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MAC. s. (A Scotch word.) Filius: natus : Cic. 

MACAROON, s. A kind of sweet biscuit : mass'ila ex 
saceharo et ronygdalis cum ovorum albuminibus intritis. 

MACE. 5. I . An ensign of authority : militaris clava : 
apparitorum clavula. II. A sort of spice : macis, idis, 
f. : macir, n. 


MACEBEARER. s. Clavator, P'aut. : accensus : appa- 

To MACERATE, v. a. Corpus attenuare : debilitare : 
Cic. : macerare, Liv. (In chymistry) : conficere. 

MACERATION, s. Corporis afflictio, vexatio : attenu- 
atio : castigatio : debilitatio : Cic. 

To MACHINATE, v. a. Machinari : moliri : struere : 

MACHINATION, s. Machinatio : molitio : Cic. 

MACHINE, s. Machina, Cic. : machinatio: Caes. : ma- 
chinamentum, Liv. A machine of war : belli machina, 
Virg. : bellica machinatio, Cic. : bellicum machiiaamen- 
tum, Liv. 

MACHINERY. *. Machinae, arum, pi. 

MACHINIST, s. Machinator, Liv.: (machinarius, P. Jet). 

MACILENCY. s. Macor, Pacuv. : macritudo, Plaut. : 
macies, Cic. 

MACILENT. a. Macilentus, Plaut. : gracilis, Cels. : 
exilis, Varr. 

MACKEREL, s. A sea-fish: scomber: scombrus: 

To MACULATE, v. a. Commaculare : maculis inficere, 

MACULATION or MACULA, s. Macula : labes. 

MAD. -a. Insanus : mente captus : demons : amens : 

Cic To make one mad: ad insaniam adigere, Ter. : 

excutere alicui sensum, or cerebrum, Sen. : Plaut. To 
go mad: mentem amittere : in insaniam incidere: a 
mente deseri : Cic He is hunting mad : nihil illi prae- 
ter venationem dulce est, Ter. 

To MAD. v. a. and n. Insaniam gignere, or facere, 
Plin. : insanire. 

MADAM, s. Domina. 

MADBRAIN or MADBRAINED. a. Stultus : insanus : ma- 
lesanus : desipiens, Cic. 

MADCAP, s. Stultus : insanus : mente captus : amcns : 

To MADDEN, v. n. and a. Mentem amittere : in insa- 
niam incidere : a mente deseri : Cic. : insaniam gignere, 
or facere, Plin. 

MADDER, s. A plant : rubia, Plin. 

To MADEFY, v . a. Madefacere. 

MADHOUSE, s. Hospitium insanorum. 

MADLY, ad. Stulte : dementer: insipienter: Cic. 

MADMAN, s. Stultus : insanus. 

MADNESS, s. Dementia: insania: stultitia: insipien- 
tia: Cic. 

MADRIGAL, s. Acutum, or amatorium, epigrammatis 

MAD-WOMAN, s. Insana mulier. 

MAGAZINE, s. I. A storehouse: apotheca, Cic.: 
II. A periodical publication : ephemeris : diurnum. 
commentarium : Cic. 

MAGGOT, s. I. An insect: vermiculus (caseum) 
exedens. II. Odd fancy : libido. 

MAGGOTY, a, Morosus : varius : inconstans : inge- 
nio levis, Cic. 

MAGI or MAGIANS. s. pi. (Among the ancient Per- 
sians): Magi, Cic. 

MAGIC, s. Magice : magia : arsmagica: Plin. 

MAGIC or MAGICAL, a. Magicus, Cic. 

MAGICIAN, s. Magus: fern, saga: Cic. 

MAGISTERIAL, a. Qui magistrum redolet: imperio- 
sus : Cic. 

MAGISTERIALLY, ad. Magistri more modoque : su- 
perbius : arrogantius. 

MAGISTRACY. *. Magistrates, i^s. 

MAGISTRATE. s. Magistratus, us : qui cum potestate 
est: Cic. 

MAGNANIMITY. *. Magnanimitas : animi excelsitas : 
magnitude : altior animus : Cic. 

MAGNANIMOUS, a. Magnanimus : qui est altiore ani- 
mo: generosus: Cic. 

MAGNANIMOUSLY, ad. Magno et erecto animo, Cic. 

MAGNET, s. The loadstone : magnes : magnes lapis : 
Cies : magnetica gemma, Claud. 

MAGNETIC or MAGNETICAL. a. Magneticus, Claud. 

MAGNETISM, s. Vis magnetica. 

ficus, Liv. : splendidus. 

MAGNIFICENCE, s. Magnificentia : splendor: Cic. 

MAGNIFICENTLY, ad. Magnifice : splendide : Cic. 
To furnish a house magnificently : ample magnificeque 
domum exornare, Cic. 

MAGNIFIER, s. I. One who praises : laudator, Hor. : 
commendator, Plin. J. : celebrator, Mart. II. A mag- 
nifying glass : microscopium. 

To MAGNIFY, v.a. I. To praise: laudare: aliquem 
laudibus efferre, tollere: verbis exaggerare : amplificare 
ct ornare, Cic. II. To cause to appear larger: res 
objectas augere et amplificare. 

MAGNITUDE, s. Amplitude: magnitudn : Cic,: eras- | 
situdo : crassamentum : Col. 

MAGPIE, s. Pica, Ov. 

MAHOMETAN, s. Mahumctis sectator. 




MAID or MAIDEN. *. Virgo, Cic. A woman servant: 
ancilla, Cic. : famula, Virg. : ministra, Ov. 

MAIDEN, a. Virginalis, Cic. : virgineus, Virg. 
Fresh, new } novus : recens : Cic. 

MAIDENHAIR, s. A plant : adiantum, Plin. 

MAIDENHOOD, s. Virginitas, Cic. 

MAIDENLY, a. Virginalis, Cic. : virgineus, Plin. 

MAID-SERVANT, s. Ancilla, Cic. : famula, Virg. : rai- 
nistra, Ov. 

MAJESTIC or MAJESTICAL. a. Augustus : majestatem 
habens : Cic. A majestic appearance : habitus corporig 
plenus dignitatis, or majestatis. 

MAJESTICALLY, ad. Cum dignitate : cum majestate : 

MAJESTY, s. Majestas : dignitas, Cic. 

MAIL. 5. I. A coat of steel net-work : lorica hamis 
conserta, Virg. II. A postman's bundle : hippopera, 
Sen. : vidulus, Plaut. 

To MAIM. v. a. Mutilare : truncare : Claud. 

MAIM. s. Membri amputatio, Cic., sectio, detrun- 
catio, Plin. 

MAIN. a. Prsecipuus : principalis : Cic. : potissimus, 

Suet The main land: continens terra, Varr.: con- 

tinens, Plin The main body of an army: summa ex- 
ercitus, Caes. 

MAIN. s. See SEA. 

MAINLY, ad. Maxime : przecipue : pra?sertim : in 
primis : Cic. 

MAIN-MAST, s. Maximus, or decumanus, malus. 

MAINPRISE. s. (A law term.) Satisdatio : satisdatum : 

To MAINPRISE. v. a. (A law term.) Pro altero praa- 
dem, or sponsorem, fieri : praedem esse : spondere, Cic. 

To MAINTAIN, v. a. andw. I. To support, defend, 
keep up : tueri : sustinere : defendere : Cic To main- 
tain one's authority: auctoritatem sustinere, Cic 
To maintain one's right: jus retinere, Cic. II. To 
assert: asserere, Cic. III. To support with the conve- 
niencies of life : alere: sustinere: Cic.: sustentare, 
Cic. : Ter. 

MAINTAINABLE, a. A maintainable cause: causa 
cujus patrocinium suscipi potest, Cic. 

MAINTAINER. s, Del'ensor : propugnator : tutor: Cic. 

MAINTENANCE, s. Conservatio : salus : Cic. 

MAJOR, a. Major The major part : plerique, seque, 
aque, Cic. 

MAJOR. S. I. The officer above the captain : major. 
II. Premiss of a syllogism : propositio, Cic.: pro- 
positio major. 

MAJOR-DOMO, s. Rei domestica: procurator, or ad- 

MAJORITY, s. I. The larger number : major nu- 
merus : plerique, aeque, aque. II. Full age: sui 
juris aetas, Cic. III. The office of a major: majoris 

MAIZE, s. A sort of corn : sesamum, Caes. 

To MAKE. v.a. I. To create, form, produce, com- 
pose, $c. : facere : creare : efficere : or, conficere : pro- 
creare : producere : componere : Cic. God made hea- 
ven and earth : coelum terramque Deus effecit, creavit, or 
condidit. To make a coat : vestem conficere, Cic. 

words, according to the precise meaning required. 

III. To make away: destruere: occidere : interticere : 
interimere : or, perimere : Cic. : Col To make away 
with one's self : seipsum interimere : se orbare luce : 
sua manu cadere.: sibi mortem consciscere, Cic To 
make free with : alicui superbe illudere, Ter To make 
merry: gaudere, Cic To make over : transferre, Cic. 

To make over one's rights to another: jus suum alter! 
transmitters, Cic To make haste : properare : matu- 
rare : festinare : accelerare : approperare : festinatio- 
nem, or celeritatem, adhibere : uti celeritate : Cic. : Col. 

To make hot : calefacere : calfacere : concalefncere : 
Cic. : concalfacere : excalfacere : Plin To make 
dean: purgare : expurgare : Col. : mundare, Plin. : rei 
sordes eluere, Cic. To make use of a word: verbum 
usurpare : Cic. To make one's escape : fugere : aufu- 
gere : fuga salutem petere: Cic.: evadere, Hor. To 
make an atonement for a crime : scelus expiare, Cic. 
To make ready : parare: apparare: prasparare : compa- 
rare : Cic To make up to a person : ad aliquem acce- 
dere, aspirare: aliquem, ad aliquem, adire: Cic. 

MAKE. s. Forma : habitus, us : Cic. : figuratio, Plin. : 

MAKEBATE. s. Turbator: novarum rerum molitor: 

MAKER, s. I. The Creator : Creator: mundi pro- 
creator, artifex, or opifex : mundi architects : Cic. : 
summus rerum condif.or. II. One who makes any 
thing : operarius : auctor : artifex opifex : fabricator. 

MAKING, s. Forma. 

MALADMINISTRATION, s. Mala rei administrate : 
(concussio, U Jet.)- 

MALADY, s. Murbus , aegrotatio : adversa valetudo : 

MALAPERT, a. Ineptus : insulsus: absurdus : Cic. 



MALAPERTNESS. s. Insulsitas, Cic. 

MALCONTENT or MALCONTENTED. a. Cui non factum 
est satis. 

MALE. a. and s. Masculus, Col. : mas, Cic. 

MALEDICTED. a. Diris devotus. 

MALEDICTION, s. Exsecratio, Cic. : imprecatio, Sen.: 
dire, -pi., Ov. 

MALEFACTOR, s. Vir maleficus, scelestus, sceleratus, 
facinorosus, nequam, nefarius, Cic. 

MALEFIC, a. Maleficus, Cic. : pronus in omnia mala, 
Flor. : nocens : nocuus : Cic. : nocivus, Plin. 

MALEVOLENCE, s. Improbitas : malignitas : malitia : 

MALEVOLENT, a. Erga aliquem male affectus : in ali- 
quem malevolus : alienus ab aliquo: Cic. 

MALEVOLENTLY, ad. Nequiter : improbe : sceleste. 

MALICE or MALICIOUSNESS, s. Nequitia, Cic. : malig- 
nitas, Liv. : improbitas : malefica voluntas : Plin. 

MALICIOUS, a. Improbus : nequam : astutus : Cic. 

MALICIOUSLY, ad. Nequiter: improbe : sceleste : ma- 
litiose: Cic. 

MALIGN or MALIGNANT, a. Malignus: malitiosus : 
improbus : Cic. : noxius. 

MALIGNANCY or MALIGNITY, s. Improbitas : malig- 
nitas : malitia : Cic. 


MALKIN or MAULKIN. s. A mop for sweeping ovens, 
Sfc. : instructa linteo scopa. 

MALL. s. 1. A kind of hammer : biceps malleus : 
Plaut. II. A walk where they play with balls : sphas- 
risterium, or stadium, malleare. 


MALLEABLE, a. Mallei patiens : ductilis : Plin. 

To MALLEATE. v. a. Fabrefacere, Plaut. : cudere, 
Ter. : fabricare. 

MALLET, s. A wooden hammers biceps malleus: 

MALLOW, s. A plant: malva. 

MALT. s. Hordeum tostum Ground malt : polenta, 
32, f. 

To MALT. v.a. Hordeum aqua perfusum torrere. 

MALVERSATION, s. Mala rei administratio : (concussio, 
U. Jet.). 
- MAM or MAMMA, s. Mater: matercula. 

MAMMET. s. Sigillum automatum: citeria, Catull. : 
nervis alienis mobile lignum, Hor. 

MAMMOCK, s. Rudis massa : moles. 

To MAMMOCK, v.a. Effringere, Plaut.: frangere: 
.confringere : perfringere: Cic. 

MAN. s. I. A human being: homo: vir: Cic 

An old man: senex, Cic. A good man: vir bonus: 
homo frugi : Cic. Men or mankind: homines: mor- 
tales : genus humanum : Cic. : mortalitas, Plin. II. A 
ship A man-of-war : navis bellica, Propert. : navis ad 
bellum, or apparatu bellico, instructa, Cic A mer- 
chantman : navis oneraria : corbita : Cic. : navigium 
vectorium, Caes. 

To MAN. :. a. I. (A ship) : navem armare, Caes. : 
navem adornare, Liv. II. (A town) : urbem presidio 
munire, or firmare, Cic. : presidium in oppido collocare, 
Caas., or oppido imponere, Liv. 

To MANACLE, v. a. Aliquem occupare manicis, Virg. 

MANACLES, s.pl. Manicas, Virg. 

To MANAGE, v. a. Administrare: gerere To manage 
one's fortune properly : rem familiarem administrare, 
curare, Cic To manage an affair : negotium pruden- 
ter administrare, Cic. : rem v industrie tractate^ Caes. 

MANAGE, s. Dispensaitto: -7 - 

MANAGEABLE, a. Tractabilis : facilis : Cic. A 
manageable temper : animus mansuetus, Ter. 

MANAGEMENT, s. Dispensatio": rectio : curatio: ad- 
ministratio : Cic Management of an affair : negotii 
gestio, Cic To have the management of the state: 
regnum procurare, Cic To trust the management of 
affairs : rerum habenas tradere. 

MANAGER, s. Rector : moderator : Cic. : fern., rectrix, 
Plin. : moderatrix, Cic. : prases. A man of frugality : 
homo frugi, Cic. 

MANAGERY. s. Curatio, administratio: Cic.: usus, 
Cis : tractatio : eontrectatio, Cic. 

MANCHET. s. A small loaf of fine bread: panis pn- 
marius libralis, or bilibris. 

To MANCIPATE. v. a. Aliquem in servitudinem dare, 
addicere: asserere: Liv. 

MANCIPATION, s. Servitus, utis, Cic. : servitude, Liv. : 
servitium, Virg. : servile jugum, Cic. 

MANCIPLE, s. Promus condus : peni procurator : Plaut. : 
promus, Col. 

MANDATE, s. Jussum : prasceptum : mandatum : Cic. : 

MANDIBLE or MANDIBULE. s. The jaw : maxilla, Plin. 

MANDILION. s. An ancient footman's cassock : vestis, 
or penula, famularis, Cic. 

MANDRAKE, s. A plant: mandragora, Plm. 

MANDREL, s. A tool of turners, watchmakers, ffc. : 
veruculum : pugiunculus. 

To MANDUCATE. v.a. Edere : comedere: Plaut.: 
cibum capere, Cic., sumere, Plin. : rem manducare, Suet. 
MANDUCATION. Comestura, Cato : esus, us, Plin. 
MANE. *. Juba, Plin. 
MAN-EATER, s. Anthropophagus, Plin. 
MANED. a. Jubatus, Plaut. 
MANES. *. pi. Mane, Cic. 
MANFUL, a. Fortis : strenuus : magnanimus : animo- 

8US : ClC. 

MANFULLY, ad. Fortiter : generose : animose : animo 
magno fortique : viriliter : Cic. To defend one's self 
manfully : acri animo defendere, Cic. 

MANFULNESS. *. Fortitudo : animi magnitude, excel- 
sitas : Cic. : virida, or animosa, virtus : Virg. : Sil. Ital. : 
virtus bellica, Nep. 

MANGE, s. Scab in cattle: scabies, Cels. : scabrities, 

MANGER, s. Praesepe, Virg. : przesepis, Varr. 

MANGLE. *. Prelum pannis laevigandis idoneum. 

To MANGLE, v. a. I. To lacerate : mutilare, Cic. : 

truncare, Claud. : corpus vulneribus inscribere, Plaut. 

II. To smooth (linen) : prelo densare et expolire. 

MANGY, a. (Said of animals) : scabiosus, Plin. 

MAN-HATER. *. Hominum osor : omnibus insociabilis : 

MANHOOD. I. Human nature : humana natura : 
humanitas : Cic. II. Virility : virilitas : Cic. : setas 
virilis, media, corroborata et confirmata, Cic. : aetas 
viridis, Col. III. Courage, bravery: animus virilis: 
fortitude : animi magnitude, excelsitas, Cic. 

MANIA, s. Furor, Cic. : dementia : insania : stultitia , 
insipientia : Cic. 

MANIAC or MANIACAL, a. Furiosus, Cic. 

MANIFEST, a. Manifestos : clarus : apertus : perspi- 
cuus : Cic This is manifest : patent haec omnia, Cic. 

MANIFEST or MANIFESTO, s. A public declarations 
vulgata facti, or instituti, defensio. 

MANIFESTATION, s. Manifestatio. 

MANIFESTLY, ad. Manifeste: manifesto: aperte: 
perspicue : Cic. 

MANIFOLD, a. Plures, plura : multi : plurimi. 

MANIFOLDLY, ad. Multimodis, Lucr. 

MANIKIN, s. Homunculus : homullus. 

MANIPLE, s. I. A handful : manipulus, Plin. II. 
A small band of soldiers : manipulus, Caes. : Virg. : Ter. 

MANKIND, s. Mortales, pi. : genus humanum : ho- 
mines, pi. : Cic. : mortalitas, Plin. 

MANLINESS, s. Animi magnitude), or fortitude, Cic. : 
bellica et virtus, Nep. : animus virilis, Ter. : animus fir- 
mus et magnus, Cic. : mares animi, Hor. 

MANLY or MAN-LIKE, a. Fortis : vi'rilig : Cic. 

MAN-MIDWIFE, s. Partus adjutor. 

MANNA. s. A sort of gum : ros Syriacus, Cels. 

MANNER, s. Modus: ratio: ritus, us: mos : usus, 
us : consuetude : Cic Nearly in the same manner : 
ad hunc fere modum, Plaut. : hoc fere mode In the 
manner of beasts : pecudum ritu : bestiarum more : Cic. 

MANNERED, a. Comis : urbanus : officii plenus : Cic. 
Ill mannered : inurbanus : inconcinnus : ab omni mo- 
rum elegantiaiabhorrens. 

MANNERLINESS, s. Urbanitas : comitas : Cic. : urbanae 
munditiae, Sail. : morum elegantia. 

MANNERLY, a. Urbanus : comis : Cic. 

MANNERLY, ad. Polite: eleganter: urbane: Cic. 

MANNISH, a. (Applied to a woman) : (mulier) corpu- 
lenta : virago : Plaut. 

MANOR, s. Illustre clientelis et ditione praedium. 

MANSE, s. A parsonage-house in Scotland : curionis 
domus, us. 

MANSION, s. Domus, us : aedes : tectum : Cic. 

MANSLAUGHTER, s. Caedes : homicidium : occisio : Cic. 

MANSLAYER. 5. Hpmicida : interemptor : Veil. : in- 
terfector : Cic. : fern, interfectrfx, Tac. 

MANSUETE. a. Blandus : mansuetus : urbanus : hu- 
manus : lenis : comis : mitis : clemens : Cic. 

MANSUETUDE. s. Mansuetudo : lenitas: Cic. 

MANTEL, s. Adversa spiraculi lorica. 

MANTELET, s. I. (In fortification) : pluteus : vinea: 
Cic. ' II. A small cloak worn by women : lacernula. 

MANTLE, s. 1. A kind of cloak: pallium, Cic. : gau- 
sapina, Mart. : gausape, Varr. : lacernula. II. (A war 
term) : pluteus : vinea : Caes. 

To MANTLE, v. a. Rem tegere, contegere, operire, 
Cic. : cooperire, Liv. 

To MANTLE, v. n. Alas pandere, Virg. : pennas ex- 
tendere, Hor., porrigere, Ov., explicate, Mart. 

MANTUA, s. Toga, orpalla, muliebris, "Cic. 

MANTUA-MAKER, s. Quae pallas muliebres facit : sar- 
cinatrix, Varr. 

MANUAL, s. Libellus manualis : enchiridion. 

MANUAL, a. Manualis, Plin. : manuarius, Gell 

The king's sign manual: regis chirographum, Cic., or 
chirographus, Quint. 

MANUFACTORY, s. Officina, Cic. 

MANUFACTURE, s. Opificium, Varr. 

To MANUFACTURE, i . n. Opera manu conficere, or 


MANUFACTURER, s. Operariorum fabricae dux. 

To MANUMIT, v. a. Servos manumittere : vindicta li- 
beros i'acere, liberate, Cic. : ad pileum vocare, Suet. 

MANUMISSION. *. Manumissio, Cic. : assertio, Quint. : 
assertio in libertatem :.vindicatio in libertatem, Cic. 

To MANURE, v. a. Agrum stercorare, laetificare : ster- 
core satiare, Cic. : solum fimo saturare, Virg. , 

MANURE, s. Stercus, Cic. : rimum, Virg. : fimus, Col. 

MANUSCRIPT, s. Manuscriptus,. or manu exaratus, 

MANY. a. Multi : bene multi : plures : plurimi 
Many a time : saepe : persaepe : saepenumero : frequenter : 

MANY. s. Multitudo : multi, pi. : .frequens numerus. 

MANY-COLOURED, a. Multicolor, Plin. : multicolorus, 
Cell. : varius. 

MANY-TIMES, ad. Szepe : persaepe : ssepenumero : fre- 
quenter: multoties. 

MAP. s. Tabula geographica. A map of the world: 
totius orbis in tabula descriptio : tabula totius orbis de- 
scriptionem continens. 

MAPLE-TREE, s. Acer, Plin. 

MARAUDER, s. Praedabundus miles, Sail. 

MARAUDING, s. Prsedatio, Veil. 

MARBLE, s. I. A kind of stone : marmor. II. A 
stone ball to play with: globus : globulus. 111. A 
marble statue, 8:c. : see the next word. 

MARBLE, a. Marmoreus, Cic A marble statue : si- 
mulacrum, or signum, e marmore, or marmoreum, Cic. 
Marble monuments : marmora, Hor. 

To MARBLE. >. a. In modum marmoris variare. 

MARBLE-HEARTED, a. Inflexibilis, Sen. : mansuescere 
nescius, Virg. 

MARCH, s. I. The third month of the year : Martius : 
Martius mensis : Cic. II. A marching : Uer. To beat 
a march : profectionem sono tympani indicate : signum 
profectionis dare : Liv. 

To MARCH, v. n. Ambulare : ingredi : incedere : iter 
habere : Cic. To march in : locum, or in locum, in- 
gredi : intrare. To march out : egredi : exire : Cic. 
To march off: abire : discedere : Cic To march on : 
promovere : accelerare : Cic. 

MARCHES, s. pi. Terminus : limites : fines. 

MARCHIONESS, s. Marchionissa, (Modern). 

MARCHPANE, s. A kind of biscuit : cupedia, Varr. 

MARE. s. Equa, Hor. 

MARGARITE. s. A pearl: margarita: margaritum : 
Varr. : bacca, Hor. : unio, Plin. 

MARGE, MARGENT, or MARGIN, s. I. The brink: 
ora, Cic. : margo. II. The edge of a page left blank: 
margo, Ov. : Juv. 

MARGINAL, a. Margini appositus. 

MARIGOLD, s. A flower : caltha, Virg. : Solaris herba, 

To MARINATE, v. a. Aromatibus marinum saporem 
in cibis perficere. 

MARINE. . Marinus : maritimus : Cic. 

MARINE, s. I. Sea affairs : navalis, or nautica, res, 
Liv.: Cic. II. A soldier: nauta : classiarius miles: 
Caes. : miles ad navem. 

MARINER, s. Vir mari assuetus : nauta : homo mari- 

MARIORAM. s. A plant: amaracus : amaracum : Plin. : 

sampsuchum, Col. 

Palus, Cic.|: locus palustris, 

Caes., paludosus, Ov. 

MARISH. a. Palustris, Cass. : paludosus, Ov. 

MARITAL, a. Maritus, Ov. : maritalis, Cic. 

MARITIMAL or MARITIME, a. Maritimus, Cic. 

MARK. s. I. A sign, token: signum : insigne : in- 
dicium : Cic. : nota, Quint. : significatio : testificatip, 

Cic To give one marks of affection : benevolentiam in 

aliquem navare, alicui praestare, Cic., or exhibere, Cic. : 
Col. II. Any thing at which a missile weapon is di- 
rected : meta, Cic. : signum : destinatum : Curt. III. 
A coin worth thirteen shillings and four pence, and a 
weight of eight ounces: bes, Varr. : selibra Francica. 

To MARK. v. a. Notare: signare: ad aliquid notam 
apponere : Cic. To mark with a red-hot iron : notas 
inurere, Cic To mark out : designare : indicare. 

MARKER, s. Designator, Cic. : adnotator, Suet. 

MARKET, s. Emporium : forum : Cic.: rerum venalium 
forum, Sail. 

MARKET-DAY, s. Nundinae, arum, pi. 

MAKKET-PL/ICE. 5. Emporium : forum : Cic. : rerum 
venalium forum, Sail. 


MARL. s. A kind of clay : marga, Plin. 

To MARL. v. a. Marga terrain alere : agrum injecta 
marga laetificare. 

MARLPIT. s. Margoe fodina. 

MARMALADE or MAHMALET. s. Pulmentum ex fruc- 
tibus saccharo conditis. 

MARMOKEAN. a. Marmoreus, Cic. 

MARMOSET, s. Cercopithecus, Plin. 

MARMOT or MARMOTTO. s. An animal : mus monta- 



!ClARQETr. s. Vermiculatum, or tessellation, opus, 

MARQUIS, s. Marchio, (Modern). 

MARQUISATE. s. Marchionatus, us, (Modern). 

MARRIAGE, s. Matrimonium : conjugium : connu- 
bium : Cic. Marriage dress : parapherna : U. Jet. 
Marriage song : nuptiale carmen : carmen connubiale 
Claud., sociale, Ov. To contract a marriage: nuptias 
conciliate, Cic. 

MARRIAGEABLE, a. Nubilis, Cic. 

MARRIED, a. Matrimonio junctus, Cic. 

MARROW, s. Medulla, Cic. 

To MARRY, v. a. and n. I. To unite in marriage 
aliquem matrimonio cum aliqua conjungere, Cic. : con- 
nubio jungere, Virg. : maritare, Suet To marry one's 
daughter : jfiliam alicui nuptam dare, Plaut. : natam 
suamcommittere.Ter. : nuptui : or, alicui collocare : Cic. 

II. To get married : ^xorem ducere, sibi adjungere, 
Cic., secum matrimonio jungere, Curt. 

MARSHAL, s. I. The chief officer of arms : castro- 
rum prasfectus primarius. II. A harbinger: milita- 
rium hospitiorum designator. 

To MARSHAL, v. a. Ordine collocare, Cic. : ordinare, 
Sen. : distincte et ordinate disponere To marshal an 
army: aciem instruere, Cic., componere, Ter., institu- 
ere, Caas., disponere, exornare, Sail. : Tac., ordinare, 

MARSHY, a. Palustris, Cic. : paludosus, Ov. 


To MART. v. a. Vendere: divendere: venditare, 
Catull. : emere, Cic. : pretio emere, Ter. : mercari : 
comparare : Cic. 

MARTEN or MARTERN. s. A large weasel: martes, 
Mart. : ictis, Plin. 

MARTIAL, a. Bellicpsus : militaris, Cic A court- 
martial: concilium militare. 

MARTIALIST. s. Bellator, Cic. 

MARTINET or MARTLET, s. A kind of swallow : cyp- 
selus : apus : Plin. 

MARTINGAL. s. (With horsemen) : corrigia qua caput 
equi retinetur. 

MARTYR, s. Martyr. 

To MARTYR, y. a. Cruciare : excruciare : cruciatu 
afficere : Cic. : in aliquem acerbe saevire, Liv. 

MARTYRDOM, s. Martyrium : mors ob fidem obita. 

MARTYROLOGY. s. A register of martyrs : martyrum 

MARVEL, s. Prodigium, Cic. : miraculum : resmira: 

To MARVEL, v. n. Perturbari:: percelli : commoveri. 

MARVELLOUS, a. Mirus : mirificus : mirandus : mi- 
rabilis : admirabilis : quod admirationem habet : Cic. 

MARVELLOUSLY, ad. Mire : mirifice : mirabiliter : 
mirum, or mirandum, in modum : Cic. 

MASCULINE, a. Virilis, Cic. A masculine courage : 
animus virilis,Ter., firmus et magnus, Cic. : mares animi, 
Hor. : masculinus, Plin. (In grammar) : The mascu- 
line gender : masculinum genus, Quint. 

MASCULINENESS. s. Animus virilis, Ter. 

MASH or MESH. s. Macula. 

To MASH, v a. Rem cum alia commiscere : rem rei 
admiscere: obtejrere: Cic. 

MASK. s. I. A visor: persona, Cic.: larva, Hor. 
To take off the mask : personam deponere, Cic. II. 
A subterfuge : velum : velamentum : obtentus, us : Liv. 

III. An entertainment in which the company is 
masked : larvatorum ludicra turba. 

To MASK. v. a. and n. I. To cover with a mask : 
alicui personam indere, inducere : vultum alterius larva 
obtegere. II. To disguise : tegere: dissimulare: per- 
sonatum ambulare, Cic. 

MASKER, s. Larvatus, Plaut. : personatus, Cic. 

MASON, s. Structor, Cic. : faber aedium, Cell. 

MASONRY, a. Caementum, Plin. : murus CcEiuentitius : 
structura caementitia : Vitr. 

MASQUERADE, s. Larvatorum ludicra turba. 

To MASQUERADE, v. n. Personatum ambulare, Cic. : 
personam induere : capiti adjicere : Plin. 

MASQUERADER. s. Larvatus, Plaut. : personatus, Cic. 

MASS. s. I. A heap : strues, Cic. : acervus, Virg. : 
cumulus, Liv. II. A service in the church of Rome: 
missa : sacrum : sacra. 

MASSACRE, s. Caedes : occisio : internecio : trucidatio : 

To MASSACRE, v. a. Mactare: trucidare. To mas- 
sacre a great number : stragem edere, Cic. 

MASS-BOOK, s. Missarum codex : Missale. 

MASSINESS or MASSIVENESS. s. Soliditas : firmitas : 
stabilitas : Cic. 

MASSIVE or MASSY, a. Solidus. 

MAST. s. I. Part of a ship : malus, Cic. To lower 
the masts : malos inclinare, Liv. II. The fruit of the 
oak : glans, Cic. : glans quernea, Col. III. The fruit 
of the beech: glans fagea, Plin.: nux fagina. 

MASTAGE. 5. Glandium perceptio, Cic. 

MASTER, s. I. A lord, ruler : dominus : herus : do- 
minator : Cic. II. Commander of a trading ship j 


navis gubernator, or rector : navarchos : Cic. : naucle 
rus, Plin. III. A teacher: doctor: praeceptor: ma 
gister To take a master : ad doctorem se applicare 
Cic. Master of Arts : Magister Artium. 
To MASTER, v. a. I. To rule over : in aliquem, o 

alicui, dominari : in aliquem imperium tenere : Cic 

To master one's passions : cupiditatibus imperare, Cic 

II. To conquer : superare: vincere : or, devincere 
Cic To master one's anger : iram tenere, or compes 
cere, Ov., cohibere, Virg. : irae imperare, Ov. 

MASTER-KEY, s. Clavis aptamultis foribus. 

MASTERLY, a. I. Imperious: imperiosus, Cic. 
imperil nimius, Liv.. II. Skilful, able : sciens : peritus 
habilis : doctus. 

MASTERLY, ad. Scienter : perite : Cic. 

MASTERPIECE, s. Opus absolutissimum, or mira arte 

MASTERSHIP, s. Auctoritas : imperium. 

MASTER-STROKE, s. Opus absolutissimum, or mira 
arte elaboratum. 

MASTERY, s. Potentia: auctoritas : potestas. 

MASTICATION, s. Commanducatus, fts, Plin. 

MASTICH. s. Mastiche, Plin Mastich-tree : len- 
tiscus, Plin. 

MASTIFF, s. Molossus, Virg. : canis villaticus, Col. 

MAT. s. Malta, Ov. : teges, Col.: storea: storia 

To MAT. v. a. Matta vestire, or sternere. 

MATCH. *. I. A small chip of wood dipt in sulphur , 
sulphuratum. Mart. II. Any thing which catches fire , 
igniarium, Plin. III. A contest, a game: ludi con 
certatio : lusoria certatio. IV. One able to contest with 
another} par. V. One who suits another : similis. 
VI. A marriage : connubium. To make a good m^lth, 
in familiam ditissimam nubere, Cic. 

To MATCH, v. a. I. To be equal to: rem alteri 
aequare, Virg., cum re exaequare, Caes. II. To show an 
fqval: simile proferre. III. To suit: convenientia 
inter se componere. To match colours : colores nec- 
tere, Virg. IV. To give in marriage : aliquem matri- 
mpnio cum aliqua conjungere, Cic., connubio jungen:. 
Virg., maritare, Suet. V. To oppose: alicui contrairei 
Ter. : repugnari : adversari : obstare : or, obsistere : 
facere contra aliquem. 

To MATCH, v. n. I. To be married : (in speaking 
of a man) : uxorem ducere, sibi adjungere, Cic., secum 
matrimonio jungere, Curt. : (in speaking of a woman) : 
viro, cum viro, nubere, Cic. II. To suit: convenire: 
congruere : Cic. 

MATCHLESS, a. Non comparabilis, Cic. : incompara- 
bilis, Plin. : cximius : singularis : Cic. : cui iiullum in- 
venias parem, Hor. 

MATCHLESSLY, ad. Longe : multutm : longe multum- 

MATCH-MAKER, s. I. One who makes matches to 
burn: sulphurarius, Plin. II. One who contrives 
marriages : nuptiarum conciliator. 

MATE. s. Comes, Cic. 

To MATE. v. a. I. To match, to marry : aliquem 
matrimonio conjungere, Cic., connubio jungere, Virg., 
Tnaritare, Suet. II. To be equal to: re alicui parem 
esse : aliquem aequiparare : assequi et exaequare : Cic. 

III. To confound : plura permiscere : commiscere: 
confundere : perturbare : Cic. 

MATERIAL, a. I. Consisting of matter : corporeus, 
Cic.: corporalis, Sen. II. Important: magni mo- 
rn enti etponderis, Cic. 

MATERIALS, s. pi. Materia : or, materies : silva: copia. 
Materials for building : materia, Cic. : saxa, materia, 
et caetera aedificandi utilia. To collect materials for 
writing a work : silvam rerum et copiam materiamque 
argumentationum comparare, Cic. 

MATERIALLY, ad. Magnopere : valde. 

MATERNAL, a. Maternus, Virg. Maternal love: 
maternus animus, Ter. 

MATERNITY, s. Maternus sanguis, Cic. : maternum 


MATHEMATICALLY, ad. Evidenter, Liv. : certo, Cic. 

MATHEMATICIAN, s. Mathematicus, Cic. 

MATHEMATICS, s. pi. Mathematica, Sen. : mathema- 
tica, orum, Cic. 

MATIN, a. Matutinus, Cic. 

MATIN, s. Morning: mane: matutinum tempus. 

MATINS, s. pi. Matutinae preces. 

MAT-MAKER, s. Mattarum, or tegetum, or storearum, 
textor : fern, textrix : Tibull. 

MATRASS, s. (With chymists) : ampulla fundo ro- 
tundo et longiore collo. 

MATRICE. s. Matrix, Col. : uterus, Plin. : vulva, Cels. 

MATRICIDE, s. Matricida, Cic. 

To MATRICULATE, v. a. Nomen alicujus in album 
referre, Cic. 

MATRICULATION, s. Nominis in album relatio. 

MATRIMONIAL, a. Conjugalis, Sen. : conjugialis, Ov. : 
connubialis, Claud. 


MATRIMONIALLY, ad. Ut maritos decet. 

MATRIMONY. *. Matrimonium : conjugium : connu- 
bium : Cic. 

MATRON. *. Matrona. 

MATRONLY, a. Venerandus, Cic. : venerabilis, Liv. 

MATROSS. s. Miles rei tormentariae addictus. 

MATTER. *. I. Body, substance: corpus. II. 
Materials: mater ja : or, materies. III. Subject: 
argumentum, Cic.: causa: locus. IV. Business: 
res: negotium : opus. V. Cause, occasion : occasio : 

ansa : Cic. VI. Corruption: pus, Cels Full of 

matter: purulentus. VI. It is no matter: nihil 

interest It is a great matter : magni moment! est 

It is no great matter : parum est. 

To MATTER, v. n. and a. I. To import: alicujus 
interesse, referre What does it matter If quid refert ? 
quid turn ? Ter. : inde ? quid quidi.-m mihi ? Cic. It 
matters much to me: antiquissimum id habeo, or mihi 
est, Cic. II. To generate matter by suppuration: 
suppurare, Col. : pus emittere, Cels. 

MATTOCK, s. Ligo, Col. 

MATTRESS, s. Culcita. A flock mattress: culcita 
lanea, Plaut. 

To MATURATE. . a. and n. Coquere, Varr. : matu- 
rare, Plin. : maturitatem afferre, Cic. : maturescere : 
maturitatem assequi : Cic. : adipisci, Plin. : maturari, 

MATURATION, s. Maturatio : maturitas : Cic. 

MATURE, a. Maturus, Cic. 

MATURELY, ad. Consulte, Plaut.: considerate: at- 
tente : Cic. You must think of it maturely : consulto 
opus est, Sail. 

MATURITY. *. Maturitas, Cic. 

MAUDLIN, a. Ebrius : vinolentus : temulentus : Ter. : 
vini plenus : vino gravis, obrutus, confectus : Cic. : vino 
mersus et madens : vinooneratus : Sen. : crapula: plenus, 

To MAUL. v. a. Sugillare, Plin. : plagis contundere. 

MAUL. s. Malleus, Plaut. 

MAUND. s. A hand-basket: cista, Col. : cistula, Mart. : 
cistella : corbis : Ter. : corbula, Varr. 

To MAUNDER, v. n. Obmurmurare, Ov. : irata verba 

MAUSOLEUM. *. Mausoleum, Suet. 

MAW. s. Abdomen, Hor. : alvus, Cic. : pantices, (pi. of 
pantex), Plaut. 

MAWKISH, a. Fastidiosus: quod movet fastidium 

MAXILLAR or MAXILLARY, a. Maxillaris, Plin. 

MAXIM, s. Pronuntiatum : effatum : opinio. 

MAY. s. Maius. 

MAY. v. aux. and dep. Posse : valere. 

MAY-BUG, s. An insect : scarabaeus stridulus, Plin. 


MAY-POLE. *. Festa Maia arbor. 

MAYOR, s. Urbis prsefectus. 

MAYORALTY, s. Urbis pratfectura. 

MAZE. s. I. A labyrinth : labyrinthus, Virg. : iti- 
nerum ambages, occursusque ac recursus, inexplicabilis, 
Plin. : viarum error indeprensus et inextricabilis, Virg. 
II. Perplexity: anxietas : aestuans dubitatione ani- 
mus, Cic. / am in a maze : in magna sum consilii in- 
opia : haereo : quo me vertam nescio : Cic. 

MAZY. a. Impeditus : implicitus : Cic. : implicates : 
ntricatus : Plaut. : perplexus, Uv. 

ME. pron. Ego, mei, mihi, me Tell me: die 
mihi, Virg. Do you want me f ecquid eges mea opera ? 
Ter. With me : meCum, Cic. 

MEACOCK. s. Homo pusilli animi. 

MEAD. s. Drink of honey and water : hydromeli : 
aqua mulsa, Plin., or mulsea, Col. 

MEAD or MEADOW, s. Pratum : pratulum : Cic. 

MEAGRE, a. Macer, Virg. : strigosus, Col. : gracilis 
}els. : exilis, Varr. 

MEAGRENESS. s. Macor, Pacuv. : macritudo, Plaut. : 
nacies, Cic. 

MEAL. s. I. A repast: cibi sumptio : cibus : Cic 

during meals : super epulas, Curt. : inter coenam, Suet. 
After meal: post cibum, Suet. II. The edible part 
fcorn: farina, Plin. 

To MEAL. v. a. Sale, saccharo, &c., aspergere, Col., 
nspergere, Cato. 

MEALMAN. *. Farinarius, Col. 

MEALY, a. Farina conspersus (Of fruit) : exsuccus : 

xsanguis : Quint. 

MEAN. a. Vilis A mean mind: animus abjectus et 
acens, demissus et humilis, abjectus et humilis : mens 
umilis, Cic. Of mean descent: obscuro, humili atque. 
bscuro, infimo loco, natus, Cic. j origine modicus, Ter. : 
ullis majoribus ortus. 

MEAN. s. I. A medium : mediocritas : medium : 
Me. II. (In the pi.), Fortune: bona : fructus: redi- 
us, \is : vectigal : Cic. Slender means : vindemiola, 
'ic One whose means are slender : homo tenui censu : 
ujus est census exiguus et brevis, Hor. : facultatibus 
lodicus, Plin. III. That by which an end is attained : 
nstrument : ratio: via: Cic By this means : hac ra- 


tione : eo modo : Cic By the same means : una atque 
eadein opera, Cic. 

To MEAN. v. a. and n. I. To indicate, denote : de- 
notare : indiCare : significare : Cic. What does this 
mean? quid hoc sibi vult ? II. To intend, purpose: 
rein sibi, or animo, proponere, Cic. : animo destmare, 

MEANDER, s. Labyrinthus, Virg. : itinerum ambages, 
occursusque ac recursus, inexplicabilis : sinuosi flexus : 
Plin. : sinuosi flexus Maeandri. 

To MEANDER, v. n. Flexuoso cursu ferri. 

MEANING, s. I. Intention, design : animus: mens: 
voluutas : consilium : Cic. II. Signification: verbi 
potestas, Cic., or significatio, Quint. : voci subjecta 
notio : Cic Several words having the same mean- 
ing : plura vocabula idem significantia, Cic. Double 
meaning : ambiguitas : anceps significatio : Cic. : verbo- 
rum ambages, Ov. With double meaning: ambigue : 
ex ambiguo : dubie : Cic. : per ambages, Virg What 
is the meaning of this f quid hoc sibi vult ? 

MEANLY, ad. Humiliter : demisse : abjecte : Cic. 
Meanly born,- obscuro, humili atque obscuro, infimo 
loco, or ignobili genere, natus, Cic. : origine modicus, 

MEANNESS, s. Animi abjectio An act of meanness : 
indignum, or illiberale, facinus, Ter. 

MEASLED or MEASLY, a. Infected with the measles : 
Icpris affectus Measly hogs : insinceri porci. 

MEASLES, s. pi. I. A disease of men : boa:pusula?, 
Plin.: rubentes pusulae. II. A disease of swine: 

leprse, Plin. 

MEASURABLE, a. Cujus mensura agi potest, Plin. 

MEASURE, s. I, That by ivhich any thing is mea- 
sured : mensura: modus} Cic. II. Mode of actiqn, 
mean to an end : ratio : via : consilium. To take mea- 
sures for ichat one has to do : id quod providendum est 
prospicere, Cic. To take wrong measures : male ra- 
tionibus suis prospicere, or consulere: inconsulte ac 
temere res suscipere. 

To MEASURE, v. a. Metiri : dimetiri : Cic. To 
measure land: agros metiri, Cic., commetiri : agrorum 
mensuras inire, Col., metiri, conferre To measure 
expense by one's fortune : sumptum ad censum accom- 
modare : censu metiri : Cic. : ut res patitur, sumptum 
facere, Plaut. 

MEASURELESS, a. Immensus, Cic. : immetatus, Hor. 
Measureless plains : camporum immensitates, Cic. 

MEASUREMENT, s. Mensio, Cic. 

MEASURER, s. Mensor : emensor: Plin. 

MEAT. s. Caro, Cic. Food in general : cibus : esca: 
cibaria : esculenta : Cic. : obsonium. Minced meat : 
minutale : or, miuutal : Mart. 

MECHANIC, s. Opifex : tabernarius : Cic. : sellula- 
rius : Liv. : officinator, Vitr. : mechanicus, Suet. 

MECHANIC or MECHANICAL, a. Mechanicus, Suet. 

MECHANICS, s, pi. A science : machinalis scientia, Plin. 

MECHANICALLY, ad. Haud affabre : non solerter. 

MECHANIST, s. Machinarum studiosus : machinarum 

MECHANISM, s. Machina (A piece of mechanism : 
mechanema, Sidon.). 

MEDAL, s. Numisma. 

MEDALLION, s. Majus numisma. 

MEDALLIST, s. Curiosus numismatum conquisitor. 

To MEDDLE, v. n. Se immiscere, Liv. : rei se admis- 
cere, Ter. : rem tractate. 

MEDDLER, s. Ambagibus solers, Plin. : dolis et artibus 
instructus, Virg. : ingenium callidum gurt'ns, Plaut. : 
ardelio, Mart. 


To MEDIATE, v. a. and n. Intercedere. To mediate 
a reconciliation : pacem inter aliqitos componere, Ter. : 
conciliare, Cic To mediate a meeting : dare operam ut 
homines in congressum colloquiumque veniant, Cic. 

MEDIATE, a. Medius, Cic. : interjncdius. 

MEDIATHAY. ad. Alicujus, or rei alterius, intcrcessu. 

MEDIATION, s. Opera. By the mediation of friends : 
per amlcos, Cic. 

MEDIATOR, s. Intercessor : conciliator : arbiter. 

MEDIATORIAL or MEDIATORY, a. Intercedens. 

MEDICABLE, a. Sauabilis, Cic. 

MEDICAL, a. Medicinalis : medicinus : Varr. 

MEDICAMENT, s, Medicamentum : medicamen : Cic. : 
medicina, Plin. : remedium, Cels. 

MEDICAMENTAL. a. Medicamentosus, Vitr. 

To MEDICATE, v . a. Medicare, Virg. 

MEDICATION, s. Medicatio, Col. : potio medicata. Curt 

MEDICINAL, a. Medicus, Plin.: medicabilis, Col. 
Medicinal waters : aquae medicatae, Sen. 

MEDICINE, s. Potio : medic-amentum : medicamen . 
Cic. : medicina, Plin. : remedium, Cels. To take a me- 
dicine : medicamentum, or potionem, sumere, Quint 
To administer medicine: medicamentum acgro dare 
medicinam asgro adhibere, Cic. 

MEDIOCRITY, s. Mediocritas, Cic. 

To MEDITATE, v. a. and n. Hem, de re, moditari : rem 

secum meditari, or cogitare, Cic. To meditate great 



hings : magna agitare animo : grandia meditari : magna 
jonsilia secum volvere. 

MEDITATION, s. Meditatio : commentatio : Cic. 
MEDITATIVE, a. Meditationi addictus : speculabuudus : 

neus, Cic The Mediterranean Sea: Mediterraneum 
Mare, Plin. 

MEDIUM, s. Medium : ratio : modus. 
MEDLAR, s. Mespilum, Plin A medlar-tree : mes- 
pilus, Plin. 

MEDLEY, s. I. A mixture: permistio : admistio : 
Die.: mistura, Cels. II. A mingled mass : farrago 
To make a medley : turbare : miscere. 

MEDLEY, a. Mistus : admistus : commistus : immis- 
:us : permistus. 

MEDULLAR or MEDULLARY, a, (Medullaris, Apul.) : 
ad medullam pertinens. 

MEEK. a. Blandus : mansuetus : urbanus : humanus : 
lenis : comis : mitis : clemens : Cic. 

MEEKLY, adr Leniter : blande : benigne : comiter : 
clementer : mansuete : Cic. 

MEEKNESS, s. Morum suavitas : mansuetudo : leni- 
:udo : lenitas: humanitas : mores suavissimi, pi. : Cic. 

MEET. a. Conveniens : aptus : dignus : idoneus. It 
is meet : convenit : par est : expedit. 

To MEET. v. a. I. To encounter : alicui occurrere : 
aliquem offendere : obvium habere : in aliquem incidere, 
or incurrere, Cic. II. To light on: reperire : inve- 

To MEET. v. n. I. To come face to face : invicern. 
occurrere : utrinque obviam fieri. II. To encounter in 
hostility : manus cum aliquo conserere : ad manus atque 
ad pugnam venire : Cic. IIL To join: inter sejungi 
copularique, Cic. IV. To meet together : convenire : 
congregari : Cic. To meet with : invenire. 

MEETING, s. Congregatio : conventus, us : ccetus, us : 
concilium : congregata hominum frequentia. To call a 
meeting : toncionem, or concilium, advocare, Cic To 
hold a meeting : concilium habere : conventum agere, 
celebrare, Cic To break up a meeting : concionem, or 
ccetum, dimittere, Cic. 
MEETING-HOUSE, s. Conventiculum, Tac. 
MEETLY, ad. Apte : congruenter : convenienter : Cic. 
MEETNESS. s. Congruentia : convenientia. 
MELANCHOLIC, a. Melancholicus, Plin. : tristis, Lucr. : 
maestus, Cic. 

MELANCHOLY, s. Atrabilis humor melanchoiicus : 
tristitia : maastitia : Cic. 

MELILOT. s. A plant: melilotos : meliloton: sertula 
campana : Plin. 

To MELIORATE, v. a. Facere meliusculum, Plaut., 
or meliorem, Cic. 

MELIORATION, s. Rei melior status, us. 
MELLIFEROUS, a. Mellifer, Ov. : mellificus, Col. 
MELLIFICATION. s. Mellificium, Varr. 
MELLIFLUENT or MELLIFLOUS. a. Mellitus : qui est 
mellei saporis : Plin. : (mellifluus : mellifluens : Avien. : 

MELLOW, v. I. Ripe : maturus, Cic. II. Over- 
ripe : fracidus. III. Drunk: ebrius : vinolentus : te- 
mulentus: Ter. IV. Fig. : medullosus, Cels. 

To MELLOW, v. a. and n. Coquere, Varr. : maturare, 
Plin. : maturescere : maturitatem assequi : Cic. 
MELLOWNESS, s. Maturitas, Cic. 
MELODIOUS, a. Canorus : suavissimus : Cic. 
MELODIOUSLY, ad. Modulate : canore : suaviter : Cic. 
MELODY, s. Melos, Cic. : canor, Quint. 
MELON, s. A fruit : pepo, Plin. : melo, Pallad. 
Melon-ground : consitus peponibus ager. 

To MELT. v. a. I. To make liquid : liquare, Lucr. : 
liquefacere, Catull. II. To soften, move to pity : ani- 
mum mollire, Ter., movere: commovere : permovere : 
alicui misericordiam movere, concitare : mentem ad 
lenitatem misericordiamque revocare : ad misericordiam 
allicere : Cic. 

To MELT. v. n. I. To become liquid: liquefieri, 
Cic. : liquari, Plin. : eliquescere, Varr. : colliquescere, 
Col. II. To be softened to pity: misericordia capi : 
moveri : commoveri : permoveri : frangi. To melt in 
tears : in lacrymas effundi, Tac. : in fletum erumpere : 
effuse lacrymari. 

MELTER". 5. Fundendi, or liquefaciendi, metalli opifex. 
MELTING, s. Fusura, Plin. 

MELTING-HOUSE, s. Liquefaciendi metalli officma. 
MELTING-PIT, s. Fossa, Cic. 

MEMBER, s. I. A part of a whole : membrum. By 
members : membratim. II. A limb: membrum : artus. 
III. One of a society: socius. Member of parlia- 
ment , senator. 

MEMBKANE. s. (In anatomy) : membrana, Lie. 
MEMBRANEOUS or MEMBRANOUS, s. Membranaceus, 

MEMOIRS .s-. pi. Commentarius : or, commentarmm, 

MEMORABLE, a. Memorabilis : commemorabilis : com- 
memorandus : Cic. : memoria, or memoratu, dignus, 


Liv Something memorable: res ad tnemoriam insig- 

MEMORANDUM, s. Memoria, Cic. : Nep. A memo- 
randum book : memorialis libellus, Suet. : commenta- 
rium, Cic. : commentarius, Suet. 

MEMORATIVE. a. Rei memor, Cic. 

MEMORIAL, s. I. A monument : monumentum. 
II. A writing to assist the memory : commentarium,Cic.: 
commentarius, Suet. 

MEMORY, s. Memoria, Cic To have a good me- 
mory : memoria vigere, Cic. To call to memory : me- 
moria repetere To commit to memory : memoriae man- 
dare : ediscere memoriter To have or keep in memory: 
meminisse : recordare : memoria tenere. To slip one's 
memory : e memoria excedere, Liv. : or, memoria dilabi, 

Cic 'To put out of memory : tnemoriam rei alicujus 

obliterare : obliterare. Within the memory of man : 
post hominum memoriam, Cic. / have it in my me- 
mory : hoc est mihi in memoria, Cic. 

MEN. s. pi. Homines : mortales : genus humanum : 
Cic. : mortalitas, Plin. 

To MENACE, v. a. Alicui minari, Cic.: minas inten- 
dere, or intentare, Tac. 

MENACE, s. Mina?, pi., Cic. 

MENAGERY. s. Palatium pecorosum, Propert. 

To MEND. v. a. I. To repair : reficere : reconcin- 

nare : Cic To mend a coat : vestem reconcinnare, or 

resarcire, Ter. II. To correct : emendare : corrigere. 
To mend a person's conduct : aliquem a malis ad bona 
abducere, Cic. 

To MEND. v. n. Se ad bonam frugem recipere, Cic. 

MENDABLE. a. Qui emendari potest. 

MENDACITY, s. Mendacium. 

MENDER, s. Refector, Suet. : cpncinnator, Col.: inter- 
polator, U. Jet.: fern., interpolatrix, Pomp. : sarcinatrix, 
U. Jet. 

MENDICANT, s. and a. Mendicus, Cic. : fern, mendica : 
(for both) : mendicabulum, Plaut. 

To MENDICATE. v. n. Mendicare, Juv. : emendicare, 
Suet. : stipem rogitare, Cic. 

MENDICITY, s. Mendicitas, Cic To be reduced to 
mendicity : esse in summa mendicitate, Cic. To reduce 
to mendicity : detrudere ad mendicitatem, Plaut. 

MENIAL, a. and s. Domesticus : pi., servi : famuli : Cic. 

MENOLOGY. s. Ephemeris, Cic. : fasti, pi., Cic. : Ov. : 
calendarium, U. Jet. 

MENSTRUAL, a. Menstruus. 

MENSURABLE, a. Cujus mensura agi potest, Plin. 



MENTAL, a. Mente conceptus : internus A mental 

reflection : tacita cogitatio. 

MENTALLY, ad. Mente : cogitatione : sola mentis co- 

MENTION, s. Mentio, Cic. 

To MENTION, v. a. Rei, or de re, mentionem facere, 
Cic., movere, Liv., injicere, Hor. : rem memorare : in 
rei mentionem incidere : Cic. 

MERACIOUS. a. Spirituum plenus : spiritibus abundans. 

MERCANTILE, a. Mercatorius. A mercantile town : 
urbs mercatura, or commercio florens. 

MERCENARY, a. Venalis, Cic. 

MERCENARY, s. Mercenarius: operarius: Cic. 

MERCER, s. Mercimoniorum minutorum venditor. 

MERCERY, s. Minutae merces, pi. 

To MERCHANDISE, v. n. Negotiari : mercaturam fa- 
cere : Cic. : commercium facere, Plin. 

MERCHANDISE, s. I. Traffic : mercatura: merca- 
tus, us : Cic. : negotiatio, Sen. : mercatio, Cell.:: com- 
mercium, Plin. II. Wares : merces, pi. 

MERCHANT, s. Mercator : negotiator : Cic. 

MERCHANTMAN, s. i. e. A ship of trade : navis one- 
raria, Cic. 

MERCIFUL, a. Misericors : clemens To be merciful: 
in alios misericordem esse, or se praebere : misericordiam 
adhibere : Cic. 

MERCIFULLY, ad. Clementer, Cic. 

MERCIFULNESS, s. Misericordia : miseratio : Cic. : 

MERCILESS, a. Immisericors : durus : ferreus : Cic. : 
inclemens, Liv. : mansuescere nescius, Virg. To be 
merciless : misericordia non capi, or commoveri : nulla 
alienae miseriae misericordia frangi : Cic. 

MERCURY, s. I. One nf the planets: Mercurius : 
Mercurii stella : Cic. II. Quicksilver: argentum vi- 
vum : hydrargyrum : Plin. III. A plant : mercurialis : 
linozostis : Plin. 

MERCY . s. Miseratio : commiseratio : misericordia : 

MERCY-SEAT, s. (A Scripture word.) Propitiatprium, 

MERE. a. Unicus : singularis : unus. 

MERE. s. I. A pool or lake: lacus, us : stagnum : 
Cic. II. A boundary: finis: terminus: terminatio: 
Cic. : limes, Virg. 

MERELY, ad. Solum : tantum : tantummodo : dun- 
taxat: Cic. 



MERETRICIOUS. . Meretricius, Cic. : Ter. 

MERIDIAN, s. (In astronomy and geography): meri- 
dianus circulus, Cic. 

MERIDIAN, a. Australis, Cic. : austrinus, Plin. : meri- 
daanus, Vitr. 

MERIDIONAL, a. Meridianus, Vitr. 

MERIT, s. Virtus : dotes, pi. A man of merit : homo 
maximi pretii, Ter. 

To MERIT, v. a. Mereri : merere : promereri : rei, 
or re, dignum esse, Cic. 

MERITORIOUS, a. Mercede, or praemio, dignus. 

MERITORIOUSLY, ad. Modo mercede digno. 

MERLIN, s. A kind of hawk: aesalon, Plin. 

MERRILY, ad. Hilare : hilariter : hilarem in modum : 
laete: Quint. 

MERRIMENT, s. Hiiaritas : laetitia : gaudium : Cic. 

MERRY, a. Hilaris : hilarus : lastus : Cic. : jucundus : 
amcenus : festivus : Cic. 

MERSION. s. Immersio. 

MESENTERY, s. (In anatomy) : mesenterium. 

MESH. s. (Of a net) : macula, Cic. : Colum. 

MESHY, a. Reticulatus, Plin. 

MESS. s. Cibus, Cic. : ferculum, Hor. 

To MESS. v. n. Edere : comedere : Plaut. : cibum 
capere, Cic. : cibum sumere, Plin. : re vesci, Cic. 

MESSAGE. *. Mandatum, Cic. To have a message to 
deliver from one person to another : ab aliquo ad alterum 
habere mandatum. To carry a message : mandatum 

MESSENGER. *. Nuntius, Cic. : fern, nuntia, Ov. 

MESSIAH. *. The Christ, the Anointed : Messias. 

MESSMATE, s. Convictor : compransor : Cic. 

METAL, s. Metallum, Hor. Of metal: metallicus, 


METALLURGY, s. Metallurgia. 

To METAMORPHOSE, v. a. Rem in aliam transformare, 
Virg., or transfigurare, Plin. : figuram immutare, Ov. 

METAMORPHOSIS, s. Metamorphosis, Ov. : transfigu- 
ratio, Plin. : formze immutatio : in aliam figuram transi- 
tus, us. 

METAPHOR, s. Translatio, Cic. : metaphora, Quint. 


Metaphorical expressions j immutata verba. 

METAPHORICALLY, ad. Translative, Marcian. Jet. 

METAPHYSICS. 5. pi. Metaphysica. 


To METE. v. a. $ee To MEASURE. 

METEMPSYCHOSIS, s. Anima? ex uno corpore in aliud 
atque aliud migratio : metempsychosis. 

METEOR, s. Meteorum : phenomenon. These words 
do not occur in classical writers. The meaning may be 
expressed by a circumlocution. 

METE,R. s. Mensor : emensor : Plin A land-meter: 
finitor : metator : decempedator : Cic. : mensor, Col. 

METHEGLIN. s. Hydromeli : aqua mulsa : mulsum. 

METHINKS. v. impers. Mihi videtur : ut judico : ut 
puto : de se.ntentia mea. 

METHOD, s. Via : ratio : Cic. : methodus, Vitr. : mo 

METHODICAL, a. Quod via et ratione progreditur. 

METHODICALLY, ad. Ratione : ordine et via. 

METONYMY, s. Metonymia. 

METRE, s. Metrum. 

METRICAL, a. Metricus. 

METROMANIA. s. Rage of writing verses : ardens fun- 
dendi versus studium. 

METROMANIAC. s. Qui versibus condendis unice stu- 

METROPOLIS, s. Metropolis, Spartian. : urbium ma- 
ter, Hor. : provincial caput. 

METROPOLITAN, s. Metropolita : metropolites : me- 

METROPOLITAN, a. Metropolitans. 

METTLE, s. Ardor, Cic. 

METTLED or METTLESOME, a. Acer : vividus : Cic 
A mettled horse: equus acer, or calidus, Virg., animosus, 

MEW. s. I. An enclosure, a cage: saginanum, Varr. 
II. A sea-fowl: gavia, Plin. III. Cry of a cat: 
felinus clamor. 

To MEW. v. a. and n. I. To shut up, confine: in- 
cludere : concludere. II. (Of a stag) : To shed horns: 
cornua mutare. III. To shed the feathers : pennas 
amittere, or mutare. IV. To cry as a cat : felinum 
clamorem edere. 

MEZZOTINTO. s. (A term of engravers.) Dilutus color. 

MICHAELMAS, s. Festum Sancti Michaelis. 

MICKLE. s. Multus, Cic. 

MICROCOSM, s. Mundi compendium. 

MICROSCOPE, s. Microscopium. 

MICY, a. Soricinus, Plaut. 

MID. a. Middle : medius : semi. 

MID-DAY, s. Meridies : hora meridiana : Cic. 

MIDDLE. . Medius, Cic. : intermedius. Middle 
age : media setas. 


MIDDLE, s. Medium In the middle of the market- 
place : in medio foro, Cic. 

MIDDLE-AGED, a. ^Etatis composite, Tac. Middle- 
most: intermedius. 

MIDDLING, a., Mediocris : modicus. 

MIDGE, s. A gnat : culex tinnulus. 

MIDLAND, a. Mediterraneus, Cic. 

MIDNIGHTI s. Media nox, Cic. 

MIDRIFF, s. (In anatomy): diaphragma : septum 
transversum : Cels. 

MIDST, s. Medium 1 , ic: ' 

MIDSUMMER, s. Splstitium aestivum. 

MIDWAY, s. Medius. 

MIDWIFE, s. Obstetrix, Ter. 

MAN-MIDWIFE, s. Partus adjutor. 

MID-WINTER, s. Summa hiems. 

MIEN. s. Fades: species: forma: oris habitus, us: 

MIGHT, s. Potestas : .potentia : vires With all one's 
might : pro virili : pro viribus : summa spe : quantum 
maxime potest. 

MIGHTILY, ad. Cum magna potentia: valde : vehe- 

MIGHTINESS, s. Potestas, Cic. : potentia, Plin. : im- 
perium, Cic. 

MIGHTY, a. Potens : potestate praeditus : Cic. : va- 
lens: validus. To be mighty: valere : pollere. To 
become mighty : valescere. 

MIGHTY, ad. Admodutrt : valde : magnopere : vehe- 
menter : admirabiliter : mirifice : mirum, or mirandum, 
or mirabilem, in modum : Cic. 

MIGRATION, s. Migratio : migratus, us : Liv. 

MILCH Cow. s> Bos, or vacca, lactaria. 

MILD. a. Jucundus, Cic. : blandus : lenis : comis : 

mitis, Cic Mild weathers mitis cceli temperies, Plin. 

A mild winter : placida hiems, Ov. A mild punish- 
ment : levis, or mitis, prena, Quint. 

MILDEW, s. A disease in plants : robigo, Plaut. : ru- 

bigo, Col. 

To MILDEW, v. a. Rubigine vitiare, corrumpere. 

MILDLY, ad. Leniter : blande : comiter : clementer : 
Cic. Very mildly : mitissime, Cic. 

MILDNESS, s. Indulgentia : lenitas : Cic. 

MILE. s. Milliarium : mille passus. 

MILESTONE, s. Milliarium. 

MILFOIL, s. A plant: millefolium : myriophyllum. 

MILITANT, a. Belligerens. 

MILITAR or MILI-JARY. a. Militaris : bellicus : Cic. 
A military word: verbum castrense, Plin. Military 
discipline : militia: disciplina, Cic. 

MILITIA, s. Copiae : milites, pi., Cic. 

MILK. s. Lac, Cic. The first milk : colostra, Plaut. : 
colostrum, Plin New milk: lac recens Of or re- 
lating to milk: lactarius. 

To MILK. v. a. I. To draw milk : mulgere : ubera 
palmis pressare, Virg., distenta siccare, Hor. II. 
To suck i lac sugere, Cic.: ubera sugere, or trahere, 
Lucan. : ebibere ubera lactantia, Ov. : mammam pre- 
mere, Plin. 

MILK Cow. s. Lactaria bos. 

MILKEN, a. Lacteus, Tihull. : lacteolus, Catull. 

MILK-LIVERED, a. Ignavus : timidus : Cic. : meticu- 
losus, Plin. 

MILKMAN, MILKMAID, s. Qui, qua*, lac vendit. 

MILK-PAIL, s. Mulctrale : mulctra : Virg. 

MILK-PAN, s. Sinus, us, Plaut. : sinum, Virg. 

MILKSOP, s. Mollis : effeminatus : Of. : mollis et parum 
vir, Quint. 

MILKWHITE. a. Lacteus, Tibull. : lacteolus, Catull. 

MILKWOMAN. s. Quae lac vendit. 

MILKY, a. Lacteus, Virg. 

MILKY WAY. s. Orbis lacteus, Cic. : via lactea : cir- 
culus lacteus: Plin. : (galaxias, Macrob.). 

MILL. s. Moletrina, Cato : pistrinum, Ter. Hand- 
mill : molae trusatiles, pi., Cell Wind-mill : molse vento 
versatiles, pL Water-mill: mola? aqua versatiles, pi. 

To MILL. v. a. I. To grind: molere, Ter. : mola 
terrere: frangere : Plin. II. To beat: tundere. See 

MILL-CLACK or MILL-CLAPPER, s. Moletrinae crepita- 

MILLENARY, a. Milliarius, Varr. 

MILLER, s. Pistor, Plaut. : Varr. : Plin. : (pistrina- 
rius, U. Jet.). 

MILLESIMAL, a. Millesimus. 

MILLET, s. Milium, Virg. 

MILL-HOPPER, s. Infundibulum, Vitr. 

MILLINER, s. Vestiarius, or vestiaria. 

MILLION. s. Mille millia : decies centum millia : decies 
centum millia. 

MILLSTONE, s. Mola, Cic. 

MILT. s. I. The spleen: lien, Plaut.: lienis, Cels.: 
splon. II. The soft roe of fish : lactea pulpa : lactes 

MIME, MIMER, or MIMIC, s. Mimus, Cic. 

To MIMIC, v. a. Imitatione exprimere, or consequi, 
Cic. : imitando effingere. 

MIMICAL. a. Mimicus. 


MIMICRY. *. Mimicus jocus : scurrilis dicacitas, or 
ocus : Cic. 

MINATORY, a. Comminationem adjunctam habens : 

To MINCE, v. a. Minute, minutatim, in minutas partes, 
concidere : Cic : Cato : Lucr. : minutatim secare, Cic. 

To MINCE, v. n. Ore putidius composite gratiam au- 

MINCED-MEAT. s. Minutal, Juv. : cibus intritus. 

MINCINGLY. ad. Strictim, Cic. 

MIND. s. I. The intelligent power : Animus: mens: 
Cic. A great mind : magnus animus, Cic. II. Choice, 
inclination : delectus, us : delectio : ad rem animi in- 
clinatio, or propensio : proclivitas, Cic. III. Thoughts, 
sentiments : cogitatio : mentis actio : sententia : Cic. : 
consilium. IV. Attention: . animus : cogitatio: stu- 
iium. To give one's mind to a thing : rei studere, or 
incumbere : operam dare : animum adjungere, adjicere, 
appellere : cogitationem intendere. 

To MIND. v. a. Rem attendere : reputare secum et 
cogitare : attente meditari : de re cogitare, recogitare, or 
meditari : ad rem animo attendere. 

MINDED, a. Ad rem paratus, comparatus, expeditus. 

MINDFUL, a. Rei, ad rem, attentus, or intentus. To 
be mindful : rei attentum se praebere : ad rem animum 
intendere : mentem admovere : in aliquid mentem inten- 
tam et infixam habere : Cic. : ad aliquid attendere animo, 
advertere animum, or animo. 

MINDFULLY, ad. Attente : studiose : diligenter : at- 
tento animo acri et intento animo : Cic. 

MINDLESS, a. Indiligens, Ter.: negligens : curis, or 
pmni molestia, vacuus : Cic. : curarum expers, Stat. : 
incuriosus -omnium, Tac. 

MINE. pron. Meus. 

MINE. s. Metallum, Sen. : fodina, Plin. A mine of 
gold: ihetallum aurarium: auri fodina: auraria : Tac. 
A silver mine : argentaria, Liv. : argenti fodina : ar- 
gentarium metallum : Plin. 

To MINE. v. a. and n. Cuniculum agere, Cic. To 
mine a wall: murum cuniculo subruere, Liv., suffodere, 
Tac. To undermine : subedere, Ov. 

MINER, s. One that digs for metals or makes military 
mines : metallicus : cunicularius : Veget. : fossor. 

MINERAL, a. Metallicus. Plin. 

MINERALS, s. pi. Fossilia. 

MINEVER, s. Mustela leucophsea. 

To MINGLE, v. a. and n. Rem rei, re cum re, mis- 
cere, Plin., cum alia commiscere : rem rei admiscere, 
Cic. : misceri. 

MINGLE, s. Permistio : admistio : Cic. : mistura, Cels. 

MINIATURE, s. Pictura minutilis punctis laborata. 

MINIKIN, s. Brevis acicula. 

MINIM, s. Pygmams, Plin. 

MINION, s, Regi gratiosus : qui apud principem maxi- 
ma est in gratia, or gratia plurimum potest. 

MINIOUS. a. Roseus, Plin. 

MINISTER, s. Minister, Plin A state minister : pub- 
licae rei administrator. 

To MINISTER, v. a. and n. Dare : proebere : alicui 
auxiliari : Ter. : succurrere, Caes. 

MINISTERIAL, a. Quod ad rerum administrationem 

MINISTRATION, s By some one's ministration: ali- 
cujus ope atque opera. 

MINISTRY, s. Ministerium, Virg. 

MINIUM, s. Minium : purpurissum : Plin. 

MINOR, a. Minor, Cic. 

MINOR. ,v. I. One tinder age j qui in tutela est, or 
per aetatem sui juris non est, Cic. II. ( In a syllogism) : 
assumptio : minor. 

MINORITY, s. JEtas minor, Cic. : ajtas pupillaris, Suet. 

MINOTAUR, s. A fabled monster : minotaurus, Virg. 

MINSTREL, s. Tibicen. 

MINSTRELSY, s. Musica, Cic. : musice, Quint. 

MINT. s. I. Place where money is coined : monetre 
officina. II. A plant : mentha, Plin. 

To MINT. v. a. Nummos cudere, Plaut. : monetara 
signare, Cic. 

MINTAGE, s. Nummorum signatio. 

MINTER. s. Monetarius, Jul. Firm. : qui nummos cudit. 

MINT-MASTER, s. Monetalis praefectus, Cic. : monetae 
praepositus, Ammian. 

MINUET, s. A dance : gravis saltatio. 

MINUTE, a. Minutus, Cic. : minutulus : exilis : tenuis : 
qui fallit oculos, Ov. 

MINUTE, s. I. The sixtieth part of an hour : horas 
sexagesima pars. \\.\Any short space of time : tem- 
poris punctum : momentum. III. The first draught 
of arty writing : prima perscriptio, Cic. 

MINUTELY, ad. Accurate: sedulo : exquisite : magna 
cum cura et diligentia : Cic. 

MINUTENESS. *. Parvitas : exiguitas : Cic. : tenuitas, 

MIRACLE, s. Miraculum, Cic, : prodigium, Liv. : res 

MIRACULOUS, a. Prodigiosus : miraculo plenus : vires 
naturae superans : miraculo prodigio similis : Plin. 



MIRACULOUSLY, ad. Divinitus, Cic. : miraculo, Liv. : 
ncn sine miraculo. 

MIRE. s. Ccenum, Cic. : limus, Virg. 

To MIRE. v. a. In ccenum immergere : cceno demergi, 

MIRROR, s. Spefulum, Sen. 

MIRTH, s. Laetitia: gaudiuin : Cic False mirth: 
vanum, or inane, gaudium, Hor. : Quint. : futilis laetitia, 
Cic. : leve et evanidum gaudium, Sen. 

MIRTHFUL, a. Hilaris : hilarus : laetus : Cic. 

MIRY. a. Ccenosuf, Cic. : limosus, Virg. : turbulentus, 

MISACCEPTATION. s. Error : vox perperam, or malam 
in partem, accepta, Phaedr. 

MISADVENTURE, s. Infortunium, Ter. : adversus casus, 
us, Cic (In law): homicidium. 

MISADVENTURED. a. Miser : infelix : calamitosus : 
serumnosus : Cic. 

MISANTHROPE, s. A man-hater : hominum osor : 
omnibus insociabilis : Liv To live like a misanthrope : 
congressus hominum fugere, Ov. : vitam segregem agere, 

MISANTHROPY, s. Conceptum in genus humanum 
odium . 

MISAPPLICATION, s. Abusus, us. 

To MISAPPLY, v. a. Abuti, Cic. 

To MISAPPREHEND, v. a. Male intelligere. 

MISAPPREHENSION. *. Error: vox perperam, or in 
malam partem, accepta : Phaedr. 

MISBECOMING, a. Indecorus : alienus. 

MISBEGOT or MISBEGOTTEN, a. Non legitimus. 

To MISBEHAVE, v . n. Male se gerere. 

MISBEHAVED, a. Rudis : agrestis. 

MISBEHAVIOUR, s. Morum pravitas. 

MISBELIEF, s. Error : fides prava. 

To MISCALCULATE, v . a. Male computare. 

To MISCALL, v. a. Falso, or ficto, nomine appellare. 

MISCARRIAGE, s. I. Abortion: abortus, us : abortio : 
Cic. II. Unhappy event of an undertaking : failure : 
adversus casus, us : adversa fortuna : infortunium. 

To MISCARRY, v.n. I. To have an abortion : abor- 
tare, Varr. : abortum pati, or facere, Plin. J. II. To 
be unfortunate : male succedere : in vado ha?rere. 

MISCELLANEOUS, a. Mistus : admistus : commistus : 

MISCELLANY, s. Farrago. Miscellanies : miscellanea. 


MISCHIEF, s. Detrimentum : incommodum : perni- 

cies : calamitas : Cic To repair mischiefs damnum re- 

sarcire, Cic. : detrimentum sarcire, Cses. 

To MISCHIEF, v. a. Alicui nocere : obesse : Cic. 

MISCHIEVOUS, a. Improbus: nequam : nocens : per- 
niciosus : Cic. : noxius, Ov. : exitiosus, Cic. : damno- 
sus, Ter. 

MISCHIEVOUSLY, ad. Nequiter: imprpbe : sceleste: 
malitiose : per summam fraudem et malitiam, Cic. 

MISCHIEVOUSNESS. s. Nequitia, Cic. : maligmtas, Liv. : 
improbitas : malefica voluntas : Plin. : malitia. 

MISCIBLE. a. Quod misceri potest. 

MISCOMPUTATION. s. In subducendis rationibus error. 

To MISCONCEIVE, v. a. Male intelligere, or interpre- 

MISCONCEIT or MISCONCEPTION, s. Error : alucinatio : 
prava interpretatio. 

MISCONDUCT, s. Culpa : delictum. 

To MISCONSTRUE, v. a. Male, or perperam, intelli- 
gere, or interpretari : in sensum alienum (verba) rapere, 
or detorquere. 

MISCREANT, s. Homo nequam et nefarius, Cic. 

MISDEED, s. Delictum : culpa : crimen. 

To MISDEMEAN ONE'S SELF. v. n. Male se gerere. 

MISDEMEANOUR, s. Mala vitae, or vivendi, ratio, Cic. : 
mala rei administrate : (concussio, U. Jet.). A mis- 
demeanour : culpa : delictum. 

MISDOER. s. Vir maleficus, scelestus, sceleratus, faci- 
norosus, nequam, nefarius, Cic. 

To MISDOUBT, v. a. Alicui diffidere, Cic. 

MISDOUBT, s. Diffidentia, Cic. 

MISER, s. Avarus : divitiarum cupidus : Cic. : ad rem 
avidior, Ter. : ad divitias inflammatus, Cic. 

MISERABLE, a. Miser: cerumnosus : calamitosus : vilis : 

MISERABLY, ad. Misere : miserabiliter : miserandum 
in modum, Cic. 

MISERY, s. Miseria : aerumna : calamitas : pcnuria : 

egestas: Cic To be oppressed with misery: miseriis 

premi, Cic. 

MISESTEEM. s. Contemptio, Cic. : contcmptus, iis, 
Liv. : despicatio : neglectio : aspernatio : Cic. : dospectus, 
us, Quint. 

MISFORTUNE, s. Infortunium, Ter. : adversus casus, 
us : adversa fortuna : adversa: res, pi. : calamitas : Cic. 

To MISGIVE, v. a. Male ominari. My mind mis- 
gives : animus praesagit mihi aliquid mali, Plaut That 
missives : praesagus. 

MISGIVING, s. Suspicio, Cic. : prrcsensio : prsesagitio, 
Cic. : praedivinatio, Plin. 

To MISGOVERN, v. a. Male administrate. 

MISGOVERNMENT. *. Mala administrate. 

To MISGUIDE, v. a. In errorem inducere, Cic. : ad ne- 
quitiam abducere, Ter. 

MISHAP, s. Infortunium, Ter. : adversug casus, ui : 
calamitas : infestus casus, us : Cic. 

To MISINFORM, v. a. Male docere. 

To MISINTERPRET, v. a. Perverse, perperam, or male, 
interpretari, Plaut. 

To MISLEAD, v. a. Aliquem fallere, decipere, in erro- 
rem, or in captionem, inducere, in fraudein impellere : 

To MISLIKE. v. a. Improbare : minus probare : Cic. : 
obtrectare, Plin. 

MISLIKE. *. Improbatio, Auct. ad Her. 

To MISMANAGE, v . a. Male administrare, regere, or 

MISMANAGEMENT. *. Mala administrate. 

To MISNAME, v. a. Ficto nomine, or falso, appellare. 
Misnamed: falso appellatus. 

MISNOMER, s. (In law): prava nominatio, or appel- 

To MISPLACE, v . a. Perperam locare, or collocare. 

MISPRINT, s. Mendosa impressio. 

MISPRINTED, a. Mendose impressus. 

MISPRISION. *. See MISESTEEM (In law): negli- 
gentia : incuria : Cic. 

To MISQUOTE, v. n. Falso citare, or laudare. 

To MISREPORT. v. a. Falso referre, Nep. 

To MISREPRESENT, v . a. Rei adjuncta adulterare :, 
falso describere, or narrare. 

MISREPRESENTATION. 5. Falsa descriptio. 

MISRULE, s. Turba : tumultus, us : Cic. 

Miss. s. I. A young gentlewoman: virgo nobilie,. 
liberalis. II. Loss, want: inopia: egestas: Cic..: 
pernicies : exitium : clades. III. Mistake: error. 

To Miss. v. a. I. Not to hits locum destination 
non attingere : aberrare a scopo. II. To discover 
somebody or something to be wanting : desiderare, Cic 

III. To be without : re defici, or deficere, carere, Cic. 

IV. To omit: omittere : prtEtermittere : Cic To 

miss the opportunity of doing somethings amittere, 
omittere, occasionem rei gerendae, Cic. : (of flying) : 
fugam perdere, Cic. 

To Miss. v. n. Decsse, Cic. : errare : falli : aluci- 

MISSAL, s. The mass, book: Missarum Codex : Missale. 

MISSHAPEN, a. Informis, Auct. ad Her. : rudis, Qy. : 
deformis, Cic. 

MISSILE, a. Missilis. 

MISSION, s. Missio: mandatum. A Christian mis- 
sion : evangelii praeconum missio. 

MISSIONARY or MISSIONER. s. Evangelii pra?co, 

MISSIVE, a. Missilis. 

MISSIVE, s. I. A letter sent: epistola, Cic. II. 
A messenger : nuntius, Cic.: fern, nuntia, Ov. 

To MISSPEND, v. a. Male collocare : prodigere To 

misspend time : male tempus absumere : tempus il- 

MIST. s. Nebula, Plin. 

To MISTAKE, v. a. and n. Errare : alucinari : falli : 
Cic. : errare a vero : errore duci : per errorem labi : in 
errorem rapi, or induci: Cic. They grossly mistakes 
errant totam viam, Plaut. 

MISTAKE, s. Error. By mistake : per errorem, Cic. 

MISTAKINGLY. ad. Per errorem, Cic. 

MISTLETOE, s. A plant : viscum, Virg. 

MISTION. s. Permistio : admistio, Cic. : mistura. 

MISTRESS. *. I. The female head of a family : she 
who governs : hera, Ter. : domina, Cic. II. A woman 
beloved: arnica, Ter.: domina, Propert. 

MISTRUST, s. Diffidentia, Cic. 

To MISTRUST, v. n. Alicui diffidere, Cic. 

MISTRUSTFUL, a. Suspiciosus, Cic.: suspicax, Tac. 

MISTRUSTFULNESS, s. Suspicio, Cic. 

MISTY, a. Nebulosus, Cic. 

To MISUNDERSTAND, v. a. Errare : falli : alucinari. 

MISUNDERSTANDING, s. I. Disagreements dissi. 
dium: dissensio : discordia : Cic. if. Misconception : 

MISUSAGE or MISUSE, s. Abusus, us. 

To MISUSE, v. a. Abuti : male, inclementer, habere, 
accipere : Cic. 

MITE. *. I. A small insect: vermiculus caseum 
exedens. II. An ancient small coin: denarii qua- 

MITIGANT. a. Mitigatorius, Plin. 

To MITIGATE, v. a. Mitigare : lenire : mitiorem fa- 

MITIGATION. *. Mitigatio. 

MITRE, s. An episcopal crown s mitra. 

MITRED, a. Mitra insignis. 

MITTENS, s. pi. Digitalia villosa. 

To Mix. v. a. Rem rei, re, cum re, miscere, 
cum alia commiscere : rem rei admiscere : Cic. : 
mix colours : colores nectere, Virg. 

:m fa- 



MIXTION or MIXTURE, s. Permistio : admistio : mis- 
tura : Cic. 

MIZMAZE. s. Labyrinthus, Virg.: itinerura ambages, 
occursusque ac recursus inexplicabiles, Plin. 

MIZZEN or MIZZEN-MAST. s. (A sea term.) Acatium, 
Plin. : artemon. 

To MIZZLE, v. n. Stillare A mizzling rain : pluvia 

MNEMONICS, s. pi. Mnemonica, Auct. ad Her. 

To MOAN. v. a. and n. Lamentari : deplorare : lu- 
ge re : miserari: Cic.: lamentis se dedere. 

MOAN. s. Lamentatio : lamentum : ejulatio : eju- 
latus, us : Cic. 

MOANPUL. a. Lamentabilis, Virg. : miserabilis, Cic. 

MOANFULLY. ad. Voce lamentabili: miserabiliter : 

MOAT. s. (In fortification): fossa, Cic. 

To MOAT. v. a, Arcem fossa, or fossain arci, circum- 
dare, Virg. 

MOB. s. Turba: multitude: frequentia: concursus, 
fis : Cic. 

To MOB. v. a. Aliquem hinc et hinc jactatum odiose 

MOBBISH. a. Vilis. 

MOBILITY, s. Mohilitas, Cic. 

To MOCK. v. a. and n. Aliquem ridere : ludos facere : 
Plant. : irridere : or, cavillari : per jocum irridere: Cic.: 
or, alicui illudere : jocari: cavillari: Cic. 

MOCK. s. Jocatio : cavillatio: Cic. 

MOCKABLE. a. Deridendus, Ter. : deridiculus, 

MOCKER, s. Joculator : cavillator : dicax : Cic. : 
homo jocosus, Varr. : fern, jocosa et faceta mulier. 

MOCKERY, s. Jocatio : cavillatio : Cic Bitter 
mockery : sales amari, pi., Cic., felle suffusi : jocus vene- 
natus, Ov. : acerbae, or asperae, facetiae, pi., Tac. 

MOCKINGLY, ad. Per jocum : per lusum. 

MODE. s. Modus : ratio : mos. 

MODEL, s. Exemplar : exemplum : Cic. 

To MODEL. v. a. Deformare : formare. 

MODELLER, s. Peritus graphidos artifex. 

MODERATE, a. Moderatus : temperatus Moderate 
in one's whole behaviour } moderatus et temperans in 
omnibus vitae partibus, Cic. 

To MODERATE, v. a. Moderari : temperare rem, or 
rei, Cic.: comprimere: reprimere: coercere: cohibere: 

MODERATELY, ad. Moderanter, Lucr. : moderate: 
temperanter: Cic.. 

MODERATION, s. Moderatio : modestia : temperan- 
tia : Cic. 

MODERATOR, s. Moderator : temperator : fern, mo- 
deratrix, Cic. 

MODERN, a. Recens : recentior: novus : Cic 
Modern writers: recentiores ex scriptoribus, Plin.: 
temporum nostrorum ingenia, Plin. J. 

MODERNS, s. pi. Recentiores. 

MODEST, a. Modestus : verecundus : pudicus : pu- 

MODESTLY, ad. Modeste, Cic.: decenter, Ov.: pu- 
denter, Hor To speak modestly : lingua modeste uti, 

MODESTY, s. Modestia: moderatio : Cic.: pudor : 

MODICUM, s. Tenuitas : paucitas : Cic. : exiguitas, 

MODIFICATION. 5. Temperatio, Cic.: temperamen- 
tum, Plin. 

To MODIFY, v. a. Temperare : rei modum, or tern, 
peramentum, adhibere, or adjicere, Cic. : Plin. 

MODILLON. s. (In architecture): mutulus, Vitr. 

MODISH, a. Ad nostrorum temporum rationem ac- 

MODISHLY. ad. Ad nostrorum temporum rationem, 

To MODULATE, v. a. Modulari, Plin. 

MODULATION. *. Modulatio, Plin. 

MODULE, s. Modulus, Vitr. 

MOHAIR, s. Pannus ex pilis camelinis confectus. 

MOIETY, s. Dimidium : dimidia pars : Cic. : coaequa 
pars, Plin. 

MOIST, a. Uvidus, Plaut. : humidus : madidus : 
Cic. To be moist : madere, Cic. : humere, Plin. 

To MOIST or To MOISTEN, v. a. Humectare, Col. 

MOISTNESS or MOISTURE, s. Uvor, Varr. : mador 

MOLAR, a. Molaris. 


MOLE. s. I. An animal: talpa, Cic To catch 
moles : taloas captare, or venari. II. A dike: moles. 

III. A fleshy substance : informis et inanima caro. 

IV. A natural spot on the body : naevus, Cic. : geni- 
tiva nota, Suet. 

MOLECATCHER. s. Talparum venatc-r. indagator, or 

MOLE-CRICKET, s. Gryllo-talpa. 
MOLEHILL, s. Cumulus a talpa suffossus. 


To MOLEST, v. a. Alicui molestum esse : aliquem mo- 
lestia afficere : Cic. 

MOLESTATION, s. Molestia : vexatio : insectatio Quint 

MOLEWARP. s. A mole : talpa. 

MOLLIENT. a. Anodynus, Cels.: mitigatorius, Plin. 

MOLLIFICATION, s. Lenimen : lenimentum : Plin 

To MOLLIFY, v. a. Mitigare : levare : placare : lenire 
Cic. : molhre, Hor. : emollire, Plin. : remollire Col 

MOLOSSES or MOLASSES, s. Sacchari faces. 

MOMENT, s. I. Importance: momentum: pondus 
Cic. An affair of great moment: res magni momenti et 
ponderis, Cic. II. (In mechanics) : vis: potestas. 

III. An instant: temporis punctum, Cic.: hora A 

lucky moment : temporis opportunitas, Cic In a mo- 
ment : confestim : illico : mox : extemplo : Cic. 


Unius momenti. 

MOMENTOUS, a. Magni momenti et ponderis. 

MONACHAL, a. Quod ad monachos pertinet. 

MONACHISM. s. Monachi instituturn. 

MONAD or MONADE. s. Corporis simplex elementum. 

MONARCH, s. Rex. 

MONARCHAL or MONARCHICAL, a. Ad unius dominatum 

MONARCHY, s. Regnum : unius imperium, or domina- 
tus, us : (monarchia, Tertull.). 

MONASTERY, s. Monasterium: ccenobium. 

MONASTIC or MONASTICAL. a. Monasticus." 

MONDAY, s. Luna? dies. 

MONEY, s. Signatum argentum : pecunla : nummus : 
Cic Ready money: praesens pecunia, Cic. : argentum 
praesentarium, Plaut. (Cicero always uses praeseus in 
this sense.) Sorrowed money : aes alienum 

MONEY-BAG, s. Marsupium, Varr. 

MONEYED or MONIED. a. Amplissimae pecuniaj domi- 
nus : vir locuples. 

MONEYER. *. I. A 'coiner of money : (monetarius, 
Jul. Firm.): qui nummos cudit. II. A banker: tra- 
pezita, Plaut. : argentarius : mensorius : Cic. : (num- 
mularius, U. Jet.). 

MONEYLESS, a. Cui nummi desunt : qui eget, or caret, 
nummis, or pecunia. 

MONGER, s. Venditor : fern, quae merces divendit. 
A newsmonger : rumorum auceps. 

MONGREL, a. Misti generis animans. 

MONITION, s. Admonitio : monitio : Cic. : commonitio, 

MONITOR, s. Monitor, Hor. 

MONITORY, a. Ad docendum aptus et idoneus. 

MONITORY, s. Ecclesiastica comminatio. 


To MOVE. v. a. I. To put in motion: movere, Cic. 

II. To propose: rem proponere, or exponere : in 

medio, in medium, afferre, ponere, or proferre : de re ad 

alios referre : Cic. III. To affect : movere : commovere , 

ciere : Cic. 

To MOVE or To MOVE ABOUT, v. n. Moveri : se movere. 

To MOVE OFF. v. a. Movere, Cic. 

MOVEABLE. a. Mobilis. A moveable feast: festum 

MOVEABLENESS. s. Mobilitas, Cic. 

MOVEABLES. s. pi. Supellectilia, pi. : instrumentum : 

MOVEMENT, s. Motus, Os : motio : Cic. 

MOVER, s. Motor : auctor : concitator : Cic. 

MOVING, a. Movendis, commovendis, animis 
idoneus, or accommodatus : inducens in affectus : Quint. 

MOVINGLY, ad. Miserabiliter : miserandum in moduni : 

MOULD, s. I. Form in which any thing is cast: for- 
ma: typus: Plin. II. Soil: fimus pinguis et putris, 
Col. UI. Mouldmess : mucor, Col. 

To MOULD, v. n. To grow mouldy : nrucescere, Pliu. : 
mucorem contrahere, Col. : situm ducere, Quint. 

To MOULD, v. a. I. To model: in formam fundere: 
deformare. II. To knead: pinsere, Col. : farinam sub- 
igere, Cato. 

To MOULDER, v. a. .'and n. In pulverem extenuare, 
Col., resolvere, Plin. 

IVlouLDiNESs. s. Mucor, Col. 

MOULDING, s. Torus, Vitr. 

MOULDWARP. s. Talpa. 

MOULDY, a. Mucidus, Juv. 

To MOULT. v. n. (Said of birds) : pennas amittere, 
or mutare. 

MOULTING, s. Defluvium, Plin. 

MOUND, s. Munitio, Cic. : munimentum, Liv. 

MOUNT or MOUNTAIN, s. Mons, Cic The top of a 

mountain: mentis vertex, Cic. : summum jugum, Caes. 

To MOUNT, v. n. I. To rise on highj ascendere To 
mount with difficulty : scandere. fl. To get on horse* 
back: equum, or hi equum, conscendere, Liv. : Ov. 

MOUNTAIN, s. Mons, Cic. 



MOUNTAINEER, s. Montanus, Caes. : monticola, Ov. 

MOUNTAINOUS or MOUNTAIN, a. Montosus, Cic. : mon 
tanus, Plin. 

MOUNTEBANK, s. Circulator, Cels. : histrio. 

To MOUUN. v. a. and n. Deplorare : lugere : deflere 
vehernenter conqueri : Cic To mourn some one 
death : alicujus interitutn deplorare, lacrymis prosequi 
casum dolere : mortem deflere. To mourn over or on 
account of any thing : re, de re, or rem, dolere : ii 
majrore versari : maerorem, angorem, capere: Cic.: e: 
re molestia, or ajgritudine, affici, or molestiam trahere 
in regritudinem incidere. 

MOURNER, s. Plorator : pullatus. 

MOURNFUL, a. I. Sorrowful,- lugubris : luctuosus 
Cic A mournful ditty : nenia, Varr. II. Causing 
sorrow : tristis : molestus : acerbus. 

MOURNFULLY, ad. Maeste : dolenter : flebiliter : Cic. 

MOURNFULNESS. s. Tristitia : maestitia : maaror : aegri 
tudo : animi aegritudo : maestitudo : Cic. 

II. The dress of sorrow : vestis lugubris, Ter. : funebre 
vestitum : insignia lugentium : Cic To go into mourn 
ing : lugubria induere. 

MOURNING WEEDS, s.pl. Insignia lugentium, Ter. 

MOUSE, s. Sorex, Ter. : musculus, Cic. A field- 
mouse: fnus rusticus, Hor. 

MOUSE-TRAP, s. Muscipula, Varr. : muscipulum 
Fhaedr. : (mustricula, Isid.). 

MOUTH, s. I. (In man, some animals and fishes) , 

os: bucca : Cic A small mouth: osculum, Ov. 

A horse with a good mouth: equus ore docili el 
tractabili. II. (In most animals): os : gula : Cic. 
rictus, us, Ov. III. Cry, voice: vox: clamor. IV 

The mouth of a river : ostium, Cic. : fauces, Plin. : os 
Curt The mouth of a cannon: os tormenti bellici 
embater : Vitr. 

To MOUTH, v. a. Corripere : edere : mandere : den- 
tious conficere, Liv., extenuare et molere: commandu- 
care : Plin. 

MOUTHFUL, s. Bolus, Ter. : buccea, Suet. 

Mow. s. A stack of hay : fenile. 

To Mow. v. a. and n. I. To cut with a scythe: de- 

metere : desecare : succidere: Col To mow a field : 

pratum falcibus secare, or subsecare, Varr., tundere 
Claud., csedere, Plin. : fenum demetere, or succidere 
Col. II. To cut down corn : metere, Cic. : demetere 
metem facere : frumenta decidere : Col. III. To makt 
mouths : sanna aliquem irridere, Pers. 

MOWER, s. Feniseca, Col. : fenisex, Plin. 

MOWING, s. Fenisecia, Varr. : fenisecium, Col. : feni- 

MOWING-TIME, s. Fenisecium, Col. 

MUCH. a. Multum : plurimum: abunde: affatum. 
Much wine : multum, or plurimum, vini, Cic. : or, mul- 
tus, plurimus, vinus. Much corn: magnus frumenti 
numerus, Cic. Much labour : labor plurimus, Cic. 

MUCH, ad, Multum : plurimum : maxime : magno- 
pere : -vehementer : Cic To love very much : multum 
amare, Plaut. To value much: magni facere, Cic. 
Much less : multo minus. Much more: multo magis. 

Much better: longe melius Very much: multum. 

Too much : plus satis, Ter. : nimis : nimium : nimio- 
pere : nimio plus : plus aaquo : extra raodum : ultra 
quam satis est : satis superque : Cic A little too much : 
paulo nimium, Cic. As much, so much : tantum : tot : 
quot. Not as much as : non tantum, quantum. 

MUCILAGE, s. Mucor. 

MUCILAGINOUS, a. Quod ad mucoris naturam accedit : 

MUCK, s, Stercus, Cic. : fimum, Virg. : fimus, Col. 

To MUCK. v. a. Agrum stercorare, lastificare, Cic., 
stercore satiare, Col. : solum fimo saturare, Virg. 

MUCKHILL. s. Sterquilinium, Col. : fimetum, Plin. 

MUCKWORM, s. (Fig.) : sordidus, Cic. : praparcus, 

MUCKY, a. Impurus : impudicus : obscenus : spurcus : 

Mucous or MUCULENT. a. Glutinosus, Col. : sequax, 

MUCOUSNESS or MUCOSITY. s. Lentor : lentitia : Plin. : 
glutinosus humor, Col. 

MUD. *. Limus, Virg. ^ lutum : ccenum : Cic To 
fall in the mud : in ccenum immergi j cceno demergi, im- 

To MUDDLE, v.'a. I. To make turbid: (aquam) 
turbare, Ov., obturbare, Plin., turbulentam Ifacere, 
Phaedr. II. To make half drunk : inebriare, Plin. : 
in vinum trahere, Liv. 

MUDDY. . Ccenosus, Cic. : limosus, Virg. : turbu- 
lentus, Phasdr. : lutulentus, Hor. : Ov. 

MUD-WALL, s. Lutamentum, Col. 

MUFF. s. Pellita, or villosa, manica. 

To MUFFLE, v . a (One's head) : caput yfilare, Cic., 
obnubere, Liv. 

MUFFLER, s. Nimbus, Petron. 

MUG. s. Calix: poculum: Cic.: culullus: Hor. 

MUGWORT. s. A plants artemisia, Plm. 

MULATTO, s. Hybrida, JT 
MULBERRY, s. Morum, V. 
MULCT, s. Mulcta : mulctatk 
To MULCT, v. n. Aliquem mu^ 
mulctam irrogare, or dicere, Cic.. face. 

MULE. s. An animal: mula, Cic. 
MULETEER or MULE-DRIVER, s. Mulio, Cic. 
To MULL. v. a. (Wine) : vinum aromatibut . ...... 


MULLET, s. A fish : mullus, Cic. : mugil, Plin 

Grey mullet: mullus. Red mullet: rubellio, PJin. 

MULLIGRUBS, s. Morositas, Cic See MOROSE, PEE- 

MULTICAVOUS. a. Multicavatus,Varr. :multicavus, Ov. 
MULTIFARIOUS, a. Varius : variatus : Cic. : multifa- 
rius, Cell. 

MULTIFARIOUSLY, ad. Varie : multifariam : multi- 

MULTIFORM, a. Multiformis, Cic. : Sen. 

MULTIPLE, a. Numerus alium multoties continens. 

MULTIPLIABLE. a. Multiplicabilis. 

MULTIPLICATION, s. Multiplicatio, Col. 

MULTIPLICITY. 5. Multitudo. 

To MULTIPLY, v. a. and n. I. To increase in num- 
ber: multiplicare : numerumamplificare. II. (In arith- 
metic) : multiplicare numeros inter se, Col. III. To 
increase or propagate themselves : sobolescere : genus 
>ropagare : multiplicari. 

MULTITUDE, s. I. A great number: multitude: 
copia : frequentia: magnus numerus: Cic. II. The 

people: vulgus, Cic.: Plin. : plebs, Cic. 

MULTITUDINOUS, a. Numerosus : multiplex. 

MUM. inter). Sile: tace : pi., silete : tacete. 

To MUMBLE, v. a. and n. Mutire, Ter. : mussare, 
Plaut. : mussitare, Ter. : sub lingua murmurare : or, se- 
cum cornicari : Pers. 

MUMMER. % s. Personatus, Cic. : larvatus, Plaut. 

MUMMERY, s. Larvutorum ludicra turba. 

MUMMY, s. Corpus medicatum, Plin., odoribus dif- 
fertum, Tac. 

To MUMP. v. a. and n. Dente circumrodere. 

MUMPS. 5. pi. I. Sullenness: morositas : Cic. 
II. A distemper : angina, Cels. 

To MUNCH., v. a. Manducare. 

MUNDANE, a. Mundanus Occupied with mundane 
affairs : humanee vitae commodis deditus : rerum flux- 
rum studens. 

MUNDANITY. s. Vitae deliciis et luxui dedita: leni- 
menta, Tac. : fluxarum rerum studium. 

To MUNDIFY. v.a. (A medical term.) Vulnus pur- 
gare, Plin. 

MUNICIPAL, a,. Municipalis, Cic. 

MUNIFICENCE, s. Munificentia, Plin. 

MUNIFICENT. . Liberalis : munificus : largus Cic. 

MUNIFICENTLY, ad. Munifice, Liv. 

MUNIMENT, s. Munitio, Cic. : munimentum, Liv. 

MUNITION, s. Belli apparatus, us, Cic. 

MURAL, a. Muralis A mural crown: corona mu- 
alis, Liv. 

MURDER, s. Caedes : homicidium : interfectio : in- 
eremptio: occisio : Cic To commit murder : csedem 
acere, Cic., perpetrare, Liv., committere, Ov., patrare, 
Tac. : caede se cruentare, Cic. Murder <>f a father : 
jatricidium : or, parricidium, Cic. Murder of a mother': 
matricidium, Cic. 

To MURDER. v. a. Aliquem insidiis, or per insidias, 
nterficere, Cic. : meditatam alicui caaJem inferre, Liv. 

MURDERER, s. Interfector, Cic. : homicida, Quint. : 
nteremptor, Veil. : fern, interfectrix. 

MURDEROUS, a. Sanguinarius, Cic. : cruoris amans, 
Ov. : sanguinem sitiens, Sen. : sanguine nimis gaudens, 
fac. : crudelitatem anhelans, Auct. ad Her. 

To MURE. v. a. Muro cingere : mcenibus sepire, Cic. : 
implecti muro, Hor. 

MURK. s. I. Darkness: obscuritas: tenebrae, pi. : 
aligo: Cic. II. Husks of fruit: siliqua, Plin.: val- 
ulus, Col. 

MURKY, a. Obscurus, Virg. : tenebrosus, Varr. : te- 
ebricosus, Cic. : caecus, Ov. 

MURMUR, s. Admurmuratio, Cic. 

To MURMUR, v. a. Mussitare, Liv. : admurmurare : 
usurrum, or levem strepitum, edere : susurrare. 

MURMURER. s. Murmurator, Plaut. 

MURRAIN, s. Lues : scabies. 

MUSCADEL or MUSCADINE, s. Uva apiana, Plin. 
tfuscadel wine: vinum apianum, or ex apianis uvis, 

MUSCLE, s. I. Fibres enclosed by a membrane: 
lusculus, Cels. : Plin. : torus, Virg. II. A sheUjfish : 
lusculus : mytilus. 

MUSCULAR, a. Quod ad musculos pertinet. 
MUSCULOUS. a. Torosus, Catull. : musculosus. Cels. 
MUSE. s. Musa, Cic. 

To MUSE. v. n. Rem animo rctractare, Cic. : saepe 
ecum retractare et recogitare, Col. : meditari : contem- 
O 2 


metfiing all day : rem tota die 
a cogitatione defixus, Cic. : multa 


Museum, Plin. J. 

. *. Boletus, Plin. : Juv. : fungus, Cic. 
j. ^Musica, Cic. : musice, Quint To learn 
.iiusicis se dedere, Cic. Fond of music , Jnusi- 
perstudiosus, Cic. 

MUSICAL, a. Musicus : canprus : Cic. 

MUSICALLY, ad. Musice, Cic. : Plaut. : modulate. 

MUSICIAN, s. Musicus : acroama, atis, n., Nep. : fern, 

MUSK. s. A perfume : moschus To perfume with 
musk : moscho inodorare. 

MUSKET. s. Sclopetus. 

MUSKETEER, s. Sclopetarius miles. 

MUSKET-HAWK, s. A bird : accipitris mas. 

MUSKETOON. s. A sort of blunderbuss : brevioris tubi 

MUSKY, a. Moschum redolens. 
\ MUSLIN, s. Nebula linea, Petron. 

MUSSULMAN, s. Mahumeti sectator. 
MUST. 6. Mustum. 

MUST. v. aux. Oportere : decere It must be done : 
necesse est, Ter. : oportet, decet, hoc facere : faciendum 
est / must go : abeundum est mini. He must learn 
and unlearn many things : multa oportet discat atque 
dediscat, Cic He must be a man of great skill : sum- 
mae vir facultatis esse debebit, Cic. It must needs be, 
that : abesse non potest, quin, Cic It must needs be 
so: fieri aliter non potest, Ter I must take heed : mini 
cautio est, ne, Ter. 

To MUST. v. a. and . Mucescere, Plin. : mucorem 
contrahere, Col. : situm ducere, Quint. 

MUSTACHES, s. pi. Superioris labii pili longiores. 

MUSTARD. *. Sinape: sinapis : Plin. : sinapse, Varr. 

MUSTARD-POT. s. Urceolus quo servatur intritum sinapi. 

MUSTER. *. I. A review: exercitus, or copiarum, 

recensio, Cic To pass muster: approbari. II. A 

collection : turba j copia : multitudo : Cic. A muster 
of birds: grex avium. 

To MUSTER, v. a. and n. Jungere : copulare : cogere : 
sociare : Cic To muster an army : copias parare : mi- 
lites cogere, Cic. 

MUSTER-MASTER, s. Militum censor. 

MUSTINESS. s. Mucor, Col. 

MUSTY, a. Mucidus, Juv. To be musty: mucere, 

MUTABILITY. *. Mutabilitas, Cic. : inconstantia. 

MUTABLE, a. Mutabilis : varius : mobilis : incon- 
stans : Cic Fortune is mutable : varia volubilisque for- 
tuna est, Cic. 

MUTATION, s. Mutatio, Cic. 

MUTE. a. Mutus, Cic To become mute : obmutes- 

cere, Cic. 

MUTE. s. I. One who has no power of speech : mu- 
tus, Cic. II. Ordure of birds : excrementum : fi- 
mum : Plin. : fimus, Col. 

To MUTE. v. n. To dung as birds: fimum egerere, or 
reddere, Plin. 

MUTELY, ad. Silentio : tacite. 

MUTENESS, s. Muti vitium. 

To MUTILATE, v. a. Mutilare, Cic. : truncare, Col. 
Mutilated : inutilus : mancus. 

MUTILATION, s. Membri amputatio, Cic., sectio, Plin. : 
detruncatio, Plin. 

MUTINEER, s. Seditiosus : turbulentus : Cic. 

MUTINOUS, a. Seditiosus: turbulentus: Cic. 

MUTINOUSLY, ad. Seditiose, Cic. 

To MUTINY, v. n. Tumultuari : turbas, or seditionem, 
facere : seditionem et discordiam concitare : Cic. 

MUTINY, s. Seditio : motus, us : tumultus, us : Stat. : 
vulgi turuamentum, Tac. 

To MUTTER, v. n. and a. Mutire, Ter. : mussare, 
Plaut. : mussitare, Ter. : Sub lingua murmurare, or se- 
tum cornicari, Pers. 

MUTTER. s. Admurmuratio. 

MUTTERER. s. Morosus : stomachosus : Hor. 

MUTTON, s. aro ovina A shoulder of mutton : ver- 
Tecis armus. 

MUTUAL, a. Mutuus, Cic. 

MUTUALLY, ad. Invicem : mutuo : Plin. 

MUZZLE, s. I. The mouth of any thing: os. II. 
The snout of certain beasts: rostrum, Cic. III. A 
fastening for the mouth : fiscella, Catull. : fiscellum, Col. : 
capistrum, Virg. 

To MUZZLE, v . a. and n. Capistro constringere : os 
obstruere : fauces obstringere. 

MY. pron. Meus, mea, meum. 

MYOPS. s. Short-sighted lu&ciliQSUS, Plin. 

MYRIAD, s. Myrias. 

MYRMIDON, s. PusUlus et nullius pretii adolescens : 

MY ROB ALAN. *. A kind of Indian plum : myrobala- 
nuin, Plin. 



MYRRH. . A gum : myrrha, Plin. 

MYUTLE. *. A tree : myrtus, Hor Myrtle wine: 

vinum myrtites, genit. vini myrtitae, Col. 

MYSELF, pron. pers. Ego: ego ipse, mei ipsiui, 
mini ipsi, me ipsum : egomet: Cic. As to, or for, 
myself : ego vero : ego quidem : Cic It is myself: ego 
sum, Cic. 

MYSTERIOUS, a. Quod mysterium habet : mysticus. 

MYSTERIOUSLY, ad. Tecte : tectius : Cic. 

MYSTERY, s. I. Mysterium. The mysteries qf 
state : arcana reipublicae. II. A trade : ars. 

MYSTIC or MYSTICAL, a. I. Mysterious : mysticui, 
Ov. II. Obscure : obscurus, Cic. : perplexus, Liv. 
III. Symbolical: symbolicus. 

MYSTICALLY, ad. Mystice. 

MYTHOLOGICAL, a. Ad fabularum, or mythicorum, 
scientiam pertinens. 

MYTHOLOGIST. *. Fabularum, or mythicorum, perituj. 

MYTHOLOGY. *. Fabularum scientia. 

macellarius : butcher, slaughter-house.
macer : thin, lean.
macero : to soften, weaken, reduce, torment.
macies : thiness, gauntness /poverty barrenness
macresco : to become lean, skinny, thin.
mactabilis : deadly, lethal.
macto : to magnify, glorify, honor /slay, fight, punish, afflict.  macula :
macula : stain, mark, spot/ blemish, fault, flaw.
maculo : to stain, blemish, defile, pollute.
maculosus : spotted, speckled, poluted.
madesco : to get wet.
madide : drunkenly.
madidus : wet, moist, soaked, boiled, soft, drunk, dyed, steeped.
mador maero : to grieve, sorrow.
maeror meror : mourning, grief, sorrow.
magis : more, to a greater extent, rather, for preference
magister : master, canon / master of a school, professor.
magnopere magnus opere : very, very much.
magnus maior maximus : large, great, important.
magus : magical.
maiestas : majesty, dignity, greatness.
maiores : (pl.) ancestors.
Malbodiensis : Maubeuge.
male peius pessime : badly, ill, wrongly.
malens : preferring.
maligo-are : to do/contrive evil
Malmundarium : Malmedy.
malo : to choose, prefer.
malo mallui malus : to choose, prefer.
malum : evil, misfortune, misdeed, crime, injury, damage.
malus peior pessimus : bad, wicked, evil.
mancipo mancepo : to sell formally, turn over, give into charge.  mancipo : to
mandatum : order, decree, mandate, instruction.
mandatum : commission, charge, entrust.
mando : to commit, entrust, order, command.
mane : morning, early in the morning, early.
manentia : permanency.
maneo : to remain, stay, stay the night, last, endure, abide by.  mansuetus :
mano : to flow
mansuetus : mild, soft, gentle.
manus manus : hand, band, handwriting.
Marceniense : Marchiennes,
Marcieniensis : Marchiennes.
mara : marl [an earth rich in CaC, added to lime-deficient soils].
marmoreus : like marble.
maro : to apply marl to the soil
mare maris : sea.
maritus : husband.
martyr-yris : martyr
martyrium : n, martyrdom
mater matris : mother.
matera, mairia : ?vat, for the fermentation of beer.
materia : material, substance, matter.
matertera : maternal aunt.
matrimonium : marriage.
maxime : especially, particularly, principally.
maxime : greatly, exceedingly, to the highest degree, very.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
medicor : to heal, cure.
medicus : doctor, physician.
mediocris : ordinary, average, fair, moderate, mediocre.
meditatio : practice, preparation, getting ready /consideration, pondering.
meditor : meditatus : to reflect upon, consider, ponder /practice.
medium : everyday life, the common good, the public eye.
medius : middle, the middle of, central, midst.
medie : moderately.
mei : my, mine /MY heart belongs to daddy. that old gang of MINE.
mel  mellis : honey.
melior : better.
mellitus : honeyed, sweet as honey.
membrana : thin skin, film, parchment, membrane, prepared skin.
memini meminisse : to remember.
memor : mindful, remembering, grateful, thoughful, prudent.
memoratus : mentioned.
memoria : memory, remembrance, recall, recollection.
Menapiorum :
mendiosus : full of mistakes, shot with errors
mendosus : faulty, full of faults.
mendum menda : fault, blemish, mistake, error
mens mentis : mind, thought, intention, intellect.
mensa : table.
mensis mensis : month.
merces mercedis : pay, reward, recompense, compensation.
mereo : deserve, gain, obtain, serve as a soldier.
mereo mereor : deserve, earn, be entitled to, merit.
meretrix meretricis : prostitute, whore, harlot.
meridianus : midday, afternoon, south.
messis : the harvest, in-bringing, crop.
messor : reaper, harvester.
mestitia : misfortune?
Metim : Metz.
metuo : to fear, dread, be frightened.
metus : fear, dread, anxiety.
meus : my.
mica : crumb, morsel, grain /small loaf.
micans : twinkling, sparkling, shining, gleaming, flashing, glowing.
michina : nostril.
mico : to serve /quiver, shake, palpitate.
mico : glitter, gleam, shine, sparkle, flash, be bright.
migrus, small, puny.
mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
miles militis : soldier, warrior, knight.
milia : (pl.) thousands.
militaris -e : of a soldier, military, martial.
militus : ground, milled (of grain).
mille : a thousand.
millies milies : a thousand times.
minae : battlements, parapets /threats, menaces.
minagium : duty of the sale of grain.
miniatus : damaged, diminished, lessened, decreased.
minime : in the least degree, very little/not at all, by no means
minimus : least, smallest, slightest.
ministro : to attend, wait upon, assist.
ministro : to serve, wait upon, provide, supply.
minor : smaller, less, slighter.
minuo  minui  minutum : To less, diminish, decrease, grow smaller.
minuo : to draw blood, let blood, to bleed (someone).
minutor : miner
miracula : miraculum : a miracle play.
miraculose : miraculously.
mire : wonderfully, mervellously, uncommonly.
mirifice : wonderfuly, marvelously, extraordinarily
miro : to wonder.
miror : to marvel at, admire, wonder.
mirus : wonderful, astonishing, extraordinary.
misceo miscui mixtum : to mix, mingle, blend.
miser : wretched, unfortunate, miserable.
miserabile : sadly, mournfully, wretchedly
miserabilis : sad, wretched, mournful, plaintive
misere : wretchedly, miserably.
misereo, misereor : to pity.
misericordia : pity, mercy.
missa : holy mass
mitesco : to grow mild, ameliorate.
mitigo : to make mild or ripe, make smooth, pacify, appease.
mitis : mild, gentle /ripe, mature.
mitto : misi : missum : to send, dispatch.
modestus : orderly, within bounds, moderate, restrained.
modica : moderate, within bounds, limited, undistinguished.
modicus : ordinary, undistinguished, within bounds.
modio : a grain measure, a bushel basket.
modo : now, just now, only.
modo...modo : at one time ... at another.
modus : measure, bound, limit /manner, method, mode, way.
moenia : walls, fortifications of a city /ramparts /castle, fortress
Moguntium : Mainz.
moleste : take annoyance/ moleste fero  I take annoyance.
molestia : annoyalce, troublesomeness /stiffness, affectation.
molestus : troublesome, disagreeable, annoying.
molior : to build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle.
mollio : to soften, make pliant.
mollis : soft, pliant, flexible, easily moved, gentle.
monachus : monk.
Monasteriense : Mnster.
monasterium : monastery, abbey, convent.
moneo : to warn, admonish, remind, advise, instruct.
monitio : admonition, warning.
mons montis : mountain, mount.
monstro : to show, appoint, point out, ordain, appoint, nominate.
monstrum : portent, omen, monster.
Montensem : Mons.
mora : delay
moratlis : mortal.
morbus : sickness, disease, illness.
mores, morium : ways, conduct, character, morals.
morior : to die, wither away, decay.
mors mortis : death.
morsus : a biting, bite, also, sting, pain.
mortalitas : the state of being mortal/ death, a dying
mortifera : deadly things
mortuus : dead, deceased, passed away, gone West, departed.
mos : moris/  will, inclination/ custom, wont, usage, rule.
motus-us : m, motion (earth quake)
moveo moti motum : to move, arouse, affect, influence.
mox : soon, presently, then, thereupon.
mucro : a sharp point, edge, dagger point.
mugio : to groan, bellow, roar, low.
mulier : woman.
multi : many, numerous /the common herd.
multiplex: manifold, many-fold, many times / tortuous
multipliciter : in many ways, in various ways
multo : by much, by far, by a great deal, by a lot.
multum : much, greatly.
multus : much, great
multus : ne multus : briefly, in brief.
multus plus plurimum : much, a lot.
mundo : to clean.
mundus : clean, neat, elegant.
mundus : world, universe.
munero/munerior : to give, present.
munimentum : fortification, protection, defenses.
munio : to fortify, defend, protect /build a road.
munitio : fortifying, defense works, bridging, fortification.
munus : muneris : service, office, function, duty /gift.
mus muris : mouse.
mussito : to grumble, mutter.
mutatio : change, alteration, transformation.
muto : punish, fine, mulct.
muto : to change, alter /exchange.
mutuo : borrowed, lend,
mutuus : a loan. dare mutuum : to make a loan.
mutuus : interchanged, mutually, reciprocal / reciprocity.

M., abb.
Manius (Roman praenomen); (abb. M'.);
M., abb.
Marcus (Roman praenomen); (abb. M.); (also) maximus, mille, milia, municipium;
macaronicus, macaronica, macaronicum[GXXFK]
of macaroni;
maccarono, maccaronis [GXXFK]
maccis, maccidis
mace/macis; nutmeg spice; imaginary spice (OLD);
maccus, macci
fool; clown in the Atellan farces;
macea, maceae [FWXEM]
mace; club;
Macedo, Macedonis
Macedonian, one from Macedonia; Macedonia, the territory; men Macedonian armed;
Macedonia, Macedoniae
Macedonicus, Macedonica, Macedonicum
Macedonian, of/from/belonging to Macedonia;
Macedonienis, Macedonienis, Macedoniene
Macedonian, of/from/belonging to Macedonia;
Macedonius, Macedonia, Macedonium[XXHEO]
Macedonian, of/from/belonging to Macedonia;
macellum, macelli
macer, macra -um, macrior -or -us, macerrimus -a -um
thin (men, animals, plants), scraggy, lean, small, meager; thin (soil), poor;
maceria, maceriae
wall (of brick/stone); (esp. one enclosing a garden);
maceries, maceriei
wall (of brick/stone); (esp. one enclosing a garden);
macero, macerare, maceravi, maceratus
make wet/soft, soak/steep/bathe; soften; wear down, exhaust; worry, annoy/vex;
macesco, macescere,
become thin, grow lean, become meager/poor; wither/shrivel (of fruit);
machaera, machaerae
single-edged sword; Persian or Arab sword (late); weapon;
machina, machinae
machine; siege engine; scheme;
machinalis, machinalis, machinale
machinamentum, machinamenti
machinarius, machinarii
machinatio, machinationis
machine; engine (of war), mechanism, contrivance, artifice; trick, device;
machinator, machinatoris
engineer, one who devises/constructs machines; contriver of plots/events;
machinor, machinari, machinatus sum DEP
devise; plot;
macia, maciae [FWXEM]
mace; club;
macies, maciei
leanness, meagerness; poverty;
macilentus, macilenta -um, macilentior -or -us, macilentissimus -a -um
thin, lean; meager
macium, macii [FWXFM]
mace; club;
macresco, macrescere,
become thin, waste away;
macrobioticus, macrobiotica, macrobioticum
macrocollum, macrocolli
paper of the largest size;
macrocosmicus, macrocosmica, macrocosmicum
macrocosmus, macrocosmi [FSXEM]
macrocosm; external universe;
macrologus, macrologi [FGXEM]
great speaker;
macronosia, macronosiae [FBXEM]
prolonged illness;
macronozia, macronoziae [FBXEM]
prolonged illness;
macroscopium, macroscopii
mactator, mactatoris
slaughterer, one who slaughters/kills;
macte, undeclined
well done! good! bravo! (VOC of mactus, N implied) (macte S, macti P);
macti, undeclined
well done! good! bravo! (VOC of mactus, N implied) (macte S, macti P);
macto, mactare, mactavi, mactatus
magnify, honor; sacrifice; slaughter, destroy;
mactus, macta, mactum
of the Gods, worshiped, honored;
macula, maculae
spot, stain, blemish; dishonor; mesh in a net;
maculo, maculare, maculavi, maculatus
spot; pollute; dishonor, taint;
maculosus, maculosa, maculosum
spotted; disreputable;
madefacio, madefacere, madefeci, madefactus
wet/moisten, make wet/moist/drunk; soak/drench/steep; intoxicate/soak (w/drink);
madefactus, madefacta, madefactum
wet, soaked, stained;
madefio, madeferi, madefactus sum V SEMIDEP
be moistened, be made wet; be soaked/drenched/steeped/drunk; (madefaci PASS);
madeo, madere, madui, -
be wet (w/tears/perspiration), be dripping/sodden;
madesco, madescere, madui, -
become wet/moist;
Madianitis, (gen.), Madianitidis
Madianite/Midianite, of/from Madian/Midian; Madianitish;
Madianitis, Madianitos/is
Madianite/Midianite, person from Madian/Midian;
so as to be dripping/sodden/drenched/thoroughly wet; drunkenly;
madidus, madida, madidum
wet, moist; dripping, juicy; sodden, drenched; drunk, tipsy; steeped in;
maeander, maeandri
wavy line; river famous for winding path; roundabout ways/twists/turnings (pl.);
maeleth, undeclined [EDQFE]
harp, lute (Hebrew);
maena, maenae
small sea-fish;
Maenas, Maenadis
Bacchante, female votary of Bacchus; inspired/frenzied woman;
Maenas, Maenados/is
Bacchante, female votary of Bacchus; inspired/frenzied woman;
maenianum, maeniani
maerens, (gen.), maerentis
sad, melancholy; mournful, gloomy woeful, doleful; mourning, lamenting
maereo, maerere,
grieve, be sad, mourn; bewail/mourn for/lament; utter mournfully;
maeror, maeroris
grief, sorrow, sadness; mourning; lamentation
sadly; mournfully; sorrowfully (Latham); with sadness
maestifico, maestificare, maestificavi, maestificatus
grieve, make sad/sorrowful, sadden;
maestificus, maestifica, maestificum[EEXFS]
sadly; mournfully; sorrowfully (Latham); in a way to indicate sorrow
maestitia, maestitiae
sadness, sorrow, grief; source of grief; dullness, gloom;
maestitudo, maestitudinis
sadness, sorrow, grief; source of grief; dullness, gloom;
maesto, maestare, maestavi, maestatus
grieve, make sad; afflict
maestus, maesta -um, maestior -or -us, maestissimus -a -um
sad/unhappy; mournful/gloomy; mourning; stern/grim; ill-omened/inauspicious;
maevia, maeviae
anywoman (legal); Maevia, Roman proper name;
maevius, maevii
anyman (legal); Maevius, Roman proper name; (wretched poet Virgil contemporary);
Magdalena, Magdalenae
magia, magiae
magic; sorcery;
magicus, magica, magicum
magic, magical;
to greater extent, more nearly; rather, instead; more; (forms COMP w/DJ);
magister, magistri [XGXAX]
teacher, tutor, master, expert, chief; pilot of a ship; rabbi;
magisterium, magisteri(i)
office of superintendent/president/master/chief; instruction/control/governance;
magisterium, magisterii
master (academic title);
magisterius, magisteria, magisterium
magisterial; official;
magistra, magistrae
magistratus, magistratus
magistracy, civil office; office; magistrate, functionary;
magma, magmatis
unguent dregs ;
magnale, magnalis [DEXCS]
great things (pl.); mighty works/deeds/words;
magnanemitas, magnanemitatis
magnanimity; generosity; highmindedness, loftiness of spirit;
magnanimitas, magnanimitatis [EXXFO]
magnanimity; generosity; highmindedness, loftiness of spirit;
magnanimus, magnanima, magnanimum
brave, bold, noble in spirit (esp. kings/heroes); generous;
magnas, magnatis
great man; important person; magnate; vassal (Z); tenant-in-chief; baron;
magnatus, magnati
great man; important person; magnate; vassal (Z); tenant-in-chief; baron;
magnes, (gen.), magnetis
magnetic; of a magnet/lodestone; of Magnesia; [~ lapis => magnet, lodestone];
magnes, magnetis
magnet, lodestone; inhabitants of Magnesia (pl.);
magnesium, magnesii
magneticus, magnetica, magneticum[DSXCS]
magnetismus, magnetismi
magnetizabilis, magnetizabilis, magnetizabile
magnetizo, magnetizare, magnetizavi, magnetizatus
magnetophonum, magnetophoni
tape recorder;
magnetoscopium, magnetoscopii
video recorder;
splendidly, greatly, terrifically;
magnifice, magnificentius, magnificentissime
splendidly, in fine/lordly manner/language; superbly; proudly/boastfully;
splendidly, in fine/lordly manner/language; superbly; proudly/boastfully;
magnificentia, magnificentiae
greatness; loftiness, nobleness; generosity; grandeur, splendor, luxury; pride;
magnifico, magnificare, magnificavi, magnificatus
prize, esteem greatly; praise, extol;
magnificus, magnifica -um, magnificentior -or -us, magnificentissimus -a -u
splendid/excellent/sumptuous/magnificent/stately; noble/eminent; proud/boastful;
magniloquentia, magniloquentiae
exalted diction; braggadocio;
magniloquus, magniloqua, magniloquum
magnitudo, magnitudinis
size, magnitude, bulk; greatness. importance, intensity;
greatly, exceedingly; with great effort; very much; particularly, especially;
magnufice, magnuficentius, magnuficentissime
splendidly, in fine/lordly manner/language; superbly; proudly/boastfully;
splendidly, in fine/lordly manner/language; superbly; proudly/boastfully;
magnuficentia, magnuficentiae
greatness; loftiness, nobleness; generosity; grandeur, splendor, luxury; pride;
magnufico, magnuficare, magnuficavi, magnuficatus
prize, esteem greatly; praise, extol;
magnuficus, magnufica -um, magnuficentior -or -us, magnuficentissimus -a -u
splendid/excellent/sumptuous/magnificent/stately; noble/eminent; proud/boastful;
magnus, magna -um, major -or -us, maximus -a -um
large/great/big/vast/huge; much; powerful; tall/long/broad; extensive/spacious;
great (achievement); mighty; distinguished; skilled; bold/confident; proud;
full/complete/utter/pure; intense; loud; at high price; notable/famous; old;
magonicum, magonici
magus, maga, magum
magic, magical;
magus, magi
wise/learned man; magician (Persian); astrologer;
maharaia, maharaiae
maheleth, undeclined [EDQFE]
harp, lute (Hebrew);
mahemium, mahemii
Mahometanus, Mahometani
Mai., abb.
May (month/mensis understood); abb. Mai.;
Maius, Maia, Maium
May (month/mensis understood); abb. Mai.;
maizium, maizii
majalis, majalis
gelded/castrated hog/boar; barrow pig/hog; swine; (term of abuse);
majestas, majestatis
majesty, dignity (of god/rank/position); majesty of people/state; sovereignty;
grandeur, greatness; dignity/majesty (of language); [crimen ~ => high treason];
majestativus, majestativa, majestativum
majestuosus, majestuosa, majestuosum
major, majoris
ancestors (pl.);
major, majoris
majoritas, majoritatis
majority (the biggest number); greater size/rank;
Majuma, Majumae
Majuma festival; mock sea fight on Tiber in May;
majuscula, majusculae
capital letter;
capitalized; with capital letter;
majusculus, majuscula, majusculum
somewhat greater; little older;
mala, malae
cheeks, jaws;
malachita, malachitae
malachiteus, malachitea, malachiteum
malacia, malaciae
calm; dead calm;
malacus, malaca, malacum
soft, pliable; effeminate, delicate;
malagma, malagmae
emollient; poultice; mixture (of unguents) (Souter);
malagma, malagmatis
emollient; poultice; mixture (of unguents) (Souter);
malagranata, malagranatae [EAXES]
pomegranate; (Vulgate spelling 2 Chron 3:16/4:13);
malagranatum, malagranati [EAXCS]
pomegranate; (Vulgate spelling 2 Chron 3:16/4:13);
malaria, malariae
male, pejus, pessime
badly, ill, wrongly, wickedly, unfortunately; extremely;
maledicax, (gen.), maledicacis
slanderous; abusive; scurrilous;
slanderously; abusively; scurrilously;
maledicens, maledicentis (gen.), maledicentior -or -us, maledicentissimus -a -um
slanderous; abusive; scurrilous;
maledico, maledicere, maledixi, maledictus
speak ill/evil of, revile, slander; abuse, curse;
maledictio, maledictionis
slander/abuse; evil speaking, reviling; curse/punishment/condemnation (Souter);
maledictum, maledicti
insult, reproach, taunt;
maledicus, maledica, maledicum
slanderous; abusive; scurrilous; evil-speaking; (of persons/remarks);
malefacio, malefacere, malefeci, malefactus
do evil/wrong/harm/injury/mischief; act wickedly;
malefactor, malefactoris [EXXEX]
malefactor; wrongdoer, evildoer;
malefica, maleficae
witch; sorceress;
wickedly; viciously; mischievously maliciously (Ecc);
maleficentia, maleficentiae
wickedness; viciousness; evil/evil-doing ill conduct; injury, harm;
maleficio, maleficere,
practice sorcery/black magic;
maleficium, malefici(i)
crime/misdeed/offense; injury/hurt/wrong; fraud/deception sorcery; pest;
maleficus, malefica -um, maleficentior -or -us, maleficentissimus -a -um
wicked, criminal, nefarious, evil; harmful, noxious, injurious; of black magic;
maleficus, malefici
criminal, wrongdoer; magician, enchanter, sorcerer
malefidus, malefida, malefidum
malefio, maleferi, malefactus sum V SEMIDEP
be injured; (malefacio PASS);
maleloquentia, maleloquentiae
malesuadus, malesuada, malesuadum
malevola, malevolae
female enemy/foe/ill-wisher;
malevolens, (gen.), malevolentis
spiteful, malevolent; ill-disposed; disaffected envious; malicious (Ecc);
malevolentia, malevolentiae
ill-will/spite/malice; malevolence; dislike/hatred/envy evil disposition;
malevolus, malevola, malevolum
spiteful, malevolent; ill-disposed; disaffected envious;
malevolus, malevoli
enemy/foe/ill-wisher; ill-disposed person;
malicorium, malicori(i)
pomegranate rind; (used in medicine);
malifer, malifera, maliferum
malificus, malifica -um, malificentior -or -us, malificentissimus -a -um
wicked, criminal, nefarious, evil; harmful, noxious, injurious; of black magic;
malignans, (gen.), malignantis[EXXCS]
wicked; malicious;
malignans, malignantis [EXXDS]
wicked/bad/malicious person; the wicked (pl.);
malignitas, malignitatis
ill-will, spite, malice; niggardliness;
maligno, malignare, malignavi, malignatus [EXXCS]
malign; act/do/contrive maliciously; act badly/wickedly (Ecc);
malignor, malignari, malignatus sum DEP [EXXCS]
malign; act/do/contrive maliciously; act badly/wickedly (Ecc);
malignus, maligna, malignum
spiteful; niggardly; narrow;
maliloquium, maliloquii
evil-speaking; slander;
malitia, malitiae
ill will, malice; wickedness; vice, fault;
wickedly, craftily, roguishly, knavishly;
malitiosus, malitiosa, malitiosum
wicked; crafty, roguish, knavish;
malivola, malivolae
female enemy/foe/ill-wisher;
malivolens, (gen.), malivolentis
spiteful, malevolent; ill-disposed; disaffected envious;
malivolentia, malivolentiae
ill-will/spite/malice; malevolence; dislike/hatred/envy evil disposition;
malivolus, malivola, malivolum
spiteful, malevolent; ill-disposed; disaffected envious;
malivolus, malivoli
enemy/foe/ill-wisher; ill-disposed person;
malleator, malleatoris
hammerer, beater, he who pounds/hammers/beats;
malleatus, malleata, malleatum
hammered, beaten;
malleolus, malleoli
fire-dart; brush for burning (Vulgate Prayer of Azariah 1:23);
malleus, mallei
hammer; mallet, maul; (also medical for the inner ear bone);
malluvia, malluviae
water in which the hands have been washed (pl.); water for washing hands
malluvium, malluvii
dish for washing (hands); wash-basin;
malo, malle, malui, - V
prefer; incline toward, wish rather;
malobathrum, malobathri
plant, from which ointment was prepared;
malogranata, malogranatae [EAXES]
malogranatum, malogranati [EAXCS]
maltum, malti
malum, mali
apple; fruit; lemon; quince;
malum, mali
evil, mischief; disaster, misfortune, calamity, plague; punishment; harm/hurt;
malus, mala -um, pejor -or -us, -
bad, evil, wicked; ugly; unlucky;
malus, mali
apple tree;
malus, mali
mast; beam; tall pole, upright pole; standard, prop, staff;
malva, malvae
malvaceus, malvacea, malvaceum
Mam., abb.
Mamereus (Roman praenomen); (abb. Mam.);
Mamereus, Mamerei [XXIDX]
Mamereus (Roman praenomen); (abb. Mam.);
mamilla, mamillae
breast, teat;
mamma, mammae
breast, udder;
mammale, mammalis
mammon, mammos/is [EEXFE]
riches, wealth; (gain of wickedness, quasi-personification of covetousness OED);
mammona, mammonae [EEXEP]
riches, wealth; (gain of wickedness, quasi-personification of covetousness OED);
mammonas, mammonae [EEXEP]
riches, wealth; (gain of wickedness, quasi-personification of covetousness OED);
mamona, mamonae [EEXEP]
riches, wealth; (gain of wickedness, quasi-personification of covetousness OED);
mamonas, mamonae [EEXEP]
riches, wealth; (gain of wickedness, quasi-personification of covetousness OED);
mamzer, (gen.), mamzeris[EEXFS]
bastard, illegitimate;
mamzer, mamzeris N (3rd) C [EEXFS]
bastard, one of illegitimate birth; whoreson (Souter); (Hebrew);
man, undeclined
manna; (food from God in Siani); [man/man hu => (Hebrew) what/what is this];
Manasses, Manassae
Manasses; (son of Joseph in Vulgate Genesis);
manceps, mancipis
contractor, agent;
mancipium, mancipi(i)
possession; formal purchase; slaves;
mancipo, mancipare, mancipavi, mancipatus
transfer, sell; surrender;
mancupium, mancupi(i)
formal acceptance; possession; formal purchase; (mancipium);
mancus, manca, mancum
maimed, crippled; powerless;
mancussus, mancussa, mancussum[FXXFY]
engraved, struck; [solidus mancusus => type of gold coin];
mancusus, mancusa, mancusum[FXXFY]
engraved, struck; [solidus mancusus => type of gold coin];
mandarinum, mandarini
mandatum, mandati
order, command, commission; mandate; commandment;
mandibula, mandibulae
jaw; (not exactly jawbone = maxilla);
mandibulum, mandibuli
jaw; (not exactly jawbone = maxilla);
mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatus
entrust, commit to one's charge, deliver over; commission; order, command;
mando, mandere, mandi, mansus
chew, champ, masticate, gnaw; eat, devour; lay waste;
mandorla, mandorlae
nimbus framing figure; (recent) lenticular/almond-shaped panel (art);
mandra, mandrae
stall, cattle pen; a herd of cattle; a draughtboard;
mandragoras, mandragorae
mandrake; (plant used in medicine as soporific/sleep inducing);
manduco, manducare, manducavi, manducatus
chew, masticate, gnaw; eat, devour;
manduco, manduconis
glutton; gourmand; big eater;
manducor, manducari, manducatus sum DEP
chew, masticate, gnaw; eat, devour;
in the morning; early in the morning;
mane, undeclined
morning, morn; [multo mane => very early in the morning];
MANE, undeclined V [EEQFW]
MENE; (MENE TEKEL PHARES writing on the wall - Vulgate Daniel 5:25);
manentia, manentiae [EEXFS]
permanence; permanency;
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus
remain, stay, abide; wait for; continue, endure, last; spend the night (sexual);
manerium, manerii
manor; manor-house; [~ dominium => demesne manor];
manga, mangae
manganum, mangani
manganese; W: mangonel/mangonneau (stone-casting machine of war);
mangifera, mangiferae
mango tree;
mango, mangonis
manhu, undeclined [EAQFS]
manna; (food from God for wandering Hebrews); [man hu => (Hebrew) what is this];
mania, maniae
mania; craze;
maniacus, maniaca, maniacum
manibia, manibiae [BWXFX]
general's share of the booty; prize-money; profits; (archaic form of manubia);
manica, manicae
sleeves (pl.), long sleeves; gloves, gauntlets; armlets; handcuffs, manacles;
manicatus, manicata, manicatum
having long sleeves;
manico, manicare, manicavi, manicatus
come in the morning; rise/set out in the morning (Souter);
manicula, maniculae
little hand;
manicura, manicurae
manifestarius, manifestaria, manifestarium
flagrant (errors); caught in the act, caught redhanded (criminals);
plain; clear; evident;
manifestatio, manifestationis
manifestation; manifesting; demonstration, revelation, display;
demonstratively, revealingly;
manifestativus, manifestativa, manifestativum
manifestative; manifesting; demonstrative, reveling;
undeniably, red-handed, in the act; evidently, plainly, manifestly;
manifesto, manifestare, manifestavi, manifestatus
make visible/clearer/evident/plain; reveal, make known; disclose; clarify;
manifestus, manifesta -um, manifestior -or -us, manifestissimus -a -um
detected, plainly guilty; flagrant, plain; caught in act/redhanded; undoubted;
clear, evident, plain, obvious; conspicuous, noticeable; unmistakable;
manioca, maniocae
maniplus, manipli
maniple, company of soldiers, one third of a cohort; handful, bundle;
manipretium, manipretii
wages, hire, reward;
manipularis, manipularis
soldier of a maniple; common soldier, private; marine; comrades (pl.);
manipularis, manipularis, manipulare
of/belonging to maniple; belonging to the ranks; private;
in handfuls; in companies;
manipulus, manipuli
maniple, company of soldiers, one third of a cohort; handful, bundle;
manis, manis
shades/ghosts of dead (pl.); gods of Lower World; corpse/remains; underworld;
Manius, Mani
Manius (Roman praenomen); (abb. M'.); one who has fallen on hard times;
Manlius, Manlia, Manlium
Manlian; of Manlius gens;
manna, mannae
manna; (food from God for Exodus Jews); food for the soul, divine support;
manna, vegetable juice hardened to grains ;
manna, undeclined [EAQES]
manna; (food from God for wandering Hebrews); [man hu => (Hebrew) what is this];
mannulus, mannuli
mannus, manni
mano, manare, manavi, manatus
flow, pour; be shed; be wet; spring;
manometrum, manometri
mansio, mansionis
lodging, stop; day's journey, stage; staying away; abode/quarters/home/dwelling;
mansionariatus, mansionariatus
office of resident priest;
mansionarius, mansionarii
sexton/sacristan/custodian; holder of small benefice; lodging manager; resident;
mansito, mansitare, mansitavi, mansitatus
spend the night, stay;
mansiuncula, mansiunculae
little/small home/dwelling;
mansuefacio, mansuefacere, mansuefeci, mansuefactus
tame; civilize; make peaceful/quiet/docile;
mansuefio, mansueferi, mansuefactus sum V SEMIDEP
become/be tamed/civilized/peaceful/docile; (mansuefacio PASS);
mansues, (gen.), mansuetis
tame; mild, gentle; soft tamed;
mansues, (gen.), mansuis
tame; mild, gentle; soft tamed;
mansuesco, mansuescere, mansuevi, mansuetus
tame; become/grow tame; render/become mild/gentle/less harsh/severe;
mansueto, mansuetare, mansuetavi, mansuetatus
tame; make tame; subdue, soften (Souter); become subdued; restrain
mansuetudo, mansuetudinis
tameness, gentleness, mildness; clemency;
mansuetus, mansueta, mansuetum
tame; mild, gentle; less harsh/severe;
mantele, mantelis
handtowel; napkin; towel, cloth; tablecloth
mantelium, mantelii
handtowel; napkin; towel, cloth; tablecloth
mantelletum, mantelleti
mantel covering the surplice of prelate; cape, cope;
mantellum, mantelli
cloak, mantel; handtowel napkin; towel, cloth;
mantelum, manteli
handtowel; napkin; towel, cloth; cloak, mantel
mantica, manticae
traveling-bag, knapsack;
mantile, mantilis
handtowel; napkin; towel, cloth; tablecloth;
mantilium, mantilii
handtowel; napkin; towel, cloth; tablecloth;
mantum, manti
Spanish cloak;
manualis, manualis, manuale
fitted to the hand;
manubia, manubiae
general's share of the booty (pl.); prize-money; profits;
manubrium, manubrii
haft, handle; handle-bar
manucapio, manucapere, manucepi, manucaptus
go bail(for); undertake;
manufactus, manufacta, manufactum
hand-made; made by hand; made with hands;
manufestarius, manufestaria, manufestarium
flagrant (errors); caught in the act, caught redhanded (criminals);
undeniably, red-handed, in the act; evidently, plainly, manifestly;
manufesto, manufestare, manufestavi, manufestatus
make visible/clearer/evident/plain; reveal, make known; disclose; clarify;
manufestus, manufesta -um, manufestior -or -us, manufestissimus -a -um
detected, plainly guilty; flagrant, plain; caught in act/redhanded; undoubted;
clear, evident, plain, obvious; conspicuous, noticeable; unmistakable;
manufollium, manufollii
manulearius, manuleari(i)
maker of sleeved garments;
manuleatus, manuleata, manuleatum
w/(long) sleeves; (persons) wearing long-sleeved tunics (sign of effeminacy);
manuleus, manulei
long sleeve;
manumissio, manumissionis
manumission, release from authority of manus; freeing of slave;
manumitto, manumittere, manumisi, manumissus
release, free, set free/at liberty, emancipate;
manuplus, manupli
maniple, company of soldiers, one third of a cohort; handful, bundle;
manupretium, manupretii
wages, hire, reward;
manus, manus N (4th) F
hand, fist; team; gang, band of soldiers; handwriting; (elephant's) trunk;
manuscriptum, manuscripti
manuscriptus, manuscripta, manuscriptum
manutergium, manutergii
manzer, (gen.), manzeris[EEQFS]
bastard, illegitimate; (Hebrew);
manzer, manzeris N (3rd) C [EEXFS]
bastard, one of illegitimate birth; mongrel (Latham); (Hebrew);
manzerinus, manzerini [EEXFM]
bastard, one of illegitimate birth; mongrel (Latham); (Hebrew);
mapale, mapalis
huts (pl.) of African nomads; house of ill repute; follies, useless things;
mappa, mappae
white cloth; napkin; handkerchief; cloth dropped as start signal; tablecloth;
mappula, mappulae
maranatha INTERJ [DEXEP]
our Lord cometh; (Aramaic through Greek);
marca, marcae [FLGCM]
mark; (German gold/silver weight, coin); (11th century = ~8 ounces, later ~1);
marcens, (gen.), marcentis
withered/dropping; exhausted/weak/feeble; heavy (eyes); apathetic/languid/jaded;
marceo, marcere,
be enfeebled, weak or faint;
marcesco, marcescere, marcui, -
wither, shrivel up; fade/pine away; become weak/enfeebled/languid/apathetic;
marchio, marchionis
marchionatus, marchionatus
marquisate; office of marquis;
marchionissa, marchionissae
marcidus, marcida, marcidum
withered/dropping/rotten; lacking rigidity; exhausted/weak; apathetic/languid;
marco, marcere, marcui, marcitus
be withered/flabby, droop/shrivel; flag/faint; be weak/enfeebled/idle/apathetic;
marcor, marcoris
decay; faintness;
marculus, marculi
small hammer;
Marcus, Marci [XXIDX]
Marcus (Roman praenomen); (abb. M.);
mare3 1 NOM S N POS
male; masculine, of the male sex; manly, virile, brave, noble; G:masculine;
mare, maris
sea; sea water;
margarinum, margarini
margarita, margaritae
marginalis, marginalis, marginale
margino, marginare, marginavi, marginatus
provide with borders;
margo, marginis
margin, edge, flange, rim, border; threshold; bank, retaining wall; gunwale;
Maria, Mariae [EEXBX]
marinus, marina, marinum
marine; of the sea; sea born;
marisca, mariscae
kind of large/inferior fig; hemorrhoids (pl.), piles;
mariscus, marisca, mariscum
kind of large/inferior fig;
mariscus, marisci
kind of rush;
marita, maritae
maritagium, maritagii
maritimus, maritima, maritimum
maritime; of/near/by the sea; coastal; relating/used to sea; seafaring/naval;
marito, maritare, maritavi, maritatus
marry, give in marriage;
maritumus, marituma, maritumum
maritime; of/near/by the sea; coastal; relating/used to sea; seafaring/naval;
maritus, marita, maritum
nuptial; of marriage; married, wedded, united;
maritus, mariti
husband, married man; lover; mate;
Marius, Mari
Marius; (Roman gens name); (C. Marius, consul around 100 BC);
Marius, Maria, Marium
Marius, Roman gens; (C. Marius, consul around 100 BC);
marlo, marlare, marlavi, marlatus [FAXDM]
apply clay; add marl to the soil;
marmelata, marmelatae
marmor, marmoris
marble, block of marble, marble monument/statue; surface of the sea;
marmoratus, marmorata, marmoratum
marbled; overlaid with marble;
marmoreus, marmorea, marmoreum
marble; of marble; marble-like;
marmus, marma, marmum
marine; belonging to the sea;
Maro, Maronis [XPICO]
Maro; (Virgil's cognomen); mythical character; for outstanding poets (pl.);
marra, marrae
Mars, Martis [XEIAX]
Mars, Roman god of war; warlike spirit, fighting, battle, army, force of arms;
marsupium, marsupii
marsuppium, marsuppii
purse, pouch;
Mart., abb.
March (month/mensis understood); abb. Mart.;
Martialis, Martialis, Martiale
of or belonging to Mars;
martipanis, martipanis
Martius, Martia, Martium
March (month/mensis understood); abb. Mart.; of/belonging to Mars;
martyr, martyris [DEXCS]
martyr; witness; one who by his death bears witness to the truth of Christ;
martyrium, martyrii [DEXCS]
martyrdom; testimony w/one's blood of faith in Christ; martyr's grave/church;
martyrologium, martyrologii [EEXFE]
martyology; list of martyrs/saints (about 600 AD bearing name of St. Jerome);
Marxianus, Marxiana, Marxianum
Marxismus, Marxismi
Marxista, Marxistae
mas, (gen.), maris
male; masculine, of the male sex; manly, virile, brave, noble; G:masculine;
mas, maris
male (human/animal/plant); man;
masculinus, masculina, masculinum
masculine, of the male sex; of masculine gender (grammar);
masculus, mascula, masculum
male/masculine, proper to males; manly/virile; (large/coarse plants); (plugs);
masochismus, masochismi
masochista, masochistae
massa, massae [FWXFM]
mace; club;
massa, massae
mass, bulk; heavy weight, load, burden; lump; kneaded dough;
massarius, massarii [FWXFM]
Massieum, Massiei
Massic wine;
masso, massonis
massuelius, massuelii [FWXEM]
mace; club;
massuerius, massuerii [FWXFM]
masterbator, masterbatoris
masturbator; one who defiles himself
masterbio, masterbionis [XXXFP]
masterbor, masterbari, masterbatus sum DEP
masturbate; defile oneself
mastex, mastechis [EAXFP]
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
mastice, mastices
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
masticha, mastichae
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
mastiche, mastiches
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
mastichum, mastichi
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
mastigatus, mastigatus [EXXFW]
whipping; punishment;
mastigia, mastigiae
one who deserves a whipping, rascal;
mastigo, mastigare, mastigavi, mastigatus
whip; scourge;
mastix, mastichis
mastic, gum/resin of Pistacia lentiscus/other trees;
mastix, masticis
lash; punishment; anguish
mastruca, mastrucae
masturbatio, masturbationis [XXXFD]
masturbator, masturbatoris
masturbor, masturbari, masturbatus sum DEP
matara, matarae
javelin, spear;
matellio, matellionis
small pot, vessel;
mater, matris
mother, foster mother; lady, matron; origin, source, motherland, mother city;
matercula, materculae
affectionate term for mother;
materia, materiae
wood (building material), lumber, timber; woody branch/growth/part of tree;
material, matter, substance; food/fuel; breeding stock; topic, subject matter;
means, occasion, condition effecting action; latent ability/potential;
materialis, materialis, materiale
material; of/related to subject matter; of/belonging to matter;
materialismus, materialismi
materialista, materialistae
materialisticus, materialistica, materialisticum
materially; according to the occasion;
materiarius, materiari(i)
timber merchant;
materiarius, materiaria, materiarium
timber-, of/concerned with timber;
materiatio, materiationis
woodwork, carpentry; wooden structure; timbering; framework
materiatura, materiaturae
woodwork, carpentry;
materies, materiei
wood (building material), lumber, timber; woody branch/growth/part of tree;
material, matter, substance; food/fuel; breeding stock; topic, subject matter;
means, occasion, condition effecting action; latent ability/potential;
materior, materiari, materiatus sum DEP
get timber;
maternus, materna, maternum
maternal, motherly, of a mother;
matertera, materterae
maternal aunt;
mathematica, mathematicae
mathematics; astrology;
mathematicus, mathematica, mathematicum
mathematical; astrological;
mathematicus, mathematici
mathematician; astrologer;
mathesis, mathesis
maths; science; astrology;
matricalis, matricalis, matricale
of a matrix;
matricida, matricidae
matricidium, matricidii
slaying of a mother, matricide;
matricula, matriculae
public register; list, roll;
matriculus, matriculi
fish (unidentified);
matrimonialis, matrimonialis, matrimoniale
matrimonial, of/belonging to marriage; [~ tabulae => wedding certificate];
matrimonium, matrimoni(i)
marriage; matrimony;
matrimus, matrima, matrimum
having mother living;
matrix, matricis
dam, female animal kept for breeding; parent tree; register, list;
matrona, matronae
wife; matron;
matronalis, matronalis, matronale
of or befitting a married woman;
matta, mattae
mat of rushes;
mattea, matteae
dainty dish;
mattya, mattyae
dainty dish;
matula, matulae
jar, vessel for liquids; chamber pot; blockhead;
maturatio, maturationis
quickly; at the right time; in time; early, prematurely;
maturesco, maturescere, maturui, -
become ripe, ripen mature;
maturitas, maturitatis
maturo, maturare, maturavi, maturatus
ripen, hurry, make haste to, hasten;
maturrimus, maturrima, maturrimum
early, speedy; ripe; mature, mellow; timely, seasonable;
maturus, matura -um, maturior -or -us, maturissimus -a -um
early, speedy; ripe; mature, mellow; timely, seasonable;
matutinus, matutina, matutinum
early; of the (early) morning;
maumo, maumare, maumavi, maumatus
Mauricius, Mauricia, Mauricium
Moorish; Mauretanian;
Maurus, Mauri [XXABO]
Moor; (inhabitant of North Africa); Mauretanian;
Mausoleum, Mausolei
Mausoleum (magnificent tomb of Mausolus); large/ornate tomb (esp. of Emperors);
mavis V 6 2 PRES ACTIVE IND 2 S
Mavors, Mavortis
Mars, Roman god of war; warlike spirit, fighting, battle, army, force of arms;
mavult V 6 2 PRES ACTIVE IND 3 S
mavultis V 6 2 PRES ACTIVE IND 2 P
maxilla, maxillae
jaw (viewed externally), lower part of the face; jaws/jaw-bones (usu. pl.);
maxillaris, maxillaris, maxillare
of/belonging to the jaw; molar (teeth);
maximalista, maximalistae
especially, chiefly; certainly; most, very much; (forms SUPER w/ADJ/ADV);
maximitas, maximitatis
greatness, size;
greatly, exceedingly, with great endeavor; very much; particularly, especially;
maximus, maxima, maximum
greatest/biggest/largest; longest; oldest; highest, utmost; leading, chief;
especially, chiefly; certainly; most, very much; (forms SUPER w/ADJ/ADV);
maxumus, maxuma, maxumum
greatest/biggest/largest; longest; oldest; highest, utmost; leading, chief;
mazer, mazeris N (3rd) C [EEXFM]
bastard, one of illegitimate birth; mongrel (Latham); (Hebrew);
mazonomon, mazonomi
charger, large dish;
mazonomus, mazonomi
charger, large dish;
mazza, mazzae [FWXFE]
mace; club;
mazzerius, mazzerii [FWXFE]
measurabilis, measurabilis, measurabile[GSXEE]
meator, meatoris
traveler; passer-by; (of Mercury as messenger of gods L+S); (not meteor?);
meatus, meatus
movement along line, course/path; progress; line followed; channel; passage-way;
mecastor INTERJ
by Castor!; (oath used by women);
mechanicus, mechanica, mechanicum
mechanical; of/concerned with machines/engineering;
mechanicus, mechanici
engineer; mechanic; acrobat performing w/gymnastic apparatus;
mechanismus, mechanismi
meddix, meddicis [XLIEC]
Oscan magistrate;
medela, medelae
cure, remedial treatment; healing, healing power (Sax); health;
medella, medellae
cure, remedial treatment; healing, healing power (Sax); health;
medens, medentis
physician, doctor;
medeor, mederi, - DEP
heal, cure; remedy, assuage, comfort, amend;
mediaevalis, mediaevalis, mediaevale
medians, (gen.), mediantis[DXXEE]
halved, divided in the middle;
by means of;
medianum, mediani
(the) middle;
medianum, mediani
lounge, living room;
medianus, mediana, medianum
in-the-middle; middle;
mediastinus, mediastini
by means of;
mediator, mediatoris
mediator; intermediary, go between; middle man;
mediatrix, mediatricis
mediator (female); intermediary, go between;
medica, medicae
doctor (female), physician, healer;
medica, medicae
kind of clover; lucerne (Medicago sativa, resembles clover); (elecampane?);
medicabilis, medicabilis, medicabile[XBXDX]
medicamen, medicaminis [XBXBO]
drug, remedy, medicine; cosmetic; substance to treat seeds/plants; dye;
medicamentum, medicamenti [XBXDX]
drug, remedy, medicine;
medice, medices
doctor (female), physician, healer;
medicina, medicinae [XBXBO]
art/practice of medicine, medicine; clinic; treatment, dosing; remedy, cure;
medicinus, medicina, medicinum
of the art/practice of medicine/healing, medical; [w/ars or res => medicine];
medico, medicare, medicavi, medicatus [XBXDX]
heal, cure; medicate; dye;
medicor, medicari, medicatus sum DEP [XBXDX]
heal, cure;
medicus, medica, medicum[XBXBO]
healing, curative, medical; [digitus ~ => fourth finger of the hand];
medicus, medici
doctor, physician; fourth finger of the hand;
medidies, medidiei N (5th) M
noon; midday; south; (meridies);
moderately; in a manner avoiding both extremely, moderate; ambiguous;
medietas, medietatis
center/mid point/part; half; intermediate course/state; fact of being in middle;
medimnum, medimni [XSXDX]
dry measure, Greek bushel (6 modii); measure of land in Cyrenaica;
medimnus, medimni [XSXDX]
dry measure, Greek bushel (6 modii); measure of land in Cyrenaica;
medio, mediare, mediavi, mediatus
halve, divide in the middle; be in the middle;
mediocris, mediocris, mediocre
medium/average/intermediate; middling/fair/ordinary/moderate/tolerable; trivial;
commonplace; undistinguished; of humble station; mediocre; fairly small; minor;
mediocritas, mediocritatis
moderateness (size/amount/degree); avoidance of extremes; intermediate way;
mediocrity; limited powers/ability; smallness; humbleness (of station);
mediocriter, mediocrius, mediocrissime
to moderate/subdued extent/degree, ordinarily/moderately/tolerably; not very;
medioximus, medioxima, medioximum[EXXDX]
meditabundus, meditabunda, meditabundum
earnestly mediating/considering/reflecting; designing;
meditamentum, meditamenti
preparation, practice;
meditamenum, meditameni
training exercise;
meditatio, meditationis
contemplation, meditation; practicing;
mediterraneus, mediterranea, mediterraneum
inland, remote from the coast;
medito, meditare, meditavi, meditatus [FXXCE]
consider/contemplate/ponder; meditate, think about; reflect on; devise/plan;
have in mind, intend; think out, prepare a speech; practice public speaking;
rehearse; go over, say to oneself; declaim, work over (song) in performance;
meditor, meditari, meditatus sum DEP
consider/contemplate/ponder; meditate, think about; reflect on; devise/plan;
have in mind, intend; think out, prepare a speech; practice public speaking;
rehearse; go over, say to oneself; declaim, work over (song) in performance;
meditullium, meditulli(i)
middle, center, mid-point; interior, part of country remote from sea;
medium, medi(i)
middle, center; medium, mean; midst, community, public; publicity;
medius, media, medium
middle, middle of, mid; common, neutral, ordinary, moderate; ambiguous;
medius, medii
mediator; one who stands in the middle, one who comes between;
medulla, medullae
marrow, kernel; innermost part; quintessence;
inwardly, from depths of heart/mind; from the marrow;
megalophonum, megalophoni
megestanis, megestanis [ELXDW]
nobles (pl.), grandees, magnates, leaders; nobles of Parthia/eastern countries;
megestanus, megestani [ELXDW]
nobles (pl.), grandees, magnates, leaders; nobles of Parthia/eastern countries;
megistanis, megistanis
nobles (pl.), grandees, magnates, leaders; nobles of Parthia/eastern countries;
megistanus, megistani [ELXDW]
nobles (pl.), grandees, magnates, leaders; nobles of Parthia/eastern countries;
mehercle INTERJ
By Hercules! assuredly, indeed;
mehercule INTERJ
by Hercules! assuredly, indeed;
mehercules INTERJ
by Hercules! assuredly, indeed;
meile, meilis [AXXFS]
thousand (men); thousands; (archaic plural of mille); [milia (passuum) => mile];
meio, meere, mixi, mictus
urinate, make water; ejaculate; (somewhat rude);
mel, mellis
honey; sweetness; pleasant thing; darling/honey; [luna mellis => honeymoon];
melancholicus, melancholica, melancholicum
having black bile, melancholy;
melanurus, melanuri
small edible sea-fish;
melicus, melica, melicum
musical, lyrical;
melicus, melici
lyric poet;
melilotos, meliloti
clover (species of, Melilotus or Trifolium); melilotus; serta Campanica;
melilotum, meliloti
clover (species of, Melilotus or Trifolium); melilotus; serta Campanica;
melimelum, melimeli
honey apples (pl.);
melioratio, meliorationis
melioro, meliorare, -, melioratus [EXXCS]
improve; make better;
melisma, melismatis
modulation in chant;
melismaticus, melismatica, melismaticum
melisphyllum, melisphylli
melissa, melissae
melissophyllon, melissophylli
Melita, Melitae
Malta (island); Mljet/Meleda (Adriatic island); some cities sea-nymph;
Melite, Melites
Malta (island); Mljet/Meleda (Adriatic island); some cities sea-nymph;
somewhat better, pretty well;
meliusculus, meliuscula, meliusculum
somewhat better;
melleus, mellea, melleum
honey-; of honey;
mellifer, mellifera, melliferum
mellificus, mellifica, mellificum[EAXFS]
mellitus, mellita, mellitum
sweetened with honey; honey-sweet;
mello, mellare,
make honey; collect honey;
melo, melonis [XAXDS]
melon (esp. apple-shaped); [Melo => old name for river Nile];
melodes, melodis N (3rd) C [DDXES]
pleasant/charming singer;
melodia, melodiae [DDXES]
melody; pleasant song;
melodrama, melodramatis
melodramaticus, melodramatica, melodramaticum
melodramatic; (theatrum melodramaticum = opera);
melodramatium, melodramatii
melodum, melodi
poetry, songs (pl.);
melodus, melodi
poets (pl.);
melongena, melongenae
melopepo, melopeponis
melos, meli [XDXCS]
song, tune, air, strain, lay, melody; hymn;
melota, melotae [EAXES]
melote, melotes [EAXES]
melotes, melotedis [EAXFS]
melotis, melotidis [EAXFS]
melum, meli [XDXCO]
song, tune, air, strain, lay, melody; hymn;
melus, meli [XDXCO]
song, tune, air, strain, lay, melody; hymn;
mem, undeclined
mem; (13th letter of Hebrew alphabet); (transliterate as M);
membrana, membranae
membrane; skin; parchment;
limb by limb;
membrum, membri
member, limb, organ; (esp.) male genital member; apartment, room; section;
memento V 0 0 PRES ACTIVE IMP 2 S
remember; be mindful of;
mementote V 0 0 PRES ACTIVE IMP 2 P
remember; be mindful of;
memiens, (gen.), memientis
remembering; keeping in mind, paying heed to; being sure; recalling;
memini, meminisse, - V
remember (PERF form, PRES force); keep in mind, pay heed to; be sure; recall;
memor, (gen.), memoris
remembering; mindful (of w/GEN), grateful; unforgetting, commemorative;
memorabilis, memorabilis, memorabile
memorable; remarkable;
memorandum, memorandi
memoria, memoriae
memory, recollection; history; time within memory [~ tenere => to remember];
memorial, memorialis
memorial; records/memoranda (pl.); sign of remembrance, monument (Souter);
memoriale, memorialis
memorandum; memory;
memorialis, memorialis
historiographer royal, man employed in the emperor's secretarial bureau;
memorialis, memorialis, memoriale
serving as a memorial; memorial; [w/liber => book of records/memoranda];
memoriola, memoriolae
from memory;
memoro, memorare, memoravi, memoratus
remember; be mindful of (w/GEN/ACC); mention/recount/relate, remind/speak of;
mena, menae
small sea-fish;
Menapius, Menapii
Menapii; Belgic (north Gallic) tribe;
menda, mendae
bodily defect, blemish; fault, error (usu. in writing);
falsely,deceptively, mendaciously;
mendacium, mendaci(i)
lie, lying, falsehood, untruth; counterfeit, fraud;
mendaciunculum, mendaciunculi
white lie, fib, little untruth;
mendax, (gen.), mendacis
lying, false; deceitful; counterfeit;
mendicatio, mendicationis
mendicitas, mendicitatis
mendico, mendicare, mendicavi, mendicatus
beg for; be a beggar, go begging;
mendicor, mendicari, mendicatus sum DEP
beg for; be a beggar, go begging;
mendicus, mendica, mendicum
poor as a beggar, beggarly; paltry, pitiful;
mendosus, mendosa, mendosum
full of faults, faulty; erroneous; prone to error;
mendum, mendi
bodily defect, blemish; fault, error (usu. in writing);
mens, mentis
mind; reason, intellect, judgment; plan, intention, frame of mind; courage;
mensa, mensae
table; course, meal; banker's counter;
mensalis, mensalis, mensale
table-; of a table;
mensarius, mensari(i)
money-changer, banker; treasury official;
mensis, mensis
mensor, mensoris
land-surveyor; surveyor of building-works;
menstrualis, menstrualis, menstruale
liable to menstruate (monthly); in process of menstruation; lasting a month;
menstruatio, menstruationis
menstruo, menstruare, menstruavi, menstruatus
menstruate, have period; have monthly term;
menstruo, menstruare, menstruavi, menstruatus [DEXDS]
pollute; defile;
menstruum, menstrui
monthly payment/term; menstrual discharge (usu. pl.); monthly sacrifices
menstruus, menstrua, menstruum
monthly; happens/done/paid every month; of/lasting for/consisting of a month;
mensula, mensulae
(small) table; banker's/money-changer's counter;
mensularius, mensulari(i)
banker, money-changer;
mensura, mensurae
measure; length, area, capacity;
mensuro, mensurare, mensuravi, mensuratus
measure; estimate;
mensuum N 3 3 GEN P M
menta, mentae
mint; any cultivated mint;
mentastrum, mentastri
wild mint ;
mentha, menthae
mint; any cultivated mint;
mentio, mentionis
mention, making mention; calling to mind; naming;
mentior, mentiri, mentitus sum V (4th) DEP
lie, deceive, invent; imitate; feign; pretend; speak falsely about;
mento, mentonis
long-chin; one who has a long chin;
mentula, mentulae
male sexual organ; (rude); (used as a term of abuse);
mentum, menti
chin; projecting edge (architecture);
meo, meare, meavi, meatus
go along, pass, travel;
mephitis, mephitis [XBXEC]
noxious exhalation; malaria;
meracus, meraca, meracum
undiluted, neat;
mercantia, mercantiae
mercator, mercatoris
trader, merchant;
mercatura, mercaturae
trade, commerce;
mercatus, mercatus
gathering for the purposes of commerce, market; fair;
mercedula, mercedulae
low wages or rent;
mercenarius, mercenari(i)
laborer, working man;
mercenarius, mercenaria, mercenarium
hired for wages; paid, hired;
mercennarius, mercennaria, mercennarium
hired, mercenary;
mercennarius, mercennarii
hired worker; mercenary;
merces, mercedis
pay, recompense, hire, salary, reward; rent, price; bribe;
mercimonium, mercimonii
goods, merchandise;
mercor, mercari, mercatus sum DEP
trade; buy;
Mercuria, Mercuriae
Mercury, Roman god of commerce, luck;
Mercurius, Mercurii
Mercury (god);
merda, merdae
dung, excrement; (rude);
merenda, merendae
taste, collation;
merens, merentis (gen.), merentior -or -us, merentissimus -a -um
merit-worthy; well-deserving;
mereo, merere, merui, meritus
earn; deserve/merit/have right; win/gain/incur; earn soldier/whore pay, serve;
mereor, mereri, meritus sum DEP
earn; deserve/merit/have right; win/gain/incur; earn soldier/whore pay, serve;
meretricium, meretricii
art of courtesan; trade of harlot; association with courtesans;
meretricius, meretricia, meretricium
of/belonging to/typical of a courtesan/prostitute/harlot;
meretricula, meretriculae
courtesan; (often derogatory); harlot;
meretrix, meretricis
courtesan, kept woman; public prostitute; harlot;
merga, mergae
two-pronged fork (pl.);
merges, mergitis
sheaf of wheat;
mergo, mergere, mersi, mersus
dip, plunge, immerse; sink, drown, bury; overwhelm;
mergulus, merguli
diver, kind of sea bird; (small gull); wick of a lamp;
mergus, mergi
sea-bird; (probably gull);
meridianus, meridiana, meridianum
of midday, noon; southern;
meridianus, meridiani
meridian (geography);
meridiatio, meridiationis
midday nap, siesta;
meridies, meridiei N (5th) M
noon; midday; south;
meridio, meridiare, meridiavi, meridiatus
take a siesta;
meridionalis, meridionalis, meridionale
deservedly; rightly;
meritorium, meritorii
lodging (pl.);
meritorius, meritoria, meritorium
meritum, meriti
merit, service; value, due reward;
meritus, merita, meritum
deserved, due;
merops, meropis
bird, the bee-eater;
merso, mersare, mersavi, mersatus
dip (in), immerse; overwhelm, drown;
merula, merulae
blackbird; a dark-colored fish, the wrasse;
merum, meri
wine (unmixed with water);
merus, mera, merum
unmixed (wine), pure, only; bare, mere, sheer;
merx, mercis
commodity; merchandise (pl.), goods;
meschita, meschitae
mese, meses [FDXES]
highest tetrachord note; middle-note A-note; notes (pl.) above lowest;
meses, mesae
north-east wind;
meson, undeclined [FDXES]
mespila, mespilae
medlar-tree ;
mespilum, mespili
medlar tree ;
Messala, Messalae
Messala/Messalla; (Roman cognomen); [M. Valerius ~ Corvinus => orator];
Messalla, Messallae
Messala/Messalla; (Roman cognomen); [M. Valerius ~ Corvinus => orator];
messis, messis N (3rd) C
harvest, crop; harvest time;
messor, messoris
reaper, harvester;
mestitius, mestitia, mestitium[EXXEE]
of mixed race; mixed-blood; half-breed; mestizo; mongrel;
mesuagium, mesuagii
messuage, building with land and out-buildings;
meta, metae
cone, pyramid; conical column, turning point at circus, goal; end, boundary;
metabolicus, metabolica, metabolicum
metabolismus, metabolismi
metallum, metalli
metal; mine; quarry;
metamorphosis, metamorphosis
metamorphosis, transformation; (pl.) a poem by Ovid;
metaphora, metaphorae [XGXEC]
metaphoricus, metaphorica, metaphoricum[ESXDX]
metaphoric, metaphorical;
metaphrastes, metaphrastae [GGXEE]
translator of a book;
metaphysica, metaphysicae
metaphysicus, metaphysica, metaphysicum
metaphysicus, metaphysici
metaplasmus, metaplasmi [EGXFS]
metaplasm; grammatical change; irregularity; transposition of words/letters;
metastasis, metastasis
metempsychis, metempsychis
soul-migration; transmigration of soul;
metempsychosis, metempsychosis
soul transmigration (from one body to another);
meteoricus, meteorica, meteoricum
meteorologia, meteorologiae
meteorologicus, meteorologica, meteorologicum
meteorologus, meteorologi
meteorum, meteori
methados, methadi
method; mode of proceeding; way of teaching
methanolum, methanoli
methanol (wood alcohol);
methodicus, methodica, methodicum[GXXEM]
methodium, methodii
trick, artifice; jest, joke
methodologia, methodologiae
methodos, methodi
method; mode of proceeding; way of teaching
methodus, methodi
method; mode of proceeding; way of teaching road (Latham);
methylicus, methylica, methylicum
metior, metiri, mensus sum V (4th) DEP
measure, estimate; distribute, mete; traverse, sail/walk through;
meto, metere, messui, messus
reap; mow, cut off;
metonymia, metonymiae
metonymy; change of name; substitution of attribute for name;
metor, metari, metatus sum DEP
measure off, mark out;
metreta, metretae [XSXEC]
Greek liquid measure;
metricus, metrica, metricum[XPXEO]
metrical (music); of meter; rhythmic (pulse); of measure/measuring
metricus, metrici [DPXFO]
prosodist/prosodian, expert on prosody/meter;
metropolis, metropolis
chief/capital city; city from which other cities have been colonized
metropolita, metropolitae
metropolitan, bishop in metropolis/chief city; bishop of a metropolitan church;
metropolitanus, metropolitana, metropolitanum
metropolitan, belonging to a metropolis/chief city;
Metropolitanus, Metropolitani
metropolitan, bishop in metropolis/chief city; bishop of a metropolitan church;
metrum, metri [XSXEC]
measure; meter;
metuculosus, metuculosa, metuculosum
timid; frightful;
metuens, metuentis (gen.), metuentior -or -us, -
fearing; afraid;
metuo, metuere, metui, -
fear; be afraid; stand in fear of; be apprehensive, dread;
metus, metus
fear, anxiety; dread, awe; object of awe/dread;
meus, mea, meum
my (personal possession); mine, of me, belonging to me; my own; to me;
mi1 1 VOC S M POS
my, mine;
mica, micae
particle, grain, crumb;
micans, (gen.), micantis
flashing, gleaming, sparkling, twinkling, glittering;
michina, michinae [FBXEM]
mico, micare, micui, -
vibrate, quiver, twinkle; tremble, throb; beat (pulse); dart, flash, glitter;
microbiologia, microbiologiae [HSXEK]
microbium, microbii [HXXEK]
microchartula, microchartulae
micrometrum, micrometri
micrometer; micron;
micropellicula, micropelliculae
microphonum, microphoni
microscopicus, microscopica, microscopicum
microscopium, microscopii
migale, migalis [EAXFW]
migale, shrew (Douay); ferret (King James); shrew-mouse/field-mouse
migma, migmatis
mixture; mixed/mingled provender; meslin/mixed grain;
migratio, migrationis
change of abode; move;
migro, migrare, migravi, migratus
transport; move; change residence/condition; go away; depart; remove;
migrus, migra, migrum
small, puny;
mil., abb.
military/soldier's; (abb. mil. for militum/militares); [tr. mil. => colonels];
miles, militis
soldier; foot soldier; soldiery; knight (Latham); knight's fee/service;
miliardarius, miliardarii
miliardum, miliardi
billion; (ten to the ninth);
miliare, miliaris
thousands (pl.); Roman mile (1000 paces);
miliarium, miliari(i)
milestone, column resembling a milestone, the one at the Forum; a Roman mile;
miliarius, miliaria, miliarium
thousands, comprising a thousand, 1000 paces long, weighing 1000 pounds;
thousand times; innumerable times;
milifolia, milifoliae
milfoil; (plant w/divided leaves genus); common yarrow; water milfoil;
milifolium, milifolii
milfoil; (plant w/divided leaves genus); common yarrow; water milfoil;
milio, milionis
milionesimus, milionesima, milionesimum
milipeda, milipedae
millipede; woodlouse; (any similar insect);
militans, (gen.), militantis
militans, militantis [FWXEE]
military man; soldier, warrior;
in a military or soldier-like manner; knightly (Latham);
militaris, militaris [XWXCS]
military man; soldier, warrior;
militaris, militaris, militare[XWXBO]
military; of/used by the army/war/soldiers; martial; soldierly; warlike;
militarismus, militarismi [GXXFK]
militaristicus, militaristica, militaristicum[GXXEE]
according to military practice/discipline; in manner of a soldier, soldierly;
militarium, militarii [FWXEM]
knighthood (pl.);
militarius, militaria, militarium
military; soldier-like; martial; soldierly; warlike;
militia, militiae [XWXBO]
military service/organization; campaign; war; soldiers (collectively), army;
military spirit; courage, bravery; the soldiery/military; any difficult work;
militiola, militiolae
short/insignificant term of military service;
milito, militare, militavi, militatus
serve as soldier, perform military service, serve in the army; wage/make war;
militus, milita, militum[FAXEM]
ground, milled (of grain);
milium, mili(i)
thousands (pl.);
milium, milii
thousand; a thousand; [mille passuum => thousand paces = a mile];
mille, milis
thousand; thousands (men/things); miles; [~ passuum => thousand paces = 1 mile];
mille, millesimus -a -um, milleni -ae -a, milie(n)s
thousand; a thousand; [mille passuum => thousand paces = a mile];
mille, millis
thousand; thousands (men/things); miles; [~ passuum => thousand paces = 1 mile];
millefolium, millefolii
milfoil plant ;
millennium, millennii
millenus, millena, millenum
millepeda, millepedae
thousand-feet; millipede; hairy caterpillar;
milliare, milliaris [EXXEV]
mile; milestone; millennium; a thousand (of something);
milliarium, milliari(i)
milestone, column resembling a milestone, one at the Forum; Roman mile;
milliarius, milliaria, milliarium
thousands, comprising a thousand, 1000 paces long, weighing 1000 pounds;
milligrammum, milligrammi
millimetrum, millimetri
Milo, Milonis [CLXDS]
Milo; (tribune Milo 57 BC, killed Clodius, defended by Cicero);
miluus, milui
kite/glede, bird of prey; fish (prob. gurnard); constellation (erroneous);
milvus, milvi [EAXCO]
kite/glede, bird of prey; fish (prob. gurnard); constellation (erroneous);
mima, mimae
actress performing in mimes;
mimographus, mimographi
mimer; mime-composer;
mimula, mimulae [XDXEC]
little actress;
mimus, mimi
mime; farce; actor in mimes;
mina, minae [XSQCO]
Greek weight unit (100 drachma/one pound); its weight of silver (1/60 talent);
mina, minae [GWXEK]
mine (exploding);
mina, minae
threats (pl.), menaces; warning signs, evil omens/prognostications; pinnacles;
minaciter, minacius, minacissime
menacingly; in a threatening manner;
minagium, minagii [FLXEM]
grain duty; duty on the sale of grain;
minaretum, minareti
minax, (gen.), minacis
threatening; boding ill;
mineo, minere,
project, overhang;
minera, minerae
mine (layer);
minerale, mineralis [FLXDM]
mineral; ore;
mineralis, mineralis, minerale[FSXFF]
mineral-, having the nature of mineral; obtained from the bowels of the earth;
mineralogia, mineralogiae
Minerva, Minervae [XEXDX]
Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom;
mingo, mingere, minxi, minctus
make water, urinate;
mingo, mingere, mixi, mictus
make water, urinate;
miniator, miniatoris
miniatulus, miniatula, miniatulum
vermilion; scarlet; colored red with cinnabar (HgS); painted vermilion;
miniatura, miniaturae
miniature; midget;
miniatus, miniata, miniatum
vermilion; scarlet; colored red with cinnabar (HgS); painted vermilion;
minimalista, minimalistae
minister, ministri
attendant, servant, waiter; agent, aide; accomplice;
minister, ministrii
ministerialis, ministerialis, ministeriale
ministerium, ministeri(i)
office, attendance, service, employment, body of helpers; occupation, work;
ministerium, ministerii
ministry (of state);
ministra, ministrae
female attendant;
ministral, ministralis
official; E:obedientary;
ministro, ministrare, ministravi, ministratus DAT
attend (to), serve, furnish; supply;
minitabundus, minitabunda, minitabundum
minito, minitare, minitavi, minitatus
threaten (to), use threats; constitute a danger/threat; hold out as a threat;
minitor, minitari, minitatus sum DEP
threaten (to), use threats; constitute a danger/threat; hold out as a threat;
minium, minii
native cinnabar; red lead, vermilion;
minius, minia, minium
cinnabar-red; a river in Lusitania;
mino, minare, minavi, minatus
drive (animals); impel, push, force; threaten?;
minor, minari, minatus sum DEP
threaten, speak/act menacingly; make threatening movement; give indication of;
minor, minoris
those inferior in rank/grade/age, subordinate; descendants (pl.);
minoritas, minoritatis
minority (age);
minoro, minorare, minoravi, minoratus
reduce, make less;
minuo, minuere, minui, minutus
lessen, reduce, diminish, impair, abate;
minurrio, minurrire,
chirp, twitter; (of birds);
minurritio, minurritionis
chirping/twittering; (of birds);
less; not so well; not quite;
minuscula, minusculae
minusculus, minuscula, minusculum
somewhat smaller, rather small (size/extent); less important, minor;
minuta, minutae
minute (measure of time);
minutal, minutalis
stew; dish of minced meat/food; ground meathamburger(?);
minutalis, minutalis, minutale
of minutes;
one bit at a time, bit by bit, little by little; singly, one by one; gradually;
minute, minutius, minutissime
in small pieces; in miniature scale; meanly, petty; nicely, w/discrimination;
minutia, minutiae
smallness, fineness; minuteness; pettiness;
bit by bit; into small pieces; gradually;
minutus, minuta, minutum
small, insignificant, petty;
mio, miare, miavi, miatus
make water, urinate;
mirabile, mirabilis [EEXDS]
miracle; wondrous deed; wonders (pl. Ecc); wonderful things; marvelous works;
mirabiliarius, mirabiliarii
wonder-worker; miracle-worker;
mirabilis, mirabilis, mirabile
wonderful, marvelous, astonishing, extraordinary; remarkable; admirable;
strange; singular; E:glorious; E:miraculous; [~ dictu => wonderful to say];
mirabilitas, mirabilitatis [EEXFS]
admirable quality; wonderfulness, marvelousness; admirableness;
mirabiliter, mirabilius, mirabilissime
marvelously, amazingly/remarkably/extraordinarily; to an extraordinary degree;
mirabundus, mirabunda, mirabundum
wondering; astonished (at); full of wonder/astonishment
miracula, miraculae
marvelously ugly woman;
miraculum, miraculi
wonder, marvel; miracle, amazing act/event/object/sight; amazement; freak;
miraculus, miracula, miraculum
freakish, deformed (persons);
mirator, miratoris
uncommonly, marvelously; in an amazing manner; to a remarkable extent;
mirificatio, mirificationis [EEXFP]
wonderful creative power;
mirificentia, mirificentiae [EEXFS]
wonder, admiration;
mirifico, mirificare, mirificavi, mirificatus
exalt, magnify, make wonderful;
mirificus, mirifica, mirificum
wonderful; amazing;
miro, mirare, miravi, miratus
be amazed/surprised/bewildered (at); look in wonder/awe/admiration at;
admire/revere; wonder; marvel at;
miror, mirari, miratus sum DEP
be amazed/surprised/bewildered (at); look in wonder/awe/admiration at;
admire/revere; wonder; marvel at;
mirus, mira, mirum
wonderful, strange, remarkable, amazing, surprising, extraordinary;
misanthropia, misanthropiae
miscellaneum, miscellanei
hash (pl.), hotchpotch;
miscellus, miscella, miscellum
hybrid, of mixed type/breed; assorted, miscellaneous; an inferior grape/wine;
mixed; [aes ~ => tablet with names of original holder of land and successors];
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtus
mix, mingle; embroil; confound; stir up;
misellus, misella, misellum
poor, wretched;
miser, misera -um, miserior -or -us, miserrimus -a -um
poor, miserable, wretched, unfortunate, unhappy, distressing;
miser, miseri
wretched people (pl.);
miserabilis, miserabilis, miserabile
wretched, miserable, pitiable;
miserandus, miseranda, miserandum
pitiable, unfortunate;
miseratio, miserationis
pity, compassion;
miserator, miseratoris
one who pities/has compassion; merciful person; commiserator;
wretchedly, desperately;
misereo, miserere, miserui, miseritus
pity, feel pity; show/have mercy/compassion/pity for (w/GEN);
misereo, miserere, miserui, misertus
pity, feel pity; show/have mercy/compassion/pity for (w/GEN);
misereor, misereri, miseritus sum DEP
pity, feel pity; show/have mercy/compassion/pity for (w/GEN);
misereor, misereri, misertus sum DEP
pity, feel pity; show/have mercy/compassion/pity for (w/GEN);
miseresco, miserescere,
have compassion (on/for) (w/GEN);
miseret, miserere, miseruit, - IMPERS
it distresses/grieves me; I am moved to pity, I feel sorry for (w/me + GEN);
miseria, miseriae
misery, distress, woe, wretchedness, suffering;
misericordia, misericordiae
pity, sympathy; compassion, mercy; pathos;
misericors, (gen.), misericordis
merciful, tenderhearted;
misero, miserare, miseravi, miseratus
pity, feel sorry for; view with compassion; (vocal sorrow/compassion);
miseror, miserari, miseratus sum DEP
pity, feel sorry for; view with compassion; (vocal sorrow/compassion);
misfacio, misfacere, misfeci, misfactus
do wrong to; harm, injure, hurt;
misinga, misingae
missa, missae
Mass (eccl.);
missibilis, missibilis, missibile[EWXFS]
throwable; missile;
missicius, missicia, missicium
discharged from military service;
missile, missilis [GWXEK]
missilis, missilis, missile
that may be thrown, missile;
missio, missionis
mission, sending (away); dismissal, discharge (of soldiers); reprieve;
missionalis, missionalis, missionale
missionarius, missionaria, missionarium
missionarius, missionarii
missito, missitare, missitavi, missitatus
send repeatedly;
missus, missi [FXXDB]
messenger; legate;
missus, missus
sending (away); dispatch; shooting, discharge of missiles;
misterium, misteri(i)
mystery, secret service/rite/worship (usu. pl.); secret, things not divulged;
mistes, mistae
initiate, one initiated in secret rites;
misticius, misticia, misticium
of mixed race; mixed-blood; half-breed; mestizo; mongrel;
mistitius, mistitia, mistitium
of mixed race; mixed-blood; half-breed; mestizo; mongrel;
mistus, mista -um, mistior -or -us, mistissimus -a -um
mixed; (alternative VPAR of misceo);
misy, misyos/is
misy; copper ore/pyrite; sweet truffle or mushroom;
mitesco, mitescere,
become/be/grow mild/soft/gentle/mellow/tame/civilized; soften;
Mithridates, Mithridatis [XXQDO]
Mithridates; (various kings of Pontus, esp. the Great beaten by Sulla/Pompey);
mitificatio, mitificationis
mitigo, mitigare, mitigavi, mitigatus
soften; lighten, alleviate; soothe; civilize;
mitis, mite, mitior -or -us, mitissimus -a -um
mild, meek, gentle, placid, soothing; clement; ripe, sweet and juicy;
mitra, mitrae [XEXDS]
mitre (bishop/abbot); oriental headband/coif/turban/head-dress; rope/cable;
mitratus, mitrata, mitratum
wearing the mitre;
Mitridates, Mitridatis [XXQDO]
Mithridates; (various kings of Pontus, esp. the Great beaten by Sulla/Pompey);
mitto, mittere, additional, forms V
send, throw, hurl, cast; let out, release, dismiss; disregard;
mitto, mittere, misi, missus
send, throw, hurl, cast; let out, release, dismiss; disregard;
mitulus, mituli
edible mussel; shellfish mold
mixticius, mixticia, mixticium
of mixed race; mixed-blood; half-breed; mestizo; mongrel;
mixedly, in a mixed manner;
mixtio, mixtionis
mixture, admixture; compound; process of mixing/mingling;
mixtitius, mixtitia, mixtitium
of mixed race; mixed-blood; half-breed; mestizo; mongrel;
mixtorius, mixtoria, mixtorium
mna, mnae [XSQCO]
Greek weight unit (100 drachma/one pound); its weight of silver (1/60 talent);
mnemosynum, mnemosyni
souvenir, memorial;
Moabites, Moabitae [EXQES]
Moabite, inhabitant of Moab (land north of the Dead Sea);
Moabitis, (gen.), Moabitidis[EXQES]
Moabite, of Moab (land north of the Dead Sea);
Moabitis, Moabitidos/is [EXQES]
Moabite woman, inhabitant of Moab (land north of the Dead Sea);
mobilis, mobile, mobilior -or -us, mobilissimus -a -um
movable; mobile; quick, active; changeable, shifting; fickle, easily swayed;
mobilitas, mobilitatis
mobility, agility; speed; quickness of mind; inconstancy;
mobiliter, mobilius, mobilissime
quickly, rapidly, actively; changeably, inconstantly, in a fickle manner;
mobilito, mobilitare, mobilitavi, mobilitatus
set in motion;
modalitas, modalitatis
moderabilis, moderabilis, moderabile
moderamen, moderaminis
rudder; management, government;
moderatio, moderationis
moderation; self control; guidance; government, regulation;
moderator, moderatoris
governor, master; user, one who restrains;
moderatrix, moderatricis
mistress, controller, manager (female); she who restrains/regulates/determines;
moderatus, moderata, moderatum
controlled, restrained, moderate, temperate, sober;
modernista, modernistae
modernitas, modernitatis
modernum, moderni
present things/institutions (pl.);
modernus, moderna, modernum
modero, moderare, -, moderatus
check, slow down, control;
moderor, moderari, moderatus sum DEP
guide; control; regulate; govern;
modestia, modestiae
restraint, temperateness; discipline; modesty;
modestus, modesta, modestum
restrained, mild; modest; reserved; disciplined;
modiatio, modiationis
corn-measuring; measuring by modii;
modicum, modici
short/small time; short distance, little way; little, small amount;
modicus, modica, modicum
moderate; temperate, restrained; small (Bee);
modicus, modici [FXXDB]
short/small time; short distance, little way; little, small amount;
modificatio, modificationis
measuring; measure;
modificatus, modificata, modificatum
modifico, modificare, modificavi, modificatus
limit; control; observe due measure;
modius, modi(i)
peck; Roman dry measure; (about 2 gallons/8000 cc);
only, merely; just now/recently, lately; presently;
but, if only; but only;
modulamen, modulaminis [EDXES]
modulate, modulatius, modulatissime[XDXDO]
melodiously, in a musical manner;
modulatio, modulationis
modulation, inflection of tone; calculation of measurements from a standard;
singing, playing; melody, song; rhythmic/regular measure; marching in time;
modulator, modulatoris
composer, one who makes up tunes; musician, director of music measurer;
modulor, modulari, modulatus sum DEP
sing; play; set to music;
modulus, moduli
little measure;
modus, modi
manner, mode, way, method; rule, rhythm, beat, measure, size; bound, limit;
moecha, moechae
adulteress; slut; tart;
moechor, moechari, moechatus sum DEP
commit adultery;
moechus, moechi
moene, moenis
defensive/town walls (pl.), bulwarks; fortifications; fortified town; castle;
moenus, moeneris
service; duty/office/function; gift, tribute, offering; bribe; (archaic munus);
moerens, (gen.), moerentis
sad, melancholy; mournful, gloomy woeful, doleful; mourning, lamenting
moereo, moerere,
grieve, be sad, mourn; bewail/mourn for/lament; utter mournfully;
moeror, moeroris
grief, sorrow, sadness; mourning; lamentation
sadly; mournfully; sorrowfully (Latham); with sadness
moestifico, moestificare, moestificavi, moestificatus
grieve, make sad/sorrowful, sadden;
moestificus, moestifica, moestificum[EEXFS]
sadly; mournfully; sorrowfully (Latham); in a way to indicate sorrow
moestitia, moestitiae
sadness, sorrow, grief; source of grief; dullness, gloom;
moestitudo, moestitudinis
sadness, sorrow, grief; source of grief; dullness, gloom;
moesto, moestare, moestavi, moestatus
grieve, make sad; afflict
moestus, moesta -um, moestior -or -us, moestissimus -a -um
sad/unhappy; mournful/gloomy; mourning; stern/grim; ill-omened/inauspicious;
mola, molae
millstone; ground meal; mill (pl.) [salsa ~ => salted meal, for sacrifices];
molaris, molaris
rock as large as a millstone used as a missile; molar tooth;
molctaticus, molctatica, molctaticum
fined, extracted as fine/penalty;
molecula, moleculae
molecularis, molecularis, moleculare
molendinum, molendini
moles, molis
large mass; rock/boulder; heap/lump/pile, bulk; monster; mole/jetty/dam/dike;
large structure/building; military structure, wall, ramp; causeway/embankment;
crowd, throng; heavy responsibility/burden; difficulty/danger; might/force;
moleste, molestius, molestissime
annoyingly; in a vexing/annoying/distressing/tiresome manner;
molestia, molestiae
trouble, annoyance;
molesto, molestare, molestavi, molestatus
disturb, vex, annoy, worry, trouble;
molestus, molesta -um, molestior -or -us, molestissimus -a -um
annoying; troublesome; tiresome; [molestus esse => to be a worry/nuisance];
molimen, moliminis
effort, vehemence; bulk; weight;
molimentum, molimenti
exertion, labor;
molinarius, molinarii
molinula, molinulae [XTXEK]
grinder; (molinula cafearia = coffee-grinder);
molior, moliri, molitus sum V (4th) DEP
struggle, labor, labor at; construct, build; undertake, set in motion, plan;
molitio, molitionis
mollesco, mollescere,
become soft; become gentle or effeminate;
molliculus, mollicula, molliculum
soft, tender; effeminate;
mollificatio, mollificationis
mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitus V (4th)
soften, mitigate, make easier; civilize, tame, enfeeble;
mollipes, (gen.), mollipedis
mollis, molle, mollior -or -us, mollissimus -a -um
soft (cushion/grass); flexible/supple/loose/pliant; mild/tolerable; easy; calm;
weak; cowardly; unmanly; effeminate; womanish; pathic; tender (women/youths);
conciliatory/peaceful; complaisant; kindly; impressionable/sensitive; feeble;
tender, gentle; smooth, relaxing; languid (movement); amorous (writings);
molliter, mollius, mollissime
calmly/quietly/softly/gently/smoothly/easily; w/out pain/anger/harshness; weakly
mollitia, mollitiae
softness, tenderness; weakness, effeminacy;
mollities, mollitiei
softness, tenderness; weakness, effeminacy;
mollitudo, mollitudinis
softness, yielding quality; flexibility (voice); mildness/leniency; weakness;
molluscum, mollusci
molo, molere, molui, molitus
molossus, molossi [FAXDV]
hunting dog/Molessian hound; (Molessia in Epirus); metrical foot of three long;
molta, moltae
fine; penalty; penalty involving property (livestock, later money);
moltaticus, moltatica, moltaticum
fined, extracted as fine/penalty; of/concerning a fine
molto, moltare, moltavi, moltatus [BLXIO]
punish, fine; extract as forfeit; sentence to pay;
moly, molyos/is
plant (white flower and black root) (mythical used by Odysseus against Circe);
momen, mominis
movement; impulse; a trend;
in a moment;
momentana, momentanae
delicate scales for weighing gold/silver/coins;
momentaneus, momentanea, momentaneum
momentary, of brief duration; quick;
momentarius, momentaria, momentarium
momentary/of brief duration/quick; temporary/short-lived; quick-acting (poison);
momentosus, momentosa, momentosum
momentary, of brief duration; quick, rapid;
momentum, momenti
moment, importance, influence; motion, movement; impulse, effort;
monacha, monachae
monachismus, monachismi
monasticism; monastic life; monarchism Cal);
monachus, monachi [EEXAE]
monarcha, monarchae
monarch; absolute ruler;
monarchia, monarchiae
monarchy; absolute rule;
monarchicus, monarchica, monarchicum
monasterialis, monasterialis, monasteriale
monasterium, monasterii [EEXAE]
monasticus, monastica, monasticum
monaules, monaulae
flutist, player of single flute (monaulos); (also rude sexual reference);
monaulos, monauli
single flute, flute w/single pipe; (also rude sexual reference);
monaulus, monauli
single flute, flute w/single pipe; (also rude sexual reference);
moneaeum, moneaei [EAXFP]
plum; damson;
monedula, monedulae
jackdaw, daw; (Arbe turned into daw for betraying country for gold);
moneo, monere, monui, monitus
remind, advise, warn; teach; admonish; foretell, presage;
moneta, monetae
money/coinage; die on which coin is struck, stamp; mint, temple striking coins;
monetabilis, monetabilis, monetabile[XXXFZ]
monetalis, monetalis, monetale
of the mint;
monetarius, monetaria, monetarium
of/belonging to mint; monetary;
monetarius, monetarii
master of mint; minter/coiner; money-dealer;
moneto, monetare, monetavi, monetatus
coin; mint;
monialis, monialis
monile, monilis
necklace, collar; collar (for horses and other animals);
monimentum, monimenti
monitio, monitionis
admonition, warning; advice;
monitor, monitoris
counselor, preceptor; prompter;
monitorius, monitoria, monitorium
monitus, monitus
warning, command; advice, counsel;
monoceros, monocerotis
unicorn; (fabulous animal);
monocerotos, monoceroti [EXXFW]
unicorn; (fabulous animal);
monochordon, monochordi
monochord, instrument (1-string+soundboard); (by Guido in teaching); tonometer;
monochordum, monochordi [DDXFZ]
monochord, instrument (1-string+soundboard); (by Guido in teaching); tonometer;
monochromatum, monochromati [DDXNS]
one-color painting ;
monodicus, monodica, monodicum
monogama, monogamae
monogyny; monogamy; practice of having only one wife (at a time/ever);
monogamia, monogamiae
monogyny; monogamy; practice of having only one wife (at a time/ever);
monogenesis, monogenesis
monogenesis; origin from one pair;
monogenesis, monogenesos/is
monogenesis; origin from one pair;
monogerminalis, monogerminalis, monogerminale
monogerminal; monovular; of identical twins (from same egg);
monogrammos, monogrammos, monogrammon
sketched in outline; insubstantial, shadowy; jasper marked w/single line;
monogrammus, monogramma, monogrammum
sketched in outline; insubstantial, shadowy; jasper marked w/single line;
monographia, monographiae
monomachia, monomachiae
monometer, monometra, monometrum[XPXFS]
monometric; of one meter;
monopodium, monopodii
table with one foot;
monopolium, monopoli(i)
monopoly, right of exclusive sale in a community;
monosolis, monosolis, monosole
monosyllaba, monosyllabae [XDXES]
monosyllabon, monosyllabi
monosyllabus, monosyllaba, monosyllabum
monotheismus, monotheismi
monotheista, monotheistae
monotheisticus, monotheistica, monotheisticum
mons, montis
mountain; huge rock; towering heap;
monstratio, monstrationis
exhibition (of art, of objects);
monstrator, monstratoris
guide, demonstrator;
monstrifer, monstrifera, monstriferum[XYXDO]
producing monsters/portents; monster-bearing monstrous/horrid, misshapen;
monstrificus, monstrifica, monstrificum
monstrous; strange;
monstrigenus, monstrigena, monstrigenum[XYXES]
monster-bearing; producing monsters;
monstriger, monstrigera, monstrigerum[XYXES]
producing monsters/portents; monster-bearing monstrous/horrid, misshapen;
monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratus
show; point out, reveal; advise, teach;
monstrum, monstri
monster; portent, unnatural thing/event regarded as omen/sign/portent;
monstruosus, monstruosa, monstruosum
strange, monstrous, ill-omened;
montanus, montana, montanum
Montepessulanus, Montepessulani [CXFFZ]
Montpellier (in southern France);
monticola, monticolae
mountain dweller; highlander; mountaineer;
monticolus, monticola, monticolum
mountain dwelling;
montivagus, montivaga, montivagum
wandering over the mountains;
montosus, montosa, montosum
mountainous; (also montuosus);
montuosus, montuosa, montuosum
monumentum, monumenti
reminder; memorial, monument, tomb; record, literary work, history, book;
mora, morae
delay, hindrance, obstacle; pause;
moralis, moralis, morale[XSHCO]
moral; of philosophy, concerned w/ethics; concerned w/moral philosophy;
moralitas, moralitatis
morality, morals;
morator, moratoris
delayer; loiterer;
moratus, morata, moratum
endowed with character or manners of a specified kind; gentle, civilized;
morbidus, morbida, morbidum
diseased; unhealthy;
morbillus, morbilli
Morbonia, Morboniae
Plagueville; [~ abeas => go to hell!];
morbosus, morbosa, morbosum
sickly/unhealthy/diseased/prone to illness; morbidly lustful; keen on/mad about;
morbus, morbi
sickness, illness, weakness; disease; distemper; distress; vice;
morchella, morchellae
mordacitas, mordacitatis
stinging, property of stinging; biting sarcasm (Erasmus);
sharply, bitingly, stingingly, caustically;
mordax, (gen.), mordacis
biting, snappish; tart; cutting, sharp; caustic;
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus
bite; sting; hurt, pain; vex; criticize, carp at; eat, consume; bite/cut into;
mordicatio, mordicationis
by biting, with the teeth; tenaciously;
moribundus, moribunda, moribundum
morigero, morigerare, morigeravi, morigeratus
be compliant/indulgent to; gratify; humor;
morigeror, morigerari, morigeratus sum DEP
be compliant/indulgent to; gratify; humor;
morigerus, morigera, morigerum
compliant, indulgent; obliging;
morio, morionis
fool, idiot kept as a laughing-stock; jester (Erasmus);
morior, mori, mortuus sum DEP
die, expire, pass/die/wither away/out; fail, come to an end; decay;
perish; become obsolete (word), fall into disuse; be forgotten;
become obsolete (word), fall into disuse; be forgotten; faint, languish;
become void/moot (lawsuit); be extinguished (fire/light), go out;
morior, moriri, moritus sum V (4th) DEP [BXXCO]
die; expire, pass/die/wither away/out; decay; (FUT ACT PPL only, moriturus);
morologus, morologa, morologum
talking like a fool;
moror, morari, moratus sum DEP
delay; stay, stay behind; devote attention to;
morositas, morositatis
peevishness, moroseness; G:pedantry;
morosus, morosa, morosum
hard to please, persnickety;
morphologia, morphologiae
morphologicus, morphologica, morphologicum
mors, mortis
death; corpse; annihilation;
morsus, morsus
bite, sting; anguish, pain; jaws; teeth;
mortalis, mortalis, mortale
mortal, transient; human, of human origin;
mortalitas, mortalitatis
mortality; death;
mortariolum, mortarioli
small mortar;
mortarium, mortarii
mortar; bowl/trough in which materials are pounded/ground
morticinus, morticina, morticinum
not slaughtered, of animal that died natural death/its flesh; of dead tissue;
mortifer, mortifera, mortiferum
deadly, fatal, death bringing; destructive;
mortificatio, mortificationis [DEXDS]
killing; death; (eccles.);
mortifico, mortificare, mortificavi, mortificatus
kill; destroy; mortify, subdue, reduce to weakness;
mortual, mortualis
funeral song, dirge;
mortuus, mortua, mortuum
dead, deceased; limp;
mortuus, mortui
corpse, the dead one; the dead;
morua, moruae
morula, morulae
brief delay;
morulus, morula, morulum
black; dark colored;
morum, mori
mulberry; fruit of the black mulberry;
morus, mori
black mulberry tree;
moruta, morutae
mos, moris
custom, habit; mood, manner, fashion; character (pl.), behavior, morals;
Mosa, Mosae [XXNEO]
river Maas/Meuse, in Holland/France/Belgium;
Moses, Mosis
motetum, moteti
anthem (music);
motio, motionis
motion, movement; shivering, ague; removal;
motivum, motivi
motive?; emotion? (effect of being moved);
motivus, motiva, motivum
stirred; moved;
moto, motare, motavi, motatus
set in motion, shake, stir, etc;
motorius, motoria, motorium
motorized (adj.);
motrum, motri
motus, motus
movement, motion; riot, commotion, disturbance; gesture; emotion;
moveo, movere, movi, motus
move, stir, agitate, affect, provoke, disturb; [movere se => dance];
soon, next (time/position);
Moyses, Moysis
mozetta, mozettae
short cape;
mozzetta, mozzettae
short cape;
mucidus, mucida, mucidum
sniveling; moldy, musty;
mucinnium, mucinnii
mucor, mucoris [EAXFS]
bread-mold; wine-must;
mucro, mucronis
sword, sword point, sharp point;
mucus, muci
mucus, snot; recess, innermost part of a house;
mugil, mugilis
sea fish; gray mullet; (used in punishing adulterers Juv. 10.317 L+S);
mugilis, mugilis
sea fish; gray mullet; (used in punishing adulterers Juv. 10.317 L+S);
muginor, muginari, muginatus sum DEP
loiter, dally;
mugio, mugire, mugivi, mugitus V (4th)
low, bellow; make a loud deep noise;
mugitus, mugitus
lowing, bellowing; roaring, rumble;
mula, mulae
she-mule; mule;
mulceo, mulcere, mulsi, mulsus
stroke, touch lightly, fondle, soothe, appease, charm, flatter, delight;
Mulciber, Mulciberi
surname of Vulcan; P:fire;
Mulciber, Mulciberis
surname of Vulcan; P:fire;
mulco, mulcare, mulcavi, mulcatus
beat up, thrash, cudgel; worst, treat roughly;
mulcta, mulctae
fine; penalty; penalty involving property (livestock, later money);
mulctaticius, mulctaticia, mulctaticium
fined, extracted as fine/penalty;
mulctaticus, mulctatica, mulctaticum
fined, extracted as fine/penalty;
mulctatio, mulctationis
imposition of fine;
mulcto, mulctare, mulctavi, mulctatus
punish, fine; extract as forfeit; sentence to pay;
mulctra, mulctrae
milk pail, milking pail; milk in a milk pail
mulctrale, mulctralis
milk pail, milking pail;
mulctrarium, mulctrarii
milk pail, milking pail;
mulctrum, mulctri
milk pail, milking pail;
mulgarium, mulgarii
milk pail, milking pail;
mulgeo, mulgere, mulsi, mulctus [DAXCS]
milk (an animal); extract (milk);
mulgeo, mulgere, mulsi, mulsus
milk (an animal); extract (milk);
muliebris, muliebris, muliebre
feminine, womanly, female; woman's; womanish, effeminate;
mulier, mulieris
woman; wife; mistress;
mulierarius, mulieraria, mulierarium
muliercula, mulierculae
little/weak/foolish woman; little hussy;
mulierositas, mulierositatis
love of women;
mulierosus, mulierosa, mulierosum
fond of women;
mulinus, mulina, mulinum
of a mule, mulish;
mulio, mulionis
muleteer, mule driver, mule-skinner;
mullus, mulli
red mullet (fish);
mulomedicus, mulomedici
mulsum, mulsi
honeyed wine; (common Roman drink of honey mixed into wine);
multa, multae
fine; penalty; penalty involving property (livestock, later money);
many women (pl.);
multangulus, multangula, multangulum
multaticius, multaticia, multaticium
fined, extracted as fine/penalty; of/concerning a fine
multaticus, multatica, multaticum
fined, extracted as fine/penalty; of/concerning a fine
multatio, multationis
imposition of fine;
multesimus, multesima, multesimum
very small;
many men/people (pl.); the common/ordinary people; the many; common herd;
multicanus, multicana, multicanum
multicavus, multicava, multicavum
multicellularis, multicellularis, multicellulare[HSXEK]
multicium, multicii
splendid garment; transparent garment;
multicius, multicia, multicium
soft; splendid; transparent;
multicolor, (gen.), multicoloris
in many places;
multifarius, multifaria, multifarium
multifidus, multifida, multifidum
multifluus, multiflua, multifluum
flowing copiously;
multiformis, multiformis, multiforme
having many shapes;
multigener, (gen.), multigeneris
various/varied, of many different kinds/sorts/types;
multigenus, multigena, multigenum
of many different sorts;
multijugis, multijugis, multijuge
yoked many together; manifold, of many sorts;
multijugus, multijuga, multijugum
yoked many together; manifold, of many sorts;
multiloquax, (gen.), multiloquacis
multiloquium, multiloqui(i)
loquaciousness, excessive talking;
multiloquus, multiloqua, multiloquum
garrulous, talkative, that talks too much;
in many ways, variously;
multimodus, multimoda, multimodum
various, manifold;
multiplex, (gen.), multiplicis
having many twists/turns; having many layers/thicknesses, many deep; complex;
multitudinous, many at once/together; numerous; changeable/shifting; versatile;
multiplicabilis, multiplicabilis, multiplicabile
multiple, manifold;
multiplicatio, multiplicationis
multiplication; act of increasing in number/quantity; multiple;
multiplicator, multiplicatoris
multiplier (math.);
multiplicitas, multiplicitatis
multiplicity; manifoldness;
in many different ways;
multiplico, multiplicare, multiplicavi, multiplicatus
multiply; repeat; increase (number/quantity/extent); have/use on many occasions;
multiplicus, multiplica, multiplicum
compound, complex, composed of many elements;
multiscius, multiscia, multiscium
multitudo, multitudinis
multitude, great number; crowd; rabble, mob;
multivorancia, multivoranciae
multizonium, multizonii
block of flats;
much, by much, a great deal, very; most; by far; long (before/after);
multo, multare, multavi, multatus
punish, fine; extract as forfeit; sentence to pay;
many times;
multum, multi
many things (pl.); much; many;
multum, plus, plurimum
much, greatly, plenty, very; more; most;
multus, multa -um, -, plurimus -a -um
much, many, great, many a; large, intense, assiduous; tedious;
mulus, muli
mumia, mumiae
mundanus, mundana, mundanum
worldly; of/belonging to the world/universe; mundane; of this world (Bee);
mundanus, mundani
inhabitant of the world; worldly person, cosmopolitan;
mundialis, mundialis, mundiale[DEXDS]
worldly, belonging to the world; mundane; of sacred vault of Ceres (OLD);
in the manner of the world;
mundializatio, mundializationis
munditia, munditiae
cleanness, elegance of appearance, manners or taste;
mundities, munditiei
cleanness, elegance of appearance, manners or taste;
mundo, mundare, mundavi, mundatus
clean, cleanse, make clean/tidy; (eccl. - ceremonially/spiritually);
mundus, munda -um, mundior -or -us, mundissimus -a -um
clean, cleanly, nice, neat, elegant, delicate; refined, pure;
mundus, mundi
universe, heavens; world, mankind; toilet/dress (woman), ornament, decoration;
munero, munerare, muneravi, muneratus
give, present;
muneror, munerari, muneratus sum DEP
give, present;
municeps, municipis N (3rd) C
citizen/native (of a municipium/municipality);
municipalis, municipalis, municipale
of/belonging to/typical of/inhabiting/from a municipium; provincial (insult);
by municipalities/municipia, by free towns; as a municipality;
municipatio, municipationis
municipatus, municipatus
citizenship; fact of belonging to the same municipality (OLD);
municipiolum, municipioli
little municipality/municipium;
municipium, municipi(i)
municipality, town; town subject to Rome but under its own laws; free town;
municipium, municipii
township (administrative division);
munifes, munificis N (3rd) C
one who performs duties; soldier who does not have exemption from fatigues;
munificator, munificatoris
liberally, generously, munificently; unstintingly; bountifully
munificens, (gen.), munificentis
bountiful, generous, liberal, munificent;
munificentia, munificentiae
bountifulness, munificence;
munificus, munifica, munificum
bountiful, liberal, generous, munificent; unstinted;
subject to tax/duty; dutiful, performing one's obligations;
munimen, muniminis
fortification; defense;
munimentum, munimenti
fortification, bulwark; defense, protection;
munio, munire, munivi, munitus V (4th)
fortify; strengthen; protect, defend, safeguard; build (road);
munitio, munitionis
fortifying; fortification;
munitiuncula, munitiunculae [EWXFS]
small/little fortification/stronghold;
munitor, munitoris
one who builds fortifications;
munitus, munita -um, munitior -or -us, munitissimus -a -um
defended, fortified; protected, secured, safe;
munium, muni(i)
duties (pl.), functions;
munus, muneris
service; duty, office, function; gift; tribute, offering; bribes (pl.);
munusculum, munusculi
small present or favor;
muraena, muraenae
kind of eel, the moray or lamprey;
muralis, muralis, murale
of walls; of a (city) wall; turreted; mural;
muratus, murata, muratum
walled, surrounded by walls;
murdrum, murdri
murelegus, murelegi [FAXEM]
cat; (mouser);
murena, murenae
kind of eel, the moray or lamprey;
murex, muricis
purple fish, shellfish which gave Tyrian dye; purple dye; purple cloth;
muria, muriae
brine, salt liquor, pickling;
muries, muriei
brine, salt liquor, pickling;
murilega, murilegae [FAXEM]
cat; (mouser);
murilegius, murilegii [FAXEM]
cat; (mouser);
murilegus, murilegi [FAXEM]
cat; (mouser);
murinus, murina, murinum
murmillo, murmillonis
gladiator who wore Gallic armor and fish-topped helmet; (usu. fought retiarius);
murmur, murmuris
murmur/mutter; whisper/rustle, hum/buzz; low noise; roar/growl/grunt/rumble;
murmur, murmuris
murmur/mutter; whisper/rustle, hum/buzz; low noise; roar/growl/grunt/rumble;
murmuratio, murmurationis
grumbling, discontented muttering; uttering of low continuous cries;
murmuro, murmurare, murmuravi, murmuratus
hum, murmur, mutter; roar;
murra, murrae
fluorspar; agate?; highly prized mineral used for making vases;
murra, murrae
myrrh (aromatic gum/ointment); tree source of myrrh (Commiphora schimperi);
murreus, murrea, murreum
having color of myrrh, reddish-brown;
murus, muri
wall, city wall;
mus, muris N (3rd) C
musa, musae
muse (one of the goddesses of poetry, music, etc.); sciences/poetry (pl.);
musaeus, musaea, musaeum[XPXFS]
of the Muses; poetical;
musca, muscae
fly (insect); gadfly, bothersome person;
muscarium, muscarii
fly trap;
muscatum, muscati
muscidus, muscida, muscidum
muscipula, muscipulae
mouse trap;
muscipulum, muscipuli
mouse trap;
muscosus, muscosa, muscosum
musculosus, musculosa, musculosum[EBXFS]
musculus, musculi
little mouse, small rodent; common mouse; various (sea) creatures; mussel;
B:muscle; W:military shed, mantelet, "mousie"; small boat (mydion);
muscus, musci
musica, musicae
musicographus, musicographi
musicus, musica, musicum
of/belonging to poetry or music, musical;
musinor, musinari, musinatus sum DEP
deliberate about;
musivum, musivi [EDXFS]
musivus, musiva, musivum[EDXFS]
muse-like; artistic;
Muslimus, Muslimi
mussito, mussitare, mussitavi, mussitatus
mutter/whisper, talk in subdued tones; keep quiet/say nothing (about);
musso, mussare, mussavi, mussatus
mutter/whisper (discontently); hum (bee); keep quiet (about); hem/haw; hesitate;
mustaceum, mustacei
must-cake, a sort of wedding cake;
mustaceus, mustacei
must-cake, a sort of wedding cake;
mustela, mustelae
mustella, mustellae
mustes, mustae
initiate, one initiated in secret rites;
musteus, mustea, musteum
must-like; of new wine; fresh/young;
mustum, musti
unfermented/partially fermented grape juice/wine, must;
mustus, musta, mustum
fresh, young; unfermented/partially fermented (wine);
Musulmanus, Musulmana, Musulmanum
mutabilis, mutabilis, mutabile
changeable; inconstant;
mutabilitas, mutabilitatis
changeability, liability to change; fickleness; inconstancy;
with changeability of purpose; inconstantly;
mutatio, mutationis
change, alteration; interchange, exchange;
mutatrum, mutatri
mutilo, mutilare, mutilavi, mutilatus
maim, mutilate; lop/cut/chop off, crop; cut short;
mutilus, mutila, mutilum
maimed, broken, mutilated; hornless, having lost/stunted horns;
mutinium, mutini(i)
penis; (rude);
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatus
move, change, shift, alter, exchange, substitute (for); modify;
muto, mutonis
penis; (rude);
muttio, muttire, muttivi, muttitus
mutter, murmur;
mutto, muttonis
penis; (rude);
muttonium, muttoni(i)
penis; (rude);
mutuatio, mutuationis
mutuens, (gen.), mutuentis
mutulus, mutuli
projecting shelf/bracket; slab under corona of cornice, mutule, modillion;
mutunium, mutuni(i)
penis; (rude);
mutuo, mutuare, mutuavi, mutuatus
lend; exchange;
mutuor, mutuari, mutuatus sum DEP
borrow, obtain on loan;
mutus, muta, mutum
dumb, silent, mute; speechless;
mutuus, mutua, mutuum
borrowed, lent; mutual, in return;
myalgia, myalgiae
myalgia/myalgy; (morbid condition of a muscle); muscular rheumatism;
mydion, mydii
small boat;
myocardium, myocardii
myocardium, muscular substance of the heart;
myoparo, myoparonis
small piratical galley;
myoparon, myoparonis
light naval vessel;
myopia, myopiae
myops, (gen.), myopis[FBXEK]
myosotis, myosotidis
myrepsicus, myrepsica, myrepsicum
aromatic; of/for unguents;
myriadalis, myriadalis, myriadale[FSXEM]
myrias, myriados/is [FSXEM]
myriad, ten-thousand (the number);
myrica, myricae
tamarisk; (evergreen bush/shrub/tree);
myrice, myrices
tamarisk; (evergreen bush/shrub/tree);
myriophllon, myriophlli
milfoil; (plant w/divided leaves genus); common yarrow; water milfoil;
myriophllum, myriophlli [FAXEM]
milfoil; (plant w/divided leaves genus); common yarrow; water milfoil;
myristica, myristicae [GXXFK]
nutmeger; (nutmeg grater?); (person from Connecticut is called nutmeger);
myrmillo, myrmillonis
gladiator who wore Gallic armor and fish-topped helmet; (usu. fought retiarius);
myrobalanum, myrobalani
behen-nut; balsam ;
myropoeus, myropoei
myrra, myrrae
myrrh (aromatic gum/ointment); tree source of myrrh (Commiphora schimperi);
myrrha, myrrhae
myrrh (aromatic gum/ointment); tree source of myrrh (Commiphora schimperi);
myrtetum, myrteti [XAXEE]
myrteus, myrtea, myrteum[XAXDX]
of myrtle;
myrtillus, myrtilli
myrtum, myrti [XAXDX]
myrtus, myrti
myrtle, myrtle-tree;
mysta, mystae
initiate, one initiated in secret rites; priest at the mysteries
mystagogus, mystagogi
priest who showed sacred places to strangers;
mystax, mystacis
mysterion, mysterii [XEXCE]
mystery, secret service/rite/worship (usu. pl.); secret, things not divulged;
mysterium, mysteri(i)
mystery, secret service/rite/worship (usu. pl.); secret, things not divulged;
mysterius, mysteria, mysterium
mysterious; of a mystery/secret rite;
mystes, mystae
initiate, one initiated in secret rites; priest at the mysteries
mystetum, mysteti [XAXEE]
mysticum, mystici
things (pl.) pertaining to/used in sacred mysteries/rites;
mysticus, mystica, mysticum
of/belonging to/used in sacred mysteries/rites; secret, mysterious; mystical;
mythicos, mythice, mythicon
mythic; of myth or fable; fabulous mythical;
mythistoria, mythistoriae
fabulous narrative; tall tale;
mythistoricus, mythistorica, mythistoricum
fabulous; mixed with fable;
mythologia, mythologiae
mythological; of/belonging to mythology;
mythologicum, mythologici
mythological matters (pl.);
mythologicus, mythologica, mythologicum
mythological, mythologic, of mythology;
mythos, mythi
myth; fable;
mythus, mythi
myth; fable;
mytulus, mytuli
edible mussel;
myxa, myxae
tree (genus Cordia); sebesten/it's plum-like fruit; lamp nozzle
myxum, myxi
sebesten, plum-like fruit (of tree, genus Cordia, formerly Sebestena);
myxus, myxi
wick (of a lamp);