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FABLE, s. Fabula : apologus : Cic. : fabella, Phaedr. :
fabula, Hor.
To FABLE, v. a. and n. Fabulam fingere, Phafdr. :
mentiri : dicere mendacium : Plaut.
FABRIC. *. I. A building: aedificium, Cic. : structura,
Vitr. : (fabrica, Pallad.). II. Texture : textus,
us, Plin. : Lucr.
To FABRICATE. v. a. Fabricare : fabricari.
FABRICATION. $. Fabricatio : fabrica : (fabricatura,
Cod. Theod.).
FABULIST. *. Tabulator : fabularum scriptor.
FABULOUS, a. Commentitius : fictus : Cic. : fabulosus,
Hor Afabulous writer : homo fabulator, Cell
A fabulous history : historia fabularis, Suet.
FABULOUSLY, ad. Fabulose, Plin.
FACE. s. I. The visage : os : vultus, us : fades :
Cic A pretty face : vultus praeclarus, Lucr. : formosus
vultus, Ov. : decorus vultus, Claud. : formosum os, Ov They were lying on their faces : in ora proni jacebant,
Curt To turn away one's face from any one j
ab altero faciem dimovere, or vultum avertere, Hor.
To look any one in the face : aliquem adversus, or
alicujus os, intueri, Cic. : aliquem contra aspicere, Plaut.
II. Look : vultus, us, Cic. : habitus oris et vultds,
Plin To put on a new face : vultum mutare, Cic
He suddenly changed in face : subito vultus non mansit,
non color unus, Virg. III. The surface of any
thing: prima rerum facies The face of a building:
frons, Vitr. IV. The state of affairs: status, us : res.
To change the face of government : rerum coirunutationem
efficere, Cic Things have changedface : nunc
alia est ratio rerum omnium, Cic.
To FACE. v. a. Ex adverso, or e regione, stare. To
face the enemy : hostem adversum adoriri, Cic. : pectore
adverso impetere, Virg. : cum hoste congredt, Caes. :
cominus rem gerere, Liv. : in hostem ire, Ov Toface
the danger : periculis obviam ire, Sail. : caput objectare,
Virg. : in discrimen se, or caput, offerre, Cic. : se committere,
Liv. : ultro se in periculum inferre, Cic. : pericula
audere, Tac. To face death : mortem appetere,
Cic. : morti deliberate caput objicere, Hor., se opponere,
Virg.: mortes irrumpere, Ov To face about :
convertere se To face a garment : praetexere.
FACETIOUS, a. Facetus : lepidus A facetious man :
sannio, Plaut. : scurra To be facetious : scurrari : cavillari.
FACETIOUSLY, ad. Facete, Cic. : Plaut. : scurriliter :
FACETIOUSNESS. s. Facetiae, arum, pi., Cic. : Tac. :
jocus : cavillatio : Cic. : cavillum, Plaut.
To FACILITATE, v. a. Rem facilem reddere. He
willfacilitate all thingsfor you : omnia tibi explanabit,
Cic. To facilitate flight ,- fugam dare, Virg., aperire,
FACILITY, s. Facilitas, Cic. Facility of speech : dicendi
facultas et copia : expedita et profluens in dicendo
celeritas: Cic.
FACING, s. (Of a coat) : manicae pars extrema.
FACT. s. Factum: facinus : Cic A matter offact :
facti, or de facto, quaestio, Cic. Such is thefact : sic se
res habet, Cic To expose the fact : rem ipsam, or gestam,
exponere, Cic To take in the fact: manifesto tonere,
Plaut. : in manifesto scelere deprehendere, Cic.
It is a certain fact : certa fides facti est, Ov.
FACTION, s. Factio : partes, pi. : Cic. To be at the
head of a faction : factionis principatum tenere, Caes
He does not belongto anyfaction : nullius partis est, Cic.
FACTIOUS, a. Factiosus : seditiosus : Cic. : qui rebu
novis studet: rerum novarum molitor, fern, molitrix,
FACTIOUSLY. ad. Per factionem : per seditionem : seditiose,
FACTITIOUS, a. Factitius, Plin.
.FACTOR, s. Urbanus tubellarius : institor : qui proposita
mercedula ultro citroque commeat.
FACTORAGE, s. Proxenetarum munus : mandatum :
munus : provincia : Cic.
FACTORY, s. Officina : fabrica. A Europeanfactory
in India: institorum Europaeorum apud Indos sedes.
FACTOTUM, s. Ardelio, Phaedr. : satagens, Sen.
FACULTY, s. I. Power,- facultas : virtus: facilitas.
Thefaculty of speaking in public: oratoris, or dicendi.
facultas, Cic. II. Right: jus. III. Faculty in a
university: collegium.
FACUND. a. Eloquens : facundus : disertus : Cic.
FACUNDITY. s. Eloquentia: facundia: dicendi facultas
: vis et facultas oratoris : Cic. Perfect Jocundity :
consummata eloquentia, Quint.
To FADDLE. v. n. Lascivire, Sen. : jocari.
To FADE. v. n. I. To grow weak : languere, Cic.:
debilitari : imminui : frangi : infringi : vires amittere :
Cic. II. To tend from a brighter to a weaker colour:
colorem amittere, Ov. : decolorari, Col. III. To
wither: flaccescere, Col.: marcescere, Plin Beauty
fades with age : forma? dlgnitas vetustate exstinguitur,
Auct. ad Her.
To FADE. v. a. To deprive of freshness : tern flaccidam
reddere, Plin.
FADING. *. (Of flowers) : marcor, Plin.
To FAG. v. n. Se macerare, Ter. : se fatigare, Caes.
Tofag both the body and mind : animi et corporis laborious
defatigari, Cic.
FAG. * Servus : fern, serva, Cic.
FAG-END, s. Extremitas, Cic.
FAGOT. *. Fascis : virgultorum fascis : Caes.
To FAGOT, v. a. In fasces colligare, or componere.
FAGOT-BAND, s. Virgeum vinculum.
To FAIL. v. n. I. To be deficient: peccare : delinquere
: in culpa esse : prolabi : Cic To fail in one's
duty : officium praetermittere, deserere : officio deesse :
ab officio discedere : Cic. II. To -perish: interire
If I Jail i si quid mihi humanitus accident, Cic. III.
To miss : operam perdere, Plaut. : nihil assequi, Cic. :
abscedere incoepto irrito, Liv. : ausis excidere, Ov
That has failed in his enterprise : consilii irritus, Veil.
IV. To decay in business i solvendo npn esse : creditoribus
decoquere : Cic. : solvendo aeri alieno non esse,
Liv. : foro cedere, Juv. That merchant has failed :
mercator iste conturbavit suas rationes, Ter., (vacillavit,
To FAIL. v. a* I. To desert: deserere I will not
Jail you in the hour of need , tibi cum res postulabit non
deero. II. To neglect : negligere. I will not fail to
execute your orders : quodcunque jusseris perficiam sedulo.
III. To be wanting to : re defici, or deficere:
carere, Cic.
FAIL. 5. Defectus, us, Cic. : delictum : culpa : Cic.
Without fail : certo : sine dubio.
FAILING, s. Error : erratum : defectus, us : culpa : Cic.
FAILURE, s. I. Dejicience, want : inopia : delictum :
Cic Failure of money, of advice, of provisions:
argenti, consilii, frugum, inopia, Cic. II. Bankruptcy
: argentaria dissolutio.
FAIN, a. See GLAD. This word is rarely used in the
sense of "constrained,"
obliged :
i.e. coactus : adactus
: necessitate compulsus, or adstrictus, Cic.
FAIN. ad. Libenter : lubenter : haud invite: Plaut. :
libente, volente, or, prolixo, ammo : non gravate : non
renugnanter : Cic, : haud gravatim, Liv. : haud invite,
To FAIN, v, n, Optare : exoptare : cupere : expetere :
appetere : in optatis habere : rei desiderio teneri, Cic. :
desiderio flagrare : cupiditate ardere, or accendi : rem sitire,
To FAINT, , . I. To sink motionless and senseless :
animo linqui, Cic., defici, Plin. : animi deliquium pati,
Plin. IL To grow feeble : debilitari : vires amittere,
FAINT, a. Subdebilatus : debilis : imbecillis : imbecillus
: infirmus : Cic. Limbs faint by excess of work:
membra nimio labore fracta I amfaint : me animi, or
vires, deficiunt.
FAINT-HEARTED, a. Homo pusilli animi, Cic. : (pusillanimis,
FAINT-HEARTEDLY, ad. Abjecte : timide : Cic.
FAINT-HEARTEDNESS. s. Timiditas, Cic.
FAINTING or FAINTING FIT. s. Defectio, Cic.: animae
defectio, Cels., defectus, us, Plin.
FAINTLY, ad. Infirme : imbecillius : Cic. A weapon
thrown faintly : telum imbelle, sine ictu, Virg.
FAINTNESS. s. Infirmitas : imbecillitas : Cic Faintness
of the body: imbecillitas corporis, infirmitasque
virium. Faintness of the sight, of the voice: oculorum,
vocis, infirmitas, Plin.
FAIR. a. I. Handsome : pulcher : formosus : decorus:
venustus: Cic A fair child: puer egregia
forma, Cic., insigni pulchraque facie, Phaedr., eximia
praeditus, Cic. Fair speech: comis et
landaoratio. II. Clear-skinned: lacteolus: roseus:
eburneus Afair girl: puella lacteola, Catull. : hedera
formosior alba, Virg. A fair neck: cervix rosea, Virg. :
colla eburnea, Ov. III. Pleasing to the eye : jucundus :
amcenus: suavis: serenus: Cic. IV. Clear: clarus:
limpidus : lucidus : Cic. V. Not cloudy: ccelum serenum
: cceli serenitas: Cic The weather is fair : arridet
tempestas, Lucr. The sky grows fair: ccelum
nitescit, Cic. VI. Just, honest: bonus : Justus : aequi
observans : Virg. : honestus, Cic. At a fair price :
quanti aequum est, Plin. VII. Favourable, propitious :
secundus : benignus : prosper : favens : aptus, Cic. : accommodatus,
FAIR. ad. Honeste, Cic. : urbane : humaniter : officiose
: comiter : Cic.
FAIR. s. I. A beauty: formosa mulier, or puella:
forma. II. An annual market : nundinse, pi., Cic.:
mercatus, Ter The place where a fair is held: emporium,
Cic. : forum nundinarium, Plin.
FAIR-COMPLEXIONED. a. Lacteolus : roseus. See FAIR,
FAIR-DEALING, s. Probitas : integritas : Cic.
FAIRINO. s. Nundinale munusculum.
FAIRLY, ad. Honeste : juste: jure : merito : Cic. : ex
!quo et bono, Ter.
FAIRNESS, s. I. Beauty i pulchritude : species : forma:
formositas: Cic. II. Candour: probitas: animi
candor : Ov. : ingenuitas, Cic.
FAIR-SPOKKN. a. Putide blandiloquens. To be fairspoken
: mulsaloqui, Plaut.: blande dicere, Ter.
FAIRY, s. Lamia: fatidica, or fatiloqua, mulier
Fairies of the hills : Oreades : (of the rivers) : Naiades :
(of the sea) : Nereides : (of the woods) : Dryades.
FAITH, s. Fides, Cic Thefaith of treaties : publica
fo3derum religio, Cic To have faith in some one :
alicui credere : fidem habere, or tribuere, Cic. To have
faith in stories : fabulis credere, Cic If you can have
faith in it : si credere dignum est, Virg.
FAITH, ad. Medius fidius : mehercule.
FAITHFUL, a. Fidus : fidelis : Cic. Faithful to some
one : alicui, or in aliquem, fidelis, Cic. To be faithful :
in fide manere, Cic To be faithful in the hour of
need: in amicorum periculis fidem adhibere, Cic A
faithful friend : amicus verus, sincerus. A faithful
copy : exemplum perfecte expressum He is a faithful
type of his father's probity : est germana effigies paterna
probitatis, Cic. (In a religious sense): The faithful :
verae religionis cultores, m. pi.
FAITHFULLY, ad. Fideliter, Cic.
FAITHFULNESS, s. Fides, Cic Connubial faithfulness
: marita fides.
FAITHLESS, a. I. Withoutfaith : incredulus, Quint.:
qui fidem dictis non habet : qui fidem omnibus abrogat :
Cic. : ad credendum segnis, Liv. II. Treacherous : perfidus
: infidus : perfidiosus : Cic.
FAITHLESSNESS, s. I. Unbelief: credendi, or in credendo,
difficultas : (incredulitas). II. Treachery: infidelitas,
Cic. : perfidia: Punica fides : Liv.
FALCATED a. Falcatus, Ov.
FALCHION, s. Acinaces, Hor. : gladius falcatue, Ov.
FALCON, s. Accipiter.
FALCONER, s. Qui accipitres curat et instituit.
FALCONRY, j. Accipitrum cura et institutio.
To FALL. v. n. I. To drop': cadere : labi : Cic. To
fall to the ground, or on the ground : decidere : or, excidere
: Cic. : humi procumbere,Virg. 1 1. ( Speaking of persons)
: alte, or ab alto, cadere, Plin. : Cic. Tofall backwards:
in humeros ruere : tergo terram consternere : Virg.
To fall headlong: in caput prolabi, Liv. To fall on
one'sfeet: se pedibus excipere,Curt. ToJailfrom a horse:
ex equo cadere, or decidere, Plaut. : Cres To fall dead :
concidere mortuum, Cic He fell dead on his friend's
body : super amici corpus procubuit exanimis, Curt.
Ill To fall into a trap : in laqueum se induere, Cic.
To fall into the hands of the enemies : in manus hostium
devenire, or incidere, Cic. :'_ incidere, or delabi, in hostes,
Virg To fall with astonishment : attonitis animis haerere,
Virg. IV. (In speaking of things): corruere,
Cic. The leaves fall off': lapsa cadunt folia, Virg. :
frondes demittit arbor, Plin. The fruits fall from the
trees: poma ex arboribus clecidunt, Cic. V All
the blame falls on you : omnis culpa in te residet, Cic.
The conversation fell on that subject : hue sermo evasit,
Ter. The conversation falls fff: sermo friget, Ter.,
moritur, Cic. That word is fallen : verbum istud
obsolescit, Cic., defluxit, Hor His credit is fallen :
concidit illius auctoritas : defluxit illius gratia et auctoritas
: Cic His works arefallen: non jam leguntur ejus
opera, Cic.
To FALL. v. a. I. To drop : amittere : excidere.
II. To depress : deprimere : demittere : submittere: Cic.
III. To cause to sink in price : minuere : diminuere :
imminuere : Cic.
FALL. s. I. The act of falling : casus : lapsus, us:
Cic. II. Death, ruin : mors : interitus : obitus, us :
Cic.: ruina. III. Declension : casus, us : ruina: Cic.
The fall ofa house : domus ruina, Cic. IV. Diminution
of price : diminutio : imminutio: Cic. V. Declivity:
tumulus deruptior, Liv. VI. Cascade: aquas
dejectus, us, Sen. : praeceps aquae lapsus.
FALLACIOUS, a. Fraudulentus : captiosus : fallax : Cic.
FALLACIOUSLY, ad. Fraudulenter : captiose.
FALLACIOUSNESS, s. Vana imago, Hor. : error.
FALLACY, s. Sophisma : captiosa argumenta, n. pi.
dialectica captio : fallax conclusio, Cic.
FALLIBILITY, s. Errandi facultas.
FALLIBLE, a. In quern cadit error.
FALLING-OUT, s. Contentio : jurgium : Cic. : rixa, Liv.
FALLING-SICKNESS, s. Comitialis, or sonticus, morbus,
FALLOW, a. I. Pale red : fulvus, Cic A fallow
beast: fulvafera. II. Unsowed, unploughed: novalis:
neglectus. III. Neglected: neglectus, Cic.
To FALLOW, v. a. Vervactum subigere, Plin. : agrura
novare, Cic.
FALLOWING. *. Repastinatio, Cic.
FALLOWNESS. s. Sterilitas, Cic. : infecunditas, Col.
FALSE, a. I. Not true: falsus, Cic. A false testimonial:
falsum testimonium, Plaut. II. Fictitious,
falsified : adulterinus. False hair: ficti cinni, Plaut.
A false man: homofraudulentus, Cic. False devotion :
pietatis umbra mendax, Ov. III. Vain: vanus: falsus:
Cic False alarm: inanis ad arma conclamatio :
ranus terror : Sen. False hope : spes vana et fallax,
FALSE-HEARTED, a. Fallax, Cic. : veterator : fraudator,
or deceptor, Sen. : homo fraudulentus, Cic. : fern. ,
fraudulenta, or dolosa, mulier : malitiosa et subdola.
FALSEHOOD or FALSENESS, s. Animus mendax : inendacitas.
FALSELY, ad. Falso, Ter. : false, Cic.
FALSIFICATION. 5. Corruptio : depravatio : Cic. (In
speaking of goods) : adulteria, pi. : or, mercium adultera-
FALSIFIER. s. Falsarius, Suet. : qui depravat, &c.
To FALSIFY, v. a. Adulterare (Deeds): tabulas
adulterare, Cic. Tofalsify a writing: scriptum depravare,
or corrumpere. To falsify money, goods: pecuniam.
merces, adulterare, Cic. : Plin.
To FALSIFY, v.n. Mentiri : dicere mendacium : Plaut.
To FALTER, v. n. Verba frangere : infracta et amputataloqui.
FALTERING, s. Linguae luesitantia, Cic. : sermonis turnultus,
FALTERINGLY. ad. Lingua haesitante.
FAME. s. Fama : nomen j existimatio : Cic.
FAMED, a. Celebratus : nobilis : Cic A temple
famed for its riches : inclytum divitiis templum, Liv.
FAMILIAR, a. I. Domestic : domesticus, Cic.
II. Not formal: alicujus, or alicui, familiaris, Cic
To be veryfamiliar with some one : aliquo valde familiariter
uti : esse alicui perfamiliarem : Cic A familiar
intercourse: familiaris sermo, Cic. III. Ordinary,
frequent : familiaris : consuetus : communis. That
expression is familiar to him : hoc verbum frequenter
usurpat, Cic. To have a thing familiar to one : rem
penitus perspectam, or plane cognitam, habere, Cic.
FAMILIAR. s. I. An intimate : intimus, Cic.: amicus
propior, Hor. : amicus ex animo, Cic. II. A demon
supposed to attend at call : genius comes, Hor.
FAMILIARITY, s. Familiaritas, Cic. : usus, us : consuetudo
: necessitudo : Cic.
FAMILIARLY, ad. Familiariter, Cic To live with
some one familiarly : cum aliquo familiarissime vivere,
FAMILY, s. I. Persons who live in the same house :
familia. II. Race : familia : genus : Cic One who belongs
to a very good family : familia amplissima, or clarissima,
natus, Cic. : genere clarus, Liv. III. A species:
species : ratio : modus : Cic. : genus, Sail.
FAMINE, s. Fames, Cic. In time of famine : in
fame, Cic, A province harassed by famine : enecta
fame provincia, Cic.
To FAMISH, v.a. and n. Fame confici, enecari, Cic.,
cruciari, Plin. : fame necare, Cic.
FAMOUS, a. Inclytus : illustris : celeber : clarus : insignis.
(Famosus is commonly used in a bad sense.)
FAMOUSLY, ad. Celeberrime : clare : insigniter : Cic. :
(famose, Tert.).
FAN. s. Flabellum, Ter.
To FAN. v.a. I. To cool with a fan : auras flabello
colligere. II. To winnow: frumentum flatu
excernere, Col., or ventilabris subjactare, Varr.
FANATIC, s. Fanaticus, Sen. : fern, fanatica mulier.
FANATICAL, a. Fanaticus, Liv.
FANATICISM, s. Fanaticus furor, Hor.
FANCIFUL, -a. Ingenio varius, Hor. : animi diversus,
Tac. : inconstans. In the sense of Self-willed : morosus,
FANCIFULLY, ad. Animo diverso.
FANCIFULNESS. s. Animi diversitas.
FANCY, s. I. Imagination: imaginandi vis. II.
Liking, whim : arbitrium : arbitratus, us : voluntas :
niens : libido : Cic. To live according to one's fancy :
ad arbitrium suum vivere : Cic. He took a fancy to go
to Rome : eum libido invasit, or subiit, Romam petendi,
To FANCY, v. n. Rem sibi cogitatione fingere, or depingere
: rem animo effingere: Cic I already fancy
I see that day : videre videor jam ilium diem, Ter
fancy you are what I am : eum te esse finge qui ego sum,
Tc FANCY, v.a. I. To portray in the mind : rem
sibi, or ante oculos, proponere : animo cernere, or effingere
: Cic. Our mindfancies all sorts of things : quidvis
mens nostra cogitatione depingit, Cic Ifancy I see
the town consumed suddenly by fire : videor mini hanc
urbem videre subito incendio concidentem, Cic. II.
To take a liking to: alicui rei animum adjicere : affectare.
FANCY-FRAMED, a. Imaginarius, Liv.
FANCY-SICK, a. Qui, quae, sibi videtur aegrotare.
FANE. s. I. A temple : templum : antes : Cic. II.
A weathercock : Triton, Vitr. : venti index.
To FANG. v.a. Prehendere: comprehendere : Cic. :
corripere, Hirt.
FANG.*. I. Tusk of a boar: apri dens falcatus.
II. Talon : pi., falculae, Plin. : ungues falcati : or, aduncl
FANNER. *. Ventilator, Col.
FANTASM or FANTOM. s. Spectrum : visum : Cic. :
phantoma, Plin. J. : umbra : vana species.
FANTASTIC or FANTASTICAL, a. I. Fictitious: fictus
: commentitius, Cic. II. FanctftU, whimsical f
FAR. a. Distans : disjunctus : remotus : Cic.
FAR. ad. I. To or at a distance: longe: procui : ^ Cic He isfarfrom this place : procul hinc est : 16nge
hinc abest. Is it far from this place ? quam longe est
hinc ? We are not goingJarfrom this place : nos imus
haud longule ex hoc loco, Plaut. II. Much, very f
multum : plurimum : magnopere : vehementer: Cic.
Ill Far from having injured his reputation you have
added more lustre to it : famam adeo non abstulisti ut
To FARCE, v.a. Farcire, Col. : infarcire: rei farcinem
FARCE. *. Mimus: mimici joci, pi., Cic. The farce
is over : jam mimi exitus est, Cic.
FARCICAL, a. Ridiculus: mimicus.
FARCY, s. A disease of horses : scabies, Col. Having
thefarcy : scabiosus, Col.
FARDEL, s. Fascis, Caes. : fasciculus, Cic.
To FARE. v.n. I. To go to travel: iter facere,
habere, Cic., or agere, Plin. II. To be in any state
good or bad: se habere : vitam agere. III. To be entertained
with food : revesci, Cic Tofare well: laute
vivere : cutembene curare : Hor. Tofare badly : parce
FARE. s. I. Money paid for conveyance : vecturae
pretium : plaustrum : Curt. II. Victualsfor the table :
victus, us. Goodfare : ccena magnifica et lauta, Cic. :
lautus victus, us, Hor Badfare : tenuis victus.
FAREWELL, interj. Vale : valete : Cic. Farewell
for ever : salus extrema.
FAREWELL, s. To bid farewell: alicui valedicere, I
Ov. : aliquem salvere jubere, Hor / have bid them
farewell: eos valere jussi : extremam salutem illis nuntiavi
: illis plurimam salutem dixi : Cic To bid farewell
to the world : rebus humanisnuntiumremittere, Cic.
FAR-FETCHED, a. Alte repetitus, Cic.
FARM. s. Colonia, Plaut.: praedium, Cic.: villa,
To FARM. v. a. I. To let out: agros alicui locitare.
Ter., locare, or elocare : praediorum mercedulas constituere,
Cic. II. To take: aliquidde, or ab, aliquo
conducere, Cic.
FARMER, s. Fundi conductor : villicus : colonus.
FARRAGO, s. Farrago, Juv. : Pers.
FARRIER, s. Veterinarius, Col.
FARROW, s. Partus, us : porcelli uno partu editi.
To FARROW, v. n. Porculos edere, or parere : parturn
FARTHER or FURTHER, ad. I. At or to a greater,
distance: ultra, Hor. II. Moreover: prater hasc,
Plaut. : praeterea : insuper: accidit eo quod j Cic.
FARTHER/ a. Ulterior, Cic.
FARTHEST, a. Extremus : ultimus. At farthest :
ad extremum : longissime.
FARTHING. *. Terunciue, Cic Two farthings :
semissis, Plin Not a farthing: ne teruncius quidem,
Cic. Not worth a farthing : nihili To lose every
farthing : ad assem omnia perdere, Hor. To pay every
farthing of one's charges : usque ad assem irapendium
FASCES, s. pi. Fasces, ium, Cic.
FASCIATION. s. Fascia, Cic. : ligamen, Col. : ligamentum,
To FASCINATE, v. a. Fascinare, Virg. , effascinare,
Plin. : caecare mentem, Cic. : fucum alicui facere, Ter. :
decipere oculos, Ov.
FASCINATION, s. Fascinatio, Plin.
FASCINE, s. (A military term.) Virgultorum fascis.
FASHION. *. I. Form: facies: forma: conformatio
et forma : ratio : modus : Cic. II.'The make or cut of
the clothes: opera : artificium. III. Custom operating
upon dress, fyc. : mos : usus, us: Cic To introduce
a fashion : rem in morem inducere, perducere, Cic
Such is the fashion : sic vivitur : sic vita est : ita fert
usus : Ter. : ita nunc mos viget, Plaut. In the French
fashion : more Gallorum. Words out of fashion: obsoleta
verba, Cic.
To FASHION, v. a. I. Toform : rem ornare, or concinnare,
Cic. : conformare : confmgere. II. To adapt:
accommodare, Cic.
FASHIONABLE, a. Ad nostrorum temporum rationem,
Cic That is no longer fashionable : desuetus, Ov. : ab
usu remotus, Quint.
FASHIONABLY, ad Fashionably dressed: vestitus
novo more.
To FAST. v. n. Sacra jejunia celebrare, or servar* :
cibo abstinere: Cic. : aci-bo se abstinere : jejunio vexare :
FAST. s. Jejunium, Cic Days of fast : esuriales
feria:, Plaut.
FAST. a. I. Firm : firmus : stabihs. To make
fast: firmare, Cic.: stabilise, Sen. II. Strong:
firmus: robustus : valens, Cic. III. Fixed: fix us :
immotus : Cic. IV. Speedy : celer : or, celeris, Hor. :
promptus, Liv. : expeditus, Cic.
FAST. ad. I. Firmly: firme : firmiter : Cic. To
holdfast : consistere : oblirmare se, Ter. II. Swiftly :
celeriter: velociter : expedite. III. Frequently:
a?jpei crebre : frequenter : Cic.
To FASTEN, v. a. 1. To make fast : ligare : alligare:
colligare : vincire : Cic.: stabilire. II. To
stamp : rem in re imprimere : signare : Cic. III.
To confirm : firmare : confirmare : stabilire : robe-rare :
FASTIDIOUS, a. Fastidiosus : molestus : gravis : Cic.
To be fastidious : fastidium facere, Plin. : facere odiose,
Plaut. To be fastidious with respect to anyone:
aliquem nauseare, Cic. : fastidire, Virg.
FASTIDIOUSLY, ad. Fastidiose.
FASTIDIOUSNESS, s. Fastidium, Cic An air of fas*
tidiousness : dedignatio, Quint.
FASTING, s. Jejunium.
FASTING, a. Jejunqs, Cic.
FASTING-DAYS, s. Esuriales feriae, f. pi., Plaut.
FASTNESS, s. I, Strength: robur: vires, ium, f. pi.
II. A strong hold: oppidum munitissimum, Cic. :
arx, arcis.
FASTUOUS. a. Fastuosus, Mart. : ad ostentationem
compositus, Tac. : fastu tumidus, or turgidus, Col.
FAT, a. I. Plump: pinguis: opinius : Cic.
Ratherfat: subpinguis, Cels. Very fat: obesus, Plin.
A man large and fat : homo crassus, Ter. : vir cor-
atque habitior, Plaut. Fat meat : adipatum,
uv. II. Dull: gravis, Cic.: ponderosus, Varr. :
crassus, Virg. : concretus, Cic. III. Rich : abundans,
or affluens : rerum copia abundantissimus : Cic.
FAT. s. Adeps, Plin. : Col. : pinguedo, Plin. : pinguitudo,
Cels. : obesitas Covered with fat : obesus,
To FAT or To FATTEN, v. a. i.e. To makefat : saginare:
opimare : Col. To fatten oxen : boves farcire, Varr.
. To fatten pigs : sues pinguefacere, Plin.
To FAT. v*n. i. e. To grow fat: pinguescere : crassescere
: Col,
FATAL, a, Fatalis, Sen. : funestus, Cic. : infaustus,
Ov This day has been fatal to me: pessimus hie mihi
dies illuxit, Plaut. Thefatal hour : fatalis hora, Lucr.
FATALIST, s. Qui tenet omnia fatorum arbitrio accidere.
FATALITY or FATALNESS. s. Fatum : fatalis, or fati,
vis, or necessitas : Cic. / know not by what fatality :
noscio quo fato, Cic.
FATALLY, ad. Fataliter, Cic.
FATE. s. Fatum : fatalis vis, or necessitas, Cic
What happens is ordered byfate : quae fiunt fato continentur,
Cic. THE FATES, s. pi. Parcae, Cic.
FATED, a. Fatalis, Cic. Ill-fated: infaustus.
FATHER, s. Pater : parens : genitor, Cic Father
by adoption : per adoptionem pater, Plin. Father of a
family: pater familias, or fatniliae He loves and respects
me as a father : me sicut alterum parentem et observat
et diligit, Cic. : me pro parente colit amatque,
Liv To be like one's father : patrem ore referre, Virg.
To FATHER, v. a. I. To adopt: adoptare : in filium
adscribere : Cic To father another man's son :
adoptare ab alio, Cic. II. To charge any thing to
one : aliquid alicui imputare, or ascribere.
FATHERHOOD, s, Paternitas.
FATHER-IN-LAW, s. Socer, Cic.
FATHERLESS. . Parente orbus, or orbatus : pupillus :
fern, pupilla, Cic.
FATHERLINESS. s. Patrius amor : patris caritas erga
liberos : Cic.
FATHERLY, a. Paternus : patrius : Cic.
FATHERLY, ad. Patrie, Quint.: paterno animo
// is actingfatherly to : hoc patrium est , Ter.
FATHOM, s. I. A measure of length : senum pedum
mensura : orgya. II. Penetration: acris ingenii
acies : ingenii vis : sagacitas : perspicientia : mentis sollertia,
To FATHOM, v. a. I. To sound: explorare maris alj
titudinem perpendiculo nautico. To fathom a ford:
vaduir. tentare, Caes., contari, Cic. : vadum fluminis experire,
Plin. II. To penetrate into : tentare: pertentare:
explorare : experire: Cic. : scrutari, Hor. : alicujus consilia
explorare, Caes. : mentem sensumque degustare,
FATHOMLESS, a. Quod non explorari potest.
FATIDICAL, a. Fatidicus, Cic. : fatiloquus, Liv.
To FATIGUE or FATIGATE. v.a. Lahore defatigare,
Caes. : laboribus urgere, Ov. This will not fatigue me:
nee me labor iste gravabit, Virg.
FATIGUE, s. Defatigatio, Cic. : fatigatio, Sen. The
} fatigue of the road: via: labor, Liv. The fatigue of a
oad road: vise vexatio, Col. Accustomed to fatigue :
laboribus duratus, Quint Body able to bear fatigue :
corpus par laboribus, Quint.
FATNESS, s. Obesitas : pinguetudo, Cels.
To FATTEN, v.a. Saginare: opimare, Col Tofatten
poultry : aves farcire, or opimare : pingues, or opimas,
facere, Col.
To FATTEN, v. n. Pinguescere : crassescere : Col.
FATTY, a. Opimus, Cic.
FATUOUS, a. Plumbeus, Ter. : stupidus : hebes : Cic. :
stipes : fungus : Ter.
FATUITY, s. Fatuitas : insulsitas, Cic.
FAUCET, s. Doliare vericulum.
FAULT, s, Peccatum : delictum : lapsus, us, Cic. :
error : erratum : culpa : Cic. To acknowledge one's
fault : de delicto suo confiteri, Cic It is your fault :
penes te culpa est, Ter. ^ culpa in te residet, Brut, ad
Cic. My misfortunes were caused by my own fault :
omnia mea culpa contracta 'sunt By our (by your)
fault : nostrapte (tuapte) culpa, Ter.
FAULT-FINDER, s. Censor : criticus : Cic. : Aristarchus,
FAULTILY, ad. Mendose.
FAULTLESS, a, Perfectus: absolutus : omnibus suis
numeris expletus : Cic.
FAULTY, a. I. Guilty of a fault : nocens : sons,
Cic. : alicujus, or alicui, culpae affinis, Cic. To be
faulty : in culpa esse, Cic. II. Erroneous: errori obnoxius
: mendosus.
To FAVOUR, v. a. I. To countenance : alicui favere :
studere : suffragari, Cic. To favour a party : studere
partibus, Cic.: tutari partes. To favour the people too
much : nimis amplecti plebem, Cic. Tofavour the retreat
of an army : commodiorem ac tutiorem exercitui
receptum dare, Caes Fortune favours our enterprise :
aspirat fortuna labori, Virg. II. To resemble in feature
: ore aliquem referre.
FAVOUR, s. I. Countenance, kindness granted:
gratia : munus : promeritum : beneficium : Cic. To
grant a favour : gratiam alicui dare : de aliquo bene
mereri : Cic. To receive afavour : beneficium ab aliquo
accipere, Cic. To acknowledge afavour : gratiam alicui
referre : meritam memori mente persolvere : Cic. II.
Support : gratia : studium : favor Favour of the people :
popularis aura, Cic. To be in favour : gratia florere,
Cic. : (with some one) : apud aliquem valere, Liv. :
esse in gratia cum aliquo : gratiosum esse alicui, or apud
aliquem : Cic. That is in great favour : qui est apud
aliquem flagrantissima gratia, Tac. That is no more in
favour : favore dejectus, Ov. III. Leave, permission:
permissio : potestas : facultas : licentia : venia : Cic.
IV. To ask a favour from some one : ab aliquo veniam
rei faciendae petere, Plin With yourfavour : pace tua,
Cic. : Ov.
FAVOURABLE, a. Secundus : favorabilis : Liv Favourable
to some one : alicui aequus, or propitius To
have afavourable wind : habere secundos ventos : secundis
ventis uti : expedite navigare : Cic The wind is
favourable : dat operam ventus, Plaut.
^ FAVOURABLY, ad. Auspicato : studlose : prepense :
Cic. To treatfavourably : perofficiose, or peramanter,
cum aliquo agere, Cic.
FAVOURER, s. Alicujus, or alicui, fautor : fern, fautrix
: alicujus studiosus et fautor : Cic.
FAVOURITE, s. Regi gratiosus : qui apud principera
maxima est in gratia, or gratia plurimum potest.
FAWN. s. A young deer : hinnulus, Plin.
To FAWN. v. n. i. e. To bring forth afawn : partum
edere, Cic.
To FAWN UPON. v. n. Adulari aliquem, Quint., alicui,
Sen. : in adulationem demitti, Tac., cevere, Pers.
FAWNER, s. Adulator : assentator : Cic. : palpator,
Plaut. : palpo, Pers. : fern., adulatrix : assentatrix :
FAWNING, s. Adulatio, Cic. : assentatio, Curt. : verniles
blanditi, Tac.
FAWNINGLY. ad. Serviliter, Cic. : humiliter, Liv. :
abjecte : vernaliter : Hor. : verniliter, Sen.
FAY. s. Fatidica, or fatiloqua, mulier.
FEALTY, s. Fides: probitas: Cic.
FEAR. s. Dread: metus, us: timor: Cic Great
fear : pavor : terror : formido : Cic. In fear : metu
occupatus, Curt. : timore perculsus : perterritus : Cic.
Free from fear : liber terrore, Virg To deliver
from fear : alicui metum abstergere, dejicere, Cic., excutere,
Ov. : aliquem metu levare, liberare, Cic.
To FEAR. v. a. Timere : metuere : esse in metu : Cic.
To fear greatly : pertimescere : pavere : Cic. : expavescere,
Suet To fear a little: praemetuere, Lucr.:
prajformidare, Quint.
To FEAR. v.n. To be anxious: animo angi : angoribus
se dedere : Cic.
FEARFUL, a. I. Timorous : meticulosus, Plaut. :
timidus, Cic. Toofearful: timidior, Cic. II. Dreadful
: terribilis : horribilis : horrendus : horrificus : Cic.
FEARFULLY, ad. Timide: timido animo: formidolose
: Cic. : pavide, Liv. : supra modum, Cic. : in imTEARFULNESS
mensum, Ov Fearfully ugly : ad deformitatem insignis,
FEARLESSLY, ad. Impavide, Liv. : magno animo : fortiter
: libere : fidenter : confidenter : Cic.
FEARLESSNESS, s. Animus : fidens animus : Cic. : fiducia.
FEARLESS, a. Tmpavidus, Liv. : fortis : acer et erectus
: periculi contemptor, contemptrix : Cic.
FEASIBLE, a. Quod fieri potest, Cic. Veryfeasible :
factu facilis. I believe the thing to be veryfeasible : arfoitror
fieri posse maxime.
FEAST, s. I. A festival : festum : genialis dies:
Juv. \\.Anentertainment: convivium: epula?: Cic.
A sumptuous feast : epulte conquisitissimae, Cic. :
lautissimum convivium, Plaut To give a feast : au'ctri
festa parare, Ov.
To FEAST, v. n. Conviyari : epulari : convivium celebrare
: convivia agere : Cic.
To FEAST, v. a. Epulas alicui dare, Virg. : aliquem
apparatis epulis excipere, Liv.
FEASTING, s. Convivium : opipara ccena, Plaut. :
magno luxu paratae epulae, Virg.
FEAT. s. Factum : facinus : Cic Great feats of
arms : bello praeclare gesta, Cic. : bello ingentia facta,
FEAT. a. Navus : solers : solers subtilisque : Cic.
FEATHER. *. Pluma, Cic. Covered with feathers :
pluma obductus, Cic Aplume of feathers : penna petasum
adornans, Plin.
FEATHER-BED, s. Plumea culcita, Cic.
FEATHERY, a. Pluma obductus, Cic.
FEATLY. ad. Solerter, Cic. : solerti manu, Tibull.
FEATURE, s. I. The cast of theface : figura : forma :
Cic. II. Any lineament of the face : lineamentum :
oris ductus, us, Cic.
To FEAZE. 0, a. and . i. e. To untwist: intorta detorquere,
Col., or evolvere.
FEBRICULOSB. a. Febricitans, Cels. : febriens, Col.
FEBRIFUGE. *. Efficax, or praecipuum, adversus, or
contra, febres remedium, Plin.
FEBRILE, a. (Febrilis, Apul.) : febriculosus, Catull. :
FEBRUARY. *. Februarius, Cic. : mensis Februarius.
FECES. s. Ccenum : lutum, Cic. : faex : faeces, pi.,
Hor. : crassamen : crassamentum : Col.
FECULENCE or FECULENCY. s. Faeculentia, Sidon.
FECULENT, a. Faeculentus, Col.
FECUND, a. Fecundus : fertilis : ferax : uber.
FECUNDITY.*. Fecunditas, Cic. ( Speaking of the
soil) : fecunditas : feracitas, Cic. : ubertas, Quint.
(Of the mind) : uberrima ingenii vena, Hor. : ingenii
flumen, Cic.
FED. part. a. Nutritus, Ov. : alitus : altus : Cic.
FEDERAL, a A federal state : civitas e plurimis aliis
in commune consulentibus conflata.
FEDERACY. s. Foederatus : fcedere conjunctus.
FEDERATE. Fcederatus.
FEE. s. I. Lands held under a higher lord : praedium
beneficiarium. II. Reward : merces : prcemium :
remuneratio : Cic.
To FEE. v. a. I. To reward : alicui prcemium tribuere:
aliquem prcemio donare, aflBcere, or decorare,
Cic. II. To bribe: corrumpere, Cic. : vitiare, Plin. :
fidem pretio labefactare, Cic. To fee a judge : jus
adulterare pecunia : judicem largitione corrumpere,
FEEBLE, a. Debilis : imbecillis : imbecillus : infirmus:
Cic. A feeble mind: imbecillus animus, Cic.:
imbecillum ingenium, Plin. J.
FEEBLENESS, s. Infirmitas : imbecillitas: Cic. Feebleness
of body: imbecillitas corporis, infirmitasque virium.
FEEBLY, ad. Infirme : imbecillius : Cic To continue
the warfeebly : molliter bellum gerere, Sail.
To FEED. v. a. I. To give to eat: alere, Cic. : corpus
sustentare, Ter. : nutricari, Cic. : nutricare, Varr. :
nutrire, Juv. : enutrire, Col. : suppeditare, or prasbere,
cibos, Col. II. To pasture: ad pastum ducere To
feed sheep : oves pascere, Virg.
To FEED. v.n. I. To take food: pascere, Cic.:
pasci, Virg. : depascere : vesci : Cic. II. To growfat:
pinguescere : crassescere : Col.
FEEDER, s. I. One who gives food: qui cibos suppeditat,
or preebet. II. An encourager : qui stimulat,
pascit, &c. III. One who eats : homo edax, or multi
cibi, Cic. : estor : fern, estrix : Plaut A greatfeeder :
abdomen insaturabile, Cic A small feeder : homo non
multi cibi, Cic.
FEEDING, s. Alimeotum : cibus : Cic. : pascua, orum,
n. pi., Col.
To FEEL. v. a. and n. I. To touch : attingere, Ter. :
tangere, Virg. To feel with the hand: attrectare,
Plaut. : pertractare, Cic. : manu tractare, Virg. : contrectare,
Col. To feel something : rei manum admovere,
or afferre, Cic. II. To try : probare : periclitari:
Cic. : scrutari, Hor. III. To have a sense of pain
orpleasure: sentire : sensu percipere : rei sensum capere.
Ifeel pain everywhere : totus doleo, Plaut. : opprimor
totius corporis doloribus, Cic. IV. To be affected by.
To feel a great joy : laetitiam toto pectore sentire,
Ov. He felt great grief at his brother's death:
mprte sui fratris graviter commotus fuit : mors fratris
fuit illi acerbissima : Cic Hefeels it deeply : his rebus
commovetur vehementer, Cic. V. To know : sentire :
intelligere : Cic. To feel one's strength : viribus fidere.
Ifeel that I am dying : vivus vidensque pereo, Ter.
FEELERS, s. pi. Antennae, arum.
FEELING or FEEL. s. I. The sense of touch : tactus,
us : tactio : Cic. : contactus, us, Virg. : tactus
sensus, us, Plin. II, Sensibility : mollitia : teneritas:
mollior, or tenerior, animus : Cic Endowed with
acute feeling : ad concipiendos affectus mollis, Cic. : affectibus
vehementissimis obnoxius, or patens. III.
Perception: sensus, us, Cic. One that has lost all
feeling : omnibus sensibus orbus, Veil.
FEELINGLY, ad. I. So as to be sensibly felt : accommodate
ad sensum : ita ut sub sensum cadat : Cic. :
admodum : graviter : vehementer : Cic. II. With
expression ofgreat sensibility : animo molliore : (affecte,
To FEIGN, v. a. and n. Fingere : simulare : dissimulare
: Cic To feign grief : os in ma-stitiam flectere,
Tac Tofeign sleep : somnum mentiri, Petron.
FEIGNED, part. a. Fictus : mentitus : simulatus : Cic.
Feigned grief: tristitiae irritamentum, Tac.
FEIGNEDLY. ad. Falso, Ter. : false, Cic. : ficte : simulate,
or fallanter.
FEIGNER. *. Qui simulat : simulator, Cic. : Tac.
FEINT, s. Simulatio : dissimulatio : Cic. Feint m
fencing : armorum avocatio, Quint. : simulata petitio
To make afeint : comminari impetum, Hirt.
To FELICITATE, v. a. Alicui rem, re, de re, gratulari :
congratulari : Cic.
FELICITATION, s. Gratulatio : congratulatio : Cic.
A letter offelicitation : epistola gratulatoria.
FELICITOUS, a. Beatus : felix : fortunatus : Cic.
FELICITOUSLY, ad. Fauste : prospere : feliciter : Cic. I
FELICITY, s. Felicitas : beatitas : beatitudo : Cic.
Seeming felicity : bracteata, or personata, felicitas, Sen.
There is no perfect felicity : nihil est ab omni parte
beatum, Hor.
FELL, FELINE, a. ( Speaking of beasts) : ferus : immanis
: Cic ( Speaking of men) : crudelis : saevus :
inhumanus : barbarus : Cic.
FELL. s. Pellis : corium : Plin.
To FELL. v. a. I. To knock down : aliquem sternere,
or prosternere, Liv. : aliquem humi fundere,
terrae applicare, Virg. : ad terram affligere, Plaut., or
dejicere, Cic Tofell a lion: leonem proterere, Plaut.
II. To hew down : caedere : abscindere: praecidere :
incidere : Cic Tofell aforest : silyam caedere, Cic.
FELLER, s. Lignarius, Liv. : qui ligna caedit.
FELLMONGER. s. Pellio, Plaut.
FELLNESS. *. Feritas : immanitas, Cic. : crudelitas :
inhumanitas : saevitia : Cic.
FELLOE or FBLLY. s. (Of a wheel) : absis, or apsis,
idis, f., Plin.
FELLOW, s. I. A companion : comes : consociatus :
societate conjunctus: socius: Cic. II. An equal:
aequalis : comes, Sen.
To FELLOW, v. a. Convenientia inter se componere :
pares cum paribus componere : Sail. : parem pari jungere,
Hor. : rei rem aptare, or accommodare, Cic.
FELLOW-CITIZEN, s. Civis, Cic. : (concivis, Tertull.).
FELLOW-COMMONER. *. Convictor : commensalis.
FELLOW-CREATURE. *. Ejusdem generis : socius
FELLOW-FEELING, s. (Sympathia, Vitr.) : naturae
cognatio : naturae quasi concentus, atque consensus, us :
FELLOW-HEIR, s. Cohasres, Cic.
FELLOW-LABOURER, s. Qui (qua?) operam in commune
confert : operae particeps.
FELLOW-SERVANT, s. Conservus, Cic.
FELLOWSHIP, s. Ccetus : cpnventus, us : societas :
Cic.: consociatio : communio : consortium (In a
college) : beneficiarius convictus, us, Caes.
FELLOW-SOLDIER, s. Commilito, onis.
FELLOW-STUDENT, s. Condiscipulus, Cic.
FELLOW-SUFFERER, s. Pari damno affectus.
FELLY, ad. Crudeliter : inhumaniter : atrociter : Cic.
FELO-DE-SE, s. (A law term.) Qui se ipsum occidit:
qui sibi manu vitam exhaurit : qui sibi violentas manui
affert: Cic.
FELON, s. Sons : nocens : reus rei capitalis, Cic.
FELONIOUS, a. Malus : malignus : improbus : Cic. :
scelestus : nefarius.
FELONIOUSLY, ad. Improbe : nequiter : nefarie : seelerate
: sceleste, Cic.
FELONY, s. Ciimen capitis, Cic.
FELT. s. i. e. Wool and hair united into cloth without
weaving : pi., subcoacta, orum, Caes. : coactilia, ium, U.
Jet. To prepare a felt : lanas ex quibus pileus efficitur
To FELT. v. a. Coactilibus instruere.
FELUCCA, s. i.e. A small open boat with six oars :
phaselus, Virg. : Ov. : actuariolum, Cic.
FEMALE, s. Femina : mulier : Cic An accomplished
female : lectissima mulier, l ic. : mulier examussim optima,
FEMALE, a. Femineus: feminus : muliebris: Cic.
FEMININE, a. Mollis : effeminatus : muliebris : Cic.
FEN. s. Locus .palustris, Caes., paludosus, Ov. : palus,
FENCE, s. I. An enclosure : septum, Varr. : clausum,
Col. : pi., palli : valli, orum : vallorum humi defixorum
ordo. II. Guard: tutela : munimentum : Cic.
To FENCE, v. a. I. To enclose: vallare : vallo munire:
palis praefixis locum munire, or instruere. II.
To guard : defendere : tueri : Cic.
To FENCE, v. n. i.e. To practise the use of swords :
rudibus ludere, or certare : inter se praepilatis gladiis
FENCELESS, a. Sine munimento : nudus.
FENCER, s. Lanista, Cic.
FENCING, s. Armorum ars ludicra, Cic/:j lanistarum
FENCING-MASTER, s. Lanista, ae, Cic.
FENCING-SCHOOL, s. Gladiatorius ludus, Mart.
To FEND. v. a. i. e. To ward off: petitiones effugere,
Cic. : ictus avertere, or declinare, Liv. : vulnus eludere,
FENDER, s. Apposita foco craticula.
FENNEL, s. A plant : feniculum : marathrum : Plin.
FENNISH or FENNY, a. Palustris, Caes. : paludosus,
Ov. Fenny soil : solum uliginosum, Plin.
FEOD. s. Praedium beneficiarium.
FEODAL. a. Fiduciarius : beneficiarius : Plin.
FEODARY. 5. (A law term.) Cliens, tis.
To FEOFF, v. a. (With lawyers): bonis donare To
feoff in trust : fideicommittere.
FEOFFEE, s. Bonis donatus, Cic A feoffee in trust :
FEOFFER. s. Qui alium bonis donat : qui fideicommittit.
FEOFFMENT. s. Tradita beneficiarii praedii possessio.
Afeqffinent in trust : fideicommissum.
FERACITY. s. Fertilitas : fecunditas : ubertas : Cic. :
feracitas, Col. : terras felicitas, Plin.
FERINE, a. Ferus : immanis : trux, Cic.
FERITY, s. Feritas : immanitas : crudelitas : Cic.
To FERMENT, v. a. and n. Fermentari. Pliny uses
fermentescere, in a figurative sense.
FERMENT, s. Fermentum, Plin. : Liv.
FERMENTABLE, a. Quod fermentari potest.
FERMENTATION, s. Liquoris internus aestus, us : interior
FERN. s. A plant : filix, icis, Virg.
FERNY, a. A ferny ground or fern plot: filictum,
FEROCIOUS, a. Trux: ferus : truculentus : immanis:
Cic A ferocious disposition : truculentus animus, Cic. :
aniini vis effera, Virg.
FEROCITY, s. Feritas : immanitas : crudelitas : Cic.
FERRET, s. Viverra, Plin.
To FERRET, v. a. Viverris venari cuniculos.
FERRULE, s. Circulus nexilis, Sen. : carchebus, Vitr.
To FERRY OVER. v. a. and . Trajicere.
FERRY, s. Trajectus, us.
FERRY-BOAT, s. Ponto, Caes. A small ferry boat:
cymba, Cic. : cymbula, Plin. : linter, Caes. : Tibull.
FERRYMAN, s. Portitor, Virg. : vector, Ov. : naviculator
: navicularius : Cic. : (lintrarius, U. Jet.).
FERTILE, a. Fertilis : ferax : fecundus : uber : Cic.
A fertilefield: laetus ager, Virg. : ferax frugum, Hor.
FERTILELY, ad. Fecunde : fertiliter : Plin.
FERTILENESS or FERTILITY, s. Fertilitas : fecunditas :
ubertas: Cic.: feracitas, Col.: terrae felicitas, Plin
Cultivation increases the fertility of the soil : cultu fit
terra fecundior, Cic.
To FERTILIZE, v. a. ( The soil) : terram fecundare,
Virg. : terris fecunditatem dare, Cic. : uberare terras,
I Plin.
' FERVENCY, s. Pietatis calor, Flin. J. : piae mentis ar-
: dor : pii animi aestus, us.
I FERVENT, a. Fervidus : fervens : ardens.
FERVENTLY, ad. Fervide, Plaut.: ferventer, Cels. :
1 ardenter, Cic.
FEHVID. a. Ardens : candens : flagrans : fe'rvidus :
iinflammatus : Cic.
FERULA, s. I. A plant: ferula, Plin. II. An in-
\strument of correction : ferula, Juv.
To FERULE, v. a. Caedere ferula, Hor.
i To FESTER, v. n. Suppurare, Col. : pus emittere,
KESTINATION. s. Festinatio : properatio : Cic. : properantia,
Sail. : maturatio, Auct. ad Her.
FESTIVAL, a. Festus : genialis.
FESTIVAL, s. Festum, Ov. : genialis, or festus, dies.
Cic. : geniale festum, Ov.
FESTIVE, a. Hilaris : hilarus : laetus : Cic.
FESTIVITY, s. Festum : laetitia : gaudium : Cic.
To FETCH, v. a. I. To go and bring: quaerere :
exquirere. II. To derive: capere : or, percipere, Cic.
III.. To strike at a distance : ferire. IV. To perform :
prehendere : capere. V. To obtain as a price : reddere,
Cato : ferre : referre : Col. : tanti vendi : pro
pecunia commutari posse. VI To fetch breath : respirare
: anhelare To fetch a deep breath : spiritum ex
alto citare, Sen. To fetch a blow: librare ictum. _ To
fetch a sigh : ducere suspirium. To fetch a compass :
FETCH, s. Astus, us, Plaut.: calliditas, Ter. : astutia.
Cic. : dolus.
FETCHED, part. a. Longe petitus : accersitus, Cic.
Far-fetched: alte repetitus.
FETID, a. Fetidus : fetens : Cic.
FETIDNESS, s. Fetor, oris.
FETLOCK, s. (In horses) : cruris et pedis junctura.
To FETTER, v. a. Alicui catenas injicere, Cic. : catenis
constringere,Cic. : vincire, Ov.: religare, Suet. : compescere,
FETTERS, s. pi. Vincula : compedes : Cic He if
in fetters : in vincula conjectus est, Cic. : tenetur in
compedibus, Hor. : est in vinculis, Plin.
FEUD. s. Contentio : jurgium : Cic. : rixa, Liv. -
There is a feud between them : inter se dissident : ex
istit inter eos jurgium: Cic There is a feud between
him and me : mihi cum eo rixa est, Cic.
FEUDAL, a. (A law term.) Ad clientelam, or ad patro
nos et clientes, pertinens.
FEVER, s. Febris, Cic. A slight fever { febricula,
Cic. To be in a fever : febrem habere, Cic. : febrire :
febricitare: Cels. To be in a violent fever : aestu febrique
jactari, Cic A continued fever : febris assidua :
Cels To catch or be seized with a fever : febrem accipere
in artus, Lucr. : febre corripi, Plin. : (febrescere,
To FEVER, v. a. Febrim adducere, Hor. : febrim
afferre, Cels. : febrim facere. Mart.
FEVERISH, FEVEROUS, or FEVERY. a. I. Causingfever
: febrem afferens, excitans, movens, Cels. II.
Sick of a fever : febriculosus, Catull. : febrem habens :
cum febri. III. Attended with fever : febriculosus.
IV. Burning : fervens : fervidus : urens: ardens.
FEW. a. pi. Not many : pauci : rari. In few words :
brevi : breviter : paucis : paucis verbis : Cic.
FEWNESS, s. Brevitas, Cic. The fewness of troops :
copiarum exiguitas, Cic The fewness of orators : oratorum
paucitas, Cic.
FIAT. s. Scitum : praescriptum : edictum : Cic.
FIB. s. Commentum : res commentitia : mendaciunculum
: Cic.
To FIB. v. n. Alicui centones farcire, Plaut. : verba
dare, Ter. : commentum afferre : aliquem mendacio fallere
: Cic.
FIBBER, s. Mendax, Cic. : vanus, Virg.
FIBRE, s. Fibra, Cic. Fibre of plants : pi., fibra>,
arum, Cic. : capillamenta, Plin.
FIBRIL, s. Fibra tenuissima : pertenue capillamentum.
FIBROUS, s. Fibris abundans Fibrous root: fibrata
multis capillamentis radix, Plin.
FICKLE, a. Inconstans : levis : mobilis : Cic. A
fickle man : instabilis homo, Liv A fickle mind: mobile
ingenium : Liv. The vulgar is fickle : vulgus mobile
est, Col., incertum, mutabile, Virg.
FICKLENESS, s. Inconstantia : levltas : mobilitas : volubilitas
: Cic. : instabilitas, Plin.
FICKLELY. ad. Inconstanter, Cic.
FICTION, s. Commentum, Cic (In poetry): fabula.
The fictions of poets : vatum fallacia, Virg.
FICTITIOUS, a. Fictus : confictus : falsus : Cic.
FICTITIOUSLY, ad. Falso, Ter. : false, Cic.
FIDDLE, s. Minoris modi fides, ium : fidiculae sonantes,
To FIDDLE, v. n. I. To play on a fiddle : fidibus
canere: (fidicinare, Marc. Cap.). II. To trifle: nugari
: tricari.
FIDDLE-FADDLE, s. Geme : nugae : tricse, Ter. : Mart.:
res nihili, Cic.
To FIDDLE-FADDLE, v. n. Nugari : tricari.
FIDDLER, s. Fidicen, Cic.
FIDDLESTICK, s. Plectrum, Cic.
FIDDLESTRING. s. Fidium nervus, or chorda.
FIDELITY, s. Fides, Cic. To take an oath offidelity :
fidem suam alteri Sacramento obstringere, Cic. To try
to corruptfidelity : alterius fidenj labefactare conari.
To FIDGE or FIDGET, v. n. Discursare : futiliter
FIDUCIAL, a. Firmus : stabilis : constans : Cic.
FIDUCIARY, s. Sequester : (heres fideicommissarius,
FIK. interj. Apage, Ter.
FIEF, s, (In law): praedium beneficiarium.
FIELD, s. Ager, Cic A little field: agellus, Cic. 
A .field of debate : pugnae campus : also, campus : ma- 
teries : argumentum : Cic A corn-field : arvum. 

Green fields : prata viridantia A fallow field : ager 

novalis : novale Afield of battle : pugnae, or praelii, 
campus : acies. To remain masters of the field : victo- 
ria potiri To challenge to the field : ad pugnam laces- 
sere. To take the field : in aciem venire To keep the 
Jeld: in loco manere : castris consistere To quit the 
field : loco cedere : victus abire. To be driven off the 
field : acie vinci : superari. 

FIELD-DAY, s. Dies ad copiarum recensionem praesti- 

FIELD-GATE, s. Munimentum, Plin. : septum : claus- 

P'lELD-MAESHAL. s. Castrorum prffifectus primarius. 

FIELD-MOUSE, s. Mus rusticus, Hor. 

FIELD-OFFICER, s. Exercitus dux, or princeps : ordi- 
num ductor : militum prasfectus. 

FIELD-PIECE. *. Tormentum castrense. 

FIEND. 5. Diabolus : malus daemon. He is a wicked 
fiend : bipedum nequissimus : hie nebulo magnus est. 

FIENDHKE. a. Infernus A fiendlike mind : mala 

mens : malus animus : Ter. : animus nequam, Cic. 

FIERCE, a. Furens : furiosus : furibundus : Cic. : im- 
modicus, Ov. 

FIERCELY, ad. Furiose : furenter : Cic. 

FIERCENESS, s. Ferocitas: furor: Cic.: impotentis 
animi effrenatio, Cic. 

FIERINESS. s. Impetus, us, Cic. Fieriness of youth : 
adolescentiae fervor : juvenilis calor, or ardor : Cic. 

FIERY, a. Violentus: vehemens : Cic A fiery 
temper: ferventissima natura, Col. A fiery mind: 
impetuosus animus, Plin. A fiery horse: equus asper, 
Ov. : ex facili furens : ferocitate exsultans : Cic. 

FIFE. s. Fistula militaris. 

FIFTEEN, a. Quindecim: quinideni : Caes. Fifteen 
times: quindecies, Cic. 

FIFTEENTH, a. Quintus decimus : decimus quintus : 
quintus et decimus. 

FIFTH, a. and s. Quintus, Liv. Of the fifth rank: 
quintanus, Plin. For the fifth time : quintum, Liv. 

FIFTHLY, ad. Quinto loco : quintp. 

FIFTIETH, a. Quinquagesimus, Cic. 

FIFTY, a. Quinquaginta, Cic. : quinquageni, Plin. 
A company of fifty men : quinquagenana cohors, Curt. 

Fifty times : quinquagies, Cic. 

FIG. s. I. A tree : ficus, us : fici arbor : Cic. : arbor 
ficulnea, Col. Of or belonging to a fig-tree: ficulneus : 
ficulnus. II. The fruit of the fig-tree : ficus, us, Cic. 
A small fig : ficulus, Plaut. A green fig: grossus, Plin. : 
grossulus, Col, A dry fig: arida ficus, us, Plaut.: ca- 
rica, Ov A very ripe fig: percocta ficus, Plin Not 
to care a fig for: pro nihilo putare : nihili habere : flocci 
facere. III. A disease in horses : ficus, i, or us, Cels. 

To FIGHT, v. n. Cum aliquo congredi : depugnare : 
confligere: manum conserere: Cic. To fight with sticks : 

pugnare fustibus, Hor To fight with swords : gladiis 

pugnare : digladiari, Ov. To fight on foot, on horse- 
back : pede, equo, congredi, Virg. 

To FIGHT, v. a. Certare : decertare : pugnare : de- 
pugnare : Cic. To fight the enemy : cum hoste pugnare, 
certare: prcelio dimicare, Cic.: certamen, or pugnam, 
conserere, Liv. : contra hostem congredi, Cic. : in hos- 
tem pugnare, Liv. To fight for one's country : pro 
patria pugnare, Cic To fight for one's life: de vita 
dimicare. To fight with equal forces : compari Marte 
concurrere, Liv. : eequis viribus dimicare, Curt. 

FIGHT, s. Pugna : certamen : prcelium : Cic A naval 
fight: pugna navalis, Cic. : navale certamen, Virg., prce- 
lium, Quint. : maritimum prcelium, Cell. : classicum cer- 
tamen, Veil. A single fight : singulare certamen. A 
fight with words : concertatio yerbprum, Cic. 

FIGHTER, s. Gladiator: digladiator : Cic.: rixarum 

FIGHTING, a. Bonus militia, Tac. : acerrimus armis, 
Virg Ten thousand fighting men : decem millia arma- 
torum, Curt. 


FIGPECKER. s. A bird : ficedula, Cell. : melancory- 
phus, Plin. 

FIG-TREE, s. Ficus, tis : fici arbor : Cic. : arbor 
ficulnea, Col. 

FIGURATE. a. Figuratus, Cic. A figurate style: 
oratio coloribus oratoriis decorata et ornata, Cic., colo- 
rata, or figurata, Quint. 

FIGURATION, s. Externa corporum forma, figura, or 

FIGURATIVE, a. I. Typical, representative: quod 
figuram exhibet. II. (In rhetoric) : translatus Figu- 
rative terms : immutata verba. 

FIGURATIVELY, ad. (Figurate, Asc. Ped.) : symbolice, 
Cell. : per translationem. 

FIGURE. *. Figura : forma : effigies : Cic. : imago. 

To have a human figure : esse humana specie et fi- 
gura, Cic. A figure of wax : cerea, Hor. Figures of 
bronze: imagines ex aere, Cic A figure of wood : lignea 

simulacra, Ov. A figure of speech: figura: tropus, 
Quint. : immutatio verborum, Cic. 

To FIGURE, v. a. I. To form into a determinate 
shape : figurare Cic. : delineare : deformare : Vitr. 
II. To draw ot paint: figurare: pingere: depingere: 
Cic. III. To diversify: variare: variare et distin- 
guere. IV. To represent as a type : figuram ex- 

hibere: (praefigurare, Lact.). That statue figured 
Ninus: simulacrum Nini gerebat efflgium, Curt. 
V To figure to one's self: rem sibi fingere, or cogitatione 
fingere, Cic I figure to myself Cethegus : versatur 
mihi ante oculos Cethegi adspectus, Cic Figure to 
yourselves the state in which I am : fingite igitur cogita- 
tione imaginem conditionis meaa, Cic. 

FILACEOUS, a. CapiUatus : capillamentis distinctus : 

FILAMENT, s. Fibra tenuis Filaments of plants : 
fibra, Cic. : capillamenta, Col. 

FILBERT. *. Avellana : pux Avellana : Plin. 

To FILCH. t. a. i. e. To pilfer : suppilare : surripere : 
Plaut. : Cic. : arte mala subducere To filch money 
from one : emungere aliquem argento, Ter. 

FILCHER. *. Fur : latrunculus : rapacides : Plaut. : 
depeculator, Cic. : furtificus, Plaut. 

FILCHING, s. Furtum : fraus. 

FILE. s. I. A thread: filum, Ov. :linum: (but only 
figuratively). II. Papers strung together on a wire or 
string : chartarum fasciculus : instrumenta colligata 
eodem titulo inscripta. III. A line of soldiers ranged 
behind one another: ordo, Liv. IV. An instrument 
to rub down prominences : lima, Virg. : scobina, Plin. 

To FILE. v. a. I. To string upon a thread or wire : 
filp nectere, colligare. II. To cut with a file : limare j 
elimare, Cic. 

To FILE OFF. v. n. i. e. To march in a file : longo ordine 

FILIAL, a. Filial love: amor, timor, or reverentia, 
qualis filium in parentem decet : in parentem amor. 

FILIALLY, ad. More filiorum erga parentes. 

FILIATION, s. Genus : ortus, Os : origo. 

FILINGS. *. pi. Scobis, Cels. : ramentum, Plaut. 

To FILL. v. a. Rei, or re, implere, explere, Cic. : ali- . 
quid re, or rei, implere, or replere, Cic., opplere, Liv. 
To fill every place with books : refercire libris omnia, 

To FILL. v.n. To grow full : impleri : repleri To 

fill one's self with meat : se cibis ingurgitare, Cic The 
ship was filling with water: navis aquam multam trahe- 
bat, Sen. 

FILLET. . Fascia: tzenia: vitta: Cic.: pittacium, 

To FILLET, v. a. Rem fascia obligate : fasciis devin- 
cire : Cic. : fasciare, Mart. 

To FILLIP, v. a. Talitro percutere. 

FILLIP, s. Talitrum, Suet. 

FILLY, s. Equulus, Cic. : pullus equinus, Quint, 
equae, Lucr. : equula, Vitr. 

FILM. s. Pellicula, Cic. : cuticula, Pers. : membrana, 

FILMY, a. Membranaceus, Plin. 

To FILTER or FILTRATE, v. a. Liquorem colare, or 
percolare, Col. : linteo saccare : per linteum exprimere : 

FILTER, s. Colum. 

FILTH or FILTHINESS. s. Spurcitia, Ter. : soraes, 
ium, pi., Cic. : inquinamentum, Gell. 

FILTHILY, ad. Spurce : fcede : Cic. : sordide, Val. 

FILTHY, a. Immundus, Ter. : spurcus, Catull. : sordi- 
dus, Virg. : fcedus, Tac. : inquinatus, Cato : impurus, 
Cic.: obscenus, Ov. Filthy hands: illotae manus, 

TILTRATION. s. Purgatio, Plin. 

FIN. s. Pinna, Plin. 

FINABLE, a. Mulctandus. 

FINAL, a. Extremus : ultimus : Cic. : (finalis, Ma- 

FINALLY, ad. Denique : tandem : ad extremum : Cic. : 
demum : postrgmo. 

FINANCE, s. 2Erarium To put the finances in order: 
rem nummariam constituere, Cic. 

FINANCIAL, a. Ad aerarium pertinens. 

FINANCIER, s. Qui pecuniam publicam tractat, Cic. j 

FINCH, s. Fringilla. 

To FIND. v.a. Invenire: reperire: Cic To find 
some one by chance : in aliquem incidere, Cic. To find 
good, approve : probare : approbare : comprobare : ra- 
tum habere : Cic. 

To FIND OUT. v. a. I. To solve : nodum expedire 
locum difficilem explicare : explanare : enucleare: Cic. 
To find out an argument : argumentum dissolvere : 
Cic. II. To discover something hidden : introspicejre : 

perspicere : <*.apsa. 

FLASKET. *. Cista, Col. , cistella : corbis : Ter. : cor- 
bula, Varr. 

FLAT. a. JEquus : planus : Cic. To lie flat : rem 
in planum collocare, applicare. To lie flat on the 
ground: hum! jacere. A flat country : planus ager, 
Vitr. Aflat nose: depressus nasus. 

FLAT. *. 1. A plain : planities : planus et aequus ager : 
aequor:Col. II. A shallow strand : vadum. \\\.The 

broad side of a blade : gladii plana pars To strike one 

with the flat side of a sword : alicui humeros gladio, qua 
planus est, flagellare : aliquem gladio se percutere. 1 V . 
Depression of thought or language : abjectio : humilitas. 

V. (In music: : ^ravis. 

To FLAT. j>. a. and . Complanare, Cato : ad planum 
reducere, Phn. : -coaequare, Sail. : aequare, Virg. : ex- 
aequare, Hirt. : redigere ad aequalitatem, Plin. 
FLATLY. . a. i. e. To melt: liquare : or, liquefacere : 

FLUXION, s. Fluxio, Cic. : manatio. Front. : distillatio 



FLY. *. Musca, Cic. 

To FLY. v. n. I. To move through the air with 
wings: volare, Cic.: Liv. To fly in flocks : volare 
catervatim, Plin., gregatim, Quint. II. To move along 
swiftly f properare ocius : celeritatem, or iestinationeiu, 
adhibere : Cic To fly away : e loco avolare, or evolare, 
Varr. To fly over : supervolare, Ov. III. To run 
away, to attempt to escape : fugere : aufugere : fugse, or 
in fugam, se dare : in fugam se conjicere : fugam capere, 
Caes. : capessere : in fugam converti, Liv. 

To FLY. v. a. Fugere : a re refugere : vitare : decli- 
nare rem, or a re : Cic. To fly some one's presence : 
alicujus conspectum, or oculos, fugitare, Cic. 

FLY-BOAT, s. Myoparo, Cic. 

FLYER, s. I. One who runs away : fugiens : fugax. 

To stop the flyers : fugam reprimere, Cic. II. The 
fly of a jack: libramentum, Col. 

FLY-FLAP. *. Muscarium. 

FOAL. s. I. A young horse: equulus, Cic.: pullu* 
equinus, Quint., equae, Lucr. II. A young ass : asel- 
lus, Ov. : pullus asini, asininus, Varr. 

To FOAL. v. a. Fetum edere : parere : partum eniti : 
feturn asininum deponere, Catull., edere, Cic. 

FOAM. s. Spuma Full of foam : spumosus, Plin. 

To FOAM. v.n. Spumare, Plin.: spumam agere, 
Cic To foam at the mouths in ore spumas agere> 

FOAMY, a. Spumans : spumeus : Virg. 

FOB. . Marsupium : crumena : locellus, Mart. 

To FOB. v. a. Fide nulla ludcre : dolos adhibere : 
eludere in alea : Plaut To fob off: aliquem luditicari, 
Plaut. : alludere : fraudare : alicui illudere : Cic. 

FODDER, s. Pabulum, Cic They were in want oj 

fodder: premebantur pabulatione, Cees. 

To FODDER, v. n. Pabulum bestiis suppeditare. . 

FOE. s. Inimicus : infensus : adversarius : hostis : Cic. 

My greatest foe : inimicissimus meus, Cic Clodiut 
was his most dangerous foe : nemo illi inimicitior quam 
Clodius, Cic. 

FCETUS. s. Foetus, or fetus, us, Col. 

FOG. *. I. A mist : nebula, Plin A dense fogj 
atra nebula, Virg The rivers are covered with fogs : 
caligaut amnes, Col. II. After-grass: fenum cordum, 
Col. : fenum autumnale, Plin. 

FOGGY, a. I. Full of fog, misty: nebulosus : ca- 
liginosus : Cic. The air is foggy: nebulosum est ccelum, 
Cic.: aer est nebulosus, Plin. II. Dull: stupidus : 

FOH. inter j. Apage ! Ter. 

FOIBLE, s. Vitium. Every one has his foible : aliud 

aliis vitii est, Cic Superstition was Alexander's foible: 

superstitionis potensnon erat Alexander, Curt. A foible 
for some one : nimia in aliquem indulgentia. 

FOIL. s. I. A defeat: detrimenttnn, Caes. : clades. 

II. A sort of tinsel : aurea, or argentea, lamella teniae 

intexta (On the back of a looking-glass): lamina 

stannea. III. A blunt sword used in fencing: gladius 

praepilatus : vero. 

To FOIL. v. a. I. To defeat : hostium aciem profli- 
gare : exercitum caedere et fugare : hostes fundere, or 
corificere: hostibus cladem aflerre, Cic. II. To set 
off: ornare : exornare : comere : Cic. 

FOIN. 5. A push in fencing : petitio. 

To FOIN. v. , Aliquem gladio petere, or appeterej 
in aliquem petitionem conjicere : Cic. 

To FOIST, v.a. Subdere: suffarcire: supponere. 

FOISTINESS. s. Mucor, Col. : fetor, Cic. : putor, Cato: 
graveolentia, Plin. 

FOLD. s. I. A place in a field where sheep are con- 
fined : ovium septum ( In poetry) : grex To enclose 

in a fold : oves textis cratibus claudere, Hor. : intra septa 
continere. II. A place where sheep are housed: ovile: 
caula : Virg. 1 1 1. A double, one part doubled upon an* 
other: duplum, Cic.: sinus, us, Virg.: ruga, Pliu. 
To have folds : rugare, Plaut Look at the folds in his 
cloak : vide palliolum ut rugat, Plaut. 

To FOLD. v.a. I. To shut sheep in a fold: clau- 
dere pecus textis cratibus, Hor. : (or without textis cra- 
tibus, as the case may be). II. To double : plicare: 

complicare : Lucr. : Cic To fold letters : literas com- 

plicare, Cic., corrugare, Hor., in rugas replicare, Plin., 
or cogere. 

FOLDING, s. P'licatio : plicatura : Plin. 

FOLIAGE, s. Frondes, ium: folia: Cic.: foliftura, 

FOLIATION. *. Frondescentia : foliatio: Col. 

FOLK. s. People: homines. Some folk think that: 
sunt qui putant, Cic. 

To FOLLOW, v. a. I. To go after: sequi, Cic. : con- 
sectari, Ter. The dog follows his master : canis heri- 
lem gressum comitatur, Virg. 'io follow some one who 
flies: vestigia fugientis excipere, Curt To follow the 
same road : eamdern viam in.sisttre, Plaut. : eundem 
cursum tenere, Cic. II. Tohold wiih, to beat/ached to: 
ab aliquo, or a causa alicujus, stare, Cic. : alicujus partes 
sequi : partium, or de partibus, esse, Liv. III. To imi- 
tate : imitari, Cic j sei>:olaii, Hor. To follow an au- 


thor's mode of reasoning : scriptoris disputandi genus con 
sectari, Cic. IV. To observe : sequi To follow th 
will and inclinations of another : alicujus voluntatiobsequ 
obtemperare : ad voluntatem se conformare : ad arbitriun 
se accommodare : (alicujus voluntatem subsequi, U. Jet. ) 
alicui morigerari, Ter To follow the advice : consilii 
parere, Cic. To addict one's self to: animum adjun 
gere ad aliquid To follow one's genius : obsequi anim 
suo : ingenium suum facere : Ter. To follow one' 
inclination : in re animo indulgere, Ov. To follow 
one's passion : cupiditati parere, Cic. 

To FOLLOW, v. n. I. To come after another : sequi 
subsequi : consequi : insequi. II. To be a consequence 
sequi. A fault is followed by punishment : culpam pcen 
premit comes, Hor. : culpa est pcenaa suae contermina 

111. To continue : see To CONTINUE. 
FOLLOWER, s. Sequens : subsequens: famulus : servus 
Cic. : comes. (In the plural), Retinue : comitatus, us 
ass'ectatorum turba. He is among the king's followers 
est in regio comitatu, e regis asseclis, inter regis assecta 

FOLLY, s. Dementia: insania: stultitia: insipientia 
Cic. Excess of folly : mentis pravitas et furor, Cic. 
TO FOMENT, v. a. I. To cherish with heat : fovere 
II. To bathe with 10 arm lotions: fomentis fovere 
malum curare, Cels. To foment a wound with water 
vulnus aqua fovere, Virg. III. To encourage : fovere 
alere To foment hatred: materiam odiis alendis prae 
atare, Claud. Flattery foments vices : assentatio es 
vitiorum adjutrix, Cic. 

FOMENTATION, s. Fotus, us, Plin. : fomentum, Col. 
(fomentatio, U. Jet.). 

FOMENTER. s. Alicujus, or alicui, fautor: fern, fau 
trix : alicujus studiosus et fautor : Cic. 

FOND. a. I. Indulgent : indulgens : remissus : Cic 
Too fond of his son : nimis indulgens in filium, Cic 
II. Foolishly delighted, with: impotens : animi im 
potens : impotenti ammo vir: Cic. III. Foolish: in 
consultus : inconsideratus : inconsiderans : Cic. 
IV. Trifling: lasciviens, Sen.: lascivus, Virg.: lasci 
vibundus, Plaut. 

To FOND or To FONDLE, v. a. Molliter habere, Cic. 
alicui blandiri, palpari, suppalpari, blande palpari 

FONDLING, s. Puer indulgentius habitus : factus li 
centia deterior adolescens. 

FONDLY, ad. I. Foolishly, imprudently : incon- 
siderate : inconsulte : inconsulto : Cic. II. Withgrea 
tenderness : ex animo : toto pectore : summa voluntate 
Cic. : animo libenti prolixoque, Ter. 

FONDNESS, s. I. Foolishness : inconsiderantia, Cic. 
temeritas: imprudentia : Cell. II. Tenderness: sin- 
gularis erga aliquem amor, voluntas, Cic. 

FONT. s. The baptismal font : fontes lustrales : fons 
baptismi: salutare lavacrum. 

FOOD. s. Alimentum : nutrimentum : cibus : esca 
pabulum : Cic To give food : alicui cibaria praebere 
Cic. : alimenta subministrare, Cels. 

FOOL. s. Fatuus : ineptus : stultus: absurdus : insul- 
sus : Cic I am not such a fool : non faciam tarn fatue, 

To FOOL. v. n. Lascivire, Sen. : jocari : scurrari : 
Hor. : scurriliter ludere. 

To FOOL. v. a. Aliquem ludere : deludere : ludificari : 
ridere : irridere : illudere : Cic. 
FOOLERY, s. Dementia: ineptiae, Cic. 
FOOLHARDINESS. s. Temeritas : inconsiderantia : Cic. : 
praeceps audacia. 

FOOLHARDY, a. Temerarius : inconsideratus : consi- 
liopraeceps: Cic.: audentior. 

FOOLISH, a. Stultus : improvidus : incautus : ab- 
surdus : insulsus : Cic A foolish hope : spes inanis, 

FOOLISHLY, ad. Stulte : dementer : insipienter : Cic. 

j FOOT. s. I. Part of the body : pes, Cic A small 

]foot: pediculus, Plin To strike the ground with the 
'foot : pedem supplodere, Cic. : terrae pedem incutere. 
II. The lower part of a mountain: montis radices, 
Cic. The town is situate at the foot of a high moun- 
\tain: impendel urbi mons altissimus. Cic. At the foot 
vf a rock : sub ipsis petrae radicibus, Curt The foot of 
'! "'(ill : imus murus. Situate at the foot of the Alps : 
bubalpinus, Plin. III. A measure <>f twelve inches : 

 FOOTBALL, s. Follis pugillatorius, I'laut. 


FOOTBOARD, s. Scabellum : suppedaneura : Lact. 
(Of a coach-box) : scabellum. 

FOOTBOY. s. Puer : podisequus : Cic. 

FOOTING, s. I. Ground for the foot : vestigium, 
Cic. : iter : locus : Cic. : via. Bad footing : locus peri 
culosus, iniquus et salebrosus. To be stopped by bad 
footing: in luto haesitare, Ter. : in salebra haerere, Cic. 
To get footing in a place : consistere, Cic. II. Posi 

tion : condition: status, us : locus To be on a better 

footing: stare meliore loco, Cic He is on a good 
footing at court: stat in aula pulcherrime : magna est 
apud regem in gratia : Cic That man has got a good 
footing in that house : iste duabus anchoris, ut aiunt, 
firmavit in hoc domo navem suam, Plin. 

FOOTMAN, s. Pedisequus : servus a pedibus : Cic. 

FOOTPACE, s. Lentus passus, us, Virg To go afoot- 
pace : compositis gradibus ire, Virg. : composite ambu- 
lare, Col. : lento gradu incedere, Cic. 

FOOTPATH, s. Semita, Plaut. : callis : trames : Cic. : 
diverticulum, Plin. A very narrow footpath : angus- 
tissima semita, Cic. : viarum pars altior solis peuitibus 

FOOTSTEP, s. Vestigium, Plaut. I see his foohtcps 
printed on the dust : video ejus vestigia in pulvere, Plaut. 

FOOTSTOOL, s. Imum subsellium, Plaut. : sedecula : 

FOOTSTOVE. s. Pedestris fpculus. 

Fop. 5. Insulsus homo, Cic. : fatuus : vanus : incon- 

FOPPERY, s. Fatuitas : insulsitas : stultitia, Cic. 

FOPPISH, a. Stultus : fatuus : ineptus : absurdus : in- 
sulsus, Cic. : vanus : frivolus, Cic. 

P'OPPISHNESS. s. Fatuitus, Cic. : ostentatio : jactan- 
tia: Quint.: (vanitas, Petron.). 

FOR. conj. Nam: etenim: namque : enim. 

FOR. prep. I. Pro : ob : quod : or, propterea quod : 
quia : or, ideo quia. Killed for his avarice : caesus ob 
avaritiam, Virg. II. On the part of. -r- For me : ego 
vero : quod ad me attinet For you : tu vero : quod ad 
te attinet. III. As: ut: uti : quemadmodum : velut : 
veluti: sicut : sicuti : perinde ut, or ac He was taken 
for dead: pene mortuus habitus est. IV. Answer ably 
to : pro. Word for word : de verbo ad verbum, Cic. 
Fables translated from Greek wordjor word : fabulae ad 
verbum de Graecis expressae, Cic. Who do you take me 

for ? quern me esse ducis ? V. On account of: ob For 

what cause f quamobrem ? Plaut. : quam ob causam ? 
VI. Agreeably or according to : congruenter : con- 
venienter. To speak for the time : dicere aliquid apte, 
or accommodate ad tempus, Cic. VII. Because of: 
causa : or, gratia. Do this for me : hue age mea causa : 
id velim agas pro tuo in me amore, Cic This is for 
Cecsar, that for Pompey : hie Caesari, ille Pompcio 
favet, Cic Here, this is for you : hem ! serva, Ter. 

VIII. With all, all that, all this, signifying, Although : 
licet : quamvis : etsi: etiamsi: quanquam : nihilominus. 

IX. In proportion to : pro He is very wise for his 
age : magna est adolescentis, pro ratione aetatis, pruden- 

tia. He was very learned for a Roman : multum erant 
in eo ut in homine Romano llterae. X. Signifying the 

purpose or end of a thing : ad : in XI. Before words of 

price : to be rendered by the ablative case : e. g. For gold ' : 
auro. XII. Before 'sake': to be rendered by ergo, 
causa, gratia, with a genitive : by propter, with an accu- 
sative: or pro, with an ablative. XIII. Before words 

of time : ad : in : per : Cic For that time : interea loci, 

Ter. : toto illo tempore, Cic. : per id tempus, Liv. 
XIV. Before a participle in ing, Because that: to be 

endered by quod, or qui, with a conjunctive. XV. 
That, or, to the end that : to be rendered by causa, with 
the participle in dus, and a substantive, in the genitive. 

FORAGE, s. I. Food for horses : pabulum, Cic. 
II. Provisions: cibaria annona: penus, us: Plaut.: 
>enum, Ter. : penus oris, Hor. 

To FORAGE, v. a. and . Pabulari,' Caes. : agros po- 
lulari, or depopulari, Cic. : populando nudare, Liv. : 
igris depopulationem et vastitatem inferre, Cic. 

FORAGER, s. Tabulator, Caes. 

FOR AS MUCH AS. conj. Quia: quod: cum : quando- 

To FORBEAR, v. n. and a. I. To cease from any 
hing : desinere : finem facere, Cic To forbear from 
'ghting : pugna desistere, absistere. II. To pause : 
e tenere, Cic. III. To abstain: ab, or in. re sibi 
mperare : re, or ab re, abstinere, se abstinere. IV. 
'o decline : vitare : devitare : declinare a re : rem fu- 
ere : or, a re effugere : Cic. V. To spare : alicui in- 
ulgere : aliquem indulgenter habere : cum aliquo mi- 
ius, or remissius, or non summo jure, agere : Cic. 
I e must forbear one another : nobis inter nos vitia nos- 
ra toleranda, Cic. 

FORBEARANCE, s. Indulgentia, Cic.: temperantia 
fa /rent with forbearance : indulgenter habere, Cic. 

To FORBID, v. a. I. To prohibit: rcm vetare, or 
rohibere, Cic To forbid some one to do a thing: 
etaro, or prohibere, aliquem facere aliquid, Cic. : vetare 
p quis quid faciat, Curt. II. To hinder: aliquem a 
K. 3 



re prohihere : alicui in re irnpedimento csse : Cic To 

forbid entrance : prohibere introitu, aditu, Cic. 

FOKBIDDANCE. s. Interdictum : interdictio : Cic. 

FOUCE. s. I. Strength: vires, pi. : robur : corporis 
firrnitas : Cic. II. Violence: vis, Cic By force : 
per vim, Cic To use force : vim adhibere, alicui facere, 
or inferre, Cic. 1 1. ( hi the plural) : Forces, i. e. Troops : 

To FOUCE. v. a To force some one to do something : 
cogere :iliquem rem facere, Cic., or ut faciat, Ter. To 
force the truth out of some one : verum ex aliquo extor- 
quere, Ter. To force a camp : castra perrumpere, Plin. 
To force a passage : rapere transitum, Hor. 

FORCEDLY, ad. Per vim : vi : Caes. 

FORCEFUL, a. Firmus: robustus : valens : Cic.: va- 

FORCELESS, a. Debilis : imbecillus : imoecillis : in- 
firmus : Cic. 

FORCIBLE, a. Valetis : vehemens : coactus. 


FORCIBLY, ad. I. By force : per vim : vi : Caes. 
II. Strongly : valid* : vehementer : 1'ortiter: Cic. 

FORD. s. Vadum, Cic. 

To FOUD. v. a. To ford a river : flumen vado trans- 
ire, Caes. 

FOKDABLE. a. Vadosus, Liv The river isfordable : 
amnis vado transitur. 

FORE. . Antiquior : prior: Cic.: (anterior, U. Jet.). 

FOREARM, s. Lacertus, Cic. : cubitus, Cels. : ulna, 

To FOREARM, v. n. Prsemunire, Cic. 

To FOREBODE, v. a. Portendere: significare: prae- 
significare : Cic. : ex prognosticis prjedivinare, or praedi- 

FOREBODER. s. Conjector : vates : hariolus : Cic. : di- 
vinus, Mart. : (divinator, Jul. Firm.) : fatidicus, Cic. 

FOREBY. prep. Prope, Cic. : juxta, Nep. : propter, 

To FORECAST, v. a. and n. Rem ammo agitare, or 
meditari, Cic. : futura providere, praevidere, or prospi- 
cere : quid futurum sit providere : ventura videre, or 
antevidere : Cic. 

FORECAST, s. Provisio : providentia : Cic. : cogitatum. 

FORECASTLE, s. (Of a ship) : prora. 

To FOREDEEM. v. a. Rem ex re conjicere > conjectu- 
ram ex re sumere, ducere, trahere, capere :, conjectura 

judicare, prosequi, assequi : Cic To foredeem wrong : 

conjectura aberrare, Cic. 

To FOREDESIGN. v.a. Rem animo agitare, or medi- 
fari, Cic. : praedestinare, Liv. To foredesign jgreat 
things : magna moliri. 

FOREFATHERS or FOREGOERS. s.pl. Majores. Our 
forefathers i patres majoresquc nostri, Cic. : avi. 

To FOREFEND. v. a. Avertere, Plaut. : ante occupare, 
Cic. God forefend that evil: quod Deus malum aver- 
tat ! Cic. : hoc Deus malum averruncet ! Liv. 

FOREFINGER, s. Digitus index, Hor. 

To FOREGO, v . a. I. To resign : re, or de re, de- 
sistere, or discedere, Cic. To forego something: desis- 
tere rem facere, Cic. II. Togo before : praeire, Liv. : 
anteire : antecedere : Cic. : praecedere, Virg. The 
foregoing year : annus superior, prior, antecedens, Cic. j 
Liv. : PTin. 

FOREHEAD. . ' Frons, Cic A man who has a high 
forehead i fronto, Cic. Brazen forehead : ferreum os, 

FOREHEAD-CLOTH, s. Fascia: pittacium: Cels. 

FOREIGN, a. Peregrinus : extraneus : Cic To go 
to a foreign land : peregre abire, Plin. Foreign troops : 
adventitiaa copiae, Cic. (Speaking of things) : alienus : 
externus : Cic What you say is foreign to the subject : 
quae dicis extra causam sunt. 

FOREIGNER, s. Hospes : hospita : advena : alienigena. 

To FOREIMAGINE. v.a Toforeimagine great things : 
magna animo cogitare, Sail. 

To FOREJUDGE, v. a. Praejudicare, Cic. 

.To FOREKNOW, v. a. Praescire, Ter. : prassciscere, 
Virg It is foreknown when he is to go out : multo in- 
telligitur ante quam procedat foras, Plin. 

FOREKNOWLEDGE, s. Praescientia : praevisio: pro- 
visio: Cic. 

FORELAND, s. Prpmontorium, Cic. : terras lingua, Liv. 

FORELOCK, s. Cirrus, Varr. 

FOREMAN, s. Prior: primus. 

FOREMAST, s. Anticus malus. 

FOREMENTIONED. a. Quae supra dixi, or supra scripsi, 
Cic. : supra dictus, or memoratus. 

FOREMOST, a. Primus. To be foremost in fill dan- 
gers : ad omnia pericula princeps esse, Cic. First and 
foremost : primo : primum : Cic. : principio, Virg. 


FORENOON. *. Matutinum tempus, Cic*: pl.,matutinae 
horas, Plin. It was thus he spent the forenoon : hoc erat 
ejusmatutinum, Sen. 

FORENSIC, a. Forensis, Cic. To use forensic expres- 
sions : de foro verba arripere, Cic. 

To FOREORDAIN, v. a. Fra'destinare, Liv. 

FOREPART. *. Rei pars prior, Cels. : pars antica, Varr. 

The forepart of a house : primores domus partes, Cic. : 
aedium froris, Varr. 

FORERANK. s. Excrcitus frons, Tac. 

To FORERDN. v. a. Aliquem, or alicui, antecedere, 
or praecurrere, Cic. : alterius adventum praevertere in 
aliquem locum. 

FORERUNNER, s. Prodromus : antecursor : praecur- 
sor : Cic. : praanuntius. 

To FORESAY. v . a. Vaticinari : futura praenuntiare. 

To foresay some one's death : alicui mortem augurari, 


To FORESEE, v. a. Futura providere, prsevidere, 
or prospicere : quid futurum sit providere : ventura vi- 
dere, or antevidere : Cic To foresee long before : longe 
prospicere : longe antevidere : Cic. 

To FORESHAME. v. a. Alicui pudorem incutere, Hor., 
ruborem suffundere, Liv. : ferire frontem alicujus, Cic. 

FORESHIP. s. Prora. 

To FORESHORTEN, v. a. (With painters) : contra- 


FORESIGHT, a. Praescientia : provisio : providentia : 

FORESKIRT. s. Vestis sinus, us : lacinia : Suet. 


To FORESPEAK. v.a. I. To foretell: vatidnari: 
futura praenuntiare. II. To forbid: rem vetare, or 
prohibere, Cic. 

FORESPENT. a. I. Tired: lassus, Ter.: fessus : de- 
fessus : defatigatus : Cic. Forespent with walking: 
de via lassus, Plaut., fessus : itinere defessus, Cic. 

II. Past : see PAST. The ardour of youth is forespent : 
deferbuit adolescentia, Ter. His anger is forespent : 
ira ab eo abscessit, Ter. 

FOREST, s. Silva : saltus, fts : neinus : Cic A forest 
of tall trees : silva procera, Cic. 

To FORESTALL, v.a. I. To go before: preeire : iter 
praecipere, Liv. II. To buy before another in order to 
raise the price: coemere : (merces coemptas supprimere, 
U. Jet.). 

FORESTALLER. s. Praevalens manceps, Plin. : mercium 
flagellator : coemptor : Juv. 

FORESTER, s. I. An inhabitant of a forest: silvicola : 
fern, silvicultrix, Catull. : nemoricultrix, Phsedr. II. 
An ofjicer of the forest : saltuarius, P. Jet. : nemoris 

To FORETASTE. . a. Praegustare, Ov. : praclibare, 

To FORETELL, v. a. Vaticinari, Cic.: praenuntiare: 
futura praedicere. 

FORETELLER, s. Propheta: vates: fatidicus: Cic.: 
fatiloquus : fern., vates, Virg. : fatidica. 

To FORETHINK. v.a. aiulw. Meditari: prasmeditari j 
rem animo agitare, or meditari, Cic. 

FORETHOUGHT, s. Provisio : providentia : meditatio : 
praemeditatio : Cic. 


FORETOKEN. 5. Prognosticum.Cic. : augurium, Plin. 
J. : significatus, us, Plin. 

FORETEETH. r rem, oblivisci, 
Virg. : rei memoriam amittere, or objicere : in rei obli- 
vionem venire : Cic. To forget injuries : nullam contu- 
meliae memoriam adhibere, Nep To forget, neglect: 
negligere : omittere : praetermittere : Cic. 

FORGETFUL, a. Obliviosus, Cic. 

FORGETFULNESS. s. Oblivio, Cic. Ty forgctfulnest / 
ex oblivione : per oblivionem. 


To FORGIVE, v. a. Alicui ignoscere, parccrc : veniam 
dare, or tribuere : Cic. To forgive a fault : culpam 
alicui ignoscere, Cic To forgive th-e faults of a friend : 

amici peccatis indulgere Forgive him on my account: 

sine te exorem hanc illi veniam, Ter. Forgive me if I 
speak openly : ignoscas mihi, si libere dixero : pace tua 
tlixerim, Cic. : nolo irascaris, si libere dixero, Phaedr. 

FORGIVENESS, s. Venia : remissio. To beg forgive- 
ness : veniam ab aliquo petere, Cic., orare, or precari, 
Virg., rognre. Ov., aliquem poscere, Virg. To beg for- 
giveness for the past : petere, or poscere, veniam in 
pra:teritum, Tac. I beg forgiveness if I say : pace tua 
dicam, or dixerim : bonatua venia dicam : mihi iguoscas, 
si dixero : Cic. 

FORK. 5. Furca, Plant. A stable fork: fuscina, 
Cic. Oven fork : rutabulum, Col. 

To FORK. a. n. Bifariam findi, Cic. 

FORKED or FORKY. a. Bitidus: bisulcus : bicornis, 
Plin A forked foot : ungula bisulca, Plin. 

FORLORN, a. I. Forsaken : ab amicis destitutus : 
a Ibrtuna derelictus, Cic. II. Lost: desperatus : spe 
salutis orbatus : ab omni spe derelictus : Cic. 

FORM. s. I. Fashion, f>hae : forma: figura: ratio : 

modus : Cic A beast with a human form : bellua in 

figura hominis : fera induta forma hominis, Cic. A 
form of government : ratio constitutioque administran- 
dae reipublicae, Cic. II. Established rule : formula, 
Cic. In all the forms : rite, Cic. To adhere strictly 
to the forms : formulas constitutes sequi, Cic. II. A 

long seat : Scaranum, Ov. IV. A class of schoolboys : 
Bchola. V. The bed of a hare: cubile : latibulum : 

To FORM. v. a. Formare : conformare : figurare : 
informare : fingere, Cic. To form a plan : rem medi- 
tari, Cic. : animo aliquid consilii agitare, Liv To form 
new plans : nova consilia versare, Virg. 

FORMAL, a. Nirnis exquisitus : in ostentationem com- 
positus, Liv. Such are the formal terms of the law : 
IIKC sunt ipsa legis verba What more formal ? quid 
expressius, Cic. 

FORMALIST, s. Formularum custos, Cic. : formularius, 

FORMALITY, s. Formula, Cic. According to formali- 
ties : rite. To fail in the formality : formula excidere, 
Suet. Also, fig. : nimis exquisita urbanitas. 

FORMALLY, act. Expresse : conceptis verbis : Cic. : 

FORMATION, s. Conformatio, Cic. 

FOIIMER. a. Antecedens, Cic Former time : prae- 
teritum tempus To judge of the future from the for- 
mer times : Ijutura praeteritis augurari : Plin. 

FORMERLY, ad. Quondam, Cic. : antiquitus, Caes. : 
olim, Cic. 

FORMIDABLE, a. Forrnidolosus, Cic. : fqrmidabilis, 
Ov A formidable army : maximus et fortissimus ex- 
ercitus, us, Cic. 

FORMIDABLY, ad. Horrendum in modum : terribilem 
in modum : Cic. 

FORMLESS, a. Informis, Auct. ad Her. : rudis, Ov. 

A formless mass : rudis indigestaque moles, Ov. 
FORMULARY, s. Formularum codex. 
FORMULK. s. Formula. 

FORNICATION, s. I. Illicit commerce with an unmar- 
ried woman: stuprum: (fornicatio.Tertull.) To commit 

fornication: scortari. II. (In Scripture) : Idolatry: 
idolatria, liibl. : falsorum numinum cultus, us. 

To FORSAKE, v. a. Deserere : derelinquere : desti- 
tuere : Cic. / would rather die than forsake him : ani- 
mam rclinquam potius quam ilium deseram, Ter To 
forsake a cause : a causa recedere, Cic. To forsake 
one's religion : religioni suae nuntium remitters : a fide 
deficere. See also To ABANDON. 

FORS.VK.ER. s. Desertor, Ca?s. : (defector miles, Front.). 

Fm'saker of religion : fidei suae deserter. 
FORSOOTH, ad. Non dubitanter : baud dubie : sine 

dubio : profecto : certe : sane. 

To FORSWEAR, v. a. Abjurare, Sail To forswear 
one's country : patriam exuere, Tac\ 

T'. a. Pejexare, Cic. : perjurare, Hor. : se perjurio ob- 

FOHSWEARF.R. s. Perjurus. 

FORT. s. Castellum : propugnaculum : Caes. A little 
fort: castellum, Caes. 

FORTH. 5. (On the Scotch coast) : sinus, us, Cic. 

FORTH, ad. Forward in place or time, abroad. To 
put forth: rem in medium proferre, proponere, jacere : 
rei mentionem facere : Cic. To go forth : exire foras, 

Ter., foras ex aedibus, Lucr To set forth a book : li- 

brum edere, or emittere, in lucem proferre, Quint., vul- 
gare, divulgare, publicare, Plin. J. 

YORTH. prep. (With motion) : foras, Cic. (Without 
motion) : foris, Plant. 

FORTHCOMING, a Praesto: in procinctu. To be 
fjrthcoming : in medio. or in promptu, esse. 

FORTHWITH, ad. Statim : confestim : continue : illico : 
extemplo : e vertigio : Cic. 


FORTIETH, a. Quadragesimus, Plin. 

FORTIFICATION, s. Munitio, Cic. : munimentum, Liv. 

FORTIFIER, s. Bellicorum operum inventor ac ma- 
chinator : bellicorum operum artifex : Liv. 

To FORTIFY', v. a. Firmare To fortify a fort : ar- 
cem munire, munitionem firmare, or muhitionibus se- 
pire, Cic. : operibus urbem claudere, Nep. 

FORTITUDE, s. Magnanimitas : fortitudo : animi mag- 
nitudo, or firmitas : Cic. 

FORTNIGHT, s. Quatuordecim dies A forlni"ht 

hence : intra quindecim dies. 

FORTRESS, s. Arx, Cic. 

FORTUITOUS, a. Fortuitus, Cic. A fortuitous event : 
fortuitus eventus, us, Plin. 

FORTUITOUSLY, ad. Fortuito : casu et fortuitu : Cic . 

FORTUNATE, a. Fortunatus : felix : Cic To be the 

most fortunate of men : digito ccelurn attingere, Cic Is 

there another man as fortunate as I am? ecquis me vivit 
fortunatior ? Ter. 

FORTUNATENKSS. s. Bonus, felix, or, secundus, even- 
tus : prospera fortuna, Cic. : fortunatus exitus, us, Cic. 

FORTUNE, s. I. Event: fortuna: fors : casus, us: 
Cic Good fortune : fortuna prospera, or secunda, Cic. 
Ill fortune: fortuna adversa, Cic. II. Riches: for- 
tuna : fortunes res : Cic. To make a fortune : in multas 
opes crescere, Liv. : rem amplificare, Cic. 

FORTUNE-TELLER, s. Chiroscopus : fern., coniectrix, 
Plaut. : divina, Plin. : saga, Cic. 

FORTY, a. Quadraginta. Forty years old : annos 
quadraginta natus. 

FORWARD, a. I. Earnest, eager : negotii plenus, 
Cic. : qui multa satagit, Sen. : acer : ardens : Cic. : (er- 
ven s : fervidus: Liv. II. Early ripe : preecox : prae- 
coquus: Plin A forward mind: praecox ingenium, 
Curt. III. Hasty : praeceps, Cic.: praeproperus, Liv. 
IV. Anterior s anterior, Caes. V. Bold, conjidcnt : 

To FORWARD, v. a. Promovere : accelorare : matu- 
rare : Cic To forward an affair : negotium magna ex 
parte gerere, Cic. To forward some one : aliquem ad 
honores promovere, or provehere, Plin. : Cic. 

FORWARD or FORWARDS, ad. Ante. To go forward : 
procedere: progredi : Cic. To put forward: rem in 
medium proferre : proponere : Cic. 

FORWARDNESS, s. Praepropera festinatio, Cic. : ardor : 
diligentia : studium : alacritas : Cic. : confidentia: nimia 
sui tiducia, Liv. 

Foss. s. Fossa, Cic. : fovea, Plin. 

FOSSIL, a. and s. Fossilis, Varr. : fossitius, Plin. 

To FOSTER, v. a. Alere : nutrire : fovere : Cic. : 

educare : instituere : informare To foster virtue in 

the mind oj a child : pueri animum bonis virtutibus im- 

FOSTER-BROTHER, s. Collactaneus. 

FOSTER-CHILD, s. Alumnus, Cic. : fern, alumna. 

FOSTER-DAM, s. Nutrix. 

FOSTERER, s. Nutritius, Col. : nutritor, Suet. : fem. 

FOSTER-MOTHER, s. Nutrix. 

FOUL. a. I. Dirty : immundus, Ter.: spurcus, 

Catull. : sordidus, Virg. : fcedus, Tac. : inquinatus, Cato. 

II. Polluted: spurcus: non purus : impurus : im- 

pudicus: Cic. III. Wicked: malignus : malitiosus : 

improbus: Cic. Afoul mind: malevolentia suflusus 

animus, Cic The foul spirit: mains daemon. IV. 

Not lawful : illicitus: vetitus: prohibitus : Cic.: im- 
permissus: nefastus : Hor. V. Hateful: fastidiosus: 
quod movet fastidium : Hor. : fcedus : turpis : deformis : 
Cic. VI. Disgraceful: turpis: fcedus: pudendus : 
Cic Afoul deed: flagitium : scelus probrosum, Cic. 
VII. Coarse: crassus, Virg.: concretus, Cic. Foul 
air : crassum ccelum : crassus et concretus ae'r : Cic. 

To FOUL. v. a. Inquinare, Hor. \ coinquinare : con- 
taminare : Mart. : maculare, Col. 

FOULLY, ad. Spurce : fcode 5 Cic. : sordide, Val. 
Max. : ignominiose : turpiter : fccde : cum probro et de- 
decore: Cic. 

FOUL-MOUTHED, a. Contumeliosus : maledicus : Cic. : 
maledicens, Plaut. 

FOULNESS, s. Dedecus, Cic. : spurcitia, Ter. : sordcs : 
Cic. : inquinamentum, Gell. 

FOUND, part, of Find. Rcpertus, Virg. : inver.tus, 

To FOUND, v. a. I. To lay the basis of : fundare. 
To found a building : a?dium t'undamenta a:, r 'rc, jacere, or 
ponere, Cic. II. To build : asditicare, Cic. : exa-dili- 
care, Cacs. : construere : exstruere : Cic. III. To es- 
tablish : fundare: ponere: instituere: stabilire : Cic 
To found an empire. : imperium fundare, Cic. To 
found a college : instituere et dotare collegium, Plin. J. 
IV. To melt and cast metals : metalla liquare, or 
liqnefacere, Cic. 

FOUNDED, part. a. I. Established on a basis : fun- 
datus, Virg.: stabilitus, Cic. II. Cast: liquatus : li- 
quetactus : Cic. 

FOUNDATION, s. Domus lubstructip, Cic. : fundatio, 

Vitr. Foundation of a town : urbis aedificatio, or con- 

K 4 



stitntio, Cic. From the foundation of Rome : ab urbe 
condita : post urbeni conditam : Cic. 

FOUNDER, s. I. (Of a toitm) : urbis fundator, Vlrg., 
conditor, Flor. : fern, conditrix, Apul. II. (Of an 
hospital): qui patentem pauperibus domum condidit ac 
donavit. III. A caster : fundendi, or liquefaciendi, 
metalli opifex. 

To FOUNDER, v. n. Veils passis submergf, or undis 

FOUNDERY or FOUNDRY, s. Liquefaciendi raetalli of- 

FOUNDLING. *. Puer expositus, projectus, or projec- 
titius, Plaut. 

FOUNDRESS, s Foundress of a town: urbis conditrix, 

FOUNT or FOUNTAIN, s. Fons, Liv A medicinal 
fount : medicati fontes, Cels. 

FOUR. a. Quatuor : quaterni : Cic Split into four : 
quadrifidus, Virg. 

FOUR-CORNERED.**. Quadrangulus, Plin. : tetragonus, 

FOURFOLD, a. Quadruplum, Cic. 

FOURFOOTED. a. Quadrupes, Cic. 

FOURSCORE, a. Octaginta, Cic. : octogeni, Col. 

FOURSQUARE, at Quadratus : quadrangulus : Plin. 

FOURTEEN. a Quatuordecim, Cic. 

FOURTEENTH, a. Quartus decimus, Cels. 

FOURTH, a. Quartus. 

FOURTHLY, ad. Quarto, Cell. 

FOWL. s. I. A bird : avis, Cic. : volucris, Ov. : ales, 
Plin. II. Poultry: volatile pecus : conortales aves : 
Col. : bestiae volatiles, Cic. 

To FOWL. v. n. Aves captare. 

FOWLER, s. Auceps, Ter. 

Fox. s. I. An animal : vulpes, Plin. : vulpecula, 
Cic. A fox's cub : vulpecula, Cic. : vulpis catulus. 
Of or belonging to a fox : vulpinus. II. Fig. A sly or 
crafty fellow : vulpinus animus, Plaut. : cauta vulpecula, 

FOXGLOVE, s.pl. A plant : (herba) digitalis. 

FOXLIKE. a, Vulpinus, Plin. 

FRACTION. *. Fractura, Plin Fractions: numero- 
rum particular. 

FRACTIONAL, a. Numerorum particulis compositus 

FRACTIOUS, a. Difficilis : morosus : Cic. : rixosus, 
Col. : jurgiosus, Cell. 

FRACTURE, s. Fractura, Cels. 

To FRACTURE, v.a. Frangere: confringere : Cic. 
To fracture one's head: sibi caput frangere, illidere, 
Plaut. : cervicem frangere, Cic He has fractured his 
arm in falling: sibi brachium fregit e lapsu, Cic. 

FRAGILE, a. Fragilis, Cic. : fluxus : caducus, Cic. 

FRAGILITY, s. Fragilitas, Cic. 

FRAGMENT.*. Fragmentum, Cic. : fragmen, Col 
Chosen fragments of an author : analecta. 

FRAGRANCE or FRAGRANCY. s. Odor i odores, pi. : 
Cic.: odoramentum, Plin. 

FRAGRANT, a. Suaveolens, Cic. : odorifer : odora- 
tus: Plin. 

FRAGRANTLY, ad. Suaviter, Plin. 

FRAIL, s. A basket made of rushes : fiscina, Col 
A frail of figs : fiscina ficorum, Cic. 

FRAIL, a. Fragilis: Cic.: caducus Frail health: 
infirma valetudo, Cic Beauty is frail: fluxa formae 
gloria, Virg. 

FRAILTY, s. Fragilitas : infirmitas : imbecillitas : Cic. 

To FRAME, v.a. Componere : fingere : effingere 
To frame one's opinion from another person's : accom- 
modare suum ad alterius consilium, Cic. 

FRAME. *. I. A fabric: fabricatio : fabrica: mate- 
riatio : materiaria structura : Vitr. Frame to work 
upon: fabrilis machina, II. Order, regularity: dis- 
positio : ordo : ordo et dispositio : Cic. III. Frame 
of a picture: tabulae margo. Frame of a window : 
cancelli fenestrales. IV. Frame of the mind: animi 
status, us, Cic. 

FRAMER. s. Opifex : auctor : coaditor : Cic. 

FRANCHISE, s. Immunitas, Cic. 

To FRANCHISE, v. a. Aliquem a re liberare : re, or 
ex re, eximere : immunem rei reddere. 


FRANK, a. Liber : apertus : sincerus : Cic. : candidus, 

FRANK, s. I. A sty: suile, Col.: hara, Cic. 
II. A letter which pays no postage : literae gratis perfe- 

To FRANK, v. a. i. e. To exempt from postage: literas 
gratis perferendas notare, or signare. 

FRANKINCENSE. . Thus, Cic To burn frankin- 
cense : thus incendere. 

FRANKLY, ad. Libere : ingenue : sincere : aperte : 
candide : vere v candide et simpliciter : Cic. To ^speak 
frankly : ut apecte tibi nunc fabuler, Plaut. 

FRANKNESS. s Loquendi libertas : ingenuitas : animi 
candor : Cic. 

.FRANTIC, a- Phreneticus, Cic 

FRANTICLY. ad. Furiose. 

FRANTICNESS. s. Phrenitis, Cels : phrenesis, JUT. 

FRATERNAL, a. Fraternus, Cic. 

FRATERNALLY, ad. Fraterne, Cic. 

FRATERNITY, s. I. Brotherhood: fraternitas. 
II. Association: pia sodalitas : sacrum sodalitium. 

FRATRICIDE, s. I. The murderer of a brother : fra- 
tricida, Cic. II. The murder of a brother f fratrici- 
dium, Salvian. : nex fraterna, Hor. 

FRAUD, s. Fraus : fallacia : malus dolus : Cic. : malse 
artes, pi., Sail. 

FRAUDFUL. a. Fraudulentus, Cic. 

FRAUDULENCE or FRAUDULENCY. *. Fraus : dolus : fal- 
lacia: Cic. 

FRAUDULENT, a. Fraudulentus, Cic. : fallax. 

FRAUDULENTLY, ad. Dolo malo, Ter. : dolose, Cic. : 
fraudulenter, Col. 

FRAY, s, Pugna : certamen singulare, duorum inter 
se. (Between two armies) : proalium, Cic. 

To FRAY. v. a. and n. I. To terrify: territare, 
Ter.: terrere: conterrere : perterrere : Cic.: terrefa- 
cere : or, terrificare j Virg. : alicui terrorem injicere, 
orincutere: aliquem timore percellere : Cic, II. To 
wear away by rubbing : pannum distrahere et textum 
solvere Frayed stuff: textum detritum. 

FREAK, s. Libido : animi impetus, us : Cic. 

FREAKISH, a. Mutabilis, Hor. : ingenio varius, Flor. : 
animi diversus, Tac. 

FREAKISHLY, ad Repentino animi impetu : impetu 
quodam animi : Cic, 

FREAKISHNESS. s. Animus varius. 

FRECKLE, s. i. e. A spot in the skin: pi., lenticulae, 
Cels. : lentigines, Plin. 

FRECKLED or FRECKLY. a. Lentiginosus, Val. Max. 

FREE. a. I. Not bound or constrained: liber, Cic. 
/ am free to go where I please > mini licet ire quoquo 
libuerit / have my free will : mihi sunt solutissima 
omnia, Cic. II. Not shackled or impeded: solutus : 
liber : expeditus. To be free from, business : animo va- 
care : animo vacuo esse et soluto. III. Frank: sin- 
cerus : apertus : Cic. IV. Licentious f liber Free 

speech : praetextatum verbum, Suet To be loo free: libe- 
riore licentia frui, Cic. V. Possessing civic immunities 
or rights: liber : civis To make one free of a city : alicui 
civitatem largiri, or impertiri, tribuere, Cic., commu- 
nicare, Liv. : aliquem civem, or in civitatem, asciscere : 
civitati, or in civitatem, ascribere: civitate donare : Cic. 

VI Free from : vacuus a re : carens re . VII 

A free gift : munus gratuitum To set free from bond- 
age : e vinculis eximere, Cic. 

To FREE. v. a. I. To set slaves at liberty : servos 
manumittere : vindicta liberos facere : liberare : Cic. : 

donare libertate : in libertatem vindicare : Cic To 

free from bondage or confinement : e vinculis eximere : 
Cic. II. To rid from: aliquem re expedire, or sol- 
vere, Cic To free from dangers : e periculis educere : 

aliquem e periculo expedire, Cic., extricare, Ov To 

free from prison: e custodia eripere. III. To 
clear from obstructions : purgare. IV. To banish: 
pellere : depellere : expellere : ejicere : or, detrudere : 
extrudere : Cic. V. To exempt: aliquem a re liberare : 
re, or ex re, eximere : immunem rei reddere. VI. 
To unlock : aperireCic. : reserare : recludere : Ov. 

FREEBOOTER. s. Grassator, Cic. : latro : improbus 
erro : Cic. 

FREEBOOTING. s. Latrocinatio, Plin. 

FREEBORN. a. Ingenuus : liberalis. 

FREED, a. Solutus ab re : re liber, or liberatus : Cic. : 
vacuus re, or ab re. Freed from danger: a periculis 
ereptus, Cic. 

FREEDMAN. s. Libertus, Cic. 

FREEDOM, s. Libertas To fight for one's freedom : 
de libertate decernere, Cic To recover one's freedom: 
libertatem recuperare. The freedom of a city : civitas : 
civitatis jus. 

FREE-HEARTED, a. Liberalis : munificus : largus, Cic. : 
generosus : magnanimus : alta mente praeditus : Cic. 

FREEHOLD, s. Res mancipii, or mancipi (for mancipii), 

FREEHOLDER, s. Fundi liberi possessor : manceps. 

FREELY, ad. Libere: solute: Cic. Too freely : li- 
ber ius I like to speak my mind freely : amo libertatem 

loquendi, Cic. 

FREEMAN, s. Civis, Cic. 

FREE-MINDED, a. Sine cura : curis, or omni molestia, 
vacuus ? Cic. v curarum expers, Stat. : incuriosus om- 
nium, Tac. : omnium securus, Plin. J. 

FREENESS. s. Loquendi libertas: ingenuitas j animi 
candor : liberalis : largitas : Cic. 

FREESTONE, s. Saxum sectile : quadratum : sectilis 

FHEEWOMAN. s. Civis. 

To FREEZE, v. a. and n. Congelare, Ov. : Plin. : ge- 
lari, Juv. : congelari, Col. : gelascere, Plin. : cougelas- 
cere, Macrob. : gelu durari, Cell., adstringi, Ov The 
sea does not freeze : mare ingelabile, or incongelabile, 
est, Cell. 



FREIGHT, s. I. The load of a ship : navis onus. j amice et benevole: amanter : amantissime: studiose : 
II. The money due for transportation of goods : navis ' officiose: perofficiose et amanter: Cic. II. Without 
conauctio. I contention, amicably : placate : sedate et placide : sine 

To FREIGHT, v. a. Navigium instruere, Col., ador- ' "*--=5-' UK^HK,,O ^ ,.,: :,: . /: 
nare, Caes. 

J-" ULIGUTER. s. Navis dominus, or locator. 

FRENCH WHEAT. . A grain : milium, Virg. 



. : magntis numerus : Cic. 

i disease : phreaitis, Cels. : phrenesis, 
Multitude : copia : 

FREQUENT, a. Frequens. Cic. : creber, Virg. : usita- 
tus : cenfsuetus : quotidianus : Cic. 

To FREQUENT, v. a. Frequentare To frequent sorns 
one's company : aliquem frequentare, Sail. : esse cum 

aliquo frequeutem : alhjuo plurimum uti : Cic. To metu concitari : Cic. 

controversia: libentibus et ajquis animis : Cic. 

FRIENDSHIP, s. Amicitia : benevolentia : necessitudo : 
necessitas, Cic. : animorum, or voluntatum studiorum- 
que, conjunctio, or consensus, us, Cic False friend- 
ship : amicitia ambitiosa et fucosa, Cic. 

.FRIEZE, s. I. A sort of stuff: pannus laneus crispis 
villis. II. (In architecture): Zophorus, Vitr. 

FRIGATE. 5. Navigium, Cess. : liburnum, Suet. 

To FRIGHT or FRIGHTEN, v. a. Terrere : exterrere: 
perterrere : alicui terrorem injicere, Cic., incutere, 
Liv. : metum afferre, Cic. 

FRIGHT, s. Pavor : terror : formido : Cic. : trepidatio, 
Liv To take fright : terrore commoveri : terrore ac 

.frequent bad company: congredi malis, Cajs. To fre- 
quent th- soci-ty of a few persons i versari in aliquos.or 
in aliquorum familiaritate, Cic. 

ce&situJo : familiaritas : Cic. 

FUEQUENTLV. ad. Frequenter: crebro: saepius : sae- 
penumero : C'ic. 

FRESCO. s. I. Coolness: frigus. II. A painting 
on H'ulln : udo tectorio diligcnter induct! colores, Vitr. 

To paint in fresco: udo tectorio colores inducere, 
Vitr. : in udo tectorio, or in recente albario, pingere, 

FRESH. a. I. CoOl: frigidus. To take fresh air: 
fri?us captare, Virg. II. Not salted: insulsus. 

Fi-esh water: dulcis aqua. III. New: recens, Cic. 

Fresh bread : recens panis. A fresh wound : crudum 
vulnns, Cels. IV. Newly come: recens: uupcrus : 
T\A\it Afresh comer : advena. V. Rud>iy : rubicim- 
dus, Ov. VI. Not tired : validus : vegetus : vigens : 
or, valens : acer : Cic, 

To FRESHEN, v. a. and n. I. To make fresh : (sal- 
samenta) aqua dulci iuacerare, Ter. II. To cool: re- 
frigerare, Cic. : nimios ardores restinguere, or compes- 
cere. III. To grow cool. The air freshens : remittit, 
or frangit, se calor, Cic To freshen one's self: .sestum 
levare : caloris modum temperare. 

FRESHLY, ad. I. Coolly : frigidiori coelo, or loco. 
II. Recently : proxhne, Cic. : recens, Liv. : recentis- 
Sime, Plin. 

FRESHNESS, s. I. Coolness : frigus. II. Ruddiness. 

Freshness of youth : vividus oris color: elegantioris 
coloris gratia : Plin. III. Newness : novitas. 

FRET. s. I. A frith : fretum, Cic. II. Agitation: 
mentis agitatio, Cic. To put one in a fret : alicui sto- 
machura facere, movere, Cic. : iram concitare, Ov __ To 
be in a fret : esse in molestiis : moleste ferre : discru- 
ciari : Cic. 

To FRET. v. a. Agitare : jactare : versare : corro- 
dere : alicui iram concitare : Cic. 

To FRET. v. n. Fluctuare, Cic. : uri : ringi : insa- 
aire : disci uciars. 

FRETFUL. a. Morosus : difficilis : Cic. : tetricus, Col. 

To become fretful : in morositatem odiosam incidere : 

FRETFULLY, ad. Morose, Cic. 

FRETFULNESS. 5. Ira: morositas : Cic. 

FRIJTTY. a. Caelatus, Cic. 

FRETWORK or FRET. s. Caslatura, Plin. : caelamen, 

FRIABILITY. 5. Rei friabilis natura. 

FRIABLE, a. Friabilis, Plin. : putris, Virg. 

FRIAR. s. Monachus. 

FRIARY. 5. Monasterium : ccenobium. 

FRICASSEE, s. Frixus, or frictus, citms. 

To FRICASSEE, v. a Camera frigere, Plin. 

FRICATION or FRICTION, s. Frictio, Cels. : fricatio, 
Col. : fricatura, Vitr. 

FRIDAY, s. Dies Veneris 
to patienti dies, 

FRIEND, s. Amicus : familiaris : necessarius : Cic. 
A sincere and faithful friend : amicus minime fallax, 
charus et fidelis, or fidus : ex anirno vereque benevolus : 
Cic He is my bi'st friend : amicior mihi nullus vivit 
atque is est, Plaut. : eo nemo devinctior, or conjunctior, 
Hor You know the real friend in the hour of need : 
amicus est qui in re dubia juvat, Plaut. : certus in re in- 
certa cernitur, Cic. There are Jew real friend* , pauci 
amicitiam recte et ex animo colunt, Cic. Friend, fern. : 
alirui amicitia juncta : arnica. 

To FRIEND or To BEFRIEND, v. a. Alicui favere : 
studere: suffragari, Cic. : adjumento esse : aliquem ad- 
juvare: Cic To befriend a party: studere partibus, 
Cic. : tutari partes. 

FRIENDLESS, a. Ab amicis, or amicorum, inops, Cic. 

FRIENDLINESS, s. Benevolentia, Cic. 

FRIENDLY, a. Amicus : humanus, Cic. The dog, 
the dolphin, is friendly to man : jcanis, delphinus, homini 
amicum animal, Plin __ To live on friendly terms : 
amantissime inter se vivere, Cic. 

FEIBNDLY. ad. I. In a friendly manner : amice: 

Good Friday : sacra Chris- 

FRIGHTFUL, a. Horrendus : horrificus : horribilis: 
formidabilis : Cic. : horrifer, teter et horribilis Fright- 
ful looks : truces oculi, Cic. 

FRIGHTFULLY, ad- Horrendum in modum, Cic. : hor- 
rifice, Lucr. : miris modis. 

FRIGID, a. Frigidus, Cic. : algidus, Catull. 

FRIGIDITY, s. Frigus, oris, n. 

FRIGIDLY, ad. Frigide, Cic. : cum frigore. 

FRILL, s. Colli amictus (us) undatim plicatus. 

FRINGE, s. Fimbria. 

To FRINGE, v. a. Fimbria prastexere. 

FRIPPERER. s. Qui, quae, tritas vestes resarcit, or in- 
terpolat, et venales exhibet: (interpolator, Pomp. Jet.). 

FRIPPERY, s. I. Place where old clothes are sold : 
nterpolatorum tabernas. II. Old clothes : interpo- 

lata vestimenta, Laber. Jet. 

To FRISK, v. n. Lascivire, Sen.: nunquam quies- 
ccre : agitare se continue, Cic. 

FRISKER. s. Homo inconstans, or lascivus. 

FRITH, s. A strait : fretum. 

FRITTER, s. A sort of pastry : laganum, Hor.: arto- 
laganus, Plin. 

To FRITTER, v. a. Terere : minuere. 

FRIVOLOUS, a. Frivolus : vanus : futilis : levis ac nu- 
v itorius : Cic. A frivolous man: vir exilis, Cic A 
frivolous proof: nugatoria res ad probandum, Cic. 

FRIVOLOUSNESS. s. Futilitas, Cic. 

To FRIZZLE, v. a. i. e. To curl in short curls : cala- 
mistro comam inurere, Cic. : capillum crispare, Plin. 

FRO. ad. Retro: retro et a tergo : retrorsum. 

FROCK, s. I. A gown for children : tunica extima : 
toga. II. A smock frock: e tela crassiori epitogium, 
Quint. : superindumentum. 

FROO. s* Rana, Cic. 


FROLIC or FROLICSOME, a. Hilarus, Ter. : hilaris : 
laetus, Cic. : nugax : nugator : joculator : Cic. 

To FROLIC, v. n. Nugari : jocari : Cic. : lascivire, Sen. 

FROM. prep. I. Denoting motion : before the proper 
name of a place, is expressed by the ablative, with or 
(usually) without a preposition. Before a common 
name of place, it is rendered by an ablative, with a, or ab. 

To come from town : ex urbe venire From street 

to street: vicatim, Cic From house to house: per 
domos. From town to town : per urbes. From 

far : eminus, Cic I have received letters from my 

father : accepi literas a patre meo. II. Before words 
of time or age, it is expressed by the ablative, with a, or ab. 

III. After words denoting judgment, opinion, &c., by 
ex. To judge from the appearance : ex vultu judicare, 
Cic. IV. It is usually expressed by a, ab, e, ex, post. 

From head to foot : ab imis unguibus usque ad verti- 
cem summum, Cic. : a capite ad calcem : a vertice ad 

imos talos : Hor From the first to the last: a priino ad 

ultimum. From that time : ab illo tempore, Cic 
From the day that : ex eo die quo, Cic From the 
cradle : ab incunabulis, Liv. From his youth : ab ortu : 
ab infantia : a prima aetate: a pueritia : Cic. From 
that moment : rcpente e vestigio, Cic. : e vestigio, Plin. 

From henceforth: posthac : deinceps : in posterum : 
Cic. V. Before a participle of the present tense, it is 
rendered by a gerund in do, with a, ab, or ex : e. g. ignavi 
a discendo cito deterrentur, Cic. : or, if preceded by a 
verb signifying to hinder or withhold, by an infinitive, or 
by ne, quo minus, or quin, with a subjunctive : e. g. pa- 
bula venti domum ferre prohibent, Virg. : te iniirmitas 
valetudinis tua? tenuit quo minus venires, Cic. 

FRONT, s. Frons, Vitr Front of a building : a?di- 
ficii frons, Vitr. 

To FRONT, v. a. and n. Contra respondere, Virg. 
To front some one: alicui occurrere : aliquem offendere, 
obvium habere : in aliquem incidere. 

FRONTAL, s. Frontale, Liv. ( In architecture) : fas- 
tigium, Vitr: 

FRONTIER, s. Fines : confinium : Cic. : margmes im- 
perii, Plin. A frontier town : extrema regni urbs, Virg.: 
urbs sita in confmio regni. 

FRONTISPIECE, s. Frontispiece of a building : aadificii 
frons, Vitr. Frontispiece of a book : libri frons. 

FRONTLESS. a. Impudens : inverecundus : Cic. 



FRONTLET. s. A bandage worn upon the forehead : 
froutale, Liv. ( In gunnery) : ferrea fistula: pinnula. 

FKOST. s. Gelu, Virg. : gelicidium, Col. Haarfrost: 
pruina, Cic. 

FROST-BITTEN, a. Frigore adstrictus, Ov. : toncre- 
tus, Mart. : gelatus, Col. : glacie, or gelu, duratus, Plin. : 
Ov. , % tw fr, 

FROSTY, a. Pruinosus. 

FROTH, s. 1. foam: spuma, Cic. II. Empty 
show of wit : nugfe : vaniloquentia : Plaut. : Liv. 

To FROTH, v. n. Spumare, Plin. : spumam agerc, 
Cic.: spumescere. 

FROTHY, a. Spumeus : spumosus : Virg. : spumans, 
Col. : (spumidus, Apul.). 

FROWAUD. a. ivlorosus: difficilis : Cic.: tetricus, 
Col. : indocilis, Cic. : intractabilis : disciplinas impa- 

FROWARDLY. ad. Insolenter : superbe : Cic. : perti- 
naciter, Plane, ad Cic. : contumaciter, Liv. : obfirmate, 
Suet. : cum pertinacia, Cic. : obstinato animo, Liv. : ob- 
stinate, Caes. 

FROWARDNESS. s. Pertinacia: contumacia: pervica- 
cia : Cic. : obstinatio, Tac. : morositas, Cic. 

To FROWN, v. n. Frontem corrugare. Plaut., con- 
trahere, Cic., obducere, Quint. : subducere supercilia, 

FROWN, s. Frons obducta, or contracta, Hor., cape- 
rata, Varr.. adstricta, Mart. : triste supercilium, Lucr. 

FROWNINGLY. ad. Fronte obducta, or adstricta : tristi 

FROZEN, part. a. Frigore adstrictus, Ov., concretus, 
Mart. : gelatus, Col. - f glacie, or gelu, duratus, Plin. : 
Ov I am frozen : frigore astringor, Plin. J. : obri- 
gesco, Cic. 

FRUCTIFEROUS, a. Pomifer, Ov. : frugifer, Cic. 

To FRUCTIFY, v. a. ( The soil) : terram fecundare, 
Virg. : terris fecunditatem dare, Cic. : uberare terras, 

To FRUCTIFY, v.n. Fructum ferre, or reddere, Cic. 

FRUCTIFICATION, s. Fertilitas: fecunditas: ubcrtas: 
Cic. : feracitas, CoL 


FRUGAL, a. Sobrius, Cic. : parvo, or tenui, victu con- 
tentus : parcus in victu : Plin. J. 

FRUGALITY, s. Frugalitas : in victu temperantia : Cic. 

FRUGALLY, ad. Sobrie et frugaliter, Plaut. : sobrie, 
Cic. : parce et frugaliter, Hor. To live frugally : parce 
et frugaliter vivere, Hor. 

FRUIT, s. I. The produce of a tree or plant : fruc- 
tus, us, Cic. Fruits of the earth : fruges, Cic. Fruits 
of trees : fructus, uum : poma : Cic. : fructus arbo- 
rum, Plin. II. Profit, advantage: fructus, us : utili- 
tas : emolumentum : Cic. To reap the fruits of: fruc- 
tus capere: fructum capere, or percipere: Cic.: fructum 
decerpere, Hor., ferre, Cic. 

FRUIT-BEARER, s. Arbor pomifera, or fructifera, Plin., 
frugifera, Col. : pomus, Plin. 

FRUITBEARING. a. Frugifer, Cic. : pomifer, Ov. 

FRUITERER, s. Pomarius: fern, pom aria. 

FRUITERY. s. I. A fruit-loft : pomarium, Plin.: 
cella fructuaria, Col. II. Fruit collectively : fructus, 
us, Cic. 

FRUITFUL, a. Pomosus, Col. : pomis exuberans, Virg. : 

FRUITFULLY, ad. Fecunde : fertiliter : Plin. 

FRUITFULNESS. s. Fertilitas : fecunditas : ubertas : 
Cic. : feracitas, CoL 

FRUITION, s. Possessio. 

FRUITLESS, a. Kon fructuosus, Cic. : infructuosus, 
Col. : quod nullum fructum affert A fruitless labour : 
irritus labor. 

FRUITLESSLY, ad. Sine fructu : nullo emolumento : 
frustra : Cic. : incassum, Liv. : inutiliter, Plin. : in va- 
num, Curt. 

FRUIT-TREE, s. Arbor pomifera, or fructifera, Plin., 
frugifera, Col. : pomus, Plin. 

To FRUSH. v. a. Effringere, Plaut.: frangere: con- 
fringere : perfringere : comminuere : Cic. 

To FRUSTRATE, v. a. Aliquem frustrari, or fraudare, 

FRUSTRATE, a. Futilis: vanus: inutilis. 

FRUSTRATION. s. Use the verb or adjective. Frus- 
tratio is used by classic writers in the sense of ' disap- 


FRY. s. I. The spawn of 'fish : pisciculi. II. Any 
svarm : copia : multitudo : concionalis tumultus, us. 

To FRY. v . a. and n. Frigere Fried: frixus, Cels. : 
frictus, Varr. : Plaut. : Plin. 

FRYING-PAN, s. Sartago, Plin. : frixorium (sc. vas), 

To FUDDLE, v . a. Inebriare, Plin. : in vinum trahere, 

To FUDDLE. v. n. Inebriari, Sen. : ebrium fieri. 

FUDDLE-CAP or FUDDLER. s. Vinosus, Plaut. : vino- 
lentus j ebriosus j Cic. : vini potor, Plaut. : vir mult i 

meri, Hor., ad merum pronior, Plin., vino devotus. 

FUEL. s. Fomes, itis, m., Virg. : Plin. To fetch or 
provide wood for fuel : lignari, Caes The act of fetch- 
: ng or providing wood for fuel: lignatio, Caes. To 
supply with fuel : materiam igni praebere, Liv. 

FUGACIOUS, a. Fluxus : fugax. 


stabilitas : inconstantia : levitas : mobilitas : volubilitas : 

FUGITIVE, a. Fugitivus : inconstans : levis : mobilis : 

FUGITIVE, s. Transfuga, Liv. 

To FULFIL, v. a. Perficere : absolvere : implere: 
Cic.: patrare: efficere: exsequi To fvtfil one's inten- 
tions : perficere instituta, cogitata, Cic To fulfil a pro- 
74-., r *.. 6 ~. , t/u.uvu: iv.ua iijsium:: I Plin. : vitreamina : Plin. J. A glass window : speculare 

( ferarum decipulum, Apul.): laqueus : transenna : Plaut. Sen. A glass to drink out of : calix : scyphus Hor ' 

I A flilt-in^rl o-nji'V/ . ci/ia-n . n. Esse distortis, or perversis, oculis, 
Cic. : oculos distorquere, Hor. 

faba : broad bean,
faber : skilled, ingenious.
faber : craftsman, artisan.
fabre : skillfully, ingeniously.
fabrica : manufacture /craft, trade, art /trick, device
fabula : fable, story, tale, play.
facesso : to work zealously, do, accomplish.
facies : face, visage, countenance /aspect, appearance, look, condition.
facile : easily.
facile : easily, without difficulty
facilis : easy, agreeable, affable, pleasant.
facillimus : easiest, most agreeable, pleasantest
facina -oris : bad deed, crime, villainy/ deed, action.
facinarose : viciously, scandalously.
facio : (trans.) to make, do, act, perform, cause, bring about.
facio : to sacrifice, suit, help, be of service.
facio : to give permission/ to experience, suffer (troubles).
facis : a bundle, packet.
facticius : artificial, man-made.
factum : deed, accomplishment, work, act, achievement.
facultas : feasibility, opportunity, resources.\, abundance.
facultas : power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock.
facunde : eloquently, fluently.
facundia : fertile, productive, profitable.
facunditas : fertility, qickness or readiness of speech.
facundus : eloquent, fluent, ready of speech.
faenum : fenum : hay.
falsus : false, deceptive.
fama : talk, report, rumor, gossip, tradition.
familia : family, household.
familiaris : belonging to a household / friendly, intimate.
familiaritas : confidential friendship, intimacy.
famosus : much spoken of, renowned /notorious, infamous /libellous
famulatus : servitude, slavery, service /an extablishment of slaves.
famulor : to be a servant, to serve.
famulus : servant.
famulus : serving, servile /a servant, slave.
fanaticus : enthusiastic, inspired, frenzied.
fanum : a temple or church with the land around it, a holy place.
far  farris : spelt, grain, meal.
farci, farci, fartum : to fill up, stuff.
farina : meal or flour.
farrago : mixed fodder for cattle, mash /mishmash, medley, mixture.
farratus : provided with grain.
fartim : stuffing, filling.
fartor : one who fattens fowls.
fas : divine law or command/ fate, destiny/ lawful, allowed.
fas est :: it is right, it is fitting, it is lawful.
fascia : bandage, band, girdle, girth.
fascino : to bewitch, envy.
fastidio : to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe.
fastidiosus : squeamish, dainty, fastidious.
fastidium : disgust, dislike, sqeamishness /scorn, disdain, haughtiness.
fastidium : aversion, loathing
fastigate : slantingly.
fastigatus : pointed down, sloping down.
fastosus : pride, haughtiness
fateor : to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known.
fatigo : worry, fatigue, vex, harass, tease.
fatua : foolish
fatum : fate, destiny, doom, lot, weird.
fautor : favorer, promoter, patron, partisan, supporter.
faveo : (+ inf.) To be inclined to do.
faveo : (+ dat.) be favorable to, aid, support, help.
feculentia : dregs, lees, impurities, filth.
feculentia : dregs, lees, impurities, filth.
fefello : to be failed by, disappointed by something.
feliciter : happily.
felix  felicis : lucky, fortunate, happy.
femina : woman
fenestra : window.
fere : almost, near;y, not quite, generally.
feretrum : bier, litter.
feritas : wildness, savageness.
ferme, fere : almost, about.
fero  tuli  latum : to carry, bring, tell, relate, and much else.
ferocia : high spirit, courage /arrogance, ferocity.
ferocitas : courage, untamed spirit /arogance.
ferociter : with spirit, courageously /arrogantly, forciously.
ferox : spirited, courageous, warlike /wild, arrogant, unbridled.
ferramenta : tools made of iron, or shod with iron.
ferrarius : of iron /a blacksmith /iron mines.
ferratilis : in chains (slaves and prisoners).
ferratus : a soldier in armor /in chains (as a slave) /furnished with iron.
ferreus : made of iron /hard, unfeeliing, cruel, unbending.
ferrugineus : rust colored, dusky.
ferrugo : the color of rust.
ferrum : iron, sword.
fertilis : fruitful, fertile, productive
fertilitas : fertility, fruitfulness.
ferula : the herb fennel /a rad to beat children with.
ferus : fierce, wild, savage, untamed.
fervefacio : to heat, boil, melt.
fervens : glowing, hot, heated /(character) heated, fiery.
ferventer : hotly, warmly.
ferveo : to be boiling hot, boil, seethe, glow/be excited by passion, rage.
fervesco : to become hot, begin to glow or boil.
fervidus : boiling, seething, foaming /fiery, passionate, excited.
festinatio : speed, haste.
festino : to hasten, hurry, speed.
festinus : hastening, hasty.
feteo : to have a bad odor, stink.
ficus : fig tree.
fidelis : faithful, loyal, true
fidelitas : fidelity, loyalty, homage.
fidens : confident, without fear, courageous.
fides : promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement.
fides : trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.
fiducia : confidence, trust, assurance.
fiendo : f.p.p, same as faciendo, the making, it will be made
filia : daughter
filius : son
fimus : dung, dirt, filth, manure.
fines finium : boundaries, limits, /territory.
fingo-finxi-fictum : to touch, conceive, contrive
finis : end, limit, boundary, purpose.
finitimus finitumus : neighboring, adjacent, related to, similar.
fio, fieri, factus : be made, be done, become.
firmo : to assert, maintain/ strengthen, make firm / encourage.
firmus : firm, strong, reliable, solid.
flamma : flame, fire.
flatus : blowing, blast, breathing, arrogance, haughtiness.
flax, falcis : sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook.
fleo : to weep, cry, shed tears, sob.
flere : to cry, shed tears
fluctus : billow, wave.
flumen : river.
fluo : to flow, pour, stream.
fodio : to prick, sting, jab.
foede : fouly, in a filty manner
foedis-e : foul, fithly
foedus : foederis : compact, covenant, agreement / law
foeteo : to smell bad
foetidus : smelly, stinking
foetor : a bad smell, a stink
foliatus : leafy
folium : leaf
folliculus : small bag, small purse, little sack
follis: a leather bag, purse, bellows, puffed-out cheeks
fomentum : poultice / alleviation
fomes : fomitis : tinder
fomeus : smoky, smoke-filled
fons : fontis : fountain, spring / fresh water / source, origin
fonticulus : small spring, little fountain
for : fari : fatus : (deponent) say, speak, talk about
forabilis : penetrable
foramen : foraminis : hole, opening, aperture
foras : outside, without, out of doors / + dare = to publish
forca : pitfall, snare, trap
forceps :    pincers, tongs
forda : a cow with calf
fore, forem : future infinitive of sum.
forensis, e : legal.
forensis : relating to the forum / relating to legal business
forfex : scissors, shears
foris : out of doors, outside, abroad / from abroad, from outside
foris : a door, opening, entrance
forix : fornicis : arch, vault / arcade / an arched sallyport
forma: forma, shape, beauty.
formalis : having a set or standard form, / formal
formamentum : conformation
formator : a former, fashioner, maker
formatura : forming, fashioning, shaping
formica : ant
formidilose : dreadfully, teribly
formidilosus : causing dread, fear, terror
formido : formidonis : dread, terror / dreadfulness / scarecrow
formido : to be terrified, frightened, afraid
formo : to shape, form, fashion.
formose : beautifully
formositas : beauty
formosus : beautiful, well-shaped
formula : physical beauty / formula / rule, principle
fornacalis : relating to an oven
fornacula : a small oven
fornax : fornacis : oven, furnace, kiln
fornicatus : arched, vaulted
foro : to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate
fors fortis : chance, luck, fortune.
fors-itis : chance, luck.
forsit forsan forsitan : perhaps, probably.
fortasse : perhaps.
forte : by chance, by luck, accidentally.
fortis : strong, brave, powerful, robust, steadfast, courageous
fortiter : strongly, bravely.
fortitudo : physical strength, courage, moral bravery.
fortuito : (used as adverb) accidentally, by chance
fortuitus : accidentally, by luck, casual
fortuna : fortune, luck, fate, chance.
fortunate : fortunately, happily
fortunatus : fortunate, lucky, happy.
fortunatus : fortunate, lucky /wealthy, rich
fortuno : to make happy, to bless, to prosper
foruli : book-case
forum : market place, town square.
forus : gangway of a ship
fossa : ditch, trench, channel, moat
fossio : fossionis : an excavation
fossor : a digger, ditcher, sapper / fool, boor, clown
fossura : digging, delving, sapping, ditching
fovea : a pit, trap for game, pitfall
foveo : fovi : fotum : to foster, support, encourage
foveo : fovi  fotum : to cherish / to warm, keep warm, caress.
fraga : fragorum : strawberries
fragilis : fragile, easily broken / fleeting, transitory / weak, feeble
fragilitas : frailness, weakness, fragility, frailty
fragmen : fragminis : a breaking / fragments, remains, ruins
fragor : a crash, crack.
fragosus : roaring, crashing, rough /broken.
fragro : to smell, be odiferous, redolent.
frango : fracta : to break in pieces, shatter.
frater : brother.
fraudatio : fraud, deceit, trickery.
frendo : to gnash one's teeth, bruise, crush, grind.
frendo : gnash the teeth, crush, bruise, grind.
freno : curb, restrain, hold back, restrain.
frenum : reins, bridle, bit /restraint.
frequentatio : frequency, crowding.
frequentia : a large concourse, population, numerous assembly.
frequento : to crowd, collect in large number, visit.
fretus : + abl.  relying upon, depending on, banking on.
frigus : cold, coolness, cold of winter /dullness, indolence.
frons : forehead, brow, front.
fructuarius : fruitful, fertile.
fructus fructus : fruit, profit, enjoyment, produce.
frugalitas : frugality, economy, pinching pennies.
frumentum : grain.
fruor : to have the benefit of, to enjoy.
frustra esse : to be deceived, to be mistaken.
frustra : in vain, mistakenly, wantonly, without reason.
frustro : frustror : to deceive, dupe, trick, disappoint.
frux, frugi : fruits of the earth.
fuga : flight, escape,
fugio : to flee, escape, runa aaway /avoid, shun.
fugitivus : fugitive : deserter, runaway slave.
fugo : to put to flight, chase away, drive into exile, pursue.
fulcio : to support, strengthen, uphold/ to besiege, oppress.
fulgeo (fulsi ): to flash, shine, beam.
fultus : supporter.
fumidus : smoky, smoke-filled
fumo : to smoke, steam, reek
fundatio-onis : f, foundation
fundator : m, founder
funditus : totally
fundo : to pour, pour out (like molten metal), melt, cast.
fundo : (milit.) to rout, scatter, defeat, put to flight.
fungor, fungi, functus : to occupy oneself, perform, do, execute.
funiculus : a thin rope, cord, string
funis -is : rope, cord, line.
funis : rope, cord, line
furax : inclined to steal,
furca : a fork, pitchfork /narrow pass
furcillo : to act as a support
furibundus, raging, furious / inspired.
furor : madness, rage, frenzy.
furs : thief.
furtificus : thievish.
furtim : by stealth, stealthily.
furtum : theft, robbery/ furta : stolen property /trick, deceit.
fusus : (from fundo) spread out, extended, wide, copious.
futurus : -a, -um, absurd

f., abb.
son/daughter; filius/filia, abb. f.;
faba, fabae
bean (plant/seed); bead, pellet (resembling bean);
fabella, fabellae
story, fable; play;
faber, fabra, fabrum
skillful; ingenious; of craftsman/workman/artisan or his work;
faber, fabri
workman, artisan; smith; carpenter;
Fabius, Fabi
Fabius; (Roman gens name); Q. Fabius Maximus Cunctator, hero second Punic War;
Fabius, Fabia, Fabium
Fabius, Roman gens; Q. Fabius Maximus Cunctator, hero of second Punic War;
skillfully; ingeniously; in workmanlike manner;
fabrefacio, fabrefacere, fabrefeci, fabrefactus
make or fashion skillfully;
fabrefio, fabreferi, fabrefactus sum V SEMIDEP [DXXEC]
be made or fashioned skillfully; (fabrefacio PASS);
fabrica, fabricae
craft, art; craft of metalwork/building; construction/building/making;
workshop, factory; workmanship; plan, device; trick;
fabricatio, fabricationis
structure; something made; act of making; factory-mark
fabricator, fabricatoris
builder, maker, fashioner;
fabricensis, fabricensis
fabrico, fabricare, fabricavi, fabricatus
build/construct/fashion/forge/shape; train; get ready (meal); invent/devise;
fabricor, fabricari, fabricatus sum DEP
build/construct/fashion/forge/shape; train; get ready (meal); invent/devise;
fabrile, fabrilis
carpenter's tools (pl.); work done by carpenter;
fabrilis, fabrilis, fabrile
of/belonging to a workman; of a metal-worker/carpenter/builder;
skillfully; in workmanlike manner;
fabula, fabulae
story, tale, fable; play, drama; [fabulae! => rubbish!, nonsense!];
fabulatio, fabulationis
fable; idle talk; lie; gossip;
fabulator, fabulatoris
storyteller, story-teller;
fabulo, fabulare, fabulavi, fabulatus
talk (familiarly), chat, converse; invent a story, make up a fable;
fabulor, fabulari, fabulatus sum DEP
talk (familiarly), chat, converse; invent a story, make up a fable;
fabulositas, fabulositatis
fabulous invention ;
fabulosus, fabulosa, fabulosum
storied, fabulous; celebrated in story;
facesso, facessere, facessi, facessitus
do; perpetrate; go away;
facetia, facetiae
wit (pl.), joke;
facetus, faceta, facetum
witty, humorous; clever, adept;
fachirus, fachiri
facialis, facialis, faciale
facies, faciei
shape, face, look; presence, appearance; beauty; achievement;
facile, facilius, facillime
easily, readily, without difficulty; generally, often; willingly; heedlessly;
facilis, facile, facilior -or -us, facillimus -a -um
easy, easy to do, without difficulty, ready, quick, good natured, courteous;
facilitas, facilitatis
facility; readiness; good nature; levity; courteousness;
easily; (cited as example of pedantry by Quintilianus);
easily, readily, without difficulty; generally, often; willingly; heedlessly;
viciously; scandalously;
facinarosus, facinarosa, facinarosum
wicked, criminal; villainous; vicious;
facinerosus, facinerosa, facinerosum
wicked, criminal; villainous; vicious; (facinosus);
viciously; scandalously; (from facinosus);
facinorosus, facinorosa, facinorosum
wicked, criminal; vicious;
facinus, facinoris
deed; crime; outrage;
facio, facere, additional, forms V
do, make; create; acquire; cause, bring about, fashion; compose; accomplish;
facio, facere, feci, factus
make/build/construct/create/cause/do; have built/made; fashion; work (metal);
act/take action/be active; (bowels); act/work (things), function, be effective;
produce; produce by growth; bring forth (young); create, bring into existence;
compose/write; classify; provide; do/perform; commit crime; suppose/imagine;
facticius, facticia, facticium
artificial; skillfully-made;
factio, factionis
party, faction; partisanship;
factiosus, factiosa, factiosum
factious, seditious, turbulent;
factispecies, factispeciei [ELXEE]
specific details; facts of case;
factitator, factitatoris [EXXEE]
maker; doer; perpetrator;
factitius, factitia, factitium
factito, factitare, factitavi, factitatus
do frequently, practice;
factor, factoris
maker; perpetrator (of a crime); player (in a ballgame);
factum, facti
fact, deed, act; achievement;
factura, facturae
creation; work; deed; performance; handiwork;
facula, faculae
little torch;
facultas, facultatis
means; ability, skill; opportunity, chance; resources (pl.), supplies;
facultativus, facultativa, facultativum[EXXEE]
facunde, facundius, facundissime
eloquently; fluently;
facundia, facundiae
facunditas, facunditatis [FBXEM]
fertility; G:readiness of speech; (=f(a)(e)cunditas);
facundus, facunda, facundum
eloquent; fluent; able to express eloquently/fluently (speech/written);
faecatus, faecata, faecatum
faecula, faeculae
lees/dregs of wine (used as a condiment or medicine);
faeculentia, faeculentiae
dregs; filth;
faeculentus, faeculenta, faeculentum
full of dregs/sediment; worthless; thick; impure, filthy;
faedus, faedi [BAXEO]
kid, young goat; two stars in constellation Auriga (Charioteer), "The Kid";
faeles, faelis
cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;
faenebris, faenebris, faenebre
pertaining to usury; lent at interest;
faeneratio, faenerationis
usury, money-lending;
faenerator, faeneratoris
usurer, money-lender;
faenero, faenerare, faeneravi, faeneratus
lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply; borrow;
faeneror, faenerari, faeneratus sum DEP
lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply; borrow;
faeneus, faenea, faeneum
of hay; [w/homines => men of straw];
faeniculum, faeniculi
faenile, faenilis
hayloft (pl.), place for storing hay; barn;
faeniseca, faenisecae
mower; a country-man;
faenisecium, faenisecii
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
faenisicia, faenisiciae
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
faenisicium, faenisicii
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
faenum, faeni
hay; [~ Graecum => fenugreek];
faenus, faenoris
interest (on capital), usury; profit, gain; advantage;
faeteo, faetere, INTRANS
stink; have a bad/offensive smell/odor;
faetidus, fatida, fatidum
stinking; foul-smelling; having a bad smell/odor;
faetor, faetoris
stench; bad/foul smell, stink; foulness, noisomeness
faetulentus, faetulenta, faetulentum
stinking; foul-smelling; fetulent
faetutina, faetutinae
stinking/noisome place, cesspool, midden;
faex, faecis
dregs, grounds; sediment, lees; deposits; dregs of society;
fagineus, faginea, fagineum
of the beech tree; of beech-wood, beechen;
faginus, fagina, faginum
of the beech tree; of beech-wood, beechen;
fagottum, fagotti
fagus, fagi
beech tree;
fala, falae
wooden tower or pillar;
falarica, falaricae
heavy missile (orig. by siege tower catapult w/tow+pitch+fire); like hand spear;
falcanus, falcani
sickle-maker, scythe-maker;
falcarius, falcarii
sickle-maker, scythe-maker;
falcatus, falcata, falcatum
armed with scythes; sickle-shaped, curved, hooked;
Falcidia, Falcidiae
portion (1/4) of estate secured to legal heir by Falcidian law of 40 BC;
falcifer, falcifera, falciferum
carrying a scythe; scythed;
falcitas, falcitatis
falda, faldae
falda; (garment of white silk worn by Pope on solemn occasions);
faldistorium, faldistorii
faldstool; (chair with armrest but no back); (used by bishop not in his church);
falere, faleris
platform (in a pen for birds);
Falerius, Falerii [XXIDS]
Falisci (pl.); (Latin people/Etruscan culture); (altered by Romans to Falerii);
Falernum, Falerni
Falernian wine;
falisca, faliscae
rack in a manger;
Faliscus, Falisca, Faliscum[XXICS]
of/belonging to Falisci (people of Etruria); [~ venter => a sausage/haggis];
Faliscus, Falisci [XXIDS]
Falisci (pl.); (Latin people of Etruscan culture); (sometimes called Aequi);
fallacia, fallaciae
deceit, trick, stratagem; deceptive behavior or an instance of this;
fallacies, fallaciei
deceit, trick, stratagem; deceptive behavior or an instance of this;
fallaciloquus, fallaciloqua, fallaciloquum
of deceptive/deceitful speech; speaking deceitfully/falsely
fallaciosus, fallaciosa, fallaciosum
full of deception/deceit; deceitful, deceptive, fallacious
fallacitas, fallacitatis
deceptiveness; untrustworthiness; deceit, artifice
fallaciter, fallacius, fallicissime
deceptively/deceitfully, with intent to deceive; falsely, in misleading manner;
fallax, fallacis (gen.), fallacior -or -us, fallacissimus -a -um
deceitful, treacherous; misleading, deceptive; false, fallacious; spurious;
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus
deceive; slip by; disappoint; be mistaken, beguile, drive away; fail; cheat;
falsarius, falsarii
falsidicus, falsidica, falsidicum
falsificatio, falsificationis
falsifico, falsificare, falsificavi, falsificatus
falsiloquus, falsiloqua, falsiloquum
falsitas, falsitatis
falsehood, untruth, fraud, deceit; (sometimes pl.);
falsely; deceptively; spuriously;
falso, falsare, falsavi, falsatus
falsum, falsi
falsehood, untruth, fraud, deceit;
falsus, falsa, falsum
wrong, lying, fictitious, spurious, false, deceiving, feigned, deceptive;
falx, falcis
sickle. scythe; pruning knife; curved blade; hook for tearing down walls;
fama, famae
rumor; reputation; tradition; fame, public opinion, ill repute; report, news;
famelicus, famelica -um, famelicior -or -us, famelicissimus -a -um
famished, starved; hungry;
famen, faminis
utterance, articulation; word
fames, famis
hunger; famine; want; craving;
famigerabilis, famigerabilis, famigerabile
famous, celebrated;
famigerator, famigeratoris
familia, familiae
household; household of slaves; family; clan; religious community (Ecc);
familialis, familialis, familiale
of/relating to family;
familiaris, familiaris N (3rd) C
member of household (family/servant/esp. slave); familiar acquaintance/friend;
familiaris, familiaris, familiare
domestic; of family; intimate; [familiaris res => one's property or fortune];
familiaritas, familiaritatis
intimacy; close friendship; familiarity;
on friendly terms;
familicus, familica -um, familicior -or -us, familicissimus -a -um
famished, starved; hungry;
famosus, famosa -um, famosior -or -us, famosissimus -a -um
famous, noted, renowned; talked of; infamous, notorious; slanderous, libelous;
famula, famulae
slave (female), maid, handmaiden, maid-servant; temple attendant;
famulamen, famulaminis
famularis, famularis, famulare
of slaves, servile;
famulatus, famulatus
service; obedience; slavery;
famulitium, famulitii
servitude, slavery; the servants of a house;
famulor, famulari, famulatus sum DEP
be a servant, attend;
famulus, famula, famulum
serving; serviceable; servile; subject;
famulus, famuli
slave (male), servant; attendant;
fanale, fanalis
torch; candle;
fanaticus, fanatica, fanaticum
fanatic, frantic; belonging to a temple;
fanatismus, fanatismi
fandus, fanda, fandum
that may be spoken; proper, lawful;
fano, fanare, fanavi, fanatus
dedicate; consecrate;
fano, fanonis
maniple, striped amice worn by Pope;
fantasia, fantasiae [XXXEM]
fancy, imagined situation; mental image (Latham); imagination; phenomenon (Def);
fantasia, fantasiae [ESXEP]
phase; (of the moon);
fanulum, fanuli [XEXEE]
small temple; shrine;
fanum, fani
sanctuary, temple;
fanus, fanoris
that which is produced; interest on money/capital, usury, profit, gain;
far, farris
husked wheat; grain, spelt; coarse meal, grits; sacrificial meal; dog's bread;
farciatura, farciaturae
farcimen, farciminis
farcio, farcire, farsi, fartus V (4th)
stuff, fill up/completely; gorge oneself; insert as stuffing, cram (into);
FARES, undeclined V [EEQFW]
PHARES; (MENE TEKEL PHARES writing on the wall - Vulgate Daniel 5:25);
farina, farinae
flour/meal (for dough/pastry); stuff persons made of; dust/powder (grinding);
farinatus, farinata, farinatum
powdery; flour-like;
farinula, farinulae [EXXEE]
fine flour; small amount of flour;
farrago, farraginis
mixed fodder, mash; mixture, medley; a hodgepodge; trifle;
farratus, farrata, farratum
provided with grain; made of grain;
farreus, farrea, farreum
made of spelt or wheat ("corn") or meal;
fars, fartis
stuffing; minced meat;
farsia, farsiae [EEXFE]
insertion into parts of Mass;
fas, undeclined
divine/heaven's law/will/command; that which is right/lawful/moral/allowed;
fascea, fasceae
band/strip; ribbon; B:bandage; streak/band of cloud; headband/filet; sash (Ecc);
fascia, fasciae
band/strip; ribbon; B:bandage; streak/band of cloud; headband/filet; sash (Ecc);
fasciculus, fasciculi
little bundle/packet; bunch (of flowers);
fascinatio, fascinationis
fascination; bewitching;
fascinator, fascinatoris
charmer; enchanter;
fascino, fascinare, fascinavi, fascinatus
cast a spell on, bewitch;
fasciola, fasciolae
little bandage;
fascis, fascis [XLIBO]
bundles of rods (w/ax) (pl.); (carried by lictors before high Roman magistrate);
bundle (esp. sticks/books sg.); faggot; packet, parcel; burden, load;
power/office of magistrate; bundle (esp. sticks/books); faggot; burden/load;
fascismus, fascismi
fascista, fascistae
fascisticus, fascistica, fascisticum
faseolus, faseoli
kidney-bean; (see also phaseolus);
fasianus, fasiana, fasianum
pheasant; (phasianus);
fastidio, fastidire, fastidivi, fastiditus V (4th)
disdain; be scornful; feel aversion to, be squeamish;
fastidiosus, fastidiosa, fastidiosum
squeamish; exacting; disdainful; nauseating;
fastidium, fastidi(i)
loathing, disgust; squeamishness; scornful contempt, pride; fastidiousness;
fastigatus, fastigata, fastigatum
pointed, sharp; wedge shaped; sloping, descending;
fastigium, fastigi(i)
peak, summit, top; slope, declivity, descent; gable, roof; sharp point, tip;
fastigo, fastigare, fastigavi, fastigatus
make pointed; slope to point; exalt to high;
exhaust; intoxicate;
fastosus, fastosa, fastosum
haughty, disdainful; proud, full of pride
fastuosus, fastuosa, fastuosum
haughty, disdainful; proud, full of pride
fastus, fasta, fastum
not forbidden; [~ dies => day on which praetor's court was open, judicial day];
fastus, fasti
calendar (pl.), almanac, annals; register of judicial days, register;
list of festivals (pl.); list of consuls who gave names to years;
fastus, fastus
scornful contempt, destain, haughtiness, arrogance, pride;
fatale, fatalis [ELXEE]
deadline (pl.); time limit; [fatalia legis=> time limit of law; legal deadline];
fatalis, fatalis, fatale
fated, destined; fatal, deadly;
fatalismus, fatalismi
by destiny; by decree of fate;
fateor, fateri, fassus sum DEP
admit, confess (w/ACC); disclose; acknowledge; praise (w/DAT);
faticanus, faticana, faticanum
faticinus, faticina, faticinum
fatidicus, fatidica, fatidicum
fatifer, fatifera, fatiferum
deadly, fatal;
fatigatio, fatigationis
fatigue, weariness; exhaustion; (also of land);
fatigatus, fatigata, fatigatum
fatigo, fatigare, fatigavi, fatigatus
weary, tire, fatigue; harass; importune; overcome;
fatiloqua, fatiloquae
fatisco, fatiscere,
gape, crack; crack open, part asunder; grow weak or exhausted, droop;
fatiscor, fatisci, - DEP
gape, crack; crack open, part asunder; grow weak or exhausted, droop;
fatua, fatuae
fool (female);
fatuitas, fatuitatis
foolishness; folly;
fatum, fati [XPXAX]
utterance, oracle; fate, destiny; natural term of life; doom, death, calamity;
fatuus, fatua, fatuum
foolish, silly; idiotic;
fatuus, fatui
faucitas, faucitatis
fauna, faunae
Faunus, Fauni
rustic god; deity of forest, herdsman; sometimes identified with Pan;
faustus, fausta, faustum
favorable; auspicious; lucky, prosperous;
fautor, fautoris
patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan; who promotes/fosters interests;
fautrix, fautricis
patroness/protector; admirer/supporter/partisan; she promotes/fosters interests;
faux, faucis
pharynx (usu pl.), gullet/throat/neck/jaws/maw; narrow pass/shaft/strait; chasm;
faveo, favere, favi, fautus
favor (w/DAT), befriend, support, back up;
favilla, favillae
glowing ashes, embers; spark; ashes;
favillesco, favillescere, favillescui, -
be reduced to ashes;
favisor, favisoris
patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan;
favitor, favitoris
patron, protector; admirer; supporter, partisan;
favonius, favonii
hair dryer;
Favonius, Favonii
west wind;
favor, favoris
favor, goodwill; bias; applause;
favorabilis, favorabile, favorabilior -or -us, favorabilissimus -a -um
popular, treated/regarded with favor, favored; win favor, conciliatory;
favorabiliter, favorabilius, favorabilissime
so as to win favor; stretching a point to favor one side, indulgently;
favus, favi
fax, facis [XPXAX]
torch, firebrand, fire; flame of love; torment;
fe, undeclined
pe; (17th letter of Hebrew alphabet); (transliterate as P or F);
Feb., abb.
February (month/mensis understood); abb. Feb.;
febricito, febricitare, febricitavi, febricitatus
have fever, be feverish, be ill of a fever;
febricula, febriculae
slight fever, feverishness;
febris, febris
fever, attack of fever;
Februarius, Februaria, Februarium
February (month/mensis understood); abb. Feb.;
februum, februi
religious purification; Roman feast (pl.) of purification;
feclinditas, feclinditatis
fertility fecundity;
feculentia, feculentiae
dregs, lees; impurities, filth;
fecundatio, fecundationis
fertilization; act of making fertile/fruitful/productive;
fecunditas, fecunditatis
fecundo, fecundare, fecundavi, fecundatus
make fertile/fruitful;
fecundus, fecunda -um, fecundior -or -us, fecundissimus -a -um
fertile, fruitful; productive (of offspring), prolific; abundant; imaginative;
feditas, feditatis
filthy object; nuisance;
fedus, fedi [BAXEO]
kid, young goat; two stars in constellation Auriga (Charioteer), "The Kid";
fefello, fefellare, fefellavi, fefellatus
be failed(by); be disappointed(with);
feficius, feficia, feficium[DEXDS]
deifies, who makes one a god; consecrated, sacred; [lues ~ => epilepsy];
fel, fellis [XBXCC]
gall, bile; poison; bitterness, venom; gall bladder;
fel., abb.
happy; [fel. (felis) mem. (memoriae)/rec. (recordationis) => of happy memory];
feles, felis
cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;
felicitas, felicitatis
luck, good fortune; happiness;
felio, felire, felivi, felitus
roar/cry (expressing the cry of a leopard);
felis, felis
cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; mouser; inveigler, seducer, tom-cat; thief;
felix, felicis (gen.), felicior -or -us, felicissimus -a -um
happy; blessed; fertile; favorable; lucky; successful, fruitful;
fellato, fellatare, fellatavi, fellatatus [FXXFQ]
suck (milk) (from); fellate, practice fellatio; (active participant);
fellator, fellatoris
fellator, one who practices fellatio;
fellatrix, fellatricis
fellatrix, she who practices fellatio;
fellico, fellicare, fellicavi, fellicatus
suck (milk) (from); fellate, practice fellatio; (active participant);
fellito, fellitare, fellitavi, fellitatus
suck (milk) (from); fellate, practice fellatio; (active participant);
fello, fellare, fellavi, fellatus
suck (milk) (from); fellate, practice fellatio; (active participant);
felo, felare, felavi, felatus
suck (milk) (from); fellate, practice fellatio; (active participant);
felo, felonis
felonia, feloniae
femella, femellae
young woman, girl;
femen, feminis
thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; [~ bubulum => plant];
femina, feminae
woman; female;
feminal, feminalis
female external genitalia/private parts; thigh coverings (pl.); breeches (Ecc);
feminalum, feminali
female external genitalia/private parts; thigh coverings (pl.), breech-cloth;
femineus, feminea, femineum
woman's; female, feminine; proper to/typical of a woman; effeminate, cowardly;
femininus, feminina, femininum
woman's; female, feminine; proper to/typical of a woman;
feminismus, feminismi
feministria, feministriae
feminus, femina, feminum
femoralum, femorali
female external genitalia/private parts; breeches (pl.), breech-cloth;
femur, feminis [XBXBO]
thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; [~ bubulum => plant];
femur, femoris [XBXBO]
thigh (human/animal); flat vertical band on triglyph; [~ bubulum => plant];
fenero, fenerare, feneravi, feneratus
lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply; borrow;
feneror, fenerari, feneratus sum DEP
lend money at interest; make interest/profit; invest/finance/supply; borrow;
fenestella, fenestellae
little window; small window, opening for light; niche (Ecc);
fenestra, fenestrae
window, opening for light; loophole, breach; orifice; inlet; opportunity;
feniculum, feniculi
fenisecium, fenisecii
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
fenisicia, fenisiciae
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
fenisicium, fenisicii
mowing, cutting of hay; mown grass, hay;
fenum, feni
hay; [~ Graecum => fenugreek];
fenus, fenoris
interest, usury, profit on capital; investments; advantage, profit, gain;
feodalis, feodalis
feoffamentum, feoffamenti
enfoeffment, infeftment (Scot.); investment of person with fief or fee;
feoffator, feoffatoris
enfeoffor; one who settles land under feudal system;
feoffatus, feoffati
enfeofee; land recipient by fief under feudal system;
feoffo, feoffare, feoffavi, feoffatus
enfeoff, infeft (Scot.); invest with fief; put in legal possession;
fer., abb.
weekday; abb. of feria; [(w/ordinals) quintus feria => fifth day/Thursday];
fera, ferae
wild beast/animal;
Ferale, Feralis
festival of the dead (pl.);
feralis, feralis, ferale
funereal; deadly, fatal;
in savage manner;
feramentus, feramenta, feramentum
ferax, feracis (gen.), feracior -or -us, feracissimus -a -um
fruitful, fertile. prolific;
ferctum, fercti
sacrificial cake;
fercuium, fercui(i)
frame or stretcher for carrying things; dish; course (at dinner);
ferculum, ferculi [XXXBE]
food tray; dish, course; food; bread; bier (Ecc); litter;
almost; about, nearly; generally, in general; (w/negatives) hardly ever;
ferentarius, ferentari(i)
light-armed soldier skirmisher;
feretrum, feretri
feria, feriae
festival/holy day; day of rest/holiday/leisure; holidays (pl.); fair;
feria, feriae
weekday; abb. fer.; [(w/ordinals) quintus feria => fifth day/Thursday];
ferialis, ferialis, feriale
ferial, of/pertaining to feria/weekday;
feriatio, feriationis
feast; celebration of feast;
feriatus, feriata, feriatum
keeping holiday, at leisure;
feriatus, feriati
fericulum, fericuli [XXXBE]
food tray; dish, course; food; bread; bier (Ecc); litter;
ferina, ferinae
game, flesh of wild animals;
ferinus, ferina, ferinum
of wild beasts;
ferio, feriare, feriavi, feriatus
rest from work/labor; keep/celebrate holiday; be idle; abstain from;
ferio, ferire, V (4th)
hit, strike; strike a bargain; kill, slay;
ferior, feriari, feriatus sum DEP
rest from work/labor; keep/celebrate holiday;
feritas, feritatis
wildness, barbaric/savage/uncultivated state; savagery, ferocity; brutality;
ferito, feritare, feritavi, feritatus [FXXFY]
strike, deal blows; fight;
nearly, almost, about; (with negatives) hardly ever;
fermentaceus, fermentacei [EEXFE]
person who uses unleavened bread;
fermentatus, fermentata, fermentatum[EXXEE]
fermented; loose; soft, spoiled, corrupted;
fermento, fermentare, fermentavi, fermentatus
leaven; cause fermentation in; aerate (soil);
fermentum, fermenti
fermentation, leavening (process/cause); yeast; ferment/passion; sour/spoil;
fero, ferre, tuli, latus V
bring, bear; tell/speak of; consider; carry off, win, receive, produce; get;
ferocia, ferociae
fierceness, ferocity; insolence;
ferocio, ferocire,
rampage, act in a fierce/violent/savage manner;
ferocitas, ferocitatis
fierceness, savageness, excessive spirits; aggressiveness;
ferociter, ferocius, ferocissime
fiercely/ferociously/aggressively; arrogantly/insolently/defiantly; boldly;
ferox, (gen.), ferocis
wild, bold; warlike; cruel; defiant, arrogant;
ferraiola, ferraiolae
short cape reaching halfway to elbow);
ferramentum, ferramenti
iron tool;
ferraria, ferrariae
iron mine;
ferrarius, ferraria, ferrarium
of/concerned with iron, iron-; [officina/taberna ~ => smithy/blacksmith shop];
ferrarius, ferrarii
ferratilis, ferratilis, ferratile
in chains/irons (slaves and prisoners); fettered; furnished with iron;
ferratus, ferrata, ferratum
furnished or covered with iron; [w/servi => in irons];
ferratus, ferrati
soldiers (pl.) in armor;
ferraus, ferraa, ferraum
bound or covered with iron; with iron points or studs;
ferreus, ferrea, ferreum
iron, made of iron; cruel, unyielding; (blue);
ferrivia, ferriviae
ferriviarius, ferriviaria, ferriviarium
of railroad;
ferrogriseus, ferrogrisea, ferrogriseum
ferrous, ferroa, ferroum
of iron, iron; hard, cruel firm;
ferrugineus, ferruginea, ferrugineum
of the color of iron-rust, somber;
ferruginus, ferrugina, ferruginum
rust-colored, dun;
ferrugo, ferruginis
iron-rust; color of iron rust, dusky color;
ferrum, ferri
iron; any tool of iron; weapon, sword;
ferrumen, ferruminis
cement; solder; glue; iron-rust ;
ferrumino, ferruminare, ferruminavi, ferruminatus
cement, solder; glue; bind;
fertilis, fertile, fertilior -or -us, fertilissimus -a -um
fertile, fruitful; abundant;
fertilisatio, fertilisationis
fertilitas, fertilitatis
fruitfulness, fertility;
fertum, ferti
sacrificial cake;
ferula, ferulae
stick, rod;
ferumino, feruminare, feruminavi, feruminatus
cement, solder; glue; bind;
ferus, fera, ferum
wild, savage; uncivilized; untamed; fierce;
ferus, feri
wild beast/animal; wild/untamed horse/boar;
fervefacio, fervefacere, fervefeci, fervefactus
heat; melt; boil; make (intensely) hot;
fervens, (gen.), ferventis
red hot, boiling hot; burning; inflamed, impetuous; fervent/zealous (Bee);
ferveo, fervere, ferbui, - INTRANS
be (very) hot; boil/burn; seethe/surge; swarm; be turbulent/run strongly; froth;
be warm/aroused/inflamed/feverish, reek (w/blood); be active/busy/agitated;
fervesco, fervescere,
grow hot;
fervidus, fervida, fervidum
glowing; boiling hot; fiery, torrid, roused, fervid; hot blooded;
fervo, fervere, fervi, -
be (very) hot; boil/burn; seethe/surge; swarm; be turbulent/run strongly; froth;
be warm/aroused/inflamed/feverish, reek (w/blood); be active/busy/agitated;
fervor, fervoris
heat, boiling heat; boiling, fermenting; ardor, passion, fury; intoxication;
fessus, fessa, fessum
tired, wearied, fatigued, exhausted; worn out, weak, feeble, infirm, sick;
festinanter, festinantius, festinissime
promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;
festinantia, festinantiae
haste; speed;
promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;
festinatio, festinationis
haste, speed, hurry;
festinato, festinatius, festinatissime
promptly, speedily, quickly; with (excessive/undue) haste; hurriedly;
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatus
hasten, hurry;
festinus, festina, festinum
swift/quick/rapid; fast moving (troops); impatient, in a hurry; early/premature;
festive, festivius, festivissime
festively, with feasting; delightfully, neatly; amusingly, humorously, wittily;
festivitas, festivitatis
festivity, feast; conviviality, charm; heart's delight; humor (speaker), wit;
gaily, festively; wittily;
festivus, festiva -um, festivior -or -us, festivissimus -a -um
feast/festive (day); excellent/fine; jovial, genial; lively (speech), witty;
festuca, festucae
straw; stalk (used in manumission); ram for beating down earth, piledriver;
festucula, festuculae
festum, festi
holiday; festival; feast day; day in memory of saint/event (usu. pl.) (Bee);
festus, festa, festum
festive, joyous; holiday; feast day; merry; solemn;
feteo, fetere, INTRANS
stink; have a bad/offensive smell/odor;
fetialis, fetialis
Roman priest/college of priests (pl.) representing Rome in diplomatic dealings;
fetialis, fetialis, fetiale
of college/functions of fetiales (priests representing Rome diplomatically);
fetidus, fetida, fetidum
stinking; foul-smelling; having a bad smell/odor;
fetifer, fetifera, fetiferum
fertilizing; causing fruitfulness; making fruitful; enriching the soil (W);
fetifico, fetificare, fetificavi, fetificatus
breed/spawn; hatch/bring forth offspring/young;
fetificus, fetifica, fetificum
reproductive; genital; fructifying
feto, fetare, fetavi, fetatus
breed/spawn; hatch/bring forth offspring/young; impregnate, make fruitful
fetor, fetoris
stench; bad/foul smell, stink; foulness, noisomeness
fetosus, fetosa, fetosum
fetulentus, fetulenta, fetulentum
stinking; foul-smelling; fetulent
fetuosus, fetuosa, fetuosum
fetura, feturae
breeding (animals); gestation, carrying young; bearing/forth young, parturition;
laying/hatching eggs; brood, litter, young offspring; young shoots (of vine);
feturatus, feturata, feturatum
made into a fetus (of semen);
fetus, feta, fetum
pregnant/breeding (animal); fertile/fruitful; growing/teeming/abounding/full of;
having newly brought forth/given birth/whelped/calved; bearing/reproducing;
fetus, fetus
offspring/young (animals); children (of a parent); brood/litter;
fetus/fetus, young while still in the womb; embryo
birth/bringing forth young; laying (egg); bearing young, breeding; conception;
fruit of plant; produce/crop; offshoot/branch/sucker/sapling; bearing fruit;
fetutina, fetutinae
stinking/noisome place, cesspool, midden;
feudum, feudi
fiala, fialae
drinking plate; (Greek);
fiber, fibri
fibiculaa, fibiculaae
fibra, fibrae
fiber, filament; entrails; leaf, blade (of grasses, etc);
fibroma, fibromatis
fibroma, fibrous tumor;
fibula, fibulae
clasp, buckle, brooch;
fibulo, fibulare, fibulavi, fibulatus
join; bond; knit together; fasten; buckle up/together;unfasten; unbuckle;
ficatum, ficati
foie gras (liver);
ficedula, ficedulae
small bird, fig-pecker, a treat in autumn when it feeds on figs/grapes;
ficetum, ficeti
fig-orchard, plantation of fig trees;
in fictitious/pretended manner; in pretense; falsely; by way of pretense/sham;
ficticius, ficticia, ficticium
fictitious; artificial; counterfeit, not genuine; feigned, pretended, sham;
fictile, fictilis
earthenware vessel or statue;
fictilis, fictilis, fictile
of clay; made of earthenware, earthen;
fictio, fictionis
fashioning, action of shaping; coining (word); pretense/feigning; legal fiction;
fictitius, fictitia, fictitium
fictitious; artificial; counterfeit, not genuine; feigned, pretended;
fictor, fictoris
one who devises or makes;
fictus, ficta, fictum
feigned, false; counterfeit;
ficulneus, ficulnea, ficulneum
of the fig or fig tree, fig-;
ficulnus, ficulna, ficulnum
of the fig or fig tree, fig-;
ficus, fici
fig; fig tree; hemorrhoids/piles (sg./pl.); [primus ficus => early autumn];
ficus, ficus
fig; fig tree; hemorrhoids/piles (sg./pl.); [primus ficus => early autumn];
fideicommissarius, fideicommissari(i)
of fideicommissa/conferring by will requesting executor to deliver to 3rd party;
fideicommissarius, fideicommissaria, fideicommissarium[XLXEC]
of fideicommissa/conferring by will requesting executor to deliver to 3rd party;
fideicommissum, fideicommissi
bequest in form of request rather than command to heir (to act/pass on); trust;
fideicommissus, fideicommissa, fideicommissum
entrusted; conferred by will requesting executor to deliver to third party;
fideicommitto, fideicommittere, fideicommisi, fideicommissus
leave by will; bequeath;
fideiubeo, fideiubere, fideiussi, fideiussus
become surety; go bail; guarantee;
fideiussor, fideiussoris
guarantor, one who gives surety or goes bail;
fidejussorius, fidejussoria, fidejussorium
of surety;
fidelia, fideliae
earthen pot (esp. for whitewash);
fidelis, fidele, fidelior -or -us, fidelissimus -a -um
faithful/loyal/devoted; true/trustworthy/dependable/reliable; constant/lasting;
fidelitas, fidelitatis
faithfulness, fidelity;
fideliter, fidelius, fidelissime
faithfully/constantly/loyally; earnestly; reliably/accurately; securely/firmly;
with reliance on God;
fidens, (gen.), fidentis
confident; bold;
fides, fidei
faith, loyalty; honesty; credit; confidence, trust, belief; good faith;
fides, fidis
chord, instrument string; constellation Lyra; stringed instrument (pl.); lyre;
fidicen, fidicinis [XDXDO]
lyre-player; writer of lyric poetry; lyricist;
fidicina, fidicinae
lyre-player (female);
fidicinus, fidicina, fidicinum
of lute playing;
fidicula, fidiculae
little lyre or lute (usu. pl.); an instrument for torture;
fidis, fidis
chord, instrument string; constellation Lyra; stringed instrument (pl.); lyre;
fido, fidere, fisus sum SEMIDEP
trust (in), have confidence (in) (w/DAT or ABL);
fiducia, fiduciae
trust, confidence; faith, reliance; courage;
fiducialiter, fiducialius, fiducialissime
confidently, with confidence; boldly (Souter); faithfully;
fiduciarius, fiduciaria, fiduciarium
holding on trust; held on trust;
fidus, fida, fidum
faithful, loyal; trusting, confident;
figilina, figilinae
pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;
figlina, figlinae
pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;
figmentum, figmenti
figment, fiction, invention, unreality; thing formed/devised; image;
figo, figere, fixi, fixus
fasten, fix; pierce, transfix; establish;
figulina, figulinae
pottery-work; pottery (pl.), potter's workshop;
figulus, figuli
potter; maker of earthenware vessels;
figura, figurae
shape, form, figure, image; beauty; style; figure of speech;
figuratio, figurationis
forming; shaping; imagination; G:form of word;
figuro, figurare, figuravi, figuratus
form, fashion, shape;
filetum, fileti
filet (cut of meat or of fish);
filia, filiae
filiatio, filiationis [FLXEZ]
descent-from-father; (father has paternitas, son has filiatio);
filicatus, filicata, filicatum
adorned with ferns; embossed with fern leaves;
filiformis, filiformis, filiforme
filiola, filiolae
little daughter;
filiolus, filioli
little son;
filius, fili
filix, filicis
fern, bracken;
filtrum, filtri
filum, fili
thread, string, filament, fiber; texture, style, nature;
fimbria, fimbriae
fringe (pl.), border, edge;
fimbriatus, fimbriata, fimbriatum
fimum, fimi
dung, excrement;
fimus, fimi
dung, excrement;
finalis, finalis, finale
of/concerned w/boundaries; limited/bounded (Souter); of ultimate goal;
finalitas, finalitatis
limitation; finality, end (Red);
finally; purposefully;
finalus, finala, finalum[FXXEO]
of/concerned w/boundaries; limited/bounded (Souter); of ultimate goal;
finctus, fincta, finctum
produced, formed, created; [primus/prior finctus => first-formed/original];
findo, findere, fidi, fissus
split, cleave, divide;
up to;
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictus
mold, form, shape; create, invent; produce; imagine; compose; devise, contrive;
adapt, transform into; modify (appearance/character/behavior); groom;
make up (story/excuse); pretend, pose; forge, counterfeit; act insincerely;
fingo, fingere, fixi, finctus
mold, form, shape; create, invent; produce; imagine; compose; devise, contrive;
adapt, transform into; modify (appearance/character/behavior); groom;
make up (story/excuse); pretend, pose; forge, counterfeit; act insincerely;
up to;
finio, finire, finivi, finitus V (4th)
limit, end; finish; determine, define; mark out the boundaries;
finis, finis N (3rd) C
boundary, end, limit, goal; (pl.) country, territory, land;
finitimus, finitima, finitimum
neighboring, bordering, adjoining;
finitimus, finitimi
neighbors (pl.);
finitio, finitionis
boundary, border, frontier; circuit of walls; endmost point/extremity; rule/law;
end/conclusion/death; limit/restriction; definition, exact description;
finitumus, finituma, finitumum
adjoining; neighboring;
fio, feri, factus sum V SEMIDEP
happen, come about; result (from); take place, be held, occur, arise (event);
be made/created/instituted/elected/appointed/given; be prepared/done; develop;
be made/become; (facio PASS); [fiat => so be it, very well; it is being done];
firmaculum, firmaculi
brooch; clasp; buckle; fastener;
firmale, firmalis
brooch (for a cope); clasp (Latham); buckle; fastener;
firmamen, firmaminis
support, prop, mainstay; strengthening;
firmamentum, firmamenti
support, prop, mainstay; support group;
firmarius, firmarii
termor; term-holder of lands, who holds land/tenement for term of years or life;
firmitas, firmitatis
firmness, strength;
really, strongly, firmly; steadfastly;
firmitudo, firmitudinis
stability; strength;
firmo, firmare, firmavi, firmatus
strengthen, harden; support; declare; prove, confirm, establish;
firmus, firma -um, firmior -or -us, firmissimus -a -um
firm/steady; substantial/solid/secure/safe; strong/robust/sturdy/stout/durable;
loyal/staunch/true/constant; stable/mature; valid/convincing/well founded;
fiscale, fiscalis
revenues/monies (pl.) due to imperial treasury;
fiscalis, fiscalis, fiscale
of/connected with imperial treasury/revenues; fiscal, of money;
fiscella, fiscellae
small wicker-basket;
fiscina, fiscinae
small basket of wicker work;
fiscus, fisci
money-bag, purse; imperial exchequer;
fissilis, fissilis, fissile
easily split; split;
fistuca, fistucae
rammer, mallet;
fistula, fistulae
shepherd's pipe; tube; waterpipe;
fistulator, fistulatoris [XDXEC]
one who plays the reed-pipe;
fixatorium, fixatorii
fixtura, fixturae
fixing, fastening; print of nails; print/imprint (Ecc); opening, perforation;
fixum, fixi
fixtures (pl.), fittings;
fixura, fixurae
fixing, fastening; print of nails; print/imprint (Ecc); opening, perforation;
fixus, fixa, fixum
fixed; firmly established (decision/ordinance), unhangable, irrevocable;
unwavering (person); immovable; constant; fitted/set with;
flabellum, flabelli
small fan;
flabrum, flabri
gusts/blasts of wind (pl.); breezes;
flacceo, flaccere, INTRANS
be flabby; fail. flag;
flaccesco, flaccescere, flaccui, -
begin to flag, become flabby;
flaccidus, flaccida, flaccidum
flaccid, flabby;
Flaccus, Flacci [XXIDX]
Flaccus; (Roman cognomen); [Q. Horatius Flaccus => the poet Horace];
flagello, flagellare, flagellavi, flagellatus
flog, whip, lash, scourge; strike repeatedly; thresh/flail (grain); "whip up";
flagellum, flagelli
whip, lash, scourge; thong (javelin); vine shoot; arm/tentacle (of polyp);
flagitatio, flagitationis
importunate request, demand;
flagitator, flagitatoris
importuner, dun;
flagitiosus, flagitiosa -um, flagitiosior -or -us, flagitiosissimus -a -um
disgraceful, shameful; infamous, scandalous; profligate, dissolute;
flagitium, flagiti(i)
shame, disgrace; scandal, shameful act, outrage, disgraceful thing; scoundrel;
flagito, flagitare, flagitavi, flagitatus
demand urgently; require; entreat, solicit, press, dun, importune;
flagrans, flagrantis (gen.), flagrantior -or -us, flagrantissimus -a -um
flaming, fiery, blazing; hot, scorching; in the ascendant (person/popularity);
burning (w/desire), ardent/passionate; outrageous (crime), monstrous, flagrant;
flagranter, flagrantius, flagrantissime
ardently, passionately; vehemently, heatedly; eagerly;
flagrantia, flagrantiae
blaze, burning; scorching heat; passionate glow (eyes); passionate love/ardor;
flagritriba, flagritribae
one that wears out whips, whipping boy;
flagro, flagrare, flagravi, flagratus
be on fire; blaze, flame, burn; be inflamed/excited;
flagrum, flagri
scourge, whip;
flamen, flaminis
priest, flamen; priest of specific deity; [~ Dialis => high priest of Jupiter];
flamen, flaminis
gust/blast (of wind); gale; breath/exhalation; wind/breeze; note on woodwind;
flamina, flaminae [XEXIO]
wife of a flamen/priest; priestess;
flaminia, flaminiae
priest-assistantess; female assistant to flamen; flamen's dwelling;
flaminica, flaminicae
wife of a flamen/priest; priestess;
flaminium, flaminii
priest's office; office of flamen;
flaminius, flaminia, flaminium
priestly; of flamen (priest of deity);
flamma, flammae
flame, blaze; ardor, fire of love; object of love;
flammeolum, flammeoli
small bridal veil;
flammeum, flammei
flame colored (bridal) veil;
flammeus, flammea, flammeum
flaming, fiery; fiery red;
flammidus, flammida, flammidum
burning; fiery;
flammifer, flammifera, flammiferum
flaming, fiery;
flammiger, flammigera, flammigerum
flammiger, flammigra, flammigrum
flame-bearing; fiery;
flammigero, flammigerare,
flame; blaze;
flammigero, flammigerare, flammigeravi, flammigeratus
flame; blaze;
flammo, flammare, flammavi, flammatus
inflame, set on fire; excite;
flammula, flammulae
little flame;
flandrensis, flandrensis, flandrense
Flemish; from Flanders;
flatilis, flatilis, flatile
blown, of/produced by blowing;
flatus, flatus
blowing; snorting; breath; breeze;
flavedo, flavedinis
yellowness; yellow-color;
flaveo, flavere,
be yellow or gold-colored;
flavesco, flavescere,
become/turn yellow/gold;
flavitas, flavitatis
yellowness; glitter;
flavor, flavoris [GXXFT]
yellowness; (Erasmus);
flavus, flava, flavum
yellow, golden, gold colored; flaxen, blond; golden-haired (Latham);
lamentably, dolefully, tearfully;
flebilis, flebilis, flebile
lamentable, causing/worthy of/accompanied by tears; doleful, tearful, weeping;
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus
bend, curve, bow; turn, curl; persuade, prevail on, soften;
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus
cry for; cry, weep;
fletus, fletus
weeping, crying, tears; wailing; lamenting;
flexanimus, flexanima, flexanimum
head-swaying; moving; touched; moved;
flexibilis, flexibilis, flexibile
flexible, pliant;
flexibilitas, flexibilitatis
flexibility, pliability;
flexilis, flexilis, flexile
pliant, pliable, supple;
flexiloquus, flexiloqua, flexiloquum
equivocal, ambiguous;
flexipes, (gen.), flexipedis
crooked-footed, twining;
flexuosus, flexuosa -um, flexuosior -or -us, flexuosissimus -a -um
curved; with many curves in it, full of bends/turns; winding/sinuous/tortuous;
flexus, flexus
turning, winding; swerve; bend; turning point;
flictus, flictus
striking together, dashing against;
fligo, fligere, -,
beat or dash down;
flo, flare, flavi, flatus
breathe; blow;
floccifacio, floccifacere, floccifeci, floccifactus
consider unimportant;
floccipendo, floccipendere, floccipependi, floccipensus
take (little) account of, consider of no/any importance); (usu. negative);
floccus, flocci
tuft/wisp of wool; [(non) ~i facere/pendere => to consider of no importance];
Flora, Florae
Flora; goddess of flowers;
florens, florentis (gen.), florentior -or -us, florentissimus -a -um
blooming/in bloom, flowering; flowery, bright/shining; flourishing, prosperous;
floreo, florere, florui, -
flourish, blossom, be prosperous; be in one's prime;
floresco, florescere,
(begin to) blossom; increase in physical vigor or renown;
floreus, florea, floreum
floridus, florida, floridum
blooming; flowery; florid;
florifer, florifera, floriferum
flowery; flower bearing, producing flowers; carrying flowers;
floriger, florigera, florigerum
flowery; flower bearing, producing flowers; carrying flowers;
flos, floris
flower, blossom; youthful prime;
flosculus, flosculi
little flower, floweret; the best of anything, the "flower";
fluctifragus, fluctifraga, fluctifragum
fluctio, fluctionis
flowing; flow;
fluctivagus, fluctivaga, fluctivagum[FTXEM]
wave-tossed; wave-driven;
fluctuatio, fluctuationis
swaying/shaking, restless movement (wave); vacillation/uncertainty/fluctuation;
fluctuo, fluctuare, fluctuavi, fluctuatus
rise in waves, surge, swell, undulate, fluctuate; float; be agitated/restless;
fluctuor, fluctuari, fluctuatus sum DEP
waver, be in doubt, hesitate;
fluctuosus, fluctuosa, fluctuosum
full of waves, stormy;
fluctus, fluctus
wave; disorder; flood, flow, tide, billow, surge; turbulence, commotion;
in a stream or flood;
fluentisonus, fluentisona, fluentisonum
resounding with the sound of waves;
fluentum, fluenti
stream/river; flood; (waters of) lake; flow current/draft/draught of air;
fluentus, fluenta, fluentum[FXXEO]
fluidus, fluida, fluidum
liquid; soft, feeble;
fluito, fluitare, fluitavi, fluitatus
float; flow; waver;
flumen, fluminis
river, stream; any flowing fluid; flood; onrush; [adverso ~ => against current];
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxus
flow, stream; emanate, proceed from; fall gradually;
fluorescens, (gen.), fluorescentis
fluorescentia, fluorescentiae
flustrum, flustri [EXXDM]
stream; ford; swell (pl.), rough sea; calm, quiet state of sea (OLD);
fluus, flua, fluum
flowing (septemfluus = seven-flowing mouth of the Nile);
fluvialis, fluvialis, fluviale
fluviaticus, fluviatica, fluviaticum
river-; of a river;
fluviatilis, fluviatilis, fluviatile
river-; of a river
fluvidus, fluvida, fluvidum
flowing, fluid;
fluvius, fluvi(i)
river, stream; running water;
fluxilis, fluxilis, fluxile
fluxus, fluxa, fluxum
flowing; fluid; loose; transient, frail, dissolute;
focal, focalis
wrapper for the neck;
focale, focalis
focaria, focariae
kitchen-maid; cook; soldier's concubine; housekeeper
focarius, focarii
focillo, focillare, focillavi, focillatus
warm up, refresh by warmth;
focilo, focilare, focilavi, focilatus
revive, restore to health/consciousness; keep alive; cherish, tend, foster;
foculus, foculi
focus, foci
hearth, fireplace; altar; home, household, family; cook stove
fodico, fodicare, fodicavi, fodicatus
dig, jog; [w/latus => dig in the ribs];
fodina, fodinae
mine; pit;
fodio, fodere, fodi, fossus
dig, dig out/up; stab;
fodorus, fodori [FWXFY]
fodrum, fodri [FAXFM]
lead fother, load/cartload/ton of lead; fodder, forage, straw;
fodrus, fodri [FWXFY]
foede, foedius, foedissime
foully, repulsively; horribly, hideously; in way that offends senses/feelings;
shamefully, basely, ignominiously; so as to bring dishonor on oneself; cruelly;
foederalis, foederalis, foederale
foederalismus, foederalismi
foederalista, foederalistae
foederatus, foederata, foederatum
allied; treaty bound to Rome); federated; leagued together, confederated
foedero, foederare, foederavi, foederatus
seal; ratify (an agreement); establish by treaty/league
foedifragus, foedifraga, foedifragum
treacherous, perfidious; league-breaking; that breaks treaties/agreements;
foeditas, foeditatis
foulness/filthiness/vileness; horridness/beastliness/repulsiveness;
deformity; ugliness/unsightliness; disgrace/shame/infamy;
foedo, foedare, foedavi, foedatus
defile; pollute; soil, stain, make filthy/unclean; contaminate; corrupt;
disgrace/dishonor; bring shame, discredit; sully/besmirch (person/reputation);
disfigure, mar, spoil appearance/brightness/clearness/purity of; darken, dim;
make (punishment) horrible/barbarous; mangle/hack/mutilate, ravage (land);
foedus, foeda -um, foedior -or -us, foedissimus -a -um
foul; filthy, unclean; disgusting, loathsome, ghastly, beastly; hideous, ugly;
shameful/disgraceful; vile/infamous; coarse/low/base; indecent/obscene (words);
fearful/frightful/severe (storm); grievous; monstrous, horrible; abominable;
atrocious, beastly, shocking; repugnant to refined/civilized taste/feelings;
foedus, foederis
treaty, league, formal agreement (between states), alliance; P:peace, amity;
contract, compact; promise, undertaking; marriage bond; other sexual unions;
bond/tie (friendship/kinship/hospitality); law/limit (imposed by nature/fate);
foenum, foeni [FXXCE]
foenus, foenoris
interest (on capital), usury; profit, gain; advantage;
foeteo, foetere, INTRANS
stink; have a bad/offensive smell/odor;
foetidus, foetida, foetidum
stinking; foul-smelling; having a bad smell/odor;
foetifer, foetifera, foetiferum
fertilizing; causing fruitfulness; making fruitful; enriching the soil (W);
foetifico, foetificare, foetificavi, foetificatus
breed/spawn; hatch/bring forth offspring/young;
foetificus, foetifica, foetificum
reproductive; genital; fructifying
foeto, foetare, foetavi, foetatus
breed/spawn; hatch/bring forth offspring/young; impregnate, make fruitful
foetor, foetoris
stench; bad/foul smell, stink; foulness, noisomeness
foetosus, foetosa, foetosum
foetulentus, foetulenta, foetulentum
stinking; foul-smelling; fetulent
foetuosus, foetuosa, foetuosum
foetura, foeturae
breeding (animals); gestation, carrying young; bearing/forth young, parturition;
laying/hatching eggs; brood, litter, young offspring; young shoots (of vine);
foeturatus, foeturata, foeturatum
made into a fetus (of semen);
foetus, foeta, foetum
pregnant/breeding (animal); fertile/fruitful; growing/teeming/abounding/full of;
having newly brought forth/given birth/whelped/calved; bearing/reproducing;
foetus, foetus
offspring/young (animals); children (of a parent); brood/litter;
fetus/fetus, young while still in the womb; embryo
birth/bringing forth young; laying (egg); bearing young, breeding; conception;
fruit of plant; produce/crop; offshoot/branch/sucker/sapling; bearing fruit;
foetutina, foetutinae
stinking/noisome place, cesspool, midden;
foliatum, foliati [XBXEC]
salve or oil of spikenard leaves;
foliatus, foliata, foliatum
leafy; laminated
foliothecula, foliotheculae
folium, foli(i)
folliculus, folliculi
bag or sack; pod; shell; follicle
follis, follis
bag, purse; handball; pair of bellows; scrotum;
fomentum, fomenti
poultice/dressing; hot/cold compress; solace, alleviation; kindling; wick;
fomes, fomitis
chips of wood, etc for kindling/feeding a fire;
fons, fontis
spring, fountain, well; source/fount; principal cause; font; baptistry;
fontalis, fontalis, fontale
fountain-, of a fountain; fountain-like;
fontanus, fontana, fontanum
of a spring;
fonticulus, fonticuli
little fountain or spring;
for, fari, fatus sum DEP
speak, talk; say;
forabilis, forabilis, forabile
penetrable; can be pierced; vulnerable;
foramen, foraminis
hole, aperture; fissure;
foraneus, foranea, foraneum
out of doors, abroad, forth, out;
forceps, forcipis
pair of tongs, pincers;
forcia, forciae
accessory of crime;
forda, fordae
one who is pregnant/with young; cow in/with calf;
fordeaceus, fordeacea, fordeaceum[AAXCO]
barley-, of/connected to barley; (used as term of contempt);
fordearius, fordearia, fordearium[AAXCO]
barley-, of/connected to barley; [~ pira => pears ripening w/barley];
fordeum, fordei [AAXCO]
barley (the plant or the grain from it); barley-corn;
fordiaceus, fordiacea, fordiaceum[AAXCO]
barley-, of/connected to barley; (used as term of contempt);
fordiarius, fordiaria, fordiarium[AAXCS]
barley-, of/connected to barley; [~ pira => pears ripening w/barley];
fordus, forda, fordum
pregnant; with young;
forensis, forensis, forense
public; pertaining to the courts;
foresta, forestae
forest; land under forest law;
forfex, forficis
pair of shears or scissors;
foricula, foriculae
forinsecum, forinseci
foreign service;
on the outside;
out of doors, abroad;
foris, foris
door, gate; (the two leaves of) a folding door (pl.); double door; entrance;
forisfacio, forisfacere, forisfeci, forisfactus
forma, formae
form, figure, appearance; beauty; mold, pattern;
formabilis, formabilis, formabile
shapeable, formable; that can be formed/fashioned; able to be formed;
formalis, formalis, formale
theoretical; titular; serving as model/pattern; bronze alloy used for molds;
formalismus, formalismi
formally; positively;
formamentum, formamenti
formatrix, formatricis
founder; she who forms;
formica, formicae
formidabilis, formidabilis, formidabile
formidilose, formidilosius, formidilosissime[FXXFN]
terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;
formidilosus, formidilosa -um, formidilosior -or -us, formidilosissimus -a -um
terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;
formido, formidare, formidavi, formidatus
dread, fear, be afraid of; be afraid for (the safety of) (w/DAT);
formido, formidinis
fear/terror/alarm; religious dread/awe; thing/reason which scares, bogy/horror;
rope strung with feathers used by hunters to scare game;
formidolose, formidolosius, formidolosissime
terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;
formidolosus, formidolosa -um, formidolosior -or -us, formidolosissimus -a -um
terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;
formidulose, formidulosius, formidulosissime
terribly, dreadfully; alarming; in a frightening manner; fearfully/timorously;
formidulosus, formidulosa -um, formidulosior -or -us, formidulosissimus -a -um
terrible, scary; dangerous, alarming; formidable; fearful/timorous/frightened;
formo, formare, formavi, formatus
form, shape, fashion, model;
formonse, formonsius, formonsissime
beautifully, in a beautiful manner;
formonsulus, formonsula, formonsulum
formonsus, formonsa -um, formonsior -or -us, formonsissimus -a -um
beautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair; having fine appearance/form;
formose, formosius, formosissime
beautifully, in a beautiful manner;
formosulus, formosula, formosulum
formosus, formosa -um, formosior -or -us, formosissimus -a -um
beautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair; having fine appearance/form;
formula, formulae
shape/outline; pretty appearance; register/list/roll, jurisdiction; charter;
formula, set form of words; standard/rule of procedure; paradigm; type/pattern;
system (of teaching); legal position, status; terms/provisions (law/compact);
fornacula, fornaculae
little oven;
fornax, fornacis
furnace/oven/kiln; (baths/smelting/limestone/brick); (goddess of ovens?);
fornicaria, fornicariae [DEXCS]
fornicatress; woman (unmarried) who has voluntary sex; prostitute/whore;
fornicarius, fornicarii [DEXCS]
fornicator; man (usu. unmarried) who has voluntary sex with (unmarried) woman;
archwise, in an arched manner; in the form of an arch
fornicatio, fornicationis [XTXEO]
vaulting; arch; vaulting/arching over
fornication, (unmarried) sex; prostitution/whoredom;
fornicator, fornicatoris [DEXDS]
fornicator; man (usu. unmarried) who has voluntary sex with (unmarried) woman;
fornicatrix, fornicatricis [DEXDS]
fornicatress; woman (unmarried) who has sex; prostitute/whore;
fornicatus, fornicata, fornicatum
arched, vaulted; (Via Fornicata, a street in Rome);
fornico, fornicare, fornicavi, fornicatus [FEXCE]
fornicate; commit fornication/whoredom; prostitute/devote to unworthy use (Def);
fornicor, fornicari, fornicatus sum DEP [DEXCS]
fornicate; commit fornication/whoredom; prostitute/devote to unworthy use (Def);
fornix, fornicis
arch, vault, vaulted opening; monument arch; brothel, cellar for prostitution;
forpex, forpicis
tongs, pincers; shears;
fors, fortis
chance; luck, fortune; accident;
perhaps; (= forsitan);
perhaps, possibly; it may be;
perhaps, possibly; it may be;
by chance; perhaps, perchance; as luck would have it;
forticulus, forticula, forticulum
fairly bold;
fortificatio, fortificationis [FEXDF]
strengthening, fortifying; fortification; [~ missa => celebration of mass];
fortifico, fortificare, fortificavi, fortificatus
strengthen, fortify, make strong;
fortis, forte, fortior -or -us, fortissimus -a -um
strong, powerful, mighty, vigorous, firm, steadfast, courageous, brave, bold;
fortiter, fortius, fortissime
strongly; bravely; boldly;
fortitudo, fortitudinis
strength, courage, valor; firmness;
accidentally, by chance, fortuitously; casually;
accidentally, by chance, fortuitously; casually;
fortuitum, fortuiti
accidents (pl.), casualties;
fortuitus, fortuita, fortuitum
casual, accidental, fortuitous, happening by chance;
fortuna, fortunae
chance, luck, fate; prosperity; condition, wealth, property;
fortunatus, fortunata -um, fortunatior -or -us, fortunatissimus -a -um
lucky, fortunate; rich, wealthy; happy; blessed;
fortunium, fortunii
fortune; blessing;
fortuno, fortunare, fortunavi, fortunatus
make happy, bless, prosper;
foruitus, foruita, foruitum
casual; accidental;
forum, fori
market; forum (in Rome); court of justice;
forus, fori
gangway in a ship; row of benches erected for games/circus; cell of bees;
fossa, fossae
ditch, trench, canal; moat; dike, fosse;
fossatum, fossati
ditch, trench, canal; moat; dike, fosse;
fossatus, fossata, fossatum[XXXFZ]
fossatus, fossati
boundary; (defined by a ditch?);
fossicius, fossicia, fossicium
dug up; dug out;
fossile, fossilis
fossilis, fossilis, fossile
dug up/out; fossil-;
fossio, fossionis
digging; ditch;
fossor, fossoris
one who digs the ground;
fovea, foveae
pit, pitfall;
foveo, fovere, fovi, fotus
keep warm; favor, cherish, maintain, foster;
fracesco, fracescere, fracui, -
become soft/mushy; become mellow/tractable spoil, rot, become rancid;
fractio, fractionis
fraction (math.);
fragilis, fragilis, fragile
brittle, frail; impermanent;
fragilitas, fragilitatis
brittleness; frailty;
fraglans, fraglantis (gen.), fraglantior -or -us, fraglantissimus -a -um
flaming, fiery, blazing; hot, scorching; in the ascendant (person/popularity);
burning (w/desire), ardent/passionate; outrageous/monstrous/flagrant (crime);
fraglanter, fraglantius, fraglantissime
ardently, passionately; vehemently, heatedly; eagerly;
fraglantia, fraglantiae
blaze, burning; scorching heat; passionate glow (eyes); passionate love/ardor;
fragmen, fragminis
fragment, piece broken off; fragments (pl.), chips, ruins; chips of wood (pl.);
fragmentum, fragmenti
fragor, fragoris
noise, crash;
fragosus, fragosa, fragosum
brittle; ragged;
fragrantia, fragrantiae
fragro, fragrare, fragravi, fragratus
smell strongly;
fragum, fragi
wild strawberries (pl.);
framea, frameae [XWGEO]
spear used by the Germani;
francomurarius, francomurarii
francus, franci
franc (currency);
frango, frangere, fregi, fractus
break, shatter, crush; dishearten, subdue, weaken; move, discourage;
frater, fratris
brother; cousin;
fraterculus, fraterculi
little brother;
fraternitas, fraternitatis
brotherhood, fraternity; the relationship of brothers;
fraternus, fraterna, fraternum
brotherly/brother's; of/belonging to a brother; fraternal; friendly; of cousin;
fratricida, fratricidae
one who kills a brother, a fratricide;
fraudo, fraudare, fraudavi, fraudatus
cheat/defraud/swindle; deprive deceitfully; baffle, make ineffectual; dishonor;
embezzle, take (money) dishonestly, steal; violate; evade/trick intent of law;
fraudulenter, fraudulentius, fraudulentissime
fraudulently, deceitfully; dishonestly; falsely;
fraudulentia, fraudulentiae
fraud, deceit; dishonesty; knavery; deceitfulness; disposition to defraud;
fraudulentus, fraudulenta -um, fraudulentior -or -us, fraudulentissimus -a -um
fraudulent, deceitful; dishonest; false;
fraudulosus, fraudulosa, fraudulosum
fraudulent, deceitful; dishonest; false;
fraus, fraudis
fraud; trickery, deceit; imposition, offense, crime; delusion;
fraxineus, fraxinea, fraxineum
of ash; ashen;
fraxinus, fraxina, fraxinum
of ash; ashen;
fraxinus, fraxini
ash-tree; spear or javelin of ash;
fremebundus, fremebunda, fremebundum
roaring, murmuring;
fremitus, fremita, fremitum
roaring, noisy; shouting, raging, growling, snorting, howling;
fremitus, fremitus
roar, loud noise; shouting; resounding; rushing, murmuring, humming; growl;
fremo, fremere, fremui, fremitus
roar; growl; rage; murmur, clamor for;
fremor, fremoris
low/confused noise/roaring, murmur;
frendeo, frendere,
gnash the teeth, grind up small;
frendo, frendere, frendui, fresus
gnash the teeth, grind up small;
freno, frenare, frenavi, frenatus
brake, curb, restrain, check;
frenum, freni
bridle/harness/rein/bit; harnessed horses/team; check/restraint/brake; mastery;
frenus, freni
bridle/harness/rein/bit; harnessed horses/team; check/restraint/brake; mastery;
frequens, frequentis (gen.), frequentior -or -us, frequentissimus -a -um
crowded; numerous, full, frequented, populous; repeated, frequent, constant;
often, frequently; in great numbers; in crowds;
frequentia, frequentiae
crowd; large attendance; abundance of persons/things; frequency;
frequento, frequentare, frequentavi, frequentatus
frequent; repeat often; haunt; throng; crowd; celebrate;
fretum, freti
sea; narrow sea, straits;
fretus, freta, fretum
relying on, trusting to, supported by (w/ABL);
fribusculum, fribusculi
slight cold; coolness/disagreement between man and wife; (frigus-culus);
fricatio, fricationis
rubbing; friction;
fricatus, fricatus [DXXNS]
rubbing-down ;
frico, fricare, fricui, frictus
rub, chafe;
frictio, frictionis
friction; massage;
frigdor, frigdoris
cold; chill (esp. of feverish person) (Souter);
frigeo, frigere,
be cold; lack vigor; get cold reception; fail to win favor; fall flat (words);
frigesco, frigescere, frixi, -
become cold, cool, lose heat; slaken, abate, fall off/flat;
frigidarium, frigidarii [XTXDS]
cold room (of baths); larder; refrigerator
frigidarius, frigidaria, frigidarium
cooling; of cooling;
frigidulus, frigidula, frigidulum
somewhat cold or faint;
frigidus, frigida -um, frigidior -or -us, frigidissimus -a -um
cold, cool, chilly, frigid; lifeless, indifferent, dull;
frigo, frigere, frixi, frictus
roast, parch; fry
frigor, frigoris
cold; chill (esp. of feverish person) (Souter);
frigus, frigoris
cold; cold weather, winter; frost;
frigusculum, frigusculi
slight cold; coolness/disagreement between man and wife; (frigus-culus);
friguttio, friguttire,
utter broken sounds; stutter, stammer;
fringulio, fringulire,
utter broken sounds; twitter/chirp (birds); stutter, stammer;
fringultio, fringultire,
utter broken sounds; twitter/chirp (birds); stutter, stammer;
frio, friare, friavi, friatus
rub; crumble;
frisiatus, frisiata, frisiatum
embroidered; w/frieze (Whitaker)
fritillus, fritilli
frivolus, frivola, frivolum
frivolous, trifling; silly, worthless; trashy;
frixeolum, frixeoli
crepe (food);
frixo, frixare, frixavi, frixatus
thoroughly roast;
frixorium, frixorii
frying pan;
frixura, frixurae
frying pan;
frixus, frixa, frixum
roasted; fried;
fromo, fromare, fromavi, fromatus
throw up;
frondator, frondatoris [XAXDX]
frondeo, frondere, frondui, fronditus INTRANS
have/put forth leaves, be in leaf; be leafy/full of trees (place); (in spirit);
frondesco, frondescere, [XAXDX]
become leafy, shoot; put forth leaves;
frondeus, frondea, frondeum[XAXDX]
frondifer, frondifera, frondiferum
leaf-bearing, leafy;
frondosus, frondosa, frondosum[XAXDX]
leafy, abounding in foliage;
frons, frondis
foliage, leaves, leafy branch, green bough, frond;
frons, frontis N (3rd) C
forehead, brow; face; look; front; fore part of anything;
frontal, frontalis
frontlet (pl.) of a horse;
fronto, frontonis
man with broad/bulging forehead;
fructifer, fructifera, fructiferum
fruitful; fruit-bearing, bearing fruit;
fructifero, fructiferare, fructiferavi, fructiferatus
bear fruit; (Vulgate 4 Ezra 16:25/26);
fructifico, fructificare, fructificavi, fructificatus
sprout, produce new growth (plants); bear (new) fruit increase (Douay);
fructuarius, fructuaria, fructuarium
fruit-bearing, fruitful;
fructuosus, fructuosa -um, fructuosior -or -us, fructuosissimus -a -um
fruitful, productive, abounding in fruit; profitable, advantageous;
fructus, fructus
produce, crops; fruit; profit; enjoyment; reward;
frucuosus, frucuosa, frucuosum
fruitful; profitable;
frugalis, frugale, frugalior -or -us, frugalissimus -a -um
worthy/honest/deserving; thrifty/frugal/simple; temperate/sober; of vegetables;
frugalitas, frugalitatis
frugality; economy; honesty;
frugaliter, frugalius, frugalissime
simply, frugally, economically; soberly; in a restrained manner;
frugi, undeclined
worthy/honest/deserving; virtuous; thrifty/frugal; temperate/sober; useful/fit;
frugifer, frugifera, frugiferum
fruit-bearing, fertile;
frugiferens, (gen.), frugiferentis
fruitful, fertile;
frugilegus, frugilega, frugilegum
collecting grain;
frugiparus, frugipara, frugiparum
fruitful, prolific;
fruitio, fruitionis
frumentarius, frumentaria, frumentarium
grain producing; of/concerning grain; [res frumentaria => grain supply];
frumentatio, frumentationis
foraging; collecting of grain;
frumentator, frumentatoris
frumentor, frumentari, frumentatus sum DEP
get grain, forage;
frumentum, frumenti
grain; crops;
frunesco, frunescere,
enjoy; have the pleasure of;
fruniscor, frunisci, frunitus sum DEP
enjoy; have the pleasure of;
fruor, fruari, fruitus sum DEP
enjoy, profit by, delight in (w/ABL);
fruor, frui, fructus sum DEP
enjoy (proceeds/socially/sexually), profit by, delight in (w/ABL);
into pieces;
bit by bit;
in vain; for nothing, to no purpose;
frustramen, frustraminis
frustratio, frustrationis
deceiving, disappointment;
frustro, frustrare, frustravi, frustratus
disappoint, frustrate, deceive (w/false hope); escape/elude; baffle/evade; fail;
reject; delay; rob/defraud/cheat; pretend; refute (argument); corrupt/falsify;
frustror, frustrari, frustratus sum DEP
disappoint, frustrate, deceive (w/false hope); escape/elude; baffle/evade; fail;
reject; delay; rob/defraud/cheat; pretend; refute (argument); corrupt/falsify;
frustum, frusti
crumb, morsel, scrap of food;
frutectosus, frutectosa, frutectosum
shrubby, abounding in thickets; bushy, resembling a bush/shrub;
frutectum, frutecti
thicket of shrubs/bushes, covert; shrubs/bushes (pl.);
frutetum, fruteti
thicket, covert; place full of shrubs/bushes;
frutex, fruticis
shrub, bush; shoot, stem, stalk, growth; "blockhead";
fruticetum, fruticeti
thicket, covert; place full of shrubs/bushes;
frutico, fruticare, fruticavi, fruticatus
put forth shoots, bush/branch out; (antlers); become bushy, grow thickly (hair);
fruticor, fruticari, fruticatus sum DEP
put forth shoots, bush/branch out; (antlers); become bushy, grow thickly (hair);
fruticosus, fruticosa, fruticosum
frux, frugis
crops (pl.), fruits, produce, legumes; honest men;
Frygia, Frygiae [XXQEO]
Phrygia, country comprising center and west of Asia Minor; Troy (poetical);
Frygius, Frygia, Frygium[XXQCO]
Phrygian, of Phyrigia (center and west of Asia Minor); Trojan;
fuco, fucare, fucavi, fucatus
color; paint; dye;
fucosus, fucosa, fucosum
sham, bogus;
fucus, fuci
dye; (as cosmetic) rouge; bee-glue, propolis; presence/disguise/sham; seaweed;
fuga, fugae
flight, fleeing, escape; avoidance; exile;
fugue (music);
fugax, (gen.), fugacis
flying swiftly; swift; avoiding, transitory;
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus
flee, fly, run away; avoid, shun; go into exile;
fugitivus, fugitiva, fugitivum
fugitivus, fugitivi
fugitive; deserter; runaway slave;
fugo, fugare, fugavi, fugatus
put to flight, rout; chase away; drive into exile;
fulcimen, fulciminis
prop, support, pillar;
fulcimentum, fulcimenti
fulcio, fulcire, fulsi, fultus V (4th)
prop up, support;
fulcrum, fulcri [XSXDX]
fulcrum; point of support for lever;
fulcrum, fulcri
head or back-support of a couch; bed post; foot of a couch; sole of the foot;
fulgens, fulgentis (gen.), fulgentior -or -us, fulgentissimus -a -um
flashing, gleaming/glittering, resplendent; brilliant (white); bright, splendid;
fulgenter, fulgentius, fulgentissime
resplendently; brilliantly; splendidly; glitteringly
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi, -
flash, shine; glow, gleam, glitter, shine forth, be bright;
fulgesco, fulgescere,
flash; glitter;
fulgidus, fulgida, fulgidum
shining, gleaming, glittering;
fulgor, fulgoris
brightness/brilliance/radiance; splendor/glory; flame/flash; lightening/meteor;
fulgueo, fulguere, fulgsi, - INTRANS
glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; be brilliant/bright/resplendent; light up;
fulguo, fulguere, fulgsi, -
glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; be brilliant/bright/resplendent; light up;
fulgur, fulguris
lightning, flashing, brightness; [pubica ~ => things blasted by lightning];
fulgurator, fulguratoris
priest who interpreted omens from lightning;
fulguratus, fulgurata, fulguratum
struck by lightening; (also of eloquence);
fulguritus, fulgurita, fulguritum
struck by lightning;
fulguro, fulgurare, fulguravi, fulguratus
glitter/flash/shine brightly, gleam; light up; (IMPERS) it lightens;
fulica, fulicae
water-fowl; (probably coot);
fuligo, fuliginis
soot; lamp-black;
fullo, fullonis
fullonia, fulloniae
fuller's trade;
fullonica, fullonicae
art of fulling;
fullonium, fullonii
fuller's shop;
fulmen, fulminis
lightning, flash; thunderbolt; crushing blow;
fulmenta, fulmentae
prop; support; shoe-heel;
fulmentum, fulmenti
bedpost; prop; support;
fulmineus, fulminea, fulmineum
of lightning; destructive;
fulmino, fulminare, fulminavi, fulminatus
lighten; cause lightning to strike; strike like lightning;
fultus, fulta, fultum
propped up; supported;
fulvus, fulva, fulvum
tawny, reddish yellow; yellow;
fumaculum, fumaculi
fumator, fumatoris
fumeus, fumea, fumeum
fumidus, fumida, fumidum
full of smoke, smoky;
fumifer, fumifera, fumiferum
fumifico, fumificare, fumificavi, fumificatus
smoke (a cigar);
fumificus, fumifica, fumificum
causing smoke;
fumigabundus, fumigabunda, fumigabundum
smoking; causing smoke;
fumigans, (gen.), fumigantis
almost extinguished;
fumigium, fumigii
fumigation; fumigating;
fumigo, fumigare, fumigavi, fumigatus
smoke (kitchen);
fumigo, fumigare, fumigavi, fumigatus
smoke, fumigate; treat with/subject to smoke; produce smoke steam;
fumisugium, fumisugii
fumo, fumare, fumavi, -
smoke, steam, fume, reek;
fumosus, fumosa, fumosum
full of smoke, smoky, smoked; gray-smoke-colored
fumus, fumi
smoke, steam, vapor, fume;
funale, funalis
torch of wax or tallow soaked rope; chandelier;
funambulus, funambuli
functio, functionis
execution, performance, carrying out (of a task);
function (math.);
functionalis, functionalis, functionale
funda, fundae
sling; casting net; pocket
fundaitor, fundaitoris
fundamen, fundaminis
fundamentum, fundamenti
foundation; beginning; basis;
fundatio, fundationis
foundation; E:endowment; G:basis;
fundatrix, fundatricis
foundress; she who founded/founds;
fundibalarius, fundibalarii
slinger; (classical funditor);
fundibalum, fundibali [DWXDS]
catapult, slinging/hurling machine;
fundibalus, fundibali [DWXDS]
catapult, slinging/hurling machine;
fundibulum, fundibuli [DWXDS]
catapult, slinging/hurling machine;
fundimentum, fundimenti
foundation, ground work, basis;
funditor, funditoris
utterly/completely/without exception; from the bottom/to the ground/by the root;
from the very bottom; utterly, totally;
fundo, fundare, fundavi, fundatus
establish, found, begin; lay the bottom, lay a foundation; confirm;
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus
pour, cast (metals); scatter, shed, rout;
fundus, fundi
farm; piece of land, estate; bottom, lowest part; foundation; an authority;
funebre, funebris
funeral rites (pl.);
funebris, funebris, funebre
funeral, deadly, fatal; funereal;
funereus, funerea, funereum
funereal; deadly; fatal;
funero, funerare, funeravi, funeratus
bury solemnly, inter with the funeral rites;
funesto, funestare, funestavi, funestatus
pollute by murder;
funestus, funesta, funestum
deadly, fatal; sad; calamitous; destructive;
funginus, fungina, funginum
of a mushroom;
fungor, fungi, functus sum DEP
perform, execute, discharge (duty); be engaged in (w/ABL of function);
fungosus, fungosa, fungosum
spongy; fungous;
fungus, fungi
fungus; mushroom;
funiculus, funiculi
thin rope, cord, string;
funis, funis
rope; line, cord, sheet, cable; measuring-line/rope, lot (Plater);
funivia, funiviae
funus, funeris
burial, funeral; funeral rites; ruin; corpse; death;
fur, furis N (3rd) C
thief, robber; robber bee; the Devil (personified) (Souter);
furax, (gen.), furacis
thieving inclined to steal
furca, furcae
(two-pronged) fork; prop;
furcifer, furciferi
yoke-bearer; rascal, scoundrel, rogue; gallows-bird; jailbird;
furcilla, furcillae
little fork;
furcillo, furcillare, furcillavi, furcillatus
furcula, furculae
forked prop; forks (pl.), narrow pass (esp. the Caudine Forks);
furfur, furfuris N (3rd) C
husks of grain, bran; scaly infection of the skin;
furia, furiae
frenzy, fury; rage (pl.); mad craving; Furies, avenging spirits;
furialis, furialis, furiale
frenzied, mad; avenging;
furibundus, furibunda, furibundum
raging, mad, furious; inspired;
furio, furiare, furiavi, furiatus
madden, enrage;
furiosus, furiosa, furiosum
furious, mad, frantic, wild;
furnax, furnacis
furnace/oven/kiln; (baths/smelting/limestone/brick); (goddess of ovens?);
furnus, furni
oven, bakery;
furo, furere,
rave, rage; be mad/furious; be wild;
furor, furari, furatus sum DEP
steal; plunder;
furor, furoris [XPXBX]
madness, rage, fury, frenzy; passionate love;
furs, furis N (3rd) C [DXXFP]
thief, robber; robber bee; the Devil (personified);
furtificus, furtifica, furtificum
stealthily, secretly; imperceptibly;
furtivus, furtiva, furtivum
stolen; secret, furtive;
furtum, furti
theft; trick, deception; stolen article;
furunculus, furunculi
sneak thief, pilferer;
furvus, furva, furvum
dark-colored, black;
fuscina, fuscinae
trident, three-pronged fishing spear; harpoon; weapon of retiarius gladiator;
fuscinula, fuscinulae
small three-pronged spear; fish-hook (Souter); fork; fleshhook
fusco, fuscare, fuscavi, fuscatus
darken, blacken, make dark; (INTRANS) become dark;
fuscus, fusca, fuscum
dark, swarthy, dusky; husky; hoarse;
fusiformis, fusiformis, fusiforme
fusilis, fusilis, fusile
molded; molten, fluid, liquid;
fustibalus, fustibali [XWXES]
fustis, fustis
staff club; stick;
fustuarium, fustuari(i)
death by beating (punishment meted out to soldiers);
fusus, fusa, fusum
spread out, broad, flowing;
fusus, fusi
spindle; (e.g., of the Fates);
futilis, futilis, futile
vain; worthless;
futtilis, futtilis, futtile
vain; worthless;
futuo, futuere, futui, fututus
have sexual relations with (woman); (rude);
futurismus, futurismi
futurologus, futurologi
futurus, futura, futurum
about to be; future;
fylacterium, fylacterii
amulet; phylactery, scripture text in box on forehead of Jews; gladiator medal;