prolecto : to entice, allure.
proles : offspring, descendants, posterity, (plants : fruit).
proletarius : a citizen of the lowest rank.
prolicio prolixi : to lure forth, entice.
prolix : long, stretching.
prolixus : wide, broad, long / willing, obliging, favorable.
proloquor : to speak out, declare openly.
proluo prolu prolutum : to wash away, wash clean.
prolusio : preliminary exercise, prelude.
proluvier : innundation /scouring /discharge.
promereo : promereor : to deserve, merit
promeritum : desserts, merit, credit.promissio : a promise.
prominens : jutting out, standing out /a projection.
promineo : to stand out, jut, extend.
promisce :  promiscue : indiscrimately.
promiscus promiscuus : mixed, indiscriminate /commonplace, usual.
promissio : a promise
promissor : a promiser, suretor, guarantor.
promitto : to let go, send forth, undertake, promise.
promitto : to let go forward, send forth, promise, undertake.
promo prompsi promptum : to produce, disclose, bring forth.
promontorium : peak, mountain crest, ridge, promontory.
promoveo promovi promotum : push forward, move ahead, advance.
prompte : promptly, resolutely, readily.
promptu : in promptu ponere : to make clear, reveal, disclose.
promptu : in promptu habere : to have read, display, have on show.
promptu : in promptu esse : to be ready, to be easy, to be clear.
promptus : (persons) prepared, resolute, prompt.
promptus : ready at hand, visible, apparent.
promulgatio : publication, promulgation (of a law).
promus : steward, butler.
promutuus : (cash) advanced, prepaid, arragned beforehand.
pronepos proneptos : great-grandson
pronuntio : to proclaim, announce, declaim.
propago-are : to spread, propagate
prope : near, near to, not far, not long from now.
prope : near, nearly, not far from, just now, closely.
propello : to drive before one, drive away.
propero : to hasten / accelerate, speed up.
propero : to hasten, speed, move rapidly, come quickly.
propinquo : (intrans) to come near, draw near, approach.
propinquus : near, close, similar, nearly related.
propitius : favorable, gracious.
propono : display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise.
propositum : a design, purpose, scheme, theme of discourse.
proprie : exclusively, particularly, peculiarly. properly.
proprius : characteristic, particular.
proprius : one's own, permanent, special, peculiar.
propter : (+ acc.) near, close, on account of, because of.
propugnaculum : fortification, rampart, defense.
prorsus : forward, straight ahead, to sum up, utterly, wholly.
prosequor (prosecutus) : to attack, go with, pursue, attend.
prosper : favorable, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.
prosperitas : propserity, good fortune.
prospicio : to look into the distance, contemplate.
prosterno : to knock down, cast down /destroy, ruin.
prosum (profuturus) : to be useful, of benefit, do good.
prosum : (with dat.) to be useful, do good, benefit.
protestor, protesto : to declare in public, affirm, bear witness.
prothonotario : protonotary
protinus : forward, further on, continuously, immediately.
protraho (protractus): to draw out, rpotact, defer, make known.
prout : as, just as, according to.
provectus : advanced, advanced in age.
provectus : aged, old, advanced in years
proveho : to carry on, carry forward, advance, promote,
proventus : a growing up, increase, crop, yield, or issue.
provideo : to foresee, provide, make provision for.
provisor : one who provides for, or against.
provolvere se : to throw oneself down, abase oneself.
proximus : nearest, closest, next.
prudens : prudent, wise.
prudenter : wisely, discreetly.
prudentia : foresight, wisdom, discretion.
Pruma : Prums.
publicus : of the people, public, open to all.
puchre : beautifully, finely, handsomely.
pudendus : shameful, disgraceful.
pudeo : to be ashamed,
pudicus : modest. chaste.
pudor : modesty, bashfulness.
puella : girl.
puer : boy.
puerilis : childish, boyish, folish, foolish.
pueriliter : boyishly, childishly, foolishly.
puga pyga : buttocks.
pugna : fight, battle, conflict, set-to.
pugnacitas : the desire to fight, pugnacity.
pugnaculum : fortress.
pugnax : fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious.
pugno : to fight.
pugnus : the fist.
pulchellus : pretty.
pulcher pulchra pulchrum : beautiful, handsome, fine.
pulchritudo pulchritudinis : beauty, fineness.
pulex : the flea.
pullulo : shoot up, sprout, burgeon.
pullus : dark-clorored, blackish /sad, gloomy / a dark garment.
pullus : young animal /chicken, chick.
pulmentum : anything eaten with bread, sauce or relish.
pulmo : the lung.
pulpa : flesh.
pulpitum : platform, stage.
pulso : to strike (the hours)
pulsus : beating, blow, push, impulse, influence.
pulvis : dust, powder /arena, scene of action.
pumilius  pumilio : a dwarf.
punctum : a prick, little hole, puncture /a point, spot, place.
pungo  pupugi  punctum : to prick, puncture, stab /touch, move.
pungo  pupugi  punctum : to penetrate /sting, annoy, harrass.
puniceus : purple, red.
punio : to punish, avenge, gave vengeance.
punitor : punisher, avenger.
pupa : doll /little girl.
pupillus  pupilla : orphan, ward.
puppis : stern of a ship, the poop.
pupula : pupil of the eye.
purgamentum : rubbish, trash, filth, sweepings.
purgatio: cleaning out, cleansing /excsuing, justification.
purgo : to clean, cleanse, purify/ clear away, wash off/ justify.
purpura : purple dye, purple cloth /high rank, emperorship.
purus : pure, free from, spotless, without stain.
pusillus : tiny, puny /petty, mean.
putator : pruner.
puteo : to stink, be redolent, smell bad.
puter : rotten, decayed, putrid /loose, crumbling /flabby.
putesco : to putrefy, day, rot.
puteus : well, pit.
puto : to clear, settle up, consider, think, believe, suppose, judge.
putus : pure, unmixed, unadulterated.
pyropus : bronze.
pyus  pyxidis : a little box, casket.
p., abb.
people, nation; abb. p.; [p. R. => populus Romani];
P., abb.
Publius (Roman praenomen); (abb. P.);
pabillus, pabilli
pabulatio, pabulationis
pabulator, pabulatoris
pabulor, pabulari, pabulatus sum DEP
pabulum, pabuli
fodder, forage, food for cattle; food/sustenance; fuel (for fire);
pacalis, pacalis, pacale
associated with peace;
pacatum, pacati
friendly country;
pacatus, pacata -um, pacatior -or -us, pacatissimus -a -um
peaceful, calm;
paccator, paccatoris
paccatum, paccati
paciencia, pacienciae [FXXBT]
endurance/hardiness; patience/persistence; apathy; sufferance; hardship;
tolerance/forbearance; complaisance/submissiveness; submission by prostitute;
paciens, (gen.), pacientis[FXXBW]
patient/long-suffering; tolerant/easy-going; submissive/liable/susceptible to;
hardy; able/willing to endure; capable of bearing/standing up to hard use;
pacienter, pacientius, pacientissime[FXXCW]
patiently; with patience/toleration;
pacifer, pacifera, paciferum
that brings peace; (esp. of various gods); of olive/laurel peace symbols/tokens;
pacificator, pacificatoris
pacificatorius, pacificatoria, pacificatorium
peace-making; pacific;
pacifico, pacificare, pacificavi, pacificatus
make peace, conclude peace; grant peace; pacify, appease;
pacificus, pacifica, pacificum
making or tending to make peace;
pacifier, pacifiera, pacifierum
bringing peace, peaceful;
pacisco, paciscere, -, pactus
make a bargain or agreement; agree, enter into a marriage contract; negotiate;
paciscor, pacisci, pactus sum DEP
make a bargain or agreement; agree, enter into a marriage contract; negotiate;
paco, pacare, pacavi, pacatus
pacify, subdue;
pactio, pactionis
bargain, agreement;
pactor, pactoris
pactum, pacti
bargain, agreement; manner;
pactus, pacta, pactum
agreed upon, appointed;
Padus, Padi
Po river;
paean, paeanis
hymn (usually of victory, to Apollo/other gods); Paean (Greek Apollo as healer);
paean, paeanos/is
hymn (usually of victory, to Apollo/other gods); Paean (Greek Apollo as healer);
paedagogia, paedagogiae
paedagogicus, paedagogica, paedagogicum
paedagogus, paedagogi
slave, who accompanied children to school; pedagogue;
paederastes, paederastae
paederos, paederotis [DSXNS]
precious stone; A:bear's foot plant ;
paediater, paediatrii
paediatrician, children's doctor;
paediatria, paediatriae
paediatrics, medical science dealing with childhood diseases;
paedicator, paedicatoris
sodomite, pedicstor;
paedico, paedicare, paedicavi, paedicatus
commit sodomy/pederasty with, practice unnatural vice upon;
paedico, paedicare, paedicavi, paedicatus
perform anal intercourse; commit sodomy with;
paedophilia, paedophiliae
child molestation;
paedophilus, paedophili
child molester;
paedor, paedoris
filth, dirt;
paelex, paelicis
mistress (installed as rival/in addition to wife), concubine; male prostitute;
nearly, almost; mostly;
paeninsula, paeninsulae
paenitentia, paenitentiae
regret (for act); change of mind/attitude; repentance/contrition (Def); penance;
paeniteo, paenitere, paenitui, -
displease; (cause to) regret; repent, be sorry; [me paenitet => I am sorry];
paenitet, paenitere, paenituit, - IMPERS
it displeases, makes angry, offends, dissatisfies, makes sorry;
paenitudo, paenitudinis
regret; repentance
paenula, paenulae
hooded weatherproof cloak;
paenularius, paenularii
paenulatus, paenulata, paenulatum
wearing a paenula;
paeon, paeonis
metrical foot, consisting of three short syllables and one long;
paeonius, paeonia, paeonium[XPXDS]
healing; of the god of medicine;
paetulus, paetula, paetulum
with a slight cast in the eyes, squinting;
paetus, paeta, paetum
having cast in the eye, squinting slightly;
paga, pagae
district; county (equiv. to pagus);
paganicus, paganica, paganicum
rustic; belonging to village/country people; [pila ~ => feather stuffed ball];
paganismus, paganismi
Pagan World;
paganitas, paganitatis
paganum, pagani
civilian affairs (pl.);
paganus, pagana, paganum
pagan; of a pagus (country district); rural/rustic; civilian (not military);
paganus, pagani
pagan; countryman, peasant; civilian (not soldier); civilians/locals (pl.);
in every village; in a village manner Nelson);
pagella, pagellae
little page;
pagencis, pagencis
inhabitants of a district; country-folk, peasants;
pagensis, pagensis
inhabitants of a district; country-folk, peasants;
pagina, paginae
page, sheet;
paginula, paginulae
little page;
pagus, pagi
country district/community, canton;
pala, palae
spade; shovel
palaeographia, palaeographiae
paleography, study of ancient writing/inscriptions;
palaeographicus, palaeographica, palaeographicum
paleographic, of the study/deciphering of ancient writing/inscriptions;
palaeontologia, palaeontologiae
paleontology, study of fossils/ancient life;
palaeopola, palaeopolae
palaeopolium, palaeopolii
antiques store;
palaestra, palaestrae
palaestra, wrestling school; gymnasium;
palaestricus, palaestrica, palaestricum
of the palaestra, gymnastic;
palaestrita, palaestritae
superintendent of a palaestra;
openly, publicly; plainly;
palam PREP ABL
in presence of;
Palatinus, Palatina, Palatinum
Palatine; imperial; name of one of the hills of Rome, the Palatine;
Palatium, Palati(i) [XXIBX]
Palatine Hill;
palatum, palati
palate; sense of taste;
palea, paleae
chaff, husk;
palear, palearis
dewlap (usu.pl.), fold of skin hanging from throat of cattle;
paleatus, paleata, paleatum
palifico, palificare, palificavi, palificatus
make evident;
Palile, Palilis
Feast (pl.) of Pales (tutelary deity of sheep and herds) on 21 April;
palimpsestus, palimpsesti
palinodia, palinodiae
paliurus, paliuri
shrub, Christ's thorn;
palla, pallae
palla, a lady's outer garment;
pallaca, pallacae
pallas, palladis
olive tree; E:goddess Minerva/Athene;
pallens, (gen.), pallentis
pale; greenish;
palleo, pallere, pallui, -
be/look pale; fade; become pale at;
pallesco, pallescere, pallui, -
grow pale; blanch; fade;
palliatus, palliata, palliatum[XXHEC]
clad in a pallium; (i.e. as a Greek, not togatus);.
pallidulus, pallidula, pallidulum
somewhat pale;
pallidus, pallida, pallidum
pale, yellow-green;
pallio, palliare, palliavi, palliatus
disguise; cloak; palliate;
palliolum, pallioli [XXHEC]
little Greek cloak; a hood;
pallium, palli(i)
cover, coverlet; Greek cloak;
pallolum, palloli
small/little cloak; small Greek mantle;
pallor, palloris
wanness; paleness of complexion; pallidness;
palma, palmae
palm/width of the hand; hand; palm tree/branch; date; palm award/first place;
palmaris, palmaris, palmare
palm-wide; palm-, of palms; prize-worthy;
palmarium, palmarii [XDXEC]
palmatus, palmata, palmatum
embroidered with palm branches;
palmes, palmitis
young vine branch/shoot/sprig/sprout; vine, bough, branch;
palmetum, palmeti
palmeus, palmea, palmeum
hands-width; palm-, of palm;
palmifer, palmifera, palmiferum
palmosus, palmosa, palmosum
full of palms;
palmula, palmulae
palmus, palmi
palm of the hand; width of palm as unit of measure (4 inches); span
Palmyra, Palmyrae [AXQFO]
Palmyra, city in Syria;
palor, palari, palatus sum DEP
wander abroad stray; scatter; wander aimlessly;
palpator, palpatoris
flatterer; stroker;
palpebra, palpebrae
palpito, palpitare, palpitavi, palpitatus
throb, beat, pulsate;
palpo, palpare, palpavi, palpatus
stroke; coax, flatter, wheedle;
palpor, palpari, palpatus sum DEP
stroke; coax, flatter, wheedle;
palpus, palpi
soft hand; coaxing;
paludamentum, paludamenti
general's cloak, of scarlet color;
paludatus, paludata, paludatum
wearing a military cloak;
paludester, paludestris, paludestre
swampy; marshy;
paludismus, paludismi
paludosus, paludosa, paludosum
fenny, boggy, swampy, marshy;
palum, pali
stake/pile/pole/unsplit wood; peg/pin; execution stake; wood sword; fence (pl.);
palumbes, palumbis N (3rd) C
wood-pigeon, ringdove; dupe, pigeon, mark, gull, one deceived/fooled/cheated;
palumbus, palumbi
wood-pigeon, ringdove; dupe, pigeon, mark, gull, one deceived/fooled/cheated;
palus, pali
stake/pile/pole/unsplit wood; peg/pin; execution stake; wood sword; fence (pl.);
palus, paludis
swamp, marsh;
paluster, palustris, palustre
marshy; of marshes;
palux, palucis [XXSFO]
gold-dust, gold-sand; (?);
pampinarium, pampinarii
pampinarius, pampinaria, pampinarium
of tendrils;
pampinatio, pampinationis
trimming (of vines);
pampineus, pampinea, pampineum
of/covered with vine shoots/foliage/tendrils;
pampino, pampinare, pampinavi, pampinatus
trim (vines);
pampinus, pampini
vine shoot, vine foliage;
Pan, Panos/is [XEXDS]
Pan; Greek god of shepherds;
panacea, panaceae
plant (medicinal); panacea, heal-all; kind of savory; daughter of Aesculapius;
panaces, panacis
plant, supposed to cure all diseases; panacea, heal-all; (species of Opoponax);
panaces, panacis
plant, supposed to cure all diseases; panacea, heal-all; (species of Opoponax);
panarium, panarii
panax, panacis N (3rd) C
plant, supposed to cure all diseases; panacea, heal-all; (species of Opoponax);
panchrestus, panchresta, panchrestum
good for everything;
panchristus, panchrista, panchristum
good for everything;
pancratiastes, pancratiastae
wrestler (in Pancratium);
pancration, pancratii
gymnastic contest;
pancratium, pancratii
gymnastic contest;
pancreas, pancreatis
pancreatitis, pancreatitidis
pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas;
pandectes, pandectae [XSXFO]
encyclopedia, book of universal knowledge;
pandiculor, pandiculari, pandiculatus sum DEP
stretch oneself;
pando, pandere, pandi, passus
spread out [passis manibus => with hands outstretched];
pandus, panda, pandum
spreading round in a wide curve arched;
pane, panis
panegyris, panegyris, panegyre
pango, pangere, panxi, panctus
compose; insert, drive in, fasten; plant; fix, settle, agree upon, stipulate;
pango, pangere, pegi, pactus
compose; insert, drive in, fasten; plant; fix, settle, agree upon, stipulate;
pango, pangere, pepigi, pactus
compose; insert, drive in, fasten; plant; fix, settle, agree upon, stipulate;
panicium, panicii
baked dough; anything baked; bread or cakes;
panicula, paniculae [XAXDS]
plant tuft; piece of thatch; B:swelling;
panicum, panici
Italian millet;
panicus, panica, panicum
panifex, panificis
baker, bread maker;
panifica, panificae
baker (female), she who makes bread;
panificium, panifici(i)
making/baking of bread; baked bread/loves/cakes (pl.);
panis, panis
bread; loaf;
panniculus, panniculi
little garment;
pannosus, pannosa, pannosum
dressed in rags, tattered;
pannuceus, pannucea, pannuceum
ragged; wrinkled, shriveled;
pannucius, pannucia, pannucium
ragged; wrinkled, shriveled;
pannus, panni
cloth, garment; charioteer's colored shirt; rags;
panoplia, panopliae [GXXFT]
equipment; (Erasmus);
pansa, pansae
pantex, panticis
belly (usu. pl.), paunch, guts; bowels; of sausages;
pantheismus, pantheismi
pantheisticus, pantheistica, pantheisticum
Pantheon, Panthei [CEIEO]
Pantheon, temple to all gods; (esp. rotunda temple by Agrippa in Rome);
panthera, pantherae
leopard; the whole of a single catch made by a fowler;
Pantheum, Panthei [CEIEO]
Pantheon, temple to all gods; (esp. rotunda temple by Agrippa in Rome);
Panthus, Panthi
Panthus, a priest of Apollo at Troy; used as a pseudonym;
pantomima, pantomimae
female mime performer in a pantomime;
pantomimus, pantomimi
mime performer in a pantomime;
panton, panti
pantopolium, pantopolii
department store;
Papa, Papae [EEXBX]
papaia, papaiae
papaya/pawpaw (Carica papaya);
papainum, papaini
papain enzyme; (ferment from papaya, aids digestion, meat tenderizer);
papalis, papalis, papale
papas, papae
governor; tutor;
papas, papatis
governor; tutor;
papatus, papatus
papaver, papaveris
poppy; poppy-seed;
papavereus, papaverea, papavereum
of poppy, poppy-;
papilio, papilionis
butterfly, moth;
papilla, papillae
nipple, teat, dug (of mammals);
papissa, papissae
popess, supposed female pope; (Joan);
papista, papistae
pappo, pappare, pappavi, pappatus
pappus, pappi
woolly seed of certain plants;
papula, papulae
pimple, pustule;
papyraceus, papyracea, papyraceum
of paper;
papyrifer, papyrifera, papyriferum
papyrio, papyrionis
papyrus marsh, place where papyrus grows abundantly;
papyrum, papyri
papyrus, the plant (reed); a garment or "paper" made from the papyrus plant;
papyrus, papyri
papyrus, the plant (reed); a garment or "paper" made from the papyrus plant;
par, paris N (3rd) C
mate, spouse, partner; match, peer; person of same kind/rank/station/prestige;
equal, counterpart; companion/partner at dinner; adversary, opponent;
par, paris
pair, set of two; conjugal pair; pair of associates/adversaries/contestants;
par, paris (gen.), -, parissimus -a -um
equal (to); a match for; of equal size/rank/age; fit/suitable/right/proper;
equal in power/prestige/importance/rank/status/office/authority; comparable;
corresponding in degree, proportionate, commensurate (unlike qualities);
measuring up, adequate, matching; well-matched; fair, equitable, reasonable;
balanced/level; S:even, divisible by two; [~ facere => settle accounts];
parabilis, parabilis, parabile
procurable, easily obtainable;
parabola, parabolae
comparison; explanatory illustration; parable (L+S), allegory; proverb; speech;
parabola (math.);
parabole, paraboles
comparison; explanatory illustration; parable (L+S), allegory; proverb; speech;
parabolicus, parabolica, parabolicum
parabolois, (gen.), paraboloidis
parabula, parabulae
comparison; explanatory illustration; parable (L+S), allegory; proverb; speech;
paracharactes, paracharactae
paracharagma, paracharagmatis
forged currency;
paracletus, paracleti [EXXDS]
advocate, defender, protector, helper, comforter; (appellation for Holy Ghost);
paraclitus, paracliti [EXXDS]
advocate, defender, protector, helper, comforter; (appellation for Holy Ghost);
paradisus, paradisi [XEXCS]
Paradise, Garden of Eden; abode of the blessed; park, orchard; a town/river;
paradoxum, paradoxi
paradox; philosophical paradoxes (pl.);
paragauda, paragaudae
lace-border; laced garment;
paragoge, paragoges
word-lengthening; paragoge, addition of letter/syllable to word (for emphasis);
paragraphum, paragraphi [FGXFM]
paragraph; paragraph-mark;
paragraphus, paragraphi [FGXFM]
paragraph; paragraph-mark;
paralios, paralia, paralion
seaside-growing ;
paralios, paralios, paralion
seaside-growing ;
parallaxis, parallaxis
parallelismus, parallelismi
parallelus, parallela, parallelum
parallel (lines);
parallelus, paralleli
parallel (geography);
paralysis, paralysis [XBHCO]
paralysis; any of several forms of paralysis; apoplexy; palsy
paralysis, paralysos/is [XBHCO]
paralysis; any of several forms of paralysis; apoplexy; palsy
paralyticus, paralytica, paralyticum[XBHES]
paralytic, paralyzed; palsied, struck with palsy
paralyticus, paralytici [XBHEO]
paralytic, paralyzed person; palsied person
paramentum, paramenti
apparel; adornment; ship's rigging;
paramese, parameses [FDXFO]
lowest note of tetrachord; next-to-middle-note; B-flat treble; ring finger;
parametrum, parametri
paranete, paranetes [XDXFO]
next-to-highest-note on certain tetrachords; lowest-string-but-one;
paraphrasis, paraphrasis
parapsis, parapsidis
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parapsis, parapsidos/is
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parasceve, parasceves [DEXDS]
day of preparation, day before the Sabbath;
parasceves, parascevae [EEXFT]
day of preparation, day before the Sabbath;
parasis, parasidis
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parasis, parasidos/is
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parasita, parasitae
female parasite;
parasitaster, parasitastri
sorry parasite;
parasiticus, parasitica, parasiticum
parasitus, parasiti
guest; parasite;
parastatica, parastaticae
square column; B:horse knee bone;
parastaticus, parastatica, parastaticum
square-columnar; of square columns;
paraster, parastri
paratragoedo, paratragoedare, paratragoedavi, paratragoedatus
talk theoretically;
paratus, parata -um, paratior -or -us, paratissimus -a -um
prepared; ready; equipped, provided;
paraveredus, paraveredi
extra post-horse; horse for special occasions;
Parca, Parcae [XEXDS]
Fate; one of the goddesses of fate;
parce, parcius, parcissime
sparingly, moderately; economically, frugally, thriftily, stingily;
parco, parcere, parcui, parsus
forbear, refrain from; spare; show consideration; be economical/thrifty with;
parco, parcere, parsi, parsus
forbear, refrain from; spare; show consideration; be economical/thrifty with;
parco, parcere, peperci, parsus
forbear, refrain from; spare; show consideration; be economical/thrifty with;
parcometrum, parcometri
parcus, parca, parcum
sparing, frugal; scanty, slight;
pardus, pardi
panther or leopard;
parens, (gen.), parentis
parens, parentis N (3rd) C
parent, father, mother;
parentale, parentalis
Parentalia; festival for dead ancestors;
parentalis, parentalis, parentale
of or belonging to parents;
parenthesis, parenthesis [FGXEK]
parentheticus, parenthetica, parentheticum
parento, parentare, parentavi, parentatus
perform rites at tombs; make appeasement offering (to the dead);
pareo, parere, parui, paritus INTRANS
obey, be subject/obedient to; submit/yield/comply; pay attention; attend to;
appear, be visible, be seen; be clear/evident (legal);
parhypate, parhypates [XDXES]
next-to-lowest tetrachord note; second-top string/note, next to highest
paries, parietis
wall, house wall;
parietarius, parietaria, parietarium
mural; of a wall;
parietina, parietinae
old walls (pl.), ruins;
parilis, parilis, parile
like, equal;
parilitas, parilitatis
equality; level to make fit;
pario, parere, peperi, partus
bear; give birth to; beget, bring forth; produce, lay (eggs); create; acquire;
pario, pariare, pariavi, pariatus
acquire (accounts); settle a debt; settle up;
pario, parire, peperi, paritus V (4th)
bear; give birth to; beget, bring forth; produce, lay (eggs); create; acquire;
parissumus, parissuma, parissumum
equal (to); a match for; of equal size/rank/age; fit/suitable/right/proper;
parisumus, parisuma, parisumum[BXXIS]
equal (to); a match for; of equal size/rank/age; fit/suitable/right/proper;
paritarius, paritaria, paritarium
paritas, paritatis
equality; parity;
equally; together;
parito, paritare, paritavi, paritatus
make ready;
parlamentaris, parlamentaris, parlamentare
parlamentarius, parlamentaria, parlamentarium
parlamentum, parlamenti
discussion; conference/parley; parliament
parliamentum, parliamenti
discussion; conference/parley; parlor; parliament
parma, parmae
small round shield;
parmatus, parmata, parmatum
armed with the parma (small round shield);
parmula, parmulae
little shield;
paro, parare, paravi, paratus
prepare; furnish/supply/provide; produce; obtain/get; buy; raise; put up; plan;
parocha, parochae
supplying of necessaries (to traveling public officials); purveyance;
parochia, parochiae [FEXDF]
parish; ecclesiastical district;
parochialis, parochialis, parochiale[FEXDF]
parochial, of or belonging/pertaining to a parish;
parochianus, parochiani [FEXDF]
parishioner; inhabitant of a parish;
parochus, parochi
commissary; (person responsible to supply traveling officials w/shelter/food);
paroecia, paroeciae
parish; ecclesiastical district;
paroecialis, paroecialis, paroeciale
paroecianus, paroeciani
paropsis, paropsidis
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
paropsis, paropsidos/is
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parosis, parosidis
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parosis, parosidos/is
dish for serving vegetables/fruit; desert dish
parotis, parotidis [XBXES]
tumor near ear; bracket of hyperthyrum;
paroxysmus, paroxysmi
parricida, parricidae
murderer of near relative (father?/parent); assassin of head of state, traitor;
parricidalis, parricidalis, parricidale
parricidal, of/connected with parricide/murder of near relative; treasonous;
parricidium, parricidi(i)
parricide; murder of near relative; assassination (of head of state); treason;
pars, partis
part, region; share; direction; portion, piece; party, faction, side;
role (of actor); office/function/duty (usu. pl.); [centesima ~ => 1% monthly];
parsimonia, parsimoniae
frugality, thrift, parsimony, temperance;
parthenice, parthenices
plant (unknown);
parthenium, parthenii
plant (several types);
Parthicus, Parthica, Parthicum[XXXCZ]
Parthus, Parthi
Parthian; inhabitant of Parthia (country south of Caspian Sea);
partibilis, partibilis, partibile
particeps, (gen.), participis
sharing in, taking part in;
particeps, participis N (3rd) C
sharer, partaker;
participatio, participationis
participation, sharing (in); participle (grammar);
participialis, participialis, participiale[XGXES]
participio, participionis
participation, sharing (in); participle (grammar);
participium, participi(i)
participo, participare, participavi, participatus
share; impart; partake of; participate in;
particula, particulae
small part, little bit, particle, atom;
particularis, particularis, particulare
particular; partial, of/concerning a (small) part;
particularismus, particularismi
particularity; specific;
particularista, particularistae
particularist; one who is particular;
particularisticus, particularistica, particularisticum
partly, for the most part; mostly; [partim ... partim => some ... others];
partio, partire, partivi, partitus
share, divide up, distribute;
partior, partiri, partitus sum V (4th) DEP
share, divide up, distribute;
partisanus, partisani
with proper division of subject into its parts;
partitio, partitionis
distribution, share; classification, logical distinction; div. into sections;
partitura, partiturae
partition (music);
partum, parti
gains, acquisitions; savings; what one has acquired/saved;
parturio, parturire, parturivi, - V (4th)
be in labor; bring forth; produce; be pregnant with/ready to give birth;
partus, partus
birth; offspring;
parum, minus, minime
too/very little, not enough/so good, insufficient; less; (SUPER) not at all;
for a short/little while; for a moment; in a short time; quickly, hurriedly;
parvipendo, parvipendere, parvipependi, parvipensus
slight (Douay); pay little attention to, give little weight to;
parvissimus, parvissima, parvissimum
parvitas, parvitatis
smallness, minuteness; insignificance, unimportance;
parvolus, parvola, parvolum
tiny, little, young;
parvulus, parvula, parvulum
very small, very young; unimportant; slight, petty;
parvulus, parvuli
infancy, childhood; small child, infant;
parvus, parva -um, minor -or -us, minimus -a -um
small, little, cheap; unimportant; (SUPER) smallest, least;
pasca, pascae
vinegar mixed in water; (field drink of Roman soldiers); (also for slaves);
Pascha, Paschae
Passover; Easter;
paschalis, paschalis, paschale
of Easter; Paschal; of Passover;
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastus
feed, feed on; graze;
pascua, pascuae
pasture, pasture-land; piece of grazing land;
pascuum, pascui
pasture, pasture-land; piece of grazing land;
pascuus, pascua, pascuum
used/suitable for pasture/grazing/pasture-land;
passer, passeris
passerculus, passerculi
little sparrow;
passibilis, passibilis, passibile
passible, capable of feeling/suffering/emotion; susceptible to sensations;
passibilitas, passibilitatis
passiblity, capablity of feeling/suffering; susceptiblity to sensation/emotion;
here and there; everywhere;
passio, passionis
suffering; passion; (esp. of Christ); disease (Bee);
freely, indiscriminately; randomly; passively, in passive sense (Latham);
passivus, passiva, passivum
random, indiscriminate; passive, being acted on (Latham);
passum, passi
passus, passa, passum
spread out; outstretched; dried;
passus, passus
step, pace; [mille passus -> mile; duo milia passuum => two miles];
pastillus, pastilli
pastinaca, pastinacae
parsnip; carrot; fish-of-prey (sting-ray?);
pastinatum, pastinati
plants (pl.) cultivated by preparing (ground) by digging and leveling;
pastino, pastinare, pastinavi, pastinatus
prepare (ground) by digging and leveling;
pastoforium, pastoforii
place in temple where image of deity was preserved and his servants abode;
pastoforius, pastoforii
priest (of Isis) who carried image of deity in little shrine to collect alms;
pastophorium, pastophorii
place in temple where image of deity was preserved and his servants abode;
pastophorius, pastophorii
priest (of Isis) who carried image of deity in little shrine to collect alms;
pastor, pastoris
shepherd, herdsman;
pastoralis, pastoralis, pastorale
pastoricius, pastoricia, pastoricium
of/connected with herdsmen;
pastorius, pastoria, pastorium[XAXDS]
pastus, pastus
pasture, feeding ground; pasturage;
patefacio, patefacere, patefeci, patefactus
reveal/uncover/disclose/expose; bring to light; make known/visible; dissect;
open (up); (gates); clear, make available; deploy (troops); expose (to attack);
patefio, pateferi, patefactus sum V SEMIDEP
be made known/opened/revealed/uncovered/disclosed/exposed; (patefacio PASS);
patella, patellae
small dish or plate;
patens, patentis (gen.), patentior -or -us, patentissimus -a -um
open, accessible;
pateo, patere, patui, -
stand open, be open; extend; be well known; lie open, be accessible;
pater, patris
father; [pater familias, patris familias => head of family/household];
patera, paterae
bowl; saucer;
paternitas, paternitatis
fatherly feeling/care; paternity; descendants of one father;
paternus, paterna, paternum
father's, paternal; ancestral;
patesco, patescere, patui, -
be opened/open/revealed; become clear/known; open; extend, spread;
pathicus, pathica -um, pathicior -or -us, pathicissimus -a -um
submitting to (anal) sex; lascivious (of catamites/prostitutes/books);
pathicus, pathici
sodomite, one who submits to anal sex;
pathologia, pathologiae
pathologicus, pathologica, pathologicum
patibilis, patibilis, patibile
endurable; sensitive;
patibulatus, patibulata, patibulatum
yoked; pilloried;
patibulum, patibuli
fork-shaped yoke; gibbet;
patiens, patientis (gen.), patientior -or -us, patientissimus -a -um
patient/long-suffering; tolerant/easy-going; submissive/liable/susceptible to;
hardy; able/willing to endure; capable of bearing/standing up to hard use;
patienter, patientius, patientissime
patiently; with patience/toleration;
patientia, patientiae
endurance/hardiness; patience/persistence; apathy; sufferance; hardship;
tolerance/forbearance; complaisance/submissiveness; submission by prostitute;
patina, patinae
patinatio, patinationis
patinator, patinatoris
patino, patinare, patinavi, patinatus
patinus, patini
patior, pati, passus sum DEP
suffer; allow; undergo, endure; permit;
pator, patoris
patrator, patratoris
patria, patriae
native land; home, native city; one's country;
patriarcha, patriarchae
patriarch; father/chief of a tribe; chief bishop, Patriarch;
patriarchatus, patriarchatus
patriarches, patriarchae
patriarch; father/chief of a tribe; chief bishop, Patriarch;
patriciatus, patriciatus
patrician status/dignity; patriciate; dignity of imperial court;
patricida, patricidae
patricide, one who kills his father; murderer of his own father;
patricius, patricia, patricium
patrician, noble;
patricius, patricii
patrician; aristocrat;
patrimonium, patrimoni(i)
patrimus, patrima, patrimum
having father still living;
patrioticus, patriotica, patrioticum
of one's native land; in mother tongue;
patriotismus, patriotismi
patritus, patrita, patritum
inherited from one's father;
patrius, patria, patrium
father's, paternal; ancestral;
patrizo, patrizare, patrizavi, patrizatus
take after one's father;
patro, patrare, patravi, patratus
accomplish, bring to completion;
patrocinium, patrocini(i)
protection, defense patronage, legal defense;
patrocinor, patrocinari, patrocinatus sum DEP
defend, protect;
patrona, patronae
protectress, patroness;
patronatus, patronatus
status/position/rights of patron; patronage [jus ~ => patronage rights];
patronus, patroni
patron; advocate; defender, protector;
patronymicus, patronymica, patronymicum
of father's name; G:patronymic, derived from name of father/ancestor w/fix;
patruelis, patruelis
patruelis, patruelis, patruele
of a cousin;
patruus, patrui
father's brother; paternal uncle; [~ magnus/major/maximus => gr/gr-gr/gr-gr-gr];
severe reprover; type of harshness/censoriousness/finding fault; "Dutch uncle";
patulus, patula, patulum
wide open, gaping; wide-spreading;
paucitas, paucitatis
scarcity; paucity;
pauculus, paucula, pauculum
not very much, a little; (only) a small number (pl.), few, a few;
paucum, pauci
only a small/an indefinite number of/few things (pl.), a few words/points;
paucus, pauca -um, paucior -or -us, paucissimus -a -um
little, small in quantity/extent; few (usu. pl.); just a few; small number of;
paucus, pauci
only a small/an indefinite number of people (pl.), few; a few; a select few;
little by little, by degrees, gradually; a small amount at a time, bit by bit;
for (only) a short time/brief while;
little by little, by degrees, gradually; a small amount at a time, bit by bit;
for (only) a short time/brief while;
by a little; by only a small amount; a little; somewhat;
little by little, by degrees, bit by bit, gradually; in small amounts;
little/bit; to a small extent, somewhat;
little; to small extent, somewhat; only a small amount/short while/distance;
paullulum, paulluli
little bit, trifle; a little; (only a) small/little amount/quantity;
paullulus, paullula, paullulum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
little/bit; to a small extent, somewhat; only a small amount/short while;
paullum, paulli
little/small; (only a) small amount/quantity/extent; little bit/while; trifle;
for a short while/little bit;
paullus, paulla, paullum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
by a little; by only a small amount; a little; somewhat;
little by little, by degrees, bit by bit, gradually; in small amounts;
little/bit; to a small extent, somewhat;
little; to small extent, somewhat; only a small amount/short while/distance;
paululum, paululi
little bit, trifle; a little; (only a) small/little amount/quantity;;
paululus, paulula, paululum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
little/bit; to a small extent, somewhat; only a small amount/short while;
paulum, pauli
little/small; (only a) small amount/quantity/extent; little bit/while; trifle;
for a short while/little bit;
paulus, paula, paulum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
Paulus, Pauli [EEXBX]
pauper, pauperis
poor man;
pauper, pauperis (gen.), pauperior -or -us, pauperrimus -a -um
poor/meager/unproductive; scantily endowed; cheap, of little worth; of poor man;
pauperculus, paupercula, pauperculum
pauperies, pauperiei
paupero, pauperare, pauperavi, pauperatus
make poor, deprive;
paupertas, paupertatis
poverty, need; humble circumstances;
paupertinus, paupertina, paupertinum
poor; sorry;
pausa, pausae
cessation, end;
pausea, pauseae
olive species; olive with excellent oil;
pausia, pausiae
species of olive;
pauso, pausare, pausavi, pausatus
pause; halt; cease;
pauxillulus, pauxillula, pauxillulum
very small, very little;
pauxillum, pauxilli
pauxillus, pauxilla, pauxillum
small, little;
pava, pavae [EAXFW]
pavefacio, pavefacere, pavefeci, pavefactus
terrify; alarm; scare/frighten
pavefio, paveferi, pavefactus sum V SEMIDEP
be terrified/alarmed/scared/frightened; (pavefacio PASS);
paveo, pavere, pavi, -
be frightened or terrified at;
pavesco, pavescere,
become alarmed;
pavicula, paviculae
pavidus, pavida, pavidum
fearful, terrified, panicstruck;
pavimentatus, pavimentata, pavimentatum
paved (VPAR of pavimentare);
pavimentum, pavimenti
pavio, pavire, pavivi, pavitus V (4th)
beat, strike; push down;
pavito, pavitare,
be in a state of fear or trepidation (at);
pavo, pavonis
pavor, pavoris
fear, panic;
pavus, pavi
pax, pacis
peace; harmony;
paxillus, paxilli
wooden pin/peg; small stake
peccabilis, peccabilis, peccabile
peccabilitas, peccabilitatis
peccabundus, peccabunda, peccabundum
peccadillum, peccadilli [GXXEM]
peccadillo, minor indiscretion;
peccamen, peccaminis
fault; E:sin;
peccatio, peccationis
wrongdoing, transgression, sin, wrong;
peccatissimus, peccatissima, peccatissimum
overloaded with sin; deeply mired in sin;
peccator, peccatoris
sinner; transgressor;
peccatorius, peccatoria, peccatorium
peccatrix, (gen.), peccatricis
sinful; sinning;
peccatrix, peccatricis [EXXCS]
sinner/transgressor (female);
peccatulum, peccatuli [GXXEM]
peccadillo, minor indiscretion;
peccatum, peccati
sin; moral offense; error, mistake; lapse, misdemeanor; transgression; wrong;
peccatus, peccatus
sin; moral offense; error, mistake; lapse, misdemeanor; transgression; wrong;
pecco, peccare, peccavi, peccatus
sin; do wrong, commit moral offense; blunder, stumble; be wrong;
make mistake; make slip in speaking; act incorrectly; go wrong, be faulty;
pecorosus, pecorosa, pecorosum
rich in cattle;
pecten, pectinis
comb; rake; quill (playing lyre); comb-like thing, pubic bone/region; scallop;
pecto, pectere, pexi, pectitus
comb; card (wool, etc);
pecto, pectere, pexi, pexus
comb; card (wool, etc);
pectunculus, pectunculi
small scallop;
pectus, pectoris [XBXAX]
breast, heart; feeling, soul, mind;
pectusculum, pectusculi
breast; (breast of sacrificial animal as offering); little breast;
pecu, pecus
herd, flock; cattle, sheep; farm animals (pl.); pastures money;
pecuarium, pecuari(i)
herds of sheep or cattle (pl.);
pecuarius, pecuari(i)
cattle-breeder, grazier; farmers of the public pastures (pl.);
pecuarius, pecuaria, pecuarium
of sheep or cattle;
pecuinus, pecuina, pecuinum
beast-like; of cattle;
peculator, peculatoris
embezzler of public money;
peculatus, peculatus
embezzlement of public money or property;
peculiaris, peculiaris, peculiare
personal/private/special/peculiar/specific, one's own; singular/exceptional;
peculiatus, peculiata, peculiatum
furnished with money; provided with property;
peculiosus, peculiosa, peculiosum
wealthy; with private property;
peculium, peculi(i)
small savings; private property;
pecunia, pecuniae [XLXAX]
money; property;
pecuniarius, pecuniaria, pecuniarium
of money, pecuniary;
pecuniosus, pecuniosa, pecuniosum
rich, wealthy; profitable;
pecus, pecoris
cattle, herd, flock;
pecus, pecudis
sheep; animal;
pedale, pedalis
pedalis, pedalis, pedale
measuring a foot;
pedamen, pedaminis
prop, stake; (for vines);
pedamentum, pedamenti
prop, stake; (for vines);
pedarius, pedaria, pedarium
of a foot; [senatores pedarii => senators of inferior rank];
pedatura, pedaturae
space/extent of a foot; prop of a vine;
pedatus, pedatus
attack; charge;
pedeplanum, pedeplani
ground floor;
pedes, (gen.), peditis
on foot;
pedes, peditis [XWXBO]
foot soldier, infantryman; pedestrian, who goes on foot; infantry (pl.);
pedester, pedestris, pedestre
infantry-, of foot-soldiers; walking; on foot/land; pedestrian;
pedestrian; prosaic, commonplace; prose-;
pedetemptim, pedetemptius, pedetemptissime
step-by-step; feeling one's way; gradually, cautiously;
step-by-step; feeling one's way; gradually, cautiously;
pedica, pedicae
shackle, fetter; snare;
pedicator, pedicatoris
pedico, pedicare, pedicavi, pedicatus
perform anal intercourse; commit sodomy with;
pediculosus, pediculosa, pediculosum
pediculus, pediculi
little foot; A:foot-stalk;
pedicura, pedicurae
pedifollis, pedifollis
pedifollis, pedifollis, pedifolle
football-/soccer-, footballing;
pedifollium, pedifollii
pediseca, pedisecae [BXXCO]
female attendant; waiting woman, waitress; handmaiden;
pedisecus, pediseca, pedisecum
that follows on foot; (like an attendant); follow on the heels of/immediately;
pedisecus, pediseci [BXXCO]
male attendant, manservant; follower on foot; footman, page; lackey;
pedisequa, pedisequae
female attendant; waiting woman, waitress; handmaiden;
pedisequus, pedisequa, pedisequum
that follows on foot; (like an attendant); follow on the heels of/immediately;
pedisequus, pedisequi
male attendant, manservant; follower on foot; footman, page; lackey;
pedissequa, pedissequae
female attendant; waiting woman, waitress; handmaiden;
pedissequus, pedissequa, pedissequum
that follows on foot; (like an attendant); follow on the heels of/immediately;
pedissequus, pedissequi
male attendant, manservant; follower on foot; footman, page; lackey;
peditatus, peditatus
Pedius, Pedi
Pedius; (gens name); any/fictitious name (law); [Q Pedius => Caesar's nephew];
Pedius, Pedia, Pedium
Pedius, Roman gens; [Q ~ =>Caesar's nephew, lex ~ =>law trying Caesar's killer];
pedum, pedi
shepherd's crook;
pegma, pegmatis
bookcase; bookshelf; scaffold, movable platform, stage fixture; scaffolding;
peiorativus, peiorativa, peiorativum
peioresceo, peiorescere, peiorescui, peiorescitus
get worse;
peioro, peiorare, peioravi, peioratus
peiuro, peiurare, peiuravi, peiuratus
swear falsely; perjure oneself; (see also peiero);
pejeratus, pejerata, pejeratum
hurt/offended by false oath; (jus pejeratum => false oath);
pejero, pejerare, pejeravi, pejeratus
swear falsely; swear false oath; lie;
pejerosus, pejerosa, pejerosum
pejuratus, pejurata, pejuratum
hurt/offended by false oath; (jus pejuratum => false oath);
pejuro, pejurare, pejuravi, pejuratus
swear falsely; swear false oath; lie;
pejurosus, pejurosa, pejurosum
pelagius, pelagia, pelagium
marine, of the sea;
pelagus, pelagi
sea; the open sea, the main; (-us neuter, only sing.);
pelamis, pelamidis
young/small tunny; (less than one year old L+S);
pelamys, pelamydis
young/small tunny; (less than one year old L+S);
Pelasgus, Pelasgi
ancient Greek;
pelex, pelicis
mistress (installed as rival/in addition to wife), concubine; male prostitute;
pelicatus, pelicatus
concubinage, living together;
pellacia, pellaciae
enticement; seduction; attraction;
pellax, (gen.), pellacis
seductive, glib;
pellectio, pellectionis
reading through;
pellego, pellegere, pellegi, pellectus
read over/through (silent/aloud); scan, survey, run one's eyes over; recount;
pellex, pellicis
mistress (installed as rival/in addition to wife), concubine; male prostitute;
pelliceus, pellicea, pelliceum
skin-, made of skins;
pellicio, pellicere, pellexi, pellectus
attract/draw away; allure/seduce/entice/captivate; coax/induce/wheedle/win over;
pellicio, pellicere, pellicui, pellectus
attract/draw away; allure/seduce/entice/captivate; coax/induce/wheedle/win over;
pellicius, pellicia, pellicium
skin-, made of skins/furs;
pellico, pellicere, -, [EXXFW]
attract/draw away; allure/seduce/entice/captivate; coax/induce/wheedle/win over;
pellicula, pelliculae
skin, hide;
pellis, pellis
skin, hide; pelt;
pellitus, pellita, pellitum
covered with skins;
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus
beat; drive out; push; banish, strike, defeat, drive away, rout;
pelluceeo, pelluceere, pelluxi, - INTRANS
transmit/admit/emit light; be transparent; shine through/out; be apparent;
peloris, peloridis
mussel; giant mussel large edible shellfish; clam
pelta, peltae
crescent-shaped shield;
peltasta, peltastae
soldier armed with the pelta (small light shield);
peltastes, peltastae
soldier armed with the pelta (small light shield);
peltatus, peltata, peltatum
armed with the pelta (crescent-shaped shield);
pelusia, pelusiae
pelvis, pelvis
shallow bowl or basin;
pena, penae [FXXCZ]
penalty, punishment; revenge/retribution; [poena dare => to pay the penalty];
penarius, penaria, penarium
of or for provisions;
Penas, Penatis
Penates; (usu. pl.); gods of home/larder/family; home/dwelling; family/line;
penatiger, penatigera, penatigerum[XEIEC]
carrying the Penates;
pendeo, pendere, pependi, -
hang, hang down; depend; [~ ab ore => hang upon the lips, listen attentively];
pendo, pendere, pependi, pensus [XLXAX]
weigh out; pay, pay out;
pendulus, pendula, pendulum
hanging, hanging down, uncertain;
pendulus, penduli
penecostas, penecostados/is [EEXEP]
fifty; the number fifty; (7 Sundays after Easter); (Jewish 50th day of omer);
penecoste, penecostes [EEXEP]
Pentecost/Whitsunday; (7th Sunday after Easter); 50 days; Jewish harvest feast;
penes PREP ACC
in the power of, in the hands of (person); belonging to;
penetentiarius, penetentiarii
confessor; penitentiary;
penetrabilis, penetrabilis, penetrabile
that can be pierced; penetrable; piercing;
penetrale, penetralis
inner part of a place; inner shrine; sanctuary of the household gods;
innermost parts/chambers/self (pl.); spirit, life of soul; gimlet (Latham);
penetralis, penetralis, penetrale
inner, innermost;
deeply, penetratingly, searchingly;
penetratio, penetrationis
piercing; penetration;
penetro, penetrare, penetravi, penetratus
enter, penetrate;
penicillinum, penicillini
penicillus, penicilli
painter's brush or pencil; style;
peniculus, peniculi
brush (of ox/horse tail); painter's brush; sponge; diminutive of penis
penis, penis
male sexual organ, penis; (sometimes rude); a tail;
penitentialis, penitentialis, penitentiale[XEXFM]
penitentiarius, penitentiarii
confessor; penitentiary;
peniteo, penitere, penitui, - [FXXDZ]
displease; (cause to) regret; repent, be sorry; [me paenitet => I am sorry];
do penance;
penitet, penitere, penituit, - IMPERS
it displeases, makes angry, offends, dissatisfies, makes sorry;
penitrale, penitralis
innermost parts/chambers/self (pl.); spirit, life of soul; gimlet (Latham);
inside; deep within; thoroughly;
penitus, penita, penitum
inner, inward;
penna, pennae
feather, wing;
pennatus, pennata, pennatum
penniger, pennigera, pennigerum
feathered, winged;
pennipes, (gen.), pennipedis[XYXEC]
pennipotens, (gen.), pennipotentis
able to fly, winged;
pennipotens, pennipotentis
birds (pl.);
pennula, pennulae
little wing;
pensilis, pensilis, pensile
hanging, pendant
pensio, pensionis
payment, installment, pension; paying out; rent; measured weight; recompense;
pensitatio, pensitationis
payment/compensation; expense valuable/precious thing; pension (Douay);
pensito, pensitare, pensitavi, pensitatus
weigh/ponder/consider; compare (with); pay/be subject to tax; bring in income;
penso, pensare, pensavi, pensatus
weigh (out); pay/punish for; counterbalance, compensate; ponder, examine;
pensum, pensi
allotment for weaving, wool given to be spun/woven; task/stint; homework;
pentachordum, pentachordi
5-stringed instrument;
pentachordus, pentachorda, pentachordum
5-stringed (instrument);
pentacontarchus, pentacontarchi [EWXFS]
pentacontarch, commander of fifty men; (platoon commander);
pentameter, pentametri [XPXES]
pentameter; five metric feet;
pente, undeclined
musical fifth;
pentecontarcus, pentecontarci [EWXFW]
pentacontarch, commander of fifty men; (platoon commander); (1 Maccabbes 3:55);
Pentecostalis, Pentecostalis, Pentecostale
Pentecostal, belonging to Pentecost/Whitsuntide;
Pentecoste, Pentecostes
Pentecost, Whit-Sunday, fiftieth day after Easter;
penteris, penteris
quinquereme, large galley with five rowers to each room or five banks of oars;
pentral, pentralis
gimlet; innermost parts/chambers/self (pl.) (Ecc); spirit, life of soul;
pentrale, pentralis
gimlet; innermost parts/chambers/self (pl.) (Ecc); spirit, life of soul;
penuarius, penuaria, penuarium
used for food storage;
penum, peni
provisions, food; stock of household; storeroom in temple of Vesta;
penuria, penuriae
want, need, scarcity;
penuriosus, penuriosa, penuriosum
needy; penurious, poor, poverty-stricken;
penus, penoris
provisions, food; stock of a household; storeroom in temple of Vesta;
penus, penus
provisions, food; stock of household; storeroom in temple of Vesta;
peplum, pepli
robe of state;
peplus, pepli
robe of state;
pepo, peponis [XAXDS]
watermelon; (other such/guard); species of large melon pumpkin;
pepon, peponis
watermelon; (other such/guard);
pepsinum, pepsini
through (space); during (time); by, by means of;
pera, perae
satchel; bag slung over shoulder (for day's provisions); (affected by Cynics);
perabsurdus, perabsurda, perabsurdum
highly ridiculous;
peraccedo, peraccedere, peraccessi, peraccessus
succeed in reaching;
peraccommodatus, peraccommodata, peraccommodatum
very convenient;
peracer, peracris, peracre
very sharp;
peracerbus, peracerba, peracerbum
very sour, very harsh;
peracesco, peracescere, peracui, -
become very bitter/sour; become vexed/upset; get teed off;
peractio, peractionis
completion; D:last act (of drama);
peracutus, peracuta, peracutum
very penetrating; very sharp;
peradulescens, (gen.), peradulescentis
very young;
peraequo, peraequare, peraequavi, peraequatus
equalize; make quite equal;
peragito, peragitare, peragitavi, peragitatus
harass with repeated attacks;
perago, peragere, peregi, peractus
disturb; finish; kill; carry through to the end, complete;
peragratio, peragrationis
peragro, peragrare, peragravi, peragratus
travel over every part of, scour;
peramans, (gen.), peramantis
very fond; very loving;
perambulo, perambulare, perambulavi, perambulatus
walk about in, tour; make the round of;
peramo, peramare, peramavi, peramatus
persevere in love;
peramoenus, peramoena, peramoenum
very pleasant;
peramplus, perampla, peramplum
very large;
perangustus, perangusta, perangustum
very narrow;
perantiquus, perantiqua, perantiquum
very ancient;
perappositus, perapposita, perappositum
very suitable;
perarduus, perardua, perarduum
very difficult;
perargutus, perarguta, perargutum
very wittily;
peraridus, perarida, peraridum
very dry; very arid;
peraro, perarare, peraravi, peraratus
furrow; inscribe (scratch on a waxen tablet);
very attentively;
perattentus, perattenta, perattentum
very attentive;
perbacchor, perbacchari, perbacchatus sum DEP
get through; waste (time) in revelry; carouse/revel throughout
perbeatus, perbeata, perbeatum
very fortunate;
very well;
perbenevolus, perbenevola, perbenevolum
very well-disposed;
perbibo, perbibere, perbibi, -
drink deeply, drink in;
perbito, perbitere,
perish; go over;
perblandus, perblanda, perblandum
very charming;
perbonus, perbona, perbonum
very good, excellent; finished, complete;
perca, percae
fish, the perch;
percalefactus, percalefacta, percalefactum
thoroughly heated;
percalesco, percalescere, percalui, -
become very warm;
percallesco, percallescere, percallui, -
become callous;
percarus, percara, percarum
very dear; much loved; very costly;
percautus, percauta, percautum
very cautious;
percelebro, percelebrare, percelebravi, percelebratus
make thoroughly known;
perceler, perceleris, percelere
very quick;
percello, percellere, perculi, perculsus
strike down; strike; overpower; dismay, demoralize, upset;
percenseo, percensere, percensui, percensitus
enumerate, recite from start to finish; inspect/examine/go over thoroughly;
run one's mind over, review; survey, make complete/methodical assessment of;
perceptibilis, perceptibilis, perceptibile
perceptible; participating (in anything);
percido, percidere, percidi, percisus
hit/punch very hard; commit sodomy on; cut down/to pieces (troops);
percieo, perciere,
excite; set in motion;
percio, percire, percivi, percitus V (4th)
excite, stir up, move (emotions); set in motion, propel;
percipio, percipere, percepi, perceptus
secure, gain; perceive, learn, feel;
percitus, percita, percitum
roused; excited; stirred up; propelled;
percomis, percomis, percome
very friendly/kind/courteous/gracious;;
percommodus, percommoda, percommodum
very convenient;
percontatio, percontationis
questioning, inquiry;
percontator, percontatoris
percontor, percontari, percontatus sum DEP
percontumax, (gen.), percontumacis
very obstinate;
percoquo, percoquere, percoxi, percoctus
cook thoroughly; bake, heat;
percrebesco, percrebescere, percrebui, -
become very frequent, become very widespread;
percrebresco, percrebrescere, percrebrui, -
become very frequent, become very widespread;
percrepo, percrepare, percrepui, -
resound; make resound;
percupidus, percupida, percupidum
very fond;
percupio, percupere,
be very eager for, long for; desire greatly, wish wholeheartedly;
percuriosus, percuriosa, percuriosum
very inquisitive;
percuro, percurare, percuravi, percuratus
heal completely;
percurro, percurrere, percucurri, percursus
quickly move/run/travel/hasten/pass through/over; form continuous line; stroke;
review, run over (in thought/words), run through in sequence; skim over;
touch upon different points in quick succession; fill offices in succession;
travel quickly from end to end; make rapid tour, visit in quick succession;
percurro, percurrere, percurri, percursus
quickly move/run/travel/hasten/pass through/over; form continuous line; stroke;
review, run over (in thought/words), run through in sequence; skim over;
touch upon different points in quick succession; fill offices in succession;
travel quickly from end to end; make rapid tour, visit in quick succession;
percursatio, percursationis
traveling through;
percursio, percursionis
running over; hasty thinking;
percurso, percursare, percursavi, percursatus
rove about;
percusio, percusionis
rapid review, running over in the mind; rapid treatment of subject (rhetoric);
percussio, percussionis
beat (music); percussion, action of beating/striking/smiting;
percussor, percussoris
murderer, assassin;
percussus, percussus
buffeting; beating;
percutio, percutere, percussi, percussus
beat, strike; pierce;
percuto, percutare, percutavi, percutatus
affect deeply;
perdecorus, perdecora, perdecorum
very comely;
perdelirus, perdelira, perdelirum
perdepso, perdepsere, perdepsui, perdepstus[XXXFD]
dishonor; have improper sex; (rude);
perdignus, perdigna, perdignum
very worthy;
perdiligens, (gen.), perdiligentis
very diligent;
perdisco, perdiscere, perdidici, -
learn thoroughly;
desperately, in desperate/unrestrained way; recklessly; violently;
desperately, to desperation;
perditio, perditionis
destruction, ruin, perdition;
perditor, perditoris
destroyer; one who ruins/destroys;
perditrix, perditricis
destroyer (female); she who ruins/destroys;
perditus, perdita -um, perditior -or -us, perditissimus -a -um
ruined; broken/debilitated; bankrupt, financially ruined; lost, done for;
degenerate, morally depraved, wild, abandoned; reckless; desperate/hopeless;
perditus, perditus
ruination, ruin;
for a long while;
perdiuturnus, perdiuturna, perdiuturnum
lasting a very long time;
perdives, (gen.), perdivitis
very rich;
perdix, perdicis N (3rd) C
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditus
ruin, destroy; lose; waste;
perdoceo, perdocere, perdocui, perdoctus
instruct thoroughly;
perdoco, perdocere, perdocui, perdoctus
teach (thoroughly);
perdoleo, perdolere, perdolui, perdolitus INTRANS
vex, bother, cause grief/annoyance; grieve, be annoyed;
perdolesco, perdolescere, perdolui, -
feel great pain;
perdolo, perdolare, perdolavi, perdolatus
hack, hew into shape, fashion by hewing/hacking;
perdomo, perdomare, perdomui, perdomitus
tame/subdue thoroughly, break in (animals); conquer/subjugate completely;
crush (grain)/knead (dough) thoroughly; work/break up (soil) thoroughly;
perdormisco, perdormiscere,
sleep on;
perduco, perducere, perduxi, perductus
lead, guide; prolong; induce, conduct, bring through;
perducto, perductare, perductavi, perductatus
perductor, perductoris
guide; pimp;
for a very long time past; long time ago;
perduellio, perduellionis
treason; hostile action against one's country;
perduellis, perduellis
national enemy; enemy; adherent of country with which one's own is at war;
perduro, perdurare, perduravi, perduratus
last long, endure;
peredo, peredere, peredi, peresus
eat up, consume, waste;
peredo, peresse, V
eat up, consume, waste;
to/from abroad;
abroad; away from home;
peregrinabundus, peregrinabunda, peregrinabundum
traveling about;
peregrinans, peregrinantis
pilgrim; (foreign) traveler; wanderer;
peregrinatio, peregrinationis
traveling/staying/living abroad, sojourn abroad; travel; pilgrimage;
peregrinator, peregrinatoris
peregrinitas, peregrinitatis
alienage; foreign habit; foreign tone;
peregrinor, peregrinari, peregrinatus sum DEP
travel about, be an alien, sojourn in strange country, go abroad, wander, roam;
peregrinus, peregrina, peregrinum
foreign, strange, alien; exotic;
peregrinus, peregrini
foreigner, stranger, alien; foreign woman (F); foreign residents (pl.);
peregrinus, peregrini
perelegans, (gen.), perelegantis
very elegant; very polished;
pereloquens, (gen.), pereloquentis
very eloquent;
peremnium, peremnii
auspices taken on crossing any running water;
day after tomorrow;
perendinus, perendina, perendinum
after tomorrow; [perendino die => the day after tomorrow];
perennis, perennis, perenne
continual; everlasting, perpetual, perennial; eternal;
perenno, perennare, perennavi, perennatus
last many years;
pereo, perire, perivi(ii), peritus V
die, pass away; be ruined, be destroyed; go to waste;
perequito, perequitare, perequitavi, perequitatus
ride through; ride around;
pererro, pererrare, pererravi, pererratus
wander through, roam or ramble over;
pereruditus, pererudita, pereruditum
very learned;
perexcelsus, perexcelsa, perexcelsum
very high;
perexiguus, perexigua, perexiguum
very small;
very cleverly, very wisely, brilliantly;
perfacetus, perfaceta, perfacetum
very witty, brilliant;
very easily; readily;
perfacilis, perfacilis, perfacile
very easy, very courteous;
perfamiliaris, perfamiliaris
close friend;
perfamiliaris, perfamiliaris, perfamiliare
very intimate;
perfectio, perfectionis
perfection, completion; bringing to completion/perfection; ideal/completed form;
perfectissimatus, perfectissimatus
emperor's office; office of perfectissimus;
perfectissimus, perfectissimi
most-perfect man;
perfectus, perfecta, perfectum
perfect, complete; excellent;
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatus V
carry through; bear, endure to the end, suffer; announce;
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus
complete, finish; execute; bring about, accomplish; do thoroughly;
perfidia, perfidiae
faithlessness, treachery, perfidy;
perfidiosus, perfidiosa, perfidiosum
perfidus, perfida, perfidum
faithless, treacherous, false, deceitful;
perfigo, perfigere, perfixi, perfixus
pierce; transfix; pierce through penetrate; impale; run/thrust through;
perfinio, perfinire, perfinivi, perfinitus V (4th)
perflabilis, perflabilis, perflabile
airy; susceptible; can be blown over;
perflagitiosus, perflagitiosa, perflagitiosum
very shameful;
perflo, perflare, perflavi, perflatus
blow through or over;
perfluctuo, perfluctuare, perfluctuavi, perfluctuatus [XPXFS]
flow through;
perfluo, perfluere, perfluxi, perfluxus
flow/run through; flow on/along; stream (with moisture); flow (drapery);
perfodio, perfodere, perfodi, perfossus
bore/dig/make hole/passage/channel/break in/through; dig/pierce/stab/perforate;
perfodio, perfodire, perfodivi, perfoditus
bore/dig/make hole/passage/channel/break in/through; dig/pierce/stab/perforate;
perforaculum, perforaculi
drilling machine;
perforo, perforare, perforavi, perforatus
bore/pierce/make a hole/passage/break in/through; bore/pierce/stab/perforate;
perfossor, perfossoris
digger through; one who breaks in;
perfremo, perfremare, perfremui, -
fill place with roaring/snorting sounds; snort/roar along;
perfrequens, (gen.), perfrequentis
very crowded/full; much frequented;
perfrico, perfricare, perfricavi, perfrictus
rub all over; rub smooth; [~ os/frontem/facium => wipe off blush/abandon shame];
perfrico, perfricare, perfricui, perfricatus
rub all over; rub smooth; [~ os/frontem/facium => wipe off blush/abandon shame];
perfrictio, perfrictionis
chill, thorough chilling; bad cold abrasion, rubbing;
perfrictiuncula, perfrictiunculae
slight chill/cold;
perfrigefacio, perfrigefacere, -,
make cold; cause to shudder;
perfrigesco, perfrigescere, perfrixi, -
catch cold;
perfrigidus, perfrigida, perfrigidum
very cold;
perfringo, perfringere, perfregi, perfractus
break through;
perfruor, perfrui, perfructus sum DEP
have full enjoyment of, enjoy;
perfuga, perfugae
perfugio, perfugere, perfugi, -
flee, desert; take refuge;
perfugium, perfugi(i)
refuge; asylum; excuse;
carelessly; perfunctorily;
perfundo, perfundere, perfudi, perfusus
pour over/through, wet, flood, bathe; overspread, coat, overlay; imbue;
perfungor, perfungi, perfunctus sum DEP
perform, discharge, have done with (w/ABL);
perfuro, perfurere,
rage, storm (throughout);
pergamenicus, pergamenica, pergamenicum[EXXEK]
of parchment;
pergamenum, pergameni
parchment; document;
pergaudeo, pergaudere, INTRANS
rejoice greatly;
pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrectus
go on, proceed;
pergraecor, pergraecari, pergraecatus sum DEP
enjoy oneself; behave like the Greeks;
pergrandis, pergrandis, pergrande
very large, huge; of very advanced age;
pergraphicus, pergraphica, pergraphicum
very skillful; most exquisite;
pergratus, pergrata, pergratum
very agreeable or pleasant;
pergravis, pergravis, pergrave
very grave; of great import; very heavy;
pergula, pergulae
attachment to front of building for trading, booth/stall/shop; painting studio;
framework supporting a vine/plant; hut, hovel; school; lecture room; brothel;
perhibeo, perhibere, perhibui, perhibitus
present, give, bestow; regard, hold; name;
perhilum, perhili
very little;
very honorably, very respectfully;
perhonorificus, perhonorifica, perhonorificum
very honorable, very respectful;
perhorreo, perhorrere, perhorrui, perhorritus
tremble at;
perhorresco, perhorrescere, perhorrui, -
tremble or shudder greatly; recoil in terror from;
perhorridus, perhorrida, perhorridum
very dreadful;
very civilly;
perhumanus, perhumana, perhumanum
very friendly, very civil;
peribolus, periboli
circuit; enclosure; precinct (Souter); outer wall (Vulgate Ezechiel 42:7);
periclitatio, periclitationis
test; experiment;
periclitor, periclitari, periclitatus sum DEP
try, prove, test, make a trial of, put to the test/in peril; risk, endanger;
periclum, pericli
danger, peril; trial, attempt; risk; responsibility for damage, liability;
periculosus, periculosa -um, periculosior -or -us, periculosissimus -a -um
dangerous, hazardous, perilous; threatening;
periculum, periculi
danger, peril; trial, attempt; risk; responsibility for damage, liability;
peridoneus, peridonea, peridoneum
very suitable, very well-fitted;
periegesis, periegesis
periegetes, periegetae
periegeticus, periegetica, periegeticum
perimbecillus, perimbecilla, perimbecillum
very weak;
perimetros, perimetri
perimeter; circumference;
perimo, perimere, peremi, peremptus
kill, destroy;
very inconveniently;
perincommodus, perincommoda, perincommodum
very inconvenient;
in the same way/just as, equally; likewise [~ ac => just as if];
perindulgens, (gen.), perindulgentis
very kind; very tender;
perinfirmus, perinfirma, perinfirmum
very weak;
peringeniosus, peringeniosa, peringeniosum
very clever;
periniquus, periniqua, periniquum
very unfair; very discontented or unwilling;
perinvitus, perinvita, perinvitum
very unwilling;
periodicum, periodici
periodical, magazine;
periodus, periodi [XGXEC]
sentence, period;
Peripateticus, Peripatetica, Peripateticum[XSHEO]
of/belonging to the Peripatetic (Aristotelian) school of philosophy;
Peripateticus, Peripatetici [XSHDO]
philosopher of the Peripatetic (Aristotelian) school;
peripetasma, peripetasmatis
curtain, hanging;
peripheria, peripheriae
circumference; periphery;
periphrasis, periphrasis
circumlocution; periphrase;
periphrasticus, periphrastica, periphrasticum
peripneumonicus, peripneumonica, peripneumonicum
peripneumonicus, peripneumonici
peripsema, peripsematis
refuse; filth; offscouring (that which comes off in cleaning);
peripsima, peripsimatis
refuse; filth; offscouring (that which comes off in cleaning);
peripteros, peripteros, peripteron
having single row of columns all around;
periratus, perirata, periratum
very angry;
periscelis, periscelidos/is
garter, anklet, leg-band;
peristasis, peristasis
subject; theme;
peristereos, peristerei
plant doves are fond of, a verbena(?);
peristeron, peristeronos/is
enclosure for pigeons, pigeon coop;
peristerotrophion, peristerotrophii
enclosure for pigeons, pigeon coop;
peristroma, peristromatis
curtain, coverlet, carpet, hanging;
peristylium, peristylii [XTXEO]
inner courtyard lined with rows of columns, peristyle;
peristylon, peristyli [XTXEO]
inner courtyard lined with rows of columns, peristyle;
peristylum, peristyli [XTXEO]
inner courtyard lined with rows of columns, peristyle;
peritia, peritiae
practical knowledge, skill, expertise; experience;
peritonitis, peritonitidis
peritus, perita -um, peritior -or -us, peritissimus -a -um
skilled, skillful; experienced, expert; with gen;
periurium, periuri(i)
false oath, perjury;
perizoma, perizomatis
perjucundus, perjucunda, perjucundum
very welcome, agreeable;
perjuro, perjurare, perjuravi, perjuratus
swear falsely;
perjurus, perjura, perjurum
perjured; false, lying;
perlabor, perlabi, perlapsus sum DEP
glide along, over or through, skim;
perlaetus, perlaeta, perlaetum
very joyful;
perlateo, perlatere, perlatui, perlatitus INTRANS
lie well hidden;
perlego, perlegere, perlegi, perlectus
read over/through (silent/aloud); scan, survey, run one's eyes over; recount;
perlevis, perlevis, perleve
very slight; very light;
perlibens, (gen.), perlibentis
very willing; with pleasure;
perliberalis, perliberalis, perliberale
very well-bred; very honorable/gentlemanly;
perlibet, perlibere, perlibuit, perlibitus est IMPERS
it is very pleasing/agreeable; please very much;
perlibro, perlibrare, perlibravi, perlibratus
make level;
perlicio, perlicere, perlexi, perlectus
attract/draw away; allure/seduce/entice/captivate; coax/induce/wheedle/win over;
perlicio, perlicere, perlicui, perlectus
attract/draw away; allure/seduce/entice/captivate; coax/induce/wheedle/win over;
perligo, perligere, perligi, perlictus
read over/through (silent/aloud); scan, survey, run one's eyes over; recount;
perlito, perlitare, perlitavi, perlitatus
make auspicious sacrifice;
very far; tediously;
perlongus, perlonga, perlongum
very long, tedious;
perluceo, perlucere, perluxi, - INTRANS
transmit/admit/emit light; be transparent; shine through/out; be apparent;
perlucidulus, perlucidula, perlucidulum
perlucidus, perlucida, perlucidum
transparent, pellucid;
perluctuosus, perluctuosa, perluctuosum
very mournful;
perluo, perluere, perlui, perlutus
wash off or thoroughly, bathe;
perlustro, perlustrare, perlustravi, perlustratus
go or wander all through; view all over, scan, scrutinize;
permadesco, permadescere, permadui, -
become very/quite wet/sodden; be soaked through; be soft/effeminate;
permagnus, permagna, permagnum
very great;
permanasco, permanascere,
permaneo, permanere, permansi, permansus
last, continue; remain; endure;
permano, permanare, permanavi, permanatus
flow through; leak through; permeate;
permarinus, permarina, permarinum
going over the sea;
permaturesco, permaturescere,
mature, ripen thoroughly;
permaturo, permaturare, permaturavi, permaturatus
become quite ripe;
permediocris, permediocris, permediocre
very moderate;
permeo, permeare, permeavi, permeatus
go or pass through, cross, traverse; pervade;
permetior, permetiri, permensus sum V (4th) DEP
measure (exactly); traverse/travel over; pass through; complete (time/process);
permirus, permira, permirum
very wonderful;
permisceo, permiscere, permiscui, permixtus
mix or mingle together; confound; embroil; disturb thoroughly;
permissio, permissionis
yielding (to another); permission;
permissivus, permissiva, permissivum
permissus, permissus
permission, authorization;
permistus, permista, permistum
confused; disordered; (=permixtus, = alt. vpar of permisceo);
permitialis, permitialis, permitiale
destructive, annihilating;
permities, permitiei
destruction, annihilation;
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissus
let through; let go through; relinquish; permit, allow; entrust; hurl;
permixtio, permixtionis
mixture/blending; thorough mixing together;
permixtus, permixta, permixtum
promiscuous; confused;
permodestus, permodesta, permodestum
very modest, very moderate;
with much difficulty;
permolestus, permolesta, permolestum
very troublesome;
permoveo, permovere, permovi, permotus
stir up; move deeply; influence; agitate;
permulceo, permulcere, permulsi, permulsus
rub gently, stroke, touch gently; charm, please, beguile; soothe, alleviate;
permultus, permulta, permultum
very much; very many (pl.);
permunio, permunire, permunivi, permunitus V (4th)
fortify thoroughly, make very secure; finish constructing fortifications;
permutatio, permutationis
change, exchange;
permuto, permutare, permutavi, permutatus
exchange (for); swap;
perna, pernae
pernecessarius, pernecessaria, pernecessarium
very necessary; very intimate;
pernego, pernegare, pernegavi, pernegatus
deny completely; refuse completely;
perniciabilis, perniciabilis, perniciabile
pernicies, perniciei
ruin; disaster; pest, bane; curse; destruction, calamity; mischief;
perniciosus, perniciosa, perniciosum
destructive, dangerous, pernicious;
pernicitas, pernicitatis
speed, agility;
pernimius, pernimia, pernimium
much too much;
pernio, pernionis
pernix, (gen.), pernicis
persistent, preserving; nimble, brisk, active, agile, quick, swift, fleet;
pernobilis, pernobilis, pernobile
very famous;
pernocto, pernoctare, pernoctavi, pernoctatus
spend the night; occupy the night (w/person or in place); guard all night;
pernosco, pernoscere, pernovi, pernotus
get to know well; become well acquainted/conversant with; get full knowledge of;
pernot, (gen.), pernotis
very well known; very familiar;;
pernotesco, pernotescere, pernotui, -
become generally/well/everywhere known;
pernotesct, pernotescere, pernotuit, - IMPERS
it has become well known; it has been thoroughly investigated;
pernox, (gen.), pernoctis
lasting all night; continuing throughout the night;
pernumero, pernumerare, pernumeravi, pernumeratus
count up; reckon;
pero, peronis
thick boot of raw hide;
perobscurus, perobscura, perobscurum
very obscure, very vague;
perodi, perodisse, perosus V
hate greatly (PERF form, PRES force), loathe, detest;
perodiosus, perodiosa, perodiosum
very troublesome;
peroleo, perolere, perolui, perolitus INTRANS
emit strong odor;
peronatus, peronata, peronatum
wearing leather boots;
peropportunus, peropportuna, peropportunum
very favorably situated, very convenient;
just as one would wish;
very necessary;
peroratio, perorationis
finish of speech;
perornatus, perornata, perornatum
very ornate;
perorno, perornare, perornavi, perornatus
adorn highly/greatly;
peroro, perorare, peroravi, peroratus
deliver the final part of a speech, conclude;
perosus, perosa, perosum
perpaco, perpacare, perpacavi, perpacatus
subdue completely;
very little;
perparvulus, perparvula, perparvulum
very little;
perparvus, perparva, perparvum
very little, very trifling;
perpastus, perpasta, perpastum
perpauculus, perpaucula, perpauculum
very few (pl.);
perpaucum, perpauci
very few (pl.), very little;
perpaucus, perpauca, perpaucum
very few (pl.); select;
perpaullum, perpaulli
very little;
perpaulum, perpauli
very little;
perpauper, (gen.), perpauperis
very poor; very hard up;
perpauxillum, perpauxilli
very little (amount);
perpello, perpellere, perpuli, perpulsus
compel, constrain, prevail upon; enforce;
perpendiculum, perpendiculi
plummet; plumbline; [ad perpendiculum => perpendicularly];
perpendo, perpendere, perpendi, perpensus
weigh carefully; assess carefully;
more deliberately;
wrongly, incorrectly;
perpes, (gen.), perpetis
continuous, lasting, unbroken in time, perpetual, neverending; whole period;
perpetually; constantly, without intermission/interruption/pause/let up;
continually/unceasingly (Ecc); forever (Z);
perpetior, perpeti, perpessus sum DEP
endure to the full;
perpetro, perpetrare, perpetravi, perpetratus
carry through, accomplish;
perpetualis, perpetualis, perpetuale
constantly, uninterruptedly, continually, without interruption/pause/let up;
perpetuitas, perpetuitatis
continuity; permanence;
without interruption; constantly; forever; continually; perpetual;
perpetuus, perpetua, perpetuum
continuous, uninterpreted; whole; perpetual, lasting; everlasting;
perplexor, perplexari, perplexatus sum DEP
perplexus, perplexa, perplexum
entangled, muddled; intricate, cryptic; confused;
perplicatus, perplicata, perplicatum
entangled, involved;
perpluo, perpluere,
rain through; allow rain through;
perpolio, perpolire, perpolivi, perpolitus V (4th)
polish thoroughly; put the finishing touches to;
perpopulor, perpopulari, perpopulatus sum DEP
ravage, devastate completely;
perpotatio, perpotationis
drinking bout;
perpotior, perpotiri, perpotitus sum V (4th) DEP
enjoy completely;
perpoto, perpotare, perpotavi, perpotatus
drink heavily; drink up;
perprimo, perprimere, perpressi, perpressus
press hard;
perpropinquus, perpropinqua, perpropinquum
very near;
perpropinquus, perpropinqui
perpugnax, (gen.), perpugnacis
very pugnacious;
perpurgo, perpurgare, perpurgavi, perpurgatus
purge well; clear up; explain fully;
perpusillus, perpusilla, perpusillum
very small;
perquiro, perquirere, perquisivi, perquisitus
search everywhere for;
perrarus, perrara, perrarum
very rare, exceptional;
perreconditus, perrecondita, perreconditum
very abstruse;
perrepo, perrepere, perrepsi, perreptus
crawl over; crawl along;
perrepto, perreptare, perreptavi, perreptatus
crawl through, crawl about;
very laughably;
perridiculus, perridicula, perridiculum
very laughable;
perrogatio, perrogationis
poll, successive asking persons for opinion; L:passage of law decree;
perrogo, perrogare, perrogavi, perrogatus
ask/question/solicit in turn; L:propose/pass a law; carry (bill);
perrumpo, perrumpere, perrupi, perruptus
break through;
Persa, Persae
Persian, native of Persia; (sometimes for Parthian; Persian breed of dog);
very often;
very witty;
persalsus, persalsa, persalsum
very witty;
persalutatio, persalutationis
general greeting;
persaluto, persalutare, persalutavi, persalutatus
salute/greet in turn;
persano, persanare, persanavi, persanatus [DBXDS]
cure completely;
persapiens, (gen.), persapientis
very wise;
very discreetly;
perscindo, perscindere, perscidi, perscissus
tear apart;
perscitus, perscita, perscitum
very clever;
perscribo, perscribere, perscripsi, perscriptus
report; describe; write out in full; finish writing, write a detailed record;
perscriptio, perscriptionis
entry; assignment;
perscriptor, perscriptoris
scribe; writer;
perscrutor, perscrutari, perscrutatus sum DEP
search/look though; search high and low; study/investigate carefully;
perseco, persecare, persecavi, persecatus
dissect; cut up;
persector, persectari, persectatus sum DEP
pursue/follow closely/eagerly; follow up; investigate (question);
persecutio, persecutionis
chase/pursuit; carrying through, completion; action/right of suing, suit;
persecution (esp. of Christians); suffering (Bee);
persecutor, persecutoris
persecutor; (of Christians); prosecutor, plaintiff;
persedeo, persedere, persedi, persessus INTRANS
remain sitting; stay seated;
persegnis, persegnis, persegne
very slow;
persentisco, persentiscere,
begin to perceive distinctly or feel deeply;
persequor, persequi, persecutus sum DEP
follow up, pursue; overtake; attack; take vengeance on; accomplish;
Perses, Persae
Persian, native of Persia; (sometimes for Parthian; Persian breed of dog);
perseverans, perseverantis (gen.), perseverantior -or -us, perseverantissimus -a -u
steadfast, persistent, untiring; continually maintained, persistent (activity);
perseveranter, perseverantius, perseverantissime
steadfastly, persistently; with continued action;
perseverantia, perseverantiae
steadfastness; persistence (affliction); continued existence;
persevero, perseverare, perseveravi, perseveratus
persist, persevere; continue;
perseverus, persevera, perseverum
very strict;
persicinus, persicina, persicinum
persicum, persici [FAXEK]
Persicus, Persica, Persicum[XXXCZ]
persido, persidere, persedi, persessus [XPXDS]
settle down; sink into;
persigno, persignare, persignavi, persignatus
note down; record;
persimilis, persimilis, persimile
very like; very similar;
persimplex, (gen.), persimplicis
very simple; very plain;
Persis, (gen.), Persidos[XXPFO]
persolata, persolatae
brown mullen plant ;
persolus, persola, persolum
quite alone;
persolvo, persolvere, persolvi, persolutus
persona, personae
mask; character; personality;
personalis, personalis, personale
personal; of/relating to an individual;
personatus, personata, personatum
personificatio, personificationis
personifico, personificare, personificavi, personificatus
persono, personare, personavi, personatus
make loud/continuous/pervasive noise/loud music; ring/resound; chant/shout out;
persono, personare, personui, personitus
make loud/continuous/pervasive noise/loud music; ring/resound; chant/shout out;
perspectiva, perspectivae
perspective (geometry);
perspecto, perspectare, perspectavi, perspectatus
look through to end; examine closely;
perspectus, perspecta, perspectum
evident; well-known;
perspeculor, perspeculari, perspeculatus sum DEP
reconnoiter; examine well;
perspergo, perspergere, -,
sprinkle, moisten;
watchfully; observantly;
perspicax, perspicacis (gen.), perspicacior -or -us, perspicacissimus -a -um
observant, attentive to what is going on; having keen/penetrating sight/vision;
perspicibilis, perspicibilis, perspicibile
clearly visible;
perspicientia, perspicientiae
full knowledge;
perspicillum, perspicilli
spectacles; glasses;
perspicio, perspicere, perspexi, perspectus
see through; examine; observe;
clearly, evidently;
perspicuus, perspicua, perspicuum
transparent, clear; evident;
persterno, persternere, perstervi, perstratus
pave all over;
perstimulo, perstimulare, perstimulavi, perstimulatus
stimulate violently;
persto, perstare, perstiti, perstatus
stand firm; last, endure; persevere, persist in;
perstringo, perstringere, perstrinxi, perstrictus
graze, graze against; make tight all over; offend, make unfavorable mention;
very eagerly;
perstudiosus, perstudiosa, perstudiosum
very eager;
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasus
persuade, convince (with dat.);
persuasibilis, persuasibilis, persuasibile
persuasive, convincing;
persuasively, convincingly;
persubtilis, persubtilis, persubtile
very subtle; very delicate;
persulto, persultare, persultavi, persultatus
leap or skip or prance about, range (over), scour;
pertaedet, pertaedere, pertaeduit, pertaesus est IMPERS
it wearies; it disgusts; it bores;
pertego, pertegere, pertexi, pertectus
cover over;
pertempto, pertemptare, pertemptavi, pertemptatus
test, try out; explore thoroughly; agitate thoroughly;
pertendo, pertendere, pertendi, pertensus
persevere, persist; press on;
pertento, pertentare, pertentavi, pertentatus
test, try out; explore thoroughly; agitate thoroughly;
pertenuis, pertenuis, pertenue
very thin; very slender;
perterebro, perterebrare, perterebravi, perterebratus
bore through;
pertergo, pertergere, pertersi, pertersus
wipe over; touch lightly;
perterrefacio, perterrefacere, perterrefeci, perterrefactus
make extremely frightened; terrify thoroughly;
perterrefactus, perterrefacta, perterrefactum
terribly/extremely frightened, thoroughly terrified;
perterreo, perterrere, perterrui, perterritus
frighten greatly, terrify;
perterricrepus, perterricrepa, perterricrepum
making/characterized by terrifying crashing/clattering sound; rattling terribly;
perterrito, perterritare, perterritavi, perterritatus
frighten thoroughly/greatly, terrify;
perterritus, perterrita, perterritum
very frightened, thoroughly frightened; completely terrified;
pertexo, pertexere, pertexui, pertextus
accomplish; interweave;
pertica, perticae
pole, long staff; measuring rod; perch;
pertimefactus, pertimefacta, pertimefactum
very frightened;
pertimesco, pertimescere, pertimui, -
become very scared (of );
pertinacia, pertinaciae
determination/perseverance; persistence; obstinacy, stubbornness, defiance;
tenaciously; obstinately, stubbornly, determinedly; through thick and thin;
pertinax, (gen.), pertinacis
persevering, obstinate; pertinacious;
Pertinax, Pertinacis
Pertinax; (Emperor Publius Helvius Pertinax 193);
pertineo, pertinere, pertinui, pertentus
reach; extend; relate to; concerns, pertain to;
pertingo, pertingere,
reach, get as far as; extend (in a direction); concern, affect;
in X divisions (only with numerical prefix), in X parts/categories;
pertitus, pertita, pertitum[ESXDX]
divided in X parts (only with numerical prefix), divisible by X, X-fold;
pertolero, pertolerare, pertoleravi, pertoleratus
pertorqueo, pertorquere,
pertractatio, pertractationis
thorough handling, detailed treatment;
pertraho, pertrahere, pertraxi, pertractus
draw or drag through or to, bring or conduct forcibly to; draw on, lure;
pertranseo, pertransire, pertransivi(ii), pertransitus V INTRANS
pass right through; go/pass by pass away; cross (Bee);
pertricosus, pertricosa, pertricosum
very confused; very strange; completely taken up with trifles;
pertristis, pertristis, pertriste
very sad; very morose;
pertundiculum, pertundiculi
pertundo, pertundere, pertudi, pertusus
bore through, perforate;
perturbatio, perturbationis
disturbance; commotion;
perturbatrix, perturbatricis
disturberess; she who disturbs;
perturbatus, perturbata, perturbatum
perturbo, perturbare, perturbavi, perturbatus
confuse, throw into confusion; disturb, perturb, trouble; alarm;
perturpis, perturpis, perturpe
pertusus, pertusa, pertusum
perforated; leaky;
perula, perulae
perurbanus, perurbana, perurbanum
very polite or witty; oversophisticated;
perurgueo, perurguere, INTRANS
press hard on; oppress; take pains; (=perurgeo);
peruro, perurere, perussi, perusus
burn up/through, consume w/fire; fire (w/passion); burn/scorch; chafe/irritate;
pervado, pervadere, pervasi, pervasus
go or come through; spread through; penetrate; pervade;
pervagor, pervagari, pervagatus sum DEP
wander or range through, rove about; pervade, spread widely; extend;
pervagus, pervaga, pervagum
wandering everywhere;
pervasto, pervastare, pervastavi, pervastatus
devastate completely;
perveho, pervehere, pervexi, pervectus
bear, carry or convey through; [pervehi, pass => to sail to, ride to];
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus V (4th)
come to; reach; arrive;
pervenor, pervenari, pervenatus sum DEP
chase through;
perversus, perversa, perversum
askew, awry; perverse, evil, bad;
perverto, pervertere, perverti, perversus
overthrow; subvert; destroy, ruin, corrupt;
very late in the evening;
pervestigatio, pervestigationis
pervestigo, pervestigare, pervestigavi, pervestigatus
make a thorough search of; explore fully;
pervetus, (gen.), perveteris
very old, that lasted very long; most/extremely ancient, of far distant past;
pervicacia, pervicaciae
stubbornness, obstinacy, firmness, steadiness;
pervicax, (gen.), pervicacis
stubborn, obstinate; firm, steadfast;
pervideo, pervidere, pervidi, pervisus
take in with the eyes or mind;
pervigeo, pervigere, pervigui, - INTRANS
continue to bloom;
pervigil, (gen.), pervigilis
keeping watch or sleepless all night long; always watchful;
pervigilatio, pervigilationis
pervigilo, pervigilare, pervigilavi, pervigilatus
remain awake all night; keep watch all night; keep a religious vigil;
pervilis, pervilis, pervile
very cheap;
pervinco, pervincere, pervici, pervictus
conquer completely; carry (proposal), gain an objective, persuade;
pervius, pervia, pervium
passable, traversable; penetrable;
pervolgo, pervolgare, pervolgavi, pervolgatus
proclaim; spread abroad; (pervulo);
pervolito, pervolitare, pervolitavi, pervolitatus
flit across; fly repeatedly over/through; move rapidly through space/heavens;
pervolo, pervolare, pervolavi, pervolatus
fly or flit through; wing one's way; move rapidly through the air;
pervolo, pervolare, pervolavi, pervolatus
fly through; fly;
pervoluto, pervolutare, pervolutavi, pervolutatus
roll about; be busied with;
pervorsus, pervorsa, pervorsum
askew, awry; perverse, evil, bad; (perversus);
pervulgo, pervulgare, pervulgavi, pervulgatus
make publicly known, spread abroad;
pes, pedis [XBXAX]
foot; [pedem referre => to retreat];
pessimismus, pessimismi
pessimista, pessimistae
pessimo, pessimare, pessimavi, pessimatus [EEXDS]
ruin, debase; spoil completely, make utterly bad; harm, injure, bring calamity;
pessimus, pessima, pessimum
worst, most incapable; wickedest; most disloyal/unkind; lowest in quality/rank;
pessona, pessonae [FAXEM]
pessulus, pessuli
pessulus, pessuli
to the lowest part, to the bottom, [~ dare => destroy, ruin];
pessumdo, pessumdare, pessumdedi, possumdatus
destroy, ruin; sink, send to the bottom; put an end to; do away with, remove;
pessumum, pessumi
pessary/medicated wool plug (for womb/vagina/other); suppository; contraceptive;
pessumus, pessuma, pessumum
worst, most incapable; wickedest; most disloyal/unkind; lowest in quality/rank;
pessundo, pessundare, pessundedi, possundatus
destroy, ruin; sink, send to the bottom; put an end to; do away with, remove;
pestifer, pestifera, pestiferum
pestilential; destructive;
pestilens, (gen.), pestilentis
pestilential, unhealthy, unwholesome; destructive;
pestilentia, pestilentiae
plague; pestilence; fever;
pestilentiosus, pestilentiosa, pestilentiosum
pestilential; unhealthy;
pestilitas, pestilitatis [XPXFS]
pestis, pestis
plague, pestilence, curse, destruction;
petasatus, petasata, petasatum
wearing the petasus/hat; (hence equipped for a journey);
petasio, petasionis
forequarter/shoulder of pork;
petaso, petasonis
forequarter/shoulder of pork;
petasunculus, petasunculi
small pork leg; traveling cap;
petasus, petasi [FXXEO]
hat; broadbrimmed hat (worn by travelers); conical superstructure;
petaurista, petauristae
petaurum, petauri
petesso, petessere, -,
long for, strive after;
petilus, petila, petilum
thin; slender (archaic);
petisso, petissere, -,
long for, strive after;
petitio, petitionis
candidacy; petition;
petitor, petitoris
seeker striver after, applicant, candidate, claimant, plaintiff;
petiturio, petiturire, [XLXEC]
desire to stand for election;
peto, petere, petivi, petitus
attack; aim at; desire; beg, entreat, ask (for); reach towards, make for;
petoritum, petoriti
open four-wheeled carriage;
petorritum, petorriti
open four-wheeled carriage;
petra, petrae
rock, boulder; shaped stone as used in building;
petro, petronis
young/breeding ram; a rustic, dolt, rube, bumpkin;
petrochemicus, petrochemica, petrochemicum
petroleifus, petroleifa, petroleifum
petroleum, petrolei
petroselinum, petroselini
rock-parsley; parsley
petrosum, petrosi
rocky place;
petrosus, petrosa, petrosum
Petrus, Petri [EEXBX]
petulans, petulantis (gen.), petulantior -or -us, petulantissimus -a -um
insolent, unruly, smart-alecky; forward, aggressive; impudent; reprobate/wanton;
rudely, insolently; petulantly; waywardly; with impudently aggressiveness;
petulantia, petulantiae
impudent or boisterous aggressiveness; wantonness, immodesty;
petulcus, petulca, petulcum
peucedanum, peucedani
pexatus, pexata, pexatum
wearing a garment with the nap on;
Phaedo, Phaedonis [XSHES]
Phaedo (disciple of Socrates, friend of Plato, founder of school at Elis);
Phaedon, Phaedonis [XSHEO]
Phaedo (disciple of Socrates, friend of Plato, founder of school at Elis);
Phaedrus, Phaedri [XSHDO]
Phaedo (pupil of Socrates); Phaedrus (Latin fabulist); (Cicero's teacher);
phala, phalae
wooden tower or pillar;
phalaecius, phalaecia, phalaecium[XPXFS]
Phalaecian; kind of Greek verse;
phalanga, phalangae
roller to move ships/military engines; carrying pole; cut length of wood/rod;
phalangion, phalangii
venomous spider; spider-root plant;
phalangita, phalangitae [XWHEC]
soldiers (pl.) belonging to a phalanx;
phalangius, phalangii
venomous spider; spider-root plant;
phalanx, phalangis
phalanx, compact body of heavy infantry; battalion; men in battle formation;
phalarica, phalaricae
heavy missile (orig. by siege tower catapult w/tow+pitch+fire); like hand spear;
phalera, phalerae
ornaments (pl.) worn by men of arms and horses;
phaleratus, phalerata, phaleratum
wearing phalerae/ornaments;
phantasia, phantasiae
fancy, imagined situation; mental image (Latham); imagination; phenomenon (Def);
phantasia, phantasiae [ESXEP]
phase; (of the moon);
phantasio, phantasiare, phantasiavi, phantasiatus
imagine, fancy;
phantasior, phantasiari, phantasiatus sum DEP [FXXFF]
imagine, fancy;
phantasma, phantasmatis
ghost; phantom; spirit;
phantasmaticus, phantasmatica, phantasmaticum
phantasticus, phantastica, phantasticum
imaginary; visionary;
Pharao, Pharaonis
Pharaoh, title of King of Egypt;
pharetra, pharetrae
pharetratus, pharetrata, pharetratum
wearing a quiver;
pharetraus, pharetraa, pharetraum
wearing a quiver;
pharmaceuticus, pharmaceutica, pharmaceuticum
pharmaceutria, pharmaceutriae
pharmacopola, pharmacopolae
medicine/drug seller (usu. derogatory), quack; pharmacist
pharmacopoles, pharmacopolae
medicine/drug seller (usu. derogatory), quack; pharmacist
pharmacopolium, pharmacopolii
pharmacus, pharmaci
poisoner; sorcerer;
Phase, undeclined [DEQDS]
Passover; Jewish feast; paschal lamb/sacrifice at the Passover;
phaselus, phaseli
kidney-bean; light ship;
phaselus, phaseli
snap bean;
phasma, phasmatis
ghost, specter;
pherecratus, pherecrata, pherecratum[XPXFS]
Pherecratian; kind of Greek verse;
phiala, phialae
drinking vessel; a bowl, saucer;
phiditium, phiditii
Spartan public meal;
philargyria, philargyriae [GXXET]
love of money; (Erasmus);
philargyros, philargyros, philargyron
fond of money;
philatelia, philateliae
philatelista, philatelistae
philautia, philautiae
philema, philematis
Philippus, Philippi
Philip (name of several Macedonian kings); (Philip II, father of Alexander);
Philippus, Philippi
Philippi (pl.); (town in eastern Macedonia where Octavius defeated Brutus);
philitium, philitii
Spartan public meal;
philologia, philologiae
love of learning, study of literature;
philologus, philologa, philologum[XGXEC]
learned, literary;
philologus, philologi [XGXEC]
philomela, philomelae [XAXDX]
philomusicus, philomusici
philosophia, philosophiae [XSXBX]
philosophy, love of wisdom;
philosophicus, philosophica, philosophicum[XSXDS]
philosophical, philosophic; of/concerning philosophy;
philosophor, philosophari, philosophatus sum DEP [XSXDX]
philosophus, philosopha, philosophum
philosophus, philosophi [XSXAX]
philtrum, philtri
philyra, philyrae [XAXDX]
linden-tree, lime-tree;
phimus, phimi
dice box;
phito, phitonis
phitonissa, phitonissae
witch; sorceress;
phlebotomo, phlebotomare, phlebotomavi, phlebotomatus
let blood; bleed;
phlegma, phlegmatis [FXXES]
phloginos, phlogini
flame-colored gem (otherwise unknown);
phoca, phocae
seal; (marine mammal);
Phoebe, Phoebes [XEXDS]
Diana; moon goddess;
Phoenica, Phoenicae [XLQEO]
Phoenicia; (coastal region of Syria);
Phoenice, Phoenices [XLQEO]
Phoenicia; (coast region of Syria); wild grass; rye grass/Lolium perenne?;
phoenicopterus, phoenicopteri
phoenix, phoenicis [XAXCC]
phoenix, a fabulous bird of Arabia;
phonascus, phonasci
teacher of singing/music or elocution;
phonetica, phoneticae
phoneticus, phonetica, phoneticum
phonodiscus, phonodisci [XDXEK]
music disk;
photochartula, photochartulae
illustrated post card;
photocopia, photocopiae [HXXEK]
photocopiatrum, photocopiatri
photocopio, photocopiare, photocopiavi, photocopiatus [HXXEK]
photoelectricus, photoelectrica, photoelectricum[HSXEK]
photographema, photographematis
photograph (picture);
photographia, photographiae
photograph (art);
photographicus, photographica, photographicum
photographo, photographare, photographavi, photographatus
photographus, photographi
photomachina, photomachinae
phraseologia, phraseologiae
phrenesis, phrenesis
madness, frenzy;
phreneticus, phrenetica, phreneticum
mad, frantic;
phrenocomium, phrenocomii
mad asylum;
Phrigia, Phrigiae [XXQEO]
Phrygia, country comprising center and west of Asia Minor; Troy (poetical);
Phrigius, Phrigia, Phrigium[XXQCO]
Phrygian, of Phyrigia (center and west of Asia Minor); Trojan;
Phrygia, Phrygiae [XXQEO]
Phrygia, country comprising center and west of Asia Minor; Troy (poetical);
Phrygius, Phrygia, Phrygium[XXQCO]
Phrygian, of Phyrigia (center and west of Asia Minor); Trojan;
phthiriasis, phthiriasis [DBXNS]
pthiriasis; louse-disease ;
phthisis, phthisis
phthongus, phthongi [XDXFO]
sound; tone;
pish! tush!; (expression of disgust);
phycis, phycidis
seaweed-dwelling fish (lamprey?); ;
phycitis, phycitidis [ASXNS]
precious stone ;
phylaca, phylacae
phylacterium, phylacterii
amulet; phylactery, scripture text in box on forehead of Jews; gladiator medal;
phylarches, phylarchae [EXHDW]
head of a tribe/phyle (Greek), magistrate; emir; army/cavalry commander;
phylarchia, phylarchiae
phylarchus, phylarchi [EXHEC]
head of a tribe/phyle (Greek), magistrate; emir; army/cavalry commander;
phyle, phyles
phyleticus, phyletica, phyleticum
physica, physicae [XSXDS]
from the scientific/natural science point of view;
physice, physices [XSXDS]
physicos, physice, physicon
pertaining/relating to physics/natural science/physical nature; natural, inborn;
physiculo, physiculare, physiculavi, physiculatus [FXXEV]
prophesy, foresee, divine;
physicum, physici
physics (pl.), natural science;
physicus, physica, physicum
pertaining/relating to physics/natural science/physical nature; natural, inborn;
physicus, physici
physicist, natural philosopher; natural scientist;
physiognomon, physiognomonis [XBXEC]
physiognomist, one who reads character/foretells destiny from the face;
physiologia, physiologiae
natural science; physiology
physiologus, physiologi [FSXEM]
chemist; natural science
physiotherapia, physiotherapiae
piacularis, piacularis, piaculare
atoning, expiatory;
piaculum, piaculi
expiatory offering or rite; sin; crime;
piamen, piaminis
piamentum, piamenti
atoning sacrifice;
pica, picae
magpie; jay;
picaria, picariae
place where pitch is made;
picea, piceae
piceus, picea, piceum
pitch black;
pico, picare, picavi, picatus
smear with pitch;
pictor, pictoris
pictura, picturae
painting, picture;
picturatus, picturata, picturatum
decorated with color;
pictus, picta -um, pictior -or -us, pictissimus -a -um
painted; colored; decorated, embroidered in color (fabrics);
picus, pici
piens, pientis (gen.), pientior -or -us, pientissimus -a -um
dutiful; conscientious; affectionate, tender; pious, patriotic; holy, godly;
pietas, pietatis
responsibility, sense of duty; loyalty; tenderness, goodness; pity; piety (Bee);
piger, pigra, pigrum
lazy, slow, dull;
piget, pigere, -, pigitus est IMPERS
it disgusts, irks, pains, chagrins, afflicts, grieves;
pigmentarius, pigmentaria, pigmentarium
seller of paints and unguents;
pigmentum, pigmenti
coloring/dye/pigment/tint/paint; ingredient; drug; sauce (Bee); (wine w/)spices;
pigneraticius, pigneraticia, pigneraticium
of/concerned with pledge/mortgage; pledged/mortgaged (property);
pignero, pignerare, pigneravi, pigneratus
pledge, pawn, give a pledge; bind/engage; guarantee/assure;
pigneror, pignerari, pigneratus sum DEP
appropriate; assert one's claim to; make certain, assure; guarantee, pledge;
pignoro, pignorare, pignoravi, pignoratus
pledge, pawn, give a pledge; bind/engage; guarantee/assure;
pignoror, pignorari, pignoratus sum DEP
appropriate; assert one's claim to; make certain, assure; guarantee, pledge;
pignus, pignoris
pledge (security for debt), hostage, mortgage; bet, stake; symbol; relict;
pigo, pigere, pigi, - [EXXFW]
be weakened (Douay);
pigredo, pigredinis
slothfulness, indolence;
pigresco, pigrescere,
become slow;
pigritia, pigritiae
sloth, sluggishness, laziness, indolence;
pigrities, pigritiei
sloth, sluggishness, laziness, indolence;
pigro, pigrare, pigravi, pigratus
hesitate; hang back;
pigror, pigrari, pigratus sum DEP
hesitate; hang back;
pigror, pigroris
sluggishness; hesitation;
piisimus, piisima, piisimum
conscientious; affectionate/tender; most pious/holy/godly; patriotic/dutiful;
pila, pilae
ball (play/decorative); sphere; mortar, vessel in which things are pounded;
pila, pilae
squared pillar; pier, pile; low pillar monument; funerary monument w/cavity;
pilamalleator, pilamalleatoris
pilamalleus, pilamallei
pilanus, pilani
soldier of the third rank;
pilatus, pilata, pilatum
Pilatus, Pilati
Pilatus; (Roman cognomen); [Pontius ~ (Pilate) => prefect Judea, 26-36 AD];
pilentum, pilenti
luxurious carriage used by women;
pileum, pilei
felt cap (worn at Saturnalia/by manumited slaves); freedom/liberty; beret;
pileus, pilei
felt cap (worn at Saturnalia/by manumited slaves); freedom/liberty; beret;
pilleolum, pilleoli
pilleolus, pilleoli
pilleum, pillei
felt cap (worn at Saturnalia/by manumited slaves); freedom/liberty; beret;
pilleus, pillei
felt cap (worn at Saturnalia/by manumited slaves); freedom/liberty; beret;
pilo, pilare, pilavi, pilatus
grow hairy; depilate; plunder;
pilosus, pilosa -um, pilosior -or -us, pilosissimus -a -um
hairy, shaggy, covered with hair; uncouth;
pilum, pili [XWXBO]
javelin, heavy iron-tipped throwing spear; pike;
pilum, pili
pestle, pounding tool; [~ graecum => mechanical pounder];
pilus, pili
"chief"; [primipilus/primi pili centurio => first/primary centurion of legion];
pilus, pili
hair; bit/whit (thing of minimal size/value); hair shirt/garment (pl.)
pimenta, pimentae
pimpinella, pimpinellae
burnet; pimpernel;
pinacotheca, pinacothecae [XDXDO]
picture gallery;
pinacothece, pinacotheces [XDXDO]
picture gallery;
pinaster, pinastri [DSXNS]
wild pine ;
pincerna, pincernae [EXXCS]
cupbearer, butler, one who mixes drinks/serves wine; bartender; sommelier;
pindaricus, pindarica, pindaricum[XPXFS]
Pindaric; kind of Greek verse;
pinetum, pineti
pineus, pinea, pineum
of the pine, covered in pines;
pingo, pingere, pinxi, pictus
paint, tint, color; adorn/decorate w/colored designs; paint/draw/depict/portray;
decorate/embellish; depict in embroidery; [acu ~ => embroidery, needle-work];
pingue, pinguis
pinguedo, pinguedinis
fat/fatness; oiliness; richness/abundance fullness; exuberance (Def);
pinguesco, pinguescere,
grow fat; become strong or fertile;
pinguido, pinguidinis [XXXCW]
fat/fatness; oiliness; richness/abundance fullness; exuberance (Def);
pinguis, pingue, pinguior -or -us, pinguissimus -a -um
fat; rich, fertile; thick; dull, stupid;
pinguitudo, pinguitudinis
fatness; richness; G:broadness;
pinifer, pinifera, piniferum
covered with/bearing/carrying/producing pine/fir trees;
piniger, pinigera, pinigerum
covered with/bearing pine/fir trees/foliage;
pinna, pinnae [XAXAO]
feather; wing; fin; battlement/parapet, spire/steeple; flap; water wheel paddle;
pinna, pinnae [EBXFP]
lobe (of the liver/lung);
pinnaculum, pinnaculi
pinnacle, peak (of building); gable;
pinnaculum, pinnaculi [EAXEP]
small/little/puny wing; (Vulgate 4 Ezra 11); little fin;
pinnatus, pinnata, pinnatum
feathered, winged;
pinniculum, pinniculi
quill pen (small);
pinniger, pinnigera, pinnigerum
winged; finny;
pinnipes, (gen.), pinnipedis
pinnirapus, pinnirapi
crestsnatcher, a kind of gladiator;
pinnula, pinnulae
small/little wing/feather; little fin; skirt (of garment) (Souter);
pinoteres, pinoterae [XAXDS]
hermit crab;
pinso, pinsere, pinsi, pinsus
stamp, pound, crush
pinso, pinsere, pinsi, pistus
stamp, pound, crush
pinso, pinsere, pinsui, pinsitus
stamp, pound, crush
pinus, pini
pine/fir tree/wood/foliage; ship/mast/oar; pinewood torch;
pinus, pinus N (4th) F
pine/fir tree/wood/foliage; ship/mast/oar; pinewood torch;
pio, piare, piavi, piatus
appease, propitiate; cleanse, expiate;
pipa, pipae
piper, piperis
piper, piperis
piperatorium, piperatorii
pepper pot;
piperatum, piperati
pepper sauce;
piperatus, piperata, piperatum
peppered; peppery; sharp;
piperitus, piperita, piperitum
pipetta, pipettae
pipilo, pipilare, pipilavi, pipilatus
twitter, chirp;
pipio, pipiare, pipiavi, pipiatus
chirp, pipe;
pipulum, pipuli
pipulus, pipuli
pirata, piratae
piratica, piraticae
piraticus, piratica, piraticum
pirum, piri
pirus, piri
piscarius, piscari(i)
piscarius, piscaria, piscarium[XAXDS]
fish-; fishing-;
piscator, piscatoris
piscatorius, piscatoria, piscatorium
of or for fishing;
piscatus, piscatus [XAXDS]
fishing; fish; catch of fish;
piscicultura, pisciculturae
pisciculture, raising/breeding of fish artificially, fish farming;
pisciculus, pisciculi
little fish;
piscina, piscinae
pool; fishpond; swiming pool, spa; tank, vat, basin;
piscinarius, piscinarii
one fond of fish ponds;
piscis, piscis [XAXAX]
piscor, piscari, piscatus sum DEP
piscosus, piscosa, piscosum
teeming with fish;
pisculentum, pisculenti
fish remedy; remedy made from fish;
pisculentus, pisculenta, pisculentum
Piso, Pisonis
Piso; (Roman cognomen); [L. Calpurnius ~/M. Pupius ~ => consul 58/61 BC];
pisselaeon, pisselaei
cedar-resin oil ;
pissoceros, pissoceri
pitch-wax ;
pistaceus, pistacea, pistaceum
pistacium, pistacii
pisticus, pistica, pisticum
pure; genuine;
pistillum, pistilli
pistolium, pistolii
pistor, pistoris
pounder of far (emmer wheat); miller/baker;
pistrilla, pistrillae
little mortar;
pistrina, pistrinae
pistrinarius, pistrinari(i)
owner of a pistrium (mill/bakery);
pistrinensis, pistrinensis, pistrinense
of/belonging to/kept in a pistrinum (mill/bakery);
pistrinum, pistrini
mill/bakery; (as a place of punishment of slaves or of drudgery);
pistris, pistris
sea monster; whale; sawfish; light oared vessel;
pistrix, pistricis
pounder (female) of far (emmer wheat); miller/baker;
pistrix, pistricis
sea monster; whale; sawfish; light oared vessel;
pisum, pisi
pithecium, pitheci(i)
little ape; antirrhinon plant, antirrhinum, calf's-snout/mouth, snapdragon;
pitta, pittae
pittacium, pittacii
small piece of cloth; label, ticket;
pittaria, pittariae
pituinus, pituina, pituinum
pine-; from pines;
pituita, pituitae
mucus, catarrh, phlegm; pip, disease of poultry; morbid/viscous discharge;
pituitosus, pituitosa, pituitosum
suffering from catarrh, rheumy; full of phlegm;
pituitosus, pituitosi
person suffering from catarrh/rheumy/full of phlegm;
pityocampa, pityocampae
pine-grub ;
pityocampe, pityocampes
pine-grub ;
pius, pia -um, -, piissimus -a -um
conscientious; upright; faithful; patriotic/dutiful, respectful; righteous/good;
affectionate, tender, devoted, loyal (to family); pious, devout; holy, godly;
pius, pii [XEXDS]
blessed dead;
pix, picis
pitch, tar;
pixis, pixidos/is
small box/casket (originally boxwood) for medicine; iron heel on pestle
pl., abb.
of the common people/plebeians; abb. pl. for plebei/plebis; (tr. pl.);
placabilis, placabilis, placabile
easily appeased, placable, appeasing, pacifying;
placabilitas, placabilitatis
readiness to condone
placamen, placaminis
means of appeasing;
placamentum, placamenti
means of appeasing;
placatus, placata, placatum
kindly disposed; peaceful, calm;
placenta, placentae
cake; kind of flat cake;
placeo, placere, placui, placitus DAT
please, satisfy, give pleasure to (with dat.);
placet, placere, -, placitus est IMPERS
it is pleasing/satisfying, gives pleasure; is believed/settled/agreed/decided;
placide, placidius, placidissime
gently, calmly, gradually, peacefully, quietly; in a conciliatory manner;
placidus, placida, placidum
gentle, calm, mild, peaceful, placid;
placito, placitare, placitavi, placitatus
placitum, placiti
placitus, placita, placitum[XPXDS]
pleasing; agreed upon;
placius, placii [FAXFM]
plaice (fish);
placo, placare, placavi, placatus
appease; placate; reconcile;
placza, placzae [FXXFX]
central plain; plain in mid-community; (defined in medieval text);
plaga, plagae
stroke/blow/stripe/cut/thrust; wound/gash/scar, injury; misfortune; E:plague;
tract/region/quarter/zone/area; open expanse of country/sea/sky;
hunting net, web, trap/snare; curtain; coverlet/counterpane; L:fine
plagalis, plagalis, plagale[ELXFM]
plagatus, plagata, plagatum
plagiarius, plagiarii
kidnapper; a plagiarist;
plagigerulus, plagigerula, plagigerulum
much flogged;
plago, plagare, plagavi, -
strike; wound;
plagosus, plagosa, plagosum
fond of flogging;
plagula, plagulae
planctus, planctus
wailing, lamentation, lament, beating of the breast; mourning;
plancus, planci
eagle ;
Plancus, Planci
Plancus (proper name);
clearly, plainly, distinctly; completely;
planes, planetis
planeta, planetae
plango, plangere, planxi, planctus
strike, beat; bewail; lament for, mourn;
plangor, plangoris
outcry, shriek;
planipes, planipedis [XDXEC]
actor who wore no shoes;
planitas, planitatis
planitia, planitiae
plain, plateau, a flat/plane/level surface; a plane (geometry); flatness;
planities, planitiei
plain, plateau, a flat/plane/level surface; a plane (geometry); flatness;
planta, plantae
cutting, heel, young shoot detached for propagation; seedling, young plant;
planta, plantae
sole (of foot); (esp. as placed on ground in standing/treading); foot;
plantago, plantaginis
plantar, plantaris
sandals (pl.); winged shoes/sandals (of Mercury L+S);
plantaris, plantaris, plantare
of/connected with the soles of the feet; (of Mercury L+S);
plantarium, plantarii
slip, cutting (of plant); (usu. pl.); (hair); sets, young trees
place for planting out cuttings/seedlings;
plantatio, plantationis
propagation from cuttings; planting, transplanting plant transplanted;
planto, plantare, plantavi, plantatus
propagate from cuttings; set out, transplant fix in place; form, make;
planum, plani
plan (drawing);
planus, plana -um, planior -or -us, planissimus -a -um
level, flat;
plascisco, plasciscere, plascivi, plascitus[FXXFY]
compose; settle;
plasma, plasmatis
modulation of the voice (affected); image, figure, creature fiction;
plasmatio, plasmationis
forming, fashioning, creating; creation;
plasmator, plasmatoris
creator, fashioner, former;
plasmo, plasmare, plasmavi, plasmatus [DEXDS]
form, mold, fashion;
plastes, plastae
modeler, molder, potter; creator, maker (eccl.); statuary;
plasticus, plastica, plasticum[HXXEK]
plastic (matter);
platalea, plataleae
water bird, the spoonbill;
platanus, platani
platea, plateae
broad way, street;
platinum, platini [HXXEK]
Plato, Platonis [XSHDS]
Plato; Greek philosopher;
Plato, Platonos/is [XSHCO]
Plato; (Greek philosopher 429-347 BC, disciple of Socrates);
Platonicus, Platonica, Platonicum[XXXCZ]
plaudeo, plaudere, plausi, plausus
clap, strike (w/flat hand), pat; beat (wings); applaud; express (dis)approval;
plaudo, plaudere, plausi, plausus
clap, strike (w/flat hand), pat; beat (wings); applaud; express (dis)approval;
plausibilis, plausibilis, plausibile
worthy of applause;
plausor, plausoris
plaustrum, plaustri
wagon, cart, wain; constellation of Great Bear/Big Dipper;
plausus, plausus
clapping/applause; approval; striking w/palm/flat surface; beating of wings;
plebecula, plebeculae
mob, common people;
plebeius, plebeia, plebeium
plebes, plebei
common people, general citizens, commons/plebeians; lower class/ranks; mob/mass;
plebes, plebis
common people, general citizens, commons/plebeians; lower class/ranks; mob/mass;
plebesco, plebescere,
become notorious; associate with common people;
plebicola, plebicolae
one who courts the favor of the people;
plebiscitum, plebisciti
resolution of the people;
plebs, plebis
common people, general citizens, commons/plebeians; lower class/ranks; mob/mass;
plecto, plectere,
buffet, beat; punish;
plecto, plectere, plexi, plectus
plait, twine;
plectrologium, plectrologii
plectrum, plectri [XDXCO]
quill/ plectrum/pick (to strike strings of musical instrument); keyboard key;
plegio, plegiare, plegiavi, plegiatus
plegius, plegii
plenarily; fully;
plenarius, plenaria, plenarium
plenary; full (in all respects/requisites); entire; absolute; having full power;
plene, plenius, plenissime
abundantly/fully/clearly; richly/lavishly/generously; entirely/completely/widely
abundantly/fully/clearly; richly/lavishly/generously; entirely/completely/widely
plenitudo, plenitudinis
fullness, abundance of content; thickness, fullness of shape; whole/full amount;
plennus, plenna, plennum
driveling, slavering, dribbling; silly, childish, idiotic;
plenus, plena -um, plenior -or -us, plenissimus -a -um
full, plump; satisfied;
pleps, plepis
common people, general citizens, commons/plebeians; lower class/ranks; mob/mass;
generally, commonly; mostly, for the most part; often, frequently;
plerus, plera, plerum
(w/que) the majority, most, very great part; about all; very many, a good many;
pleuriticus, pleuritica, pleuriticum[XBXES]
pleuritic; afflicted with pleurisy;
pleuriticus, pleuritici
pleuritic patient, one suffering from pleurisy;
plevina, plevinae
plex, (gen.), plicis[DSXDX]
fold (times) (multiplicative numeral); of X-parts; tuple; w/num prefix;
plexus, plexa, plexum
interwoven; intricate;
in an X-fold manner (only with numerical prefix), X times the price;
plicatrix, plicatricis
clothes-folder; she who folds clothes;
plicatus, plicata, plicatum
multiplied by; tupled; usually with numerical prefix;
in X ways (only with numerical prefix), in X parts/categories;
plico, plicare, plicavi, plicatus
fold (up), bend, flex; roll up; twine/coil; wind/fold together double up;
multiply by X (only with numerical prefix), X-tuple; add together
plico, plicare, plicui, plicitus
fold (up), bend, flex; roll up; twine/coil; wind/fold together double up;
Plinius, Plini
Pliny; (Roman gens name); (C. Plinius Secundus, author of Natural History);
Plinius, Plinia, Plinium
Plinius; (Roman gens); (C. Plinius Secundus/Pliny, author of Natural History);
plio, plionis [ESXDX]
X times the amount (only with numerical prefix), X times as much;
plipio, plipiare, plipiavi, plipiatus
screech; (emit the cry of the hawk);
plo, plare, plavi, platus [ESXDX]
multiply by X (only with numerical prefix), X-tuple, increase X fold;
plodo, plodere, plosi, plosus
clap, strike (w/flat hand), pat; beat (wings); applaud; express (dis)approval;
plorabundus, plorabunda, plorabundum[FXXEV]
lamentable, causing/worthy of/accompanied by tears; doleful;
ploratus, ploratus
wailing, crying;
ploro, plorare, ploravi, ploratus
cry over, cry aloud; lament, weep; deplore;
plostellum, plostelli
little wagon;
plostrum, plostri
wagon, cart, wain; constellation of Great Bear/Big Dipper;
ploxenum, ploxeni
pluma, plumae
feather; plume;
plumarius, plumaria, plumarium
embroidered; brocaded with a feather pattern; of embroidery; of soft feathers;
plumarius, plumarii
embroiderer; maker of embroidery/brocade;
plumatus, plumata, plumatum
covered with feathers;
plumbarius, plumbarii
plumbata, plumbatae
lead ball;
plumbeus, plumbea, plumbeum
leaden; blunt, dull; heavy; stupid; lead-colored
plumbo, plumbare, plumbavi, plumbatus
solder, lead; make of lead;
plumbum, plumbi
lead; [plumbum album => tin];
plumesco, plumescere,
grow feathers; begin to get feathers; become feathered/fledged;
plumeus, plumea, plumeum
feathery, composed of or filled with feathers;
plumipes, (gen.), plumipedis
plumosus, plumosa, plumosum
pluo, pluere, plui, -
rain; fall like rain; rain down; drip with rain;
pluo, pluere, pluvi, -
rain; fall like rain; rain down; drip with rain;
often, frequently; sometimes; several/many times (Bee);
pluralis, pluralis, plurale
pluralismus, pluralismi
pluralisticus, pluralistica, pluralisticum
pluralitas, pluralitatis
plurality; multitude; the plural number;
in the bulk; in the plural (Latham); in several places; at several times;
plurativum, plurativi
plural (of number);
plurativus, plurativa, plurativum
in many places, extensively; in many ways;
plurilaterus, plurilatera, plurilaterum
plurimum, plurimi
most/great number of things; greatest amount; very much; the most possible;
plurimus, plurima, plurimum
most, greatest number/amount; very many; most frequent; highest price/value;
plurimus, plurimi
very many, many a one; the most people, very many/great number of people;
plurumus, pluruma, plurumum
most, greatest number/amount; very many; most frequent; highest price/value;
plus, (gen.), pluris
more; several. many; (COMP of multus)
plus, pla, plum[XSXDX]
X times as great/many (only w/numerical prefix) (proportion), -fold, tuple;
plus, pluris
more, too much, more than enough; more than (w/NUM); higher price/value (GEN);
plusculus, pluscula, plusculum
somewhat more, rather more;
plut, pluere, pluvit, pluvitus est IMPERS
it rains;
pluteus, plutei
movable screen; breastwork, shed;
Pluto, Plutonis [XEXDS]
Pluto; king of underworld;
pluvia, pluviae
rain, shower;
pluvialis, pluvialis, pluviale
rain bringing, rainy;
pluviosus, pluviosa, pluviosum
pluvius, pluvia, pluvium
rainy, causing or bringing rain;
pneuma, pneumatis [FEXDM]
breath; spirit; [pneuma sacrum/sanctum => Holy Spirit/Ghost];
pneumaticus, pneumatica, pneumaticum[XTXEO]
pneumatic; wind-; concerned w/air pressure; operated by air/wind pressure;
pneumococcus, pneumococci
pneumonia, pneumoniae
pocillator, pocillatoris
pocillum, pocilli
little cup; small cupful; cup
poclum, pocli
cup, bowl, drinking vessel; drink/draught; social drinking (pl.); drink;
poculentus, poculenta, poculentum
potable, suitable for drinking;
poculum, poculi
cup, bowl, drinking vessel; drink/draught; social drinking (pl.); drink;
podagra, podagrae
podagrosus, podagrosa, podagrosum[BBXFS]
podex, podicis [XBXEC]
fundament, buttocks; anus;
podium, podii
balcony, esp. in the amphitheater;
poema, poematis [XPXCO]
poem, composition in verse; poetic piece (even nonmetrical); (pl.) poetry;
poena, poenae
penalty, punishment; revenge/retribution; [poena dare => to pay the penalty];
poenicans, (gen.), poenicantis
inclining to bright red; red/reddish/ruddy blushing; Punic, Carthaginian;
poeniceus, poenicea, poeniceum
poenio, poenire, poenivi, poenitus
punish (person/offense), inflict punishment; avenge, extract retribution;
poenior, poeniri, poenitus sum V (4th) DEP
punish (person/offense), inflict punishment; avenge, extract retribution;
poenitentia, poenitentiae
regret (for act); change of mind/attitude; repentance/contrition (Def); penance;
poeniteo, poenitere, poenitui, -
displease; (cause to) regret; repent, be sorry; [me paenitet => I am sorry];
poenitet, poenitere, poenituit, - IMPERS
it displeases, makes angry, offends, dissatisfies, makes sorry;
poenitor, poenitoris
punisher, one who punishes; one who extracts retribution; avenger;
poenitudo, poenitudinis
regret; repentance
Poenus, Poena, Poenum[XXACO]
Carthaginian, Punic; of/associated w/Carthage; Phoenician; scarlet, bright red;
Poenus, Poeni [XXACO]
Carthaginian; Phoenician; (specifically Hannibal);
poesis, poesis [XPXDX]
poetry; poem;
poeta, poetae [XPXAX]
poetica, poeticae [XPXDS]
poetry; poetic art;
poeticus, poetica, poeticum[XPXDX]
poetria, poetriae
by Pollux; truly; really;
polaris, polaris, polare
polemonia, polemoniae
unidentified plant;
polenta, polentae
barley-meal/groats; hulled and crushed grain; parched grain (Douay);
polimen, poliminis
brightness; B:testicle;
polio, polire, polivi, politus V (4th)
smooth, polish; refine, give finish to;
polion, polii
strong smelling plant (poley-germander, Teucrium polium?);
politicus, politica, politicum[XLXEC]
of the state, political;
politus, polita, politum
refined, polished;
polium, polii
strong smelling plant (poley-germander, Teucrium polium?);
pollen, pollinis
finely ground flour; powder (of anything produced by grinding);
pollenis, pollinis N (3rd) C
finely ground flour; powder (of anything produced by grinding);
pollens, pollentis (gen.), pollentior -or -us, pollentissimus -a -um
strong; having strength, potent (things); exerting power (people); important;
pollentia, pollentiae
polleo, pollere,
exert power or influence; be strong;
pollex, pollicis
pollicaris, pollicaris, pollicare[EBXFS]
of a thumb;
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum DEP
pollicitatio, pollicitationis
pollicitor, pollicitari, pollicitatus sum DEP
promise (assiduously);
pollicitum, polliciti
pollinctor, pollinctoris
pollingo, pollingere, pollinxi, pollinctus
wash corpse;
polluceo, pollucere, polluxi, polluctus
offer, serve up;
polluctum, pollucti
polluctus, pollucta, polluctum
offered-up (=VPAR);
pollueo, polluere, polluui, polluitus
pollulum, polluli
little bit, trifle; a little; (only a) small/little amount/quantity;
pollulus, pollula, pollulum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
pollum, polli
little bit, trifle; a little; (only a) small/little amount/quantity;
polluo, polluere, pollui, pollutus
soil/foul/dirty/stain/pollute; infect (w/disease); make impure; break (fast);
violate; dishonor/defile/degrade (w/illicit sexual conduct/immoral actions);
pollus, polla, pollum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
pollutio, pollutionis
Pollux, Pollucis
Pollux; (son of Tyndarus and Leda, twin of Castor);
polulum, poluli
little bit, trifle; a little; (only a) small/little amount/quantity;
polulus, polula, polulum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
polum, poli
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity; a little bit; trifle;
polus, pola, polum
little; small; (only a) small amount/quantity of/little bit of;
polus, poli
pole (e.g., north pole), end of an axis; heaven, sky, celestial vault;
polybolum, polyboli
machine gun;
polyclinica, polyclinicae
polyclinic, general clinic;
polymitarium, polymitarii
damask (usu.pl.); (fine fabric);
polymitarius, polymitaria, polymitarium[EXXFO]
of damask; highly wrought/finished;
polymitarius, polymitarii
weaver; one doing damask/fine weaving;
polymitum, polymiti
damask (usu.pl.); (fine fabric)
polymitus, polymita, polymitum
damasked, woven w/different colored threads; with many threads weaving;
polyphagia, polyphagiae
polyphonia, polyphoniae
polyphonicus, polyphonica, polyphonicum
polypus, polypi
octopus, cuttle-fish; nasal tumor; (modern) growth in the colon/uterus;
polysemus, polysema, polysemum[EGXFS]
with many significances;
polysyllabicus, polysyllabica, polysyllabicum
polytheismus, polytheismi
polytheus, polythei
pomarium, pomari(i)
pomarius, pomari(i)
pomeridianus, pomeridiana, pomeridianum
post-meridian; in the afternoon;
pomerium, pomeri(i)
boundary of town; bare strip around town wall; limits (of topic/subject);
space left free from buildings round walls of Roman/Etruscan town (esp. Rome);
pomifer, pomifera, pomiferum
pomoerium, pomoeri(i)
boundary of town; bare strip around town wall; limits (of topic/subject);
space left free from buildings round walls of Roman/Etruscan town (esp. Rome);
pomosus, pomosa, pomosum
rich in fruit;
pompa, pompae
procession; retinue; pomp, ostentation;
pompaticus, pompatica, pompaticum
with pomp; splendid;
pompatus, pompata, pompatum
with pomp; splendid;
Pompeianus, Pompeiana, Pompeianum
Pompeian; of/belonging to member of Pompian gens; (esp. of triumvir Pompey);
Pompeius, Pompei
Pompeius; (Roman gens name); (Cn. Pompeius Magnus (Pompey), triumvir);
Pompeius, Pompeia, Pompeium
Pompeius; Roman gens; (Cn. Pompeius Magnus (Pompey), triumvir);
pompelmus, pompelmi
pompholyx, pompholycis [DTXNS]
smoke-deposit (from furnace); ;
pompilus, pompili
pilot fish;
pompo, pompare, -, pompatus
perform with pomp;
pomposus, pomposa, pomposum
pompous; dignified;
pomum, pomi
fruit, apple; fruit-tree;
pomus, pomi
fruit, fruit-tree;
ponderatio, ponderationis
pondero, ponderare, ponderavi, ponderatus
weigh; weigh up;
ponderosus, ponderosa, ponderosum
heavy, weighty; significant;
in or by weight;
pondus, ponderis
weight, burden, impediment;
behind (in local relations) (rare);
pono, ponere, posivi, postus[BXXDO]
put, place, set; station; (archaic form of perf. of pono);
pono, ponere, posui, positus
put/place/set; station/post (troops); pitch (camp); situate; set up; erect;
specify, put down; cite/quote; locate; depict; classify; assume/suppose; bury;
lay (foundation/keel); found (town), build; plant (trees); provide/serve;
put/lay down (load/arms), take off (clothes); shed (leaves); cut (nails);
esteem/value/count; impose; ordain; lend, put out, offer, wager; rid/drop;
pons, pontis
ponticulus, ponticuli
little bridge;
pontifex, pontificis
high priest/pontiff; (of Roman supreme college of priests); bishop (Bee); pope;
pontificalis, pontificalis, pontificale
pontifical, of or pertaining to a pontifex;
pontificatus, pontificatus
pontificate, the office of pontifex;
pontificius, pontificia, pontificium
pontifical, of or pertaining to a pontifex;
pontificus, pontifica, pontificum
Pontius, Ponti
Pontius; (Roman gens name); (Pontius Pilatus, prefect of Judea 26-36 AD);
Pontius, Pontia, Pontium
Pontius; Roman gens; a Sammite leader; (P~ Pilatus, prefect of Judea 26-36 AD);
ponto, pontonis
large flat boat, barge; punt; pontoon; ferry boat;
pontufex, pontuficis
high priest/pontiff; (of Roman supreme college of priests); bishop (Bee); pope;
Pontus, Ponti
Pontus (province in Asia Minor); Black Sea;
pontus, ponti
pop., abb.
people (abb. for populus), nation;
popa, popae
she who sells animals for sacrifice;
popa, popae
lower priest; priest's assistant; (fells sacrifice with ax);
popanum, popani
sacrificial cake;
popellus, popelli
common people, rabble;
popina, popinae
cook-shop, bistro, low-class eating house;
popino, popinonis
poples, poplitis
poplus, popli
people, nation, State; public, populace; (= populus);
poppysma, poppysmatis
poppysmus, poppysmi
populabilis, populabilis, populabile
that may be ravaged or laid waste;
populabundus, populabunda, populabundum
laying waste, devastating;
popularis, popularis N (3rd) C
compatriot, fellow citizen/from same community; partner/associate; inhabitant;
member of "Popular" party, promoter of "Popular" policies, "Men of the People";
popularis, popularis, populare
of the people; popular;
popularitas, popularitatis
courting of popular favor;
in everyday language; in a manner designed to win popular support;
populatio, populationis
plundering, ravaging, spoiling; laying waste, devastation; plunder, booty;
populator, populatoris
devastator, ravager, plunderer;
populatus, populatus [XPXFS]
devastation; laying-waste;
populeus, populea, populeum
of a poplar;
populifer, populifera, populiferum
producing poplars;
populista, populistae
populo, populare, populavi, populatus
ravage, devastate, lay waste; plunder; despoil, strip;
populor, populari, populatus sum DEP
ravage, devastate, lay waste; plunder; despoil, strip;
populus, populi
poplar tree; (long o);
populus, populi
people, nation, State; public/populace/multitude/crowd; a following;
members of a society/sex; region/district army (Bee);
porca, porcae
sow, female swine;
porcella, porcellae [XAXDS]
female piglet;
porcellana, porcellanae
porcelain; china;
porcellanum, porcellani
porcelain; china;
porcellanus, porcellana, porcellanum
of porcelain, china;
porcellio, porcellionis
porcellus, porcelli
piglet; suckling pig;
porceo, porcere,
keep off; (archaic);
porcetra, porcetrae
once-littered sow;
porcillaca, porcillacae
purslain plant ;
porcillus, porcilli
piglet; suckling pig;
porcinarius, porcinari(i)
porcinus, porcina, porcinum
of a swine or hog;
porculus, porculi [XAXDS]
young pig; porpoise; hook in wine press;
porcus, porci
pig, hog; tame swine; glutton; (boar = verres);
porisma, porismatis [ESXEP]
porna, pornae [XXHEW]
harlot; (Greek borrowed word); whore; streetwalker;
pornographia, pornographiae
pornographicus, pornographica, pornographicum
porosus, porosa, porosum
porphirio, porphirionis [EAXFW]
kind of waterfowl, purple gallinule; purple coot, sultana, water-hen
porphyrio, porphyrionis
kind of waterfowl, purple gallinule; purple coot, sultana, water-hen
porrectio, porrectionis
extension; straight line;
porrectus, porrecta -um, porrectior -or -us, porrectissimus -a -um
stretched-out; protracted; dead;
porricio, porricere, porreci, porrectus
offer as a sacrifice, make sacrifice/oblation of; lay before produce;
porrigo, porrigere, porrexi, porrectus
stretch out, extend;
at distance, further on, far off, onward; of old, formerly, hereafter; again;
porrum, porri
porrus, porri
porta, portae
gate, entrance; city gates; door; avenue; goal (soccer);
portale, portalis
portarius, portarii
portatio, portationis
portendo, portendere, portendi, portentus
predict, foretell; point out;
portentificus, portentifica, portentificum
marvelous, miraculous;
portentum, portenti
omen, portent;
portentuosus, portentuosa, portentuosum
monstrous; unnatural; full of monsters; (portentosus);
porthmeus, porthmeos/is
ferryman; (Charon);
porticula, porticulae
little gallery or portico;
porticus, porticus
colonnade, covered walk; portico; covered gallery atop amphitheater/siege works;
portio, portionis
part, portion, share; proportion; [pro portione => proportionally];
portisculus, portisculi
timing-hammer (to keep beat); guidance;
portitor, portitoris
ferry man;
portiuncula, portiunculae
portion; small part;
porto, portare, portavi, portatus
carry, bring;
portorium, portori(i)
port duty; customs duty; tax;
portula, portulae
little gate, postern;
portulaca, portulacae
purslain plant;
portuosus, portuosa, portuosum
well provided with harbors;
portus, portus
port, harbor; refuge, haven, place of refuge;
posco, poscere, poposci, -
ask, demand;
posculentus, posculenta, posculentum[XAXFX]
POSCULENT (similar to esculent/eatable);
posea, poseae
olive species; olive with excellent oil;
positio, positionis
position, place; framing (law); method of presenting (theme); downbeat;
arrangement/layout; placing (in quotes); planting (crops); lie (of land);
attitude, mental position, condition/state; [prima ~ => word base form];
positivus, positiva, positivum
positor, positoris
builder, founder;
positus, positus
situation, position; arrangement;
possessio, possessionis
possession, property;
possessiuncula, possessiunculae
small property;
possessor, possessoris
owner, occupier;
possibilis, possibilis, possibile
possideo, possidere, possedi, possessus
seize, hold, be master of; possess, take/hold possession of, occupy; inherit;
possido, possidere,
seize, hold, be master of; possess, take/hold possession of, occupy; inherit;
possum, posse, potui, - V
be able, can; [multum posse => have much/more/most influence/power];
behind, afterwards, after;
behind (space), after (time); subordinate to (rank);
postalis, postalis, postale
postatus, postata, postatum
door-guarding; posted at door;
behind; behind one's back;
behind; behind one's back;
posterioritas, posterioritatis
inferior/later position;
posteritas, posteritatis
future time; posterity;
later, at a later day; by and by;
posterus, postera -um, posterior -or -us, postremus -a -um
coming after, following, next; COMP next in order, latter; SUPER last/hindmost;
posterus, posteri
descendants (pl.); posterity, future generations/ages; the future; successors;
postestas, postestatis
power, rule, force; strength, ability; chance, opportunity; (also potestas);
postfactus, postfacta, postfactum
done afterwards;
postfero, postferre, posttuli, postlatus V
consider of less account;
postgenitus, postgeniti
posterity (pl.), descendants;
posthabeo, posthabere, posthabui, posthabitus
esteem less, subordinate (to); postpone;
after this, in the future, hereafter, from now on; thereafter, from then on;
after this, in the future, hereafter, from now on; thereafter, from then on;
after this, in the future, hereafter, from now on; thereafter, from then on;
after this, in the future, hereafter, from now on; thereafter, from then on;
after this, in the future, hereafter, from now on; thereafter, from then on;
posthumus, posthuma, posthumum
late/last born (child), born late in life/after will; posthumous; last/final;
hereupon; afterwards;
posticulum, posticuli
small outhouse;
posticum, postici
back door;
posticus, postica, posticum
back, rear;
postilena, postilenae
crupper?, strap from back of saddle under horse's tail to prevent slipping;
afterwards, after that time;
postis, postis
postliminium, postliminii
right to return home;
postmeridianus, postmeridiana, postmeridianum
of the afternoon;
afterwards, presently, later;
after a while, later, a little later; afterwards; presently;
postnatus, postnata, postnatum
postnatus, postnati
eldest son;
postpartor, postpartoris [XLXEC]
postpono, postponere, postposui, postpositus
neglect; disregard; put after, consider secondary; set aside, postpone;
postputo, postputare, postputavi, postputatus
consider less important; disregard;
postremitas, postremitatis
inferior/later position;
at last, finally;
for the last time, last of all; finally;
postremus, postrema, postremum
last/final/latest/most recent; nearest end/farthest back/hindmost; worst/lowest;
on the following day;
postscaenium, postscaenii
theater behind scenes;
postscribo, postscribere, postscripsi, postscriptus
write after;
postulatio, postulationis
petition, request;
postulatum, postulati
demand, request;
postulo, postulare, postulavi, postulatus
demand, claim; require; ask/pray for;
postumus, postuma, postumum
late/last born (child), born late in life/after will; posthumous; last/final;
postuum, postui
the end; that which is last/final; extremity;
postuus, postui [XLXCS]
posthumous child;
potator, potatoris
drinker, one who drinks; tippler, drinker of intoxicants;
pote, undeclined
able, capable; possible (early Latin);
potens, potentis (gen.), potentior -or -us, potentissimus -a -um
powerful, strong; capable; mighty;
potentatus, potentatus
rule; political power;
potenter, potentius, potentissime
effectively/cogently; in overbearing manner; powerfully, w/force; competently;
potentia, potentiae
force, power, political power;
poterium, poteri(i)
potestas, potestatis
power, rule, force; strength, ability; chance, opportunity;
potio, potionis
drinking, drink;
potionatus, potionata, potionatum
dosed; that has had a potion given him to drink
potiono, potionare, potionavi, potionatus
give to drink;
potior, poti, potitus sum DEP
obtain, acquire; grasp; attain, reach (goal); come by (experiences);
seize, capture; control; have/possess; reign over; win sexually;
be/become master of (w/GEN/ABL), get possession/submission/hold of;
better/preferable/superior; more useful/effective; more important;
more important/desirable/precious; stronger, having greater control;
having better claim, more entitled/qualified, carrying greater weight;
potior, potiri, potitus sum V (4th) DEP
obtain, acquire; grasp; attain, reach (goal); come by (experiences);
seize, capture; control; have/possess; reign over; win sexually;
be/become master of (w/GEN/ABL), get possession/submission/hold of;
potis, undeclined
able, capable; possible; (early Latin potis sum becomes possum);
chiefly, principally, especially; eminently; above/before all; in best way;
chiefly, principally, especially; eminently; above/before all; in best way;
potissimus, potissima, potissimum
chief, principal, most prominent/powerful; strongest; foremost;
chiefly, principally, especially; eminently; above/before all; in best way;
chiefly, principally, especially; eminently; above/before all; in best way;
potito, potitare, potitavi, potitatus
rather, more, preferably;
poto, potare, potavi, potatus
drink; drink heavily/convivially, tipple; swallow; absorb, soak up;
poto, potare, potavi, potus
drink; drink heavily/convivially, tipple; swallow; absorb, soak up;
potor, potoris
drinker (of); tippler; one (habitually) using intoxicating drink; hard drinker;
potor, potoris
hard drinker;
potorium, potorii
drinking vessel; (usu. pl.) drinking vessels/bowls/cups/flagons;
potorius, potoria, potorium
used for drinking; (vessel);
potrix, potricis
drinker/tippler (female); she habitually with intoxicating drink;
potulentum, potulenti
potulentus, potulenta, potulentum
tipsy, rather drunk; potable, suitable for drinking, drinkable;
potus, pota, potum
drunk; drunk up, drained; having drunk; being drunk, drunken, intoxicated;
potus, potus
drink/draught; something to drink; (action of) drinking (intoxicating drink);
day before (pridie), abb. pr; used in calendar expressions;
pr., abb.
praetor (official elected by the Romans who served as a judge); abb. pr.;
practicus, practica, practicum[ESXDX]
pradatorius, pradatoria, pradatorium
plundering, predatory;
before, in front of; forward [prae sequor => go on before];
before, in front; in view of, because of;
praeacutus, praeacuta, praeacutum
sharpened, pointed;
praealtus, praealta, praealtum
very high; very deep;
praeambula, praeambulae
praeambulo, praeambulare, praeambulavi, praeambulatus
walk before; precede;
praeambulum, praeambuli
preamble; preface;
praeambulus, praeambula, praeambulum
walking before; preceding (Def); preparatory; preliminary (Latham); previous;
praeambulus, praeambuli
praebalteatus, praebalteata, praebalteatum
praebeo, praebere, praebui, praebitus
present/show/put forward; offer; expose physically oneself; expose/submit/allow;
make available, supply, provide; be the cause, occasion, produce; render;
praebibo, praebibere, praebibi,
toast; drink a toast;
praebitor, praebitoris
purveyor; supplier;
praecalidus, praecalida, praecalidum
very hot;
praecantrix, praecantricis
praecanus, praecana, praecanum
prematurely gray;
praecaveo, praecavere, praecavi, praecautus
guard (against), beware;
praecedentia, praecedentiae
praecedo, praecedere, praecessi, praecessus
go before, precede; surpass, excel;
praecelero, praecelerare, praeceleravi, praeceleratus [DPXDS]
hasten before;
praecellens, praecellentis (gen.), praecellentior -or -us, praecellentissimus -a -u[EXXEF]
surpassing, excellent, distinguished; preeminent;
praecellentia, praecellentiae
preeminence; excellence;
praecello, praecellare, praecellavi, praecellatus [EXXDF]
surpass; excel;
praecello, praecellere,
excel; surpass;
praecelsus, praecelsa, praecelsum
exceptionally high or tall;
praecentio, praecentionis
praecento, praecentare, praecentavi, praecentatus
sing consolation for;
headlong; into danger;
praeceps, (gen.), praecipitis
head first, headlong; steep, precipitous;
praeceps, praecipitis
edge of abyss; great danger;
praeceptio, praeceptionis
instruction; practical rule; preconception; preception, receiving legacy early;
praeceptor, praeceptoris
teacher, instructor;
praeceptum, praecepti
teaching, lesson, precept; order, command;
praecerpo, praecerpere, praecerpsi, praecerptus
pluck before time; pluck or cut off; gather before it's time;
praecido, praecidere, praecidi, praecisus
cut off in front; cut back, cut short;
praecingo, praecingere, praecinxi, praecinctus
gird, surround, encircle;
praecino, praecinere, praecinui, praecentus
praecipio, praecipere, praecepi, praeceptus
take or receive in advance; anticipate; warn; order; teach, instruct;
praecipito, praecipitare, praecipitavi, praecipitatus
throw headlong, cast down;
especially; chiefly;
praecipuus, praecipua, praecipuum
particular, especial;
praecisus, praecisa, praecisum
abrupt, precipitous; clipped, staccato;
praeclarus, praeclara, praeclarum
very clear; splendid; famous; bright, illustrious; noble, distinguished;
praecludo, praecludere, praeclusi, praeclusus
close, block;
praecluis, praecluis, praeclue
very famous;
praeco, praeconis
herald, crier;
praecognosco, praecognoscere, praecognovi, praecognitus
have foreknowledge of, get to know/become aware of/learn beforehand;
praecompositus, praecomposita, praecompositum
composed beforehand, studied;
praeconium, praeconi(i)
praise, celebrating; proclamation, publication; office of public crier;
praeconium, praeconii
praeconius, praeconia, praeconium
of/concerned with the public crier/his office; of/belonging to an auctioneer;
praeconor, praeconari, praeconatus sum DEP
herald; proclaim;
praeconsumo, praeconsumere, praeconsumpi, praeconsumptus
use up prematurely;
praecontrecto, praecontrectare, praecontrectavi, praecontrectatus
pre-consider; feel in advance;
praecoquis, praecoquis, praecoque
ripe too soon; premature;
praecoquis, praecoquis, praecoque
ripened too soon; premature; unseasonable; precocious; first-ripe;
praecordia, praecordiae
midriff; diaphragm; P:breast;
praecordium, praecordi(i)
vitals (pl.), diaphragm; breast; chest as the seat of feelings;
praecorrumpo, praecorrumpere, praecorrupi, praecorruptus
pre-bribe; bribe in advance;
praecox, (gen.), praecocis
ripened too soon; premature; unseasonable; precocious;
praecumbrans, (gen.), praecumbrantis
darkening; obscuring;
praecurrentium, praecurrentii
praecurro, praecurrere, praecucurri, praecursus
run before, hasten on before; precede; anticipate;
praecurro, praecurrere, praecurri, praecursus
run before, hasten on before; precede; anticipate;
praecursor, praecursoris
forerunner; member of advance-guard;
praecutio, praecutere, praecussi, praecussus
shake before, brandish before;
praeda, praedae
booty, loot, spoils, plunder, prey;
praedabundus, praedabunda, praedabundum
praedator, praedatoris
plunderer, pillager; hunter;
praedatorius, praedatoria, praedatorium
plundering, rapacious; piratical;
praedecessor, praedecessoris
praedelasso, praedelassare, praedelassavi, praedelassatus
weary beforehand;
praedesignatus, praedesignata, praedesignatum
predesignated, designated beforehand;
praedestinatio, praedestinationis
predestination, determining beforehand;
praedestino, praedestinare, praedestinavi, praedestinatus
predestine, predetermine, determine beforehand; provide beforehand;
praedetermino, praedeterminare, praedeterminavi, praedeterminatus
fix beforehand;
praediator, praediatoris
buyer of landed estates;
praediatorius, praediatoria, praediatorium
relating to the sale of land;
praedicamentum, praedicamenti [FXXES]
predicated event;
praedicatio, praedicationis
announcement/statement; public proclaiming; praise/commendation/special mention;
publication, public proclamation; prediction/prophecy/soothsaying; preaching;
praedico, praedicare, praedicavi, praedicatus
proclaim/declare/make known/publish/announce formally; praise/recommend; preach;
praedico, praedicere, praedixi, praedictus
say beforehand, mention in advance; warn/predict/foretell; recommend/prescribe;
praedictum, praedicti
prediction; forewarning; command;
praedictus, praedicta, praedictum
preceding, previously named, afore mentioned; predicted, foretold, warned;
praediolum, praedioli
small estate, little farm;
praedisco, praediscere,
learn in advance;
praedisponeo, praedisponere, praedisponui, praedisponitus
praedispositio, praedispositionis
plan (project);
praedispositus, praedisposita, praedispositum
arranged at intervals beforehand;
praeditus, praedita, praeditum
gifted; provided with;
praedium, praedi(i)
farm, estate;
praedives, (gen.), praedivitis
very rich; richly supplied;
praedivino, praedivinare, praedivinavi, praedivinatus
pre-divine; divine in advance;
praedo, praedare, praedavi, praedatus
pillage, despoil, plunder; rob/ravish/take; acquire loot (robbery/war); catch;
praedo, praedonis
robber, thief; pirate (if at sea);
praedominium, praedominii
praedor, praedari, praedatus sum DEP
acquire loot (by robbery/war/depredation); obtain food by hunting/preying;
pillage, despoil; plunder, loot; take as prey/catch;
praeduco, praeducere, praeduxi, praeductus
extend; construct;
praedulcis, praedulcis, praedulce
very sweet;
praeduro, praedurare, praeduravi, praeduratus
harden; make very hard;
praedurus, praedura, praedurum
very hard; very strong;
praeeo, praeire, praeivi(ii), praeitus V
go before, precede; dictate;
praefabricatus, praefabricata, praefabricatum
praefatio, praefationis
preliminary form of words, formula of announcement; preface;
praefectianus, praefectiana, praefectianum
praetorian-perfectly; of the praetorian prefect;
praefectianus, praefectiani
praetorian prefect;
praefectura, praefecturae
command; office of praefectus;
praefectus, praefecti
commander; prefect;
praefecus, praefeci
director, president, chief, governor;
praefero, praeferre, praetuli, praelatus V
carry in front; prefer; display; offer; give preference to;
praeferox, (gen.), praeferocis
very high-spirited;
praeferratus, praeferrata, praeferratum
tipped with iron;
praefervidus, praefervida, praefervidum
burning hot, very hot;
praefestino, praefestinare, praefestinavi, praefestinatus
be too hasty; hurry past;
praeficio, praeficere, praefeci, praefectus
put in charge, place in command (with ACC and DAT);
praefigo, praefigere, praefixi, praefixus
set in front;
praefiguratio, praefigurationis
prototype, prefiguration; prophecy; anticipation;
praefinio, praefinire, praefinivi, praefinitus V (4th)
fix the range of; determine;
meaning no evil; without offense;
meaning no evil; without offense;
praefloro, praeflorare, praefloravi, praefloratus
deprive of blossoms; diminish, lessen;
praefluo, praefluere, praefluxi, praefluxus
flow past;
praefoco, praefocare, praefocavi, praefocatus
choke, suffocate;
praefodio, praefodere, praefodi, praefosus
dig a trench in front of; bury beforehand;
praefor, praefari, praefatus sum DEP
say/utter/mention beforehand/in advance; recite (preliminary formula);
praefractus, praefracta -um, praefractior -or -us, praefractissimus -a -um
broken off before end;
praefractus, praefracta, praefractum
broken; abrupt; stern (of character);
praefrigidus, praefrigida, praefrigidum
very cold;
praefringo, praefringere, praefregi, praefractus
break off at the end, break off short;
praefulcio, praefulcire, praefulsi, praefultus
prop up; support; use as prop;
praefulgeo, praefulgere, praefulsi, praefultus
shine with outstanding brightness, bean/shine forth; be outstanding, outshine;
praefulgidus, praefulgida, praefulgidum
very bright;
praefurnium, praefurnii
furnace-opening; heating room;
praegelidus, praegelida, praegelidum
outstandingly cold;
praegestio, praegestire,
be very eager;
praegnans, (gen.), praegnantis
with child, pregnant;
praegnas, (gen.), praegnatis
with child, pregnant;
praegnatio, praegnationis
making pregnant; being pregnant; cause of fertility;
praegracilis, praegracilis, praegracile
very slender;
praegravis, praegravis, praegrave
very heavy; burdensome;
praegravo, praegravare, praegravavi, praegravatus
weigh down, burden;
praegredior, praegredi, praegressus sum DEP
go ahead; go before, precede; surpass;
praegusto, praegustare, praegustavi, praegustatus
taste in advance;
praegustus, praegustus
praehendo, praehendere, praehendi, praehensus
catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp;
catch up with; reach shore/harbor; understand, comprehend; get a grip on;
praehistoria, praehistoriae
praehistoricus, praehistorica, praehistoricum
praeicio, praeiciere, praejeci, praejectus
throw/cast before/in front of; reject utter reproachfully; oppose (Sax);
praeintelligo, praeintelligere, praeintellexi, praeintellectus
have foreknowledge;
praejaceo, praejacere, praejacui, praejacitus
lie before;
praejacio, praejaciere, praejeci, praejectus
throw/cast before/in front of; reject utter reproachfully; oppose (Sax);
praejicio, praejiciere, praejeci, praejactus
throw/cast before/in front of; reject utter reproachfully; oppose (Sax);
praejudicatum, praejudicati
praejudicialis, praejudicialis, praejudiciale
prejudged; of predecision; prejudicial;
praejudicium, praejudici(i)
precedent, example; prejudgment;
praejudico, praejudicare, praejudicavi, praejudicatus
prejudge; decide beforehand;
praejuvo, praejuvare, praejuvavi, praejuvatus
aid before; give aid previously;
praelabor, praelabi, praelapsus sum DEP
flow/glide ahead/forward/past;
praelambo, praelambere, -,
lick first; P:wash lightly;
praelargus, praelarga, praelargum
very abundant;
praelego, praelegare, praelegavi, praelegatus
pre-bequeath; bequeath before inheritance is divided;
praelego, praelegere, praelegi, praelectus
sail along;
praeligo, praeligare, praeligavi, praeligatus
pre-bind; tie around; tether;
praelior, praeliari, praeliatus sum DEP
do battle; (variant of proelior);
praelium, praeli(i) [XWXAO]
battle/fight/bout/conflict/dispute; armed/hostile encounter; bout of strength;
praelongus, praelonga, praelongum
very long;
praelonguus, praelongua, praelonguum
exceptionally long;
praeloquor, praeloqui, praelocutus sum DEP
speak/say first; forestall in speaking/saying; make preface/preliminary remarks;
praeluceo, praelucere, praeluxi, -
shine forth, outshine; light the way (for);
praelusio, praelusionis
praelustris, praelustris, praelustre
very fine;
praemandatatum, praemandatati
arrest warrant;
praemando, praemandare, praemandavi, praemandatus
praematurus, praematura, praematurum
too early, premature;
praemedicatus, praemedicata, praemedicatum
protected by medicine or charms;
praemeditor, praemeditari, praemeditatus sum DEP
consider in advance;
praememoro, praememorare, praememoravi, praememoratus
mention first;
praemetuo, praemetuere,
fear beforehand;
praemico, praemicare, praemicavi, praemicatus
glitter forth;
praemineo, praeminere, INTRANS
excel; be prominent; (prae-emineo);
praeminister, praeministri
praeministra, praeministrae
female servant;
praeministro, praeministrare, praeministravi, praeministratus
attend to; minister to;
praemitto, praemittere, praemisi, praemissus
send ahead or forward;
praemium, praemi(i)
prize, reward; gift; recompense;
praemolestia, praemolestiae
trouble beforehand;
praemolior, praemoliri, praemolitus sum V (4th) DEP
soften beforehand; prepare/make preparations beforehand
praemoneo, praemonere, praemonui, praemonitus
praemonitus, praemonitus
praemonstrator, praemonstratoris
praemordeo, praemordere, praemorsi, praemorsus
bite off; pilfer;
praemorior, praemori, praemortuus sum DEP
die beforehand (esp. body parts/facilities which cease before person's death);
praemoveo, praemovere, praemovi, praemotus
pre-move; move beforehand; stir greatly;
praemunio, praemunire, praemunivi, praemunitus V (4th)
fortify, defend in advance; safeguard;
praemunitio, praemunitionis [XGXDS]
preparation; pre-strengthening;
praenarro, praenarrare, praenarravi, praenarratus
tell beforehand;
praenatalis, praenatalis, praenatale
praenato, praenatare, praenatavi, praenatatus
swim by; flow by;
praenavigatio, praenavigationis
sailing by;
praenavigo, praenavigare, praenavigavi, praenavigatus
sail along; sail past;
praendo, praendere, praendi, praensus
catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp;
catch up with; reach shore/harbor; understand, comprehend; get a grip on;
Praenestinus, Praenestina, Praenestinum
Proenestian; of Proeneste (Latium city, famous for roses);
praeniteo, praenitere, praenitui, praenititus INTRANS
shine forth;
praenomen, praenominis
first name, personal name; noun which precedes another noun (gram.);
praenosco, praenoscere,
praenotio, praenotionis
preconception, innate idea;
praenoto, praenotare, praenotavi, praenotatus
mark before; note down; predict; L:entitle;
praenubilus, praenubila, praenubilum
very cloudy or dark;
praenuntio, praenuntiare, praenuntiavi, praenuntiatus
announce in advance;
praenuntius, praenuntia, praenuntium
acting as harbinger; heralding;
praeoccupo, praeoccupare, praeoccupavi, praeoccupatus
seize upon beforehand; anticipate;
praeolit, praeolere, IMPERS
pre-perceive; perceive before;
praeopto, praeoptare, praeoptavi, praeoptatus
praepando, praepandere, praepandi, praepassus
open wide in front, extend before;
praeparatio, praeparationis
praeparo, praeparare, praeparavi, praeparatus
praepedio, praepedire, praepedivi, praepeditus
shackle, fetter, tie by an extremity; hinder/obstruct/impede; entangle the feet;
praependeo, praependere,
hang down in front;
praepes, (gen.), praepetis
flying straight ahead; nimble, fleet; winged;
praepes, praepetis
bird; bird of omen;
praepilatus, praepilata, praepilatum
having button in front (of foils, etc.);
praepinguis, praepinguis, praepingue
outstandingly/exceptionally rich/fat, "filthy rich"; very thick (voice);
praepolleo, praepollere, INTRANS
be very powerful; be very strong;
praepondero, praeponderare, praeponderavi, praeponderatus
outweigh; be of more weight;
praepono, praeponere, praeposui, praepositus
place in command, in front of or before; put X (ACC) in front of Y (DAT);
praeporto, praeportare, praeportavi, praeportatus
carry before;
praepositio, praepositionis
prefixing (word); preposition, prefix; placing in front/in charge; preference;
praepositus, praepositi
overseer; commander;
praepossum, praeposse, praepotui, - V INTRANS
be very powerful; gain upper hand;
praeposterus, praepostera, praeposterum
in the wrong order; wrong-headed; topsy-turvy;
praepotens, (gen.), praepotentis
very powerful;
very hastily;
praeproperus, praepropera, praeproperum
very hurried, precipitate; too hasty;
praeputiatio, praeputiationis
having/retaining foreskin/prepuce (state of), being uncircumcised;
praeputiatus, praeputiata, praeputiatum
uncircumcised, having/retaining foreskin/prepuce, uncut;
praeputio, praeputiare, praeputiavi, praeputiatus
drawing out the foreskin/prepuce;
praeputium, praeputi(i)
foreskin, prepuce; (usu.pl.); state of not being circumcised, having prepuce;
praequeror, praequeri, praequestus sum DEP
complain beforehand;
praeradio, praeradiare, praeradiavi, praeradiatus [XPXDS]
praerapidus, praerapida, praerapidum
very rapid;
praerigesco, praerigescere, praerigui, -
become very stiff;
praeripio, praeripere, praeripui, praereptus
snatch away (before the proper time); seize first; forestall;
praerodo, praerodere, praerosi, praerosus
bite off end; nibble off;
praerogatio, praerogationis
praerogativa, praerogativae
tribe/centuria which voted first; its verdict; omen; prior right/prerogative;
praerogativus, praerogativa, praerogativum
asked before others (for vote, opinion, etc.);
praerogatus, praerogata, praerogatum
pre-asked; asked before;
praerogo, praerogare, praerogavi, praerogatus
ask first; pay in advance;
praerumpo, praerumpere, praerupi, praeruptus
break off;
praeruptus, praerupta, praeruptum
praes, praedis
surety, bondsman;
praesaepe, praesaepis
crib; manger; stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt; lodging; home turf;
praesaepes, praesaepis
crib, manger, stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt, lodging, home turf;
praesaepio, praesaepire, praesaepsi, praesaeptus V (4th)
block up/fence in front;
praesaepium, praesaepi(i)
crib, manger, stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt, lodging, home turf;
praesaeptus, praesaepta, praesaeptum
praesagio, praesagire, praesagivi, - V (4th)
have presentiment (of); portend;
praesagitio, praesagitionis
foreboding, presentiment;
praesagium, praesagi(i)
sense of foreboding; prognostication;
praesagus, praesaga, praesagum
having foreboding; ominous;
with foreknowledge, presciently;
praescientia, praescientiae
foreknowledge, prescience;
praescio, praescere, praescivi, praescitus
get to know/find out/learn beforehand;
praescio, praescire, praescivi, praescitus
foreknow; know in advance;
praescisco, praesciscere, praesci, praescitus
get to know/find out/learn beforehand;
praescitio, praescitionis
foreknowledge; prognostic; pre-knowledge; prescience;
praescitum, praesciti
foreknowledge; something known beforehand; a prognostication;
praescius, praescia, praescium
having foreknowledge, prescient;
praescribo, praescribere, praescripsi, praescriptus
order, direct;
praescriptio, praescriptionis
preface/preamble/title/heading; preliminary; precept/rule; pretext/excuse/cover;
praescriptum, praescripti
precept, rule; route;
praeseco, praesecare, praesecui, praesectus
cut in front, cut;
praesegmen, praesegminis
praeselectorius, praeselectoria, praeselectorium
prefixed; pre-selected;
praesens, (gen.), praesentis
present; at hand; existing; prompt, in person; propitious;
in a moment; promptly/quickly; instantly;
praesentarius, praesentaria, praesentarium
present; that is at hand; existing; prompt/quick/ready; that operates instantly;
praesentatio, praesentationis
presentation, placing before; exhibition, showing, representation;
praesente, praesentis
present circumstance;
face to face; in the presence;
praesentia, praesentiae
present time; presence;
praesentialis, praesentialis, praesentiale
present; that is at hand; existing; prompt/quick/ready;
face to face; in the presence;
praesentio, praesentire, praesensi, praesensus V (4th)
feel or perceive beforehand; have a presentiment of;
praesento, praesentare, praesentavi, praesentatus
present (to mind/senses), exhibit (to view), show (oneself); hold out; hand to;
praesepe, praesepis
crib; manger; stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt; lodging; home turf;
praesepes, praesepis
crib, manger, stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt, lodging, home turf;
praesepio, praesepire, praesepsi, praeseptus V (4th)
block up/fence in front;
praesepium, praesepi(i)
crib, manger, stall (cattle/horses feed); brothel; haunt, lodging, home turf;
especially; particularly;
praeservativum, praeservativi
preservative; condom;
praeservio, praeservire, praeservivi, praeservitus
serve as slave;
praeses, praesidis N (3rd) C
protector; guard; guardian; defender; chief; president, governor, procurator;
praesidalis, praesidalis, praesidale[DLXDS]
gubernatorial; of/belonging to the governor of a province;
praesidentia, praesidentiae
praesidentialis, praesidentialis, praesidentiale
praesideo, praesidere, praesedi, - DAT
keep/watch/stand//guard (over); preside (over); supervise/govern/control;
praesidialis, praesidialis, praesidiale[DLXDS]
gubernatorial; of/belonging to the governor of a province;
praesidiarius, praesidiaria, praesidiarium
on guard;
praesidium, praesidi(i)
protection; help; guard; garrison, detachment;
praesignis, praesignis, praesigne
pre-eminent, outstanding;
praespargo, praespargere, -,
scatter before;
praestabilis, praestabilis, praestabile
pre-eminent, superior; distinguished, excellent;
praestans, praestantis (gen.), praestantior -or -us, praestantissimus -a -um
excellent, outstanding (in quality/worth/degree/importance), surpassing all;
praestantia, praestantiae
excellence, outstanding excellence, pre-eminence, superiority;
praestat, praestare, praestitit, praestitus est IMPERS
it is better;
praestatio, praestationis
payment (money/goods/services obligated); warranty/immunity/guarantee (against);
praesterno, praesternere, -,
pre-spread; prepare;
praestigia, praestigiae
deception (pl.), illusion, tricks; action to deceive/hoodwink; juggling
praestigiator, praestigiatoris
trickster, one who practices deceit; juggler; impostor, cheat, deceiver
praestigiatrix, praestigiatricis
trickster; conjurer;
praestigiosus, praestigiosa, praestigiosum
praestigium, praestigii
delusion, illusion, tricks; magic (Sax);
praestino, praestinare, praestinavi, praestinatus
buy; purchase;
praestituo, praestituere, praestitui, praestitutus
determine in advance;
ready, available, at hand, waiting, on the spot, at one's service;
praesto, praestare, praestavi, praestatus
excel, surpass, be outstanding/superior/best/greater/preferable (to); prevail;
furnish/supply, make available, hand over; tender/offer/present; play part;
apply, bring to bear; fulfill, make good; keep word; be responsible for;
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitus
excel, surpass, be outstanding/superior/best/greater/preferable (to); prevail;
furnish/supply, make available, hand over; tender/offer/present; play part;
apply, bring to bear; fulfill, make good; keep word; be responsible for;
praestolatio, praestolationis
expectation, waiting for;
praestolor, praestolari, praestolatus sum DEP
stand ready for, expect, wait for (w/DAT or ACC);
praestrigia, praestrigiae
deception (pl.), illusion, tricks; action to deceive/hoodwink; juggling
praestringo, praestringere, praestrinxi, praestrictus
bind or tie up; graze, weaken, blunt;
praestruo, praestruere, praestruxi, praestructus
block up, contrive beforehand;
praesul, praesulis N (3rd) C
patron/protector; prelate/bishop/Church dignitary; dancer leading procession;
praesulatus, praesulatus [EEXFS]
superintendent's office;
praesulsus, praesulsa, praesulsum
very salty, very salt, salted very heavily;;
praesultator, praesultatoris
public dancer;
praesulto, praesultare, praesultavi, praesultatus
dance/leap before/in front of;
praesum, praeesse, praefui, praefuturus V
be in charge/control/head (of) (w/DAT); take the lead (in); be present (at);
praesumo, praesumere, praesumpsi, praesumptus
consume/perform/employ beforehand; anticipate; presuppose/presume/assume; dare;
praesumo, praesumere, praesumsi, praesumptus
consume/perform/employ beforehand; anticipate; presuppose/presume/assume; dare;
praesumptio, praesumptionis
presumption; anticipation of objection; stubbornness; enjoying anticipation;
praesumptivus, praesumptiva, praesumptivum
presumptuous; presumptive;
praesumptor, praesumptoris
possession-taker; reckless or presumptuous fellow;
praesupponeo, praesupponere, praesupponui, praesupponitus
praesuppositio, praesuppositionis
assumption; presupposition;
praesutus, praesuta, praesutum
sewn over in front;
praetempto, praetemptare, praetemptavi, praetemptatus
pre-test, try out in advance; feel/search/grope out beforehand;
praetendo, praetendere, praetendi, praetentus
stretch out; spread before; extend in front; allege in excuse;
praetento, praetentare, praetentavi, praetentatus
allege; hold out as a reason;
praetenuis, praetenuis, praetenue
very thin; very slender; very shrill;
praetepeo, praetepere, praetepui, praetepitus INTRANS [XPXDS]
glow before;
praeter PREP ACC
besides, except, contrary to; beyond (rank), in front of, before; more than;
praeterago, praeteragere, -, praeteractus
drive past/by;
praeterbito, praeterbitere,
pass by; drive past/by;
praeterduco, praeterducere, praeterduxi, praeterductus
lead past;
besides, thereafter; in addition;
praetereo, praeterire, praeterivi(ii), praeteritus V
pass/go by; disregard/neglect/omit/miss; surpass/excel; go overdue; pass over;
praeterequitans, (gen.), praeterequitantis
riding past;
praeterfluo, praeterfluere,
flow past;
praetergredior, praetergredi, praetergressus sum DEP
march or go past;
praeteritum, praeteriti
past (pl.); past times; bygone events;
praeteritus, praeterita, praeteritum
praeterlabor, praeterlabi, praeterlapsus sum DEP
glide or slip past;
praeterlatus, praeterlata, praeterlatum
driving past; flying past;
praetermissio, praetermissionis
omission; passing over; neglect;
praetermitto, praetermittere, praetermisi, praetermissus
let pass; pass over; omit; overlook;
praeternavigo, praeternavigare, praeternavigavi, praeternavigatus
sail by;
except, besides;
praeterquam PREP ACC
except, besides, beyond, contrary to;
praetervectio, praetervectionis
passing by;
praetervehor, praetervehi, praetervectus sum DEP
sail by, pass by, ride by; be born by;
praetervolo, praetervolare, praetervolavi, praetervolatus
fly past; slip by;
praetexo, praetexere, praetexui, praetextus
weave in front, fringe; cloak (with); pretend;
praetexo, praetexere, praetexui, praetextus
border; adorn; D:tragedy;
praetexta, praetextae
toga bordered with purple worn by children over 16 and magistrates;
praetextatus, praetextata, praetextatum
underage; juvenile; wearing a toga praetexta;
praetextum, praetexti
pretense; pretext;
praetextus, praetexta, praetextum
bordered; wearing a toga ~; [toga ~ => high magistrate's purple bordered toga];
praetimeo, praetimere, praetimui, - INTRANS
fear in advance;
praetinctus, praetincta, praetinctum
moistened beforehand;
praetor, praetoris
praetor (official elected by the Romans who served as a judge); abb. pr.;
praetorianus, praetoriana, praetorianum
praetorian; of/belonging to the praetorian cohorts/Imperial bodyguard;
praetorianus, praetoriani
praetorian; soldier belonging to the praetorian cohorts/Imperial bodyguard;
praetorium, praetori(i)
general's tent; headquarters; governor's residence, government house; palace;
praetorius, praetoria, praetorium
praetorian; [porta praetoria => the praetorian gate, front gate of the camp];
praetorius, praetorii
praetorqueo, praetorquere, praetorsi, praetortus
twist round;
praetrepido, praetrepidare, praetrepidavi, praetrepidatus
be hasty or impatient;
praetrepidus, praetrepida, praetrepidum
praetrunco, praetruncare, praetruncavi, praetruncatus
cut off; clip;
praetumidus, praetumida, praetumidum
very swollen;
praetura, praeturae
praeuro, praeurere, praeussi, praeustus
scorch at the extremity or on the surface;
praeustus, praeusta, praeustum
burnt at the end; hardened by burning;
praevaleo, praevalere, praevalui, - INTRANS
prevail; have superior power/force/weight/influence/worth/efficacy (medicine);
praevalidus, praevalida, praevalidum
very strong; strong in growth;
praevaricatio, praevaricationis [XLXEC]
collusion; transgression (Plater);
praevaricator, praevaricatoris [XLXEC]
advocate guilty of collusion; transgressor (Plater);
praevaricatrix, praevaricatricis
female sinner;
praevarico, praevaricare, praevaricavi, praevaricatus
transgress, sin against; violate; be in collusion; be/walk crooked/not upright;
praevaricor, praevaricari, praevaricatus sum DEP
transgress, sin against; violate; be in collusion; be/walk crooked/not upright;
straddle; have secret understanding w/enemy;
praevehor, praevehi, praevectus sum DEP
travel past or along;
praevenio, praevenire, praeveni, praeventus V (4th)
arrive/occur/come first/before/too soon; precede; surpass; anticipate/forestall;
praeverbium, praeverbi(i)
prefix (gram.);
praeverro, praeverrere, -, [XPXDS]
presweep; sweep before;
praeverto, praevertere, praeverti, -
anticipate; preoccupy, attend to first; outstrip, outrun;
praevideo, praevidere, praevidi, praevisus
foresee, see in advance;
praevitio, praevitiare, praevitiavi, praevitiatus
precorrupt; corrupt in advance;
praevius, praevia, praevium
going before, leading the way;
praevolo, praevolare, praevolavi, praevolatus
fly before;
praevorto, praevortere, praevorti, -
anticipate; preoccupy, attend to first; outstrip, outrun;
pragmaticus, pragmatica, pragmaticum
skilled in business;
pragmatismus, pragmatismi
prandeo, prandere, prandi, pransus
eat one's morning or midday meal;
prandiolum, prandioli
prandium, prandi(i)
prandium, prandii
pransor, pransoris
lunch guest;
prasinus, prasina, prasinum
prasius, prasii
prase, green coloured gem ; leek-green crystal translucent quartz
pratensis, pratensis, pratense
of a meadow;
pratulum, pratuli
little meadow;
pratum, prati [XAXAO]
meadow, meadowland; meadow grass/crop; broad expanse/field/plain (land/sea);
pratus, pratus [DAXEP]
meadow, meadowland; meadow grass/crop; broad expanse/field/plain (land/sea);
pravicordius, pravicordia, pravicordium[EEXDS]
evil-minded; mean-spirited; that has a depraved heart;
pravicors, (gen.), pravicordis
evil-minded; mean-spirited; that has a depraved heart;
pravitas, pravitatis
bad condition; viciousness, perverseness, depravity;
pravo, pravare, pravavi, pravatus [EXXFM]
misrule; be crooked/bad/vicious/evil/corrupt; bend;
pravus, prava, pravum
crooked; misshapen, deformed; perverse, vicious, corrupt; faulty; bad;
preambula, preambulae
preambulum, preambuli
preamble; preface;
preambulus, preambula, preambulum
walking before; preceding (Def); preparatory; preliminary (Latham); previous;
preambulus, preambuli
prebeo, prebere, prebui, prebitus
present/show/put forward; offer; expose physically oneself; expose/submit/allow;
make available, supply, provide; be the cause, occasion, produce; render;
precabundus, precabunda, precabundum
entreating; beseeching;
precarius, precaria, precarium
obtained by prayer; doubtful, precarious;
precatio, precationis
prayer, supplication;
precatus, precatus
prayer; request;
precia, preciae
kind of vine (pl.);
precium, preci(i)
price; reward; worth; pay; [~ natalis/nativitatis => weregeld];
preconcipio, preconcipere, preconcepi, preconceptus
preconceive; foreordain;
precor, precari, precatus sum DEP
beg/implore/entreat; wish/pray for/to; pray, supplicate, beseech;
precordialis, precordialis, precordiale
heartfelt; B:cardiac;
predictus, predicta, predictum
preceding, previously named, afore mentioned; predicted, foretold, warned;
predignus, predigna, predignum
preexisto, preexistare, preexistavi, preexistatus
pre-exist; be previously;
prehendo, prehendere, prehendi, prehensus
catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp;
catch up with; reach shore/harbor; understand, comprehend; get a grip on;
prehendo, prehendere, prehendidi, prehenditus
catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp;
catch up with; reach shore/harbor; understand, comprehend; get a grip on;
prehenso, prehensare, prehensavi, prehensatus
grasp/clutch at/constantly; lay hold of; accost/buttonhole; canvass, solicit;
preludium, preludii
prelude; preliminary;
prelum, preli
wine or oil-press;
premagnus, premagna -um, premajor -or -us, premaximus -a -um
very great/large/powerful/important/exalted; very great number/amount/price;
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
press, press hard, pursue; oppress; overwhelm;
premotio, premotionis
previous motion;
prenda, prendae
booty, loot; stolen goods;
prendo, prendere, prendi, prensus
catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp;
catch up with; reach shore/harbor; understand, comprehend; get a grip on;
prendo, prendere, prendidi, prenditus
catch, take hold of; arrest, capture; reach; understand; seize, grasp; occupy;
prensatio, prensationis
soliciting; canvassing;
prensio, prensionis
seizing; taking hold (of);
prenso, prensare, prensavi, prensatus
grasp/clutch at/constantly; lay hold of; accost/buttonhole; canvass, solicit;
presbyta, presbytae
presbyter, presbyteri [DEXAS]
elder/presbyter (in Christian Church); priest;
presbyteralis, presbyteralis, presbyterale
presbyterissa, presbyterissae [FEXEQ]
presbyter (female), widow/matron devoted to church service (order); (Du Cange);
presbyterium, presbyterii
assembly of elders/presbyters; priest's house?;
presbyterus, presbyterus
office of elder/presbyter (in Christian Church); or of priest, priesthood;
presbytia, presbytiae
farsightedness, longsightedness;
presignio, presignire, presignivi, presignitus V (4th)
ennoble; make famous;
pressio, pressionis
pressing-down; T:lever-fulcrum;
presso, pressare, pressavi, pressatus
press, squeeze;
while pressing against;
pressulus, pressula, pressulum
rather compressed;
pressus, pressa, pressum
firmly planted, deliberate;
pressus, pressus
pressing; pressure; exertion of pressure;
prester, presteris
fiery whirlwind or a waterspout;
pretiositas, pretiositatis
preciousness; costliness;
pretiosus, pretiosa -um, pretiosior -or -us, pretiosissimus -a -um
expensive, costly, of great value, precious; rich in;
pretium, preti(i)
price/value/worth; reward/pay; money; prayer/request; [~ natalis => weregeld];
prex, precis
prayer, request;
priapeus, priapea, priapeum
Priapan; of Priapus (the city or the god of procreation);
some time ago, previously;
pridianum, pridiani
annual register of the total strength of a unit; (taken on 31 December); prim
pridianus, pridiana, pridianum
of the day before;
day before;
day before;
primaevus, primaeva, primaevum
primanus, primani
soldiers (pl.) of the first legion;
primarius, primaria, primarium
in the first rank, distinguished;
primas, (gen.), primatis
noble; of the highest rank; principle;
primatus, primatus
supremacy; first place;
primicauponius, primicauponii
primicerius, primicerii
chief, head, superintendent; chief clerk; (first-named on wax tablet);
primigenius, primigenia, primigenium
first born; original, primitive; serving as root for derivatives (gram.);
primigenus, primigena, primigenum
original, primitive;
primipilaris, primipilaris, primipilare
of first maniple/centurion; of/belonging to a commissary;
primipilus, primipili
first centurion; [~/primi pili centurio => primary/chief centurion of a legion];
primiscrinius, primiscrinii
departmental chief;
primitia, primitiae
first-fruits (pl.), first offerings; beginnings; [a ~ => from the beginning];
primitivus, primitiva, primitivum
early; first formed;
at first; to begin with; for the first time; originally; in the beginning;
at first; in the first place; at the beginning;
primogenitalis, primogenitalis, primogenitale
original, first of all (in origin);
primogenitum, primogeniti
birth-right, right of the first-born/oldest (child);
primogenitus, primogenita, primogenitum
first-born; oldest (child);
primogenius, primogenia, primogenium
first born; original, primitive; serving as root for derivatives (gram.);
primopilaris, primopilaris, primopilare
of first maniple/centurion; of/belonging to a commissary;
primopilus, primopili
senior centurion of a legion;
primordium, primordi(i)
first beginning, origin, commencement, beginnings;
primoris, primoris
nobles (pl.), men of the first rank;
primoris, primoris, primore
first; foremost, extreme;
primula, primulae
primulus, primula, primulum
very first;
at first; in the first place;
primus, prima, primum
first, foremost/best, chief, principal; nearest/next; [in primis => especially];
primus, primi
chiefs (pl.), nobles;
princeps, (gen.), principis
first, foremost, leading, chief, front; earliest, original; most necessary;
princeps, principis
leader/chief, first/leading member/citizen/man; master/expert; founder/proposer;
Princeps (non-military title of Roman Emperor); senior Senator; leader of pack;
principalis, principalis, principale
chief, principal;
principalitas, principalitatis
superiority, pre-eminence, excellence; first place;
primarily/principally/in first place; directly/without intermediary; imperially;
principatus, principatus
first place; rule; leadership; supremacy; chief command;
principialis, principialis, principiale[XPXES]
original; from the beginning;
principio, principiare, principiavi, principiatus
begin to speak; begin to peak (medieval);
principissa, principissae
principium, principi(i)
principor, principari, principatus sum DEP [DEXDS]
rule; rule over (w/GEN/DAT) (Souter);
prinus, prini [EAXFS]
holm-oak, great scarlet oak; evergreen oak (Vulgate Susanna 1:58);
prior, prior, prius
ahead, in front, leading; previous, earlier, preceding, prior; former; basic;
prior, prioris
ancestors (pl.), forefathers, predecessors, people of an earlier time;
prior, prioris [EEXCB]
superior/elder monk; (later) second in dignity to abbot/head of priory, prior;
prioratus, prioratus [FLXCJ]
priorissa, priorissae
prioritas, prioritatis
priscus, prisca, priscum
ancient, early, former;
prisona, prisonae [FLXDJ]
pristinus, pristina, pristinum
former, oldtime, original; pristine;
pristis, pristis
sea monster; whale; sawfish; light oared vessel;
earlier, before, previously, first;
prius, prioris
earlier times/events/actions; a logically prior proposition
before; until; sooner than;
in private; as a private citizen;
privatus, privata, privatum
private; personal; ordinary;
privatus, privati
private citizen;
privigna, privignae
privignus, privigni
privilegiatus, privilegiata, privilegiatum
privilegium, privilegi(i)
law in favor of/against specific individual; (claim of) special right/privilege;
privo, privare, privavi, privatus
deprive, rob, free;
privus, priva, privum
one's own, private; separate, single;
on behalf of; before; in front/instead of; for; about; according to; as, like;
proagorus, proagori
chief magistrate; chief magistrate in Sicilian town;
proavia, proaviae
proavitus, proavita, proavitum
proavus, proavi
great-grandfather; remote ancestor;
proba, probae [FLXEM]
proof; evidence;
probabilis, probabile, probabilior -or -us, probabilissimus -a -um
commendable/admirable; justifiable; plausible/credible/demonstrable; probable;
probabilitas, probabilitatis
probability; appearance of truth; approvability (Latham); soundness (Red);
probabiliter, probabilius, probabilissime
commendably, worthy of approval; plausibly/credibly; probably;
probalis, probalis, probale
demonstrable; conclusive;
probatio, probationis
approval; testing/inspection/passing; criterion, test; proof; evidence;
probator, probatoris
one who approves;
properly, rightly;
probitas, probitatis
uprightness, honesty, probity;
problema, problematis [DSXCO]
problems, questions for debate/academic discussion (pl.); enigma/riddle/puzzle;
problematicum, problematici
problems, cases set forth as problems (pl.);
problematicus, problematica, problematicum
problematum, problemati
problems, questions for debate/academic discussion (pl.); enigma/riddle/puzzle;
probo, probare, probavi, probatus
approve (of), esteem/commend/recommend/certify; give assent/approval/sanction;
let; show to be real/true; examine/test/try/prove/demonstrate; get accepted;
proboscis, proboscidis
trunk; proboscis; snout;
probrosus, probrosa, probrosum
shameful; disreputable;
probrum, probri
disgrace; abuse, insult; disgrace, shame;
probus, proba, probum
good, honest;
Probus, Probi
Probus; (Emperor Marcus Aurelius Equitius Probus 276-282);
procacitas, procacitatis
effrontery, forwardness; wantonness, license;
procax, (gen.), procacis
pushing, impudent; undisciplined; frivolous;
procedo, procedere, processi, processus
proceed; advance; appear;
proceleumaticus, proceleumatici [XPXFS]
metric foot (with four short syllables);
procella, procellae
storm, gale; tumult, commotion;
procellosus, procellosa, procellosum
stormy, boisterous;
procer, proceri
great man, nobleman;
procer, proceris
nobles (pl.), chiefs, princes; leading men of the country/society/profession;
procere, procerius, procerissime
far, to a great distance; extensively (COMP);
proceritas, proceritatis
height/tallness; altitude, distance up; great length (some up); metrical feet;
procerus, procera -um, procerior -or -us, procerissimus -a -um
tall; long; high, lofty, upraised; grown/extended to great height/length;
processus, processus
advance, progress;
procido, procidere, procidi, -
fall prostrate, collapse;
prociedo, prociedere, processi, processus
go forward, proceed; advance;
procinctualis, procinctualis, procinctuale[EWXFS]
army-deploying; of the setting out of an army;
procinctus, procinctus
readiness for battle;
procingo, procingere, procinxi, procinctus
gird-up; prepare;
proclamator, proclamatoris
proclamo, proclamare, proclamavi, proclamatus
call/cry out, raise an outcry; appeal noisily; take claim to court; proclaim;
proclino, proclinare, proclinavi, proclinatus
tilt forward; cause to totter;
proclivis, proclivis, proclive
sloping down; downward; prone (to); easy;
proclivitas, proclivitatis
propensity to evil;
proclivus, procliva, proclivum
inclined forward, sloping downwards; inclined, ready;
proco, procare, procoravi, procoratus
urge/press (w/commands/suits); woo, importune for one's hand; ask/demand
procoeton, procoetonis
proconsul, proconsulis
proconsul, governor of a province;
proconsularis, proconsularis, proconsulare
proconsulatus, proconsulatus
proconsulship; office/position of proconsul;
procor, procari, procoratus sum DEP
urge/press (w/commands/suits); woo, importune for one's hand; ask/demand
procrastinatio, procrastinationis
procrastino, procrastinare, procrastinavi, procrastinatus
put off till the next day, postpone; delay;
procreo, procreare, procreavi, procreatus
bring into existence, beget, procreate; produce, create;
procresco, procrescere,
grow on to maturity, grow larger;
procubo, procubare, procubui, procubitus
lie outstretched;
procudo, procudere, procudi, procusus
forge, hammer out, beat out;
away; at distance, far off;
proculco, proculcare, proculcavi, proculcatus
trample on;
procumbo, procumbere, procubui, procubitus
sink down, lie down, lean forward;
procuratio, procurationis
management; administration; charge, responsibility;
procurator, procuratoris
manager, overseer; agent, deputy;
procuratorius, procuratoria, procuratorium
procuratory; of/concerning a procurator; of an agent or manager
procuro, procurare, procuravi, procuratus
manage; administer; attend to;
procurro, procurrere, procucurri, procursus
run out ahead, run forward, advance; jut out;
procurro, procurrere, procurri, procursus
run out ahead; jut out;
procursatio, procursationis
sudden charge, sally;
procursator, procursatoris [XWXES]
skirmisher; fore-runner;
procurso, procursare, procursavi, procursatus
run frequently forward, dash out;
procursus, procursus
forward movement; outbreak;
procurvus, procurva, procurvum
curved outwards or forwards;
procus, proci
wooer, gigolo. suitor; canvasser; noble;
prodeambulo, prodeambulare, prodeambulavi, prodeambulatus
take a walk;
prodecessor, prodecessoris
prodeo, prodire, prodivi(ii), proditus
go/come forth/out, advance; appear; sprout/spring up; issue/extend/project;
prodico, prodicere, prodixi, prodictus
give notice of or fix a day;
prodictator, prodictatoris
prodigentia, prodigentiae
profusion; extravagance;
amazingly, wonderfully;
prodigialus, prodigiala, prodigialum
prodigal; lavish;
prodigilitas, prodigilitatis
prodigiosus, prodigiosa, prodigiosum
freakish; prodigious;
prodigium, prodigi(i)
portent; prodigy, wonder;
prodigo, prodigere, prodegi, prodactus
drive forth/out; get rid of; use up, consume; waste/dissipate/squander; lavish;
prodigus, prodiga, prodigum
wasteful, lavish, prodigal;
prodio, prodiere,
go/come forth/forward/out; appear, spring up; advance/proceed; extend, project;
prodio, prodire, prodivi, proditus [EXXEE]
go/come forth/out, advance; appear; sprout/spring up; issue/extend/project;
proditio, proditionis
treason, betrayal;
proditor, proditoris
proditrix, proditricis
betrayer (female), treacherous woman, traitress/traitoress;
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditus
project, thrust forward; bring forth, produce, give birth to; create; nominate;
institute; extend, prolong; hand down (lore); publish/record, reveal, uncover;
put out; assert; betray; give up, abandon, forsake;
prodoceo, prodocere, prodocui, prodoctus
preach teach, inculcate; indoctrinate
prodromus, prodromi
produco, producere, produxi, productus
lead forward, bring out; reveal; induce; promote; stretch out; prolong; bury;
productio, productionis
extension, lengthening (of time); G:lengthening of syllable/word by suffix;
productio, productionis
production; bringing-forth;
producto, productare,
prolong; throw before, interpose;
productum, producti
proegmenon, proegmeni
preferable thing;
proeliator, proeliatoris [DWXDS]
fighter; combatant;
proelior, proeliari, proeliatus sum DEP
proelium, proeli(i) [XWXAO]
battle/fight/bout/conflict/dispute; armed/hostile encounter; bout of strength;
profano, profanare, profanavi, profanatus
desecrate, profane;
profanus, profana, profanum
secular, profane; not initiated; impious;
profecticius, profecticia, profecticium[DXXEO]
derived in ordinary course of law from bride's family (dowry); deriving from;
profectio, profectionis
profectitius, profectitia, profectitium
derived in ordinary course of law from bride's family (dowry); deriving from;
surely, certainly;
profectus, profectus
progress, success;
profero, proferre, protuli, prolatus V
bring forward; advance; defer; discover; mention;
professio, professionis
declaration/avowal/profession; formal declaration/return; profession/occupation;
professio, professionis
professionalis, professionalis, professionale
professorius, professoria, professorium
profestus, profesta, profestum
not kept as a holiday, common, ordinary;
proficio, proficere, profeci, profectus
make, accomplish, effect;
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum DEP
depart, set out; proceed;
proficuus, proficua, proficuum
beneficial, advantageous; conducive;
profisceo, profiscere, profiscui, profiscitus
set out; depart;
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum DEP
declare; profess;
profligatus, profligata, profligatum
profligate, depraved;
profligo, profligare, profligavi, profligatus
overthrow, rout;
proflo, proflare, proflavi, proflatus
blow out, exhale;
profluentia, profluentiae
profluo, profluere, profluxi, profluctus
flow forth or along; emanate (from);
profluus, proflua, profluum
flowing forth; flowing, streaming;
profluvium, profluvii
flowing forth;
profor, profari, profatus sum DEP
speak out;
profugio, profugere, profugi, -
escape, escape from; run away from;
profugus, profuga, profugum
fugitive/fleeing/escaping; exiled; shrinking (from task); P:eluding one's grasp;
profugus, profugi
fugitive; runaway; refugee; exile;
profunditas, profunditatis
depth; intensity; vastness, immensity; darkness;
profundo, profundere, profudi, profusus
pour, pour out; utter; squander;
profundum, profundi
depths, abyss, chasm; boundless expanse;
profundus, profunda, profundum
deep, profound; boundless; insatiable;
profusio, profusionis
extravagance, lavish spending; (morbid) discharge of body fluid; libation;
profusus, profusa, profusum
excessive; lavish; extravagant;
progagus, progagi
progener, progeneri
grandson-in-law grand-daughter's husband;
progenero, progenerare, progeneravi, progeneratus
engender, produce;
progenies, progeniei
race, family, progeny;
progenitor, progenitoris
progero, progerere, progessi, progestus
carry forth; clear out; carry before;
progigno, progignere, progignui, progignitus
beget; produce;
very skillfully;
prognatus, prognata, prognatum
sprung from; descended;
programma, programmatis
proclamation; edict; program
programmatio, programmationis [HXXEK]
programmator, programmatoris [HXXEK]
programmo, programmare, programmavi, programmatus [HXXEK]
program (data processing);
progredior, progredi, progressus sum DEP
go, come forth, go forward, march forward; advance. proceed. make progress;
progressio, progressionis
progress/development; advance/forward movement; rising figure of speech; climax;
progressus, progressus
advance, progress;
progymnasma, progymnasmae [GGXEM]
essay; exercise (Erasmus);
prohemium, prohemii
preface, introduction, preamble; beginning, prelude; overture (music);
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitus
hinder, restrain; forbid, prevent;
prohibesseo, prohibessere,
hinder, restrain; forbid, prevent; (archaic form of prohibeo);
prohibitio, prohibitionis
prohibition; prevention, making impossible/unlawful; stopping (a legal action);
prohibitorius, prohibitoria, prohibitorium
restraining; prohibitory; that restrains/prohibits;
prohoemium, prohoemii
preface, introduction, preamble; beginning, prelude; overture (music);
proicio, proicere, projeci, projectus
throw down, throw out; abandon; throw away;
proiectorium, proiectorii
hence, so then; according to/in the same manner/degree/proportion (as/in which);
hence, so then; according to/in the same manner/degree/proportion (as/in which);
projecticius, projecticia, projecticium
cast out; rejected;
projectilis, projectilis [ESXDX]
projectio, projectionis
throwing forward; extension; projection;
projectitius, projectitia, projectitium
cast out; rejected;
projectus, projecta, projectum
jutting out, projecting; precipitate; abject, groveling;
projicio, projicere, projeci, projectus
throw down, throw out; abandon; throw away;
prolabor, prolabi, prolapsus sum DEP
glide or slip forwards, fall into decay, go to ruin; collapse;
prolapsio, prolapsionis
falling; error;
prolatio, prolationis
postponement; enlargement;
prolato, prolatare, prolatavi, prolatatus
lengthen, enlarge; prolong; put off, defer;
prolecto, prolectare, prolectavi, prolectatus
lure, entice;
proles, prolis
offspring, descendant; that springs by birth/descent; generation; race, breed;
proletariatus, proletariatus
proletarius, proletaria, proletarium[BXXDO]
proletarian, of lowest class; common, vulgar;
proletarius, proletarii
lowest class citizen (serving the state only by fathering); proletarian
prolicio, prolicere,
lure forward, lead on;
prolixe, prolixius, prolixissime
so as to extend a long way in space; at length, in detail; in large quantity;
amply; lavishly, generously, wholeheartedly, without let/skimping/reserve;
prolixitas, prolixitatis
extent; extension in space, elongation; extension in time, long duration;
prolixo, prolixare,
extend in space; elongate;
prolixus, prolixa -um, prolixior -or -us, prolixissimus -a -um
luxuriant, extensive (growth); big/tall (man); generous; running smoothly;
lengthy/copious (writings); extended, wide; long, drawn-out; ample/abundant;
prologus, prologi
prolongo, prolongare, prolongavi, prolongatus [DXXCD]
prolong, extend, lengthen;
proloquium, proloquii
introduction; G:assertion; L:judicial sentence; utterance
proloquor, proloqui, prolocutus sum DEP
speak out;
proludo, proludere, prolusi, prolusus
carry out preliminary exercises before a fight; rehearse for;
proluo, proluere, prolui, prolutus
wash out; wash away; wash up; purify;
proluvier, proluvieris N (3rd) C
inundation; scouring; discharge;
proluvies, proluviei
overflow, flood; bodily discharge;
promachus, promachi
promagister, promagistri [XLXCS]
deputy magistrate; one who presides in place of another; vice-president;
promatertera, promaterterae
great-grand-aunt; great grandmother's sister;
promercalis, promercalis, promercale
sold in the open market;
promercium, promerci(i)
putting out (of goods) for sale;
promereo, promerere, promerui, promeritus
deserve, merit; deserve well of; earn; gain;
promereor, promereri, promeritus sum DEP
deserve, merit; deserve well of; earn; gain;
prominens, prominentis
prominens, prominentis (gen.), prominentior -or -us, prominentissimus -a -um
projecting; prominent;
prominentia, prominentiae
projection; the fact of jutting out/standing out/projecting;
promineo, prominere, prominui, -
jut out, stick up;
promiscus, promisca, promiscum
mixed, indiscriminate, promiscuous; commonplace, usual;
promiscuus, promiscua, promiscuum
common, shared general, indiscriminate;
promissio, promissionis
promise; act/instance of promising; guarantee that proof will come (rhetoric);
promissor, promissoris
promiser; one who promises/guarantees (usu. legal);
promissum, promissi
promissus, promissa, promissum
flowing, hanging down;
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissus
promo, promere, prompsi, promptus
take/bring out/forth; bring into view; bring out/display on the stage;
promo, promere, promsi, promptus
take/bring out/forth; bring into view; bring out/display on the stage;
promono, promonare, promonavi, promonatus
promontorium, promontori(i)
promontory, headland, cape;
promonturium, promonturi(i)
promontory, headland, spur, projecting part of a mountain (into the sea);
promotio, promotionis
advance; preferment; furtherance; advantage;
promotum, promoti
preferred thing (as pl.);
promoveo, promovere, promovi, promotus
move forward;
promptarium, promptarii
storeroom; cupboard; place where things are stored for ready use; repository;
promptarius, promptaria, promptarium
that serves for storing things ready for use;
prompte, promptius, promptissime
so as to be ready at hand; readily, willingly, unhesitatingly, fluently;
prompto, promptare, promptavi, promptatus
distribute widely;
promptuarium, promptuarii
cupboard; store room; place where things are stored ready for use;
promptuarium, promptuarii
storeroom; cupboard; place where things are stored for ready use; repository;
promptuarius, promptuaria, promptuarium
of/belonging to distribution, distributing; (like storehouse/repository/prison);
that serves for storing things ready for use;
promptus, prompta -um, promptior -or -us, promptissimus -a -um
set forth, brought forward, manifest, disclosed; willing, ready, eager, quick;
promptus, promptus
readiness; ease; exposing to view;
promtuarium, promtuarii
storeroom; cupboard; place where things are stored for ready use; repository;
promtuarius, promtuaria, promtuarium
of/belonging to distribution, distributing; (like storehouse/repository/prison);
promulgatio, promulgationis
proclaiming; promulgation;
promulgo, promulgare, promulgavi, promulgatus
make known by public proclamation; publish;
promulsis, promulsidis
hors d'oeuvres, dish to stimulate appetite, first dish, entree;
promunctorium, promunctori(i)
promontory; headland; ridge;
promunturium, promunturi(i)
promontory, headland, spur, projecting part of a mountain (into the sea);
promus, promi
butler; steward;
promutuus, promutua, promutuum
advanced, lent in advance; paid beforehand;
pronepos, pronepotis
great grandson;
proneptis, proneptis
pronitas, pronitatis
inclination, propensity, proneness; (dubious);
pronoea, pronoeae
pronuba, pronubae
married woman who conducted the bride to the bridal chamber;
pronuntiatio, pronuntiationis
proclamation; delivery; verdict;
pronuntiator, pronuntiatoris
narrator; one who delivers;
pronuntio, pronuntiare, pronuntiavi, pronuntiatus
announce; proclaim; relate; divulge; recite; utter;
pronus, prona, pronum
leaning forward; prone;
prooemior, prooemiari, - DEP
make a prooemium/preface/introduction to a speech;
prooemium, prooemii
preface, introduction, preamble; beginning, prelude; overture (music);
propaganda, propagandae
propagatio, propagationis
propagation; reproduction (human); prolongation; the action of extending;
propago, propagare, propagavi, propagatus
propagate; extend, enlarge, increase;
propago, propaginis
layer or set by which a plant is propagated; offspring, children, race, breed;
propalo, propalare, -, propalatus
stake out (like a plant); make visible/manifest;
propatruus, propatrui
great-grand-uncle; great grandfather's brother;
propatulum, propatuli
open place, unroofed space;
propatulus, propatula, propatulum
open, uncovered;
prope PREP ACC
prope, propius, proxime
near, nearly; close by; almost;
before long, shortly;
propello, propellere, propuli, propulsus
drive forward/forth; drive away/out/off; defeat;
just about, pretty well;
just about, pretty well;
propendeo, propendere, propendi, propensus
hand down; weigh more; be inclined;
propensio, propensionis
inclination, propensity; consideration (Latham);
propensus, propensa, propensum
ready, eager, willing; favorably disposed;
properanter, properantius, properantissime
hurriedly, hastily; in a hurried manner; speedily;
properantia, properantiae
haste, hurry; precipitancy;
hurriedly, hastily;
properatio, properationis
properipes, (gen.), properipedis
propero, properare, properavi, properatus
hurry, speed up; be quick;
properus, propera, properum
quick, speedy;
propexus, propexa, propexum
combed so as to hang down;
propheta, prophetae
prophet; spokesman/interpreter of a god; foreteller, soothsayer
prophetes, prophetae [DEXCS]
prophet; spokesman/interpreter of a god; foreteller, soothsayer
prophetia, prophetiae [DEXCS]
prophecy; prediction; body of prophets/singers;
prophetizo, prophetizare, prophetizavi, prophetizatus
prophesy, foretell, predict;
propheto, prophetare, prophetavi, prophetatus [EEXCS]
prophesy, foretell, predict;
prophylacticus, prophylactica, prophylacticum
individually; according to species;
propinatio, propinationis
toasting, a drinking to a person's health; proposal of a toast;
propino, propinare, propinavi, propinatus
drink to anyone (his health), pledge; give to drink; hand over, yield up; make;
propinquitas, propinquitatis
nearness, vicinity; propinquity; relationship;
propinquo, propinquare, propinquavi, propinquatus
bring near; draw near;
propinquus, propinqua, propinquum
near, neighboring;
propinquus, propinqui
propior, propior, propius
nearer, closer; more recent;
propitabilis, propitabilis, propitabile
able to be propitiated/appeased;
propitiatio, propitiationis [DEXDS]
atonement, propitiation, appeasement;
propitiator, propitiatoris
atoner, propitiator; (often Christ in eccl.);
propitiatorium, propitiatorii [DEXDS]
atonement; means of reconciliation; place of atonement;
propitiatorius, propitiatoria, propitiatorium
propitiating, reconciling; atoning;
propitio, propitiare, propitiavi, propitiatus
propitiate, render favorable, win over; sooth (feelings);
propitius, propitia, propitium
favorably inclined, well-disposed, propitious;
propola, propolae
retailer, huckster;
propoma, propomatis
propono, proponere, proposui, propositus
display; propose; relate; put or place forward;
further, moreover, or altogether;
proportio, proportionis
proportion, proper spatial relation between parts; symmetry; analogy (grammar);
proportionalis, proportionalis, proportionale[ESXDX]
proportionalitas, proportionalitatis
proportion; proportionality;
propositio, propositionis
proposition, premise/case for discussion; statement of facts/case; notion/image;
propositio, propositionis [EEQEP]
shew; [w/pane => shew-bread, 12 loaves placed on altar before Lord on Sabbath];
propositum, propositi
intention/purpose/objective; resolution/design/plan;
mode/manner/way of life/conduct, practice; proposition; decree; issued summons;
propraetor, propraetoris
ex-praetor; one sent to govern a province as praetor;
particularly, specifically, especially; properly, appropriately, rightly;
proprietas, proprietatis
quality; special character; ownership;
peculiarly, specially;
proprius, propria, proprium
own, very own; individual; special, particular, characteristic;
propter PREP ACC
near; on account of; by means of; because of;
therefore, for this reason; [propterea quod => because];
propudium, propudii
shameful action; a wretch, villain;
propugnaculum, propugnaculi
bulwark, rampart; defense;
propugnatio, propugnationis
propugnator, propugnatoris
defender; champion;
propugno, propugnare, propugnavi, propugnatus
fight (on the defensive);
propulluo, propulluere, -,
defile; pollute;
propulsatio, propulsationis
repulse; driving back;
propulso, propulsare, propulsavi, propulsatus
repulse, drive back/off; ward off, repel, avert; pound, batter;
propulsorius, propulsoria, propulsorium
proquaestor, proquaestoris
ex-quaestor or junior official appointed to fill vacancy of departed quaestor;
in proportion as, according as;
prora, prorae
prorepo, prorepere, prorepsi, proreptus
crawl or creep forth;
proreta, proretae
look-out man;
proreus, prorei
look-out man;
prorex, proregis
proripio, proripere, proripui, proreptus
drag or snatch away; rush or burst forth;
prorito, proritare,
prove, cause; incite; tempt;
prorogatio, prorogationis
extension of a term of office; postponement;
prorogo, prorogare, prorogavi, prorogatus
prolong, keep going; put off, defer;
forwards, right onward; absolutely, entirely, utterly, by all means; in short;
forwards, right onward; absolutely, entirely, utterly, by all means; in short;
prorsus, prorsa, prorsum
straight forwards;
prorumpo, prorumpere, prorupi, proruptus
rush forth, break out;
proruo, proruere, prorui, prorutus
rush forward; tumble down; overthrow; hurl forward;
prosa, prosae [FGXEM]
prosaicus, prosaica, prosaicum
in prose; prosaic (Red);
prosapia, prosapiae
family, lineage;
proscaenium, proscaeni(i)
stage, portion of theater lying between orchestra and back wall;
proscindo, proscindere, proscidi, proscissus
cut (surface), slit, gash; plow (unbroken land); flay with words, castigate;
proscribo, proscribere, proscripsi, proscriptus
announce, make public, post, advertise; proscribe, deprive of property;
proscriptio, proscriptionis
advertisement; notice of confiscation; proscription, pub of names of outlaws;
proscripturio, proscripturire, [XLXEC]
desire a proscription;
proscriptus, proscripti
proscribed person, outlaw;
prosectum, prosecti
entrails, that which is cut-off for sacrifice; severed portion/organ of victim;
proseda, prosedae
proselyta, proselytae [EEQFS]
proselyte (female), convert; she who converted (to Judism); sojourner/stranger;
proselytismus, proselytismi
proselytus, proselyta, proselytum[EEXFS]
foreign, strange, come from abroad;
proselytus, proselyti [EEQCS]
proselyte (male), convert; converted heathen (to Judism); sojourner/stranger;
prosentio, prosentire, prosensi, prosensus
see beforehand;
prosequor, prosequi, prosecutus sum DEP
pursue; escort; describe in detail;
prosero, proserere, prosevi, prosatus
beget; bring forth, beget; produce by sowing;
proserpo, proserpere,
creep forward;
proseucha, proseuchae
house of prayer (Jewish); a conventicle;
prosilio, prosilire, prosilivi, -
jump/leap up/forward; rush/leap/spring forth/to; gush/break/jut out;
prosilio, prosilire, prosilui, -
jump/leap up/forward; rush/leap/spring forth/to; gush/break/jut out;
proslambanomenos, proslambanomeni [XDXFO]
added note at bottom of system of tetrachord; A-note
prosocer, prosoceri
wife's grandfather;
prosodia, prosodiae [EDXES]
prosopopoeia, prosopopoeiae [XDXES]
personification; dramatization;
prospecto, prospectare, prospectavi, prospectatus
gaze out (at); look out on;
prospectus, prospectus
view, sight;
prospeculor, prospeculari, prospeculatus sum DEP
look out, survey the situation; look out/watch for;
prosper, prospera, prosperum
fortunate, favorable, lucky, prosperous;
prosperitas, prosperitatis
success; good fortune;
prospero, prosperare, prosperavi, prosperatus
cause to succeed, further;
prosperus, prospera -um, prosperior -or -us, prosperrimus -a -um
prosperous, successful/triumphal; lucky/favorable/propitious (omens/prospects);
prospicientia, prospicientiae
foresight; appearance;
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectus
foresee; see far off; watch for, provide for, look out for;
prosterno, prosternere, prostravi, prostratus
knock over, lay low; strike down, overthrow; exhaust; debase/demean; prostrate;
prosthaphaeresis, prosthaphaeresis [GSXFM]
equation of center of movement (of planetary body/moon);
prosthapheresis, prosthapheresis [GSXFM]
equation of center of movement (of planetary body/moon);
prostibilis, prostibilis, prostibile
available as a prostitute;
prostibulum, prostibuli
prostitute, whore; inmate of a brothel;
prostituo, prostituere, prostitui, prostitutus
prostitute; put to improper sexual/unworthy use; dishonor, expose to shame;
prostituta, prostitutae
prostitute; whore;
prostitutio, prostitutionis
prostitution; dishonoring, profaning;
prostitutus, prostituti
male prostitute;
prosto, prostare, prostiti, prostitus
offer goods for sale to public; be on sale, expose for sale/prostitute oneself;
prosubigo, prosubigere,
dig up in front of one; dig up, cast up; hammer out into an extended shape;
prosum, prodesse, profui, profuturus V
be useful, be advantageous, benefit, profit (with DAT);
forwards, right on; absolutely, entirely, utterly, by all means; in short;
prosus, prosa, prosum[GXXET]
straightforward (of style) (i.e. prose); (Erasmus);
protectio, protectionis
protection; shelter;
protector, protectoris
protector, guardian, defender; member of corps of guards (Souter);
protego, protegere, protexi, protectus
cover, protect;
proteinum, proteini
protelo, protelare, protelavi, protelatus
drive/cause to retreat before one; drive forth, hound out, rout; beat back/off;
protelum, proteli
team/tandem of oxen/draught animals; series, succession;
protendo, protendere, protendi, protensus
stretch out/forth, extend, distend; hold out; prolong, lengthen;
protendo, protendere, protendi, protentus
stretch out/forth, extend, distend; hold out; prolong; lengthen;
protero, proterere, protrivi, protritus
crush, tread under foot; oppress;
proterreo, proterrere, proterrui, proterritus
proteruitas, proteruitatis
impudence; boldness;
protervus, proterva, protervum
violent, reckless; impudent, shameless;
protestans, protestantis
protestantismus, protestantismi
protestatio, protestationis
declaration; protestation;
protesto, protestare, protestavi, protestatus
testify, testify publicly, bear witness to; protest assert (Bee);
protestor, protestari, protestatus sum DEP
testify, testify publicly, bear witness to; protest assert (Bee);
prothesis, prothesis
prothonotarius, prothonotarii
protonotary, chief court notary/clerk/recorder; E:secretary/record keeper;
prothoplastus, prothoplasti
first created man; (the very first man);
prothyrum, prothyri [XXHEO]
foyer; screen across door of Roman house; (Greek) diathyra;
space-before-door; door wicket;
immediately, at once;
straight on, forward; immediately; without pause; at once;
protogenes, protogenes, protogenes
protollo, protollere, -,
stretch out; put off; raise up;
protomartyr, protomartyris
first martyr; (St Stephen or St Alban);
protos, proti [FXHEW]
first, foremost; best, top; initial; elementary; prime; (Greek);
protraho, protrahere, protraxi, protractus
drag forward, produce; bring to light, reveal; prolong, protract;
protritus, protrita, protritum
common, trite, commonplace;
protropum, protropi
first wine; new wine from grapes before pressing;
protrudo, protrudere, protrusi, protrusus
thrust forwards or out; put off;
protubero, protuberare, protuberavi, protuberatus
swell/bulge out; grow forth; stand out (Sax);
proturbero, proturberare, proturberavi, proturberatus
bulge/swell out; grow forth; stand out (Sax); be prominent, project;
proturbo, proturbare, proturbavi, proturbatus
drive/push away/out of the way; drive out in confusion; repulse; pitch forward;
protus, prota, protum[EXXEM]
first; original;
as, just as; exactly as;
provectio, provectionis
promotion, progress;
provectus, provecta, provectum
advanced, late; elderly;
proveho, provehere, provexi, provectus
carry; pass, be carried, ride, sail;
provenio, provenire, proveni, proventus V (4th)
come forth; come into being; prosper;
proventus, proventus
outcome, result; success;
proverbialis, proverbialis, proverbiale
proverbium, proverbi(i)
proverb, saying;
providentia, providentiae
foresight, foreknowledge; providence;
provideo, providere, providi, provisus
foresee; provide for, make provision; with DAT;
providus, provida, providum
prophetic; provident, characterized by forethought;
provincia, provinciae
province; office; duty; command;
provincialis, provincialis
provincial (person);
provincialis, provincialis, provinciale
provinco, provincere, provici, provictus
conquer before;
provisor, provisoris
one who foresees; one who takes care (of); headmaster
provivo, provivere, provixi, provictus
live on; sustain oneself with;
provocatio, provocationis
provoco, provocare, provocavi, provocatus
call forth; challenge; provoke;
provolo, provolare, provolavi, provolatus
fly forward; dash forth;
provolvo, provolvere, provolvi, provolutus
roll forward or along, bowl over;
provolvor, provolvi, provolutus sum DEP
prostrate oneself;
provomo, provomere, provomui, provomitus
vomit forth;
provulgo, provulgare, provulgavi, provulgatus
publish; make known;
proxeneta, proxenetae
negotiator; agent;
proxeneticum, proxenetici
proximior, proximior, proximius
nearer, closer; more recent;
proximitas, proximitatis
near relationship; resemblance; similarity;
very lately;
proximo, proximare, proximavi, proximatus
come/draw near, approach; be near;
proximus, proxima, proximum
nearest/closest/next; most recent, immediately preceding, last; most/very like;
proximus, proximi
neighbor; nearest one;
proxior, proxior, proxius
nearer, closer; more recent;
proxumus, proxuma, proxumum
nearest/closest/next; most recent, immediately preceding, last; most/very like;
prudens, prudentis (gen.), prudentior -or -us, prudentissimus -a -um
aware, skilled; sensible, prudent; farseeing; experienced;
prudenter, prudentius, prudentissime
wisely, discreetly; sensibly, prudently;
prudentia, prudentiae
discretion; good sense, wisdom; prudence; foresight;
pruina, pruinae
hoar-frost, rime;
pruinosus, pruinosa, pruinosum
pruna, prunae
glowing charcoal, a live coal;
prunitius, prunitia, prunitium
of plum tree wood;
prunum, pruni
prunus, pruni
plum tree;
prurigo, pruriginis
prurio, prurire, V (4th)
itch, tingle (in anticipation); be sexually excited, have sexual craving;
pruritus, pruritus
prytaneum, prytanei
town hall in a Greek city;
prytanis, prytanos/is [XLHEC]
chief magistrate in a Greek state;
psallo, psallere, psalli, -
play on the cithara (by plucking with fingers); sing the Psalms (eccl.)
psalmista, psalmistae
psalmodia, psalmodiae [FEXFF]
psalmody; art/practice of singing psalms; arranging/composing psalms; psalms;
psalmus, psalmi
psalm; Psalm of David;
psalterium, psalterii
stringed instrument;
psaltes, psaltae [XDXDS]
musician, minstrel; player on a plucked instrument/cithara;
psaltria, psaltriae
female player on the cithara;
psecas, psecadis
anointer of hair;
psephisma, psephismatis
plebiscite; People's decree/order, order of the People ;
pseudapostulus, pseudapostuli
false apostle;
pseudochristus, pseudochristi
pseudodictamnum, pseudodictamni
bastard-dittany ;
pseudonymum, pseudonymi
pseudopropheta, pseudoprophetae [DEXDS]
false prophet;
pseudoprophetia, pseudoprophetiae [DEXDS]
false prophecy;
pseudothyrum, pseudothyri
secret door;
psithia, psithiae [XAXDS]
phythian, a variety of grape;
psithium, psithii [XAXDS]
phythian, a kind of raisin wine;
psithius, psithia, psithium[XAXDS]
phythian, name of a kind of vine;
psittacus, psittaci
psora, psorae
itch, mange;
psychiater, psychiatrii
psychiatria, psychiatriae
psychicus, psychica, psychicum
animal; carnal; psychic
psychoanalysis, psychoanalysis
psychoanalysta, psychoanalystae
psychoanalyticus, psychoanalytica, psychoanalyticum
psychologia, psychologiae
psychologicus, psychologica, psychologicum
psychologus, psychologi
psychomanteum, psychomantei [XEXDS]
place of necromancy;
psychomantium, psychomantii
place of necromancy;
psychomotorius, psychomotoria, psychomotorium
psychopathicus, psychopathici
psychopathologia, psychopathologiae
psychosis, psychosis
psychosomaticus, psychosomatica, psychosomaticum
psychotherapeuta, psychotherapeutae
psychotherapia, psychotherapiae
psychotropicum, psychotropici
psychotropicus, psychotropica, psychotropicum
psylleum, psyllei
plant; (prob. Plantago psyllium);
psyllion, psyllii
plant; (prob. Plantago psyllium);
psyllium, psyllii
plant; (prob. Plantago psyllium);
psythia, psythiae [XAXDS]
phythian, a variety of grape;
psythium, psythii [XAXDS]
phythian, a kind of raisin wine;
psythius, psythia, psythium[XAXDS]
phythian, name of a kind of vine;
pterygium, pterygii
cloudy spot; B:film over eye; skin over nail;
ptisana, ptisanae
barley with the outer covering removed, pearl barley; barley water (drink);
ptisanarium, ptisanari(i)
drink made in the manner of barley water; decoction of crushed barley;
ptochium, ptochii
poor-house; (also ptocheum);
ptongus, ptongi [FDXES]
sound; tone;
pubens, (gen.), pubentis
full of sap, vigorous;
pubertas, pubertatis
puberty; virility;
pubes, (gen.), puberis
adult, grown-up; full of sap;
pubes, pubis
manpower, adult population; private/pubic parts/hair; age/condition of puberty;
pubesco, pubescere, pubui, -
reach physical maturity, grow body hair/to manhood; ripen (fruit), mature;
publicanus, publicana, publicanum
of public revenue;
publicanus, publicani
contractor for public works, farmer of the Roman taxes;
publicatio, publicationis
confiscation; appropriation by the state;
publicatio, publicationis
publication, proclamation; disclosure; manifestation (Def); preaching (Latham);
publicly; at public expense;
Publicianus, Publiciana, Publicianum
of/connected with a Publius (gens);
at public expense; publicly, in public (presence/knowledge); as a state concern;
public, publicly (in publico);
publico, publicare, publicavi, publicatus
confiscate; make public property; publish;
publicus, publica, publicum
public; common, of the people/state; official; [res publica => the state];
publicus, publici
public officer;
Publius, Publi
Publius (Roman praenomen); (abb. P.);
pudendus, pudenda, pudendum
causing shame, shameful, scandalous, disgraceful, abominable;
pudens, pudentis (gen.), pudentior -or -us, pudentissimus -a -um
shameful; bashful, modest, shy, chaste, honorable;
pudenter, pudentius, pudentissime
bashfully, modestly, shyly, chastely, honorably;
pudeo, pudere, pudui, puditus
be ashamed; make ashamed; [me pudet => I am ashamed];
pudet, pudere, -, puditus est IMPERS
it shames, make ashamed; [me tui pudet => I am ashamed of you];
pudibundus, pudibunda, pudibundum
shamefaced, blushing;
pudicitia, pudicitiae
chastity; modesty; purity;
pudicus, pudica, pudicum
chaste, modest; virtuous; pure;
pudor, pudoris
decency, shame; sense of honor; modesty; bashfulness;
puella, puellae
girl, (female) child/daughter; maiden; young woman/wife; sweetheart; slavegirl;
puellaris, puellaris, puellare
girlish; youthful; maidenly; of a young girl;
puellula, puellulae
girl (young/little), lass, (female) child; maiden;
puellus, puelli
boy (young/little); catamite (when in erotic context);
puer, pueri
boy, lad, young man; servant; (male) child; [a puere => from boyhood];
puera, puerae
girl; lass;
puerilis, puerilis, puerile
boyish; youthful, childish;
childishly, foolishly;
pueritia, pueritiae
childhood, boyhood; callowness, childish nature; state/fact of being boy;
puerpera, puerperae
woman in labor, woman who has been/is in process of being delivered of child;
puerperium, puerperi(i)
childbirth, delivery; offspring born at a single delivery;
puerperus, puerpera, puerperum
of childbirth;
puertia, puertiae
childhood, boyhood; callowness, childish nature; state/fact of being boy;
puerulus, pueruli
little boy;
puga, pugae
rump, buttocks; (usu. pl.); (pure Latin nates);
pugil, pugilis
boxer, pugilist;
pugilatio, pugilationis
fighting with the caestus; boxing;
pugilator, pugilatoris
pugilatus, pugilatus
pugillare, pugillaris
writing-tablets (pl.); (those small enough to be held in the hand);
pugillaris, pugillaris
writing-tablets (pl.); (those small enough to be held in the hand);
pugillaris, pugillaris, pugillare
hand-holdable; that can be held in hand;
pugillatorius, pugillatoria, pugillatorium
fistable; can be struck with the fist;
pugillus, pugilli
handful, what can be held in a fist;
pugilo, pugilare, pugilavi, pugilatus
pugilus, pugili
handful, a amount that can be held in the hand/fist;
pugio, pugionis
pugiunculus, pugiunculi
little dagger;
pugna, pugnae
battle, fight;
pugnacitas, pugnacitatis
bellicosity, aggressiveness; desire to fight; pugnacity; aggression;
pugnaculum, pugnaculi
pugnator, pugnatoris
fighter, combatant;
pugnax, (gen.), pugnacis
pugneus, pugnea, pugneum
of the fist;
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatus
fight; dispute; [pugnatum est => the battle raged];
pugnus, pugni
pulcer, pulcra -um, pulcrior -or -us, pulcerrimus -a -um[FXXEW]
pretty; beautiful; handsome; noble, illustrious;
pulchellus, pulchella, pulchellum
pulcher, pulchra -um, pulchrior -or -us, pulcherrimus -a -um
pretty; beautiful; handsome; noble, illustrious;
pulchre, pulchrius, pulcherrime
fine, beautifully;
pulchresco, pulchrescere,
grow beautiful;
pulchritudo, pulchritudinis
beauty, excellence;
aptly; finely; nicely; (often used at beginning of sentence);
pulcritudo, pulcritudinis
beauty, attractiveness;
pulegium, pulegii
fleabane, penny-royal;
puleium, puleii
fleabane, penny-royal;
pulenta, pulentae
barley-meal/groats; hulled and crushed grain; parched grain (Douay);
pulex, pulicis
flea; insect that attacks plants;
pulicaris, pulicaris, pulicare
flea-; flea-bearing;
pulicarius, pulicaria, pulicarium
flea-; flea-bearing;
pullarius, pullari(i)
keeper of the sacred chickens;
pullatus, pullata, pullatum
clad in dirty or black garments;
pullulo, pullulare, pullulavi, pullulatus
sprout, send forth new growth; spring forth;
pullum, pulli
dark-gray cloth(es) (as pl.);
pullus, pulla, pullum
blackish, dark colored, of undyed wool as worn in morning;
pullus, pulli
chicken, young hen;
pulmentarium, pulmentarii
pulmentum, pulmenti
appetizer, small meat/fish starter portion; savory; relish/condiment/food
pulmo, pulmonis
lungs (sg. or pl.); [~ marinus => lung-like marine creature, kind of jellyfish];
pulmoneus, pulmonea, pulmoneum
of the lungs; spongy;
pulpa, pulpae
pulpamentum, pulpamenti
flesh, esp. tit-bits;
pulpitum, pulpiti
stage, wooden platform (for performance); lectern/pulpit/bookstand; desk
puls, pultis
meal, porridge, mush (used in sacrifice and given to sacred chickens);
pulsabulum, pulsabuli
pulsatilis, pulsatilis, pulsatile[GXXET]
produced by beating; (Erasmus);
pulsatio, pulsationis
striking; beating; D:playing;
pulso, pulsare, pulsavi, pulsatus
beat; pulsate;
pulsus, pulsus
stroke; beat; pulse; impulse;
pultiphagus, pultiphagi
pulto, pultare, pultavi, pultatus
knock, strike;
pulvereus, pulverea, pulvereum
pulverizo, pulverizare, pulverizavi, pulverizatus
pulverulentus, pulverulenta, pulverulentum
pulvillus, pulvilli
little pillow;
pulvinar, pulvinaris
cushioned couch (on which images of the gods were placed); couch for deity;
pulvinatus, pulvinata, pulvinatum
cushion-shaped; B:swelling;
pulvinus, pulvini
cushion/pillow; raised bed of earth; raised border; bath back; platform/socket;
pulvis, pulveris
dust, powder; sand;
pulvisculus, pulvisculi
fine dust; dust-and-all;
pumex, pumicis
pumice stone, similar volcanic rock; (esp. used to polish books/depilatory);
pumiceus, pumicea, pumiceum
made of pumice stone or similar volcanic rock;
pumico, pumicare, pumicavi, pumicatus
polish/rub smooth with pumice stone; (esp. book);
pumicosus, pumicosa -um, pumicosior -or -us, pumicosissimus -a -um
resembling pumice stone;
pumilio, pumilionis N (3rd) C
pumilus, pumili
punctatus, punctata, punctatum
punctuated; pointed;
with the point;
punctio, punctionis [XBXDS]
puncture; pricking pain;
punctum, puncti
point; dot/spot; small hole/puncture; pin prick; sting; vote/tick; tiny amount;
point; full-stop; period (sign of punctuation);
pungo, pungere, pepugi, punctus
prick, puncture; sting (insect); jab/poke; mark with points/pricks; vex/trouble;
pungo, pungere, pupugi, punctus
prick, puncture; sting (insect); jab/poke; mark with points/pricks; vex/trouble;
punicans, (gen.), punicantis
inclining to bright red; red/reddish/ruddy blushing; Punic, Carthaginian;
Punicanus, Punicana, Punicanum
made in the Punic style/manner; Punic, Carthaginian;
Puniceus, Punicea, Puniceum[XXAEO]
Carthaginian, Punic; [Puniceum pomum/Punicum malum => pomegranate];
puniceus, punicea, puniceum
scarlet, crimson;
Punicus, Punica, Punicum[XXABO]
Carthaginian, Punic; of/associated with Carthage; scarlet, bright red;
punio, punire, punivi, punitus
punish (person/offense), inflict punishment; avenge, extract retribution;
punior, puniri, punitus sum V (4th) DEP
punish (person/offense), inflict punishment; avenge, extract retribution;
punitor, punitoris
punisher, one who punishes; one who extracts retribution; avenger;
punnulis, punnulis [FAXFT]
small/little wing/feather; little fin; skirt (of garment) (Souter);
Punus, Puna, Punum[XXAEZ]
Carthaginian, Punic; Phoenician;
Punus, Puni [XXAEZ]
Carthaginian; Phoenician; (specifically Hannibal);
pupa, pupae
little girl; a doll;
pupilla, pupillae [XLXEC]
orphan girl, ward, minor;
pupilla, pupillae [XBXEC]
pupil of the eye;
pupillaris, pupillaris, pupillare
of a ward/orphan; of/involving/suitable to minor under care of a guardian;
pupillus, pupilli
orphan, ward;
puplicus, puplica, puplicum
public; (publicus);
puppis, puppis
stern/aft (of ship); poop; ship; back [a ~ => abaft];
pupula, pupulae
pupil of the eye;
pupulus, pupuli
little boy; puppet;
purgamen, purgaminis
impurity, that which is cleaned away; means of purification, which cleans;
purgamentum, purgamenti
sweepings, rubbish, filth;
purgatio, purgationis
purgatorium, purgatorii
purgo, purgare, purgavi, purgatus
make clean, cleanse; excuse;
purificatio, purificationis
purification, purifying; making (something) ritually clean;
purifico, purificare, purificavi, purificatus
purify/make ceremonially/ritually pure; clean/clear; free of dirt/encumbrances;
purismus, purismi
purista, puristae
puritanismus, puritanismi
puritanus, puritani
purpura, purpurae
purple color, purple; purple dye; purple-dyed cloth;
purpuratus, purpurata, purpuratum
dressed in purple;
purpuratus, purpurati
courtier; purple-clad attendant;
purpureus, purpurea, purpureum
purple, dark red;
purulently; festeringly;
purulentus, purulenta, purulentum[XBXES]
festering; purulent;
purum, puri [XPXES]
clear/bright/unclouded sky;
purus, pura -um, purior -or -us, purissimus -a -um
pure, clean, unsoiled; free from defilement/taboo/stain; blameless, innocent;
chaste, unpolluted by sex; plain/unadulterated; genuine; absolute; refined;
clear, limpid, free of mist/cloud; ringing (voice); open (land); net; simple;
pus, puris
pus; foul/corrupt matter (from a sore); bitterness, gall, venom
pusa, pusae
girl; little girl;
pusillanimis, pusillanimis, pusillanime
fainthearted, timid, pusillanimous; discouraged/worried (Souter); meanspirited;
pusillanimitas, pusillanimitatis
faintheartedness, timidity, cowardness, lack of courage; despondency;
pusillanimus, pusillanima, pusillanimum[DXXFP]
fainthearted, timid, pusillanimous; discouraged/worried (Souter); meanspirited;
pusillianimis, pusillianimis, pusillianime
fainthearted, timid, pusillanimous; discouraged/worried (Souter); meanspirited;
pusillitas, pusillitatis
tininess/insignificance; pettiness (Souter); trifling thing; faintheartedness;
pusillulus, pusillula, pusillulum
very little/small;
pusillum, pusilli
small/tiny/little amount; trifle little while; very little;
pusillus, pusilla -um, pusillior -or -us, pusillissimus -a -um
tiny, wee, very small (amount/degree/extent); miniature, on a tiny scale;
petty, trifling, insignificant; petty/mean/ungenerous (person/character);
pusio, pusionis
boy; little boy youth, lad;
pussula, pussulae
inflamed sore/blister/pustule; small prominence of a surface, bubble;
pustula, pustulae
inflamed sore/blister/pustule; small prominence of a surface, bubble;
pusula, pusulae
inflamed sore/blister/pustule; small prominence of a surface, bubble;
pusus, pusi
boy; little boy
putamen, putaminis
cutting, paring, shell;
putatio, putationis [XAXEZ]
putator, putatoris
puteal, putealis
structure surrounding the mouth of a well (in the Comitium at Rome);
putealis, putealis, puteale
derived from a well;
puteo, putere, INTRANS
stink, be rotten/putrid; smell bad; rot/decompose (in such a way as to stink);
puter, putris, putre
rotten, decaying; stinking, putrid, crumbling;
putesco, putescere,
begin to rot, go off;
puteulanus, puteulana, puteulanum
puteus, putei
putidiusculus, putidiuscula, putidiusculum
somewhat sickening;
putidus, putida -um, putidior -or -us, putidissimus -a -um
rotten/decaying; foul/stinking; unpleasant/offensive/tiresome/affected/pedantic;
puto, putare, putavi, putatus
think, believe, suppose, hold; reckon, estimate, value; clear up, settle;
putorius, putorii
putredo, putredinis
putrefaction, rottenness; [w/vulnerum => festering wound];
putrefacio, putrefacere, putrefeci, putrefactus
cause to rot/decay/crumble/disintegrate; putrefy; make friable; soften;
putrefactio, putrefactionis
putrefio, putrefere, -, putrefactus
make rotten; (passive form of putrefacio);
putrefio, putreferi, putrefactus sum V SEMIDEP
be/become rotten/decayed/putrefied/crumbled/softened/soft; (putrefacio PASS);
putresco, putrescere,
rot, putrefy, be in a state of decay;
putridus, putrida, putridum
rotten, decayed;
putris, putris, putre
rotten, decaying; stinking, putrid, crumbling;
putro, putrere, putrui, putritus
decay, rot, putrefy; fester; become stale (water)/loose (soil); crumble, molder;
putus, puta, putum
pure, unmixed, unadulterated;
puxis, puxidos/is
small box/casket (originally boxwood) for medicine; iron heel on pestle
pycnostylos, pycnostylos, pycnostylon
pycta, pyctae
pyctes, pyctae
pyelus, pyeli
pyga, pygae [XBXES]
rump, buttocks; (usu. pl.); (pure Latin nates);
pygargos, pygargi [XAXEW]
creature with white rump, pygarg; kind of antelope (addax?); kind of eagle/hawk;
pygargus, pygargi
creature with white rump, pygarg; kind of antelope (addax?); kind of eagle/hawk;
pylorus, pylori
pylorus, lower orifice of stomach, opening from stomach to duodenum;
pyra, pyrae
funeral pile, pyre;
pyramis, pyramidos/is
pyrauloplanum, pyrauloplani
jet, jet plane;
Pyrenaeus, Pyrenaea, Pyrenaeum
Pyrenees (w/montes);
pyrethrum, pyrethri [XAXEZ]
Spanish camomile
pyrites, pyritae [DSXNS]
flint; millstone; iron sulfide;
pyrius, pyria, pyrium
fiery; pyrogenic; [pulvis pyrius => gunpowder];
pyrobolum, pyroboli [GWXEK]
pyrobolus, pyroboli [GWXEK]
pyromis, pyromidos/is [EXXFW]
pyropus, pyropi
alloy of gold and bronze; red precious stone;
pyrrhica, pyrrhicae
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrrhice, pyrrhices
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrrhicha, pyrrhichae
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrrhiche, pyrrhiches
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrrhichius, pyrrhichia, pyrrhichium[DPXES]
pyrrhic, poetical foot of two short syllables;
pyrrica, pyrricae
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrrice, pyrrices
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrricha, pyrrichae
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrriche, pyrriches
kind of war-dance or reel; dance in armor Pyrrhic dance;
pyrricius, pyrricia, pyrricium[DPXES]
pyrrhic, poetical foot of two short syllables;
Pythagoricus, Pythagorica, Pythagoricum[FSXFM]
Pythagorean; of follower of Pythagoras or his philosophy;
Pythagoricus, Pythagorici [FSXFM]
Pythagorean, follower of Pythagoras or his philosophy;
Python, Pythonis [XEXDS]
familiar spirit/demon possessing soothsayer; soothsayer; snake slain at Delphi;
pythonicus, pythonica, pythonicum
prophetic; magical;
pythonissa, pythonissae
witch; sorceress;
pytisma, pytismatis
wine spit; that which is spat out when wine-tasting;
pytisso, pytissare, pytissavi, pytissatus
spit out wine; to spit out wine after tasting;
pyxis, pyxidis
small box/casket (originally boxwood) for medicine; iron heel on pestle
pyxis, pyxidos/is
small box/casket (originally boxwood) for medicine; iron heel on pestle